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First story, because my writing is poor.


In the icy plateaus of the far north, Lissandra glided swiftly along on her imposing mount of ice. She scanned the area, searching for the distinct golden glow of a particularly rare medicinal herb which could cure even the most severe cases of frostbite. Though undoubtedly important, the task was basic, dull, and would usually be handed off to some nameless henchman - if not for the fact that some of the most dangerous predators known to man happened to roam this expanse frequently. It was while mulling over this very thought that Lissandra spotted movement out of the corner of her eye.

Instinctively, Lissandra raised her arms, ready to unleash a spell that would raise the ice before her miles into the sky, preventing whatever attack the still unknown figure had in mind. Before initiating such a bold move, however, she caught a full glimpse of what it was that first startled her. At first, it appeared to be a fiery yet dull humanoid figure. Upon closer inspection, Lissandra realized that it was merely Zyra, another champion in the League of Legends. Zyra's vibrant and very out-of-place appearance had caught Lissandra off guard in this landscape that was permanently awash in grey and white alone. But it wasn't only the complexion of her skin that was out of place; it was Zyra herself.

"You shouldn't stray so far from home, my dear," Lissandra started. "It gets chilly up here, and not all plants fare so well in the cold." She glanced down, gesturing vaguely to a group of dying brush to her left.

Zyra approached briskly, arms wrapped around herself as one does when they're freezing. "Lissandra, I need your help." The desperation in her voice was evident, but Lissandra grew wary. Illusions and mirages were dirty tricks that her enemies were not above using. Just before Lissandra could warn Zyra to back off, she halted her approach. "There are..." her voice wavered, "The void creatures have been after me. I need to... I mean, they're trying to get m-"

Lissandra took a step back, preparing the spell she had in mind earlier. Zyra was never this 'to the point' in the few conversations they'd had. While Zyra fumbled on her words, Lissandra interrupted, "State your business quickly. I have my own dealings here, you know."

Zyra, shivering from the now-beginning snowfall, cleared her throat and made herself more audible. "I need you to... help proPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Oh wow Croatoan, I love your work on DeviantArt - didn't expect to see you here. Okay.

A major reoccurring issue for me is keeping characters in character. Or more accurately, just deciding what the hell I want my characters to be in the first place. I'll try to work on that in coming segments.


Katarina had, without warning, carelessly let Lissandra drop to the ground. With no limbs to break her fall with, Lissandra's rump took the full impact, hitting the cold, stony ground first and therefore hardest. She felt the bruise forming there as the rest of her body followed suit to slump over on the floor. Being so accustomed to moving freely all her life, Lissandra had to make a conscious effort to not start wriggling away like some unearthed inchworm. She wouldn't give her onlookers reason to make light of her limbless dilemma.

Ashe bent over, hands on her hips as she stared straight down at the pitiful sight beneath her. With the pointed toe of her boot, she poked once at Lissandra's side. Lissandra loathed this feeling of being looked over, poked and prodded at as if she were nothing more than a piece of meat. Especially because, well, that's really about all she was now. Ashe cocked her head to the side ever so slightly, and grinned challengingly at her former strongest rival.

"Hello again, Lissandra. You seem to have lost some weight since the last time we met."

The whole situation was so insulting and condescending that Lissandra was left lying there, speechless and flush with embarrassment. She considered herself quite a thick skinned individual, able to brush off even the hardest-hitting verbal abuse. But now, she was there solely as the butt of the jokes. She was the punching bag. And as the punching bag, there would be no punching back, because she'd just get hit back harder and a hundred times more. So Lissandra had to swallow her pride and take the hit.

But when Lissandra saw the smug look on Ashe's face, saw how she searched her own for any reaction, she knew she had to try throwing at least one punch.

"And you seem to have gained some, my plump queen."

The combination of Katarina's unrestrained guffaws and the shocked disbelief so clearly painted on Ashe's face distracted Lissandra from the danger she'd put herself in. The satisfaction earned from such a fine comeback was, she thought, more than worth whatever punishment she would receive. After Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thanks! I'm surprised there isn't anyone else commenting. Usually there are several people always looking for amputee stories.

While I'm not particularly fond of the violence portions, her predicament at the end of your latest part is quite inventive. Keep up the good work!


I'm enjoying it! I suppose you're right that you have some things to refine in your writing, but so does everyone else. It's very readable.

Also, it's about an amputee and it doesn't have any dicks in the story, so that's catering perfectly to my tastes! =P I'm looking forward to some LoL ladies grudge-fucking your helpless protagonist!


Thanks for the kind words everybody. I'm just gonna write this next section and see what happens.


There were two options. The first was to endure this punishment and hold on by her chin until Ashe came back to pull her off the ledge. But that was reliant on the assumption that Ashe would be kind enough to take her down. That Ashe would even return at all. Lissandra loathed being at the complete and total mercy of her most hated enemy. And to think that just yesterday she was the frost archer's equal, if not her superior. 'Repulsive' was the only word Lissandra could come up with to describe it all.

The other option was to find a way to escape this whole mess unscathed. Somehow. The task was overwhelming, to say the least. With no limbs, and even without the aid of her remaining torso, she was to rely solely on her head and chin to do... she didn't know what she was supposed to do.

But it was obvious that something had to be done. This wasn't some endurance test set up by Ashe to strengthen the grip of Lissandra's chin. She was being tortured. And it would be up to her limbless self alone to avoid getting knifed. That was the reality she had to face.

Lissandra recognized that the most likely way she could escape harm was to move herself to the left or right of the blade beneath her, far enough so that when she released herself from the ledge, she would land on the ground instead of the knife. How she was going to manage that was the question. She thought maybe she could shuffle herself to the side using her chin while her torso dangled along with it. But her remaining body put so much pressure on her chin that she was having trouble just staying on the ledge, let alone lifting it up enough to allow adjustments for movement. There was no way she could do this; she had no arms with which she could hold the ledge to alleviate some of the pressure. She had no legs with which she could reach the ground. Reduced to the bare minimum, the ice witch was incapacitated to the very limit.

Lissandra floundered about helplessly, as if the wild flailing of her torso would bring her the answers she needed. Though there wasn't really any other course of action, given her limited frame. And it was through this flopping around madly in the air that Lissandra discovered something vital - she felt her right hip make contact with what appeared to be the wall. It was in her mad fit of wiggling that she had thrusPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Great story! I like the emphasis on her helplessness too


Reference images can be found here: f-list.net/c/Milky%20Pop%20Shinobi and comments and requests in the guestbook's encouraged
It's the log of a scene, so part of the writing will reflect that.

"Alright, it's pretty easy. Just be yourself and think back to your first live concert, okay? That's literally it for this scene." The instructor spoke with a reassuring tone, before returning to his seat, while around the girls, the statist stood ready, some carrying planks, other tools and some of them musical instruments to create the illusion of back-stage crew and between the girls and the camera, an tv-journalist stood ready with a camera man, who was obvious a parody of a real news station, having a "SNN" logo on the side of the camera.

"Alright. Everybody ready? Light, camera aaaand action!" The 4 words the girls had heard so many times before immediately leading to a flurry of activity around them, and the parody news crew walking up to them for a mock interview. "And next up, is the rising stars, 'Milky Pop'." The 'journalist' commented to the camera before turning to the girls and holding the mic before them. "So you're pretty famous, but just in case, could you introduce yourself to any of our viewers back home hadn't heard of you yet?"
For all intent and purpose, then it seemed like any other music video, except that all of their men was waiting for their cue to drop the pretense.

Although it seemed they had gone through the motions countless times before, they still seemed to get somewhat nervous before their interviews. What would the public think of them? What if they say something wrong? Those thoughts would fly through their heads as they worried about the publics perception of them, because in reality their role as idols relies on the public entirely. The group would talk amongst themselves for a bit in order to calm down as the rest of the crew got into their positions, and at the instructor's directions Mai would give a nod with a smile as she sat up straight. The rest of them would slowly follow suit, lining up and posing all pretty for the camera.

At those 4 words they lost that nervous feeling and immediately showed off a confident, cute, and welcoming look that their fans had grown to love. With the mic pointed towards them, the group began to introduce themselves. "Hello~!", Mai would say excitedly as she waved to the camera, "My name is Mai, and I'm second year Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I´ve found a good story. It was published in Yahoo/debreast

Part 1. M/S Topless

Jana couldn't believe how excited she was. Just yesterday at her birthday party her friends had revealed her that they had booked a luxorious cruise aboard the M/S Topless for four and they were leaving the very next day. Being the teenagers they were, there was no question about their intentions of heavy partying and general foolishness. Jana was expecting quite the weekend filled with alcohol, sunshine, beautiful women and endless dancing.

This was to be Jana's first time aboard the famous party ships that they had so many times adored at the city harbour while wondering why all the cruises had age restrictions and wouldn't allow anyone under 18 aboard. Afterall this was a very liberal society based on the views of their ancestors one and a half centuries ago. They had shaped the entire world according to their beliefs and preferrences. This is why Risa Nine was one of the most liberal colonies in the Federation. Very few regulations and directives applied here. The entire world was dedicated to fulfilling desires and lust. The terraforming of the land had been planned so that the entire world was basically one huge white sand beach.

Jana's friends were all older than her. Krissy was 19 already and had definetly been to many cruises, but never really revealed anything to Jana about the parties she had had. Erica had also just turned 19 last month and she too must have had her share of off-shore fun. Keeley was just three months older than Jana and this was to be her first cruise too.

To Jana the ship ahead of them looked almost unreal, it was so massive. Hovering forty feet above the ocean waves was the M/S Topless, a full mile long luxury ship, filled with bars, nightclubs, restaurants, gamehalls, swimming pools and spas. The massive craft even had it's own sand beach on the top level, and beneath it one hundred and sixy floors of entertainment still shrouded in mystery, just waiting to be explored by Jana and her friends.

Jana was well aware that this cruise would also be very sexual in nature. She had been very intimate with her three best friends since their childhood and they were openly lesbians, just like almost every other female on this planet they called home. This was the social structure of Risa Nine and had been so since the first founding mothers arrived with their technology that gave them the ability to shape tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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“Now that was one hell of a woman.”

The voice came from right next to him and he recognized it even if he didn’t realize it. He had heard her moaning from the other side of the wall only a few minutes before.

“She was.”

He turned to look at her. She was five foot even with breasts that would fill out a woman five foot ten. She hadn’t bothered to put her clothes back on and she was clearly still glistening from the treatment she had gotten.

“I went back to my friends and they pointed you out while you were fucking. I really enjoyed it by the way, I’ve never had a better time on the wall even if I hadn’t been picked.”

As she spoke both cocks had been claimed along with another pair of tits, the empty spaces were filling up again.

“I,” he mumbled, “I think I should get these taken care of. It’s much too much for me, but if your friends are interested I’m offering.”

She took him by the arm and led him down the steps to the kitchen door, without a word the concierge took hold of his prize and carried it back. She led him to her table with two others at it introducing them as Mark and Sandra, and herself as Candice. Over several drinks the trio brought a smile to Aaron’s face just in time for their meals to be delivered. Jennifer’s last gift ended up being a bombshell sandwich making Candice remark that her only reservation about being chosen was not getting to taste her own roasted tits. Aaron reflected on the same thoughts for a moment before catching a nice looking guy stare at him for a moment behind the plate glass, he wondered if that man had thought the same thing.

Two hours a pleasant talk, witty humour, and casual sexuality. Candice and Sandra wouldn’t leave Mark’s cock alone and he almost always had at least one hand on a tit. Candice made sure that Aaron was looked after as well, she cleaned up his cock with her mouth and stroked him gently until he could rise to the occasion again, but when she moved in for the kill he forced her to slow down.

“I’ve already cum twice tonight and I don’t want to go flaccid before I get behind the wall.”

“Oh, so you’re here for the wall? That’s exciting. Not many men do it and the meat cooks faster so the chances of being chosen even with a tiny dick is pretty good.”

“I always thought it would be best to try everything at least once, this is something I’ve been dreaming about for a very long time.”

“Well then, since you gave your dear JPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



A few months later the results of that night were clearly visible on Candices and Sandras swollen bellies. One night they were sitting with Mark and his friend Tony in Sandra's and Mark's living room, sipping a glass of wine, talking about the exciting night that day. It was a winter evening and they talked about that other night they spent at the Cut Club. Remembering the wall and the grinder, Candice suddenly felt hot shivers coming up her spine and wrapped her cardigan more tightly around her belly. She felt an inner urge rising ..... She looked at the others with dreamy eyes: " I want to go back there again ...". 


Tony had never been to the Cut Club before and didn't quite know what to expect. With some reluctance he opened the heavy door to the club and gasped at the view of the large glass wall with the grinders and the intense action at the wall above. Aaron and the two heavily pregnant girls followed him, eager in anticipation for the things to come. 

They watched a very athletic guy and two adorable female companions approaching one of the holes in the wall where a stiff cock was sticking out and eagerly waiting for some action. one of the blonde beauties was massaging the cock while the other took care of the beautifully built man. massaging his balls and penis. While the action became more and more intense, our four friends, watching the scene, started massaging each other. Tony and Mark took care of the swollen and milk-filled breasts of their girlfriends while they were  staring fascinated to the wall, anticipating what was to come. 

While the action became more and more intense and you could hear the joyful moans and cries, one of the girls suddenly pressed the button. 
Mark stared fixated at the display behind the glass which was splattered by Aarons blood and intestines. He was so aroused that he came heavily again into Sandras mouth. Both were utterly fascinated by the eagerness with which Aaron and Jessica had sought their fate, but didn't feel ready yet to submit to the wall and the utter beauty of the grinding process.


A few months later the results of that night were clearly visible on Candices and Sandras swollen bellies. One night they were sitting with Mark and his friend Tony in Sandra's and Mark's living room, sipping a glass of wine, taPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Tony immediately started to fuck Candice from behind as well, whereas Jane started working on the tits and belly of Sandra, which she gently caressed. Besides the red button alongside the tits a second button appeared above the belly, apparently to trigger action there. After a brief exchange with Tony and Candice Jane decided to press that button first.

After a few seconds a loud ripping noise could be heard. Two knives had entered the belly from below. An assistant brought a flat bowl and a knife and handed it to Jane. Suddenly Candice had an idea, she laid down besides the bowl, directly under Sandras belly about to be cut open. 

Sandras belly popped half open and Jane began to scoop out the contents with her bare hands. Candice began vigorously smearing herself with the gory innards and blood. When Jane opened the uterus with her knife, Candice began rubbing her belly vigorously with the bloody mass, until something big and slimy popped out and fell on her belly. Candice almost orgasmed and pointed at Jane's blood-smeared knife with a pleading look in her beautiful face.

Jane began slowly to cut open Candices belly, the innards wobbled out and mixed with the bloody gore coming out of Sandys belly. In the meantime Tony took care of Sandys breasts, until the nipples were rock hard. Then he pressed also the button besides the tits. For the uterus content the assistant brought a special silver bowl where the parts were carefully collected by Jane. Tony received the breasts slowly when they popped out of the wall and a minute later the grinders started whirring again. When the trapdoors opened one could see two bodies falling into the grinder, apparently Mark was anally fucking Sandra while falling to his death with her. The amount of gore and blood spurting against the botton of the plexiglass floor was astounding. Jane and Tony carefully disemboweled Candice completely, since she was not able to get up any more, they asked the assistant for an alternative method to have her submit to the grinder. With a smile the assistant pointed to an extra trapdoor in front of the wall which allowed direct descent to the grinder if desired. She also brought a battery driven hand blender for the content of the silver bowl which was put into immediate action by Jane. Tony laid down besides Candice and asked Jane to manually cut off his balls and cock.  Jane carefully castrated Tony with her knife and put the cock and balls into the bowl where it Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Glad to hear you liked it. I am the author. Is this yahoo still active btw?


I love this story, nice to see it reposted here again


If you wanna see the rest of the chapters, comment if you liked the story and i'll post them.

Daniel gets up on a large plastic bucket. He liked to do that every time he was about to say something important. It
also helped with his small stature. Two pairs of eyes were already locked on him. No one else is there, inside this old,
rusty, dirt filled warehouse. There were no doors to breach through. It was their hideout, the special place where their
twisted and dark thoughts weren't met with sighs, parent frenzy and talks of "puberty's difficulties".

"I hereby announce the first official meeting of the "Murder Club", he said in his young voice. He was only 12 years old,
but he was smart, certainly the smartest of the group, a cynical nature, his short haircut giving him a kind of geeky look.
Girly clapping followed this announcement. In front of Daniel, sat two girls. The first had long, curly blonde hair and her
large, excited smile showed off her braces. Annita was 15 and she was the more energetic, quirky and sadistic of the bunch.

Next to her, contrasting her colorful look, a goth girl by the name of Frederique, or "Fred" as the other two called her
now - weirdly enough, she didn't mind. With dark hair, clothes and attitude, she was the oldest of the group, aged 16.

The boy continued. "We will now draw to see who gets to choose first", he said, and produced three pencils, all held in his
right hand, so that only one side was visible. Both girls pulled their chosen pencil at the same time. Frederique's was the
shortest. "Ok Fred, you win", Daniel concluded. "Who is the first victim?"


Frederique always despised the popular girls in her school. Those with the fake personalities, who, on the surface
liked everyone, but never failed to talk shit behind their backs. The superficial, hot chicks who, at the end of the day,
didn't care about anyone but their own "status". Susan was the worst, at least in Frederique's book. Having dated the guy
that Frederique had a crush on during the first year of high-school, might have played a part in her decision. She had the
slim, but curvy body, and the full breasts that Frederique secretly wished she had. At 17 years of age, she was a catch and
she knew it, taking very good care of her appearance, accentuated by her expensive, sexy outfits.

The kPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Annita sure likes to murder people over perceived slights, I wonder how long it will be before the other two decide she's too dangerous to be kept alive...


I'm hoping we get to see a drowning sometime :)



What do you mean? He's one of the three members of the group. :P


Mmm you think? It's not like she can murder them easily by herself though.


A very likely future. ;)



The boy in the core three starts out called Daniel then gets renamed to Nathan in the middle of the last chapter.



Shit, my bad, he is meant to be Daniel. I was writing another story with a Nathan protagonist, that's why it slipt. :P


Part 1
Akaine opened the door into her cold and dark basement. She shivered for a second and turned the light on. Many eyes opened and widened, some in weariness and confusion, and some in fear. She smiled.

“How is everyone?” She asked the room, but it stayed quiet. There were 4 different young women in the room, with the acception of one young man as well.

There was Yuri, a small girl at the age of 11. She had soft blonde hair in pigtails accompanied by a light pink ribbon. She loved Disney shows and liked playing video games with her older brother.

Nike, a senior in highschool, about to graduate. She had long, purple hair tracing down to her ass. Her body was very grown up, with D sized breasts and nice curves around her belly and thighs. She was a big anime fan and enjoyed the communities. She was a borderline weeaboo, even with a fictional “waifu”. Of course, no one in school knew that.

Jasmine, a 15 year old with short, light brown hair. Her face was very soft looking and she was mistaken to be younger often. She was the only one of the girls wearing clothes, having a light pink skirt on and a small laced bra over her B cup breasts. She likes to watch dramas like Shameless and frequents tumblr.

Christina, a 12 year old in the first year of middle school. She was a bit chubby but still had amazing curves and looked very pretty to Akaine. She had short, brown hair and had a purple ribbon covering most of it. She likes hanging out with her friends and enjoys chatting with people online.

Last but not least, was Adrian. He had dark brown hair that was down to his neck and only briefs covering him. He had been the only boy that Akaine had liked in school, hence why he was down here with the all girls. He liked a lot of video games and lurked on websites like Imgur and Reddit frequently.

Then there was Akaine, a 16 year old girl with long brown hair. She was very shy and girly, and loved cute clothes. She was wearing a short, purple dress that was sparkly and light.


Part 2 coming later tonight (Probably)


I'm looking forward to it. Please don't pull a me and forget all about it.







Ebony- 3ft creature with large, droopy ears, ivory skin, a large mouth vertically down her center, and 4-fingered hands and 3-toed feet. She is a the chosen of an old one known as the Hungerer, is in a constant state of hunger, feeds off of others as they eat, and her limbs are more like tendrils. She is a cook, preparing and making meals to feed people and animals so she can feed, and cannot die unless her old one does not want her to live again.
Emiko- Artist emikochan has volunteered herself to be Ebony's meat ingredient for a skewered meat dish.

// Part One//
"I use three knives as my main cooking utensils, but, sometimes, I use other pieces of equipment. This," Ebony said as she pointed out the large stainless steel rod, "is my unspoken fourth." She added as she walked around it.

Emiko smiled as she watched the cook examine and admire the rod. "And you're going to live-cook me with it?"

The rod was not very intimidating, standing straight as it was, but it did not leave much to the imagination of what would happen to Emiko.

"The client asked for a whole human sow, live and edible, and lightly coated in soy with the brain exposed and seasoned with lemon and soy and a splash of sake." Ebony informed as she made sure the rod was in place.

Less than three feet tall itself, the rod was mounted to the ground and virtually immovable, and it was easy to see that Emiko would not be able to be impaled unless she sat down in a cross-legged fashion.

"So that's why the table is VIP only." Emiko noted.

Ebony looked up at her and nodded. "Yep! Gutting, cleaning, preparations, stuffing, and serving are all done here, and video taped upon request." She added before producing a menu from under the bench of the table. "But this is the only VIP room, since it's too far away for me to benefit from." She explained.

The table was built with a small charcoal grill in front of and behind where the meat would be impaled, a small selection of condiments and toppings available, and a bench to the left and right of the meat for up to three people on each to sit comfortably.

Currently, it was all covered in thick plastic to keep it clean and fresh for when the clients came in, the polished smooth wood nearly reflective, and the grills empty of fuel but available in rough paper bags.

"Would you like something to eat before we start? Rice, pudding, pasta, and rollsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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fantastic work <3 Thankyou so much ^_^


a lovely little story. always fun and sexy to see emiko die in new and exiting sexy ways, esepcialy when she ends up as food.


Now this is nice.

I love that the snuff is not just consensual, but pleasurable and exciting as well. That, and one of my favorite guro artists is the meal!


A story with a wonderful artist here - that's really wonderful ^_^


Hey Emiko

People sure love to prepare a girl like you.


The marketplace bustled with an impossible amount of movement. An orange hue drenched each separate slab of concrete laid out throughout the busy courtyard. Booths riddled either side of the street, cotton tops ruffling in the wind. The heavy aroma of heavenly foods wafted through the narrow passageways, and every two feet forwards brought a new scent. The cloaked man shoved through hoards of ambling villagers, admiring the various trinkets and foods slowly. But the man had a mission. People grumbled as he pushed through, but quickly returned to their business, paying no mind to the awfully suspicious figure floating through the packed market.

He began to reach the end of the market and the strong aromas died down, dissipating to more a sweaty stench. The crowd grew thinner, but despite this, the air felt hotter. In front of him, beyond a few homeless stragglers that awaited meat scraps given by sympathetic villagers, was a large fountain, where the market slowly drifted to a halt. There, set up just in front of the fountain, was the booth the man had looked for. It was one of the larger booths, and a rug of some animal’s skin laid out in front of a man reclining peacefully in a wicker chair. He smoked a large pipe that caused smoke to billow beautifully from the man’s chapped, tired lips. To the left of the booth was a massive, open top wagon that blocked one half of the circular intersection. A big cloth draping was hastily thrown overtop the wagon that darkened the interior of the mysterious structure. The cloaked man approached quickly.

“You selling?” He said, flipping his hood down.

“Sure am.” The vendor replied. He had a great timbre to his voice, and it rumbled through his heavy dialect.

“Let me see your specials for the day.”


“Best sellers.” The vendor snapped his fingers in acknowledgment then stood up. He walked to the back of the tarp-covered wagon and pushed the two flaps that served as a makeshift door. He barked unintelligible orders and threw some slaps and hits, and as he exited the cart, so too did three young, naked girls, bound together with rusty, metal shackles. They were all dirty, sweaty, and clearly uncomfortable. They shambled to the rug where they promptly stopped. The vendor grabbed a flog that lay on a stand nearby and brought all three of the girls to their knees with a single swipe. The man, despite being poor with observations, noted tear marks staiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Ella was such a good girl. Doomed from the start and knew it, but was so obedient. :-D Loved this story!


What a perfect place to spend the afternoon perusing the wares and making a purchase or two.

I note with great interest the "Part 1", as I hope to see more of the merchandise being inspected, sold, and used.


The Last Ride of the Dragonbride

(consensual snuff, sizeplay, bestiality, hard vore, impalement, fucked to death, love)

Stars faded from the sky as birds began to fill the forests with their musical, raucous calls. Trees lay thick upon the hills of Haedell, the wild never tamed so far east, where humans had yet to spread. The noise was enough to reach Swyena half a mile up, listening from upon her mount as Dumin beat his massive black wings against the air. She smiled as the birds began to go silent, intimidated by his dark silhouette against the blush of dawn.

She had slept in her saddle the night before, exhausted after leaving the earth of the battlegrounds soaked in blood. The king of Haedell had called for the Dragonbrides, begging the aid of their mounts against the unsurmountable hordes of rebels that had backed him into a corner, lead by his own former general. The man was as skilled in tactics and strategy as his former liege was lacking in them, and his advantage had been great. It had taken all day to lay waste to the rebel legions, thousands of former farmers given arms and training that was sufficient to lead them to victory in battle after battle against the professional soldiers of the Royal Army. They had not had a chance against Dragon Riders, but they had fought bravely until the bitter end regardless.

Such struggles always left Swyena tired, not least from how her heart had beat rapidly in terrified exhilaration during every moment of combat, despite how safe she had been from swords and lances, high upon Dumin's back. The dragon was the only real fighter of the pair, unlike some brides who prided themselves on being as dangerous on the ground as their mounts were in the air. Having to associate with her fellowship had also been tiring - there had been endless questions in every spare moment about where she had been before the call, why she had not been seen practically once since her apprenticeship had ended. Hearing them drill her on every detail, one would have thought they were a group of fretting aunts in some village, as opposed to a circle of equals flying miles above a battle. Able to slip away when it was clear the battle was concluding, Swyena had directed Dumin to fly low, then slumped against his warm, sleek neck, and the sound of his wings and heart both beating had quickly lulled her to sleep

Where they wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Fuck, that was hot. Great build-up (always nice to see a little character and world building in a story, even a snuff one lol) and great finish — though it wouldn't hurt to have drawn it out a little more! Do you have any other stories on this site/elsewhere?


I have a collection of four Undertale stories posted here as well. I consider them slightly better written and if you enjoyed this you would enjoy them.>>9722


Another story way more hot than I could've possibly expected! And I loved reading your Undertale series too, goat mom snuff all the way!




A cute Fish and the sea Restaurant.

Close to the coast of Sydney, a lovely voice is heard. A small black shadow glides through the sea. To whom does this lovely voice belong?
Leila is a brave mermaid veal. With her golden hair and her silvery tail fin, she belongs to a particularly rare breed of mermaids. She has a smooth skin and small but well-shaped breasts. An innocent girl like her is a popular prey in the ocean. As such a Valuable Girl, she normally is strictly guarded…
But today she seems to be traveling alone!
"Daddy is so mean! As if I could not take care of myself!" She complains. "The ocean is dangerous, but he can’t lock me up at home forever!"
A small fish nudges her.
“I Know! I should speak with my Father…” She says annoyed. "But first I would like to see the sea diamonds!"
Frantically, the fish swims back and forth.
“You already sound like my father! ^Leila the diamonds are dangerous! ^”
Leila ignores every warning and approaches the coast. It doesn’t take long before she finds the diamonds! These are precious stones in rainbow colors. A big pile lies right in front of her. It is strange that no one has taken them yet...
the fish tries to hold her back.
“Stop! I just want to look from a closer angle!” She manages to shake off the fish.
Carelessly she swims to the stones. Suddenly a trap is triggered. A net wrap around Laila's body. “What?” She is completely tied and helpless, she looks quite shocked.
The fish shakes his head.
“Don’t be so mean! I know you have warned me! Hey not run away!"
Poor Leila… According to the law of the ocean, a fish is considered dead when he gets caught by Humans. She tries to free herself with all her strength. But it's too late. The fishing net already get pulled upward. After just a few moments, she feels the unusually dry air.
"For real?" Leila complains.
Confused, she tries to scan the environment. She is on a boat and there is a girl! She looks into the big eyes of a young women cook. She seems hardly older than herself. She could be her sister. But there is a big difference: She is a Human… Leila is just prey.
"What a wonderful catch! We have a main menu!" Says the cook, grinning.
Leila doesn’t understand a word ... But she can imagine what she said. It would be unfair to keep fighting. She is lower in the food chain. She must submit…"It's a pity ... But lost is lost…”
The cook looks at her questioningly.
"Oh, I forgot that HuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


do you mind if I translate it and repost it somewhere else?


np do as you like


Thanks, the mermaid is so cute.



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