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Getting a little frustrated getting myself to write Abby's story so I wrote this short story as a way procrastinating. Have a sort of world idea for it, so I may write more.


She ran with a practised, predator's grace leaping over large stones low branches and high roots. At times it was hard to tell whether she ran on two feet or all fours, her body always low to the ground and her hands grabbing onto everything about them in order to pull herself forward as much as her legs pushed. She was quite a sight if anyone had been watching, dark brown skin glistening in the morning sun as her slender, muscled form pushed itself through the underbrush. Her hair hung nearly to her waist in heavy brown dreadlocks, not held back by anything simply bounding around her face while she ran. She wore little. a necklace of long bones hung from her neck, the only thing that covered her chest, a rough leather belt that housed a small though packed pouch, and a loop that held a stone knife with a leather wrapped bone handle. The last bit of covering could hardly count as clothing, two straps crossed between her full breasts, holding a long quiver filled with three narrow javelins with barbed tips and a single smooth spear as long as she was tall that had a strangely honed stone head, no hints of chipping to create the edge, as though the sharp stone had simply been found in that shape.

Before long she took to the trees, sprinting as easily along the branches as she had the forest floor, bare feet finding the trunks of trees for but an instant and launching her toward the next while her hands caught onto branches allowing herself to fly further than even her strong legs could throw her. This way, as only the most attentive would notice, she made much less sound, only the occasional scrape of skin on bark, rather than the snap of the scarcely noticed branch that would come from crushing the plants on the ground. The only sign of her quarry was a barely seen flash of antlers in the copse ahead, but it was enough to push her onward.

The chase lasted almost the entire day, the sun that had been rising in the beginning was orange and glaring through the trees by the time she caught up to her exhausted prey. The Hunter dropped to floor of the forest, the beast leaned against a tree, looking at the Hunter and panting heavily. It had been a good hunt, lasting most of a week, the Hunter finding her quarry's trail beside a river, following it to the bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


this is some good shit


Here's another one with this ridiculous OC. I'm going to try to have a little more variety in the next one i do, which will be Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady together. Thanks to everyone who bears with this ridiculous scenario!


Shota Aizawa should have been able to disable her before she was able to get to him, but he doesn’t. He's only called in because they say he might have an advantage, but she kisses him on the back of the neck as she pulls something around his eyes, and he goes stiff as she ties the blindfold and lays him on his back.

“I knew I would get more popular now I killed Endeavor,” the Temptress murmurs. “I don't know if anyone will ever be as fun as him, but you're really sexy. In a gross way, like you kinda look like you need to shower more, but I dig that.”

“What's your game?” he asks. “Why are you doing this?”

“Cos I wanna fuck heroes,” she says, “and I want to break them and fuck them some more. I think you could be a lot of fun, Eraserhead.”

“How did you get Endeavor?”

“Because I'm better than I look. Oh! But I forgot you can't even see me right now. I’d let you take a peek but I don't know if your Quirk works or not under my spell, and I'm not taking that risk. It's okay, though! Blindfolds are so kinky, don't you think?”

She lifts him and drags him a few steps, and then slams his face hard against the wall. The force of her hit is not particularly strong, but it's enough to stun him, and it's enough to hurt. He groans as she pulls him back, saying, “See? I can surprise you with things when you can't see them coming. Totally kinky.”

This time, when she slams his face, it’s much harder, and he both hears and feels the crunch of his nose. A warm wetness spreads down his upper lip, and before he can recover from the shock of the hit, she slams his face against the wall again. Blood gets into his mouth this time, both from his broken nose and his busted lip, and he coughs pathetically.

“That’s enough of that for now,” she says, dragging his face back. “You look a lot better all busted up like this. I really wish I could see your eyes right now, you have no idea how much this is paining me. Eye contact can be so important at times like this.”

He spits out blood, struggling to catch his breath. Even if he wanted to say something to her, he isn’t sure if he can right now. The worst part is knowing that the worst is yet to come, that she is never this tame for long, not Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thank you. If I can ask, how would you feel about one or two characters from the main hero class or are those off-limit for you?


I don't have any problems with writing about the students, I'm just not sure if I would write them in this particular continuity. Who did you have in mind?


Mm, okay. Personally I'd probably be most curious about Deku or Jirou. But most could be fun reading about I think


“Father, please!” Luke Skywalker begged as lightning shot through every opening of his body, causing his muscles to clench and spasm violently against the ground. He screamed over and over as his father, Darth Vader, stood by and watched. The Emperor was furious and he wanted to make his wrath known. Vader looked to his son, and then to his master, unsure of whom to help.

“Help me! Help!!!”

Through the cry of his dying flesh and blood, Darth Vader looked to his master and decided what needed to be done. He twisted behind the Emperor and attempted to wrangle him above his shoulders – but before he could even reach the Sith Lord, a red blade shot out of the air and rested swiftly into Palpatine’s right hand, lightning collecting around the saber. Vader was defenseless; he was unable to stop the weapon from slicing into his left forearm, severing the mechanical prosthesis from what remained of his arm. The apprentice bellowed in defeat as the lightning pierced through the opening of his armor, frying the inner circuitry and freezing movement of his suit. He collapsed as his suit failed, lying directly next to his son.

“I’m disappointed, Lord Vader.”

The barrage of lightning against Luke ended as he turned to address his former pupil. Skywalker moaned in pain as he rocked on the floor, his muscles still taut from the onslaught. “Father,” whispered the young Jedi futilely. He clawed over to his father with his mechanical hand, the one part of his body that continued to work against the current of pain.

“Father,” Palpatine mocked the boy, a second worth of lightning shooting out from his fingertips and into the youth. The boy screamed as the force of the lightning caused him to turn completely over, falling with his back onto Vader’s breastplate. “This is the legacy you are left with, Vader. A body unwilling to function without my support and a boy so feeble that even the weakest of the Jedi could defeat in an instant. How proud you must be.”

Luke wheezed as he struggled to regain his breath, wrapping his right arm around the shoulder of the fallen Sith Lord. “You can’t beat him,” he spat at the Emperor, his hips buckling atop his father as his legs began to recollect their strength. “My father, Anakin Skywalker, is twice the man you have ever been. Twice the Jedi. Twice the Sith.”

“Oh – what a man he is!”

Vague growls hissed through the respirator of the Dark Lord, though muffled and offline.

“WhatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


This was a nice read but poor Luke though. I never thought about it but I guess a dick cut off by a lightsaber really would stay hard. That's kind of hot. Any chance you'll be writing more to it?


Luke was alone. Two nights had passed since the death of his father, Darth Vader, and his capture at the hands of the Emperor. His world had been consumed by a pitch-black nothingness, an entity that seemed to devour physical matter and prey on emotional cracks. Light had been extinguished by an ever-consuming darkness. His body was still in shock. He felt next to nothing as he grabbed his stump, clamping down every few seconds, hoping to feel anything: throbbing pain, blistering agony, sensual desire. He just wanted to feel again. But all he could feel were the irregular heartbeats of a broken body, the numbing malaise as his eyelids drooped.

Though there was no light, he felt ashamed of his own modesty as he crouched there in the black, naked. The fragile condition of his body next to the freezing chill of the cell floor kept him constantly awake, though barely conscious. He allowed his eyes to close after another squeeze, desperately trying to evoke some sense or feeling down there. In his mind, it was all still there. The empty air above where his left hand squeezed, he still felt the sense of a penis firm and erect. The potential of euphoria felt like a titanic volcano of heat and pleasure, one he had convinced himself that he could erupt.

"Han," Luke whimpered in desperation, his eyebrows twisting up in sorrow as his left hand pressed up and down against the remainder of his manhood, occasionally slipping upward and grabbing for the air above. His soul cried out to the hells and heavens, needing, begging, as his hips bucked. There was some solace in looking back at the times he had shared with his friend; the dashing smile that he fed his way whenever he teased, the tight clothing that showed off his chiseled physique, the way he called him ‘kid’ despite all the accomplishments he’d achieved on his own. “Han, please,” cried Luke as he tugged once more at his aching sex, then twice, before crying out as a shockwave of pain shot throughout his nerves. Dead tissue from the stub broke off onto his hand, exposing the damaged muscle underneath.

The faint glimpses of his body burning never seemed to end. It was instant and went away immediately as it sliced down, but his body shook, his nerves revolted in agony. The physical trauma deadened his mind and left him shivering in the cold. Though he had lost his hand but a year prior, that pain could Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Another three days had passed – Luke was growing emaciated and frail as little food was brought to his cell, the only light that filled the room being the dull cyan reflecting from the bacta container above. He scowled as his eyes looked up and stared at his floating flesh. Perfectly preserved and boldly firm, it was in a much better condition than Skywalker. While his wound was instantly cauterized and cleared of infection, the protective layer of burnt tissue was slowly peeling off. Pain was setting in and forcing the wounded Jedi to struggle in movement.

He sat up as best he could from the cold floor, though he was numb to the chill at this point, and squinted up at his floating cock. Maybe it could be reattached, he thought to himself. Luke winced as the stump burned suddenly as he moved, forcing him to clamp down on it with his left hand. “I just want it back,” he begged against weary eyes, his right hand lifted in the air as he tried to concentrate on the container above. There was a small rattle – the delicate sound of hinges squeaking – then nothing.

“I’m too weak.”

Fresh air and blinding light rushed into the chamber as the door behind Luke opened. The young man held his right hand over his brow and tried to look through the white flash. As his vision began to recollect itself, Skywalker saw a figure dressed in just as equally blinding white step forward. The clunk of his boots told Luke all he needed to know – this was an Imperial stormtrooper. The door behind him closed, and the figure turned to a dull chrome. The stormtrooper looked down at the wounded Jedi, tilting his head sideways. “Commander Skywalker?” Luke closed his eyes and remained quiet; was this the end? They hired some grunt to kill him?

“Do it quickly,” pleaded the Jedi, nodding downward and resigning himself to his fate. He shivered naked against the cold metal of his cell, waiting for the final seconds of his life to end. But instead of the sound of gunfire, Luke heard the sound of a helmet being removed. The youth opened his eyes and stared dimly at the man that stood before him.

“I’m afraid you're going to live to die another day, kid.” The man smiled back at Luke, stepping closely toward him before kneeling down to his eye level. He cupped the wounded rebel’s face with his hands and looked to him with sympathy. “This is a rescue mission.”

“Han,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


This is my first time writing something like this in years, and my first time writing something with the victim being a canon character. The OC used here is essentially if Stain were a hot girl who just wants to fuck. I actually adore Endeavor, i know a lot of people want him dead for their own reasons, but I just think he's hot.
Anyway, here's this. I might write her fucking up more pros in the future, I don't know.
The only thing Enji Todoroki can think about is how much of an idiot he is. All these years and all his training and all the villains he's defeated with minimal effort, and tonight had to be the night he let his pride trip him up, the night he finally faltered, the night he allowed himself to fall victim to someone he should have been able to defeat without difficulty.

She calls herself the Temptress, but she's only recently made a name for herself. Her Quirk is nothing special in terms of combat, but if she gets a hold of someone, she can be deadly. She's not the first person to have a sort of control over people, and she's been compared to the now out-of-commission Hero Killer, though her motives aren't nearly as easy to sympathize with. The Temptress targets only men, and, from looking at the victims, it isn't hard to tell what it is she wants with them.

All she has to do to get a man under her spell is kiss them, anywhere as long as her lips touch their skin, so the idea of someone like her getting the jump on Endeavor, with all his range, is laughable. But somehow, she does.

She's faster than he expects, or stealthier, or he underestimated a woman of her build, and believed that she would be small fry, that he could take her down without even trying. Now he can't do anything but look up at her, while she surveys him, a bright grin on her face. Slowly, his flames die out, and the only part of his body he can move is his face, but his words of intimidation do nothing to deter her.

“Ooh, you're so handsome under all that fire,” she says. “I mean, I guess I could always tell you were. You know, I've always had the biggest crush on you. Getting you alone tonight is like a dream come true!”

“Just as soon as I break free, I'm going to make you regret this,” he warns her.

“Too bad I'll be done with you before that.” She pulls out her knife to begin cutting away at his costume, getting as much of it off him as she can, all with a greedy look in her eyes. “I don't normally get guys as buff as youPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This is some good shit! I'm really hoping you write some more BNHA, such a good series with so many hot people.

And the Temptress is a hell of a fun villain so far!


I agree, nice story. Would you perhaps be interested in writing something with Aizawa?


Nice !

For italics and formatting, look at the FAQ, there's a markup section.


Nice !

For italics and formatting, look at the FAQ, there's a markup section.


Actually, Aizawa was the next one on the list! Planning on doing one with him, one with Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady, one with Best Jeanist, maaaaybe one with Present Mic (if I can bring myself to do it), one with All Might, one with Tomura Shigaraki, and, if I actually make it to that point, an ending where she gets her comeuppance at the hands of Kurogiri


This hasn't been around for a few years. I'll post it in sizeable sections, probably a dozen parts, or a few more.

This first piece is a 4 page Obituary Writer Hallie found on her desk one morning. It changed her life.


Application to Fight in Our Casinos


Nearing it's 100th anniversary, D-RING Extravaganzas Inc. boasts the most successful development and promotion of women's EXTREME events ever! No other sports corporation provides audiences such outrageous entertainment, and our valued female combatants such incredible opportunities for violent uncensored hate and revenge fights for great pay! Defeat your enemy the legal way! We are always looking for new risk-taking talent - our client gamblers demand it!


Are YOU woman enough to join our team of aggressive entertainers? Are you willing to lure into the ring and then beat the crap out of YOUR greatest enemy to entertain our high-rolling gamblers? Just fill out the attached form and bring it in (by appointment only). We'll see if you have what it takes to become a great D-RING fighter! You have just one life to live, and so does your ENEMY! Hers could be WASTED if the fight goes your way!! There could also be a lucrative contract in your near future if you show us you have what it takes! Can you imagine a better way to make it big than by pounding the daylights out of your worst enemy? Don't Delay, Call TODAY!! You could be the next big WINNER!!



When you come in we will conduct a brief interview to verify you qualify, then if you do, you will be invited to participate in a brief trial bout to demonstrate your readiness for the ring. No training is necessary, but we prefer fit combatants. You will need to bring along specified disposable pieces of clothing, as they will not likely be wearable after your audition bout. Clothes ripping is required during the qualifying bout to demonstrate aggression. Combatants begin the audition fight wearing only a pair of brief panties (revealing is acceptable) and a light shirt, blouse or wife-beater tank top that reveals either the top or the bottom of their breasts. Nothing may be worn under these, and they will be destroyed in the course of the fight.. Applicants are required to shave clean armpits and Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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re: 10493

This posting is really messed up. PM me on dolcettish.com with an e-mail and I'll send you the complete story.


This posting is so discombobulated that I've now posted the whole story in ravishu.net>Sex Stories>snuff. It requires signing in, but is free.


Oooops! The correct address is ravishu.com. Sorry for inconvenience.


What are ages for the younger competitors at these snuff fights?




Here we go! Now Scarlet got the treatment, hope it's to the requestor's liking!


Corrin's forces breathe easy, having vanquished the rebellion in Cheve and taken many of their soldiers - including their leader, Scarlet - prisoner. Generally, prisoners of war are protected, and that's exactly how Corrin plans to treat them. Unfortunately for them, however, the princess can't be everywhere at once.


“On your feet, maggots. That is, unless you want to die seated?” a deep voice challenges. Hans, a reformed criminal serving as King Garon’s subordinate, strides into the center of the holding cells, oozing contempt. The group of men following him all appear to be cut from the same cloth. “King Garon wanted this rebellion crushed, not chastised, and I aim to finish the job.”

“Excuse me, ser, but we're prisoners of war. Wounded, and those who surrendered. Aren't we protected?” a blonde wearing all red armor asks. She'd be an imposing opponent, had her rebellion not been crushed only an hour before. Now, she stands in Cheve’s own dungeon, her cell set at the head of the block, offering full view of all of her compatriots. As such, it takes all Hans can muster not to laugh in her face. He can't deny she's pretty, however, and Hans would love to find out what's under that armor of hers.

“The face of the rebellion herself, eh? Scarlet, isn't it?” he says, sneering. “Soldiers are protected. Traitorous bitches who turn on their own country? They get put down.”

“P-put down? But, we surrendered.”

“Are you stupid? This is war. You should have taken things more seriously before declaring a revolution.”

“But Corrin assured us we'd be safe if we-”

“That whelp’s word holds no sway here. I'm tired of this talk,” Hans says, slotting a key into the door of Scarlet’s cell. “You'll make a fine example, hm?”

“An example of what?” she asks, backing away from the imposing man. Her back hits the wall of the cell agonizingly quickly, leaving her nowhere to retreat. In answer, his hand wraps around her throat, squeezing tightly.

“What happens to those who rebel,” he says, and Scarlet can see her own horror reflected in his hungry eyes. He holds her like that for a moment, not allowing her the slightest gasp of air.
When he finally releases her, she drops to all fours, coughing and sputtering. He laughs, then, and places the heel of his boot on her back. Pressing down, he knocks her flat, and kneelPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Here you go! I finally got around to starting an AO3 for this stuff, as well, and will begin cross-posting to there. So there'll be an archive for the work I post here.


Looks like they took it down guess we should go with the single fire emblem thread on here


Can you post the Kagerou on her I missed my chance to read it on AO3


Hopefully I'll have a chance to make that thread tonight. I'll post the Kagero fic there, and have two others I've written.




Man I just powered through this. Hope it's as fun to read as it was to write!


“I’m honestly surprised you haven’t just given up yet, Luthier. I mean, you’re such a lost cause, and all,” Delthea says, during one of her brother’s forced training sessions. He is taken aback, not sure what it is she’s referring to. He assumes she means his inferior magical prowess, which is an incredibly low blow coming from someone as naturally gifted as his little sister.

“Do you mean my aptitude with magic? I may have to work harder than you, but I’d hardly call myself a lost cause!” Luthier retorts, doing his best to remain calm. He is trying to get Delthea to actually study, after all, the only true lost cause he can think of.

“Oh, well, yeah, that too! But I meant why do you bother trying to make friends? Nobody likes you, you’re so boring even at your best,” Delthea says, her tone one of brutal honesty. “And good luck ever finding a girlfriend. After the war, I’m going to go off to a big city, and find a handsome husband, and you’ll just be stuck back in the village.”

“I… W-what?” Luthier says, unsure of where this sudden venom is coming from. “Why would you say something like that?”

“It’s just the truth, y’know. You’re so lame, especially when you drag me off to practice magic like this. Like I need your help, I’m so much more gifted,” Delthea says, grinning wickedly. Luthier feels his rage boiling up, threatening to overflow. Still, he clenches his teeth, doing his best to contain it. Lashing out won’t do him any good, as he’s learned countless times with his precocious little sister.

“You know as well as I that women carry our family’s magic better, there’s nothing I can do about that,” he argues, “But you could still do with being a bit more grateful. I’ve done my best to care for both of us, and… my training has at least done something, right?”

“Nope, it’s been pretty useless. And you really call what you’ve done ‘caring for us?’” Delthea says, still pulling no punches. “More like barely scraping by. It’s pathetic, honestly, you should have gotten us out of that stupid, boring village! But I guess you liked it because it’s just like you, stupid and boring! It took me getting captured to get you to leave, and now you just feel obligated to help the Deliverance. You’re pathetic!”

Something in Luthier snaps, then. Delthea stands before him, looking up at him with borderline revulsion, and he can’t staPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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has it occured to you to have just a Fire Emblem thread?


Until you mentioned it now I feel kinda silly we could have all the stories in one thread from the second story


Nice stories question do you do stuff for like traps like Lucius from Blazing Swords


I haven't gotten around to Blazing Sword yet but come to think of it I could definitely get into some Forrest snuff God he's so cute


Indeed until he speaks you would never know..

I just had an idea what if Oboro killed him if she was not his mother and fuck the dying Forrest its like almost yuri and at the same time yandere. Or revenge depending on if the mother is Nohrian worse if Forrest makes better clothes. I don't thinkk I have read a FE fic where the female does the killing and necro. Forrest is all kinds of doors


It's not complete yet, but here's part 1.


Duke descended deeper into the alien lair that resided in the bowels of the city. With each passing minute, more and more slimers, octabrains and pregnators were creating a road of dead bodies along his way.

"How deep does this shit hole go?" he yelled in despair, blasting through waves of enemies with his trusty shotgun.

After about half an hour through his journey, he began hearing feminine voices. He could hear the desperate cries of babes echoing through the halls of the damp and dark alien lair. He kept pushing on, until after one turn he reached a big open chamber. There were at least two dozen alien eggs in the middle. He then looked around the eggs, and realized - much to his dismay - that there were kidnapped babes all around the eggs. There were 3 hanging from the ceiling, their feet trapped. They were looking at Duke, pleading to be saved. 4 of them were entrapped in vines along the walls of the chamber. They were all naked and voluptuous and Duke would have loved for the circumstances to be different. He didn't really have time to oogle at the hangin' tits of the ceiling trapped babes or gaze upon the sweet flesh of the others - suddenly 2 pregnators sprang from the dark corners unto two babes, clamping their marvelous and soft tits with their pointy mouths(?) and wasting no time to penetrate deep into their succulent cunts with their penises. Duke wasted no time and sprang into action, bashing the pregnators off the two distressed girls. In the process, their breasts were violently torn away, leaving their chests mutilated. Duke then stomped the pregnators and began destroying the eggs in the middle, before more of them hatched. His ripper machine gun made short work of them.

"NOT MY BABES. NOT IN MY TOWN." he shouted with rage, but it was too late - most of the babes were probably already fucked, literally.

He went over to the first attacked babe - a tall brunette with curly hair and good physique. She was probably not even 21. She was heaving and convulsing, clearly in shock from being raped by the pregnator.

"Damn waste of good tits..." Duke said looking over her flayed mammaries.

Upon inspecting her sex, he saw a white substance dripping from her ravaged cunt. In about half an hour she would die violently as the octababies would tear her womb apart and eat her from the inside, then bursting out and devouring the rest of the women inPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I agree with puskiller


would love to see a little more detail but this is great. love a good slaughter of a bunch of hot, big titted babes. please continue.


Blasted fucking hell, I wrote another chapter and was nearly at the end, but I accidentally pressed backspace with the cursor out of the writing box and lost everything... I'll write that back though, soon.


Behold, part 2!

Part 2

Duke knew that just throwing the pipebomb at the agile octabrains would do nothing, as they could dodge away. He had to wait for an opportunity, so he took cover, ducking in a crevice. The pack of not yet mature octabrains didn't seem to notice him, and instead stopped at the first babe that was hanging from the ceiling. She was a pretty dumb looking blond bimbo, whose arms were encased in the alien slimy structure that covered the rocky walls. She was rather shapely, sporting a pair of overgrown mammaries, probably G cups, that would have hypnotized any human with their bouncing glory.

The pack of octabrains quickly surrounded her and began licking her with their long and slimy tongues. She could have found it a bit pleasing if it weren't for the acidity of their saliva that caused her to feel like she caught fire. She started screaming her lungs out, bucking and kicking while hanging from her feeble hands - her efforts to escape the pain finally prompting the aliens to begin their feast. There were five octabrains in total. One sat behind her, waiting to gorge on her fat ass. Another gravitated around her head, while two others were licking her dangling huge twin meat orbs and the last one was going to tear at her puffy cunt and her sweet thighs.

"Oh my god....are they going to.." thought Duke observing the octabrains.

His thoughts were cut short as he witnessed the octabrains coordinatedly beginning their onslaught upon the young trapped babe. A fountain of blood formed as her jugular, and probably most of her throat, was ripped apart in a vicious bite, causing the nubile young girl to gurgle blood and silencing her screams. Her voluptuous chest was savagely bitten off...chunk by chunk by chunk, until not even her heart and lungs remained unscathed. To be fair, the size of her tits was big enough to warrant more than 6 bites from the hungry, developing aliens in order to be fully consumed. Her delicate twat was, however, promptly torn off in a single bite, along with a sizeable chunk of her uterus, leaving a gaping, bleeding hole where once her sex tunnel was. That hole grew with each moment, as the aliens took bite after bite off of her tender meat. Her suffering ended when one of the octabrains that was behind her, sunk it's teeth into the back of her skull and with a sudden clench, caved in her skull and mushed her brain - extinguishing her existence. All that was left of her werPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Yeah, that seems like a good idea.
I recommend reading the whole thing in one post in my main thread.

Now I'm done with creating other threads and spamming/bumping. Ciao.


A quicky story done in a night, decided I wanted this cause of the whole Wendy craze so forced myself to write it out quickly less its never done :P.

Once again I manage to find a thing you won't find elsewhere, doom!

Chick breast nuggets.

Wendy brushed one of her red pigtails back absently with her gloved hand. The small tails were not really in the way, but it was just a force of habit as the hair ticker her neck, her other hand rested on the opening of the neckline of her white and blue striped dress with little white frills, fingers laying over the bare tops of her breasts. Her large e cups tits bulged out of the tight neckline, dotted by lots of little red freckles, the same for across her cute petite face, and really any part of her, frankly. She shifted a little nervously and more then a little from excitement as she waited for one of the more tech savvy coworkers to finish setting up the webcam. It was hooked up with a, quite honestly, a little crappy computer they had pulled out of the managers office and set up behind the counter of the fast food restaurant and it had taken some jury rigging The little webcam was attached to one of the little stand up plastic ad signs with a clip, the sign advertising their specials.

As the guy stepped back finally finished, she leaned forwards flashing the new Headbook's feeds viewers a smile. They had sent out a bunch of notifications to the subscribers to the stream a half hour ago as they setup for their new advertised special.

And that was her of course, the restaurants new product, fresh breast meat nuggets, right off one of their own employees. The franchise, thinking, with the new cannibalism craze, why not use the fresh breast meat attached to their few hundred thousand young female employees as both easily attainable, and even fresher then anything sent from a farm? Fresh was their selling point after all, never frozen, so on. Course the franchise wasn't going to force their employees to do anything of the sort, so it was up to a few busty volunteers here and there to help out with the special menu.

Volunteers like Wendy right now, as she looked down at the bulge of her freckled cleavage in the low cut white and blue stripped top, before with a little bit of a cutesy flourish, pulling down on the neck and reaching a hand in to flop her large breasts out into the open, to bounce and flop once or iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Glad yah liked it : ).

Also since this comes off almost as a prequel, a bestiality in public fict with another wendy (or the same wendy if you want :P)

Wendy's Customer Service:

“WOOF!” barked the dog, loudly, scaring the customer that was walking back towards his table causing him to drop his fries. Making a short dash, Wendy caught it, the red pigtails of her hair bouncing as she skipped once, catching herself lunge and stood up, having caught most of the fries as she handed them back to the man, but the few that had dropped the large German Shepard was already gulping down. Waving the customer off, Wendy turned to the dog but it was already scampering off in the crowded Wendy's, claws clicking on the tiled ground as it ran back and forth, frantically looking around for more food as the owner tried his best to get it to behave.

“Sir, can you calm your dog, pleeeeease?” Said Wendy, giving a knowing, pleading smile, but a hint of annoyance in her voice as she cutely leaned to the side, with her arms behind her white and blue dress as she rocked back and forth a little bit. She was dressed in her usual Wendy attire, twin redheaded pigtails, that bounced with her movement, tied with blue ribbon, a frilly blue and white trim dress with a pocket on the front, and two white and red striped stockings and gloves. 

“Sorry, sorry! I was just trying to get something to eat before I made my way home... its just been such a long work day, and its a two hour drive, and I can never leave him in the car alone and....” Said the dog's owner, stuttering and trying his best to hold the dog back as he finally grabbed him, but the dog slipped free of him again as the heavy dog pulled hard and the man's fingers slipped from his collar. “Annnd there he goes again...” the owner sighed, bowing dejectedly, resigned to the fact he should probably just leave hungry.

“Ah... I see...” Said Wendy, feeling pity for the poor man as she watched the dog make a full loop thru the restaurant, bopping into chairs and knocking over one of them with a loud clatter. It jumped, tail tucked between its legs for a moment before it ducked and weaved back thru the busy restaurant, thru the area with the counter for ordering, weaving between waiting customers, and then back into the dinning area again. She didn't want the poor guy to walk offPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I wias you'd write digimon diner story again!!! :))


Was a good one. Always enjoy it when they are happy to serve their own meat.


I still haven't transferred all my stuff to the new comp so that'd be awhile still sadly.
Glad yah like it. Self serves kinda rare, but fun thing : ).



Anything that gives a full body roast serve with reluctant meat, before and after is amazing. We always await your stuff.


It's been a good while, but I've finally finished the next chapter to this story. For those who haven't read the previous chapters (or who have simply forgotten what happened), you should start by reading PogueMahone's original story at http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/Melatonin/20608/The-Interview and then read the first chapter of my continuation at http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/JestInPieces/20730/The-Interview-unofficial-continuation

All caught up? Then I hope you enjoy this next installment in the series. For those who enjoy audiovisual aids, you might want to play the following video when Carissa turns on her iPod, since it served as the inspiration for the scene that follows: http://www.eporner.com/hd-porn/vdNDWKtz8Ou/-Braless-Radar-Love/

As always, any and all feedback, criticism, etc. is appreciated.

The Interview

Chapter 13: The Gift

Sally had only been back at her desk for around 15 minutes when there was another knock on the door.

“Sally? Are you in here?” came the voice of Carissa from outside.

Sally looked down at her taped-up stomach. Not wanting to spoil the surprise just yet, she frantically looked around her for her clothes. “Uh, yeah, sure, just a sec!” she yelled. She spotted the discarded clothes in a corner, diving toward them and fishing her black t-shirt out of the pile. “Come in!” she said as she threw it over head and yanked it down. The door opened as she got to her feet and her transparent-headed lover stepped into the office.

“Hi. I just came to see if you were okay. I realize that in getting payback we… may have gone a little overboard. If you want, I can ask the various department heads to give back–”

Sally walked up to her and interrupted her by putting her index finger against the older woman’s lips. When Carissa stopped talking she removed it and gave her girlfriend a quick kiss.

“Shush. As I told Leia when she came by to apologize, I’m perfectly fine. I had fun, actually. So stop worrying about me, alright? We agreed we were going to be the craPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


As the final flakes of skin drifted down onto the bed, Sally got up and said “So, let’s see about that rib cage, shall we?”

Carissa shook her head. “Not so fast. There’s still a small bit of wrapping paper left.” She spread her legs wide, revealing the few square inches of skin still surrounding her pussy and asshole.

“Well, we can’t have that, now can we?” Sally laughed. Grabbing one of the pillows, she sat down Indian-style at the foot of the bed.

“Could you lift your ass for me so I can put this under you?” she asked.

“Oh, I’ll do you one better,” Carissa said, raising her legs up and folding herself in two until she could hook them behind her shoulders, crossing her ankles behind her head.

“Woah, how have you never told you were this flexible before? Think of all the things we could have done!” Sally exclaimed.

“Oh, I think we’ll have plenty of time for that still,” Carissa smiled. “And yes, there’s a lot about me you still don’t know and I promise you we’re going to sit down and fix that very soon. But not now. For now, let’s just focus on having fun.”

“Works for me,” Sally said and she bent down towards Clarissa’s pussy. Tuning the pen to its shortest setting, she started using it almost like a razor blade, meticulously cutting away all the surrounding skin, the labia majora, and the skin around her asshole right up until the point where transitioned into the inside of her colon.

“Do you mind if I let you keep your pussy lips?” she asked, stretching out one of Carissa’s labia minora before letting it spring back into place. “They’re so fun to play with, and it doesn’t really look like normal skin anyway.”

“Oh, all right,” Carissa chuckled. I suppose it’s not really covering anything anyway.”

“Well, almost nothing,” Sally said as she positioned the tip of the pen against the top of Carissa’s clitoral hood. “But we’ll soon fix that.”

The red light turned on an as the younger girl moved the pen forward the skin around Clarissa’s clit split in two, before being removed altogether once Sally drew a ring around the base. She pulled the loose bit of flesh away, fully unveiling Carissa’s clitoris. You could even see the part where it split in two. After a little bit of extra cutting to round off the top edges of the pussy lips, she sat back and admired her work.

“Well, Miss Thornton, I do believe you have been completely flayed. You might even say you’ve been given tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Loved it. Definitely worth the wait. If this isn't the end, I feel like you're on the path to combining them both into one person. Sally being the skin, and Carissa the organs and body.


Wow. Just... wow. I'm speechless.



Glad you liked it. I've got one more chapter planned after this one. And as you already deduced, while I haven't worked out the exact details yet, I couldn't very well end the story without the two of them being merged into a single person at some point.


In a good way, I hope? :)


Thank for this new chapter. But know I'm asking myself so much questions about Carissa. If they are exposed to sun will her organs get tanned? She might at least have to put sun cream of them as they can get sunburn. Plus internal organs are sensitive to cold. Sally could (if she know how to) knit her little wool clothing for each of her organs to keep them warm and comfy. I'm also really sad to have her loosing almost any form of tactile sensation. I was already quite disturbed to have her loosing facial expression. Maybe it's part of you fetish, but she ended deprived of the two most intuitive, primal and intimate way of exchanging with the one she love. It would be cool if she could have a treatment that give full tactile sensation to every part of her body, so she could fully enjoy it when Sally cuddle her guts or lick her brain.

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