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Kimmy was a good girl. Every day she would wake up early, dress up in the prettiest outfits, then take a calm stroll through the local park. She was an absolute angel, so sweet and kind. She knew the names of everyone she passed by on her walks and would greet them cheerfully each and every morning. In turn, the passersby would greet her back, often complimenting her beaming smile or her cute outfit for the day. These little interactions made Kimmy very happy. Mornings like those were the most blissful times of Kimmy's life.

This particular morning, however, was the worst one of Kimmy's life. This morning, right before she was able to complete her lap around the park, a stranger jumped out of a van and dragged Kimmy inside. The person injected her with a syringe and knocked Kimmy out in seconds. The whole time, Kimmy tried as hard as she could to fight back. Kimmy had recognized the van, she knew what they wanted with her. As her mind slipped into unconsciousness, she prayed for mercy. There would be none of that for her.

Kimmy woke up with a start some time later. For Kimmy, it had felt like time had passed in an instant. One moment, she was being injected with some kind of drug, the next, she was wide awake in a totally different location, laying on what seemed like a hospital bed. To her shock and horror, Kimmy discovered she no longer had any arms or legs. She was little more than a torso and a head now, completely naked with her long blonde hair tied into a tight braid. Kimmy cried out in despair. Her life was ruined for good. She would never walk in the park again, she would never be able to put on cute clothes herself anymore. The perfect mornings she used to know were gone forever.

A nurse came in to calm Kimmy down. As Kimmy had expected, the nurse had a NBIS badge on her uniform. The National Breeding Initiative Sector. Then it was true, Kimmy had been chosen by the specialized governmental department to serve as a living cum-station. Kimmy had always heard of girls being taken by the NBIS in the middle of the day, but she had never expected that she would be one of them. Kimmy sobbed pathetically as she realized that she would be forced to sleep with dozens of men daily for years to come.

"All to combat the unprecedented population decline." That was the reasoning behind the cum-station program. Soon, Kimmy would be transported to a local brothel where she would spend the rest of her days getting impregnated Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Has the story been abandoned?


This needs to be bumped. I have some more ideas for Kimmy, but not until she's quite a bit older (she's going to be the first member of the NBIS's new hucow program!) but I don't really have any ideas for between where we are now and then. I hope E-Sarah comes along with her Mom's part soon.


I've been sitting on some ideas while waiting for E-Sarah's bit. I didn't want to step on her toes, as it were. It's been almost three months, so... I guess I'm going to write something else, instead. I'll see if I can get it posted tonight. I just want more amputee content on here, y'all. There's SO MUCH snuff, which is great, but this is what I'm into.


This is so good though please continue!


Tags: pedo, torture, consensual, cannibalism, incest

The quiet, almost too-timid knock on my study door was just loud enough to be audible. As I looked away from my laptop, the blond mop of my daughter's head poked in. In theory I was working, in reality I had been lost in my thoughts for the last few minutes over a problem with young Alison.

"Daddy, we need you to do something"
"I'm a little busy at the moment Joanna"
"Pleaaase Daddy, this will literally take 5 minutes"

There was giggling coming from behind her, clearly the 4 friends over for her sleep over where lurking nearby. I gave a slightly exaggerated sign and got out of my chair, as I joined them in the corridor it was to my surprise I found them all in various stages of undress.

My daughter Joanna was still wearing the top of the soft flannel pyjamas she had changed into earlier, but had discarded the bottoms, revealing her cute little bubble-butt and smooth 13 year old cuntlet, decorated with only a tiny tuft of public hair at the top of her slit.

Emma, her best friend, who was petite for a 14 year old was wearing a long penguin nightie, but had pulled it up over her shoulders so now it hung down her back from her neck, like a cloak with Her long auburn hair hanging over it. Her cunt and tits were similarly under-developed; both had that smooth puffyness that promised a girlish softness.

Krista, her little black friend, had lost her clothes completely. I discretely eyed up her slender form and the super-pert breasts which stuck out from her chest so prominently. There was a flash of silver between her legs and I realised with annoyance she had one of our bone handled spoons inserted into her fillet.

Chloe is a very sensible girl, the kind who does well at college and ends up in a career with a lottery exclusion, so for a moment I took her to be fully clothed. Then I realised the crotch of her pyjamas had been cut out to expose her cunt also. Well developed for a 13 years old, her lips glisened with excitement and were framed by a soft carpet of light fur.

Alison was still wearing the sleek purple silk baby-doll I recognised from previous sleep overs. At 16 (she had been held back a year) she was much more developed than the other girls, her large breasts were resting outside her lingerie, and crotch panel undone to reveal the smoothness of her shaven cunt.

Under the pretexPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Consensual is always hot. Excellent story. Is there a part 2?


A part 2 or another story like this one would be wonderful...


Thanks for the feedback guys, I don't have a part 2 in mind, but when something else comes to mind I'll see about writing it up.


Fans can be so demanding...


Wonderfull story. Really like it.


A man picks up a stranded hitchhiker, and soon finds out that she wants much more from him than just a lift.

The Hitchhiker

 The hitchhiker stood on the edge of the road, facing away from his slowly approaching car, with the thumb of one hand cocked out.

 He was quite surprised at this, as the road he was driving on was quite some distance off the main highways. They were so far out, in fact, that the road wasn't even paved. The packed shale, which was relatively smooth, gave way in places to bare and rough dirt, which was often rutted from the rains of the previous winter and spring. Really, the "road" barely qualified as one; trees and shrubs grew to within a few feet of its edge, and grass creeped right up to the sides, sometimes even springing up in between the wheel tracks themselves.

 That someone should be trying to hitch a ride out here, of all places, was unusual. Even more unusual, he noted, as his eyebrows raised up and his mouth dropped opened slightly in surprise, was the fact that the hitchhiker was a woman. Hell, she young enough that she was scarcely more than a girl.

 And, most surprising of all, she was utterly gorgeous.

 She was wearing only a pair of ragged, cut off jean shorts, with a white, short, and rather tight tank top, and a pair of small white tennis shoes. The outfit showcased her body well, which was all to the good, as far as he was concerned, because her body was fantastically proportioned. Her limbs were clean, long, and strong, with hints of toned muscle beneath smooth, tanned skin. Her waist, narrow and slim, was the perfect counterpoint to the flare of her hips and her full bottom, the lower portion of which was only barely covered by her snug shorts.

 Her long hair, which was a lovely shade of medium brown, fell in easy waves to her mid back. Even her hands were pretty, with one curled into a light fist and held out, her thumb stuck up in the classic hitchhiker's position. The other was scratching ruefully at the back of her head, as she gazed down the road in the direction opposite of the one he was coming from, as if she were questioning all the choices that she had made leading to her being stuck out here, without transportation, alone in the middle of nowhere.

 She must have been distracted, perhaps even humming to herself as she stood there, because she didn't seem to hear him slowly approachinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I love your art, I cried from laughter. My dreams will be well tonight.


I enjoyed this so much

Coercion penectomy stories are my fav. Where someone wasn't entirely willing but is mentally overwhelmed or pushed into consenting.


Wow! This was really hot.

The enticement & teasing elements were hugely appealing to me.

I could do without the whining/sniveling moments as they aren't to my preference - I'm ludicrously big on consenting participants.

But, DAMN. Very nicely done. I greatly approve.




I liked the build up and his reluctance, then his desire getting the better of him. I wish you hadn't glossed over the actual penectomy so quickly, though.


This story is not a racist's prophecy of Europe. It's about zombification diseases that explode, and dedicated to anon.

BOOM. I jumped up. Looking towards the sound, where it originated, people were screaming.

First thing I did was check social media. Nothing. Some posts asking "the hell was that" and jokes about world war and accusations.

Glancing out the window again and saw smoke billowing from over some trees. I ran downstairs and out the door towards the source.

"Run! There's a terrorist attack! Or something! I- I don't know what-"

some blonde lady caught me trying find trouble and kept lfinching her eyes towards where I was running, which was where she clearly had just been. She caught her breath and gulped.

"Look, call 911, someone did. I don't know, just- ugh. Just be safe don't go there."

Her eyes were wide and she was paler than usual. I had seen around before, such a pretty girl.

"Miss, can you tell me what happened?"

"A bomb went off! Duh!"

"Ok miss." I started jogging again, and she called me crazy. Turns out, she wasn't wrong. I should've stayed.

As I ran to the explosion, I noticed the air grtting thicker. Much thicker, like I was breathing stone gas. It dawned on me that I would have respiratory issues unless I turned back immediately.

I started sprinted the other direction and into an apartment building. Knocking on a random door on the top floor, I was able to find an old asian man surprised by my appearance.

"What? Who are you? What are you doing here?"

"Please can I watch from your window? I'm a journalist." Partially true. I wrote a lot about what I've seen.

"Okay, just for some time." He went into his kitchen and I heard him pouring liquids.

In the distance were shambling victims of the attack. There were several people lumbering around, many more strewn over the ground, and others were gathered around rubble actively trying to help the fallen.

The cloud of exploded metal and concrete had grown rather green in patches but was mostly brown and gray. I noticed that even the healthy volunteers who had just rushed in to save people were increasingly itchy; they couldn't keep from scratching themselves. I felt itchy just looking at them.

"Wouldnyou-" "wh@HGH! SORRY, I UH... I was startled, this is intense." He was obviously as startled by my reaction. I took my phone out to record.

"Understandable. WoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The worst? Oh, I'm blushing! Please, flattery will get you nowhere.


>>10816 Here think of me when you listen to this </:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmKHHdqwVes


Half the city is dead. The rest live on the outskirts. On top of economic and ecologic disasters, we now have plagues. I've dealt with one bomzom in person. It was horrifying.

Running low on groceries, I bused to the shop at the edge of town, but they were out of everything. A woman there was arguing with the shop owner.

"What am I supposed to do? I need eggs and milk!"
"There's another shop downtown.." The guy behind his counter was unsure.
"Oh yeah, so I can march into a wasteland battlefield? It may as well be in the quarantine zone."
"Miss, I'll go for you, if you pay me." As always, I'm one to make an easy buck off a gambit. She agreed, giving me her number and promising to meet me with cash after I show up with her list fulfilled.

As I waited on the bus- which didn't get within a mile of my new destination- I contemplated how it was ironic the sky was bright and cloudless. Perhaps the foggy quarantined zone absorbed all the moisture.


I was all alone with the driver on the bus for over 3 miles, getting off at the last stop. The entire ride was eerie. Some people still lived in these houses, the lights were on, but nobody was walking around. It used to be a very traveled road. Looking out the windows, only one other car passed us at some point, and some dude was puking in his backyard.

"Thanks." I stepped off.
The bus driver sighed and shook his head then said "Good luck."

It was a long quiet walk. Perhaps 20 minutes. I saw a couple of people in their windows, but heard almost nothing. No birds chirping, nor dogs barking. Occasionally, I heard someone hammering or puking.

Nearing the store, there was a lanky woman leaning against a wall. Because of how thin she was, I initially thought she was taller than me, but she was just very thin. She had to be a heroin addict, I thought.

"Buy me some water please.." She said before she even saw me. Maybe I was in her peripheral vision or maybe she heard my footsteps. She moved her head up and her eyes danced around then locked on to me. She stood up and it clearly took effort for her to stand on just her own 2 feet.

"Why not drink faucet water?"

"It's not running. You didn't hear? What's it like on the other end of town? I should... check... ugh." She collapsed.

"Girl are you on drugs or withdrawing right now?"

"I don't do drugs..."


"Ok ok, I smoke weed.. when I can.. and I've snorted before but... there's something in the water."

"The water that's not running?"

"Not anymore... It's still running for some people but they said it's green and murky."

"Ok, I'll spot you a bottle just this once." I walked down a block, letting her sit instead of following me, and rang a bell. I heard shuffling behind a half-open door and some rusty old man, dirt covering him, bumbled half-asleep to the register.


"WHAT WAS THAT?!" I jumped. He seemed only half scared, like a kid jumped out at him.

"Happens." He shrugged.

I gave him the funds and left, walking past the thin thirsty girl and tossing her a bottle.

"Thank you." She said weakly.

"Good luck." I walked briskly, occasionally jogging, until I reached the bus stop. Druggies everywhere. Where'd they come from? Some fat, some skinny, none were fit. They were moaning "oww." All of them wePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The lady who's groceries I bought parked outside the old man's apartment building and asked if she could come up with me.
"So you saw a girl's ass explode. I still can't get over this."
"Like balloons but grenades. Boom. Then boom. She was crying and boom. One cheek then the other, not a half second later."
"And she didn't drop dead?"
"Nope, she danced. Like I said, all around... stomping all around and the guts, how they slowly fell like sludge then ripped..."
"How? I mean-..." She looked down and bit her fingers. "How... did she not die, instantly?"
"I guess she wasn't lucky, the explosion wasn't that bad, no shrapnel, just globes of assfat slamming her back... It almost got on me. Gross."
"Gross?! A woman is dead!"
"I know! It was horrifying!" she leaned back and sighed. "Can I come up with you? My husband is a long distance away. I don't want to do anything but... I want company."
I figured she was a cutie and rather young, and the old man could use more company- as could I, in all honesty. She might keep us both young.
So she comes up with me and the old man is shocked to see us, literally hugging me and saying there's a massacre where I just was. Bombs going off everywhere. We already knew that simply from hearing explosions and witnessing.
"People got killed by bones flying into them! A man died when his brother's arms flew everywhere!"
I looked up videos of this; Peoples' arms were too fat for them to go anywhere, like tumors, but then they'd grow mushrooms from their arms and sometimes just explode. They were collecting everyone suspected of being infected.
'WARNING: STAY CLEAN. GIVE EVERYONE PLENTY OF SPACE. COVER YOUR MOUTH.' underlined horrific photos of what can go wrong if people didn't fall in line.
There was even a host of videos on porn sites of guys and girls who were masturbating over their diseased chubby moldy legs. On other, more sinister sites, people were tormented, mostly the infected being shot at with bb guns or hit with sticks on their diseased limbs, a particularly tortured girl was hung upside down, being taunted about how she had flat chests and now her giant pale boobs were just disgusting- even though in truth, there wasn't much wrong with them color-wise or in any other way except being cartoonishly big and having incredibly long nipples that were like rope. Some taller hotter girls were like vixens, slapping her breasts and tying her nipples into knots.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


[Shout out to my awesome beta reader Eterya!]

My phone rang just as the linguini timer went off. 'Bum bum be-dum, bum bum be-dum bum,' my beloved wife's ringtone. "Siri, answer." I was almost done with our 25th anniversary dinner, and Mira was probably on her way home with the show. "Hello beautiful."

"Darling, could you please put on some extra dinner tonight?" She asked in an apologetic tone. "I'm bringing home a girl I met asking for money outside the post office. She said the motel was going to kick her out. Sorry I didn't ask you first, but I just couldn't bear the thought of her not having a warm place to sleep tonight."

"But of course." How did Mira find someone so quickly? She'd only been gone about half an hour, 20 minutes of which were the drive from our house back to civilization. Did another shelter run out of money and have to close down? "When do you think you'll be home?"

"Half an hour if I follow the traffic laws, 20 minutes if I fudge it a bit."

"I'll see you in half an hour then. It's important to obey the traffic laws, and I wouldn't want you to get hurt." As I reached the ladle into the pot to taste the linguini, I burned my thumb on the side. "Fuck!" I hurried to the sink to run my thumb under cold water.

After making sure that the burn wouldn't become serious, I strained the linguini in the sink and returned them to the pot, then opened the top cabinets for a can of tomato sauce, some napkins, a bottle of chloroform, and a hand rag. The former two were for Mira and I, the latter two for our guest. Mira and I always enjoyed that little game of ours where I would knock her out, film myself stripping her naked and fucking her, then tie her to a chair with a vibrator on her pussy and force her to watch the film when she woke up. But the chloroform wasn't for her this time.

Half an hour later as I heard Mira's car pull in to the driveway I opened the door with my right hand, hiding the chloroformed rag behind it in my left. She got out of the car, the pale skin of her face and the cleavage shown by her tight green V-neck dress highlighted nicely by the moonlight.

The girl getting out of the passenger seat had to be somewhere around 20, 25, and was wearing a stained and torn blue jeans and an even more stained, but not as torn, blue t-shirt. Through her - slightly flimsy - shirt I could see that her tits were almost as big as Mira's D-Cups, andPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Get away...she had to get away!! It was ridiculous, Toph, the greatest earthbender in the world, degraded to digging through the underground like some panicky badger-mole, naked as her nameday as her dirty hands and feet plowed through the earth, her blind eyes frantically rolling while her scattered mind was unable to process the overload of sensitive vibrations crashing in on her from every direction.

Still she couldn't understand how it possibly could have come to this, how could she have been defeated and raped by that assassin?? She never lost a battle, especially not against another earthbender! She was the greatest in the world. And...yet that was precisely what had happened, her penetrated leg and throbbing, bleeding pussy vivid proof of her shame.

At least she had managed to get away now though, used her last ounce of strength to push him off and escape under the earth, escape to reunite with her friends and live to fight another day. Skilled as that assassin may be, surely he wouldn't be able to follow her here at least. The earth was her home, her sanctuary, he couldn't possibly invad...

Toph never saw the sudden plunge coming. One moment she had been burrowing downwards into the core of the island to get away as far as possible, the next she...suddenly was falling? The earth around her parting, robbing her of her footing as she helplessly fell through midair, completely blind with no earth to guide her vision, arms and legs pedaling through empty space for any form of handle.

For just a moment she feared she may be falling foever, fall straight through the island and into the water beneath to be left to drown with her inability to swim, probably paddling like some helpless newborn. Yet thankfully that wasn't the case as she soon felt the impact of earth again, the drop little more than a few meters. The ground beneath her was soft and muddy, not ideal for bending, yet so endlessly better than the blind drop just now. Crawling about on all fours she pressed her hands into the earth, trying to see.

Where...was she? Why had the earth parted so suddenly...where was he? There...by the gods, she could see him, standing on the edge of some form of crater she found herself in.

He never said a word, just watching. So she spoke for him, her tone a few pitches too high for her liking, too squeaky, betraying her age and fear. "I'm warning you, the Avatar won't tolerate this!! You bettPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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so good


Intend to snuff the other avatar girls?


Glad you guys liked it. ^^ But no, I didn't really plan on writing any other avatar related stuff, this was more of a quick, spur of the moment thing a friend on discord requested. I didn't even proof-read this either, hence the annoying amount of small typos.

That said though, if you had any ideas or suggestions, I could try to come up with another story.


More dark gore with head destruction, bowel release, even farting would be great


Young Katara being blood bent into being a fuck toy with some foot action and then beheaded?


This is a work of fiction. Anything written here should never be attemped ik real life. I do not condone or support any harm towards any kind of beings.
Only and only if said harm or sexual practices depicted here stay inside fiction (and stay that way) we will be fine.
Also, this story may contain scat, vomit, watersports, humiliation, excessive cum and dismemberment. Be careful.

This story takes place in "Obey" universe, where females from age 3 until they die must obey any order from any male, be it pointless, sexual or more common things such waiting on some spot. Said females can be freed from their submissive and almost slave-ish position by a male, granting them permission to be free (once that is said, the female can give orders to other females and they must comply them. Also, freed females can disregard any order and retain that freed status forever).
Economy works the same way as the real world, albeit a bit more fucked up, since some abusive males order females to pay their bills, thus making females poorer.
Reproduction is still as usual, but with those orders in place, many kids are left in the streets on their own without a father or income.
Education works almost the same, with boys being required to complete high school to be competent on the world and girls being disregarded, however, if someone issues an order to a girl that she must attend school, they must do so under the school's policy and the father's policy. Inside the school, orders still apply.
If a female fails to complete an order, a punishment is issued. It may vary from simple and straightforward picking up trash and depositing them on trash bins to more severe, like public humiliation and amputation.

In this story we will follow Michelle Figueroa, a 12 year old girl with spanish roots, average body shape for a 12 year old and her (mis)adventures in this fucked up world. She likes to cosplay various anime characters and take pictures of herself to upload to Facenook. She has lived a somewhat normal life by her protective parents, only being issued simple orders such to take out the trash, clean the dishes, clean her bedroom... Until one day, she is issued an order by Lewis that would change her life for ever.


Chapter 1: The turning tide

"Come on mom! I have cleaned my bedroom TWICE this day" shouted Michelle through the living room.
"Michelle... I'm just asking you to pick up your laptop from your bed and put it on the desk. I do not want to punish you" said Michelle's mom, Patricia, who was a freed woman.
Needless to say, Michelle was starting to be a teenage, trying to be rebelious and making a storm for anything. She stormed out of the living room going upstairs, entering her bedroom and placing the laptop on the desk. Then she shouted "I'm done doing that! Do you want me to go outside and bring stupid things from the supermarket!?"
Unfortunately for her, that was enough for Patricia to stop cooking and go directly to Michelle's room.
"What did you just say, little lady?" asked patrica with anger in her tone.
"What you heard, old lady" answered Michelle, defiance was to be found in her voice.
"You know what Michelle? I will take that. Go get a stupid onion, a stupid carrot and a stupid potato. You will be eating broth today, not the T-bone I was cooking for each of us. After you return, you are grounded. That means no TV, no celphone and no going out with your friends. You can keep the laptop. You need it for your school" expressed Patricia.
"Wha-tev-er you want, m'lady" mouthed Michelle before shunning her mother aside and going down the stairs towards the door.

As she stepped out of her house she headed to the supermarket. She was fighting to hold back her tears. She hated being grounded, and almost hated her mom for grounding her and taking away her T-bone.
When she made it to the supermarket she saw a beggar girl asking for money, and just before Michelle entered the supermarket, she saw a man approaching the girl and starting to take his penis out. Michelle was accustomed to watching that kind of scenes, where women were ordered and almost forced to do things. She considered it normal and she knew she was fortunate enough to never have experienced that kind of thing.
After picking the vegetables she made her way to the checkout lane and paid for them. When she exited the supermarket, Michelle saw the girl was being vaginally penetrated by the same man who was giving the girl some coins.

Michelle arrived at her house, opened the door and headed towards the kitchen, where her mom was cooking the 2 T-bones and boiling the water for Michelle's broth.
"I-I'm here mom... SorryPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 2: Slowly accepting

Michelle was slowly coming back to her senses but she noticed she couldn't move at all. Also she couldn't see anything. She felt rings locking her in place and she was blindfolded. Michelle knew this wasn't going to be nice. Unfortunately for her, Lewis was watching her awakening, so he spoke "Well well, look who's awake. I'm sure you have a lot of questions, but I will answer none because... You're a 12 year old and I'm a 16 year old so just cope with it. Don't worry about your parents, I called and told them that I was giving you some orders, so everything is nice!
First of all, I'm pretty sure you know what 'cum' is. This machine you're strapped to can pump 200 liters of semen into you along the span of 24 hours. And yes, you're gonna ride it for 24 hours straight. Because you won't have any food or water during that time, you need to learn how to start drinking semen. It hs lots of nutrients!. I just borrowed my dad's credit card to order 250 liters of horse cum so don't worry, you won't get pregnant.
Before we start I want you to drink something special I have been making just for you"

Lewis went to a dusty drawer and took out a cup full of rotting semen and he added aphrodisiacs into it along with a bit of yellow powder. Lewis mixed it all with a rusty nail he found on the floor and exclaimed "It is ready, miss Figueroa". As he said that, he pinched Michelle's right nipple to make her scream and force her to open her mouth. He held her mouth open while he poured the mix into her. She immediatly started gagging from the stench and taste it had, but she knew that if she didn't drink it, Lewis would make it worse for her.

Yellowish cum dribbled down Michelle's cheek and she started revolting her stomach to try to get that awful mix out of her.

Lewis stepped back and admired his work, explaining what he made Michelle drink "You know, I lied, that wasn't made for you, it was made for any girl that I chose to abduct here. As you can judge from the taste, that semen is at least 2 months old, I also added aphrodisiacs to it and I added a 'pain enhancer', which will make you feel everything worse. I will now flip a switch and the machine will come to life to start your torture"

With that, Lewis turned on the machine and 3 dildos positioned themselves in front of each Michelle's hole. The dildos had an opening at the center to allow cum to exit them and enter Michelle'Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 3: The endurance

Michelle's rest wasn't long and wasn't pleasurable either. Her swollen vagina and anus were bleeding profusely and her stomach looked like she was 7 months pregnant. She could taste the after-taste of the cum she was forced to swallow.

Just when she thought she could try to rest she heard the door of the locker opening and she knew Lewis was coming down. She closed her eyes to try to fool Lewis, however, he had other plans.
When Lewis was just besides her and trying to not step on the horse cum, he lifted his leg and stomped on Michelle's right breast, squashing it and elicting a scream of pain from the cum-coated girl.

"Wake up slut, you need to clean thi up!" said Lewis when Michelle stopped screaming.
"There is no way I'm cleaning what you made to me!" shouted Michelle with a pained voice. Suddenly she realized she was in deep trouble now, and she started to accept that she was a woman and as one, she needed to obey Lewis. Howerever, Lewis wasn't pleased with the response he got from Michelle, stomping again on her right tit. He kept stomping and stomping until Michelle pleaded him to stop. "You gonna clean this mess?" asked Lewis and Michelle was unable to answer, her eyes were closed and her hands were clutching her injured breast, so she just moved her head in a 'yes' motion and Lewis exited the basement.

When the pain subsided a bit, Michelle tried to stand but her legs were too weak to support her weight, so she crawled on all fours around the basement trying to find anything to mop all the cum and small turds that were on the floor. She couldn't find anything to do it besides her uniform so she picked up her blouse and started mopping the cum with it. Soon enough the blouse was drenched with cum and she moved onto her skirt. Again, the skirt was drenched and the stench was getting worse. She used her thighhighs, her bra and her panties, only to get them all covered in sticky and rotting cum and she was nowhere to being finished. Michelle wondered how Lewis wanted it to be clean, until it dawned on her. Lewis wanted Michelle to clean that all with her body, be it licking it or stuffing it inside her holes. Just the thought of doing it made Michelle sick but she had no choice so she extended her toungue and started licking the cum. When she was overwelmed by it, she started to stuff it into her vagina and then her asshole. She took almost 8 hours to do it, and her staminPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I got stuck half way down a long story, so I wanted to try something easier for a while. It ended up being a little longer than planed, and it probably needs a little more work, but I think you might enjoy it.

Also, this is my first decapitation story, a fantasy that I am enjoying quiet a lot now.

As always, let me know what you think if it (good or bad)!

disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!

The taxi driver kept looking at me through the mirror as I squirmed on my seat, the making it even harder to concentrate, but there was little I could do about it. I gritted my teeth in frustration and then another wave hit me. Desperate not to scream, I bit my lower lip, but a weak moan managed to escape.

Next to me Megan was looking out the window, smiling innocently. She had her phone in her hand, and when she saw me looking she grinned, flipping it on once more.

Groaning in anticipation, I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on something else. My neighbor's face, my gym teacher’s hairy butt crack, a pile of garbage, anything that could help me. But it was useless.

A moment later I felt the vibrator inside me changing rhythm and the frenzied humming filled the inside of the taxi. A moan escaped my mouth before I could stop it, and the taxi driver looked at me once more, smirking as my face turned red.

“Please… turn it off, Megan… please, I beg you…” I pleaded weakly.

She turned towards me, smiling innocently as she did something on her phone. A moment later the vibrations slowed down a bit, and I started to relax thinking that it was over. But just when I lost my concentration for a moment, it sped up yet again, going even faster than before.

“Pleaseeeeeee!” I begged once more.

But she didn't listen. The vibrator started moving inside me, but this time it the rhythm was unpredictable, and it became impossible for me to resist. I started moving my hips, grinding my pussy against the seat as I desperately tried to cum. My pussy was dripping wet, and I could feel my panties getting soaked with my juices as I started hyperventilating.

And then it just stopped, leaving me aroused but unable to cum.

I opened my eyes Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Extremely nice. I can't believe I missed this when it came out.


I am glad you liked it! I think I will start posting them in parts, because if I just post the whole thing at once, people just read it and then forget about it...


Well written.






This is a series of snuff stories I am writing for a commission. Though they are not my best work (I consider that to be my Undertale series also posted here), they are generally enjoyable enough that I figured it would be worth sharing them here, since I have been permitted to.

It is worth mentioning some details were not decided by me, including the appearance and race of the main character.

While I will post just the first story for now there is at least one more forthcoming that is in the same world focused on the same character, though with descriptions of far more victims.

Goblin Purging

(cons, futa, popping, all the way through, watersports, drowning, bisexual, scalie)

 Above the goblin kingdoms, the Nightfury soared. It had been a long ranging from his home, and many hours since he had last landed to eat or to rest. His red eyes reflected the glint of the setting sun as he scanned the forest below, seeing goblin villages interspersed widely amongst the trees. Small green goblins moved in them, indistinct from this height.

 Thinking he might spend the night in one such village, the Nightfury shed some height, swooping down to fly low above the treetops and look for a good place to make a landing.

 There were few options. Most places were protected by trees or filled up with thatch roofs and narrow streets, goblin populations overflowing every clearing of the forest. The creatures were prolific breeders, with a variety of strange sexual quirks and behaviors that made them interesting to deal with.

 Finally spotting a town square that was large enough to land in, the Nightfury flapped his wings hard, buffeting against the hair as he pulled up. This left him dead in the air a few feet above the ground, and he dropped easily onto his feet, folding his wings behind his shoulders as goblins passed all around.

 The small green creatures were mostly humanoid, with exaggerated proportions and long, pointed ears. They all had many piercings all over their bodies, each one having studs or rings in different places. Aside from that, they wore little, most going about naked. The Nightfury was nude as well, so this was a benefit of coming to goblin lands.

 Standing nearly twice as tall as the little green people stopping in the street to observe him, the sleek black drake settled his weight onto his back paws, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Second chapter, including more victims and more graphic and inventive deaths.

Seven Slaves

=(cons, futa, scalie, ageplay/cub, bisexual, popping, watersports, ball torture, gutting)

 In the barren Hinterlands, beside a meandering river that stretched across the great dry plain, a circle of caravan wagons converged. Short scrub grass clung to the soil of the land, the shadows of great mountain peaks casting long across the earth as the sun slipped down the sky to hide behind them.

 Flying towards those mountains, a lone Nightfury passed above the caravans. Moving through the smoke and air rising from below, his attention snagged as he caught the scents billowing up from the small market that had been set up on the flat banks. Food and drink. Flesh and sweat. Blood and cum.

 A slave market.

 Swooping down, the Nightfury slowly spiraled towards the caravan's central market, seeing the auction stages set up within the several acres of enclosed land. He landed in front of one, joining a sparse crowd of bidders. He was nude, a generally unacceptable state in any human establishment, but in such a place as this it was fairly unremarkable. There was a great amount of flesh for sale, and competition was high among the slaves for who would be bought first, so all were naked to display everything they had to offer. Every one of those for sale here had willingly put their lives up for auction, the only legal form of slavery in these parts.

 Once purchased, a slave became property, their life given over to their new master's discretion. The cost of their sale would go to their families, and from then on they were legally bound to serve their master obediently in all things.

 Moving among the different stages, he ignored those auctions that sold humans or orcs, seeking out instead the ones lined with members of the lesser races.

 He didn't have to walk far, as the lesser races were always more plentiful at such markets. After passing only a few podiums, he soon found one with a pleasing selection of both kobolds and goblins for sale. The last buyer was walking off with a slave under each arm, his new toys giggling with pleasure as he whispered into their ears.

 Approaching, the Nightfury spared a glance for the auctionmaster, a plump human woman with a sultry smile. She glanced up and down his body, checkingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



===(cons, watersports, popping, beating, gutting, de-dicking, gender change, bi, cub, breeding, scalie)

In the narrow passes between high mountains, a chill wind howls across stone and lichen. Gravel stirs from granite ledges, echoing ominously as it rattles down sheer cliffs. A young goblin looks up at the noise, the piercings in her pointed green ears jingling as she shifts uneasily.

 Reaching up to fiddle with her ear piercings, Sadie's eyes darted towards the lithe, black dragon stretched out along the length of their wagon. Hunter's wings were outspread to soak up the small amount of sun shining down at high noon, their tips touching either sideboard of the wagon. This left her only the few feet of the wagonbed above his head to herself, his body stretched out in a nap across the rest as the wooden wheels rattled along. Her mentor's continued lack of concern calmed her somewhat to the possibility of rocks falling down upon them, and she returned her attention to the small fairy clutched in her slender green fingers.

 The little creature was passive, its pastel skin soft against her own as it regarded her. Barely a handspan and a half tall, it reclined in her palm as if it were a luxurious sofa, exposing elegantly delicate limbs and a miniscule bust. Three more fairies watched her, lined up along the soft flesh of her thigh in a seated row. Exchanging silent chatter, they occasionally glanced towards a fairy corpse that lay beside her on the wagonbed. Strangely, they were seemingly untroubled by it.

 "They don't seem very willing," Sadie said to the dragon, sounding faintly disappointed. "Actually, they barely seem to care what I do to them. That's not very exciting... Why'd you tell me to practice on these?"

 Black nostrils flared as Hunter snorted in annoyance, rousing from his half-doze. Red eyes opened to slits, and he glanced over at her, taking in the corpse of her first victim and the fairy still held in her palm. He grunted.

 "You have to tell them they'll like it." His eyes closed again as he resettled back against the bundled cloth he'd made into a makeshift bed. The slow progress through the mountains was irritating him slightly, as normally he would fly over these peaks in a single day. With his new apprentice to think of, that wasn't possible. "Fairies will believe anything. They're not very bright, but they're good at lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



===(cons, snuff, beastiality, bisexual, hermaphrodite, furry, dragon, popping, watersports, de-dicking/castration, impregnation)

Amongst the crags of the Dragon mountain range, to either side of the straightest and safest pass through those treacherous peaks, two mountains stood in a stony embrace. Both reached equally far above the valleys below, so close to the sky that one could have seen clear across the neighboring nations from their highest points.

If it were an especially clear night, an sharp-eyed climber would have be able to pick out the circles and lines of light that showed the merchant caravans crossing the eastern Hinterlands, bearing slaves and other goods. The dry land in the shadows of the mountains was uninhabited, yet stood at a crossroads between several nations of different species. Trade bustled through at a constant rate, impromptu markets springing up wherever a wagon line might make rest.

In the other direction, to the west, rainclouds came to a halt as they blew out their rage against the unyielding mountains. Here, there was a lush greenness that stood at utter contrast to the dreary Hinterlands, a wet wilderness called Gam'ju. A more dangerous place than any mountain, the jungles were filled with deadly and strange creatures seen nowhere else in the world, the homeland of the orc tribes that stalked unseen among the verdant wilds.

Finally, there was the mountains themselves, and the depths below those two twin peaks from atop which so much could be seen. In the warm depths deep inside those mated spires, there lived the scaled people endemic to all mountain ranges across the known world. Policing the pass between Gam'ju and the Hinterlands, a civilization of kobolds taxed the trade that flowed between their mountains. Worshiping the magnificent creatures that were eponymous to the cragged range in which they dwelt, they claimed a fifth of all goods and slaves moving through their lands as a holy tithe, piling up their riches in hopes of attracting a true dragon to dominate and lead them. For hundreds of years, the throne and altar of their god had stood empty, a series of married priests ruling in his stead.

Now, at long last, their hopes had prayers had finally been answered. Their god had come to claim his due, spreading blood and seed from and among his overjoyed followers.

Hunter stood proud in the huge cavernPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


(Femdom, sph, spanking, wrestle, goldenshower)

Cassie stood naked in front of 2 closed door, his laughing sisters to one side behind him and his mom mom on his other side behind him, at moments spanking his behind as she lectured him. It was cold.
"Cassie you got yourself into this mess. It's your own fault people are clamoring for justice! Don't whimper because your bottom is sitting on your misbehavior!"

The only others in the hall with them was the arena crew- about a dozen cute fit young seniors with a gorgeous 23 year old blonde lady in charge- but on the other side of the doors, swhich suddenly swung open, was his entire school and various others from his personal life, and many he didn't know. The ride there was humiliating, being spanked as he was grabbed and tossed, then stripped in front of schoolmates, includong crushes who mocked his frigid little penis. This was hyper dimensional.
"Waahhaaahhh I'mm sorrryyy!" Indeed he was. He made some remarks about girls losing to men and a woman's worth.
Now he was naked being marched and spanked by his mom, his 2 sisters closest in age, one younger one older, strolled eagerly just behind, on either side, with a burning spotlight centered on him. He saw on the giant televisions his well funded school could afford, and his already burning red face swlled with a realization that this truly would be forever recorded in divine detail, when he saw his pathetic prick and ass were each being zoned in on. Subtitles made sure to poke fun at him and inform all the audience present exactly who he was.

The 4 entered the ring, and he stopped getting spanked, while a pair of young ladies, one slender with big boobs and just the perfect mix of feminine, mature and young. About 23 herself, she held a microphone, while her cuter friend behind her, younger in spirit, held a boxy camera.

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