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He licked his lips for reasons he couldn't explain. The texture, shape, and color of those two objects made his stomach stir. This couldn't be happening, could it? Brian continued staring down at the two flip-flopped feet in front of him. He became mesmerized when she flashed a glimpse of her young, immaculate sole. It cried out to him, begged him. "No, he thought to myself. What's wrong with me?" He glanced at the perfectly tanned tops and the dark painted toes. There wasn't a single flaw or blemish anywhere on these 21-year-old feet.

Her name was Jenna. She was a conceited, wealthy sorority girl who majored in marketing. She had always treated him like dirt, and used men. She was widely known as "the bitchy one" by her classmates, but she was beautiful. She was slender with tan skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and perfect legs. Typically she rejected all but the best-looking, wealthiest, and most self-centered males. Jenna was the kind of girl who didn't deserve to have such nice feet.

"No, not at all," Brian thought to himself while staring at those two perfect feet propped underneath the chair in front of him. The soft wrinkles of her creamy white soles exposed as she removed her foot from her flip-flop and crunched her cute little toes. He imagined what it'd feel like to be holding those two feet in his hands, freshly severed from their owner, her face crying in pain, sheer shock and disgust. He could do whatever he wanted with them, hell, even eat them. Yes, eat them. Mmmm.

Brian licked his lips and came up with a plan to get those feet off Jenna's legs and onto his dinner plate.

He continued to stare at them, his mind racing. Jenna sat at her desk, her luscious smooth soles bringing odd sexual urges that Brian had never felt before. They really were flawless soles, so creamy white and so soft looking. The pinkish tan line at the sides made them all the more beautiful. Each toe was a work of art, long, but perfectly proportioned and descending in size from big to little. Each ended in a plump, juicy head with a nice dark nail polish from a fresh pedicure. Her arches were high and heels perfectly round, almost like she never walked on them. There wasn't a callous anywhere. How she made it to this age with such unblemished feet was hard to believe. He swallowed hard as Jenna moved her feet back into her flip-flops. The show was over.

After class, Brian went home to his girlfriend, Leah, who happened to be one of JenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Synopsis: Dima has feelings for the village heart-throb, but with one complication: this person has been branded a traitor. Will there be justice? SHORT STORY - COMPLETE

Introduction: Hi, this is my first story ever on this forum. I hope you enjoy--honest feedback is appreciated. Contents: M/M, violence, sexual torture. Don't want to give too much away, so I'll leave it at that.

Misha the Traitor

Mikhail was a gorgeous young man. I thought so. Hell, the whole village did. It was unusual given the ravages of civil war that our region had experienced. The tentative peace, but lack of aid from neighboring countries meant that nearly all of us were impoverished and starving. We were alone. However, as structured as life can be here, I’d like to think the system our elders have established is a just one.

Mikhail was an uncommon gem. His skin and hair had a smooth luster to it, and his arms and chest were defined even. He had a kind face, and when he smiled his freckles were the most of a blemish on him. His toned body had a health and vigor to it that was unnatural indeed. Yeah, you guessed it, I was obsessed.

The thing about Mikhail (I called him Misha in our familiarity), is that he just didn’t fit in. A majority of the men wanted him, and just about any married woman was suspicious or resentful of him. However, Misha hadn’t expressed any interest in anyone, though his cheeks gained a reddish hue at the topic of courting.

I wish I could gauge how he felt.

Anyway, it was during a month of traditional fasting, a time when everyone tends to get a bit edgy, that Misha was outed. I must say, it came as a surprise to all of us. I had seen him stepping out of his home without a flame, but the harvest moon was so full that night he didn’t have need of it. He had an air of caution about him, and was heading away from our watchtowers. He couldn’t have been scheduled for lookout. I casually mentioned this to the our mates in the duty section next door, who were still awake. The guys found it strange enough that they insisted we follow him. Our search ended near the deserted grain-shed at the border, where we heard muffled noises radiating outside.

Zeke, the most stealthy among us, was nominated to investigate. He cracked the door just enough to where from yards away, where we hid in the brush, only a sliver of light was showing. He rushed back to us quickly, tripping over Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I liked it! I appreciate the attention to story. I think it improves the over all feel. I always like to know the characters rather than them being just a faceless or personalityless torture doll. I'd love to read more of your work!


Story by MackieMesser:

I picked her for her beauty, this sweet looking little child, this 12 years old girl. Life was ahead of her and I was about to rip it apart for my own personal sexual pleasure. The most arousing thing that I could think of in my life, is using a young female preteen child in order to fulfill the raging lust fantasy of a grown man for murder and rape. That's what I am, a grown man lurking for a sweet little girl to undo.

She laid there in my lair, a scheduled little shack in the middle of nowhere. Capturing her wasn't an easy task, but here she was, at my mercy. Mercy? I wouldn't have any for her. I was resigned to consider her as meat for my own enjoyment. All her feels and all of her dreams would soon vanish with her bloody death. I was going to murder her, I was going to rip everything out of her.

She was a 4 foot 7 brunette with brown eyes, and pale rosy skin. I could read the fear into her eyes. She was looking with her petrified, watery eyes at the face of her antichrist, the man who would ruin and degradate her. Her rosy skin was arousing me, I could literally see the blood that I was going to spill, her translucent skin was showing me her veins that I was about to tear into. She was tied and gagged on a bed; the light was very bright, and a snowstorm raged outside. Her chest was moving in rhythm from up and down, her tiny budding breasts being obvious to my sight. Her breasts were perfectly shaped, with pink little girl's nipple on top.

I started fondling her nipples, pinching and massaging them. They became erect, and I put my mouth on them, since I couldn't help it while looking directly into her eyes. A grown man nursing on the nipple of a child. I started sucking and nibbling on her preteen nipple, licking every inch of budding womanhood on this child's body. She started moaning a little, her nipple were fully erect and wet. I then looked at her private parts, her sweet little preteen pussy. She had a very sexy little outtie, her clit was erect.

I opened her slit with my hand, she moaned again, I couldn't tell if it was a moan of terror, a moan of pleasure; or both. I looked carefully into the hole of this soon to be woman, gazing at the pinkness and the texture of her insides. The skin on her tied arms and legs were smooth; her fingers and hands were slim; and her toes and feet were broad. I gently massaged every arousing part of her being, hands, breasts, legs, armPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


My real life story (from an alternative universe)

Hi There
I am Jeremy, 36 & this is my true story that occurred in an alternate universe.
I 1st met Alison when she way 19 in the noughties at a Goth/Fetish club in Sydney. We were both uni students, I was studying computer science & she was an arts French history major on a student visa from the USA.
We really hit it off both having very compatible tastes in music fashion & kinks. My thing is, having a very tiny prick (I’m hesitant to call it a cock) & being exposed to hard core porn at an early age working in my father’s video shop where I was required at 13 to serve perverts their wank material, that I was introduced to fisting. It was a golden age of porn flic called Candy Stripers that had me hooked, seeing women take 1 & 2 hands in their pussies, convinced me I could pleasure them that way. I first fisted someone at 17 & being curious as to how it felt took my 1st at 18 from a woman.
For the next few years I searched for the perfect woman for me, often having to compromise with big toys & hooker’s hands.
So, after Alison & I got to know each other, we were hanging out at my place where she stumbled upon my huge collection of VHS fisting vids. It wasn’t all fisting, but the bulk was. I probably have the largest collection in the southern hemisphere. She confessed to me how much she loved this shit. We got to talking about it a lot, I told her everything & she told me when she was 14 she had a kid that tore her during birth so her cunt was never tight again & only fists & more could make her cum.
We became best friends & lovers but we still both liked playing with others & shared everything. Alison decided she wanted to stay in Australia when her visa was coming to an end so we got married in a small ceremony for family that from her side only her brother came over for the wedding (there was another ceremony for friends but that is another story). She hadn’t spoken to her parents for years, them from being very strict southern sect and did not approve of the marriage.
After graduation Alison moved into academia and teaching I join the intelligence community where I became a specialist in cyber warfare which would often have many away from home for extended periods.
Due to the nature about marriage this wasn’t really a problem as Alison have plenty of friends to play with given Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


CH 2

Ch 2.
The Modern day
Fast forward 10 years the kids are now growing too wonderful atypical kids. Alice, now a 14 yo Emo chick who has inherited her mums sluttiness, while Bernard at 11 has grown into a very girly boy.
Work still has me away from home for a large part of the year, however the trannies have moved in with us into the granny flat and we have a very open four-way relationship and I am allowed to play away from which often sees me in Baths and saunas laying in a sling are you.
For the times I was on deployment we had set up a web cam stream from the granny flat so the guys could show me everything I was missing out on. Alison getting double fucked and fisted by the trannies and all the random dykes, trannies and queens they would bring home for bareback orgies that ended with everyone filled with everyone else’s cum. We were all on prep so this didn't concern me and I was taking just as much from random trannies and lady boys when I was away.
A lot of my deployments were to south East Asia where I trained the local forces counter intelligence to combat infiltration of Islamic extremists. As such we got to play with all the cool gadgets. That is when I wasn't playing with the lady boys.
One weekend while I was at home Alison received some bad news for my brother Greg. Their father Louis was near death and only had a few weeks left he wanted to make amends with her and meet his grandchildren. Allison was reluctant to go, but I convinced her this will be the last chance she may have and if she missed it would never get another go.
We booked the family on a flight to Los Angeles and then to Atlanta. Her father 50yo Louie was still in hospital in Atlanta when we arrived, Allison’s mom Victoria 47yo was waiting at the hospital well. Her brother Greg 35 was out at the family farm with his wife Eva 31 and the twins 11 an hour’s drive from Atlanta. There were 2 houses on the farm, one for the parents & the other Greg's.
As it was late when we arrived in Atlanta and passed visiting time, Victoria met us at the hotel and mother and daughter had an emotional Reunion.
Victoria was a stunning tall slender blonde, without an ounce of fat on her. She was dressed in all black and had a few tatts and I could see where Alison got her aesthetic from.
Victoria told us but Louis had terminal cancer that would be discharged tomorrow so he can go home. To avoid disruption at the hospital I would Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



After a full day with the kids doing the tourist shit in Atlanta like going to the world diabetes headquarters at Coca-Cola we drove our rental car back to the farm. We were running early as we weren’t expected until dinnertime but when we arrived the sun was still up and the kids wanted to see the horses so went to take a look at them. I knocked on the front door there was no but there was no answer, however it was unlocked and I let myself in in.
I heard some voices coming from upstairs assuming everyone was with Louis I went up to say hi. What I saw there blew my mind, Alison and Victoria were both naked playing with each other’s breasts & pussies while on the bed was a young transsexual in her teens riding the large cock of Alison’s emaciated father bareback. Having not being noticed I quietly went back downstairs grabbed the kids, and knocked very loudly at the front door announcing us.
We heard a voice from upstairs tell us to come in and help ourselves to a drink from the kitchen and I’ll be down in the second. A few minutes later Alison, Victoria and the transsexual now wearing a nurses uniform appeared. Victoria introduced the nurse as Violet or Vi for short, and that she was Allison niece and Greg’s daughter.
My head was swimming with questions from that scene but I saw that was just so hot but I knew I would have to tread carefully.
We had a lovely dinner, Vi Took a plate up to Louis as it was too ill to join us at the table.
I was told tomorrow Greg and his wife Rosie along with the twins would be coming to visit and stay at farm. The rest of the evening played out like a normal evening for normal family and Alison made no mention what I saw which was surprising as we’ll always be open about everything.
The following morning Greg and his family arrived, and it was decided but Rosie and I should take the kids horse-riding so that Louis and Victoria could talk with Allison and Greg. I made an excuse to get out of horse-riding but the others happily went. I was supposed to go into town to get some supplies so that I could put on the traditional Aussie barbecue. However once Rosie and the kids have taken the horses I doubled back to the house.
Sneaking in, I heard sounds coming from upstairs again and quietly made my way up. A game what I saw completely blew me away even more this time there was a large tarpaulin on the floor, laying down were Alison and her mother Victoria while Vi, Greg andPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


CH 4a
The following day, as I fibbed about going to work, I check in to a motel in town before noon and verify all the camera streams are working from the secret server I left at the house. I was not expected back until the following evening so I made myself comfortable
Not long after, Alison, Victoria, Vi & louis return from the clinic, although as it turns out the clinic is actually the name of a tattoo parlour. Vi is still excited about her new tattoo.
“How does it feel baby” asks Victoria, “Numb & tingly” replies Vi “but now I have the same marking as you & grandad, What do you think of my new tattoo mom?” Vi asks while lifting up her nurses tunic to show above her hairless cock a biohazard symbol superimposed over a pentagram. “We all have them around here” says Louis dropping his pants & exposing his tattoo above his cock while Victoria slipped off her dress & displayed the same tattoo above her clit. “it is a symbol of our faith & shows that we are fully initiated into the congregation” Victoria said.
Alison looked Vi into the eyes, while running her fingers over the new tattoo and said “ it is beautiful baby” before grabbing the back of her head and pulling her close into a passionate kiss, and just what did Vi mean by mom when talking to Alison?
With this her mother dropped to her knees behind her to start licking her anus whilst starting to wank her husband to get him hard. Victoria once Louis was nice and hard, stopped her fluffing & allowed him to approach & mount his daughter from behind while she retrieved & put on a huge 14 in strapon, that she then mounted Vi with while they remained in a tonged tied embrace.
I could see from the camera angle Louis’ back as he fucked his bare cock into my wife, his daughter’s arsehole at least a dozen or so purple lesions on his back. They fucked hard and fast for about 5 minutes, Vi had in this time gone to her hands & knees, still being fucked by Victoria hard & was eating Alison while she way sodomised by her sick father’s massive cock. As the 4 of them reached a crescendo, Louis yelled “Do you take this seed of Satan my daughter?” to which Alison screamed “fill me with Satan’s toxic cum daddy!’
They all came together & louis removed his cock dripping with his cum and daughters bloody shit, which Vi took into her mouth to suck clean, while Victoria, barely giving Alison a moment to recover moved around behind her, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I decided to make a thread for my stories that are too short for their own thread.

This first one is a a Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls story. At one point, the two playable characters are put into a battle against each other. It's heavily implied that Toko's holding back during the fight, so the idea of a story when she didn't came naturally. I tried to stay true to the game, with most of the dialogue taken from what the girls say during the battle.

Komaru Loses a Fight (F, slashing, debreasting, snuff)

“Guess there’s no other way… by force if I have to…” Toko Fukawa commented with a note of sadness.

“…Force?” Komaru Naegi repeated, not understanding what the other girl meant. She understood when Toko moved her stun gun to her head, and shocked herself. Komaru had seen the transformation into Genocider Jack enough times recently, so she knew what was coming. Still, she wasn’t expecting that Toko would attack her.

Genocider opened her eyes, and looked at the girl opposite her. Toko had been travelling with her for the past few days, and she even began to like the girl a bit. Still, she knew what she had to do.

“Gotta kiiill! Kill kill kill kill! I got no choice, I gotta start slicin’!” She screamed with a deadly laugh as she took her sc issors out of the holsters on her legs.

“Toko!?” Komaru cried out, terrified.

“If you don’t get serious, I’m seriously gonna kill ya!” – Genocider Jack commented as she started running towards Komaru.

„Stop it already, Toko!” – Komaru screamed as she turned back and ran towards the entrance to the Shrine.

“I won’t let you escape, Komaru Naegi… It would be troublesome if you didn’t play your role.” The Servant’s voice told her what she was already expecting – that the entrance to the shrine was locked now.

Toko got to her, and started slicing away. With a few quick slices, Komaru’s white shirt was completely destroyed, and it fell to the ground in shreds. It also gave her a few cuts, but nothing really dangerous yet. Komaru rolled away and started running in the opposite direction, while begging for Toko to stop doing this. ”What are you doing? Stop!”

As Komaru ran, suddenly Jack jumped over her and landed on one of the lanterns. A battery for her stun gun appeared there. She switched it in, then shocked herself again.

“If Future Foundation made that stun gun, then my Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Oh look, I wrote another Danganronpa fic O.o

Maki's Last Assassination (MM/F, non-con, rape, necro, beheading, impalement)

Maki Harukawa sighed as she threw the bag over the fence, then climbed over it herself. having made sure no one was around to notice her. Since according to her intel the security here was pretty low, she didn’t bother changing from her school uniform into something more fitting of the Ultimate Assasin. Because of that, her skirt was caught by the top of the fence, and as she came down her black skirt was torn just at the crack of her butt, leaving parts of her shapely ass exposed. The sharp pull backwards sent her off-balance, and she rolled onto the ground to regain balance. Rolling over a few sharp stones, she hurt her legs, her red overknee socks cut in a few spots. She got up, pretty annoyed, and wiped the dust off her red shirt, then checked if her knife was still in its place. Since it was, she took out the crossbow out of her bag and assembled it, then moved out. Her two long black ponytails flowed freely behind her as she began the search for her target.

She walked around for a few moments, staying out of sight of any guards that she noticed. Her map seemed to give her the correct layout of the residence, so after making sure of that she began to make her way towards the living quarters of her target. With how late it was, she was pretty sure he'd be there. However, as she approached the corridor to the main lobby, she heard loud voices.

“One of the outer guards noticed some bloody marks near the fence - an intruder might be inside the complex.” She peeked over the corner, and counted the number of guards in there. There were a few too many for her liking, but she decided it was nothing she couldn't handle. According to her intel, that was pretty much all of the security anyways, so taking then all out would mean no more stealth would be necessary.

She aimed her crossbow at one of the guards, and pulled the trigger. The bolts were covered with a fast-acting poison, one that caused enough pain to knock out usual people. She shivered as her mind went back to her training, and how she was forced to endure the poison until she became able to stay conscious after being injected with it.

She watched as the man fell to the ground, his face twisted in pain. The others saw what happened to him, but still didn't know where she was. She loaded anPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


'One cannot easily become professional idol.' Thought Nico on her way to somewhere. ‘Unless they would live very long and, while doing a regular job, work on their idol career. It’s a great opportunity! I can be an artist, an accountant, a doctor, a leader, I can do sport… If only I wasn’t so small, but it would still be worth it.’

She was on her way to antioxidant embedding. Apparently, you get an injection and your aging becomes very slow. It is advertised that one can live up to thousand years.

She visited the designated doctor’s office and sat down to talk to him.

“So…” She asked. “There’s this one thing that worries me.”
“Ask whatever you want, young lady.”
“How much does it cost? I’m not a rich person, so I would pay in installments, but I couldn’t find the price anywhere.”
“Oh, it’s free.”
“Uhh…” Nico was confused. “Free? I don’t get it. You’re joking with me, right? What’s the cache?”
“Cache is… The aging cure is in its experimental stage. We normally pay people who are our test subjects, but so far tests have proven pretty impressive, so we consider slow aging to be a sufficient reward to them.”
“Oh! Experimental! Uhh… I did not expect that hehe…”
“As I said, it works pretty well and no one died from it yet. Somewhere in this building is our new model patient.”

The doctor called the patient on the cell phone, and she came. She was young, dyed blonde and beautiful.

“It’s basically her job to stay here 8 hours per day and talk to our potential customers.” He said as he was taking out documents and even newspapers, proving it’s her and that the experiment had been done on her.

Nico and the woman talked for a while. It had only been a year since she was injected with the antioxidants, but she didn’t experience any side effects so, even if the cure wouldn’t work, it would be worth trying.

“What is the procedure?”
“Well, we go in intensive care room for just in case we need it. We inject you and you write us reports on how your day was, if you noticed anything strange and so on. Of course, you need to sign a contract with which you take responsibility for all side effects and become obligated to report to us periodically.”
“It sounds really simple.”
“It is, and we can start whenever you want.”

Nico politely asked to start immediately, and the doctor gladly accepted. Doctor told the model patient to go home for the day.

So they went to the designated room, and tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


underrated story


Uraraka improves herself!

“Are you absolutely sure, that this will make me stronger?” Uraraka ask still in disbelieve, that’s she actual plan to do it!
“Well, there are other options you can try… but nothing will work as fast and efficiently like cutting off your breast.” Deku explains blushing.
Deku’s notes are 100% perfect. He knows every strength and especially every weakness, from his Classmates. His notes say, that’s her breasts are too heavy for her small body! Her body instinctively compensate it, using her quirk to hold them in balance…
That is why she always feels nausea when she changes the gravity of her own body. Her body is thrown out of balance.
However, if she removes these two obstacles, she would have much better control over her quirk. It would improve her skills by about 17.2%. According to Deku.
“I know. I know!” she shouts shyly. “Still… roasting them, sound a little bit extreme.” Normally she is cheerful girl but this situation it’s a little bit difficult.
Yaoyorozu taps her shoulder. “You wanted to get artificial replacements, right? If you want them to be realistic. Then it isn’t enough to see them. I must also feel and taste them. Otherwise my Quirk doesn’t work.” She grins. “Besides, it would be a waste to throw them away.”
Uraraka looks at the floor. “And they really would feel realistic?”
Yaoyorozu continues to explain. "They will be like the real deal, only smaller. I bought all the material from which women breasts are made. There will be no bare copies, they will be real breasts!”
Urarake sighs. "Okay, but please don’t tell anyone that I'm doing this. If someone asks, we just have to come up with an excuse!"
"I'm doing it with my own regularly. So far, you haven’t noticed." Yaoyorozu laughs.
"If someone finds out that I've recommended, to remove your breast… They think I’m a pervert! All Might would never look into my eye again… I will be silent like a grave!" Deku answers serious.

Uraraka approaches the grill, Deku has bought. All the ingredients and the coal are already prepared.
Only the flesh is missing. She ignites the coal with confidents. This was the easy part…
She breathes deeply in and out several times. Then she slowly opens the buttons of her school uniform. With a hectic movement she removes her undershirt, freeing her breasts completely. Uraraka not wears a bra beneath her uniform. Because of her quirk she never needed one. She should get used to wearing one…Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's a clever idea and I mean no offense, but this was a little painful to read due to all the errors. A few I can ignore but I spent so much effort decrypting what you meant that I had no brainpower left to get immersed in the story.
What I'm saying is that you could really use a editor and I have plenty of free time ;)


Dude there's a difference between being critical and being a jerk.


"You make spelling errors, I had a hard time. I'll edit for you if you want." Oh yeah such an asshole.


The first story was good, the second was not that interesting.
I did not notice any serious spelling errors that would ruin the experience.
but if you want to make it better you should do spellcheck with something like Ginger or Grammarly


Would you mind doing the Nintendo or Disney princesses?


Church of the Fallen Angel

by Regis


The discovery by authorities of his predilection for intimacy with youth in his care was inevitable. Father McSweeny had been in the priesthood for more than 30 years, and for much of that time, when parents of a child protested to the Bishop that McSweeny had a taste for intimate contact between his tongue and the genitals of their children, he would be sent on vacation, then when the dust had settled, instead of returning he would be quietly reassigned to another parish in a distant state, where inevitably he would resume his exploration of the sexuality of delightfully immature children.

This was the way of the Catholic Church, protecting its own from the spotlight of public indignation and damaging negative press by simply transplanting the problem. He was seen by the new parishioners to have a varied career, in that he had served under more than a dozen Bishops, and five Archbishops. None of his new parishioners knew that he was simply being transferred to a new location where he had the opportunity to harvest new sexual relationships with children, and in particular, with theirs.

The good Father had also developed a healthy interest in violent pornography, and he had amassed a significant collection of torture photos, drawings and explicit videos of actual torture, some of it extreme, that included some high production-value snuff videos he had confiscated during confession from a couple of his contrite parishioners. He took a year-by-year lease on a bin in a storage facility where he kept his contraband away from the eyes of his Bishop, and could collect the material during free time to enjoy it. He had a folding chair and a battery-driven floor lamp that permitted him to masturbate while enjoying his collection, and there was a slowly growing pool of dry semen on the wooden floor in front of the chair, which he refreshed several times upon each weekly visit.

What he did not know was that when the Archbishop learned of his interest, the videos of beautiful young women being violently sexually abused and then creatively killed had been fed to him. He had no idea that the parishioners who confessed to him of being in the possession of such material were in fact members of a secret organization within the Church. Over the years the wayward Priest was being carefully watched, steered, and some might even say he wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Mostly written for myself, but I figured I'd post it here in case anyone else finds it enjoyable.

Chihiro Fujisaki was a student of Hope's Peak Academy for a fairly long while. He was enrolled as the "Ultimate Programmer", due to his unmatched expertise in the field. This was what allowed him to enroll in the first place, as the academy only accepted students that are the best of the best at what they do- a.k.a. "Ultimate" students.

Chihiro met a boy named Makoto Naegi, the "Ultimate Lucky Student", shortly after enrolling in the academy, and the two immediately hit it off. Makoto was about a year older than the programmer, but he was much taller. Eventually, Chihiro became comfortable enough with him to reveal his secret- that he was a male.

Because Chihiro was a crossdresser, who'd posed as female from day one.

When Makoto found out the truth, he just smiled and said "I'd never have guessed." Their relationship only got stronger. Nobody was surprised when the two became a romantic couple about two months later, on Chihiro's 19th birthday.

The programmer had a very special birthday wish, and he worked up the courage to tell his beloved about it. At around 2:00 PM that afternoon, the two of them met up in Makoto's dorm room, sitting next to each other on his bed.

"So..." The taller boy began. "Did you bring it?"

Chihiro nodded slowly, presenting the video camera he'd promised to bring along. His face was a deep red, and his heart was pounding out of fear and excitement. Upon seeing the camera, Makoto smiled wide and reached down under the bed, retrieving the revolver he promised to have.

"How'd you sneak it in...?" The crossdresser asked quietly.

"I have my ways." Makoto teased. "Ready to begin?"

"Yeah, I'm ready." Chihiro smiled. He truly wasn't ready- not at all. He was terrified. But that just made him so much more excited. His fantasy was finally coming true, and he couldn't back down now. After all, once it was over, he'd never have to worry about it again. Well, he'd never have to worry about ANYTHING again.

Chihiro set up the camera on a tripod, pressing the "record" button and sitting back on the bed next to his lover.

"Hello, everyone. If you're watching this, I'm already dead." Chihiro started, biting his lip. He felt himself becoming aroused (and horrified) at the thought of his own dePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I have been enjoying the new stories on the board too much to find time to write any more of my own, so here is a story I wrote a while back.

The New Nursery (preg, cons, snuff, MF + g-unborn)

The pregnancy happened by surprise, but they started getting ready for the new arrival the day the home test came up positive. She didn't have any plans to make, since she hadn't yet started looking for a job after getting her computer science degree. His schedule at the hospital was flexible, and with male nurses in short supply, he had no trouble working extra shifts so that he could take off work completely for several months. She turned her home office into the nursery. As her due date drew nearer, and irregular contractions reminded them that they needed to hurry, they painted it in a jungle print pattern, with light and dark green, accented with an orange-red sky. They planned ahead, and the smell of paint was long gone now. But they never did get around to pulling up the protective plastic tarp that covered the wood floor, and all the baby furniture was pushed to the middle of the room.

With her contractions starting, though, it was time to move the furniture back into place. They moved the crib and changing table, though of course he did most of the lifting. Even so, perhaps because of the moving, or perhaps just from seeing the baby's room take shape, she noticed that her contractions were becoming more regular. The small guest bed and the baby's dresser were still in the wrong place, so she sat on the end of the bed and breathed through the contraction. He came over and kissed her on the lips, then between her breasts, and then pulled up her T-shirt and kissed her bulging belly.

"You're contracting," he said. "Ten minutes apart," she whispered, loving the feeling of his hands on her belly. "Kiss me more," she said in a low voice.

He pulled the shirt up to reveal her breasts, dark nipples full of milk, pulling to the sides but too engorged to go far. He kissed her left nipple, drawing it into his mouth and feeling the hot milk on his tongue. In just a few minutes, they were both naked, as he knelt at the foot of the bed between her legs, teasing her femininity. This had been their favorite position for the last two months, with her scooted to the end of the bed, legs hanging off the edge or on his shoulders, vulva exposed as though ready to give birth. As he nibbled her labia, teasing her vagina, he noticed how she tastePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Wow! Great story!


please please please write more


The genre has a small but dedicated following. I've posted my stories in the past on the PGS2 Google email group. I just don't have time these days.

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