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[Grimm] Soul Calibur: Temple of the Dark Gods [2014]
Tags: Gore, Death Dismemberment, mf/fm/ff.

The towering fortress rose up like a spear of darkness into the Blood red sky. Taki looked to her left and right, surveying her companions, hoping they would be ready for the battle to come. On her left stood Siegfried and Cassandra; a brave knight from Germany who once wielded the Soul Edge, and a young warrior-woman from Greece destined to help destroy the evil blade. On her right was Seung-Mina and Ivy. The first a young girl with a heart of gold who had traveled from Asia to fight against darkness, the second a Noblewoman who's fate was somehow linked to the evil sword.

"Let's go" she said, and with that the group of warriors began their march toward the gates unsure of their fate, but certain of one thing, if they failed to stop the spread of evil that the legendary sword unleashed, the entire world would be consumed by violence and evil.

Their first obstacle was a band of mercenary soldiers guarding the gate. Normally the odds would not be in the favor of a small group of 5 against 30 trained fighters, but each of Taki's companions was a veteran of countless battles, each worth at least 100 soldiers. Within minutes the battle was over. Severed limbs and broken bodies now lay in heaps before the heavy wooden gates. Siegfried picked up a battle axe from one of the fallen, and made his way to the gate, ready to force their entry, but as he approached, the gate swung open on it's own.

Part 1: The fall of Seung Mina

The door opened to reveal a large entry chamber, the floor and walls bare of any decoration with the macabre exception of a dark stain across the floor. A flight of stone steps led up across from the entryway, and to the left and right were hallways which led off into darkness.

The silence that had greeted the companions was suddenly broken by a woman's pitiful cry "Oh god! Someone please help me!" The voice screamed from somewhere above them. Without hesitation Cassandra and Taki charged forward towards the stairs. Siegfried and Ivy each spread out and began to survey the entry hall. Seung Mina stood her ground in the center of the room, unsure of where to proceed. She took a hesitant step forward, intending to follow Taki and Cassandra, when the air in front of her began to ripple. Before she could step back their was a flash of bright red light, and a sound like a thunderclaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Part 4: "Vampire Hunter T" part 1: Gods and monsters

"I'm glad you convinced me to break into the wizard's chambers, Amy", Raphael turned and said to the woman who's head was propped up on his shoulder. "This is much hotter than watching the front door!".

"Anything for you my love" she purred in reply as she continued her reach-around cock stroking. Both them then quickly returned to watching the small pool of water in front of them. They had discovered the bird-bath like contraption at the back of the wizard's room covered with a red cloth, as soon as they removed the cover they were shocked to see a vision of things happening underground, the wizard at the center of all of it.

A young Asian girl drenched in semen was frantically sucking the sorcerer's cock while a huge-titted blonde was being fucked by one of the lizardmen that lived in the caverns below the temple. "Wow that's hot!" Amy squealed, as the Lizardman bit one of the blonde's tits clean off and started chewing it. Apparently the sorcerer thought so as well, and Raphael watched in fascination as Zasalamel plastered the young Asian girl in Jizz.

The couple watched the sorcerer and the girl leave the catacombs as the lizard continued to feast on the blonde. After finishing chewing off both her meaty breasts, and tearing one of her arms off, it opened her guts with it's jaws and started pulling her organs out. Amy moaned deeply into Raphael's ear as she plunged her fingers in and out of her snatch. Raphael looked back down at the pool and smiled. The blonde was feebly kicking her legs and screaming as the lizard began fucking her again, Raphael felt his own orgasm building as Amy continued to jerk off his prick. As the lizard tore the woman's other arm off with it's jaws Raphael's cock began to spurt Jizz into the pool. He groaned in pleasure as his copious amounts of sperm turned the water a milky white. The last thing he saw before the image disappeared was the lizard tearing the woman's face off with it's teeth as it spurted it's own load into her open belly. She was still alive and kicking...

"Well that was fun my dear", but we should leave and find our own pray before the sorcerer returns. As a sign of agreement Amy licked his cock clean, buttoned up his trousers and the two of them turned and quietly left the room. They had not made it two steps down the hall when both of them heard heavy footsteps coming towards them. "Our guests havePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 4: Part 2 - Don't break the seal.

Taki took off running in pursuit of the small red-head. For someone so short she ran at an incredibly fast past, Taki was quite surprised. As the girl ran ahead, her short skirt bobbed up and down, and Taki was disgusted to see she wasn't wearing anything underneath. As they turned another corner the torchlight illuminating the corridor suddenly vanished. Taki stopped for a second and unsheathed her mystical short-sword Reiki-Maru, a dull orange glow emanated from the naked blade, and Taki managed to catch sight of Amy as the other woman turned another corner. Taki took off running again, and the power of Reiki-Maru enveloped her, allowing her to pick up even greater speed.

As she turned the corner that Amy had just disappeared down, she felt the stone under her right foot depress slightly, instinct took over and Taki tossed herself forward into a roll. Behind her spears erupted from both walls, crisscrossing the first half of the hallway in deadly blades. If she had hesitated for even a second, or if she hadn't rolled quite as far, she would have been impaled multiple times. Further down the corridor she heard a curse and looked up to see Amy again retreating.

This time Taki was able to cut the distance between them quite quickly. Amy was now only slightly further than arms distance away, and Taki readied herself to jump forward and tackle the girl. The instant before Taki jumped Amy reached out and grabbed something hanging from the wall to there right. This time Taki was not quite fast enough, the floor below her feet split down the middle and she felt herself drop straight down.

Taki's eyes widened in fear as she saw the ten foot spikes rising up from the newly revealed chasm beneath feet. Relying on years of training she gathered all of the chi in her body into her hands and dropped straight towards the closest spike. She clapped both feet around the sides of the deadly trap, and pulled her hips away, preventing herself from being impaled from crotch to head. Her feet only served to slow her fall, and as the tip of the spike rose towards her face she clasped it in both hands, using all the strength and chi she had within her to hold herself in place. She froze there for a second, hands and feet gripping the metal rod between her legs, spider-like in her pose, and then she screamed. A wild sound that expressed both pain and frustration. Despite her swift thinking, thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 4.3: Ninja vs. Vampires

As Taki raced down the hallway away from Amy and the sounds of a rough Demon-fucking, she thought about Cassandra, and hoped that when she found her way back, the girl would be alright, and the fencer vanquished. She tried her best to push down the pain in her upper thigh and abdomen, the spike wound was still dripping blood, and seemed like it might be infected, and her gut felt like it was on fire. She worried that if she moved too quickly she might tear it open.

Weaving her way through the same traps she encountered while chasing Amy, Taki did her best to cover the tears in her uniform, she pulled the split sides of her body-suit together over her exposed breasts and tightened the sash around her waist to help keep them in place. The very top of her pussy was still exposed however, revealing her thin patch of pubic-hair. As she came around the last corner, she heard grunting and the wet slap of flesh on flesh. "Please no..." She whispered to herself.

As Taki turned the corner what she saw nearly made her puke. The fencer was holding the ruined body of her friend, now missing all four of her limbs, as he fucked her mercilessly. Taki locked eyes with what was left of Cassandra for an instant, and the girl seemed to smile for a second as blood dripped from her eyes and nose, her face white as a ghost. With an animal like grunt the man dropped Cassandra onto her back and began to pump long ropes of cum over the body. Taki unsheathed both do her swords.

"Welcome to the party" Raphael said as he turned to face the Ninja. "You're going to die the most painful death imaginable for this!" Taki shouted, and without another word she charged at the fencer. Raphael did even have time to put his cock away before the battle was engaged. He was forced to dive across the floor towards his sword, barely managing to pick it up in time to deflect the first of Taki's cuts. Slash after slash rained down on him, each one harder to parry or deflect than the last. She stayed inside his guard, pressing forward every time he tried to step away and get the room he needed to strike. He could feel the dark power inside of him pushed to it's limits, even the unnatural speed of a vampire was hardly enough to keep up with the blazing pace of the ninja girl. Somehow in the midst of her attacks he saw an opening, drawing his body back like a snake to avoid her latest cut, he lunged forward, blade flashing upwardPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Dude. Thanks for finding and reposting, been trying to get it back for years. As a thanks I’ll finish Red part 2 and post it ASAP



Oh shit you're still around Grimm? Ive been waiting for the follow up to that red story for years! Its one of the best written pieces on here.


Hello, I was looking for torture of feet and found this form by accident. I looked at the stories of torture and cannibalism of our feet that really makes me excited. I'm a transsexual. I would love for you to write a story about my feet. My name is Bruna. Thank you my love, kisses.

here are some photos of my feet

https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/pezinhos- jpg - 2
https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/ imagens / 17098624_1833233806945050_6229445044340339851_n-jpg - 3


Hey I can write a story for you even though you posted this a year ago


Hey I can write a story for you even though you posted this a year ago


Cracking open a cold one with the boys - Part One

Antonia pulled up on the drive and stepped out of her car, tugging the hem of her sun-dress back down her thick thighs as she did so. Walking up to the door she felt acutely conscious of how heavy with milk her enormous breasts felt, painfully bouncing from side to side with each along the path. She quickly checked her nipples had leaked any milk into her dress and satisfied hang the bell.

After a few moments a woman appeared to answer the door, greeting her with a warm smile. Antonia took in the delicate wrinkles around her eyes and realised with shock this might be the oldest woman she'd ever met, perhaps as old as 50!

“Hello, is it Antonia?”
“Yes, that's right. The agency said you need a child attendant for the afternoon?”
“Wonderful, yes, your right on time, please come in. You can put your bag on the side there.”

The woman introduced herself as Patrician, and lead her into a large and gorgeously outfitted kitchen. From the huge double-ovens, chrome appliances to the special climate controlled cabinets with premium cured thighs hung in them, Antonia could only marvel at the style and elegance displayed. It was slightly goggling to think of a family that ate so much breast meat they needed their own frap-maker.

“I got my papers today and have to report to the processing plant for harvesting immediately - I've actually started my menopause you know, so no point try forestall the inevitable any further. The boy’s Father has been away on business, won't be back till 5pm tonight, so we need someone to attend to their needs until then. Let me call them through to introduce you.”
Patricia pulled open the large friend doors, admitting both a blast of the summer heat and the sounds of boisterous play.

“Harvey! Oscar! Luke! Come to the kitchen boys!”
Within moments three boys came tearing across the large garden lawn, hurdling discarded toys and flower beds. They skittered to a halt on the patio, breathing hard.

“Boys, this is Antonia, she'll be attending to anything you need until your Father comes home. He will get back at 5pm, so she needs to last you until then. I'm reporting for processing, I've arranged for my cuts to be delivered tonight so remind your Father, I don't want him just ordering take-out.”

The boys choruses their agreement and she gave each of them a quick kiss goodbye before they ran offPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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loving every little bit of this... though i would love to have had more detail on that offhandedly mentioned unbirhting... hopefully the little newborn was suffocated inside her, and likely that tight cunt fucked by someone while she squirmed shoved up into toni's womb?

very much looking forward to seeing more of this story, and in what way they eventualy end her.


I clicked here to read some gay gore fic, wasn't disappointed though some tags would have been nice


Part 3: Patio
Gay, Rape, Scat

The best thing about sex with little boys is the incredible, frenzied energy they have.

Together she and Oscar had manoeuvred around so that she was kneeling on the edge of the sun lounger with her ass was raised high, while her arms and elbows were planted on the warm stone of the patio. This aligned her body almost vertically, with Oscar balancing atop her. His knees were clasped tightly around the outside of her thighs, whilst he stabilised himself with handfuls of her soft ass and used the leverage to piston his little cock in and out of her tight hole. Behind her Luke had his hand jammed inside her cunt and was twisting it around to explore her internal contours, and the ridges of her cervix.

The sensations were so extreme Antonia was barely managing to keep her balance, so that her head kept bashing into the patio with each thrust. For a moment she pictured these savage little boys smashing her skull open with tiny toy hammers whilst they fucked, and a powerful climax washed over her with a shudder.

Oscar paid no heed, and continued ploughing her enormous backside like he was digging the Hudson Tunnel.

Harvey had now sufficient recovered to rejoin them, sporting a beautiful little hard-on over about three and a half inches. Antonia licked her lips in anticipation, but instead he moved around behind her.

“Oscar you've had ages now, I want to go again.” Harvey sounded angry & impatient.

“This is my go takes as long as it takes. It's Luke after me anyway.”
Oscar panted in reply, without letting up the assault on her anus for even a moment. Antonia had already felt him blow three loads inside her, but didn't see any reason to interject her opinion into men's business.

“I'm not waiting all morning for an ass fuck while you two take forever!”

There was an abrupt yelp, and Luke's hand was suddenly pulled out her cunt with a sloppy queef. She could hear, but not see, a squabble happening behind her, and there was a meaty thwack as two bodies fell to the hot stone floor. Antonia strained her head around and could see the two boys struggling on the floor, their slick, sweaty bodies sliding against one another. The much larger and stronger Harvey quickly pinned his younger brother belly down on the ground, and used his left hand to press all his weight onto the small boys torso whilst his right hand pulled down LukePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


hoping this will get an update now that gurochan is back in action.

always looking forward to more hot straight shota dolcett style stuff.... young boys getting their way with voluptuous older women and eventualy finishing them off, cant wait to see more


Tags: M/f, torture, semi-con

*Glug, glug, glug*

The three boys perched on the breakfast bar stools and gulped down their drinks in silence. Certainly, Antonia pondered, they needed to replenish their fluid levels considering the amount of jizz they'd been pouring into her holes for the last three hours. Eventually though even their boyish endurance waned, and so back into the house to recover with food and drink. Hopefully some of them would be ready to give her another ploughing before their father got home and it was time for her to leave.

Antonia's huge tits jiggled inside her tube top as she tugged her hot-pants up and over her fat ass, her chubby belly instantly spilling over in a muffin-top.

"So boys, do you want watch some TV and cool down for a bit inside the house?"

To her surprise the three young lads slid or bounced off their seats, having apparently already replenished their energy levels.

"Let's play a game with Toni!" exclaimed Luke
"We could play Sizzlers!" yelled Harvey
"Nooses, totally Nooses!" shouted Luke
"Guys: Let's play Cunt War." offered Oscar, the two other boys were instantly wracked with convulsions of glee.

"Oh man your right, I totally forgot! We never get to play Cunt War!"

Antonia felt the pit of her stomach drop away, the name of that game did not sound promising.

"Uh...wouldn't you rather play Settlers of Catan?"

The three boys buzzed about her, hands grabbing at her ass and love-handles, tugging her into the living room. Oscar began a breathless explanation of the game at such a pace that it was impossible to make out almost anything he was saying, the only thing she did manage to catch was that it would be necessary for her to remove the shorts she had just gone to such trouble to put on. With a sign Antonia began yanking them back over her butt and down her thick thighs. Meanwhile Luke and Harvey dashed through to the pantry and re-emerged with two naked meat girls.

One of them was shaven bald, white, and had a bar-code tattoo on her ass. She had the wide hips, big tits and blank gaze that immediately marked her as a girl-farm stock.

The other was a very pretty, very young girl with olive skin and black hair cut into an attractive bob. She was flat chested, with narrow hips and a smooth cunt fillet that clearly didn't require the attention of a razor to keep itPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Sarah awoke. The first thing she noticed was her incapability to move. As her eyes adjusted and the fog cleared, she looked around groggily. She couldn’t see more than, say, ten feet ahead of her before darkness overtook the fluorescent, flickering light above her. As her hearing cleared, she heard a… distant buzzing? She couldn’t quite tell if it was distant or if she hadn’t fully recovered from what happened.

What had happened? The last thing she remembered before passing out was a masked man and her…

And her sister. Quickly she turned her head to the right. Nothing. Then the left. And, just as she thought, there was her sister. Shoulder-length orange hair, facial structure similar to Sarah’s. Chloe and Sarah were attractive girls, large breasts and asses, nice bodies (despite Sarah being significantly skinnier in the stomach area.) But something was wrong here. In Sarah’s foggy vision, she didn’t quite comprehend what was happening, but as she focused she noticed Chloe’s naked chest. No, naked body. Entirely naked. Sarah was naked too, she now noticed. Her long, brown hair was draping on her nude shoulders. Blood. There was blood dripping down her shoulders. There were oversized, rusty nails digging into the soft flesh of Sarah’s shoulders-- Chloe’s too. As she noticed the metal ripping into her skin she began feeling a sharp, sore pain. Not just in her shoulders, but her hands and shins too. She was pinned up against the wall, entirely naked, hands placed on either side of her head and legs spread slightly. In the moment she was confused, especially when her sense of sound started coming into play. She heard crying-- sobbing. Her sisters sobbing. Deep, pained gasps and hollow breaths. In a haze, Sarah looked over at Chloe, her hair orange and beautiful. Sure enough, tears flowed down her face. Chloe moved her head to look at Sarah, pressing her face against the wall. Her face was red and eyes puffy. Above the sound of Chloe’s tears was something else, Sarah realized. A sort of… buzzing sound. Sarah’s face turned to a look of confusion as Chloe mouthed something to her.

Then, a searing pain in Sarah’s right leg. A blinding, horrible pain that seemed to be slicing through the flesh. Sarah let out a pained scream before looking down. Drool dribbled from the side of her mouth, where the skin was pulled tight in her screams. A spinning, circular buzzsaw was humming loudly and ripping through the fat on Sarah’s calves. TearsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Awesomly good style!


nothing better than a cock-up the neck -out mouth into other mouth double blowjob.


will u ever write more stories? love the darkness and decaps


Will you do more stories? Love the darkness of this one, and gorey descriptioms you do


It was a frigid day and for some unholy reason Victoria's school hadn't decided to close. It was likely because the storm had gotten unexpectedly worse than the weatherman projected but Vicky was sure it was actually part of some plot to ruin her life. The young red headed girl trudged through the snow, up to her knees or higher on her way home. What was normally a 10 minute walk, had already taken her 20 minutes and she was only half way there.

Lucky for her, her parents had at least given her plenty of warm clothes to wear. She was bundled up tightly with sweatpants over her jeans a thick coat and scarf over her face, the only exposed skin was a small portion of her face around her vivd green eyes. Unfortunately for her her daily practice of waiting until she got home to use the bathroom was currently making this difficult journey all the more troublesome. The toilets at school were disgusting and she would never use them, preffering to rush straight to the bathroom when she got home for an urgent pee and poo.

The young girl handn't even considered how difficult it might be to get home today. It wasn't a thought in her mind until now, where she realized those urgent needs of hers were reaching their limits. She stopped dead in her tracks, knee deep in snow as a cramp ripped through her body. A sharp pang in her bladder begging her to open up. She groaned, looking down at the snow that was making this journey impossible. She wasn't a dumb girl, she knew already that she wasn't going make it home, she cursed herself for not realizing it earlier.

With no choice but to endure a desprate, failing struggle she sighed and with shockingly little hesitation she began to pee herself. Urine trickled out slowly at first, soaking her panties, the warm sensation was yet more intense in the hard cold. Spreading a pleasant heat around her young girlhood before spilling down her thighs. With the blizzard as bad as it was, no one seemed to be paying any attention to her so the shovk and embarrassment that typically came from such a thing just wasn't there. All Victoria felt was relief and a pleasent warm spilling down her legs.

She sighed, quivering in the snow, her piss hardly soaking through her multiple layers of clothes as it leaked all the way down inti her sock. Her toes curled as it spilled into her boots, she could feel them filling up with her urine, soaking her socks and warming her feet more and more. TPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Victoria's short journey the rest of the way home was made all the mote difficult by the added heft of stool sitting in her panties. The bulge of filth mad every movement in the snow even more awkward, aswell a gross. She attempted to move slowly and carefully, in an effort to keep the filth from spreading too much, hoping to make cleaning it up a little easier, but the snowy streets and wind would not abide her wishes and the exaggerated movements needed just to make her way down the block caused shit to smear all over her pale young ass, soiling her panties further and spreading all up and down her crack.

By the time she made it to the door her poop had cooled, leaving her with a disgusting cold paste smeared all over her bum. She groaned in disgust, she knew there was an utter disaster to clean up and the messier it was the harder it would be to keep her parents from finding out. Whats worse, her mom's car was in the driveway, making it all the more unlikely that she would pull this off without getting a beating. She sighed and did the only thing she could, grab the knob and step into the house with her fingers crossed. Her sopping wet boot squished and squelched as she stepped inside, cold piss sloshing around inside. Victoria cringed, the sound and the sensation was disgusting and not helpful to her attempt at sneaking in.

"Vicky!? Baby take off your boots, I don't want you tracking snow in the house" Her mother called from somewhere in the house. Victoria's heart stopped for a moment, her pants were visiable soaked from thr crotch down and the huge brown bulge made her accident very obvious...if the foul stench of shit didn't already give her away. Victoria gulped, if her mother came by to greet her she was in for a world of trouble. Luckily for her, Victoria's mother seemed occuptied in the kitchen. Victoria thought for a moment and came up with inly thing that made any sense

"S-sorry mom, I need to use the bathroom!" She shouted, lying before quickly rushing into the house, taking a right and heading down the hall tonthe last door. She didn't try to use caution, at this point her panties and pants were already ruined with her filth, her only hope for avoiding a mean soanking was to get to the bathroom as quickly as possible. So she ran, allowing her shit to smush and squish within her panties, crawling into every crack and crevice of her pale little ass. She lept into the bathroom and slammed the door shut, lockiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Victoria sighed and leaned against the door for a moment, gathering her thoughts as she had only just barely begun what seemed like was going to be quite the ordeal. In the small bathroom the stink of her poop was much more noticeable, and with little ventilation it was nearly sickening, even for Victoria herself. She thought it might be a good idea to get started right away, less risk of her mom wondering what was going on. Though exactly how to clean up such a large mess was a matter all its own.

She first discarded her coat and outer layers of sweaters and shirt, all the way down to a simple white t shirt that she had worn underneath. Then she tackled the matter of her boots, which proved to be a struggle. She knelt down trying to unlace her sneakers while bent over, yet all it did was smush poop up her back and out of her panties, spilling filth into her pants ash she bent. She shivered in disgust, it was cold and soft and smelled simply foul. Victoria sighed before getting a better idea. She lifted the lid of the toilet and sat down as if to use it, the bulge of poop fit in the hole of the toilet and she was able to lean over and undo her laces.

From there she tugged off her left boot, which promptly spilled a couple of ounces of dirty piss onto the bathroom floor. Victoria gasped and quickly held the boot upright, curiously peering inside to see that it held quite a bit more piss. They were quite a nice pair of boots, completely waterproof...which was useful for keeping rain and snow out, but not so good when an entire bladder is emptied into it. She was more careful with her right boot, managing not to spill but a few drops of piss. she inched back, and dumped the filthy piss between her legs and into the toilet water before setting her boots aside.

Victoria looked down at her socks, her already miserable expression darkening a bit. Her once lovely pair of white cotton socks, with adorable pink bows at the mouth along a pink stripe were now stained entirely yellow. They reeked of piss, and stinky wet feet, She leaned over to pull them off, her poopy bottom mushing a little a she moved. Hey were difficult to pull off when they were soaking wet but with a little effort she managed exposing her wrinkled, stinking piss soaked feet. Victoria groaned, her mood only getting worse by the moment. She felt absolutely disgusting, and filthy head to toe.

Only then was she struck by an idea that might actually help Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Victoria lifted the toilet seat before turning around and bending over, pushing her butt out so it hovered over the mouth of the toilet. Very carefully she began to roll down the bacl of her panties, exlosing the filthy mush of light brown shit that caked her pale ass. The first goopy chunk fell, splashing down into the toilet bowl and leaving a dirty streak along the bottom of the bowl. She wasn't worried about it, their was a toilet brush nearby and if anything she could always clean it once she was finished. She lowered her panties further, and more large chunks fell into the bowl with a splash.

Eventually she worked her panties all the way down to her thighs, a fair amount of shit still caked onto her ass as well as held within her ruined panties. Careful still she lowered them all the way down, fully exposing her girlhood and filthy rear end to the open air. She was very careful as she lifted the panties not to spill the sizable heap of filth they still contained, wrinkling her nose against her own foul stink as she turned around and overturned her oanties to spill the last large chunk of shit into the toilet. Victoria was then left with her most filthy srticle of clothing and after thinking breifly she realized what she needed to do tondispose of it.

Besides the toilet was a small wastebin, lined with a plastic bag leftover from grocery shopping. She dropped her panties inside, mentally making a note to pull the bag out and discard it once she was finished cleaning up. Then all that remained was to clean up her filthy rear end. She first pulled off her shirt and tossed it asside, careful to separate it from her dirtied clothes. She stood, fully nude for a moment before turning to grab the toilet paper, assuming the same possition, ass out over the toilet, once again. Her skin was pale and her breasts had only barely begun to develop, little pink nipples stood atop tiny mounds on her chest. She wrapped her hand in toilet paper and took the first sweep up the crack of her ass. Pulling away a massive gob of filth that coated the bulk of the toilet paper. She promptly dropped it in the toilet and went at it again. Each time clearing less and less filth from the crack of her ass until it was mostly clean.

She took one more peice of toilet paper to properly wipe her ass, rubbing it along her crack and pressing it against her little puckered shpincter. The very same hole that had failed her twenty minutes earlier. Once finiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


(Possibly the end, though I left a little something in should I decide to pick this story back up)


I miss your writing.


She was dead.

David looked at the girl lying at his feet. Her eyes looked lifelessly into the sunset as the rope marks faded from her neck. A young high school freshmen, with blonde laces, and beautiful blue eyes. She had been wearing a fluffy white jersey top and denim shorts.

Her parents were out for the weekend. Off to a trip to the Bahamas leaving her alone to take care of the house. Well, that was until he showed up. He sniffed, taking a look around to make sure no one had seen him before putting the rope next to the side of the house.

He lifted her up by her armpits, and then got her on his back, before piggy backing her inside. He sanctimoniously dropped her dead body off in the living room on a couch and locked the door behind him before making his way to the kitchen to fix himself some dinner.

He was starving. It had been a few days since he had a proper meal. A side-effect of being a runaway homeless teen. But, even homeless teens had perks. He fixed himself a sandwich and scarfed it down. The TV was right by the couch and he sat next to her,
sitting her upright, as he flipped on the channel.

Her head leaned grossly to the side. Her mouth hung open, tongue sticking out.

“I guess it’d be too much to expect a conversation, huh?”

He touched her on the lips, savoring the light pinkish lipstick she had on. He wasn’t sure if she had been planning to go to a party later that night. Maybe, that’s why she opened the door.

“I don’t even know your name. I wonder if you taste good.”

He seductively pushed her down on the couch, closing her dead eyes. He wanted to make it look as if she was enjoying this, if she was asking for this. It was a game he liked to play with his dolls. They always like this. They always ask for it.

His hands fingered her mouth drawing her tongue out like a fish. He laughed, looking on how ridiculous she looked. Does it taste good? My fingers?

He pressed down on her lips, sucking on her soft succulent lips, tasting her like fruit. Strawberry flavor? It could be better. His right hand glided down to her shirt, feeling her breasts, cupping them in his grip. He took a moment to admire the firmness of her assets and then moved his left hand down to her shorts, unzipping her flier, and pressing his fingers on her clit.

He leaned over her, feeling her up before plunging his fingers deep into her vPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


This was good. Hope more is on the way.


I really enjoyed this one. Hoping for more. Thanks!


“I got a present for you.”

Sergov snapped his fingers, and a group of men walked into the basement of the storage unit. There an eight year old boy sat by his computer, typing a string of code into an online website.

“Whats the client?” said the little boy, typing.

“No, client,” smiled Sergov, “Let’s say. We had a misunderstanding with someone and we want to make our opinion on the matter clear.”

There was a thud and the men dropped off four people, each with a trash bag over their face. Their arms and legs were bound by a rope.

“I tried to leave them intact for you, but you know,” shrugged Sergov, “We know all what happens here. Just make sure when you are done, it is messy. And if you happen to have a bit of video. That would be good, too.”

The boy scratched his head,

“I guess this is express mail?”

“Yes, you can say that. Make it happen. I trust you know how fast to go. When you are finished. You know who to call.”

Sergov laughed, leaving the room, beckoning the rest of the men with him.

The boy sighed, “I guess I better get started.”

He slowly dragged the first body onto an operating table and unwrapped the person’s face, revealing a hispanic teenage boy with dirty brown hair.

“Fifteen,” said the boy, “Teeth are fine. Eyes ok.”

The boy then reached into the teenage boy’s pants, touching the kid’s dick. The boy thought for a bit, molesting the unconscious hispanic boy’s dick until it was hard.

“Ok, it works.”

The boy then went back to his computer, typing a few lines into the website.


He flipped on his mic and then flipped an electric switch on his desk.

“Ahhh!” screamed the teenage boy, his arms and legs shaking the operating table.

“Hello?” said the young boy, tapping on his mic. “Hello, can you hear me?”

“What? Where…?”
“Good. Let’s check the sound on your side.”

The boy pressed the button again.


“Ok, everyone can hear you.”

“Who….are…you? What…”

“Oh, my name is Otto. I work here.”

“Work? I…was at a club and…”

“A club? I have a club.”

Otto walked and picked up a club with nails sticking out of it.

“Y-Your…a kid?”

“Oh, I guess I am a kid, too. I guess as kids, IPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Just a random musing I had. Contains incestuous sex between two young men and a piece of male meat, and then the story of what happens to that meat... so don’t read it if you don’t like that kind of thing or can’t read that kind of thing for any reason.


Mike Jensen was sleeping peacefully that hot Monday morning, face down on top of the covers, hugging the pillow, his nude body on full display. At barely 40 years, he had sculpted a nice amount of muscle, but it was softened slightly now by a thin layer of fat around his ass, thighs, and belly. The previous day he had been thoroughly cleaned of all hair, and his ass looked like two firm, pale, smooth globes in the light from the window. He was dreaming peacefully about some kind of garden, when suddenly he was rudely awakened by a heavy hand slapping down onto each ass cheek... firmly gripping them and pulling them apart. As his eyes snapped open, he heard a very familiar younger voice.

“Today’s the day, Dad,” his older son Chris said cheerfully, before pressing the fat head of his cock against his father’s asshole. With a satisfied grunt the 21 year old felt the tight little hole yield to his dick. Mike opened his mouth to protest, only to find it stuffed full of another swollen cockhead. Raising his eyes, he saw his younger son Aiden grinning down at him.

“Ohhh fuck, I wish I could get a couple more days with this throat...” the 18 year old groaned, forcing his girth further down his father’s throat until his balls hit chin.

“I know what you mean, but hey, his number came up and... mmmmm... he’s just meat now,” Chris moaned, driving his cock further into his dad’s nicely toned ass, “Plus, we’re each getting a $50 check out of this!”

The two young men high fiver each other as they double teamed their dad. Since Aiden had turned 18 last week, Mike was no longer a minor’s guardian and so his name had gone into the meat lottery. And as luck would have it, his name was picked only a few days later. Since that time, in the eyes of the law he’d been considered nothing more than meat, required to undergo pre-processing and then report to the butcher for his appointment. His two sons were now his legal guardians, and they had taken full advantage of the fact that sexual abuse of meat was a complete non-issue.

In short order they each pumped their morning load into one of their dad’s holes, with almost synchronized sighs of pleasure anPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Oh, fun. Not enough men get plated.


Love you... Love this. Needs more boys on the grinder and the grill getting fucked by boys.


DevArt: https://cuteandhurting.deviantart.com/art/Wood-World-Problems-745321987

HF: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/CuteAndHurting/21698/Bad-Magic-Petrification-Transformation-Immortality/77722/Chapter-8/Wood-World-Problems

Wood World problems

From collection "Bad Magic: Petrification, Transformation, Immortality"

“I wonder how it is to be a true wizard, like yourself!” Said Ivana, a 12 year old Bosnian brunette with a long hair. “You never tell me about those things.”

“Uhh…” Said the chin-lenghted brunette Nina, of the same age. “I wasn’t even supposed to tell you I am one.”

“But it’s so… new! Like a scientific development! Why can’t we research magic like we do science?”

“Well… I’ll tell you how it feels. But you first tell me why we are walking through a cornfield?”

“I…” Ivana found it hard to explain. “I have a certain phobia. I will explain in a bit.”

“And let me guess – you want me to use magic on you.”

“Well… I can’t make you, but… I really need it.”

“You know, Ivana… Magic to a wizard is like vodka to an alcoholic. I REALLY want to do magic on you. But you must keep it a secret!”

“I will keep it a secret.” Whispered Ivana. “Don’t worry! Now, let me explain this to you.”

Ivana turned towards Nina and exposed her nails. One of them was broken.

“Nina… I know I can just cut this off painlessly, but… I can’t. I’m really worried it’s going to bet worse if I don’t do it, but I can’t. I had a bad childhood accident involving nails.”

“Aww. Such a horrible childhood accident? What happened?”

“I can’t talk about that right now. But please, keep my phobia a secret.”

“Sure, Ivana. What do you want me to do?”

“I… I would like you to fix it for me. But not heal me… I want you to cut it off and help reduce my mental trauma.”

“Well, that’s easy. But you said you need my magic?”

“Yes. I won’t be able to be calm. So if you could maybe paralyze me? Or turn me into something and then turn me back?”

“I would prefePost too long. Click here to view the full text.




When Ivana was found by Faruk and Ferdo, she was immensely worried.


‘No… Nooo… They’re carrying me away… Impossible… *sniff sniff*Please… Please let this be a dream… Nina will never find me in time… I will remain imprisoned here forever… And ever… *sniff sniff*’

‘PLEASE LET ME GO!!! UUUUHHHUUUUU!!! I’M A REAL GIRL!!! I NEED MY FRIEND TO TURN ME BACK!!! No… How could this happen… The trunk is dark and scary…’

‘At least let this pain in my nail go away… I will never move again, and it hurts!!! The longer it takes, the more it’s driving me crazy!!! It hurts!!! If I will never be a girl again… Just please let this nail pain stooooop!!! Uuuuhhhuhhuhuhuuuuu!!! *sniff sniff* No more pain…’


I love it so much and it fucking depressed me.


Obsolete thread (because I made a story group thread), but I can't delete it.

Feel free to delete it yourselves if it's necessary.


Hey my name is Mia am a middle child, one big sister and little brother, anyway this story tells about how my solo masturbation change to boring to totally crazy.

My sister really like to talk about it, how she does it with boys and her self, what i can say she likes it deep.

Ok..ok the story, one day we receive a strange package with my name on it, so as a normal person i open it, in my room and what did i see, a knife double blade, silver and one gold, also a letter writen by hand and this is what it said.

" Use it well, the fun is greater then you think"

it didn't say from who or what it was, i pick it up and by the strangest accident i cut off my finger, but no pain, no blood but i can see the vain the blood inside, so creepy, it didn't make me cry, scream or what over a normal girl would have done.

i pick up my finger, oh god.... i can feel it and move it.

every girl in this situation would have freaked out but not me, ideas in my head was fusing, i but my finger in my pants still wearing my jeans i pick up the knife carefully this time, with some chivers in my spine, my finger was going deep in, i needed to know what was the difference from the two blades.

I choped of my lift leg with the gold side and stil the blood thing but no spill nor pain but cant move it so i guessed that the silver is the part that can be fun, but i continue with the gold side with the other legs, i just cut myself a jeans short.

I stripped naked and looked at my new pussy, i squizzed it with my hand both side still moving my finger inside.

now every girls wishes is to taste herself, it wasn't a easy thing to decide, but i holded the knife, looked before cutting that am using the good side and chopped my head.

I was holding it with my other head, i looked closer my tits with the other hand i digged to retrieve my finger,  i but my head not between my legs had no more, but close to my pussy i was so wet i can smell it, i started to go down with one hand.

just watching my hand inside, my lips folding was the biggest orgasm i had, i so wanted to taste it, i grabed my head and push it, my tongue went deep but i wanted more .....more, i cut my tongue and push it inside now..thats tasting myself.



Hey, look, you actually did more! Nice!

The super long run-on sentences makes it feel like Mia is talking to me. I had to reread some of the sentences to make sense of what happens next. You should slow it down a bit. Describe the touch of the knife inside her neck. The look, the taste of her pussy as she licked it.

It's a good start. Non-lethal is right up my alley, so, thanks for making more.


Well thank you l, english is not my first language so sorry for the spelling errors, more is on the way. Glad you enjoy.


As a ghost now I'm forced to tell tales from life so as to stall Hell.

This haunting, I must inform you of a terrible time when I had just turned 16 and a fourth and I was as pathetic as ever- a short and scrawny bed & bed wetting virgin who wears diapers and gets spanked naked- all publicly, many times over.


The whole day is forever deeply burned into my mind. Never did a day after in my very short life did I not think back on every painful minute.

The morning itself, I woke by a sharp spank. Leaping up naked, I was instantly shoved down for several more sting slaps into my flubbering bottom.
A moment later the lights were on, yet I couldn't see anything through the rushing light, then my tears and the spinning room. My head thrashed and I could only momentarily make out the image of my sister and her friends before a plop on my back kept me from even thrashing as I had been.

My mother's hand spanked me but my older sister held me down. She was born a year and a half before me and at almost 18 was sitting on my back.
Kicking on the bed and rushing my ass around to flee my spanking only exposed my shriveled tiny peepee, skinny and short, dangling for their amusement.


"You stupid brat! You've done several things!" My mom scolded me as the girls giggled.

"Should we give him a hint?"
"He knows what he did."
"Let him figure it out."


"HAHA LISTEN TO HIM SQUEAL! HAHAHAHA" Her friends were exhilarated to witness my loss of control, over my vocal cords and then, moments later, when I peed.

I could feel the splashing of my pee hitting my thighs and belly from my tiny dancing peepee and some rebounding from my sheets. The laughter of Cynthia's friends exploded.

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