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Hannah goes to the Zoo

The world was changing. Had changed already, in fact. Hannah wasn't sure exactly when it had happened, but remembered with crystal clarity the first time the changes became obvious enough for her to notice. The first time was the day she saw a woman eaten by a frog.

She was at the zoo, casually wandering around the exhibits and admiring all the different animals. Many no longer existed in the wild, some had been extinct until revived by recent scientific advancements, and a few had never existed before the present at all. It was one of these last that caught her attention on that day. It was a frog. A frog the size of a great dane.

The frog and a couple of young zookeepers were at the center of an amphitheater-like enclosure, with a modest crowd observing from the terraced seats. It was, she learned from the poster on the wall, the frog's scheduled live feeding day. Hannah joined the other zoo patrons in the audience who had gathered to watch the feeding.

The larger of the two zookeepers, a man, introduced himself and the frog, Jimmy, to the audience. He also introduced his female co-worker to the audience, but did so almost as a afterthought, as though her name was really worth mention. He then told the audience a condensed version of Jimmy's life history, starting with his creation, one of many, at a laboratory. The zookeeper then detailed his short life as a slightly larger than usual polliwog, his gradual transformation into adult amphibian, and his rapid and seemingly ceaseless growth in size. The zoo had acquired Jimmy just after his physically maturity and had been feeding him live meals of ever increasing size since then.

The zookeeper explained that at first feeder mice were enough of a meal to satisfy the frog. Jimmy grew quickly however, and soon was downing rats by the dozen. He started eating small piglets after that, and then moved on to juvenile pigs. At his current size of better than one hundred fifty pounds he was theoretically able to consume a pig nearly as large as he was. This was proving to be an increasingly dangerous proposition however, as adult pigs are extremely powerful animals. The zoo was becoming steadily more concerned that one of his next meals might cause serious injury or worse to Jimmy, which, the zookeeper explained, was the reason for the substitution of that day's schedulePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Same guy who wrote "Cock Vore" about 5 years ago?


Yeah this was great, got any more fics out there?


I'm very glad that people enjoyed this. Thank you for the comments. The sequel is posted, please check it out if you like.


If you read Zookeepers, you will find yourself very much in luck.

Thank you. A little uncertainty was exactly what I was hoping to leave the audience with.

Jim, I'm a longtime fan of your work. I think that you'll find plenty of internal stuff to entertain you in the sequel, including talking.

Yes, I wrote "Cock Vore". I'm actually planning on writing a second part to it soon, then re-posting it. I had left the ending kinda vague and dangling, and I'd like to fix that.

A few more, but the couple I've written before were usually about consensual, casual penectomy and castrations. I'm planning on re-posting them here soon.


Please write a sequel to cock vore




This story goes along with "Hannah goes to the Zoo". It is sort of a sequel, but stands on its own. The events in this story take place more or less concurrently with the events in Hannah's story. I had written the two with the intention of Hannah's story being read first, but it probably makes little difference in the end.

Here is a link to "Hannah goes to the Zoo", for your convenience.


1 - The Meeting

Trina, Rebbecca, and Ted were all in a meeting with the head managers of the zoo. The live feedings that took place in the reptile and amphibian department were usually very popular with the public, and drew in additional visitors on the days they were scheduled. The problem was that the large animals the public liked to watch eat required equally large prey to feed on. During the yesterday's feeding, Jimmy, the zoo's media darling and very expensive giant frog, had very nearly been seriously injured by the pig he was supposed to eat. So, management had called the people who worked in the reptile and amphibian department, all three of them, in to this meeting to try and brainstorm up some solutions.

Ted was the supervisor of the reptile and amphibian department. Both Susan and Rebbecca worked under him. The other people at the meeting were Angela, who was the zoo's head manager, Robert, the zoo's accountant, Felicity, the zoo's PR and advertising manager, and Namela, the zoo's HR manager. Robert had suggested, with an accountant's eye towards economy, that simply feeding several smaller feeder animals to the large predators, instead of one larger feeder animal, might solve the problem. Felicity had rebutted that most of the people who went to watch the live feedings, in any department of the zoo, did so because they wanted to witness the struggle of predator versus prey. Large predators mowing down smaller feeder animals like popcorn would, she insisted, hardly hold the public's interest for very long. Ted chimed in, agreeing with and supporting Felicity's sentiments. The meeting then ground to a halt, as no one else seemed to have any ideas about how to solve the problem.

After a few minutes of scratching of heads and staring at hands, Angela inquired as to whether or not there wasn't some animal they could acquire that was laPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Relevant to our interests... (Frog vore, feet sticking out).


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Bump for great Justice


Here's a fragment I wrote as part of a comment on another writer's story. It isn't part of a whole story I'm writing, just a bit of dialog I wrote as an example of what I'd love to see that writer do with the Zookeepers sequel they are creating. I thought it was a little something fans of this story might also like to read.


"What... What is it like, inside of Jimmy?" Hannah asked, hesitantly, as if she were afraid of the answer.

"I was a bit.. worried at.. first." Alicia murmured, her eyes drowsy and half lidded.

"But the longer.. I'm in here.. the more right.. it seems." she continued, her words faint and wheezy, due to the tight constriction of the giant frog's throat around her chest. "God, after the.. first half hour.. in here, I just.. couldn't stop.. masturbating."

"R-really?" Hannah asked, her mouth dropping open in surprise. "Are.. are you still, um, doing it?"

"No." Alicia answered, a bit of sadness creeping into her voice. "I can't feel.. my p-pussy anymore, or.. my fingers. I think.. I think they're m-melting.."

Hannah gasped at his, her imagination quickly showing her a vision of the girl's womanhood, slick with digestive fluid, slowly dissolving and melting away into the bottom of the giant frog's stomach.

Hannah felt her hands drift down towards her own suddenly quite damp cleft, beneath her short volunteer's shift, at the tide of images suddenly racing through her mind's eye. She pressed her legs together and moaned softly, her eyes locked on Alicia's face, the only part of the girl not within Jimmy's stomach, deep inside the frog's open mouth. She simply couldn't help it.

"God." she thought. "If only they hadn't decided to feed me to David."


The writer is innertrack, writing Hannah Returns to the Zoo, which you can find here:





Kasaal’s squad laid in wait for the signal to start the assault on the Miqo’te tribe.

“Everyone.” Kasaal hissed out and her five warriors closed on her. “when we start, fan out and find me the nursery. I have a shop coin for the one who finds it.” The response was as anticipated with mutters of excitement and agreement surrounded her. The shop coin allowed for anyone to purchase one item from their tribe’s shop, regardless of size or value. Only the tribe’s head warriors were allowed to distribute them, and they were a highly valued prize among the upcoming elite.

The cry from Veril went off, and the cry from Scalar filled the night. Kasaal quickly rose and let loose a bellowing response call. Simultaneously her warriors stood with fire spears ablaze and let a volley loose into the Miqo’te tribe’s village, two other volleys coming from Scalar and Veril’s direction scattered deadly fire across the target buildings as well.

Without any more encouragement, all six of the lizard folk tore through the tall grass at a blinding speed and spread out. The cries of the female Miqo’te filled the night as the lizard folk collided with their warriors and civilians.

Kasaal, leapt into the air in front of a building as she saw movement at the doorway. Her timing was pinpoint as a Miqo’te, couldn’t of been more than fifteen years old, emerged from the doorway with long beautiful blonde hair, lusciously full D breasts, and a petite figure. She was checking left and right to see if the area was clear, but Kasaal was already on top of her.

The young Miqo’te cried out as Kasaal’s feet landed on her collarbone, and Kasaal felt a familiar crunch as her weight broken into the girl’s skeleton. The body collapsed under her weight and Kasaal found herself sitting on the Miqo’te’s soft breasts as she hit the ground, but time was not on her side. Without loosing a moment, Kasaal shifted her weight off of the Mqio’te, grabbing the girl by the arm, and she lifted her up effortlessly towards the doorway.

Two younger girls with bows were already taking aim at Kasaal, and fired two arrows. The volley, instead of hitting Kasaal pierced into their friend’s breast and stomach. Kasaal’s meat shield screamed out and the two girls almost dropped their bows in horror. With a smile, Kasaal put her weight into her forward movement, and flung her injured protector into the building amid screams of panic. Five screams of panic? Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Lovely work! Are you the same PusKiller that is on Pixiv? I quite enjoy your artwork there as well. Would you entertain the idea of doing RPs?


Organization's sake? No. I don't really have a good reason. Would it be better if I did that to reduce clutter?



Yup! Thats me! I'm much more of an opportunistic creator now (aka: when I have some free time) so my content output is much lower, but I still enjoy doing it.

Unfortunately, with the rare commodity of free time I have, I don't think I could fairly commit to an RP. So I'd like to decline, but thank you for the offer!


Butterfingered that reference number. Previous response was for:



cant wait to see the nursery scene


Disclaimer: I don't endorse shark fin soup. That stuff is full of mercury and will fuck up your nervous system. Oh yeah, I don't endorse violence or crude objectification of women either.


The boys called me up on deck to see what they had caught. It was a dolphin mermaid, all tangled up in the trawl nets. This was the first live one I had ever seen, and it looked like it had been through the wringer.

Dolphin mermaids resemble the fantasy mermaid. They look like humans merged with dolphins, covered with mottled dark grey skin, fins on their arms and backs, and more compact chests. This one's ghostly white hair had once been carefully braided with kelp. Now, it was a mess, unkempt with long neglect and clumped to its scalp with mud kicked up by the trawling. A plastic six pack ring was locked tightly around its throat. Pale raw marks on the skin indicated the strangling collar had decorated its host for many months, and the rings were misshapen where the mermaid had tried futilely to break them. Long white scars crisscrossed the dark skin on its back from past collisions with boats. Its flukes were in shreds, and a generous chunk of the left had been cleanly sliced off by a propeller.

The mermaid on the deck didn't seem to care what was happening to it. It rolled belly up, its pale creamy underside facing the sun, panting rapidly on top of a pile of dead fish. Its arms were twisted around its body, held in place by the tightly tangled netting. Disturbingly, the mermaid continued to wrap itself tighter with a manic smile plastered on its face, clearly drawing perverse pleasure from the feeling of net threads cutting into its flesh.

In the past, mermaid meat had been a delicacy, but now it was living garbage, chock full of bioaccumulated mercury, pesticides, lead, and whatnot. Immersed in toxic water from birth, eating diets of fish full of plastic steeped in unknown chemicals, the effects on their nervous systems were disastrous.

As soon as they reached puberty they often went crazy as their bodies lost the ability to handle the chemical cocktails festering in their blubber. Rejected by their clan pods and forced to fend for themselves, these exiles were chased into human waters, outside the protection of international mermaid treaties. Lonely, confused, victims of incomprehensible impulses, they usually ended up as beached corpses or shark food.

The boys were crowded around lauPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Great story! Thanks.


Love it! Oooh I wanna hear more stories of foamy the dolphin porn star! ;)


fucking love it.

gota love demented pollution poisoned painsluts



Thank you so much for reading! I'm still thinking about where to go, or whether to continue with the story. It felt self-contained when I wrote it, but we'll see :)


Definitely good self contained story, yet a sequel would be good!


Just doing something inspired by a picture I saw. I hope I captured what I was imagining.


The worst part wasn't the drool covering her breasts, or the tears and snot dribbling in through the holes in her ball gag.

It wasn't the fact that the hogtie she was in bent her body so much that her heels banged her shoulders whenever the vibrators on her soles tickled too much.

It certainly wasn't that she'd come so much from the ceaseless sensation of the other vibrating eggs dancing merrily against her nipples and clit that she'd crossed over, through the agony of overstimulation, back into submissive exhilaration from the pain.

Or that the dusty wooden edge of a broom head ground deep into her gaping pussy, wedging in place a final vibrating egg directly against her g-spot.

And actually, the fact she was jammed so tightly into the broom closet that she couldn't even turn her head might have saved her from hurting herself in the throes of the more intense orgasms, though her neck ached.

It wasn't even that bad that they'd covered her in a thick tarp, so that her world was a humid, suffocating darkness full of the smell of her copious sweat.

And in a way she could be thankful that she wore no clothes, only thick layers of duct tape holding her rigid. The adhesive directly contacting her skin had long since melted from her bodily fluids, but the rest of it barely even stretched in response to her struggles, keeping her trapped in a sticky, wet inferno.

No need for a blindfold when she had to squeeze her eyes shut to protect them from her long bangs plastered to her skin.

Ughhh...she was so thirsty after cumming so much, and there was even a convenient hamster water bottle connected to her gag, but she didn't dare take a sip.

A cluster of beads was jammed up her urethra and probably up into her bladder, preventing her from wetting herself. She already felt a small need building up, and didn't want to drink more water that she wouldn't be able to piss out later.

Not that she expected to empty her bladder ever again. Her bound body lay atop a hardening concrete block, in which were setting loops of heavy chains, connected to the ones wrapping her body.

That's why they'd left her there on Thursday night, in a place no one would check far from home, and promised they'd come back after the weekend.

The worst part of Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


For a moment, I was tempted to search all the drowning threads for your inspiration image. But somehow I doubt it'd have the same impact as you conveyed with your slow escalation, your agonizing piece-by-piece reveal. Call me infatuated ;)



Thanks for the praise! Ironically, I didn't use a picture from the drowning thread as inspiration, so perhaps it's a good thing you didn't look there ;)


by Regis

I’ve got no idea how I got myself into what turned out to be this crazy, extraordinary, exciting lifestyle, but hey, I’ve got to tell you things weren’t always like this for me. The truth is, I’m quite a good girl, really. Everybody tells me that. I’m not a call girl, a prostitute or anything, like its important you know that the truth is I only fuck friends.

Also, I only get my rocks off at parties, where everyone’s doing it, and everyone sees everything you do, like nothing ever happens in private, in a dark hotel room, you know, the way prostitutes do it. Like if you’re fucking or even just being fucked at a great party, and everyone there is into it, then its just a lot of fun, there’s nothing unusual or dirty or anything like that about it.

I expect becoming a party girl, for me, had something to do with how much fun I had as a college cheerleader riding some amazing football player studs’ big stiff cocks after the game in the shower room, with everybody there, and a couple of other open-minded cheerleaders too, giving the boys a chance to exercise their big dicks.

I think it also had something to do with the constant high, even hypersensitiveness of my clit, and the way all the guys loved to plunge their raging erections into me. I loved to party with sexy guys so much that everybody said I was just like some kind of cock-magnate.

I was always getting drilled front and back, sometimes both at the same time, or someone would drive his big dick down my throat, and I loved it. If you want to have a strange thrill you want to let a guy stick his dick right down your throat and then taking a long piss straight into your stomach.

Like you don’t taste it or anything, you just feel the warm piss streaming down your gullet and splashing inside your stomach. Only you and the guy know he’s done it, and he doesn’t have to leave the action to go to the bathroom, he just relieves himself inside you in private yet we’re both still in full view. Is that cool or what?

Like if they stay in too long, and start to choke me, which some of the guys like to do, then when they finally pull out I have to puke, and up comes their piss, so then I tasted it, but I think that’s just part of the risk of having that kind of a good time, don’t you think?

Of course maybe my becoming a party girl has something to do with the wild crowd I Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I’m a good girl, and I always was, even my daddy told me that. He trained me in lots of special ways to be good with a man. He said if I ever told Mommy she wouldn’t think I was a good girl, but he told me I definitely was. That was good enough for me, because he always hugged me a lot and everything, a lot more than Mommy ever did.

Even when I was little he told me I was sexy and that I turned him on big time. Mommy had to go to work on weekends, and he’d take advantage to help me with my private sex training, as he called it. We started the training when I was like 7, so I had lots of experience before I went to college. He had a really big dick, and I was like 11 before I could take the whole thing all the way into me.

These guys who are my friends have big dicks too. They are doing really well at selling stocks, and they really love girls. They like the look of us, and are always putting clips on our cuntlips to hold them open, or to dangle little weights or tiny bells from them, that ring while we walk or are getting fucked, or will use rubber cement to glue our cuntlips wide open just to look at them.

It’s just that these guys really like to see a girl’s cunt, the most compelling thing about her, they say, and they like it to always look like its feeling horny. They even call us cunt, like they don’t know our name, and we let them do stuff to us because they always want to see our sex organ ready and open for business, and I guess its fair because they do the same kind of shit to all of us.

They’ll even put a big hard rubber ring up inside our fuck hole to hold it wide open so they can see right up inside us, right to the cute dimple of our cervix. They pull the ring out when they’re ready to fuck us, but then put it back in right after they’ve ejaculated inside us.

When they use that ring inside our cunts I always think its a pretty humiliating thing to do, but you know I think it’s also really cute, from one perspective, sort of a male way of seeing things. Its to our advantage if we do whatever the guys like, just because they want to do it, and never ask. Once they figured out we’d let them do anything, they really started pushing the boundaries.

One afternoon we were surprised when our old boss showed up, with a pair of 14-year-old girls in tow. We were all naked, wearing only our heels, ready for action when the guys got home from work. Our ex-boss told the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


One of the guys, or maybe the bar tender, cuts the cord, triple bags the sprog and it gets dropped right down the trash chute, end of story. The girl that drops it now gets to rejoin our group, and so it goes. Life goes on, but the sprog’s done, so she’s free to be a party girl again. I’ve dropped 3 since I joined my stockbroker friends just over four years ago, and it was scary but cool.

Anyway, we were 4 or 5 nights into one of these exciting ‘time of month’ ‘kill the fucking bunny’ games where we were all getting team-fucked when a couple of the guys came in and said the game was off, because they’d just found something way more exciting, and they needed as many of us as possible to take part.

They told us they’d met these really rich dudes who they found were throwing a terrific party, and they needed to have girls like us who liked to party, and who weren’t prudes, but who were just looking for a good time, girls who were really into satisfying the lust of their clits. I was in.

The guys told us these new guys they’d met were really rich, and what they said they needed was solid girls who weren’t afraid to show their goods, weren’t afraid of some fun rope games, were well built broads with a great set of tits, just like us, and we were told they were going to pay 4 grand to any girls they liked, girls who really wanted to participate, just for one night, and they would pay us in advance.

They told us those new guys had bought some really cool sex toys, and they needed to use them for real with willing ladies. I love using fun sex toys, almost as much as I like fucking. Hey, that’s not true, I like fucking a lot better, but hot sex toys are always fun. The new guys had stipulated they needed only voluptuous girls with a hot torso like us, no skinny cunts or fatties. We’d be perfect.

I’ve got a really cool figure with big firm tits, a sexy rounded tummy, which I think I got from the 3 party pregnancies I had, but guys love it, and I have a gorgeous cunt, which really looks outrageous when I’m feeling hot. I’m not a mother or anything, because the pups I popped all went down the trash chute, so I’m totally free to be a full-time sex party girl again.

Ever since I got my stimulating clit clip put on, I feel hot all the time. Like I’m almost always having a fucking orgasm. Just walking stimulates me, and when my clit starts to swell, the damned clip just works better and bePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Now something I thought was worst of all happened. The guys brought these 40 pound weights out, released the rope from one of out tits, and tied it to a weight, so that one tit was taking all our weight, and the other was being pulled severely down by a big fucking weight. The new weight was being supported by the one tit as well.

I hated these assholes. Even my friends at the sprog-dropping parties had never treated me this badly when I’d been ass-fucked while three different times, like on three different occasions, I’d been forced to pop my pups out. That was then, this was now. I sort of hated that, but really hated this. It was bullshit, and I couldn’t do anything about it.

The weight on one tit pulled on me so hard that my whole fucking torso twisted. With one tit being pulled up and the other down, I was being bent severely, and had to look really grotesque. All this was happening while I as cuming like a fucking pig, if a pig was able to cum, which is possible, I guess, and I was hanging like a fucking pig too.

In this new position I could see horizontally, because of the skew in my body. There was nothing I wanted to see. My neck was in almost as much pain as my tits because of the pull on my braid to my asshole anchor. The other eight cunts were in bad shape too, and all of us were drooling from the tight steel rod clamps on our tongues.

When all the girls got a weight tied to one of her big tits, so that their breasts were stretched wide apart, one up and the other down, things suddenly got a whole lot more serious. This was even worse than anything I’d ever heard of, even in New York, where just about every filthy disgusting thing was possible. I was part of the most shocking party ever!

All the men were fully dressed, but now they were a whole lot more interested. They got their cocks out, stroked them to full erection, and then started pumping on them, fucking their fists at the sight of us, like they knew exactly what was going to happen to us. We didn’t, but it was exciting, although we were pretty sure it wasn’t going to be pretty.

A big muscular guy wearing only some work boots came in, carrying a small hunting knife. He had a deep tan, like he lived his life on the beach, but in New York it was more likely he spent a lot of time stretched out in a tanning salon. His big cock curved stiffly up, his penis bouncing and his balls swinging with every step. ThPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Wow, that was great. Really loved the clit clamp.


I've used a clit clamp before in stories, but not to this level. The earlier use was of one electrified, driven by a battery carried inside the vagina. It produced continual stimulation for two days, which is more continual orgasm than most women could endure. They died from a combination of high blood pressure and total exhaustion.


This story's just for you Gurochan. I have some time at nights now to write. I hope you enjoy.

While you have the right and freedom to read this regardless of who you are:

This story isn't meant for anyone who can't separate fantasy from reality.
You should not use lust, rank, power, or order as an excuse to hurt others,
you also should not see malice directed at you or anyone you know, or any
hypothetical persons. This work of fiction is not intended to cause harm.

This is especially not meant for those who do not want to see it. These first chapters are fairly tame,
but there is still violence against young girls ahead. Horrors may happen as the story continues.

In any case: You're welcome to comment here or email in with compliments, critiques or complaints. guiltstar@gmail.com



Laid deep into ancient stones,
The dragon king made home of homes
For scaled and clawed collecting kinds.
The humans saw there, simple mines.

CH 1: The plan

Nickelflight's people make their homes aside the cave mouth, their little wooden hive of treacherous plank bridges and shivering wood cabins shakes in wind gusts. In the sun it looks like a blueprint of itself, scrawled out along the mountain side, flat as a scroll lifted to candle light. King-less soldiers rattle back and forth in rust bucket armor. Store clerks sell rations at the cost of 5 star meals. A rape on Drake lane can be looked down on from Main Street above it. All this in the name of the one god here. She glimmers in the sunlight and jingles in a pocket, she makes a woman do wonders out of sight, or a man for enough. She feeds, clothes, and bathes, and she never enters a beggars can. She's collected, traded, and honored, all by one profession. Her alter is a hole digging into the cliff face, a mossy abyss of unknown depth. It might be entered to find that bright goddess, riches, or else be swallowed.

Waterfalls pour from many craggy holes in the cave ceiling from which also light pours through. Grass pokes up through a clear pool of water and moss grows spongey and moist in chilly, damp air. Rubber sneaker soles splash into the inch deep flood and echo out along the ceiling, many stories above. A youthful trio walks in line, each clad in leather bracers and greaves. The front most sports caramel skin and plush pinkish lips that match short, fiery hair.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Given his habit of collecting/preserving fine armour/baubles, I suspect his first instinct will be to find some way to add the soft beauty to his collection. Perhaps he will attempt to delicately strip her other layers at first? Or find some other magical or enviromental way of "claiming" this gossamer beauty for himself? At the very least he should pin her like a butterfly so she can't flutter away.


***Important note: I re-titled this thread by reposting it myself. This post marks the end of that reposting and is all new!

Thank you, with all of the threads with only 1 post, the original, or that have only the Original Poster reposting over and over again, it's nice to have even one comment, it's pretty inspiring. I hope you like this next chapter, I considered your advice and thought the story forward! I also quite meanly probably won't take all of it, I don't know if I can see Tiamel splaying her out like a butterfly. Though I'll make a reference to that recommendation if I get far enough. [I didn't get far enough this writing session, don't go waiting for it. But I still have the idea up in my head!]

I wasn't planning to make a second chapter in this thread, I guess I'll have to make a whole new thread simply called "LAIR." and start posting there. I had to go and make the title so limiting to myself. Oh well. [I did so. Hence the note at the top]


CH 2: Shathahuf

Tiamel's nose droops down to touch the girl. Shaun's breathing quickens as he presses into her body, the pain of any movement threatening to make her black out, she keeps her tie to reality- which is now a strong as torn yarn- out of sheer curiosity about the dragon she has such a rare close proximity to. He rubs his cheek into her, and feels her warm skin give it's heat to his cold. At a tiny twist of her spine in the dragons confused, affectionate nuzzling, she yelps out loud and moans out measley, broken sobs before she graced with fainting. He traced the circle of his home in a huffed three footed pace, holding the sleeping girl he'd fallen for in one palm he held off the ground. This confused the dragon, he was in a daze. What did he want from her? What did he need? He felt there was something he required of her he couldn't get, but he was every passing moment needing whatever it was more. As if an ember in his chest were desperately searching for timber to catch, he felt some glowing spark flit about in his core with the eratic speed and direction of his own mystefied train of thought.

Daylah watched, half blinded by her protection, her mind being fed moment by moment with new terror. Her heart pumping adrenaline into ruined muscles which wrang out with sharp and burning pains as they continued, through exhaustion, to shake. She watched as the albescent beast dropped her friend meters to the hard stone floor.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Interesting. I admit, now things have taken this turn, I'm less interested in seeing lethal violence happen to Shaun or even Daylah. It will be interesting to see how their psychologies evolve, and how long they might be the dragon's prisoners...slaves..and perhaps eventual willing pawns. Will they come to depend on Tiamel? Will they help him strip other foolish adventurers of their armour? I am very intrigued to see where you take things next.


Pretty interesting series of stories here! I like some good old fashioned fantasy fiction, especially with dragons so I wish you the best.

My personal tastes are in the other direction though, although I do enjoy dragons and violence I particularly pine to see some stories that make it a point to inflict some upon the dragons as well. It seems almost unusually uncommon for dragons to be on the receiving end of torture, as you'd think they would be perfect due to how much access a small human could have to their parts, especially the armorless genitals.

Will definitely be on board if your plans ever go in that direction.


Mqio’te Massacre - PART 1
(Genital Mutilation, Snuff, Guro, Cannibalism, FFff 16/13/10/7)

The world of Final Fantasy 14 is owned by Squre Enix. I own no rights to the places and races mentioned in the story. This is entirely a work of fiction and fantasy, with absolutely no basis in reality. I do not condone any of the actions or viewpoints presented in this story. Please treat all women with the respect they deserve, they are our mothers, daughters, sisters, nieces, friends and peers.

In the land of Eorzea live many races of people. The high technologically advanced Garlean Empire, the magic and technology allied nations of Gridania, Limsa Lominsa and Ul’dah, and finally - at the bottom rung - the beastmen tribes. Beastmen was a very broad categorization of species ranging from spry prankster pixies, to fuzzy mischievous moogles, to the war-like tribes of the Amalj’aa lizard folk and Xali bird men, and many other types.

Although bestmen outnumber both the allied nations and the empires, their sole reliance magic in its purest form left them at a disadvantage from the more technologically savvy nations. The clear divide has led to numerous conflicts and underlying resentment. But technology seems to always win. Well, almost always.

In the far reaches of Southern Thanalan some tribes of both allied nations people, and bestmen tribe lived in a more even grounded state of being. The bestmen being a bit more technologically advanced than most, and the nations people being a little bit more tribal - both meeting somewhere in the middle. It is a constant balance of tribal life, and technologically advanced warfare.

A particular tribe of Almalj’aa lizard folk held a very interesting custom. They, for an annual ritual, fed on the most peculiar of cuisine. For within five yalms (miles) of them were five tribe of Miqo’te - or cat people, which are usually an allied nations people. But these feline people never moved north to join their brethren in Ul’dah or Little Ala Mihgo. These people live further south, past the desert.

The Miqo’te are a special type of people whose tribes consist almost entirely of females, with only a lead male for breeding and his princes who usually spread out to make more tribes elsewhere. The females hunt, trade, socialize, and make up almost the entirety of the Miqo’te culture. Miqo’te are almost completely human like in appearance except for cat earPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Damnit, of course, on my fourth read-through, after I posted, I see a few small grammatical errors here and there. That's the problem with writing this stuff - its hard to proof read because its so damn distracting to read in the first place!

If anyone wants another upload with the small changes, just chime in. Otherwise, I'll get started on Part 2 :)


and yes, that above was me. For realz.


very nice stuff. i would hope for a sequil showing what Kasaal finds... hopefully even younger prey for her.


Yes indeed! I had meant Kasaal to be part 3, but no reason not to make her viewpoint part 2 instead. Glad you enjoyed part 1, please look forward to more soon!


B-b..Because, techi!

(Part 1)


Looking for jissouseki is relatively easier than one would expect. Like a great rodent population, you find them most populous in the alley-ways and areas around urban housing, behind restaurants and marketplaces, and warehouses and ports. You might find one in your backyard, maybe even within your own home; quietly and sometimes cleverly hiding from sight in the basement or the attic.

But the largest populations comes from the parks. Next to that are the forests or pastures in the countryside. But parks remain the number one way to run across many jissouseki.

I myself have a jissouseki as a pet, along a few to play with for my amusement, if nothing more. Many of these creatures are expendable, to an almost ridicoulous degree. The ones worthy of being pets, and thus entitled to a good life of treats, bedding, love and care, are the smart ones. It foten hard to ever find a jissou smart enough to grace you. But how to tell which ones are the dumb retarded stupid ones from the above average to high in intelligence?

Simple! You just ask them, whenever they waddle up to you by themselves or in a group asking (and in some cases, demanding) you to take them home, why you should.

And watch the spectacular results.

You often find them in large packs of two to twelve. Right now I had been accosted by two jissou. One was obviously a recently grown adult with the responsibilities of a mother to boot. On her arms was a slumbering jissou child, looking exactly like a miniature, but cuter, version of herself.

"Hello Mr. Man!"

I smile, quietly humoring her, "Hello little jissou."

"Is my daughter not cute, desu?" She asked, her brightly colored eyes glowing with anticipation.

"Yes," I replied honestly, "She looks so very cute!"

"Am I not cute too, techi?"

I raise an eyebrow and bluntly replied, "You are ugly. I don't know how your kid lives whenever she wakes up to your face. And frankly, you smell worse than a horse that died on crack."

The mother stared at me, red and green tears welling up in her large eyes. She wiped some away with an arm, now openly crying, "I'm not ugly, desu! I'm a pretty jissou Mama, desu! You are a mean jerk, desu!"

"Ha! Me, mean? That may be so Jissou Mama, but I am honest!" I replied with a snort of laughter, "Your daughter is cute, you are not!"

"I AM cute! You are lying desu," screeched thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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En el porche.

- Hola señora mujer techi- corrió más cerca de mi - Mi nombre es...-

- Se como te llamas gracias, pero ahora quiero que me ayudes- dije poco impresionada de su educada formación - ¿Aún recuerdas lo que aprendiste en la academia?-
- ¡Si techi! - emocionada de cumplir su primer deber como mascota hizo su mejor impresión - ¿Qué necesita señora ? Marie sabe leer, contar hasta 30, dibujar, limpiar...-

- ¡Perfecto!- sin ganas de escuchar su currículum deposite la caja con 4 jissous ella se acercó a la orilla de la misma donde sobre una cama de algodón dormían con pequeños ronquidos - Sabes cuidar bebés ¿no es asi? -

- ¡Si señora techi!- ella en orden entró a su hogar, saco toallas desechables, una vajilla de plástico, una mesa e incluso unos cuantos juguetes e hizo espacio a su alrededor - Estoy lista, ¿lo hice bien techun~ ?- frote su pulcro cabello en realidad era de muy buena calidad sus facciones eran bonitas y delicadas incluso su voz era linda. Los jissou clase alta son perfectos para torturar por su delicadeza, vergüenza y poca exposición a la violencia.

- Eso aun no se, esperemos a que estos bebés despierten ¡Creo en ti! - deje un trozo de pollo agridulce aun caliente para que pudiera alimentarlos después, yo sonreí - Si Marie hace buen trabajo cuidandolos tendrá doble dulce de postre~- ella asintió con sus ojos brillantes y expresivos - Ok, no tomara mucho tiempo guarda un poco de comida para tu amiga voy a traerla de vuelta - Marie no podía creer que volvería a verla estaba muy feliz.

En cuanto al jissou calvo al otro lado del porche bueno, estaba tan roto por dentro que parecía sudar tristeza y resignación, no hablaba o se movía mucho - Rayos que miserable- le arroje un pedazo de brócoli, este rebotó en su cabeza y el tardo en reaccionar al verlo. - ¡Vaya que eres una cascara vacía!- comencé a reír y regresé a mi asunto con cierto regocijo.

- Comida desu~ -

De vuelta al cuarto de lavado escuche una conmoción - Te..te - sonaba una voz exhausta tomando aire -TEEEE! TU FEA JISSOU! TOMA ESTO TECHA!!!- vi como la joven tomando impulso apuñalando con un clavo la carne suave de la madre recién parida, el proceso parecía haberse repetido varias veces desde que me fui, incluso la madre estaba cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Mala familia parte 2/3

Casi besaba a mi jefe apenas me enteré que había sido selccionada para hacer un reportaje psicosocial en Japón.

Los primeros días los dediqué al trabajo, los últimos a comprar, conocer el país, recorrer lo que pudiera y a tener citas, había hecho "Match" o coincidencia en Tinder con un tal Watanabe hasta el momento sólo había salido con chicas y aún no tenía una cita con un hombre japonés que tuviera un pene bonito, o no fuera virgen hicimos una cita, era dueño de una tienda de mascotas y mi tío me había mandado una transferencia para comprarle a sus hijos las más exóticas mascotas de Japón mataría dos pájaros de un tiro , fui a comprar un vestido para la ocasión, apenas salí de la tienda comercial lo vi.

-Refu~ - el gusano agitaba su cola y cuerpo de un lado a otro en la jardinera de un parque con una pequeña sonrisa - Refu refu~-

-Awwww que lindo - lo tome en mi mano era la primera vez qué veía un jissou, el gusano carcajeo en una voz tan pequeñita que no pude evitar llevarlo conmigo de regreso a la habitación que rentaba temporalmente- Eres tan pequeño y lindo- frotaba su vientre como me pedía, las manchas de caca no me molestaban siempre y cuando no fuera en mi ropa.

Subimos al segundo piso, coloque al gusano con un poco de comida en un plato desechable y fui a bañarme, Watanabe llegaría en un rato.

-¿ Estas feliz?- le pregunté a mi inquilino ya con mi vestido nuevo puesto- Dime que me veo linda-
- Ñom Maggot-chan feliz!- saco su pequeña lengua como perro - Señora linda refu~


Un chico puntual, que agradable, abrí la puerta y no había nadie, luego baje la mirada algo tiraba de mi vestido para llamar mi atención casi pegados a mis tobillos un jissou del tamaño de un oso de peluche y 5 niñas del tamaño de una cerveza de lata.

- Hola señora mujer desu - ella trató de dar un paso más adelante , como si quisiera entrar yo no le permití y aleje su muñon lejos de mi vestido, "puedo ayudarte?" Pensé, intercambiamos miradas un rato hasta que su cabeza dedujo que no le daría paso así como así, hizo de lado su cabeza en un gesto para aparentar lindura, todos ellos apestaban como vagabundo, sus ropas oscurecidas en mugre, con sus cabellos enrredados y rostros pegajosos- ¿No son mis niños lindos desu~?- me habían advertido de los jissou callejeros - Somos pobres y tenemos hambre desuuu~- había leído bien la guía de turistas - Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>>11525 Continuación

Mamá Yume apareció de nuevo, ella sorbia entusiasmada los intestinos rosas medio cocidos de una de las quitillizas-pulgar como si fuera delicioso ramen, saboreaba y tragaba, nuestro público experimento sus primeras escenas de canibalismo jo jo - Rayos mamá Yume sólo te que dejamos sin comida por dos días y ¡Ahora te comes a tus hijas! - se burló el camarógrafo, la madre se abalanzó a la cámara como bestía furiosa.

La secuencia de imágenes y de fragmentos de cada una de las torturas aplicadas a las idol jissou pasaban cada vez más rápido y la música era más aguda y desesperada, deformada en unas estrofas que helaban los nervios de las mascotas se abrazaban entre sí cubriendo sus rostros en los pechos de los mayores, trataban de cubrir sus oídos y ojos en pánico total.


La banda mecanica de selección de jissou, de comida a mascotas, era llamada así esa cosa donde ponen a las madres a dar a luz sin parar como jornada diaria mientras seleccionaban automáticamente los de calidad de los defectuosos - Miren sus hermanos retrasados más hermosos- un trabajador con cubre bocas mostraba jissous con malformaciones asquerosas y horribles, al final de cada saco vacío que se volvia la madre veíamos el famoso procesador de croquetas trozando el cuerpo semi-vivo y a los deformes en procesador procesador volviendose pasta líquida, hasta el final de su empacado y distribucion muchos jissou inspeccionaron con miedo los dulces que tenían en su regazos algunos se pusieron azules.

- Les dije que conocerian a sus ídolos- comentó lo suficientemente fuerte Watanabe como para que el público escuchara vi como algunos gusanos expulsaban caca como metrallas sin control del en la manta sus hermanas tapaban sus orificios pero estaban muy consternados para buscar papel higiénico.

- ¡Para maggot-chan!-
-¡Repiiii repipipi! - sus ojos giraban con daño cerebral.

Una madre con accesorio de flor en su oreja oculto a sus bebés con los mismos prendedores pero de diferentes colores bajo su falda quienes temblaban abrazando las piernas de su madre aún podían escuchar pero al menos no ver.

-Ahora cortamos a todos los gusanos semicongelados -*chop* *chop* *chop*

Los gusanos tamaño papa , vomitaron vi como expulsaban su almuerzo y sangre, sus ojos grises, su cuerpo se agitaban Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



I had problems at the beginning with the translation but it's good material.


When will this story continue? It's been far too long!


I'm active again, with my site remodeled and renamed, and several new stories.

As usual, constructive criticism is welcome alongside praising feedback, as I'm always eager to improve my writing.

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Here's another one. (Go easy, it's my first time doing a hanging scenario.)

https://www.asstr.org//~Randall_J._Nelson/Stories/diceandrope.html - Sex(FFF), Hanging, Piss


nice love it do more hanging


Some consensual and casual. I like it^^


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Latest story;


And, yes, I am aware that the other links no longer work. I remodeled the site, and will repost them in the morning.

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