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This is a continuation of the ultra short story I made on the USS thread. I like the concept very much, but at the end, this took many months to finish. Enjoy, and do leave comments of any kind!


I lied in the bathtub. My feet rested on the head rest, my camera sitting next to it. The tap dripped hot water onto my face, its wisps of steam condensing on my boxcutter's fine blade. "Bye, world."

I grasped my neck and felt my pulse. Two arteries, two cuts. It hurt, but I didn't care anymore. The hot water washed the blood away, carrying my life within.

I felt my body cooling.

I embraced death's lethargy.

... Then I felt no more flowing blood.

I rose from the bathtub, my fingers inside the open slits on my neck. "What the...?"


I grasped at the slits on my neck, dribbling lukewarm water to my bare chest. Not blood, water. I had drained my blood down the drain, yet I was still here, looking at my deathly pale reflection on the bathroom mirror. Mirrors don’t lie, yet I was here, alive. I managed a whisper, “Why...?”

They say that if you die in your dream, you will wake up on the higher level, usually real life. But I couldn’t die.... The cuts hurt, but the pain had dulled a bit. But it still hurt like hell, and they also said that you don’t feel pain in your dreams. I didn’t know who to believe anymore, not even myself.

I sat on the wooden dresser, the boxcutter on my hand. The blood.... My blood on the cutter had dried to flakes, which I promptly peeled and dusted it off my bare thighs. A faint metallic tang reached my nose, one too familiar now.

I turned toward the mirror behind me and eyed the slits. I had tried to pull the skin together before, but there was no blood to glue them so they just flapped limply like dead meat, closing on itself. I touched a finger, trying to feel the insides of my neck. Reaching the artery required me to cut through a layer of muscles first, and it had felt a little different since I cut it. The interior of the arteries felt smooth to the touch. I stuck a finger in the gap and waited for some other sensations, but none came. Rubbing around, my fingers felt the skin shifting from the inside. I pinched the folding skin and slipped my nail between the layers, then pressed my fingers deeper into the open fold. My fingers met each other in front of my throat, pressed tight against the taut skin.

I toyed with the flap of skPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Yeah, I can't keep it in my pants, so female she is.

At some point between the chapters lol


I want to read about that encounter. He finds a literally heartleas bloodless duct taped girl zombie and treats her like an oddity barely put of the norn? That's why I started thinking he might be zombie response team.


This is terrifying, I mean very much. This is like something you can sell for real, what a fine horror story, I really feel it.


I could see nothing, my captor had replaced the tape on my eyes. The cold, damp air felt like it would drown me if I tried sleeping. The tape wrapped around my naked body hadn't loosened up even a little bit. Blood and dread of my captors clung to me like my sins do. At least I killed one of them.

Still, this was it. They, whoever they are, had caught me. I knew I should have known better than to peek from the windows back then. They arrived right when the morphine wore off. They were clad in those white armored hazmat suit, the kind used by the radioactive bomb crew I once saw in the news. The environment crew must have reported me to some higher ups, who then ordered my capture. How else can you explain the armor? They knew I'm immortal. They weren't prepared for me, though. When they grabbed me, I pulled back and elbowed the helmet, before grabbing the nearest surgical instrument and stabbed them on their weak spots. The next one that showed up promptly tased me and tied me up in the basement.

They took Sarah too. My only real friend, struck to death right in front of my eyes. For some reason, they tied her up too. These... demons, what would they do to her? Would they...

NO. STOP. Lord, these dark thoughts were getting worse.... They kidnapped me too; I must steel myself.

Most of the pain I had had had subsided, but my insides still felt like a mess. My wounds had all closed up since I took the morphine, which might mean there's a roll of tape in me. No wonder it felt so weird. I loved how morphine took the pain right off my mind. Lord, I wish I had more of them.

Ha ha, wishful thinking. All I could do was lie here and hope to die, even if I couldn't.

Ages later, the steel door opened to the captor, the clangs of their armored boots coming closer with each step. I let a disgraceful grunt when he lifted me off the floor. They took me upstairs, handcuffed my hands, and released me from their grip, letting me stand awkwardly. The rough concrete floor surprised me as it dug into my feet. I pulled on the handcuffs and ascertained that the handcuff chained me to the wall by a relatively long chain, giving me some freedom of movement within the cell. I chose to stand still, fearing repercussions if I did anything wrong. I'd better escape with less scars.

The captor stripped the tapes off my body, exposing me bare. I had gotten used to that by now. I must. He pulled tape off my eyesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 6:

Sarah's cold body shook along inside the garbage bag on the trolley as Eva pulled her along the basement. Her dull blue eyes gazed at a faraway nothing. Solid blood drooped from the gape on her skull, blond hair and bone splinters tangled within.

As Eva passed cell by cell, machinery noise and colder air began filling the tunnel. The scent of blood wafted from the floor as the casters left its mark on the blood bath under. The cells themselves were covered in gore. Once in a while, Eva stepped on bullet casings, prompting her to pick them up.

At last, Eva reached the freezer room. The cell right beside the entrance housed a man in his early twenties. Upon Eva's arrival, he slammed on the bars, crying. “Please please, let me go. Don't kill me. Don't shoot me, please-” He stopped when he realized Eva’s death stare.

She didn't say a word, but opted to uncover the garbage bag and reveal the body. She grabbed Sarah's head and turned it towards the man. Then, she grabbed the head by the jaw and moved out as if it was a doll. “I love to whine too! It's too cold! I'm hungry! Now I'm dead, because masters doesn't like whining!” mouthed Eva with a mocking tone. She made sure to show the gape on the skull she created. The man screamed and fell backwards, revulsed by the sight of the wound. Eva chuckled at his reaction, then said, “Behave, then you'll be with your girlfriend. You want your girlfriend, right? She has a nice, comfy bed upstairs because she's nice to us. You, on the other hand… hah. If you keep making a mess… You know what happened to all the others who tried to escape last week. Right?” The man could barely nod, his fear of blood taking over. To make a point, Eva reached into the skull, scooped a tiny bit of brain matter with her fingers and flicked it at the man. He shrieked in horror. Satisfied with the lesson, Eva pulled the garbage bag back on the body, opened the freezer door, and continued her way inside.

Eva found an empty spot in between all the other corpses the crew had no time to cremate or sell. She dumped the garbage bag there and updated the inventory clipboard by the door. Looking back at the corpses, an ember of morbid curiosity flared in her as she approached the newest body in the bunch. Her interest rested on the oozing pink mush from Sarah's head.

Eva shook her head. The freezing temperature would have ruined the bodies; she needed a realPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


CBT Shorts, Number 1

Four short stories: Pool Party, Glory, Softballs, and Cleaver, with a general theme of casual male genital abuse and destruction, usually with implied cannibalism.

1 - Pool Party

 Jeremy opened the door to the backyard and peered out at the lawn and pool a bit apprehensively. His sister was having all of her friends over for a pool party, and she had absolutely forbidden him from going back there this particular afternoon. She had told him, quite emphatically, that he wasn't to try to speak to any of her guests, to disturb them in any way, or to even sneak looks out at them through a window. She had seemed rather firm on the subject, too, glaring at him through narrowed eyes as she'd spelled out exactly what dire fate would befall him should he breach the sanctity of the backyard during her party.

 So, with thoughts of the potential consequences to his life and safety foremost in his mind, he decided to wait until he was noticed by his sister, rather than to try to draw her attention to himself by yelling for her. He figured that he could minimize the chances for earning her ire if he broke as little of the spirit of her commands as possible, while breaking the letter of them.

 The girls who had been invited over by his sister were, one and all, gorgeous. Of an age with his slightly older sibling, they seemed to him to be glorious angels of feminine beauty, descended from on high. Granted, his perceptions were probably more-than-slightly colored on the issue, considering that most of the girls were wearing rather skimpy one or two piece bathing suits and nothing else. The fact that they were glistening and sparkling in the sunlight, slick and wet from multiple dips in the cold, refreshing water of the pool, only helped emphasize the allure that their taut and toned teenage bodies held for him.

 Finally, his sister noticed him lurking in the doorway and trying not to stare, and she stalked over to him. Her suspicious, rather severe frown made him gulp as she approached.

 "What do you want?" she said to him, her lip curling up in apparent disgust at the mere sight of her younger brother.

 "S-sorry to bug y-you, Jenna." Jeremy replied, stuttering a little in trepidation, while wondering just how to properly phrase his next few words. "But, umm.. I, uh.."

 "Spit it out or get lost, you little creep." Jenna iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Incredibly hot. Your penectomy stories are always amazing.



Just to add, it would be amazing to read a story similar to Pool Party, where the man is hopeful after finding his penis. Unfortunately, he realizes that it's already been cooked and is useless now. Resigning to his fate, he willingly offers it to be eaten (and perhaps they'll be nice enough to share it with him).


Good job, I love the first one the most. Detachable dick has always been one of my favorite fetish. Funny to think they ate his dick without even noticing.

Would be fun seeing a story where the girl(s) talk or trick the boy into making his dick detachable. Perfect setup for an unfortunate accident :P

CBT Shorts 1... "1" does that mean there's gonna be more?


>"1" does that mean there's gonna be more?

I hope so! This is my favorite author for this fetish.


I'm glad you guys liked them. There is a very high probability that there will be more stories like this in the future.


This is one of my recent Futa-centric gory stories that features a lot of dick-removal.

This story is one of my first to use a new device I call a 'De-Dicker'* and that I had Hitori the Artist draw up for me. So, I advise checking that out first to see what it looks like:


Lauren purred as she walked into the pounding atmosphere of the club with her smooth, black, wrench-like De-Dicker in hand. She purred eagerly as, immediately, she had a half-dozen eager eyes on her.

"Welcome to the-Oh!" The blonde babe at the coat check blurted, eyeballing the slick toy in Lauren's hand. "Oh! You've got one?!? Well, you're ready for a fun time now aren't you?" She grinned, one hand absently dropping to stroke the shaft of her 14" cock as it rose up and peeked above the height of the black counter she was sitting behind.

"Eager girl..." Lauren cooed, brandishing the wrench-like device and slipping the metal loop at the end down over the head of the blonde girl's erect cock.

"Oh! Ah! Ummm... Er..." The pretty coat check girl muttered, biting her lip and wriggling uncertainly in her seat even as her cock throbbed eagerly at having the metal loop slid down its length.

"Such an eager bunny aren't you? Or, is it just your cock that wants to play?" Lauren teased as she slid the De-Dicker down to the base of the girl's cock and snugged it up against her hips.

"OHhhh... Ohmygod! Ohh... oh yes! Go on an-"


The blonde girl's blathering stopped short as the De-Dicker hummed and its metal loop began to tighten around the base of her erect cock.

"There we go, like that do we?" Lauren teased, stroking her fingers down the girl's full chest and lean belly as the babe shuddered noiselessly.

Then the De-Dicker emitted a *beep* and a green button lit up.

"Oh! Time for the fun - you ready babe?" Lauren teased, curling one cool hand around the blonde girl's slowly purpling member and giving it a smooth stroke.

The blonde simply groaned, thrusting her cock out hungrily.

"Oh yes, yes you are." Lauren purred, pressing the button with her thumb.

The device madePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Actually, survival is pretty likely if your dick was cut off. The fact that the ones in this are ridiculously large and erect at the same make it less likely, but people cut survive worse dismemberment's without medical treatment.


In fact, thinking further, these overly-hung futa's would likely be less likely to die, as the mechanisms used to get and hold an erection are largely the same as the ones to prevent bloodloss. The fact that they can have and maintain such large erections means that said mechanisms would be stronger as well.



i know a few people who've gotten a penectomy fetish done for real. they survived.

like yea if you like the stories with them dying fair enough but i dunno lets not pretend realism is your concern here


I mean, if you actually bandage it etc, then of course you can survive no problemo, but that requires injecting medical care into carnage and that's just not fun ^^


except they didn't bandage it... and survived anyway.

that wire that is mentioned in the dedicker? that's pretty much what they did. so i see no reason why they wouldn't survive. you can look up "trent eunuchmaker" on google. no bandage or immediate medical care involved.


Cyber Six

Adjusting her glasses, a tall and lithe blonde with stringy hair--parted to one side with the bangs bouncing off her cheek--walks confidently along the street to her apartment, glad to be away from the office for the day and nearer to home; but for no simple reason of relief from the stress and grind of office work, but for another, wholly selfish and carnal reason. As she turns a corner onto her street, feet carrying her absent-mindedly along her daily routine, her mind wanders already to what awaits in her innermost sanctum, at the computer tucked away in a small nook of her study: Sector X, that private and unmoderated region of virtual cyberspace built for deviants just such as she. Already the door is locked behind her, and already her clothes are off, the loose, buttoned-up pant suit gone in favor of a lively number meant for bedroom viewing; and in only a moment she's plugged into the cyber world, her virtual reality goggles displaying the welcome screen just long enough to make her impatient.

Log in, she selects, and her next selection is the script she wrote for accessing the backdoor to Sector X, complete with her custom configuration settings. Tapping a finger with a sigh, she waits until the view changes before relaxing, sinking down into her chair as the interface takes hold, allowing her total control over her avatar as its classical senses and limbs flare to life in her mind; and she's in. Here, in Sector X, she is without her glasses, without her neatly-pressed suit, and without her well-kept hair; here, her hair is voluminous and flowing, and her suit replaced by a taut, black leather catsuit that accentuates all her womanly curves, its form pressing tightly down and lifting her full, round breasts up to greet her eager admirers, with a crotchless groin and holes over her erect nipples. The street around her is busy already with passers-by--an abundance of persons from nationalities near and far--each strolling about or stopped for an early evening rendezvous, some arm-in-arm with their partners, and some already publicly copulating, giving no care to the eyes watching them in passing. The moans and grunts of the lovers are immediately exciting, and she licks dry lips in anticipation of her own pleasure to come.

It is a fantasy life she lives here, where she and her partners can explore all the erotic and taboo carnal pleasures denied in the real world, with all of the exquisite joPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Wow, nice one! I love consensual kills, especially when it doesn't really kill. The VR flavored immortality is always a gold mine, yeah?


You know it. (-:


Fuck, that was excellent! +1 on consensual kills being super hot. And this one is totally victimless! :P


Nice! VR should definitely be done more often.


Requested repost of Final Fantasy Snuff Story by M.

Day One

Tifa woke up. She slowly rose, and she realized she wasn't at home. A memory surfaced - of a stranger that offered to show her a way to bring Aerith back.
She was in a room without windows, and instead of one of the walls there were iron bars. There was some light coming from there, but the whole room had a mysterious glow that made everything perfectly visible. The only furniture was the bed she was lying on.
Tifa realized something else - she was nude! She felt her nipples harden from the cold. She walked to the entrance so she could see what was outside. It was a circular area covered with sand, and on the perimeter of it there stood 15 more cells like hers in regular. Beyond it were cold stone walls, giving the place an unfriendly feel.
She wondered if there were other girls in them. Then she scolded herself - if there were name plaques on rooms, then there must be other prisoners in them. She looked around trying to make out who was imprisoned with her. She had trouble reading the ones turn her from her, but she managed to do it.
She read following names: Terra, Celes, Garnet, Lightning, Rinoa, Serah, Selphie, Rydia, Aerith, Cissnei, Rosa, Vanille, Yuna, Ashe and Lenna.
Tifa realised the stranger was telling the truth. Aerith was in there, so maybe she could bring her back. She tried to look if she was really there, but she couldn't see through the bars.
Suddenly, a deep Voice sounded out: „Welcome to my arena. You will battle in duels to death until only one of you survives.” The voice sounded familiar to her, like that stranger but not completely similar.
„Today, only weapons are allowed. No magic or summons, no animals helping. Only weapons I will give you.”
Tifa suddenly became more nervous, as the only weapon she could use were hand knuckles, and that was hardly a match for anything if it was used by a professional.
“And now, our first fight - Celes Chere, formerly an imperial general turned rogue, will fight Yuna, a summoner from the world of Spira.”
Tifa could see two cells opening. She had seen one naked girl coming from the cell on her left and another one leaving the cell on the far side of the ring, opposite the cell the other girl left. It looked that all the girls were naked, and that thought make her even more nervous. What kind of a pervert locks 16 nude girls and orders them to fight to death?
„Walk Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The FFXIII Tournament

Serah and Lightning were sitting in Lightning's house. The two had a bit of a reunion after the time Serah spent at the arena, and now were just sitting in her bedroom. They were both naked, but they didn't really have sex yet, as Lightning seemed more reluctant than usual, but they masturbated a lot to the stories she told. Serah didn't try to push, but after just a couple of hours she realized she needed to get on with her job. Just getting the crystal didn't seem right for her, as Lightning finally seemed peaceful now. Apparently all the things that happened changed her, and Serah suspected she won't be willing to go back to the Arena one more time.

"Light, there's something I need to ask you. As you know, I was busy running the arena one last time, but one thing remained. We agreed we had to choose one girl from each of those worlds, and after we're done they are gonna fight each other soon. We also gather all the crystals, as we decided we are going to need their energy. So, I have to ask: Do you want to come back to the arena?"

Lightning looked at her, surprised by the question. She actually wanted to stay here, to keep it just a memory, but she knew it was necessary. People coming back from the dead weren't something that was supposed to happen, and from what Serah said it was happening everywhere, not just because of the crystal magic. Yes, it needed to be stopped. Just as she was opening her mouth to reply, another thing hit her - one of those eight girls was going to become the new Goddess, and she didn't want it.

"Sorry Sis, but I have to refuse. Even though I want to feel the thrill of fighting again, and the pleasure of killing as the victim is being raped, but there's no way I'm gonna agree to a chance of becoming the Goddess. You can take the crystal, but I'm gonna stay here." As she was saying that, she got the crystal from some shelf and handed it to her. Serah looked at her with disbelief, but it was soon replaced by the familiar arousal. She sighed, and then spoke again.

"I didn't want it to come to this, or maybe I secretly hoped for it to happen? I have to bring all four of us to the arena, and since you don't want to come..." Serah jumped at her sister, calling her weapon on the fly. She slammed into her, pushing her down on bed, and cut with the sword at her neck.

Lightning felt a familiar pang of pleasure and pain as her head was cut off, and as Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


The Final Tournament - Day 1

A few days passed since the fight between Fang and Serah. Serah, Yuna and Terra all agreed to take a few days off, knowing it might as well be their real last few days living. After they’ve all had their free time, they came again back to the arena. Yuna brought Tidus with her, knowing her lover was going to enjoy watching her fight, no matter the outcome. Serah didn’t get Snow there to watch, as she wasn’t going to fight, only oversee and control that everything happens correctly. Terra also didn’t bother bringing Locke with her, as she just considered him a toy she just used for pleasure and didn’t care about him otherwise.

The girls were arriving one by one, as they’d told them to. Rydia arrived with her ninja husband, Edge, who had already been there with her the last time. Lenna arrived alone, and they all noticed she was really apathetic. Rinoa arrived with Squall, and as he looked at the other girls there he actually hoped Rinoa asked him to help her kill one of them again. Garnet came alone, as she didn’t want her husband to get involved in it. Penelo arrived alone too, much for the same reason as Garnet did. Finally, Fang arrived alone as she didn’t have anyone she could take with herself.

When they all gathered, Serah spoke up:

„Okay girls, here’s what’s gonna happen now: we fight in usual battles, but if you die we will just send you back to your world. The girl that wins is getting a really special prize, one we can’t tell you about yet. Let’s start the fights now.”

„For the first fight, Garnet and Terra are going to fight. The weapons are a rod for Garnet and a sword for Terra. Prepare yourselves!”

Both Terra and Garnet suddenly were transported to the arena, looking at each other. Garnet was a bit afraid, fully aware her fighting skills aren’t good enough to let her win in a normal battle.

“Three… Two… One… Fight!” The countdown sounded the same, yet it felt a lot different than usual, having some tone of finality this time. They both shrugged it off and went on to fighting.

Terra immediately started running towards Garnet, who just stood there, waiting. While running, she was slowly transforming into her esper form, as she knew becoming resistant to most spells and being faster could only help her.

Garnet prepared to cast some spells, hoping to overcome Terra’s defense just by sheer amount of them. Then a thought stPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Loose Ends

Lenna opened her eyes and looked around. She was in her bed back at her castle. This place seemed emptied than usual… Then she remembered. She killed her sister, and she wasn’t going to come back this time.

She tried to get up, but the feeling of loss overwhelmed her, and she fell back between the sheets. Then she realized – no one knew she was here! If she sneaked out now, everyone would still think she’s still on the search for Faris she used as an excuse when she went to the Arena. Sneak out, and never return – that seemed like a good plan to her.

She slid out of bed, not caring that she was naked, then soundlessly moved through the castle’s secret passages, going through her home for the last time. Finally, she jumped out through a secret entrance, landing on one of the fields that surrounded her castle.

“What do I do now?” Lenna wondered. “I can go to Bartz and tell him what happened, he will surely help me decide what to do.”

The idea sounded pretty reasonable to her, and she quickly searched for him with some magical spells, transporting herself to him. The first thing she felt was heat – Bartz was currently exploring a volcano!

“Baaaaaartz!” She shouted, and she saw him turn around.
“Lenna? What are you doing here?” He replied, surprised by her sudden appearance.
“I was looking for you. I need your help.” She walked to him, and asked:
“Is there any place to seat nearby? It’s a long story.”

She knew he was staring at her breasts, and only smiled inside – he deserved it for what she was about to ask him. He just pointed to a pair of rocks they both could sit at, and then they walked there.

When they got there, Lenna started describing what happened to her and Faris over the last few months. As she was talking, a solution started to form in her mind – a perfect way to solve all of her problems! She continued with the story finally getting to the last final day.

“Sooo I decided to find you, as you are the person I’ve though would be most likely to help me come up with a solution, but as I talked an idea came to me.” She stopped, and Bartz replied
“That’s great! You told quite a sad story there, but if you think you can still make it better then I’ll be happy to help!” That was Bartz, always helping anyone who asked.
“The solution I’ve came up with is pretty simple.” She drew a deep breath.
“Kill me.”
“What!?” Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


The Final Tournament - Day 2

Penelo spent the night with Vaan, but even as she did, she couldn’t stop thinking about the girls she killed, the pleasure it was taking lives, watching the life slip away from the eyes of dying. She never felt it the way she did in the arena even though she killed quite a lot people by herself, so the arena must have triggered something in her. As soon as the night was over, she slipped out of bed, not bothering to get clothed, and went to the arena using a special spell she was taught.

When she got there, she saw the other girls were as eager as she was, waiting for fights to start. Both Yuna and Rydia seemed pretty happy after a night spent here, but Terra was nowhere to be seen. She ran to her spot she watched the fights from yesterday, then turned and looked at the portal just in time to see Terra coming out.

The green haired girl ran to her spot. When she reached it, Serah spoke to them.

“Let’s get it done, shall we? The first fight is going to be between Terra and Yuna. I know you girls have fought already twice, but you both killed each other once, so I’m giving you a chance to settle it once and for all.”

Both girls immediately moved to the arena. Yuna, as if remembering something, moved her hands to her braid and set it on fire, knowing it caused her death once. Her hair started burning, but she didn’t care, waiting for the fight to start with a sword with one hand and her guns in a holster on her hips.

Terra saw what Yuna was doing, and prepared herself. She transformed into the Esper Form, still holding the sword in one hand while her body changed.

“Three… Two… One… Fight!” Serah spoke quietly, knowing both girls knew perfectly when to attack.

Serah's countdown didn't surprise them. Yuna aimed her guns towards Terra and started shooting. Terra was already running at her, and she dodged the shots without problems. Her body was helping her, magic flowing through her.

As she ran, she attacked Yuna back with some spells. They were empowered by her body, and Yuna was forced to stop her attacks. She had to dodge the missiles herself, so she couldn't shoot at the same time.

She discarded her guns. It let her gracefully evade them, her body moving continuously in some kind of a dance, as if she was performing a Sending. While she weren't doing that, she was using the dance as a way to power up her own attack, inspirPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


That's all I have.

All thanks goes to M for this great story.


Adele’s Ascension to Hell
by Regis

Adele leaned forward, her black bangs swinging in time with her ample breasts as she laced up her black leather spike-heeled boots. Those and the narrow, tiny tightly laced black leather girdle around her waist were her only costume. She wore decadent inch-and-a-half long eyelashes, and her lips were a rich red to contrast with the gleaming black of her luxurious hair and the polished leather of her boots and mini-girdle.

The lacing was on the outside of her legs, from the ankle right up to the flare six inches above her knees. The low point on her girdle was at the center of her back, and the sides curved up to a large chromed ring above her sternum, so that all it squeezed was her ribs.

The girdle's lacing was on her sides rather than up the back, and it was pulled so tight that the narrow strands of black leather thong dug deeply into her sides, bulging severely what could never be considered excessive flesh. The garment was impractical and uncomfortable, but it looked outrageous, which was its sole purpose.

The top edge of the minimal confining support garment consisted of two curved formed pieces of the same black leather as was used for the small back and front panels, that provocatively lifted while
not in the least obscuring her outstanding mammaries. Adele's beautiful long hair was brushed to the point that it shone as if oiled, and it was severely pulled back and tied in a tight bun in the rear, leaving her pretty ears, shapely neck and petite head fully displayed.

She was strikingly beautiful, and her insolent yet innocent sweet face, flamboyantly displayed impressive body and flagrantly exposed genitalia made the perfect contrast. She was perfect for both her contrasting roles she had chosen for her life. Adele was in every respect a total knockout!

By day the gorgeous 28-year-old was a successful account manager for a large Houston advertising agency. She attributed her high level of success in sales to the timely use of the red leather couch in her private office to close lucrative deals with wealthy clients. Her face, body, posture, clothing and attitude drew customers in, and clients to the man found her gripping vagina irresistible.

Only she knew that the quart-sized decorative German pewter beer stein with the silver lid sitting on her desk was more than half filled with the semen she had drained from Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Great story. I hope Youll continue writing her adventures.


very nice storty, as always, thank you


1 Bitch's Pimp
by Regis

Hey there! My name’s Jeb. I gotta say right at the outset that these randy young big-boobied bitches on my string all makes their own trouble. Ya can’t blame none of it on me! By actin’ hot, now they’s in the big City of Omaha, like they never done at home, like with spike heels, total short skirts and frilly blouses with all that cleavage an’ tit-meat showin’, wigglin’ their asses when the walks, they makes it likely for the tough extreme treatment they gets on the job to happen to ‘em, rough as it is.

None of these young girls I collects has ever been to a real City like Omaha; they’re either Iowa or Nebraska innocent young small town or even farm babies. They knows shit about sex; alls they ever got was fucked in the hay pile in their daddy’s barn by some young fuckin’ farm boys. Alls I does is gets ‘em the special jobs in the first place, linen’ them up with guys what wants somethin’ special, the kinky kind of dudes who needs to have their way with young cunts, do anythin’ to, the customers I can charge a lot extra so they can mess bitches up.

I got the market cornered, ‘cause other agents of girls don’t want their string hurt, where for me it don’t matter much, if I can get a good price for them, an’ there’s always more showin’ up every fuckin’ day. Regular whores won’t have nothin’ ta do with the guys I deals with, but these young bimbos don’t know nothin’ about that. I makes my money from jes’ bein’ their fuckin’ agent, and don’t tell ‘em nothin’ about risks or nothin’ that ain’t their business anyways.

I means, everybody knows farm girls all fuck like little pigs anyway, so the way I figure it, we otta harness all that kinda natural instincts an’ at the same time tuck away some good loot. Its not like I planned that kinda trouble for ‘em or nothin’, ‘cause it all comes to ‘em because of the way they wiggles their hot chubby asses and tits like ya sees hot young farm girls doin’, but putin’ that aside as a explanation, all ya needs ta do is jes’ listen up and learn.

Like for example, let me tell you about these two young cunts I collected just a coupla weeks ago, an’ what came of ‘em. Ain’t these great shots of ‘em? Jes’ look at them pretty cunts an’ bouncin’ boobies I got ‘em to show ta my camera! Once I got their pretty cunts an’ armpits shaved clean they looked as slick as babies an’ ready for hot action, like all girls should look like.

I done picked upPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I would love to hear more details of the waitress fights or any other violent female fights. I was most impressed with your loli fights and would really love to read any updates or new stories.

A fan


I would love to hear more details of the waitress fights or any other violent female fights. I was most impressed with your loli fights and would really love to read any updates or new stories.

A fan


I would love to hear more details of the waitress fights or any other violent female fights. I was most impressed with your loli fights and would really love to read any updates or new stories.

A fan


"I would love to hear more details of the waitress fights or any other violent female fights. I was most impressed with your loli fights and would really love to read any updates or new stories.

A fan"

Thanks, fan. If you write me, I'll send what you request.

I'm at rayregis01@gmail.com



I wrote this this morning on a whim because we need more HP
A Different Kind of Stuffing
To say the last place the golden trio had expected to be was on their knees for an audience with the dark lord would have been a lie. Having been captured during a skirmish in a town on the outskirts of muggle London, they’d expected this moment for quite some time in fact. Lightly bound both physically and magically the dark lord rose to address them.

“Harry Potter and his troupe of a mudblood and blood traitor.” The dark lord sneered. “I shall be up front and honest with you, not one of you will leave this room alive today. Additionally, most assuredly, your death’s will neither be quick nor summary. Rather, a few of my death eaters have requested a few creative outcomes for your timely demise. WORMTAIL!”

“Yes, master?” Pettigrew, slinked in from the shadows.

“I believe we’ll start with you.”

“Of course, thank you master.”

“Have you prepared yourself?”

“Yes, my lord, Bellatrix ensured I got the Gemi-“,

“Tut tut, Wormtail, let them anticipate.”

“…everything correct.”

“Excellent, and so as not to ruin the surprise my dear little sacrificial lambs, let us begin.” With a flourish of his wand Hermione was drug towards the pair of dark wizards, eliciting an uproar of cries and curses from the trio anew. Hermione struggled fiercely, the dark lord’s wand trained on her wearing her down until her struggles were reduced to weak jerks. Finally, she knelt before the pair, exhausted and a feral glare in her eyes. With a hissing laugh the dark lord regarded her, and if not for her obvious inferior lineage, and general do-gooder attitude he might even have seen promise in her.

“Just look at that Wormtail, see that ferocity, she could have been Harry’s own little Bellatrix, don’t you think so?”

“I, uh, yes master, I can see the very faintest of resemblance.”

“Me too, though best keep that little tidbit to ourselves, yes? And prepare yourself wormtail I’m most excited to see the outcome of your devious plan.”

“Yes master.” Wormtail quickly undid his belt and trousers, and then grabbed Hermione’s jaw harshly trying to open her mouth.

“Fuck you, you bloody cretin. Get your hands off of me!” Hermione renewed her struggles.

“A little assistance Wormtail?” With a little jolt of Voldemort’Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


“It’s not what you think, I’m not going to skull fuck you to death my dear. In fact, my cock won’t even touch your foul mudblood tongue, my pretty Hermione.” With as much a look of relief and confusion as she could muster with her face contorted into the spitting image of a teen pornstar ready receive her reward for a hard day’s work.

Pettigrew worked over his cock, jerking feverishly in an attempt to complete his task. A whimper and whine elicited from his mouth as he struggled to do the deed.

“Peter, it would seem you are having an issue yes? Let me see if I can aid you here.”

A few more wand movements and Hermione’s clothes were torn and shred from her body, now kneeling naked and exposed the tears began to roll down Hermione’s face. Unable to hold himself back, Wormtail shuffled forward, the head of his cock nearly touching Hermione’s hot, dripping mouth. Hermione could finally smell the musk of Wormtail’s cock and her eyes rolled back in a head as he shot his magical cum down the back of her helpless throat. Her revulsion tinged with a primitive, and animal instinct to respond in kind to the arousal of the man in front of her. Pettigrew shuffled back with a shudder and a sigh.

“Excellent Wormtail, now the entertainment can begin.” It was with a swirl of the dark lord’s wand that Hermione’s tongue recoiled back into her mouth and her mouth snapped shut, her chin raised up several inches and with a final helpless gulp, the slimy cum slid down her gullet and into her stomach. The dark lord turned on the spot and his robes billowed as he made his way back to his high-backed chair to sit down for the show, and other poke of his wand and Hermione felt the weight of his magic lifted off, and she finally relaxed from her constant strain against her bonds

The trio knelt there in silence, Hermione naked as the day she was born shivering and panting. Her panting slowly increased, and a groan and whimper finally escaped her tired throat.

“Have you figured it out my dear?” The dark lord probed.

“Fuck you!” Hermione spat, eliciting another pant and groan.

“I’ll give you one small hint, and then one big one, how about that?” The dark lord teased.

Hermione glared at him, her breasts slowly heaving now.

“Hint one little mudblood, you’re very familiar with this particular curse.”

Hermione glared further, before a feral groan was ripped fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Hermione’s chest heaved, the uncontrollable sobbing interspersed with her groans, now a constant refrain in the room.

“It’s….it’s….th..the….ge….gemino…cur..curse.” Hermione, ground out.

“25 points to Gryffindor!” The dark lord jeered.

Hermione seemed to internally struggle form a moment, before yelling out a loud feral cry. Harry and Ron had center isle seats when the first batch of cum spurted out of Hermione’s clenched and straining asshole. Hermione struggled to hold it in, if only for her modesty. An odd irrational thought she internalized as she was butt naked and going to die. As the curse progressed, the ever exponential amount of cum began to increase in volume. First it was painful spurts, then a slow running stream oozing from her ass. Before near the end a powerful torrent of cum erupted from her arse.

“Master, why has she not…exploded?”

“Ah, dear wormtail, you see, her body can only hold so much of your, ehm. Her anal ring is essentially broken now, and much like a water balloon that isn’t tied shut, it naturally wants to squeeze the contents out.”

A near constant groan could be heard from Hermione as she lay on her side, her belly somewhat swollen with the forever duplicating cum.

“We can remedy that though wormtail.” And the dark lord conjured an impossibly large but plug, perhaps 10, maybe 12 inches wide. Through her tears and delirious pain, Hermione saw what was going to happen, and a feral fear she did not know she possessed ran through her. With a grin the dark lord vanished the huge pool of cum that had gathered in the room, including some of what’d been inside her.

It was only temporary relief for our female heroine, the constant pain of being forever filled with slimy liquid, quickly and unceremoniously replace with the sharp thrust of the gargantuan butt plug being magically rammed up her broken ass. The problem with magic, is that it doesn’t give a damn how things like, won’t fit, or that hurts, and therefore a blood curdling scream rained from the walls of the room as a plug too large for anything inserted itself up Hermione’s now looser ass.

“As a little bit of extra flair Wormtail, you see how her hips are rolled forward now? In addition to tearing her anal ring to shreds, it’s broken her hips, you tell when you see how her feet are pointed inwards now.”

“Yes master, that is truly cruel.”

HermionePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


(4/4) (forgot my numbers)
Hermione’s vomiting of cum came more frequently, barely enough time to catch her breath between heaves. Somewhere along the way a rocket of cum-vomit shot uncontrollably out of mouth, and nose. The effect was immediate and it was with a final breath she could finally understand the last thing she would taste and smell was the pungent sour cum of Peter Pettigrew.

The cum duplication rate was now too great for Hermione to catch her breath between vomiting. It was moments after she inhaled a huge amount of cum that her lungs filled with the same cum pouring out of her only orifice with which to escape. The initial burning pain that filled her lungs was only a faint discomfort in the grand scheme of her death. She realized soon after, that drowning in cum was rather humiliating, and that to her logical brain she came to terms that suffocating, while painful was actually a rather slow death. She felt the cum pouring out of her mouth and nose freely like a waterfall, could hear Harry and Ron’s pleading as she slowly began to fade out. The last thing she saw was the disappointed face of Wormtail, and his last words.

“Master, I really thought she’d have exploded.”


The tortured feet of Tina (foot, torture, nc, rape, snuff, foot cannibalism)

She is wearing heels, nylons, and a business suit, and very innocent. She is tall, slender, sexy and charming, a real fox. Short blonde hair, pretty face, big green eyes. She leaves work and are going to her car. Three men grab her in the parking lot and carry her to their car. One of her deep red heels falls off from struggling. They throw her in the back seat, her feet are on one of the guy's laps. They take her to an old building. Hans stares at her feet and laughs, he can smell the bare foot and see her painted toes through the nylon. They're very soft and sweet. She is struggling to get away. They drag her into the warehouse and tie her down on her back. They stand around her and warn her that they are going to ask her some questions. If her dont answer, they will extract the information from her. Hans pulls out a tray with all kinds of tools on it.

-Where is your boss?

-My... my boss?? I don't know, I really don't know! We hadn't seen him for a week in the office!

-Where is he????? Tell me now!

-I promise I don't know! But why do you want to know it? Why do you want to find him?

-He has information we need. You have one more chance!

-Please, believe me, I swear! I don't know where is he!

-OK, if thats the way you want it!

-But please! I don't lie, that's the truth!

Hans walks to her feet.

-We will start easy Tina!

Hans takes a long needle and show it to her.

-No... no... dont use that... please... I swear...

-One last time, where is he?

-I... sob... I sweeear... sob... don't... sob... know...

Hans take her bare foot and tears the nylon off.

-Stop, stop... no... no... AAAAAAAAHHHHH!

Hans firmly holds her foot with his right hand, he takes a needle in left hand and slowly press the needles down into her big toenail. Her foot writhes, he pushes further, he sees blood begin to trickle. He pushs deeper into her tender toenail.
Hans begin to twist the needle side to side, puts his face down near her toe and watch as he twists and turns the needle.


-OK Tina, where is he?

Blood begins to trickle down the front of her foot. Hans takes a second needle.

-Where? WHERE IS HE!!!

-Oh my God! You must believe me, I swear, I swear for anything I don't knooPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Great story ^^ its really cool to have more foot story here :)

Just... for the next story... I think that could be better for you to take your time for the foot torture or eating :)


Great story ^^ its really cool to have more foot story here :)

Just... for the next story... I think that could be better for you to take your time for the foot torture or eating :)


This story is horror fiction and describes what happens to a pretty
camp counselor after treating her girls like crap one too many times. It is vulgar and very graphic. Procede at your own risk.

Meg was the prettiest counselor at Camp Chippewa. She stood 5'8" and had beautiful brown hair and eyes. Her skin was lightly tanned and didn't have a mark or blemish on her entire body. She was perfect from head to toe, and she knew it. She had an arrogant attitude and treated her less popular kids like crap. She was hated by many at the camp, but her beauty kept all the guys drooling.

She was just 18 years old and worked at the camp to save up money for college.

"Clean up this mess, you little cunts," Meg yelled at the girls in her
cabin while they slept.

The girls got up and hurriedly cleaned up their clothes, despite the
fact it was only 5 in the morning.

"I've got a little surprise for you," Meg laughed with an evil grin on
her face. "Since I can't sleep, I decided I'd give you girls a little
project, something you'll need to learn when your older and jealous of girls as pretty as me."

A couple of the girls in the cabin, Suzy, Amanda, and Julie, spoke up. They were all junior high age. Suzy looked at Meg's pretty brown eyes defiantly. "You can't do this to us. We didn't come to camp to be treated like shit."

The other girls looked confused, not knowing whether to join Suzy or not. Amanda and Julie eventually stood by her side and stared at Meg.

"Oh yeah, got a problem, want to bitch? Go ahead and tell Greg," Meg replied.

Suzy thought for a moment and then rolled her eyes. Greg was the head counselor and he was obsessed with Meg. He had sex with her at night after the girls went to sleep. He let Meg do whatever she wanted.

"That's what I thought, Suzy," Meg said.

Meg laid down on a bed in the cabin and looked around. It was still
dark outside. She put her hands behind her head. "Alright, who here knows how to give a good pedicure? Amanda, why don't you take off my shoes and socks, will ya?"

Little did Meg know that Amanda actually had a lesbian crush on her and a foot fetish. She had stared at Meg's peds many times, trying not to be noticed. Meg had exceptional feet- long, nicely tanned with creamy white bottoms, high arches, butter soft heels, and perfect toes, all aligned nicely. She could have been a foot model.

"OK, Meg. That's not so bad." Meg sat dPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


an.... asian teen feet if possible. :) And one feet cut of and the other not. :)


Nice it will go into the story...and some soft late teen asian feet too.


Any other ideas for the feet, just post here! They will go into the story!


Any updates on story?


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