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Hi everybody. I posted this story once on Smashwords before they passed their strict "no necro" rule. There is also a sequel that I might try posting later. Enjoy!

Slut-er House


She heard his heavy footsteps drawing closer and her pussy grew moist in anticipation.

Let him do it to me now, Amy thought. There was nothing she craved more than to feel her captor's cock thrust deep inside of her, to feel her womb overflow and possibly even burst with his seed, before he finally sent her to Hell once and for all. What was Hell like? She hoped that it would be like what she had spent the past few hours enduring, an endless orgy of torture and violation. They said that Hell lasted for eternity. If it was anything like her current fantasy, she definitely prayed that it would. Would she see the others in Hell? After all, they had all gone first and were probably waiting for her to arrive. Amy decided that she probably wouldn't, for Hell was supposed to be a punishment, not a holiday. Still, she couldn't help thinking about what it would be like to have a threesome with Satan and someone like Cici or Steffy. Maybe the Devil would allow an exception to the rules, simply for his own pleasure at least. Amy looked forward to it eagerly. She rubbed her pussy in ecstasy while anxiously awaiting the moment that her throat would be slashed, her carcass gutted and her eternally damned soul fucked and abused by the Prince of Darkness.

Finally, the electronic gate of her cage rose, opening the way down her last mile. Amy crawled through the narrow corridor like a hog in heat. Mobility was still difficult after what she had been through and, every so often, her captor would hasten her journey by shocking her ass with a cattle prod. The sharp tingle of electricity excited her sexually. She hoped that her tormentor would give her one last fuck for the road. She reached the end of the corridor to find a large, white room with bloodstained hooks hanging from the ceiling.

This was it.

She had reached the killing floor.

Amy's captor unbuckled his pants and she licked her lips in excitement.

This was the end of the line.


The line had begun in the insane asylum.

Dr Amy Pearson was stunned beyond words at what had become of her colleague. Liz had once been a cool, serious professional, the sort of no-nonsense “tough chick” who embodied modern femininity. As a result, it was a total shock to see Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I pictured her as a d-cup. Glad you liked it.


I think this is my new fave <3


Video Nasty

Anita Slutteasian trembled as she unwrapped the retro cartridge. “SLUTer house III: Video Nasty,” read the cover. Anita, of course, had heard of this game only in whispers. Its legend had begun with Rick Roessler's “Slaughterhouse” film. According to internet legend, an excellent sequel was made in 1994 called “sLaughterhouse II: Pigsby's Revenge”. The casing in the title had been intentionally reversed in order to emphasize the “laughter” in “slaughter”.

But the story for the third film was much darker.

For starters, the title was altered from “sLaughterhouse” to “SLUTer House” in order to market its hyper-sexualization. The film itself ended up being banned and every last print of it was destroyed. However, the tie-in video game managed to survive, albeit only a handful of copies ever surfaced. According to Anita's research, this was supposed to be the most sexist and misogynistic game ever created.

Naturally, she had to review it for her YouTube channel. She recalled once hearing about a book called “Slaughterhouse Five” and wondered if it was also part of the series. Disgusting.

Not without trepidation, she slid the cartridge into her SNES and powered it on.

The first thing she heard was the guttural grunting of a pig. Then, two red eyes appeared on her TV screen. They weren't humanoid eyes in any way. They were something else. Something demonic.

Before Anita could react, a ghostly white hand stretched out of the screen and grabbed her by the throat. She tried to scream, but her windpipe was completely blocked. She realized that she couldn't breathe.

From out of the TV emerged a large, powerful man with a pig's head. Maxwell Meat, the final boss of “SLUTer House III”. He lifted Anita off of the ground and squeezed her neck. In his free hand, he held a butcher knife.

He slid the weapon down the top of her shirt and sliced it open, exposing her bare, tanned breasts. He licked her nipples, then began suckling on her tits as though they were udders. He then threw Anita onto the hard floor. She cried in pain as the back of her head began to bleed. But Maxwell Meat was not done with her. Her placed his heavy foot overtop of her throat and pressed down, pinning her to the ground. He then reached down and lifted her black skirt. Anita rarely wore panties. She saw underwear as symbolic of patriarchal oppression. Now, however, she wished that she had a steel chastity belt, as the monster Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


This is fantastic!




Yadda, yadda, yadda, over 18, hence lack of Dipper etc, yadda yadda yadda, don't write often, don't ask, don't do it on a commission or trade basis, yadda yadda yadda, Seinfeld, yadda enjoy and those that want my art thread that don't know with similar situation https://www.gurochan.cx/art/res/8.html

Beer Battered, Roasted Wendy.

Wendy took another long sip of her beer as she leaned back with her elbows on the bar, all the while enjoying all the stares she was getting. Buck naked, leaning back so that her large, head sized breasts stuck out to either side of her freckled frame, she had her legs spread juuuust wide enough that everyone in the room had but just to look in her direction to see her pussy.

She was the star attraction for the entire bar.

Of course that wasn't all that was going on, she mused, as she idly played with the meat grade tag dangling from her nipple, a little triangular piece of plastic with a grade “A” logo on it. She was the evening roast, literally the roast. Like a turkey. The Bartender had a sense of humor, and with it being St. Patrick's day, a redheaded Irish girl like herself, tipsy and almost drunk off her feet, seemed the most “seasonal appropriate meal” for the bar's annual St Patties day party. She'd been enjoying the honey infused beer all night, specially made at the bar, and given an unlimited tab on them as she hung out naked after work. Course, this was all given to her just to give her that “alcohol infused flavor” when she finally went over the fire.

Alright, Wendy!” Called the bartender making her jump as she was letting yet another one of the bar's patrons squeeze her breasts, “Order up time!” The gruff man slapped the bar with his hand to signal her to climb up.

“Heh, sorry, man! Gotta go get stuffed.” Said Wendy, grabbing the man's wrist and pulling his hand off her boob. “If you want to keep groping them though, order one. Seriously! Not like I'm going to mind!” She hiccuped, and waved him off with a big drunken smile as she gave him a little push back with her mug hand. Putting her drink down, she hefted herself up onto the bar top, her large tits jigging and shaking as she kicked a leg up onto the counter. Below waist length red hair fell down all around her as she got her kPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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the dude told you it was a nice change, and you acted like a bitch, and now you are worming your way out?

Jeesus fucking christ, you are truly retarded aren't you?










Right. This is a sort of "What If?" to my Other Amy Pond Snuff-o-Gram story. Here's hoping you all enjoy it.

Amy Pond: Sexy Schoolgirl Snuff-o-Gram
Tags: Doctor Who, Amy Pond, Clara Oswald, Prostitution, Willing, Dominant and Submissive, scalpel, F/F, Schoolgirl roleplay, Trophies, Fisting, Dissection, Sex Ed, Nipple-ectomy, possible snuff.

“Ah! Ms. Oswald, just the teacher I was looking for." The Headmaster of Coal Hill School called out as Clara made her way to her last class of the day. "Although, your proposal was... unorthodox, since you already paid for the expensive materials, and since it has the potential to be very educational, I have decided to approve it." The headmaster paused, "Room 3A has been set up for your use. Your class will be watching the demonstration via the cameras you requested."

Clara blinked. She didn't remember writing a proposal. Still, she was used to strange things happening by now, and was certainly curious about what was happening. So with a quick about face, Clara turned away from the classroom containing the seniors she had intended to teach basic anatomy and sexual education to, and headed for room 3A instead.

Amy Pond waited alone in the room the students who hired her had directed her to. Her heart was racing. She knew what she was getting into when she'd signed up for the "special service" section of the Kiss-o-Gram company's catalog, but she'd expected something more... private when the most expensive service she'd offered was finally purchased. The room she was in now may have felt abandoned, but the cameras all around her were a silent reminder that what was about to happen wasn't just being watched, but recorded to watch again in the future.

She also assumed the person she'd be serving would know what they were getting at the outset, but she'd been told that Ms. Oswald, the woman she'd be serving didn't know what she'd been bought for, and that it was her job to tempt the teacher into going all the way with her. Amy's role here wasn't something she'd anticipated, but she'd be lying if she said she wasn't looking forward to it. After all, she'd always wished her teacher would take her when she was younger, and now she got to fulfill exactly that fantasy...

The room was almost empty, except for cameras and microphones set up on stands around the front of the room, and a single student, a redhead she didn't recognize, sitting in the only studenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Can we get an epilogue of what said student might do to poor dying Amy Pond?


Normally I'd say yes, but I want to leave the ending to this ambiguous. Anyone who wants to write such an epilogue should feel free to do so though.


You are a scary, terrifying, horrifically, good writer. More Amy please!


I'm about 19 pages into the next one.


That's great news! Looking forward to it.


When I was still Karl Luck, I began a series of short stories about a woman, Melissa Coss, who comes home to find her wife cheating on her with a high school girl. In her rage, she kills both. Over the course of the following months, she starts to feel the urge to kill again.

I am happy to announce that the Melissa Coss Series has been rebooted, and I will keep you updated.

Most Likely Tags: Snuff, Teen, Pedo, Lesbian Sex, and Piss.

https://www.asstr.org//~Randall_J._Nelson/Series/melissacoss1.html - Chapter 1


Do they get stabbed in the pussy?



Some will, and there is a pussy stabbing in the first chapter.


This was pretty cool. Very similar in a lot of ways to my Julie's Night Out Story. I wish Angela's face didn't get ruined, and maybe she got stabbed a bunch of times instead, but I like your style. Looking forward to see what Ms. Cross gets up to next.



https://www.asstr.org//~Karl_Luck/Melissacoss.html - This is my original run, and the one called Family Slaughter might give you an idea of her next victims (be warned, they're of much poorer quality than the reboot).


The Vacuum Incident

A cautionary tale

Jill walked along the hallway, vacuuming the floor.

She moved slowly, making sure to push the head of the vacuum into every corner and over every crevice, being fastidious in her efforts to ensure the cleanliness of the carpet. The vacuum was a suck type device, with a long metal tube, that served as both handle and head, attached to the main unit, which was worn like a back-pack, by a sturdy and flexible rubber hose.

Jill was quite in love with her vacuum, which she had received as a birthday present from her mother earlier that year. The young girl couldn't abide dirtiness of any sort, so the present, which most girls would have been less than thrilled with, had been absolutely perfect.

Jill hummed happily as she finished with the floor of the hallway, gratified that not a speck of dirt remained behind where she and her vacuum had passed. She opened the door to the living room, eager to render it dirt free as well, and stopped in her tracks, frowning in consternation, at the sight that greeted her within.

Jill's brother, quite nude, sat with his naked butt on the carpet before the couch. He leaned back against it, with his legs spread wide and his hips thrust out, masturbating furiously.

Jill's eyes narrowed as she stared down at her brother. The boy had recently discovered what penises were for, and had apparently decided to see if it was possible to wear his out. He had absolutely no shame about it either, much to his sister's disgust, and would strip off and have a go at himself whenever the mood struck him, regardless of where he happened to be at the time.

When Jill had complained of this behavior to their mother, the older woman had explained to her daughter that Jack was simply At That Age, and that the only thing for it was to wait until he grew out of it. When Jill had asked her mother just how long that might take, the woman had sighed and responded "If we're lucky, only thirty or forty years." Jill was, understandably, less than thrilled at this news.

Jill's mother had consoled her daughter by telling her that at least her brother cleaned up after himself after each self-stimulatory occasion.

"Well, usually, anyway." she had amended, sighing again and clearly less than happy with the situation hePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Poetic. I really like how nonchalant Jill was when she vacuumed Jack.


Maybe Jill can vacuum some female toys?


This was a bit strange,
After that "Wha.. What have you done?"
I expected something terrible. but instead, they started arguing about it as it was some cheap toy.
And carpet did not even got stained with the pool of blood LOL

I guess Jack will have to beg her mom to buy him new
dick and pair of balls on their next visit to the toy store. LOL


Yes, you have indeed spelled "vacuum" correctly. Well done!

I hate that mother though. Not as a character but as a person, because no matter how unsightly clutter is, one should always think to recycle what can be recycled at the very least, let alone retrieve what you might need later. My dad is also of the "throw things out first, ask questions later" mentality and it drives me up the wall.



Oooh, an alternate ending where the penis is "recycled" by the mother and/or sister would be amazing!


by Regis

I’ve got no idea how I got into what turned out to be this crazy, extraordinary, exciting lifestyle, but hey, it wasn’t always like this. The truth is, I’m quite a good girl, really. I’m not a call girl, a prostitute or anything, I only fuck friends, and only do it at parties, where everyone’s doing it, and everyone sees everything you do, like nothing ever happens in private, the way prostitutes do it.

I expect becoming a party girl had something to do with how much fun I have riding a a big stiff cock, and the high, even hypersensitiveness of my clit, the way guys loved to plunge their raging erections into me, front and back, sometimes both at the same time, or drive a big dick down my throat, and of course maybe also it has something to do with the wild crowd I run with. Who knows?

Life is all about hooking up. Right? All my friends know I am pretty much a party girl, especially the guys who are my friends, with their constant hard-ons, drilling me at every opportunity, but I’ve got to say I still believe I’m a good girl, because actually everyone in our crowd does it, and always do it together, we never sneak off in private, like a prostitute or anything. I think I already said that.

I never did do drugs, since a girl can easily get hooked, and I never got into anything more addictive than grass and maybe sometimes I had a chance to sniff the occasional row of snow. Ya, coke. That’s what people do. Its not that bad, you know, once you get it into your system.

It has definite advantages, because it works quickly, and it makes it easier to take some of the shit the guys who are my friends are into. We’re always doing unbelievable sex. And just for fun, they always like to do weird things to a girl’s sex organ, or give us a tail by poking one attached to a post up our bum, stupid shit like that. Guys being guys.

Right after I graduated with a bachelor degree in philosophy, I found my niche when I got this amazing job as an Esthetician. I was always good at doing my own makeup, so it was a natural fit to do makeup for brides and society women. The job was at this terrific beauty salon, where most of the girls were just out of high school, but even though young, they were really cool. In my department we did the faces of rich bitches, after some of the others did their hair.

We also had a side business of doing bodyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Ben hadn't noticed that his babysitter sneaked out until long after she was gone, Initially the young boy was mad that he had been left alone but soon the boy realized what an opportunity it was. First thing he did was put on the 'showtime' channel that had all the R rated movies him mom didn't let him watch. They were rife with action, violence and the occasional flashing of boobies. The young boy was still too little to be really turned on by them...but they sure were fun to look at for! Once he had his fill he went to the kitchen and ate an entire carton of ice cream before stealing a dozen cookies. A few hours later he came back, snacking some more before heading to bed at nearly 11pm, hours past his bed time. He plopped down in his bed, his little belly swollen with sweets. He kicked off his sneakers, showing of his heavily grayed days old socks before laying down. For a while he was unable to fall asleep but after lifting his shirt and popping the button on his shorts he was able to doze off. Leaving his shorts open and underwear exposed, drool spilling down the side of his face as he slept

Though he wouldn't sleep soundly for long, before long the young boy began to toss and turn in his sleep. His mind doing its best too keep him from waking as a deep pain began to shoot through his guts. His stomach churning a bubbling against the massive intake of sweets. Before long he woke with groan and wicked tummy ache. He rubbed his swollen belly as it churned and bubbled beneath his fingers. Ben groaned again, feeling a wave of nausea strike him. Drool smeared all over the right side of his face, but yet more saliva began to spill into his mouth. Then came the terrible sensation that young Ben knew all to well. That awful tickle in the back of his throat. The muscles loosening and opening up. Getting ready to expel the contents of his stomach.

"Ohhh nooo" He whined, quickly hopping out of his bed, his filthy socks slapping the hard wood floor. He shuffled quickly out of his room and headed down the hall. He was going to spew, he knew it was coming, that tickle in his throat let him know it was already too late for him to have any hope of not barfing. Not even halfway down the hall and his stomach lurched, he instinctively threw his hand up to cover his mouth as he gagged

"Bleephhff" A disgusting gurgling came out of his throat as he upchucked a creamy slime of bile and half digested ice cream. It sprayed out between his finPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm not really into vomit, cute setting/style though. Looking forward to the scat :P


I noticed that someone named raypottyboi posted "the sneaker" here recently http://nyou(dot)animegirldesp(dot)org . Is this actually you or just some random posting your story without giving you credit.

Also sorry for being off topic, didn't want to bump your older posts and don't really know where else to find you.


No its all me, I just shortened my name. Feel free to comment on any of my stories. I love feedback, and check often to read and comment!


Oh yeah, On nyou3. You know, I was trying to post all my stories there but their UI is really bad and I couldn't get it to format properly, so I gave up. I honestly thought it didn't post at all!


I formatted the story properly and I guess I'll copy all my stories over little by little. This was a nice surprise.


Holly shivered as she stood in her families living room in just her panties. She was 14 and had already developed considerably. With a 34 C chest, a 22 inch waist and a 35 inch hips, her 5'1" frame was quite attractive. 'Breeding hips' her father had called them; and not lightly either. She had already had three of his children, a little girl named Mercades, born when she was 12, and had just given birth to twin boys a year ago. The kids were a handful, but her other sisters were helpful. She had an older sister, Clara who had three daughters, two her dads, and one her brothers. There was an older still sister Rachel, but she had been spit roasted and bar-b-qued last summer. She had had 4 girls in a row and had been roasted. Her oldest brother Ken, who had fathered them was cooked and eaten first. The human cannibalism laws realized that just cooking the girls was a recipie for no humans left, so boys were on the menu as well. Girls could be cooked, but only if they had enough children to replace them. That meant three children. Hollies youngest sister, Dana was only 11 and had not gotten pregnent yet.
Hollies brother Virgil, was standing on the other side of the room with her father. She was standing there with Clara. Their brother was working toward his journeymen certificate as a longpig chef and he needed a subject to snuff. As the only girls in his family he could practice on (their mom had been snuffed several years ago) he was picking between the two. Virgils eyes finally landed on Holly and he nodded. Her father dismissed Clara from the room. And they went into the back yard to practice.
"Go in just under the sternum, down, around the belly button, and end just above the cunt" Hollies brother demonstrated with a finger simulating the knife. Holly was on all fours with her brother behind her. He had been pointing out the things he needed to know for the journeymans exam. He was going to be getting a longpig selected from the lottery, but was allowed to practice at home under the eyes of his father, who was a master chef.
"Correct," said his father. "You're doing very well, I'm sure you'll pass this exam with flying colors."
"I sure hope so," said Virgil.
"Well, I think that's about all for now, and I'm sure you could use some time to relieve some stress." Jonas nodded to his daughter, "So I'll leave you two alone to do that."
Jonas Crittendon walked out of the room and Virgil turned to his sister, who remainPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Hell is an eternity of suffering; and the concept of time has no meaning in hell.


Rachel and Ken in Hell m/f, eternal torment

Rachel woke up in a room, at leas she thought it was a room. It was dark, small and dirty, something like a small basement room in a rundown building.
She clearly remember her torture from earlier and was fearful of what would come next. Then she noticed another figure in the room. It was her brother. She looked into his eyes only to see actual human eyes, he was not another demon. Both of them were naked, and they rushed to embrace each other, but unseen forces siezed them and moved them into position. They bent Rachel over and placed her on all fours, her ass in the air. They moved Ken behind her on his knees. This sight caused Ken to get hard, desiring his sisters pussy, even though they were both dead and in hell.

He was moved forward by the forces and his cockhead touched his sisters pussy. Her pussy lips opened to accept his cock, and he was pushed forward by the forces and into his sisters pussy. It felt wonderful and he fucked her with wild abandon. She pushed back with all the excitement he had. Both hoping their torment was over. His climax caused her to cum all over his spurting cock. Normally he would go soft and they would cuddle, but he was unable to move from that pose, his erection still strong, and was forced to keep thrusting inside his sister.

She was simalarly unable to dislodge him and kept pushing back. Again and again the siblings were forced to cum. Each time it was less pleasant than the last. Eventually they grew to hate it, yet they could not stop. A demon laughed as he laid bricks to wall off their prison. They were left to an eternity in a windowless, doorless, dirty cell were they were forced to fuck, constantly, having long moved past hating it. Both of them prayed for death, darkness, an end to the torment. But they had been damned by God, and their prayers would go unanswered.




@polkan Thank you.


Ha, someone else who gets off on father-daughter impregnation AND snuff. It's nice to know I'm not alone.


Serena and I were enjoying our moment at the beach.

“It’s so great that we’ve managed to get the beach to ourselves.” She said to me.

“Yeah…” I muttered. I was a little too shy to look at her directly. Even as her body was submerged with the water, her gorgeous face with her shimmering blue eyes were too much for me to handle without tackling her for a hug. She swam over to me.

“You know, seeing as we’re alone and all that…” She gave me a seductive look. I blushed.

“Wait, what?” I asked her. Before anything else happened, Serena held her gut in pain. “H-hey! Are you alright?” Serena began to sink. I panicked and grabbed her, swimming as fast as I can to the shore. I knew we should have waited an hour before eating.

Eventually we got to the shore. I was carrying her in my arms and placed her on my towel. I got her mouth to open as I tried my best to attempt CPR. At least, I tried to. I placed my hands on her chest and pumped it up and down while breathing into her mouth. There was no one else to help me with the CPR, so I was stuck on my own. Up, down, up, down. I tried my hardest, but I wasn’t able to fully know CPR. By about five minutes, I froze in despair as I fully convinced myself that I couldn’t revive her. I looked at my hands as they hovered over her chest…

I had one hand hover over her breast. I squeezed it… It felt warm. I could feel her nipple poking my hand as I kept squeezing. I looked at her open mouth and moved for it, kissing her and giving her my tongue. I gently moaned as I got on top of her to feel her remaining warmth plus the warmth of her still-wet body. My legs moved around as my knee touched something: her crotch. I got up and looked at her in her white one-piece bikini. She looked so beautiful and peaceful. I looked to her crotch. I had to see it. I got to the crotch part and slid it away, revealing to me her vagina.

There were a few folds to it and bristles of blond pubic hair. Her vagina was wet from the water, as was her bikini. I took off my briefs and raised her legs. I slid my penis into her and thrust. I panted as I pressed in and out, looking as Serena’s breasts jiggled. Her body was very warm. I moved in and kissed her, swishing my tongue around with hers. I moved her arms and placed them on my back as if she was embracing me. This, along with kissing her was causing me to orgasm. But I didn’t want to cum inside her. I pulled out and jacked off, sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Hello everyone! I am not new to this site in terms of browsing, but certainly in posting. I am a writer who, as the subject line says, writes scat related stories. While I might not be prompt with replies and whatnot, I wanted to post some of my work here on this site to spread my name a bit. Whether or not I post all of it here, I'm unsure of, but I do have other sites I post to.

You can also find my work on Tumblr and on my recently remade HF account.

I will post a few of my works below, so people can see how I write.
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I also prefer loads of a more realistic size.

Both of these stories are very good. I'd especially like to hear more about Samus' exploration into panty/zerosuit-pooping.


Have you ever though of doing something with edible scat characters such as Princess Bubblegum ( http://scat.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1120 ) or Strawberry Shortcake ( http://rule34.paheal.net/post/view/628123 )?


I wasn't sure if people were still checking here. For those interested, again I'm more active on Tumblr and HF. I won't be posting all my work here.

I have been thinking about it. I do have a partial idea in mind, but I've got a few other things to write before then. A few of my things, a few for others.

I'm very familiar with that Strawberry Shortcake picture. I have done some normal coprophagia stories, but maybe I should also try those out with additional "flavors" mixed in.


Are you gonna link those to us, then?


Really hope you come back sometime, or at least start posting on HF again. Really loved your Zelda stories.

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