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Hi all, I published this story on Literotica a couple days ago but I figured the Scat crowd here would like it as well

Prologue: Jake

The prologue introduces one of our main characters, and how he got to where he is in the beginning of chapter 1. If you're just here for the juicy parts you might want to skip this bit.

Jake enjoyed his life on Earth. Well, at least for the most part. Nothing less was expected of him. He lived in the utopia created by the United Federation of Planets, after all. Jake got a lot of free time which he spent hiking and playing adventure games in his town's holosuite. His desk job cataloging alien cultures was perfectly serviceable too. But he wasn't quite satisfied. Jake preferred to be in a monogamous relationship with a woman, and he tried it a few times but it never quite worked out for him.

You see, Earth had evolved to a point where people were basically free to have whatever type of relationship they wanted and do whatever they want, but even so, a couple of things where so out-there, that it was nearly impossible to bring up in a relationship without destroying it. Jake had one of those things. He'd discovered during puberty that the only way he could truly enjoy sex was if piss and poop got involved. He wasn't ashamed of this, but this kink was just completely unacceptable in the clean and pure society of the Federation. He even went to talk about it with a Federation counselor. She just suggested he'd forget about the fetish and go and enjoy his life without ever indulging. But this part of his sexuality was just so important to him that he found he couldn't have a satisfying relationship without it.

One day, close to his 25th birthday, he suddenly got an idea. He looked around to see if he was alone in his working room, activated his console and put in a query: "Computer, list all known sapient species that involve their own bodily waste in their courting rituals."

After some processing time, the computer showed a list of about a dozen species. Looking through it, most of them weren't very compatible. A species breathing sulfide gas and peeing concentrated sulfuric acid? No thanks. A species whose body structure was made of some sort of stretchable diamond? Sounds rough. He found one single species that was described as mostly humanoid. Not too much was known about them, but their atmosphere and food requirements were almoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Chapter 2: The next step

Contains scat, M/F.

The next day started like normal. The only unusual thing was that Liana put a lot of Brzbo beans on her breakfast plate. Jake had learned Brzbo beans are a popular Kbraxi food but they usually take it as a small side dish, not as a main breakfast like Liana was doing.

"What are you doing?" asked Jake, looking at the beans.

"You'll see... don't worry about it" replied Liana. She also wouldn't say anything about what the 'next step' of their sex would entail.

During work that day she stayed very professional, she didn't even lean in to give Jake a kiss and at one point she even went to the toilet - something that had become very unusual for either of them lately. Jake started wondering if he had done something wrong, but Liana told him everything was fine, she was just saving her energy for tonight.

After work, Liana took Jake straight to her quarters, and told him to undress. She took off her own clothes as well.

"I think I'm ready," Liana said, "I've been preparing for this all day. Sit down." She pointed at the bed, and Jake sat down on the edge of it. Liana sat down on his lap, with her back towards his face. Jake wasn't sure what was going on, he expected Liana would piss on him like she'd done so often.

Liana said: "This will be a bit unusual for you and I'm honestly not sure how you'll react. It's best if you just relax and let it happen. You don't need to do anything." Liana started pissing at that time, making his dick get hard like always, and pushing up against her vulva, so her piss started flowing around his member.

Jake saw the spots on Liana's back getting moist, as the stream of piss slowed down and the last of it spread into the mattress they were sitting on.

"Okay... here goes..." Liana said. She bent forward a little bit, she started grunting, and a moment later Jake started feeling... something different on his dick. Then the smell hit him.

Jake started saying: "Are you sh-", but then, suddenly, Liana's first turd came out entirely, quickly followed by a huge sudden load of very soft shit.

A lot of thoughts crossed Jake's mind at that point. His mind had been so occupied with the life full of piss sex he'd been leading for the last few months, that he had almost forgotten that the main reason he got away from Earth was that he wanted to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 3: Jake's training

Contains scat, shit eating, M/F

There was one thing Jake had some trouble with at first. Liana wanted him to lick her until she came, and drink her piss like he used to. But when her cunt was covered in brown, stinky shit, that can become quite the challenge. Not wanting to disappoint her, Jake tried it anyway, and at first it caused him to retch after every lick. But just like her piss, there was something with Liana's shit that made Jake hornier after each little taste, until he just didn't care anymore and kept licking Liana until no trace of shit remained on her cunt.

And that's when he felt ready to ask her something that had been on his mind for a while. After another session of hot dirty sex, Jake looked at her and asked: "Liana, dear, you once told me that I could prove my love for you by drinking your piss. I'd like to prove it better this time. Can I eat your shit?"

Liana looked back and said: "I thought you'd never ask. Of course, dirty boy. But there's one catch. You have to eat what you're given. No stopping halfway."

Jake readily agreed to those terms.

Liana told him she had to go out to a shack near the mountain caves to prepare for something, and she'd be back in two days to feed him her shit.

It was difficult being without her for two days, and Jake was relieved when he saw her walking into the village on the evening of the second day. As she stepped inside of their now shared quarters, Jake immediately hugged her.

"I've been holding my shit for the last two days," she whispered into his ear, "and I didn't eat any laxative beans either. You better be ready for what I have for you!"

Jake was more than ready for her shit and lied down. Liana got into position with her asshole over his face so that the shit would land directly into his mouth, and made sure that he had a direct view of the source of her lovely shit.

Liana started out with a big fart. The smelly gas caused Jake to nearly faint, but he knew he had to be alert for what was coming next.

Jake saw Liana's asshole open up slowly... open up a bit more... and then close again. A second later it opened again, and he saw something brown in there. It stayed like that for a moment, and then, with a massive grunt, Liana started pushing out her log. It was much harder than her regular soft loads. Jake instinctively opePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 4: The Decision

Contains a bit of scat, M/F

Liana had brought Jake to a quiet place near the mountains, out of town. She had said that explaining the Joining to an alien was not easy, and she wanted to be in a place away from the others for that.

"Have you heard of anglerfish?" Liana asked, after they found a place to sit down.


"I have studied the data files you brought, there is a species called anglerfish on your home world."

Jake thought for a second and said: "Ah yes, I think I learned about them in a biology lesson years ago."

"Your data files describe the 'unusual' way anglerfish reproduce," Liana continued, saying 'unusual' in a way as if she disagreed with it. "Anglerfish males are much smaller than females, they actually attach to females like parasites and then they can reproduce. Anglerfish are an interesting species, because the Kbraxi reproduce in a somewhat similar way."

This wasn't anything like Jake had expected. He replied: "Wait, but don't parasitic anglerfish males dissolve until nothing but their sperm-producing organs remain? So they basically become brain-dead?"

Liana said: "Don't worry, love! I said 'somewhat similar'. Kbraxi aren't your brainless anglerfish. If we Join, we will become one physical body. But your consciousness will certainly live on - just much closer to me than you could possibly imagine, even knowing what you know now."

Jake looked doubtful. He wanted to stay with her for the rest of his life - but losing his body? Was that worth it? And how did he know Liana was telling the truth about him living on. He looked at her and said: "... I need some time to think about this."

Liana nodded. "I understand. It's okay."

Jake got up and started walking. He had a difficult decision to make. How could he know what the right choice was? At least he now understood why Liana didn't want to tell him about Joining before. To a Federation citizen, it would sound horrible to lose your freedom like that. He wasn't ready to hear about it. But now... he'd been away from the Federation for so long. And he loved Liana more than anyone he'd met before. He did want to stay with her... and if Joining was the only way to make that happen, maybe he had to do it. Besides, there must be a reason she trained him to eat her shit. Hi figured that whatever would happen during thiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 5: The Joining

Contains Piss, Scat, Shit eating, Body merging/absorption, M/F

When Jake woke up, everything was different. The first thing he noticed was that he couldn't move his arms and legs much. In fact, his legs were connected to the back of Liana's legs down their full length. And his arms and hands were connected to Liana's sides, where he had been holding her. Jake couldn't really see this himself, but the skin between them was completely continuous and smooth, you wouldn't be able to see where one body ended and the other started.

When Jake opened his eyes, all he could see in front of him was skin. He could see bits of the room they were in to either side of him, but that was about it. He also noticed was that his mouth was feeling strange. The weird thing was that it was somehow connected to Liana's back. Jake tried to feel around with his tongue, but as far as he could tell there was no opening, his mouth was completely sealed to her skin, forcing him to breathe though his nose. In fact, his chest and stomach were also connected to Liana's back, while his dick was still sitting in her vagina. Jake couldn't move far enough to do anything about it.

Jake's attempts to move around woke up Liana, who said "Hi love, you ok?"

Jake actually still felt very relaxed, whether that was from the hormones in Liana's fluid or from the fact that he knew what he was getting himself into, he was mostly fine with the situation. But with his mouth stuck to Liana's back, he had no good way to talk, and instead said "Mmmmm" in a confirmatory voice.

His stomach didn't hurt anymore, but he suddenly did feel his bladder was very full. He couldn't get his dick out of Liana and he had no way to communicate his predicament so he tried to held it for a little while but he knew it couldn't last for long. At some point he just let go inside her, which made Liana perk up and go "Ooooooh", sounding like she was enjoying it. "Don't worry, dear, just let go... it's all fine." Before long the piss started forcing its way back out of her, down his dick and onto Jake's balls, after which it flowed into the bed Jake now realized they were lying on.

After he was done, Liana said: "Mmm, that made me realize I have to go as well." Jake heard a hissing sound as Liana started pissing but strangely enough didn't feel the wetness anywhere. Next, Liana started grunting "Ohhhhh... Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Liana loved the person she had become.

The part of her that used to be unjoined Liana finally understood the struggles Jake went through in his youth. She finally was able to remember.

The part of her that used to be Jake finally understood the full Kbraxi culture, why poop is so important to them, and what Joining truly means.

Liana knew that in retrospect, neither of her unjoined selves would've had any regrets. Well, maybe Jake would've considered it unfair that they kept Liana's name, but it was just Kbraxi custom to keep the female's name. In their fresh, newly Joined mind, both of them were equally represented in her fresh.

The one thing that surprised the new Liana the most was her feeling of completeness. She was so happy to be one, to be a whole being now. It was like Jake and Liana's individual love for each other had multiplied, and formed an incredible strong level of self-love.

Thinking about this, Liana suddenly found some pressure in her large intestine, followed by the very familiar taste of her own shit. A couple seconds later, she enjoyed the nice full feeling of her male digestive sac. Liana knew that she'd never get tired of this particular sensation. She noticed herself getting horny, let her dick out into her cunt and started fucking herself the way only a Joined Kbraxi can.

Later, while Liana walked out of the Joining Center as a new woman, she was pondering what to do next. Most newly Joined people went on a long vacation to have the time to get used to their new mind. With the full knowledge and memories of both the Kbraxi and the Federation combined, Liana decided to go on a tour through Federation space.

She was thinking of becoming the first Kbraxi ambassador to Earth. Jake had suspected that there were many more humans hiding their sexual interest in poop and she really wanted to help them meet the Kbraxi. She would have to deal with a somewhat difficult explanation to the Federation officials about where Jake had 'gone', but with her inside knowledge of the Federation - and more importantly, with both his memories and his personality now part of her, she was certain she would work something out.


The title of this thread was based on the thread in /3D/. This thread will be stories involving the deaths of little girls twelve and under that are too short to put on my site.

I'll start by posting a longer version of a story I posted in Ultra Short Stories.

"If you want candy, you have to be good," the young brunette said to her kids before she walked into the store.

I peered around the corner of the building. A little girl, most likely seven, with short blonde hair, sat in the front passenger seat twirling a strand of hair with her index finger. In the back, twin boys, no younger than ten, were play fighting. I could see that was two other cars in the parking lot, but they were both empty. So, I decided to act.

I stuffed my hands deep in my pockets, and made sure a candy bar was sticking halfway out of my left pocket, before I emerged from the corner. I walked casually up to the car, and as I approached the car, the kids stopped what they were doing and looked directly at me.

"Hey, little girl, do you want a surprise?" I asked.

The girl and her brothers looked up at me, with a frightened expression on her face. Then I nudged the candy bar in my pocket, and the little girl looked at it for a second, then a smile appeared on her face.

"Sure," she replied.

"Alrighty then, close your eyes," I told her.

She closed her eyes, with the smile grown wider on her face. Her brothers still looked at me with watchful eyes, but I ignored them.

I drew a Glock 17 from my other pocket and placed it against the center of her forehead. The little girl opened her eyes as she felt the cold barrel against her skin, but she did not have time to register the threat. I pulled the trigger and her head went back, with a red dot in the center. The hollow point bullet tore a golf ball-sized hole in the back of her head, and sprayed brain tissue, blood, and bone fragments all over the car.

I returned the gun to my pocket and ran as the two boys in the back screamed and yelled at the top of their lungs. I waited behind my corner for several seconds, until their mother came out of the store. After she let out a frantic, blood-curdling scream, I ran off to hide out before the cops arrived.
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That is such a sexy story. I love it! Thanks for posting.


I would love to read more like this, though it'd be awesome if only her pussy was wounded at first and they made her suffer a bit~


Love the head destruction and poop hints, keep it up.


Great stories! Congrats!


Pleasure to know that I could inspire you to write these great stories.


I'm going to start writing stories, mostly involving debreasting and twat torture, and posting them here. I'll label each with their individual tags.
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We still going to hear some of your stories ? Keen on more pussy destruction or complete removal.


Once I find a day off I don't have writers block.


Any idea of who will it be in the first story ? One of the female Spartans from Halo ?


I'm sort of playing around with the idea that the Sangelli hold public executions, or invade a few homes and ruin the cunts of several humans. Maybe it will take place in a school, or a strip club.


That is a nice start, I hope you do use the female Spartans later in your story. Looking forward to it.


By Natasha Kendrick

Part 1

Natasha: Justin, your latest Album “Team Necro” has attracted a lot of comment about your recent lifestyle choices, not all of it complementary. Tell us about where you are right now, and what's lead you here.
Justin: Well, for the last few years I've really been giving everything to my fans. The music, the tours, the events, everything. It means that I'm just starved of me-time, I just don't want to spend what little time I have pleasing someone else. Plus my social media strategist has always been very against me having a girlfriend, because the fans hate it.
N: And so that's why you've moved to following a nec-romatic lifestyle?
J: if you mean that's why I fuck dead girls now then yeah (laughs) honestly though I just feel it makes sense. I find the necro-girls much more giving, they're not selfish or out for what they can get. Plus with all the #metoo and sexual assault stuff right now it really makes me immune to any accusation of mistreating women.
N: You don't feel that soliciting your fans to have themselves snuffed and delivered to you is itself disrespectful or misogynistic?
J: How could it be? No one is being pressured, or forced to do anything they don't want to. I just let it be known to my fans that if they choose to have themselves decapitated and then express delivered to me, then I'll have sex with them – assuming I find them attractive that is.
N: So are those two of your former fans on the bed there?
J: I assume so, I have a few rules you see; I don't like people trying to use me to get famous, so fans aren't allowed to send any kind of message or video – I won't look at any of that stuff, they must be a c-cup or smaller, weigh no more than 8 stone, 5'2” maximum height. That kind of stuff. I think it's much more pure if a girl is only doing this to please me. It's really beautiful, and I thank every girl who becomes one of my Neckos. This album is like a love song to them
N: And the twenty or so dead girls you were stood on for the cover, were they all your Neckos?
J: Mostly, they go off pretty fast so those Nekos were all from that week and we also snuffed a few models to add in for the shoot. You can tell the models ‘cause they're all taller. I don't like that at all so after the shoot we just tossed them in the dumpster.


A bit short really. :|


It's not a style of writing I've done before, and wasn't sure if it would be worth anyone's time to read it. I think I'll see about continuing it though


Sorry, just reposting this with some tags.

I am new to this forum and love to write horrible stories. Unfortunately, they get yanked from every site I ever post them to!

Her name was Melody Garcia and she was young - only 17 – and had never taken the bus before by herself, let alone to the bad part of town. She tried her hardest not to let people see that she was crying.

When the bus finally came to her stop, she gathered her few things together and waddled off. It would all be over soon. It would all be over soon… she kept telling herself. An hour from now, she’d be back on the bus, headed toward home, and it would be like the whole thing had never happened.

She had scrawled the address on a scrap of paper, stuffed in her pants pocket. She shivered as she walked through the diseased and broken streets. Sirens wailed in the distance. She finally came to the storefront… looked like it had been a convenience store at one time. There were still shelves, with stray cans of tuna and tomato paste here and there. Halogen buzzed and flickered.

In the middle of the store sat a woman with a pale face. “May I help you?”

“Y-yes, I’m here to see Dr. D-Devon,” Melody stuttered.

“Dr. Devon?” The woman smiled. “I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The password, the password… Melody closed her eyes and recited, “Cherry blossoms.”

The smile vanished from the woman’s face. She pulled out a clipboard. “Sign at the bottom, Ms. Garcia,” she instructed.

Trembling, Melody did as she was told.

“The doctor will see you now.”

The stock room was gray and cold. There was a table in the center of it. An old man wearing leaned against a walk-in freezer, sucking on a cigar. “Hi-ya,” he said, then coughed violently. “You’re Melody Garcia?”



“Ch-cherry Blossoms.”

He nodded. “How old are you?”


He nodded. “Good… that’s good. Hop up on the table, Ms. Garcia.”

Mutley, she nodded, did as she was told.

The doctor took out a walkie-talkie. “Send them in.”

A door opened, and in walked around a dozen men. Many of them were wearing long trench coats, hats pulled down low.

Melody panicked… was she about to be arrested? Was this some elaborate sting operation?

“Gentlemen, please say Hello to Ms. Melody Garcia. Melody is 17 years old and nearly 9 months pregnant.”

There was a murmur of ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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On my opinion baby goes a Little Bit to far. But its just my opinion...


Go to groups.google.com and search "pregnant snuff". It's the only group that appears, probably because "a Little Bit too far" is not far off.


wonderful story. Definitely caught my interest


D dudet, is that google group still active?


Pretty nice! My only suggestions are that if you do any more, it would be nice for a little more detail to the actual violence. Also, a surprise with it being a boy, nothing was seemingly done about their underdeveloped boy parts, although that kind of ties in with the first point I guess.


Like with my other thread, this will be random stories that are too short for me to upload to my ASSTR site—less than 1,000 words; usually around 500. This one will be for young women, 18-30. The other differences is that, while most of my stories will just be random murders, there will be other types of deaths; suicides, executions, and even accidental.

To start us off, I'll import my recent Killer and Victims story from RP.

Peter Sullivan worked as the receptionist for Golden Crowns Hotel for a week. It was a fancy, expensive, hotel located in Manhattan where CEOs, celebrities, and other well-off people stayed. According to official documents, and co-workers, however, he was known as Jake Dent. He wore a wig, to disguise his blond hair with brown. He also wore a mask and pair of gloves that, without extremely close inspection, were realistic enough to pass off as his own face and hands. He made sure that the rest of his skin was covered to hide the slight difference in skin texture. All of this was for his real job as an assassin.

His target was a twenty-six year old secretary from the United Kingdom, known Emma Walters. According to his client, she threatened to expose some of the illegal business practices that his company is involved in, and she needed to be silenced before she could go to the authorities. He learned through research that Emma always used this particular hotel whenever she visited New York, and discovered that she planned to vacation in Manhattan this month. So Peter forged some documents and got a job at the hotel.

Emma arrived at the hotel late in the evening. Peter recognized her immediately from the description and photographs given to him by his client. She had short brown hair, although her eyes were maroon rather than blue; he figured that she had to be wearing colored contacts. She wore an maroon kimono, which was open at the neck to display her bra straps and her rather prominent cleavage. She approached the desk, and I assigned her a room.

Five hours later, Emma was passed out on the bed; she only wore a pair of black panties, with her giant breasts on full display. Her kimono and bra were laid out over a chair.

The door opened slowly, and Peter Sullivan crept in. He pulled a M&P22 out of his pants pocket, then attached a suppressor. He closed the door and softly walked over to Emma with the gun raised. She slowly opened her eyes just as he reachedPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


“Well, well, what have we here?”

A figure emerged from the shadows of the tunnel, dark-haired and dark-skinned, wearing a trench coat and wielding a shotgun, the barrel red-hot and smoking like a cigarette in the night.

“The Pyro Sisters,” announced a second figure, coming up from behind the first. “We finally got our prize.”

Eve cast a casual glance at the two female raiders in the flickering light of the subway service room. They laid on the grimy tiled floor, sweating, bleeding and clinging to each other. Their fear was palpable; she could taste it.

“Which one do you want,” asked Cait.

Her gaze flickered between the raiders. One was blonde, skinny and pale, with cuts, bruises and dark stains on her hands and chest. The other was a brunette, thicker and tanned, clutching a bullet wound in her side. “I’ll take the thick one.”

“No, no!” The blonde clutched her companion with the frantic eyes of cornered prey. “Fuck off! You can’t have her!”

Cait struck Blondie in the face with the butt of her rifle. “Shut your trap, cunt. Don’t worry one bit. You’ll get to watch it all.”

Blondie screamed as she watched her friend get dragged across the room. Eve shoved the brown-haired bandit into a wet, rotted chair and glanced at the screen of her Pip-Boy. Green backlight played against her dark face. “Ok, Trisha. We’re going to play a game.” Eve flashed her a grim smile. “I’m gonna ask you a few questions. Answer correctly and your friend gets some pain. Answer wrongly and you get some pain. Any questions?”

Trisha, silent until now, scowled and spat at her. “Do your worst, bitch. I can take it.”

“You’ll be singing a different tune when I’m finished with you.” Eve casually flicked away the glob of saliva on her arm. “First question. What was the name of the teenage boy you roasted alive at the old electrical plant?”

“Fuck off.”

“Wrong answer.” Eve fired her shotgun into the ceiling and thrust the hot barrel between Trisha’s legs. The bandit’s lips quivered, her face grimaced with anguish amid the stench of sizzling cloth and flesh. She kept a brave face until she couldn’t anymore. “Stop...please...I’ll answer...please!”

Eve removed the shotgun barrel, gazing curiously at the blood and burnt cloth on the end of it. “Next question.”

“Don’t tell em nothing,” screamed Blondie. “You’re tougher than them. Hold on!”

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Some young women learn the proper way to tenderize male meat.

Properly Tenderized Meat

1 - Balls..

 "What is the most important part of preparing any piece of meat?" the formidable looking woman at the front of the room asked, looking intently at her attentive audience.

 A few seconds passed, during which all of the new culinary students, who were garbed in clean chef's whites just as their instructor was, looked around at each other. They must have found the question, or perhaps the questioner herself, a bit intimidating, as no one seemed keen on being the first to speak up. But, perhaps that wasn't so surprising, given the woman's world renowned reputation as a master chef.

 Finally, one of the freshmen girls at the back of the crowd raised a tentative hand.

 "Yes? Miss Linde, you have an answer?"

 "Umm, is it choosing the right spices to accompany the.. the dish, Ms. Gray?" the girl responded, hesitantly.

 "Hmm, that's a good guess, dear, but incorrect." the woman replied, smiling a little to take the sting out of her words. "While choosing appropriate seasonings to accompany a meat dish is, of course, very important, it isn't the MOST important thing."

 "Does any one else care to try?" Ms. Gray continued, arching an eyebrow up daringly at her class.

 "Is.. is it picking out the right sides to go with the meat?" another girl asked, after raising her own hand.

 "Another important thing to consider, but no, not that either." Ms. Gray replied.

 "Marinading?" piped up a different freshman girl.


 "Presentation?" asked yet another, rather tall girl, who was stroking her chin and frowning in thought.

 "Close, very close, Miss Copper!" Miss Gray stated, bouncing on her feet a little as her class all looked around at each other again, their expressions pensive. "Anyone else? No? Well, those were all good guesses, but the correct answer is actually.."

 "..Tenderization!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands together smartly. "Now, can anyone tell me why?"

 There was another moment of silence before the first girl raised her hand and spoke again.

 "Umm.. because it probably doesn't matter how delicious a meal tastes, or how good it looks on a plate, if the diner can barely cut through Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Nice!! The dialogue really emphasizes the casualness, and the descriptions are amazing. The images are very vivid in the way you write the response of the "victims" and Ms. Gray. Perhaps you should write something about whole male preparation and cooking? ;D


I'm glad you enjoyed it. This one was particularly fun to write.

My fantasies usual center on genital abuse and cooking, rather than whole cannibalism(at least, for male victims). That said, I certainly wouldn't rule out doing a whole male roast story, but it probably wouldn't be the sole focus of the tale.


Have to agree there, great story. As a frequent seeker of this sort of stuff, I can't begin to say how often I am disappointed at lack of length and detail, or better yet just going straight for cutting them off and being done with it. I hope you'll write some more, maybe give the prompt thread a skim too.



The young soldier grips her rifle, heart pounding in terror. The cries and moans of the wounded and dying are drowned out by the thunder and crack of gunfire and artillery. The CO walks along the trench, shouting. The girl doesn't hear the exact words, but knows that it will lead to her death. She hears a sudden silence, a break in the fighting.

Then the whistle pierces the air, commanding her to leave the safety of her trench, to expose her young body to the enemy. Despite her immense fear, she feels her body reacting on autopilot, pulling herself up top then breaking into a sprint alongside her brothers and sisters. The enemy opens fire, cutting them down. The girl winces at the crack-crack-crack of supersonic rifle rounds flinging past her, but her run never ceases. She yells, a battle cry for her country.

Something rocks the world, turning it upside down. The girl is left weightless and the ground leaves her. She glimpses (in brief flashes) the yellow-red ground, the bright blue sky, and a blossoming flower of dust and fire. Then gravity catches up to her, bringing her down. She sees the ground rushing up to meet her and then nothing.

The young man (boy really, having reached his 18th year last week), advances cautiously through the pockmarked landscape of no man's land. Fellow soldiers walk alongside, rifles at low ready, bayonets attached. Bodies lay scattered amongst the craters and debris, twisted and torn. Most are months old, nothing more than skeletons with tattered pieces of leathery flesh, picked apart by the packs of wild dogs and swarms of rats grown fat off of the slaughter.

His commanding officer signals the platoon to halt for a break, and the soldiers sigh and begin to sit down. What was once waist deep mud in the spring had turned to dry soil and dust in the summer. The boy sat down, and places his rifle beside him. He feels his hand brush against something soft. He looks, and gasps in shock.
The face of a young girl about his age stares back, blue eyes half lidded, lips parted slightly. The boy recoils back. His gaze wanders down the rest of the body. The uniform was of the enemy, although this one seemed a size too small for the girl, hugging her curvy form tightly.

The boy, having gotten over his initial shock, crawls back. He looks over his shoulder, and sees the rest of his platoon scattered amongst the craters, napping or playing cards. He grPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I was expecting rape, then oh dear, the feels. All aboard the feel train!!


Jennifer's breasts ached as she moved. That was alright, though. She liked that.

Lifting her arms above her head with a sigh, she slowly moved her body into the next yoga pose. Bending her forward leg, she stretched the other out behind her, the motion naturally making her upper body curve to push out her sore, heavy chest. Both of her breasts lifted as she raised her arms, sending little sparkles of pain up her spine. Biting her lip, she forced herself to hold the pose, even though the damp spot on her yoga pants was already down to mid thigh.

Ever since she had hit puberty, Jennifer had been particularly well endowed through the chest. Once she had begun to develop, she'd filled out quickly, reaching a C-cup before some of her peers were even out of training bras. This had made her an object of some envy in the early years of high school, alongside a few other fortunate girls with a similar physique. However, where the growth of other girls had stopped, Jennifer's breasts had kept going. While other large-chested girls began to show signs of sagging or lopsidedness, she stayed pert even as she bought her first E-cup bra, the size of each breast in perfect symmetry. At reaching an F-cup, Jennifer's parents had started to worry about back issues, and taken her to a doctor for recommendations about a reduction. She'd viciously fought against the possibility, though mostly out of a rebellious urge rather than any real sense of pride in her chest, and so instead of surgery had instead been given a strict exercise routine to strengthen her core.

Every day since then, Jennifer had worked out diligently to maintain a strong abdomen and lower back, and as a result had never experienced so much as a twinge of backache from her breasts. As an added 'side effect' of her daily workout, she also maintained a healthy weight with ease, staying fit and energetic all through her life. Now an adult, her body had filled out into a top-heavy curve, with wide hips that were still overshadowed by her ridiculously massive bust. Though she'd finished growing, she'd had to begin buying specialty N-cup bras to hold her chest in check, each firm, high breast fully larger than her head. If she lifted her tits up with her arms, she didn't even have to bend her neck to bring her puffy pink nipples within reach of her own lips.

Reaching a count of forty in her head, Jennifer shifted to the next pose. Her arms spread out in aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Please please more, I didn't know lactation was this hot


This is a great read. I do enjoy a bit of breast abuse. What else do you have planned?


Loved the story and hope to see more of your work in the future(especially breastplay like this).

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