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Swift Justice

Part 1


By the year 2003, society was fed up with crime and the way that criminals convicted of capital crimes evaded punishment with seemingly endless legal delays. Justice delayed is justice denied. This was especially true for the families and friends of the victims.

Even when an execution took place it was performed by the painless antiseptic method of lethal injection. It could hardly be considered punishment when compared to what the crime victims frequently suffered. Murderers that should have been fried escaped their just end. The Charlie Manson gang escaped execution as did Susan Smith the child killer. The death sentence of the torture murderess Judith Healy was commuted. Even when Aileen Wornose the female serial killer was executed, it was by lethal injection and not by electrocution which she so richly deserved. Enough was enough.

By a two-thirds majority national vote, a new criminal justice code was put in place that eliminated most of the unfairness to the victim's family and ensured swift punishment of the perpetrator upon conviction of first degree murder or treason. A different type of jury system was also put in place that allowed for a quick but fair trial.

The new system was rooted in the belief that for capital punishment to be a deterrent, it must be certain, exquisitely painful and humiliating. Capital punishment should be punishment. The convicted criminals should contemplate their misdeeds while writhing in agony in a public forum.

Lethal injection was replaced by the only method of execution that allowed for the precise delivery of pain, pleasure and humiliation to the executee - THE ELECTRIC CHAIR. Society had turned full circle. Depending on the jury's decision, the man or woman could be electrocuted quickly or slowly depending on the nature of the crime thereby ensuring that justice was properly done.

The following is the story of Laura Mae Wells, a beautiful but treacherous woman who tried to beat the new system. She used her sex to wrap men around her fingers and get what ever she wanted. When she was finished with them, she had them killed and disposed of without a trace. But the last time, she was betrayed by her accomplices and now must stand trial for first-degree murder. If convicted she would immediately go to the electric chair.

In the fight of her life, could she use her sex one more time toPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Equal Justice

(Part 1)


In the year 2003, the Electric Chair had returned, favored by the majority of Americans, as the primary means to carry out the Death Penalty. The application of the new swift criminal justice system code with the immediate public execution by electrocution in that heavy oak chair of shame had a powerful deterrent effect on society. After 200 executions in the first year alone (150 men and 50 women) the capital crime rate dropped off dramatically. Assaults, robbery, break-ins and crimes of all sorts especially gun violence by youths fell by nearly an unbelievable 70%. Edited video taped versions of actual executions were shown to senior high school groups to scare the kids straight. The impact on the audience was electric. The young boys and girls would squirm in their seats watching a young man or woman getting strapped into the chair but they would not be shown the actual electrocution unless they were 18 years of age or older. The school principal would just describe the censored parts to the audience.

Watching a video of a criminal, man or woman half-naked, sizzling while strapped tightly into an electric chair will both arouse and frighten the viewing audience. You can count on the viewer empathizing with the victim getting electrocuted right before their eyes. They will be captivated by the scene and couldn't help imagining what it would be like having thousands of volts of electricity surging through their own body unable to escape the leather embrace of the death chair.

Most people contemplating committing a capital crime would think twice lest they wind up a public spectacle, jumping, writhing about and screaming while the juice surges through and convulses every muscle in their body for the voyeuristic pleasure of the crowd. And did it work!

Yet there were some who would be so aroused by the scene that they would actually be drawn like a moth to a flame to that electric death. Maybe it was the challenge to avoid being caught or being the focus of the death drama as they were tried, convicted then prepped for electrocution and finally strapped into the chair and fried. It could be the final explosive orgasm the condemned get during a slow electrocution or the helplessness of the leather bondage with the electrodes attached to their body sending powerful electric shocks through them unPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


(Part 2)

By Doc Rob

Clyde is Prepared for Electrocution

The guard escort stopped at the end of the corridor and they turned to enter the prep room before the large green door. The sexy nurse in the short skirt followed the precession into the room. She was going to play a key role in getting Clyde ready for the electric chair. She was the traveling executioner's helper whose job was to get the condemned ready for execution. Her shapely legs were bare and suntanned and her tight short mini dress accentuated her large firm breasts. Her long wavy hair framed a pretty face and along with her knockout body, would arouse any man and even many women. But that was her purpose in the execution preparation room. For the time being, she walked to the side of the room and just watched the proceedings.

Clyde looked around the room and saw a barber chair with straps and shaving utensils on a table beside the chair and a table with straps and a raised area which would elevate the buttocks of anyone who had to lay over the table.

The guards ordered Clyde to undress. He had to take off every thing including his socks and underwear. He was somewhat embarrassed when he pulled down his under shorts while the nurse watched his every move. As his shorts rolled off his hips, his semi erect penis popped out. The presence of the sexy nurse eyeing him from her vantage spot was arousing him. Next the guards strapped him into the barber chair and immediately began cutting his hair with scissors and an electric shaver. When they were finished they lathered his head and legs and shaved off nearly all of his body hair.

The nurse now walked over to him and introduced herself to Clyde. She said' "Hello Clyde my name is Lisa and I am here to help you through your execution. I will be with you all the way and if you listen to me and go with the flow you will have an easy time of it". "I see from the condition of your penis that you like me - that's good"! She reached over to Clyde's rising member and holding it in her hand said, "The electric chair is easier to take if you are fully aroused and sexually excited when the juice is switched on". "The orgasm you get will take away the pain from the electricity going through your body and you will float away in a state of ecstasy". "I'll keep you excited up to the time you have to sit in the chair", "is Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


(Part 3)

By Doc Rob

Bonnie is Prepared for Electrocution

Lisa calmed herself down. The court house staff congratulated her for a job well done so to speak. The execution went like clockwork as she got Clyde to accept his fate and die in the chair without incident. Lisa went to the ladies room to clean up and wash off her vibrator. After changing to a fresh pair of panties she was ready to get Bonnie ready for the electric chair.

Lisa as a young bisexual woman, found that participating in and viewing a man or woman die in the electric chair by anal electrocution, a powerful aphrodisiac. After participating in dozens of executions of both sexes, she became an expert in the electrocution of men and women's bodies. She knew how to help the condemned derive sexual pleasure from the execution experience. She also knew how to use electricity to deliver varied levels of pain from a mild tingle to an excruciating stinging fire deep in their bodies. And she knew how to deliver the juice in such a way that the condemned would be aware of every volt and amp of electricity for the longest possible time. She was now going to apply her skills and knowledge to her favorite execution subject; a young slim beautiful woman named Bonnie Richards.

Lisa found that watching a young man's bodily reactions to being electrocuted in the chair sexually stimulating. The preparations of the condemned would be her foreplay and the main event - the execution her orgasmic fulfillment. A man's reactions were all to obvious always centered on his penis. The effects of electrocution on a man were easy to gauge. But a woman was another issue. Her sexual organs were inside of her body and her arousal and orgasms were more complex. It would take a knowledgeable woman's touch to properly electrocute another woman. Lisa was very excited about getting Bonnie prepared to die in the electric chair. Her job now was to provide a satisfying experience for the condemned, the witnesses and the State. She gathered her composure to carry out the death sentence and make sure that justice was served. But within her boundaries, she will calm Bonnie with words and her skillful touch, staying with her all the way up to the time Bonnie is strapped into the chair and her young supple body wired for electrocution.

Lisa wearing a short tight skirt and high heelPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


(Part 4)

By Doc Rob

Bonnie's Erotic Execution in the Electric Chair

Back in the death chamber, the assembled witnesses were eagerly waiting the infamous guest of honor to take her place in the hot seat and fry for her crimes. Some of the men and women witnesses commented to each other in soft whispers about how erotic it was going to be watching a young beautiful woman die in the electric chair. Experienced witnesses spoke in low tones about how a woman's quivering tits boil out and squirt during the electrocution. And also about how the woman writhes and jumps around in the electric chair opening her legs so you can see her wet shiny pussy slit dripping female love juices on the hot seat as the electricity hisses and sizzles between her legs.

Several bright spotlights illuminated the elevated electric chair from above and the exhaust fan was turned on to draw away any offensive burning smells emanating from Bonnie as she is electrocuted. All eyes were now turned to the green door to wait for Bonnie's entrance into the execution chamber.

Holding Bonnie's hand, she was led out of the preparation room flanked by the four guards toward the green door. As Bonnie walked slowly with small reluctant shuffling steps toward the green door, she concentrated on the feeling of the anal electrode up her ass and the ridged dildo teasing her vagina and clitoris. Tradition called for Lisa to say at this time the infamous words, "Dead woman walking"! As they arrived at the green door, Lisa reached up the front of Bonnie's short dress and clicked on the vaginal vibrator buried in her cunt. Bonnie's vagina contracted with sweet spasms around the vibrator sending butterflies fluttering in her tummy. Lisa wanted to wait up to the last few minutes before turning on the vibrators. She didn't want Bonnie or herself to have their orgasms prematurely. Lisa's main job now was to gauge Bonnie's level of sexual excitement and contain her orgasmic explosions until she sits in the electric chair and the switch is turned on. Lisa also wanted her orgasmic climax to take place when Bonnie was getting electrocuted - so she had to control herself. Lisa now reached under her dress and clicked on her vibrator that was covered by her panties soaked from her love juice dribbling out of her cunt. She took a deep breath of relief as she climbed to the next level of sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Has anyone seen "Secret Justice"?Or can someone re-wirite "Secret Justice"?

Well, welcome to post other erotic electrocution stories!!


Well, I seem to be completely stuck on my next story, so I thought I would leave this one here. I wrote it in a couple of hours after seeing a picture of in motherless (50DBFBC). Let me know what you think!

disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!

When I got out into the balcony I found her, leaning against the glass railing as she watched the city. She didn't seem to notice me at first, so I simply watched her as I sipped my beer, feeling a little annoyed that another one had managed to find her way into my room.

From behind I could see she was wearing some very short shorts and a black strapless shirt that was almost transparent. I felt my mouth watering as I imagined sucking her breasts.

When I couldn't wait any longer, I walked slowly towards her, trying to get as close as I could to her before she noticed me. Luckily for me, she seemed distracted and I was a few feet behind her before she finally turned around.

“Hey!” I said as I watched her medium sized breasts, poking under her shirt.

When she saw my face she stood still, looking into my eyes with her mouth halfway open in surprise. She was rather pretty, I thought, with her short blond hair and the round face.

“How did you manage to get in? You know this is a private room, right?” I asked her, feeling a little annoyed as I already knew the answer.

She had probably given a blowjob to one of the hotel workers so that they would let her in. A stupid thing to do in this day and age, but she didn't look very bright so far. I waited patiently for her to speak, but like most fans, once she found me she didn't know what to do, so she stood there watching me, her face a mask of panic.

“I am… I... I am sorry, I really wanted to meet you...” she finally managed almost a full minute later.

The more I watched her, the younger she looked. Surely she wasn't older than 15 years old, I thought to myself as I took one last sip from my beer. When it was finally empty, I threw it to one side, and I went towards the railing.

“Well, here I am, pleasure to meet you.” I said to her as I leaned against the thin glass edge. “Nice view isn't it?”

With a smile on her face, she turned again oncPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Very nice story. The snuff itself was a bit of a let down, but the story is solid. I need to learn more words to write better stories myself.


Hey! It's nice to see this one close to the top again. Thanks for the comments too!


Any place to see your writing now that they're off asstr?


I missed this on first pass. Glad it got bumped!


Sorry, it was the only place. They should be back next month, they are having server problems and new sites, like mine, disappeared!


I tried my hand at cooking guro, mild I believe. Feedback would be good.

Lizard roast.

Ever eaten a lizard? A lizardgirl?

Their meat is juicy and tangy, like spicy snake. Especially tied to a spit and roasted alive.

It's what we ate at the Lizardgirl village with our trade caravan, buying slave animal girls to sell to butchers of monster cities.

When me and Emiko visited the village to trade, we were invited to a feast. Passing a small trophy hut full of preserved pretty feet and heads, we were invited to dine with the village shaman, a lizard girl who was going to prepare the best feasts.

It came to be that she'd serve her best daughter, roasted over a fire, which we also offered to supplement with one of our own:

"Chocolate glazed human girl."

Everyone looked at Emiko, voluptuous, her chocolate skin, her large breasts, bubble butt, thick thighs and soft face was delicious, for one brief moment. Human was another delicacy in dolcett world.

The Lizardwomen smiled, offering Emiko a cup of berry wine. "We can guarantee a VERY pleasurable experience." Taking the cup, Emiko chan shyly smiled, and took a sip.

"This is good!"

"We'll be marinading you inside a keg of it, can drown you in it if you don't want to feel the pain of roasting." Civilly explained the lizard woman, whose face was very humanlike save for scales.

"Can I ask what happens then?"

"We'll take the body, take the head and feet off, and spit you, from anus to neck, and roast it along my daughter."

Her daughter, gagged, did not resist as she was being tied to a large metal spit, arms and legs bent back to be housed by metal rests alongside it. We could not take our eyes from the sight of her anus and pussy, which was apparently cleaned, and now being pumped with some sauce by the youngest lizard girls, and a human slave girl who apparently grew up with them, an iron collar around her neck, wearing nothing and looking quite happy.

"Of course, we'll cover you with chocolate as your thick body roasts, and fill some hot chocolate inside your ass and neck and stomach."

Emiko giggled, finding the idea of being a savory rump of meat eaten by monstergirls very funny.

"I will sacrifice myself, but...I want chocolate and wine till I faint." She grinned, poPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Love this story so much BZT! <3 you rock ^_^


(This thread is long overdue.)

Like the Ultra-short story thread, but all stories should be more than 100 words, but no more than 300 words.

Rosa and Miyu were going to die, but that didn't bother them; the fact that they were to die naked in front of the entire school. Their crime was having lesbian sex on school grounds. They were blissfully unaware that cameras were installed in the bathrooms when they had their fun.

The guards made them get on their hands and knees with their legs spread, facing away from the audience so that everyone could have a good look at their holes.

Two male classmates with high marks were given the honor of carrying out the executions. Robert and Drew were the chosen executionors, and both practically leaped from their seats to the stage when their names were called. Both boys were handed shotguns and approached Miyu and Rosa.

Drew, being Rosa's ex boyfriend, decided to be the one to end her.

"Why did it have to be you to kill me?" She whined as he stopped in front of her with the gun.

He shrugged his shoulders. "Not my fault you're a such a slut. It's really fitting that you should die with a pole in your mouth." He chuckled before raising the gun and pressing it against her lips. She moaned, but parted her lips for him to insert the barrel.

She wanted to ask him for a final fuck, but before she could signal for him to wait he pulled the trigger. Her head disintegrated into a spray of brain, blood, and bone that covered the front row.

Seconds after Rosa's body collapsed into a twitching-and-urinating mess, Robert pushed Miyu's head to the floor with his boot and pressed the gun against the back of her throat. BANG! Her neck disappeared into a puddle of gore and her body spasmed as her head rolled on the floor.
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"Any last words, infidel whores?" the village monarch asked. The line of naked elven girls erupted into terrified pleading, but the one at the first noose remained silent. Though the crowd cheered, the monarch saw this unfitting. He brought his riding crop down on the black-haired girl's bare ass, drawing a grunt of pain. "What say you, slut?" he demanded.

The girl looked at him, a tear running down her cheek. "Please," she implored, "don't do this. I beg of you." The monarch grinned nastily and spat on her. "Soldier!" He called the young man by the lever. "Send these witches to Hell!"

The despaired screams of the girls became choked and strangled as the nooses closed around their necks. The crowd roared as they watched the accused foreign sorceresses thrash and kick for their lives. Still, the girl at the front remained composed, though her tied hands shook. Then, she disappeared.

The crowd went quiet. Even a few girls ceased their struggling, eyes bulging at the wisp of smoke that had been their elven sister. A shriek of pain broke the silence. The village monarch stared at the massive, cracking claw of mana run through his chest, the black-haired girl behind him, her face dark with both resignation and anger. She tossed his gored body into the crowd, then threw a dagger of light through the air, cleanly cutting the ropes of her periled sisters, who fell crying and gasping for air.

The villagers screamed and ran, but none escaped the sorceress and her sisters. Casting aside their crippling compassion, they razed the crowd, slashing their heads off, engulfing them in flame, making their hearts burst inside their chests. They left the town a burning husk, littered with bodies so brutalized they could hardly be called human.


Hannah, like so many other girls, entered Mr. Dorris and stripped to her birthday suit. The busty ebony closed her eyes and bent over the teacher's desk, expecting to feel a cock in one of her holes. Then she felt a bullet going up her ass; she collapsed to the floor in agony, with blood seeping out of her asshole. Before she could scream or yell for help, Dorris pressed the gun against the back of her skull and ended her misery.

He grabbed his camera and started taking pictures when suddenly the door opens and latina girl walked in, clutching a bunch of books in her arms.

The girl was already making her way to the nearest desk before realizing she got the wrong room. "Sorry... I..." She started to say before she noticed the black girl's naked corpse.

She started to screen, but before the sound could escape her mouth Mr. Dorris shot her three times in the throat. She collapsed to the floor clutching at her bleeding neck and in agony; attempts to scream turned into gurgling sounds as she regurgitated blood.

"Guess Hannah forgot to lock the damned door, the stupid whore." He groaned as he walked over to shut and lock the door.

Mr. Dorris turned his attention to the girl. A combination of whimpering and gurgling sound, along with blood, came out of her mouth when the teacher started ripping off her uniform.

"It's going to be alright. I will stop your suffering once you're in your birthday suit."

The latina was in too much pain to struggle, and she was growing weaker as she choked on her blood. After he ripped off her shirt and bra, he pressed the gun to the side of her temple and ended her suffering as promised.


Very good stories, I seem to share most of your kinks.
Here's something that was floating around in my head:

'Care free. Affordable. Fun.' a sign over a door read.
Max closed the door behind him and was now staring at a screen: 'Insert $100 into the slot to your right in order to select your Target Bunny. Each additional Bunny costs $25.'

Max complied, pressed a few buttons and the door to his left opened to a shooting range.

3 very attractive and skimpily clad women were behind a counter, behind them a wall riddled with bullets.

"You there, redhead in pink lingerie, come over and suck me. The other two, make out."

The Bunnies complied without a word. The feisty redhead came, kneeled and began sucking Max's massive shaft, while the other two started kissing eachother and fondling their big and soft tits. Max held an assault rifle in his hands and was looking at them, with anticipation. In less than five minutes, the two Bunnies in the front were on the floor, one eating the other's pussy.

Three short bursts of weaponfire were heard and the one on the floor had her head completely disfigured. The other one was now masturbating herself with her pussy towards Max.

He unloaded the rest of the clip into her exposed cunt, hot lead piercing her womanhood and causing blood to ooze out of her many, many holes in her holes.
Max took a pistol from the counter and double tapped the masturbating Target Bunny's forehead, ending her suffering. He then came on the redheads face. She had a cute and cum covered face and was smiling with her white teeth at Max.
A double barrel shotgun was now pointed at her green eyes.
Her hands were still on his cock when he pressed the trigger, blasting away her beautiful pale face. Her head was now no more than a deformed globe of gore.

"The break is over. All workers resume your tasks." a loud voice was heard from outside the shooting range.


The fearful girl's arms stretched out, tied to columns, and her long blond braids stretched out, nailed to the wall. Her simple dress bared her shoulders, as well as generous cleavage. She closed her eyes as a drunken raider threw a small axe at her, lodging it in the wall and severing a braid, and let out a scream. They cheered.

An even more drunk raider pushed him aside and threw another axe, which hit the wall with its blunt side and landed at the girl's feet. While being laughed at, he stumbled forward and picked it up. He slowly stood up with his face kept close to the girl, then sniffed at her shoulder. She pulled herself as far away from him as she could, which wasn't much.

"LATER! We said later!"

As another raider took aim from far across the hall, he quickly moved aside. He threw the axe, but missed completely, sending it through the door just as the chieftain entered, bouncing it off his armor. He furiously drew his sword and came towards the man, who fell to the ground in submission.

"You are now my slave! Unless you want to fight for it?!"

"No master, I am your slave."

He looked around.

"What is this? I told you we need to be fresh tomorrow morning. This isn't resting!"

He snatched an axe, and without a pause threw it at the girl horizontally. She could just widen her eyes when it severed her neck, sending her head dangling from one braid. Blood poured and soaked her dress, causing it to cling to her otherwise uncovered body.

He left. They were still silent when one hesitantly glanced at the others.

"Me first!"


12 year old Stacy was very excited to see the meat factory on her school field trip. After all, that's where her sister Zoe was taken. And on her sweet 16th birthday as well.

While the other girls in her class were sick at what they saw, Stacy just grinned. She watched as Zoe had her arms tied behind her back. hung upside down with hooks in her feet.

She giggled as Zoe screamed behind the gag that had been stuffed in her mouth. She laughed as the knife was plunged into her sister, gutting her, the blood pouring out, and the organs ripped out quite easily. Stacy hummed happy birthday as she watched her sister's eyes roll to the back of her head as she bled to death.

"Normally, we wouldn't do something like this." the tour guide said. "We usually give the ladies a more gentle death. However, this one sent in an application telling us how she wanted to be processed on her birthday, and in the most painful way possible."

Or, at least, that's what Stacy wrote out FOR her sister on that application.


The battle for my city didn't last long. For the first few days, it seemed likely we were stuck in a siege that would outlast our attackers.

We had an abundance of small arms and vehicles, not to mention rockets which we thought they lacked entirely, but we underestimated their numerous snipers, molotovs, and miniguns. Pipe bombs were especially shocking, as our county guard had grown accustomed to facing ineffective duds that would fizzle out.

On just the 1st day of the 2nd week, they catapulted dozens of explosive to high ground. They had triple the troops our officials estimated and were far faster than anticipated. I got calls and texts to stay in the center of town but instead approached the danger, observing from quiet rooftops. For each rocket that took an arm from the enemy, their innumerable bullets shredded several soldiers.

Women ran through the streets. A mousey but heavy-chested brown-haired girl, barely old enough to smoke, was chased down by a pair of motorcycle thugs who stripped her and chained her to both bikes, one by each wrist, and made her run faster than I knew she could. I'll admit, seeing her firm body struggling to keep pace and getting her feet shredding on the forsaken gravel gave me a boner. Her breasts bounced wildly, almost falling behind her sides. I'm sure they were bruised simply by the force of their bouncing. They disappearance around a corner and reappeared around another, again and again in circles. They slowed down as she tired out until she could not run any longer. When her legs gave up, she was dragged full speed, screaming and crying in agony as her butt, belly, and breasts were all torn from her by the rough ground. they slowed down once more and a third biker slammed a broken rifle into her ass.

Men, women, and children were massacred by shotgun and fire.

Another young girl, who was smaller and had smaller boobs and shorter black hair that was tied back, was laid face down on a picnic table. Her elbows were bent under the sides and her hands were nailed up to the underside of the table. She kicked her legs wildly as a hideously masked man held her but firmly in place and 2 more held her arms.

The whole while, her whole family and some friends were held at gunpoint, watching several strangers- monsters- do this to her. The guy who nailed her palms stood and I saw his face was painted green, white, and black in a camouflage sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


This is really good!


Aww ty! I'll continue it when I can


Once her loved ones were slaughtered, she was tortured further. Still seeing her dad bleeding out in front of her, her bones were shattered by the smashing of hammers and her skin was peel off. The monsters even took normal forks- perhaps from her kitchen table- and actually parted her flesh and fucking ate it. They happily munched as she screamed. I couldn't hear them, due to both her screaming and how far they were, but could easily discern they made as much noise chomping over their forsaken meal as I would a hamburger.

Apparently she wasn't cooked well enough, because after eating some off her, they set fire under her hands and poured boiling water over her.v

I wondered if I could predict a torture they commit, but I found I wasn't being creative enough. Just as I was predicting they might shit on her, I heard engines and tires from down another street. It wasn't the same motorcycles from earlier, in fact they looked very different. These several bikes were vibrantly colored and much larger. The thugs riding them were not as tatted but their tattoos were much more colorful. They also rode forward, instead of leaning back or sitting straight up like the previous trio.

Who could unite all these different people? How could they all work in tandem, despite being so horrible and anti-human?

These larger motorcycles also had captives, but mostly tied over the backs like bag of supplies, though a couple of slower moving ones did have chains of young nude girls jogging to keep from being dragged. I could tell, even from far away, that the extreme paddling off their feet left a long trail of blood.

The girl that was nailed to a picnic table was facing the other way and seemed unable to notice anything except her own gross pain. She was simply shaking and every other slave was staring in anxious disbelief. All were crying, some were wailing, and a few struggled to get free despite the whippings they took for it.

They all looked so alive.

Several armored cargo trucks rolled through, plus some jeeps with cages, and the girls were all loaded up- except 3. They were all petite, tough one was plump for her height. They cried and danced endlessly, shaking and moving in fear. They were slapped and grabbed all over. Their bellies were punched and their ankles yanked from under them. They would flail their arms as they fell and scrambled to get up, crying and waving about as they were dragged across the floor to the cars.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I decided to repost all of my short stories in one big omnibus thread, wherein I shall also post any short stories I write in the future, assuming the thread doesn't go falling off the end of the list as has happened before xP
Do comment on anything you liked, or if you want to make use of one of my ideas for settings, items, etc. I love feedback!


Don't Try This at Home

(decapitation, consensual, m/f, medical)

My wife and I had always been guro fetishists. Even near the beginning of our relationship we found that both of us had taken up frequenting gore- and freakshow-related image boards. Such a connection was, as far as we could tell, rare and special, and in the end it was no surprise that we ended up staying together.

Obviously the sex was the best we could make it without maiming one another. We had tried the old bondage motif, even going so far as long-term bondage (a favorite game of ours was tying up her arms, putting a shirt over them, and pretending she didn't have them, sometimes for a whole weekend or longer) and encasement. Some of the best sex we ever had was the night before I encased her body in plaster (We had wanted to use concrete, but after finding out to our dismay that the curing temperature would kill her, we had to find an alternative). Just the anticipation had been enough to make her wetter than an octopus, and the whole time we went through the preparation process we couldn't stop making love, even as she gradually ran out of holes from the tubes I'd inserted into her orifices.

But, intense and kinky as it was, none of it was really "guro". The greatest shared fantasy of ours that we hadn't been able to experience was headlessness. As for me, while I was mildly intrigued by how it might feel to be headless, what had always turned me on more was seeing a beautiful woman having her body separated from her head. And on her end, my wife had always been turned on imagining herself as one of the women in the pictures.

Yet she didn't want to die, and I had no intention of killing her - no matter how awesome the snuffing was, it would mark the end of our relationship, and I'd never see her again. That thought was too unbearable to ever be worth it. So at first we just wrote it off as something we might try when we're old, or perhaps terminally ill, and ready to die anyway. But still we yearned... and one day, we confronted one another and resolved to find a way to live out this fantasy.


Eventually we found the connections to bring our idea to life - I won't go into the details, I'm sure you'll understand why. The setup was thus: there was a hospital room rented out for us, redecorated and with furniture arranged to cleverly hide the medical appliances. RaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



(school, surprise gore, eyes, cons.)

Her classmates filled the small room, packed tight against one another but leaving some space around her. All their faces glowed with anticipation; the whole graduation day had been filled with a spirit of camaraderie, the students all excited for each other. Even if they had never known one another over the last few years, every soul was happily congratulating his or her peers, cheering for them and egging them on as they stepped up to the mirror to complete their final test.
As she stood before the mirror, she looked down at the objects in her hands: a knife in one, the handle warmed by the hands of all the students who had used it before her; and in the other hand a small glass jar filled with an antiseptic solution. Below the mirror was a sort of lectern with a socket in the center just large enough to hold the jar - rather like a cupholder. The mirror itself loomed before her in that intimidating way in which only a mirror can, her reflection staring back with all her anxiety on full display. Behind her she could see the expectant faces of all her classmates; unbelievable as it may have been, every one of them had passed the test and was waiting on her to follow them.
She placed the jar into the socket and raised the knife to her face, taking a deep breath. For the last three years she had been preparing for this moment; she remembered all the classes, the new language she'd had to learn, the training she had undergone to use the new tools she was soon to start using. She was completely ready, and yet, now that the moment was here, it seemed so intimidating. She glanced at the knife; this close to her eye, its every detail was sharply visible. The blade had of course been cleaned after every use, but a single ominous drop of blood remained on the handle. The knife itself curved gracefully both parallel to and perpendicular to its edge, its form following its very specific function. The edge was immaculate, not a single tiny kink, notch, or dull spot having been allowed to exist on it.
With the glowing faces of all her peers clustered around her into a solid wall of anticipation, she inched the knife blade closer to her face. Her heart was racing and time seemed to crawl like the slowest of snails, but eventually she felt the cold metal prick her skin. Now was the moment of truth - she had to execute her task perfectly. She pressed the point deePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


And now a new one!


(brains, snuff)

Blinding light filled the tiny cell in which my siblings and I had been held captive. Finally! Until now darkness had been all we knew. I hoped with all my might that I might be the first one chosen, and before I even had time to start feeling nervous, so it was! I found myself being lifted free into the fresh air and sunlight.

For but an instant I was able to glimpse my brothers and sisters gazing up at me wistfully from inside the cell. I wished them the best of luck and hoped that, though I had been chosen first, they might all be released soon afterward. I didn’t have much time for goodbyes, though, as just as unceremoniously as it had opened, the cell was slammed shut again and my poor family was once again left in darkness. As for me, in a moment’s time I found myself pushed into a new and different cell by myself.

This new cell was much, much smaller - more like a coffin, to be honest. I could handle the claustrophobia; after all, my family and I had spent so much time huddled against one another in our prior imprisonment, with barely room to think, that we’d all managed to grow accustomed to it. What really scared me was the loneliness and uncertainty. What was happening? Would I be trapped in here for who knows how long, this time by myself, or might this merely be a temporary holding area for me before my true release as I hoped?

Once again I hardly had time to dwell on my present circumstances before being violently jerked into some new situation. A few seconds went by in tense silence, and then all of a sudden I felt a violent poke in my rear. Some kind of metal spike was jamming itself into me - I was being raped by a machine! Was this my fate? Was I to be abused and destroyed by this mechanical penis, never to see the outside world or meet my destined one as I had always dreamed?

In a single swift motion, the spike drove itself deep inside me and I felt my insides being touched and stirred up where they never had before. It was somehow extraordinarily painful and yet oddly pleasurable all at once. It drove deeper and deeper, never stopping or pulling back as it relentlessly tore me apart from behind, and as it did so I felt some sort of eruption building up inside me. What was this feeling I had never felt before? Would I ever get to experience it again, or would I die here having only doPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


That bullet, through an unknown mean, made say "It's cute"...


That's a very creative... and trippy story.


Holiday in the Mountains (Mg, pedo, tort, implied snuff, foot fetish)

(note: it goes without saying the author does not condone or endorse any
of the contents of this story. It is a fantasy and nothing more)

It was on the last day of my trip in the Pyrenees. I had been doing a
lot of walking and thinking in the lonely pine forests. Trying to clear my
head. Occasionally I would come across vacant log cabins; tiny shelters
for travellers lost during snow or just escape hatches for city dwellers
once a year to get back to the simple life. Isolated places where a guy
could really be alone and in touch with his natural side and be natural
with his desires and feelings.

So it was on this last day when, despite my apparent clear-headedness
and new resolve to put my dark thoughts into my past that I had this
suddenly brilliant and rare moment of opportunity.

Coming up the mountain road in my car I had passed the girl on her
bicycle. I drove on another mile not thinking. Just blank as the angel
and devil on my shoulders fought among themselves. And then, suddenly the
image of a particular old, abandoned woodshed I had seen around these parts
suddenly popped back into my head and with it the old devil crawled right
into my ear and grabbed a hold of me.

I pulled the car to a halt and stepped out onto the tarmac road. Map in
hand. I was trembling. With fear and anticipation. Part-willing the girl
wasn't going to come along this road and I could just drive away from here
a new, free, re-born man. But slowly from a small speck the image of the
girl on the bicycle slowly enlarged as she pedalled along the road towards
me. I tried to hide the bulge in my pants as she slowed to pass me,
smiling shyly and panting.

She was a very cute sandy blonde: her hair fixed into two plaits which
ran down past her shoulders. Her skin was sun-kissed and unblemished but
for a scatter of freckles. She was dressed lightly for cycling in a pale,
yellow tennis shirt that just suggested the budding young breasts beneath;
her buttocks were squeezed into short, cut-off denims that accentuated the
smooth, delicious long legs. On her feet, black plimsolls and white sports

"Excusez- moi.." I began in French, playing the part of the lost tourist
puzzling over my map. I had spread the paper out on the roof of my car.
The mePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Any updates on story?


The silly little poppet tried to run when I went back in the cabin. I held her tight against me, feeling her heart pounding, hearing her sniffling as she held back her tears, her whole body shaking. I stroked her blonde hair, cupped her little buttocks, feeling my cock swell. I held her gently but firmly, giving her a false sense of security. Part of me still wanted to let the girl go. I thought once more of my own daughter, Emma.
Oh Emma, baby, I whispered.
Fuck, this is so wrong.
I felt kind of sick and elated.
Little Emmy.
How would I go through with this? Still holding her tight I sat her on the edge of the workbench in the corner of the cabin. She was still sniffling, her eyes wet with tears stared hard at the floor. But she looked a bit more defiant. Perhaps she thought I was more human..?
I kissed her bare thighs, kneeling in front of her to strong her smooth, gangly legs and ankles and then to put her toes in my mouth again. Lovely little, sweet girly toes. Oh, my cock stiffened some more.
I let the thought enter me.
I was going to saw her feet off.
I was going to hurt this sweet little buttercup. I wanted to watch it scream, feel it buckinging and jerking in agony as I took a hacksaw to her, Just because I could.
I took her feet out of my mouth, they were all wet with my saliva.
Your feet make me so fucking hard you little slut, I grinned knowing she wouldn't understand. I'm going to cut your pretty little feet off and i'm going to butcher you... i'm going to fuck your asshole with a knife....
Now I began to shake with excitement at the reality of these words.


The feet parts are great!


ah thanks.. it s my favorite thing ;)


I lay her down on the workbench and stroked her hair while she cried through her gag. I rolled her onto her belly because her hands were tied behind her. How was I going to keep her more securely fastened to the table though? I took my leather belt and wrapped it once around her neck, then hammered down the two ends of the belt with big rusty nails. She squirmed around but the leather good and hard and held. then there was a vice attached to the other end of the table so i took my shoelaces, ran them through the rope around her ankles and tied it to the handle on the vice. Should hold her nicely.
I played with my cock again to look at my handiwork: a little blonde poppet tied and gagged face down on the wooden table. the leather strap pshing down on her pretty neck, her hands twisting and writhing uselessly, just above the curve of her lovely bottom and then her smooth calves and ankles ending in a tied pair of feet with soles turned up, tied to the far end of the table.
My cock was rock hard as I peeled down her shorts and knickers to look at the smooth crevass between her young bottom cheeks which I kissed. so soft and meaty. I stroked her calves and ran my fingers over the curves of her feet. She twitched and flexed her lttle feet, so sexy and adorable, again I ran my tongue over her tootsies. My head buzzing with lust for them. I took the hacksaw off it's nail on the wall. My hands quivering as I held the supple, curvey foot nearest me and pressed the teeth of it to the back of the ankle an inch or so above her heel.


My actress and I usually work on dubbing body Inflation and weight gain literature, but we wanna branch out a bit. Anyone want to have their stories read?

You can check out her work on our YouTube channel, sexyblimp. Since her work is fairly professional, I think charging a $.90 fee to download an audio recording of a guro story would be an okay price. So, any ideas? What stores would you want her to read?
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Woops, my web browser bugged out. Sorry.


So how much would I pay exactly if I asked for an audio reading of a story? How would I pay it? Finally how long do you think it would take to complete the audio session for an 8000 word story?


A story that long would cost uh... not sure... I'd have to ask the actress what she is comfortable with. 8000 is just pretty lengthy. You can pay us via Patreon though I don't think you should pay us just yet until I get an answer.


Also, she might split up the story into parts. So the first part would be finished within about a week, and the second part would be finished by next week.


This might sound like a bit of a stretch but what about $45?


So I do rp with an old friend. Since the Nobles and Clones story, we have made some use of that concept, if not that world because there are inconsistencies. Basically Clones populate the ’harems’ but other girls outside that structure are fair game to be brought home for any use desired. These stories won’t always or strictly follow one world or set of rules, but intros or in-story exposition will substitute for what we establish before we start playing. Nixon is generally the harem master. These are just cleaned up copied straight from our play. I will get back to Nobles and Clones soon enough, but I thought I would share, as we often bang out an entire story in one sitting, and if we didn’t think they were fun enough to maybe be worth sharing, we wouldn’t bother. Hope somebody enjoys!  we'll post some more of these when we get the chance to play through them

Ps-these are not heavily edited, I just take our rp and quickly make it a narrative, there will be spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, it’s just quick story for the sake of quick, cute story <3

Porkchop, Lin, and Codi

One of the forgettable cuties in our harem brings over a play date, Lin is Chinese and maybe 11, right at the cusp of puberty, old enough to have a training bra and be anticipating it, but not quite there, and completely adorable, and we quickly decide there's no way we can pass-up such a gift. We invite her in, her harem friend gives her a drink, spiked with booze, and she gulps it down, the drink sweet enough that she doesn't notice the alcohol, and light drug cocktail. Within 15-20 minutes, the petite Asian cutie is singing and sunken into the couch
The harem master has another youngster brought over, a girl affectionately known as ‘Porkchop’. She is 13 and chubby bordering on lightly obese, with bright red hair and an extremely huggable belly and pinchable cheeks, even if she doesn’t love her features as much as the harem master. She’s kind, but very quiet. She looks at Lin, not sure what to do.
Lin is on her 4th full drink, which despite the taste might as well be big glasses of vodka, the kid is well on her way to SMASHED.
She notices the chubby ginger looking at hering at her, stumbles over and hugs Porkchop, rubbing her cheek on the chubby cheek...'mmm, you're soft, and warm....' she looks at Porkchop with her cheeks pink from booze and embarrassment, slurring her words a bit 'can..I kiss you?'
Porkchop is shocked, she has confidence Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Done with another new friend. I am editing a few more.

Master, whom Ellen calls Sir, comes home from his office job, looking like he has had a long day as he sits on the couch. Ellen, 5 feet tall on a good day, round cheeks, brown hair, a slender, almost boyish figure, and a happy smile, hurries around, grabbing Master a beer, then coming over to the couch, sitting next to him, giving him the drink, and holding his free hand 'welcome home Sir. You look tired, shall I give you a massage?' she asks, with a loving look
Master gives her a half smile "It's going fine, except for one detail. It appears some rumors have sprung up. In fact," he stops as he got up and strokes her cheek "I think you might be involved with it."
Ellen had tilted her head up, with a goofy smile as Master strokes her hair, but at that comment, the smile goes away, and her eyes fill with worry, not for herself, but at the terrible though of letting Master down 'What rumors Sir? have....have I done something wrong? You know that all I want is to make you happy.' even with her worry, she subconsciously moves her cheek to rub his hand, treasuring the contact
But Master sighs "It was you wasn't it? Selling the secrets of the company I'm working for, slowly adding the payments to my account." He then started putting on gloves "Ellen, I'm grateful for what you did, but it was the wrong choice."
It dawns on Ellen, those plans would help right now, but they could hurt his company, or even get Master fired! Her eyes well up with tears 'I am SO very sorry Sir, it was stupid of me, I didn't think of what it could cause. I was just sorting your files like I always do, and I remembered how you said they didn't pay you enough. I...I thought I was helping' she lowers her head 'please Sir, I know I've been bad, punish me hoewever you feel I deserve, I earned it, but....please say you forgive me? Even if I must die'
'Master' sighs as he kissed Ellen's cheek "I forgive you, but I'm afraid you know too much and have to pay the price. I've made some calls and we're going to make this look like they were taken in a robbery/murder. Are you ready?"
He asked as he took out a pistol and attached a silencer to it
Ellen beams, wiping away her tears, his forgiveness was the only thing she had worried about, anything that happened to her was fine 'Oh, thank you, thank you Sir! Yes, I am ready! What do I need to do to make it convincing? Shall I leave my clothes on, or take them Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


does anyone care about these? I don't really care either way, it's for the people playing, but if even one person sees something they like, that would be cool :)


I own nothing, all credit to Seth M. Written once again by myself and Nixon :) <3

Chopping the Truant (Cleveland Show)

Roberta cracked the door of the Brown home, trying to be as quiet as possible before peeking inside. The gorgeous ebony teen was topless, not even wearing a bra, and to her horror, she finds her mother and bumbling step-father waiting for her in the doorway. "Oh...h-hey, mama, hey Cleveland. The craziest thing just happened, see, I was out at the um...library...studying...!! My top got caught in the book drop box and, uh...I couldn't get it back!!"
Her mother, Donna, gives her daughter a thousand-yard stare, Cleveland quickly slipped out of the room to avoid the fallout that's about to ensue. Donna started shouting "Roberta, I don't even wanna' hear it. Ariana next door just called and said she saw a cop dropping your sorry butt off at the end of the block!!"
Roberta groans, throwing her hands up in protest, her perky young breasts jiggling as she does so, "Okay, FINE, mama, I was at a party at Federline's place!! What's the big deal?! I'm only a few minutes past curfew!!"
Donna quickly snaps back, "Try a few HOURS, girl!! I am so sick and tired of your crap, Roberta!! I ain't putting up with it anymore, and I freakin' mean it!!"
Roberta rolls her eyes. “Yeah mama, whatever, what are you going to do, ground me? I'm not a kid anymore in case you haven't noticed" Donna's volume decreases, she's now speaking in a calm, even tone "no Roberta, I have noticed, believe me. you're not a child, you're a grown-ass adult who has never held a job, sleeps most of the day, stays out all night, drinks, gets arrested, and makes our family look bad doing it. I'm not going to ground you Roberta, I'm going to kill you. Kill you and serve you up at a block party, get our good name back. Roberta’s eyes get huge.
Donna continues Before you decide to resist, remember that you still have your 'dependant of the family' chip that came with us getting you a phone. give me any trouble and I will shock you, then it will be worse'
Roberta looks shocked "you wouldn't!" seeing no joke, she looks offended, "Uggh! you are the WORST! and right after I fucked that cop to keep this off my record! I was so close, I was gonna be on 'Dolcett's Next Top Spitmuffin! Whatever! Stupid lame parents, bet you don't even KNOW how to snuff a girl right, it's always 'so messy and noisy' when we ask about getting a meatgirl. Lame!"
Donna roughly graPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Well, I for one enjoyed it. looking forward to anymore from you.


I wrote this for this motherless threadhttp://motherless.com/V011D374

I would wait until she was home alone one night and then sneak in after she went to bed. I would sneak into her room, then rip the sheets off of her and taze her.


Once she fell unconscious, I would tie her up spread-eagled in her own fucking bed, and I would then proceed to fuck each of her holes bloody. After an hour or two of this, I would break both of her legs, and both of her arms.

I would prop her legs up on the side of the bed, and then jump on them, shattering them. Then, I would bend her elbows back the wrong way until they snapped.

At this point I will go and turn on the oven.

Now, I get an empty hypodermic needle, and after pinning her head down, I would insert it into her right eyeball. I then proceed to remove the vitreous fluid from that eyeball. Now, with her right, deflated, eyeball hanging loose from its socket, I would bring her head up to my rock hard cock. I would line up my cockhead with her left eye, and fuck it. After about three thrusts it would burst, but I wouldn't stop fucking your screaming daughter's eye socket. I would ejaculate in the mangled remains of "your little bundle of joy's" blue eye, my cum mixing with the vitreous fluid, which I would scoop out and feed to your now gibbering daughter.

Now I would grab the blind cunt by the hair, and drag her to the kitchen, with the now warm oven. I would place her legs on the chopping block, she would be so scared, she couldn't see anything. I grab a cleaver, and remove her legs.

She would let out a horrified scream, as I put her legs into the oven to start cooking.

I would repeat the process with her arms, but I would not put them into the oven just yet. I would shove one, hand last, up her ass, and then I would fuck her cunt, with her fingers playing with my balls.

I would be beating her over the head with the other arm, until I came once again in your defiled teen daughter's well used cunt.

Then I would shove her other arm all the way up her cunt, hand first.

I would survey her broken form, blinded, still with her right eyeball hanging from its socket, a small amount of cum and vitreous fluid in her other socket, de-limbed, with one arm shoved all the way up her cunt and the other shoved all the way up her ass.

Now I would bePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I LOVE the cold brutality! My main critique would be no emotional attachment to the victim.


What attachment? It's just a piece of meat, that's like saying you have no emotional attachment to your steak, or to your leather boots


Seriously, anyone want a similar story done, leave a link to a pic on motherless or something, and if there's a few girls specify if you want one in particular, and if you want it at that location or just in general. A few rules;
1: nothing directly involving dudes. I don't have an issue with that kind of thing in general, but I personally find it extremely Not Hot, and so wouldn't be able to write anything good
2: no granny's, see above
3: no obvious children. This is rather nebulous I know, but basically don't ask me to write about a toddler or an 8 year old or something


another "I'd do this" dickless fat white boy fantasy?



Another? Is there one on here? And I only offered to write a second one after someone else asked me to, originally it was just something I wrote that I thought some of you folks might enjoy

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