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Anyone here care to write a story about Ash doing his mom and interrupted by murderous pokemons or Team Rocket?


I Don't write a lot at all apart from roleplays but could give it a try hahah :)


Please do, be my guest!


Eagerly awaiting this!


Lizzy had moved to the back of the bus ten minutes ago, her class was small and hardly anyone sat in the back. The back two rows of seats were completely empty with only one girl sitting in the third row from the back. Its not that Lizzy wanted to be all the way back there, she was a friendly social girl who loved to be in the group. Alas the long bus ride had her stomach doing loop the loops and she started to feel sick. It wasn't too bad...until she started farting. The first few slipping out of hee silently without much of a stink...the next two however crackled and popped as they escaped her rear end.

She had clenched her cheeks, but another final one squeaked out of her, this one carrying a foul stink that had her whole class looking for the one who 'dealt' it. Lucky for her no one pegged her, and a little later she snuck off to the back of the bus, the building pressure in her gut getting more and more painful as she kept holding in her gas. Once she was safely in the back of the bus she peered over the seat to make certain no one was nearby, or paying attention to her. Luckily the rest of her class already began laughing and joking about other things. With a relieved sigh she scooched over too the window, and let loose a gnarly fart that rumbled her little cheeks as it sprayed foul hot air into her panties

The little girl sighed as she felt like a balloon being deflated, the large fart relieving a huge amount of pressure off of her tummy. The foul stink that followed didn't help her though, a hot nasty smell that assaulted even her own nose.

"Bleh..." Lizzy whined as she cracked a window. Her stomach grumbling as she did so. Her own smelly toot left her even more nauseated. Her insides begining to squirm and writhe as thr bus moved along an uneven, winding road. Lizzy shook her head and exhaled, feeling a different kind of pressure building up in her tummy. She took a few deep breaths, that disturbing tickling sensation coming up in her throat. She felt like she wanted to burp, but knew if she did she would just upchuck all over herself, so she simply tried to ignore thenbuilding pressure and focus on steadying herself.

"I'm not gonna...throw up...I'm not...gonna throw up. I'm not gonna throw up!" She chanted to herself, hoping as always, a possitive attitude would get her through this. Then with no warning came another fart, bubling and popping. Lizzy gasped and jumped up, clenching her cheeks as somethPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Do write more


Loved it!! Any ideas you think you’ll write next? Love anything with cute stinky farts..


Cant wait for your next story


My next Story will likely be based around a young boy rather than a girl so, just be forewarned


im not into that, but you're writing is so good i'll be sure to check it out either way


Sorry I posted the wrong version. Mods please delete the other one.

Let me know if you like this story. It starts out pretty standard but gets pretty fucked up in part two. I have a story arc of Sal the gangters origins, and how he got his taste for cruelty, and eating people. I also have a lot of ideas on how sal and the chef expand their empire to become the first Michelin started cannibal restaurant.

Usual disclaimer this is just a weird fantasy in my head, I in no way condone any of the activities in this story.

Part one "one of the boys"

Frank Sardone was a all American success story. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in NJ he had self made himself into a successful business man. He studied haute cuisine in Paris on a full ride scholarship, and now owned a large restaurant that had become a institution over the past 20 years. He drove a big Cadillac escalade, and had a huge house. He had a beautiful family with 7 kids, and a gorgeous wife, who kept her figure even after being pregnant for almost a decade straight. They were expecting their 8th in about 2-3 weeks now. His wife was very pregnant, but this was routine for her.

Frank only really had one problem, and that was himself, and his bad habits. In his old neighborhood almost all his friends went into a life of crime, those that weren’t dead or in jail, had risen to chief mobsters. He still hung out with them all the time. Most nights he would go down to Sal’s Gentle Men’s club, after closing the shop. It was a one stop shop for any depravity you had.

Out front they had a strip club, staffed with mostly 16-17 year old run away girls. For $200 you could fuck them, and for a few more bucks you could do whatever else you wanted to them. In the back there was a huge private area, much bigger then the front strip club. You needed to get past a row of goons to get in, but once inside you were in another country. Basically anything went back here, they had a full Casino, huge lounge area for sports betting, drugs were openly consumed, and traded in huge quantities.

Over the years Frank had become a fixture over here. Getting in real tight with the made guys. Sometimes blurring the line between a mobster, and the civilian he was. He got real close to the owner Sal, and would spend time in the most private rooms in the far back. Here is where the high stakes poker games took place, and buy in started at $500. Fortunes could be won, or lost in a Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Very nice




fucking awsome


cum eating of a man from another woman's pussy. Ew.


Hi, Your story 10256 is such good, i would like
to read more and maybe i can give you some
ideas more ?
I would love to e-mail you.
address: rudolfo1946@t-online.de


Five Gold Coins

(m/f, non-con, snuff, necrophilia)

Strolling down the forest lane, Osgood found himself absently humming a happy tune. It was uncharacteristic for him to appear so jolly but he couldn’t help himself--the day was simply perfect. A light breeze shook the leaves of the trees overhead, spaced far enough apart to let occasional beams of sunlight warm the path. He didn’t even mind not having a horse--his belongings were few and, to seem unassuming, he dressed in a simple brown robe. His pace was leisurely and he would easily arrive at the next town before sundown. More carefree days were likely to follow.

Money was the least of his concerns. He and a few friends, some might call them “mercenaries” although he preferred “business associates”, had just concluded one hell of a “business deal”. A nearby city had put forward a king’s ransom in gold for the eradication of a dragon that had been terrorizing their countryside. The dragon had turned out to be a whelp of a thing but he and his group had no compunctions about accepting the full reward. He might see them again in the future but they had all parted ways to seek out their respective ways of enjoying their fortune.

All of which lead Osgood to his current happy mood. Blissful, but inattentive. He was therefore more surprised than normal when a voice shouted at him from further down the lane:

“Hands up, traveller!”

Snapping to attention, Osgood immediately assumed a defensive stance. He complied with the order and raised his hands but didn’t panic. He knew that he had some tricks up his sleeve.

“Foolish to travel these parts alone,” the voice continued. Although it had sounded a bit gruff at first, it was now decidedly female. Interesting.

Scanning the forest around him, Osgood easily noticed the hiding place of his assailant, behind some bushes not far from where he was standing. He couldn’t make out her features but definitely noticed the glint of sunlight off of an arrowhead pointed at him. On any other day, he would have noticed her much earlier. He cursed his absentmindedness but, at the same time, noted that the bandit appeared to be alone.

“Foolish to set an ambush alone,” he retorted confidently. Criminals like this need to feel like they are in control of the situation and he hoped that this show of brazenness would draw her out more clearly.

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That was wonderful if you intend to do more necor or stories like this you have fans


This make me think of one of the 3D animation from the 3DCG section except reversed this time the girl was the robber. I loved both


Loved the story hope you do more necro is my fetish


Thanks for the feedback, everyone. You'd probably see it soon anyway but I just wanted to let anyone still monitoring this thread know that I'm about to post something new (in its own thread). A little more gore in this next story but still some good necrophilia, for those who like that.

It's no coincidence--that particular animation was a pretty solid inspiration for this story. That anonymous SFM artist is my favorite thing on this site at the moment and I recommend his work to anyone here. Current thread is "SFM Animations and Scraps: The Fourth" on the 3DCGI board.


This is one of my favorite stories


She makes me feel ways that I've never known before. The first time I saw Desirae, I thought my heart would climb right out of my throat, strut over to her, and kiss her on the cheek. My hands would sweat. My heart would pound. My mind would become foggy. But strangest of all, my mouth would water.

I wanted her in every way imaginable. I wanted to hold her hand. I wanted to taste her lips. I had to have her.

Unfortunately, I'm a coward, and I could only desire her from afar. From elementary school to college, I watched her blossom into a beautiful woman. My desires only became stronger as time went on, and the haze in my head became screams.

One day, in a particularly bold move, I approached her in the campus rec-room. She was playing a game of pool by herself, which I saw as a chance to get close. My heart stomped in my eardrums, and my mouth filled with the words I wanted to say. Well, that, and some saliva.

She looked at me and I knew she heard every lecherous thought I had ever conceived about her. She smiled and waved.

"Hey, Corey!" she said warmly. "Wanna play some pool?"

Holy hell, it's happening. Keep it together, Corey. Don't turn into a drooling idiot.

I shuffled over to her and grabbed a cue from the wall. After racking up the balls, she decided to break.
As she bent over, my eyes slithered over the nape of her neck and drunk in every bit of skin that they could. I had to wipe my mouth of the saliva that was pooling inside.

She wound back, and my skin tried to recoil off of my skeleton from the ensuing explosion. Goddamn, that girl can break.

After easily destroying me at three games, Desirae invited me to grab dinner from the cafeteria. In the first smooth move of my life, I invited her to dinner at a local Chinese restaurant instead. To my surprise, she agreed. We climbed into my piece-of-shit beater and went cruising down the road.

Sensing my nervousness about the whole situation, Desirae kept the conversation going by asking me questions about myself and my family. She asked if my dad still owned the little deli back home and if I still ran the slicer, if I still intended to major in history, what my hobbies were these days, and little things like that. It felt nice to have someone interested, even a little, in me.

"Truth be told, I haven't had the best transition to college," Desirae said quietly. "I haven't made a lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


so since im a filthy boy i decided to finally do a thing ive been wanting to do for a while
shoutout to the author of waifu wars for introducing me to gurochan btw u rock my dude. nice dick
ive had the idea for geocide high for a very long time, started off as a rp with someone i dont talk to anymore but i think it has more potential than a dead rp idea so here
ive got a lot of weird kinks so ill probably throw more than a few in here after a while, but nevertheless, i hope u can enjoy it. feel free to suggest kinks u wanna see in it, as well as character archetypes who u wanna see dead



Chapter 1: Exposition Hell

The sun beat down on the back of my leather jacket as I stood at the entrance of the school. Other students rushed past me; most of them bright-faced, eager freshmen, a few were grim-looking upperclassmen. It didn't matter who I was, though. Here I was, at the school of my dreams.

Summer's End High School.

Now, to the normal person, this high school was just your typical boarding school. Preppy, snobby students, and preppy, snobby teachers. However, I knew the truth to this school.

The rules of Summer's End were much more... Different, from your normal boarding school. See, these days, the population has been growing far more than communities can handle. So, in response, the government oversaw the creation of Summer's End High School. It's designed to give students an opportunity to help resolve this population problem.

In Summer's End, killing other students is completely legal. In fact, it was encouraged. At first, the freshmen would gasp in horror, and do their best to escape the school. But, the 20 foot high fences would keep them from running, and if they tried to climb, the upper 10 feet were highly electrically charged. If they managed to get past that, they'd need to get over the inwards overhang of barbed-wire. If they got over that? Landmines, all around the outside perimeter, were their last obstacle. In the 10 years this high school has stood, not one student managed to escape.

One might ask, but Daniel, why do you want to go to this hellhole? The answer is simple. All my life, I've had severe anger issues, which have manifested in a sort of fetish for killing my male peers. I did everything to ensure I'd get into this school, this... This Genocide High. Nothing could take it from mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


seems fun, hope the school provides lots of toys and implements, and is well set up for its purpose


- FF - FFM - cannibalism - snuff- castration - pee - and a lot more!

Nora and Lily are half sisters, they have the same dad but different mothers. Their father is a piece of shit and doesn't take care of them. They met eachother at school and found out later that they are half sisters, since that moment they have been best friends. back than Nora was 12 years old and Lily was 11. During a sleepover they were watching Hannibal and that moment they both found out they love gore and cannibalism, in the heat of the moment they started to touch eachother and made eachother orgasm. Now they are 15 and 14, they still watch a lot of porn and horror together while they get eachother off.

Nora has brown hair with blue streaks, blue eyes, C cup tits and a nice perky ass, shes also 5'6 tall and she dresses alternative . She is sitting in her bed, laptop next to her and watches a girl getting covered in cum during a bukkake, she's all naked and has 3 fingers in her pussy and the other hand is working her clit, her juices are flowing over her hands and on her bed. After a few minutes she has a orgasm and squirts all over her bed, she takes her 3 fingers out of her pussy and sucks them clean in her mouth. Her phone rings, she grabs her phone and sees that it is Lily "Hey! Whats up whore?"

"Fuck you, i was wondering if you want to come with me to that new BDSM club. Yes i know we are not legal yet but i'm sure that if we suck a few dicks we will get in"

"I just fucked my self and i'm covered in squirt, should i shower first or want to lick me clean?"

"You better come here covered in your own dirt or i will fucking cut you"

"Yeah love you too"

"Love you"

Nora than proceeds to grab her Michael Kors bag and puts her drawing book, mechanical pencil and canon camera in it. "Hmmmm what should i grab aswell" she gets over to her closet and opens it, she removes the clothes from the bottom part and takes off a lid, she made a secret compartment under her closet to hide her knifes and sex toys, she grabs her butterfly knife, buttplug and a remote controlled bullet vibrator. She closes the secret compartment and puts on some cotton black panties, thigh highs, black booty shorts and a croptop no bra. She checks her phone for messages and puts on some music, she puts her earbuds in and before she walks out of her room she sticks the buttplug in her mouth and pushes it up her ass, she than puPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Interesting premise Please continue.


Great start! As long as it stays consensual, maur please...



Loretta was really enjoying the raunchy house party, because everything about it was so mature. Having just turned fifteen she was by far the youngest girl there, of the guests, anyway, and when her blind date Ralph had to leave early, the host, a really rich guy who owned the house, talked her into staying, telling her that some of his musician friends were dropping over after their dance job to entertain them.

She didn't feel any particular attachment to this guy Ralph anyway, because he was a blind date, and had acted like such a nerd all evening, so when he told her he had to get up early the next morning, and pulled this just when the party was warming up, she was glad to see him go.

She had never seen so many ladies with big tits, wearing such expensive gowns. The party was so sexy, with men in tuxes and beautiful women in expensive revealing gowns, and there were even three teenage topless waitresses with really big tits, who were outrageously sexy.

They wore only open lace panties, that only partly covered the most important part, their actual slit, but showed the trimmed hair of their little pubic bushes above the waistband. That was a crazy thing to call it, because these panties were slung so low they didn’t entirely cover the girls’ clit hoods.

They thought they were so cool, because they had on provocative black garter belts, black nylons and red sexy high heel shoes. Most of these waitresses were a couple of years older than Loretta, and they all acted very mature. They had excellent figures, with full round breasts, and they weren't ashamed to have them bare, with everybody staring at them. They also didn’t seem to mind people being able to see the top of their cunts above the tiny abbreviated panties.

The waitresses were really blatant in their outrageous exhibition of their big tits, and they all had large gold rings pierced through their nipples. They were extremely sultry, and Loretta couldn't take her eyes off those daring nipple rings. The party was so mature that the sexy topless waitresses even gave her champagne, without asking her for I.D. This entire thing was totally adult. Loretta felt completely accepted here.

She'd really found the wealthy host, who's name was Rich, to be a much more interesting guy than her blind date Ralph, because besides owning such a beautiful house, he was very handsome and was in control, and he Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I did't know there were incomplete versions out there. He did a lot of upgrading and revising, but usually didn't post partial stories.


Great tale! I'd never seen this one before. Thanks for posting!





Very nice story !
If a following is ever made, I'd love to read it ! :D


I'll take a look and see what else of his I have that is on the same theme, or something similar.


Another short story I wrote after watching a movie with my girlfriend. No, its not the one you might think of, though I did use the names of the two characters after I realized that the base idea was so similar.

I won't post tags for this one as it would spoil the surprise, so you will have to trust me on this one. If you like it, let me know, and if you don't let me know too (I am afraid gurochan is not the best place for a story like this, gruesome as it is).

Also, if you like it and want to read more, check out my website at www asstr org/~Eficient/

disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!

Clicking from one picture to the other, he kept searching for that one perfect picture as he masturbated listlessly. He had been close to cumming for the past 10 or 15 minutes, but he wanted to stretch it for as long as he could. Whenever he approached the point of no return, he slowed down for a few minutes, cooling off before he continued once more.

He was in no rush, he kept telling himself as he waited. After refreshing motherless one more time, he picked the pictures that caught his eye and then he refreshed it again.

But it was getting late, and he was pretty tired. Tomorrow he would regret not getting enough sleep, so maybe it was time for one more refresh and then he would finally go to sleep.

Outside the night was dark and cold. It had started raining an hour ago, and it looked like it would go on all night long. He hated rainy mornings, he thought to himself. On rainy days kids would enter the school dripping water and with shoes full of mud, and it would be his job to clean the floors after them.

Maybe the rainy mornings was not what he really hated, but simply his job. Though there were some perks to being a janitor in a school, especially for a man like him.

With that thought in mind, he refreshed the site on more time, but before it had finished loading, he heard someone knocking on his door.

He stopped for a moment, not knowing if he had heard right. It was miserable outside, and he wasn't expecting anyone, especially not so late, but a few seconds later there was another knock on the door,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Holy fuck please make a sequel to this


Hey man, I am glad you liked it!

I probably won't, not only because it seems like gurochan has no love for avenging lolis, but also because it would be hard to write something knew based on this concept.

Stay tuned and maybe next month I will be posting a new story, though, you might like it!


There's no gore in this first post.


"I hate them. I want them to suffer." Aron, my friend and coworker, had just witnessed his lab vandalized.

"You want to kill them?" I poured him more wine.

"Ha! I wish I could! I want to hurt them forever and ever!"

"I know how it is. I've been beaten, violated, lied to and about." I downed another glass. Drunk tongues speak sober thoughts. "Yeah, you're not the only one."

"You boys need to get over yourselves." Eli the redhead cuddled with her raven-haired girlfriend, Shenaa, who was also Aron's girl. Both lean and curvy, with firm asses and big tits.

"Hey, it's not impossible. We've all talked about it before. It's why I came to this field."

"To torture people?" Shenaa had grown very tired of yet used to her boyfriend and I ranting about all the ways it could be done. We were working with stem cells afterall. Shenaa was also well versed in physics, like myself, but all of us focused on biology.

But really, we pushed drugs. We were able to make several times our legal funding, as long as we didn't bite that hands that fed. My 3 coworkers didn't know I had other friends with scarier connections. Without them, I wouldn't have been anyone, and without me, my coworkers wouldn't have made any real progress.

"To make people last forever," I drank and slammed my glass, "for better and worse." I could feel everyone thinking back on my loss, several years ago, that I'll never be over.

The room was quiet. As angry as my innocent friend Aron was, nobody had anything like my hatred. I walked over to the immortal rat,who had grown rather fond of us despite discomfort now and then.

"How long are you going to just stare at him? Tell me again that you'd never hurt him." Eli voiced her concern again.

"No, I won't spell it out for you as I have before. I love this mouse."

"It's a-"


They were quiet. Eli tood up and left. Shenaa sighed and went with her, looking back at me and saying "Really?" before walking out.

"Douchebag!" Eli yelled from outside as she lit cig. I hardly shrugged. Aron just stared at me.

"What was that?" He stood up. "You're going to scream at my girlfriend? dude, you're a-"


"What? No-"
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Oh alright, this is gonna be good.


I'm intrigued! More?


Would be nice if that laser was involved in the surgery >:)


"This is far from what I'm well versed in..."

"Again, that's why they're here. We're not asking you for... I'm not asking you to do our jobs, we need electric and magnetic shields. Something only specialized potential weapons that you make might resemble."

Alexander took me aside, leaving my friends in his lab with the laser.

"You know there's a reason I don't allow phones or other tech in here."

"You mean, you're paranoid."

"The government and wanton hackers have proven themselves credible threats."

"And your biggest clients. Still, I take your point. You're worried that if you show me a thing and I use it, eventually others will get a hold of it. That's why we're bringing it to you." I turned to the door. "Let me bring the trio down here. Another day, we'll have prisoners they don't understand. They'll come around."

"Darius, I'm not okay with talking people into something they want to not do." Alex was always keen on avoiding unwarranted risks.

"They're on board, they just don't know it yet. One grew up being raped, just around the corner from where we grew up." I recalled Eli telling of a time she was groped.
"Another hates her home town, wants nothing more than to eradicate it." The last part maybe was an exaggeration, but Shenaa had seen some fucked up shit, being a mutt in a bad place. It definitely left its mark.
"Alex, you know... we both want to push this. We want immortality. If we can get some shields and repairs on this nanoscopic level... We can become anything, maybe gods, a hundred years from now. Before anyone can just buy this, before the corporations' labs or the intelligence agencies or the other dedicated scientists. We're in the midst of a many fractioned technological cold war and have our own personal ambitions. Will you really let faceless monsters-"

"Like us? No. But now you're talking about besting others."

"I'm not saying we have single handedly defeat every other person with the same ambitions, who knows, maybe we'll work with some current rivals. But for now, just the power to hurt lesser beings who think themselves greater than us is a power we have, and the power to keep them and our loved ones alive is a power perhaps within reach." I grabbed the doorknob. "I'm meeting with my friends outside, so give us clearance or consider yourself not in this project."

"Fine, they can join, but I'll telPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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