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There is far too little non-con snuff on this board, so I decided to post some stuff and hopefully inspire and/or attract some non-con fans here. I'd also like to say that violence against women and sexual assault are very big problems in society, and these fantasies are not meant to condone or perpetrate those issues in any way.

Julie is a character that embodies just about everything I enjoy in my fantasy victims, and although her personality may vary slightly from story to story, she remains fairly consistent. I've penned quite a few of her demises, and hopefully some of these tales you'll also find enjoyable. Some are reposts I've shared here previously, and some are new.
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Your stories don't feel like Christian-bashing at all. Except of course when there is literal bashing involved. What good is faith if it is never questioned? I love the stories, on many levels, and I'm looking forward to the next one.


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Looks like Gurochan is back in action. Thanks for the heads up, BL.
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The Escape Room

“Have you been to an escape room before?”

“No, have you?”

“I went with my brother and a few of his friends like three months ago. It’s pretty tight. I was the only reason we escaped.” Julie flashed a big shit-eating grin.

“So what, you’re the escape room queen now?” Kari asked.

“Fucking goddam right I am.”

“How do you know they didn’t just let you think you were solving everything? Maybe they all had a crush on you and wanted you to think you were the hero.”

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That was really creative! Thank you for another wonderful story!

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Lauren-I'm Lauren

Alice-And I'm Alice!

Lauren-And we'd like to announce to you

Alice-Waifu Wars Season 2!

Lauren-indeed, and it will have more to it than knew fights

Alice- Oh? Like What?

Lauren-New creatively kinky deaths for one

Alice-But we've already had back breaking, cannibalism, swords, arrows, asphyxiation, bullets, crushing, throat slitting, poison, and neck snapping! *starts counting fingers* that's like 10 deaths!

Lauren-Uh yes that's um very perceptive oh you. But along with these new fights and deaths, well have a wider varieties of combatants, some more obscure, so we'll be here to give you a brief bio

Alice-Haha you're stuck with me!

Lauren-yes sadly. But while you wait, check out Waifu Wasted for something special

Alice-Waifu Wars Season 2 starts soon, so see ya then!
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Lauren-The world is a terrifying place. Crime, natural disasters, wars and many horrors are global problems. In times like these, the world needs heros

Alice-Heros like the Wild, Wild Pussycats. A mountain rescue centred team of heros consisting of Mandalay, Ragdoll, Tiger, and the focus of today's bio, Pixie-bob.

Lauren-Real name Ryuko Tsuchikawa, age 31 years, height 5'5", weight unknown, cup size estimated B

Alice-Well shit this kitty's a lot older than she looks

Lauren-I wouldn't mention that around her, she's rather sensitive about that. What she's not sensitive to however is hero work. Her quirk Earth Flow which allows her to manipulate the ground beneath her is perfect for both combat, and mountain recuses

Alice-So why does she have cat paws?


Alice-Why does she have cat paws? Her quirk isn't cat or anything? What's the deal here?
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Do to the fact that voting is currently tied, and i'd rather the season finale to not have a winner, I am putting in a last minute vote for Pixie-Bob to die


File: 1546655095268.jpg (112.92 KB, 427x306, 20181217_224945.jpg)

Pixie-Bobs stone horse ran across the empty fields of NGL. The Pro Heroes Association had been getting reports of a dangerous new species in this region of insect, so they sent the Pussy-cats to scout out the countryside, and gather information. However they had already ran into trouble. The first major problem was they had to leave all modern equipment behind, including their gear. After her teammates had changed into the NGL approved clothes all that was left wasn't something she enjoyed. The brown fabric shirt was to small, and tightly hugged her breasts which bulged obviously out. The brown pants weren't much better, her bubbly butt was far to emphasized for her taste, and if she sat wrong, the outline of her pussy was clearly visible. The worst part however where the boots, and socks. Even though it was summer, all they had left where a pair off winter socks that went up to her knees, and a pair of beaten up boots that would blister her feet if warm without socks. So her feet where hot as hell, and her socks soaking wet.

“Ugh! I can't take this anymore”

Ryuko said ripping the boots off, and tossing them aside, before slipping of the socks doing the same with them. She sighed with relief as the cool wind hit her sweaty feet. She wiggled her tiny toes, admiring her blue painted toes for a second, before looking back at the horizon with a serious expression. The second major problem was the group had decided to split up to cover more ground. She was starting to regret that. Her stone horse skidded to a halt, as three figures appeared in the distance. She dismounted her horse, the wet grass felt nice against her bare soles, and in between her toes.

“Who are you”

She demanded as the figures approached.

“A human dares to talk to the king in such a way?”

A hulking red man growled. A fair skinned man with butterfly wings snickered

“Perhaps we should teach her a lesson”
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Alice-…Holy Shit

Lauren-Pixie-Bob had an extremely powerful quirk, but that wasn't enough to keep up with Neferpitou's far superior physical abilities

Alice-That should have been our Halloween special, like fuck

Lauren-Not only that, but Pituos non-physical abilities are nothing to scoff at. Provided with the corpses of strong people, her underlings could easily over power Ryukos. Not only that, but she can bolster her already great physical advantage

Alice-Poor Pixie was also outdone in the mental side of this battle. Neferpitou was able to learn how to understand, and physically manipulate the human brain after only being born for a few hours, while Ryuko was only an average 31 year old women when it came to intelligence. The ant was also far more brutal than the hero. She was not only willing, but happy to attack Pixie-Bob emotionally, while Ryuko had a rather kind nature

Lauren-In the end Pixie-Bob was completely outmatched in this fight

Alice-I guess curiosity really did kill the cat, well curiosity, and the weird, blood thirsty, human, ant, cat hybrid

Lauren-The winner is Neferpitou


man i wanna this but now with Pitou being nice dead and played with! Mmm…


Mira Dentro


Mira Dentro

The exchange: John Striker
The exchange was set to happen this morning. We met up with Don Pablo's men in the cathedral, handed them the briefcase filled with bills that we coated with tracer dye, and then met them at the SUV outside. And from the SUV, they pulled out the banker's daughter. Her mouth was duct taped shut. She was wearing a long dress, with long sleeves, in the same outfit she was last seen in before she was taken. Her hands were cuffed behind her back, and a dog collar was fastened around her neck. Don Pablo's men led her towards us using a leash attached to her collar. She hobbled towards us gingerly. It was clear she was in pain, and that her brief time with the Mexican Cartel had been rough. I didn't understand the reasoning behind why she was bound, or why she was gagged, or why we had to walk five miles on foot from the cathedral to the drop off zone near the airport. But that's what they wanted us to do. It was Mr. Karlovic's daughter, and we were getting paid a shit ton of money to get her back home to him, so we could not fuck up. We did as we were told. Word was, was that the Cartel had caught wind of Mr. Karlovic cooperating with the DEA. Feeding them information. So they retaliated by capturing his daughter. Took her to Mexico. She was gone for days. But then we heard back from them. That she was alive. And they were ready to give her back.

It was a long five mile walk up a dusty and poorly maintained path from the cathedral to the private airport runway. A hour into our walk and we had gone for barely half a mile. We were moving at a snail's pace. It wasn't any of us. Everyone had shoes on. It was her. They made her walk barefoot. But it wasn't just that. Something else was going on, and she was clearly in a great deal of pain. If she slowed her pace, Don Pablo's men would tug at her collar and shock her butt with a cattle prod. I was unarmed, but if I had a gun, I might have shot those assholes dead right there. Sorry bastards should have know better than to hurt a little girl. She hobbled gingerly on her feet, and wobbled unsteadily from side to side, the entire way there. It pained and disturbed me to think about what may have happened to her, but I tried not to think about it. We just needed to get her on the damn plane, and headed towards the States. Man. This was going to take all day…


My first day: Miguel Santos
I had always played the robber when I was kid playing 'cops and robbers.' For as long as I remembered, I had always wanted to be in the Cartel. My family was poor. We were going nowhere. This was the only future for us. We had all heard of the stories of glory and adventure, of the gun running and firefights. The Cartel was where we could be free, we thought, and of course to make big money in the process. So I signed up. No brainer, right? They took me in immediately. Said they knew my cousin, who recommended me. Of course, I didn't want to let them down. Or my cousin (we all had a cousin in the Cartel). They told me on my first day that I had a very important job. I was going to be a cameraman for a very important movie. Wow, I thought. This was different than what I had expected. I had thought maybe I would be on guard duty. Maybe they would start me off light and have me guard like a stash of weed. But whatever. I was eager to please. I wanted this job bad. I showed up on my first day, and they handed me a pretty fancy handheld camcorder. HD and everything. Great audio too. I was told we were going to start right away. No kidding, huh?

They brought in a girl. Tiny thing. Very pretty. Looked American. She had light brown hair, blue eyes, creamy skin. She looked frightened. Start recording, they barked at me. So I did. I didn't know what was going to happen next. But it shook my very soul. They stripped her naked and taunted her. Make sure you get all of this action, Miguelito, they shouted. There were about a dozen of them, surrounding her. I knew a couple of them from my neighborhood. I knew I had to do everything I was told. At first I didn't want to let them down, or my cousin, or my neighborhood. But I started to feel scared. I got the feeling if I didn't do what I was told, that maybe something bad was going to happen to me. Or my family. They knew everyone in my family. I had a bad feeling about what was going to happen next, but I just kept filming. I think I was more scared than anything else. I was too scared to stop.

She looked so ashamed. I just knew she had never been naked before in front of others. The men jeered at her. They slapped her in the face. They grabbed her nipples and twisted them. She shrieked. They grabbed her ass and squeezed hard. Pushed her onto the floor and yanked her back up on her feet by her hair. Puta americana, they yelled, as they groped and slapped her face, breastsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The exam: Amanda Drake
I was getting paid a lot of money to be this rich banker's doctor. But that day, I wasn't getting paid nearly enough. I got a call from Mr. Karlovic that he needed me to fly a plane to Mexico (Hell no, right?) to conduct a brief medical exam there and to make sure someone was safe and well. As I prepared to tell him 'hell no,' he told me just how much he was willing to pay me to do this just one favor for him. Half a million dollars, in cash, no questions asked. And just for a few days. Holy shit. Now that's not a sum of money that I could ignore. So I went to Mexico.

When I arrived, I waited at a small private airport, in a small room, with a tiny examination table. I think my heart melted when I first saw her walk in. I knew her. It was Mr. Karlovic's daughter, Anna. I had seen her before, for various coughs and colds, at their home visits. But something was direly wrong. First off, she was handcuffed, collared, with duct tape around her mouth. She hobbled into the room, clearly in a great deal if pain, grimacing with every step, with every motion. As she very slowly and gingerly (and with a great deal of moaning) approached the exam table, the men who accompanied her uncuffed her, removed her collar, and ripped off the duct tape covering her mouth.

I had Karlovic's man (a Mr. Striker, he introduced himself as), help me help her onto the examination table. It was then that my day full of horrors began. I can't, she said softly, lips trembling. Can't what, sweetie, I asked. I can't get on the table. Why not, I asked? I can't sit down, she said. Sweetie, what's wrong? And it was at that point that she pulled her dress up, revealing a long plastic white handle protruding from her vagina, and what appeared to be stems or leaves of some sort protruding from her anus.

I don't think I should be here, I could hear Mr. Striker say behind me. Neither should I, I responded. I'm going to leave, he said. No, I said. I might need your help. I certainly wasn't going to let Mr. Striker leave me with these other men along in the room with the girl. Sweetie, I said to Anna. What did they do to you? I got nothing back from her. She stared tremulously back at me, tears streaking down her face, and seemed to look past me, with these barren, forlorn eyes. This poor girl was beyond traumatized. Her entire body was tremulous. I then turned my anger to the men who brought her here. What did you do her, I screamed. You monsterPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The password: Chris Kramer
It was just me and him. We were sitting inside his conference room. It was a little dark, cold. Nobody was really in the mood to change the settings on the AC. His daughter was OK, they said. They were really hush hush about the details. I demanded to know the details. I wanted to make sure she was safe. That she was OK. She's on a plane, they said. She's in stable condition. Dr. Drake is with her, but so are Don Pablo's men. There's a video they want Mr. Karlovic to watch in its entirety with pieces of a password intermittently placed within the video feed that they'll stream over once the plane has landed. Mr. Karlovic himself has to be the one to give them the correct password, letter by letter, and they will only stream the video once. Only then will they release her, alive.

And so we waited for Mr. Striker's call.

He said nothing initially for a few seconds when I picked up. There's a flash drive we have here, sir, he said. It's got the video. We'll play it on our end, and it'll stream to your laptop. We waited for a few minutes. It's connected now, he said. Go ahead and see if the video plays.

The video began to play.

If I wasn't there, Mr. Karlovic would have never gotten his daughter back. He left the room five minutes into the video. He left as soon as they stripped her naked. I don't blame him. But that left me with the near impossible task and responsibility of watching every single minute of the video. I couldn't stop. I couldn't take a break. Pieces of the password intermittently flashed onto the screen. I wrote them down, letter by letter.

'M.' I watched as the poor girl was raped mercilessly by man after countless man. The video flashed forward. I. I watched as they beat her body with a wooden handle, and a wire hanger. 'R.' I watched as they struck her genitals over and over again, sending the girl into howling fits of screaming and writhing. 'A.' I watched as they forced the girl to perform fellatio on the men. 'D.' And I watched as she hesitated to perform oral sex on their dogs. 'E.' I watched as they found a pair of jumper cables, grabbing the red positive terminal first. On its end was a large alligator clip the size of a fist. And in my horror, I watched them open its horrific jaws, pushing one jagged end into her vagina and the other end into her anus, allowing the two sharp jagged claws to shut, clamping tightly the sensitive flesh in between her two orificePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Everyone I know – my friends, coworkers, relatives, wife, and kids, and pretty much the entire town – has heard the story of how my sisters were brutally gunned down when I was fifteen. It was Winter of 2021, and a cult of anarchists had formed and gained influence in the United States. The Obliterators, as they called themselves, created a new form of terrorism which involved invading homes at random and killing everyone they could find. My house was one of the first to be targeted by this new tactic. Based on my personal testimony, investigators, as well as the media, believed the terrorists left under the assumption that I was already dead, after I tumbled and knocked myself unconscious. That story is ludicrous, and the fact that they believe the Obliterators left without making sure I was dead is amusing; responsive or not, they would have shot me anyways to be sure. However; this misinformation was beneficial to me, and I always agreed with the official story when I was asked. The truth of the matter is, I was conscious through the whole ordeal; I survived because they never found me, and I never let them know I was in the house. That is not the main reason I kept this a secret.

We moved into that house just a few months earlier, so my dad could be closer to his new job. Although it was a big house, the bedrooms were spacious, and there was just three of them. My parents got one, my sisters, Courtney and Rebecca, each got their own room, so I ended up with the attic as my room. Not that I had an issue with it; it was bigger than the bedrooms, I could always tell when my parents were coming in, and it was secluded. It got even better; just two days before the shooting, I discovered a small hole in the floor, and it was directly over the bathroom. And it was directly above the toilet.

Now, I don't really know how common it is for a sibling to have a crush on on another; I would be willing to bet a lot more than most people would guess, but I could be wrong. I do know that I was one of them.

Courtney, who was only two years older than me, was the first girl I ever had a crush on. Frizzy dark hair, which she kept down to her waist, and a slender frame. I first noticed how pretty she was about the time she turned eleven, when her buds began to sprout. They blossomed as she turned into a teenager, and her low cut tops left very little of her watermelon-sized meat sacks to the imagination.

Rebecca, being two years Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Could use this cult for my gf...


I wish there was more stories like this one!


I especially liked the shitting part. Do more stories with shit and farts mixed with guro, it's rare!!


Not that much into shit.. piss is fine tho. But really. We just need more "accidental" situations like this.. where someone have a chance to have sex with dead body he found..




First time doing this. Did not put a lot of effort in it, just kept rambling (made it mainly for myself with no intention of sharing), but maybe someone will enjoy it. Might continue it sometime.

"Ooh, this place looks fun!" said Maja excitedly. She was walking through a busy street with her best friend Moa. Maja was a tiny 14 year old girl with shoulder length red hair and a petite build. Her skin, most of which was showing since she was only wearing a slightly transparent thong leotard, was very pale and smooth. Moa, on the other hand, was incredibly tall, nearly two meters. She was two years older than Maja, had long, bright blonde hair, and was very slender. She wore a short red dress that gave glimpses of her hairless pussy whenever she took a step or a gust of wind hit her, but she showed no sign of noticing when it happened.

"It's a butcher's shop." said Moa in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Yeah, so?"

"People go in there to get killed for meat."

"I know, what's your point?"

"Ugh, do you want to die?" said Moa in an exasperated voice.

"We can just go in and have a look, you know." said Maja, equally exasperated.

"Fine, but don't do anything stupid."

"Yeah, yeah, let's just go inside."

They went inside the shop and were greeted with the smell of freshly cut meat. At the counter were a large variety of meat cuts, tits, cunts, cocks, limbs, every part was for sale. At a wall inside the shop stood five naked girls and five naked boys who all looked to be around the two girls' ages, which was the best time to harvest people. The girls had their elbows tied together behind their backs to make their breasts stand out more. The boys hands were tied behind their backs as well, but they were allowed more slack. All of them had their feet tied to either ends of long metal bars to keep their legs spread, and around their necks were shackles attached to the wall behind them. Most of them did not look frightened, but instead looked rather excited, as was very obvious when one saw their wet cunts and erect cocks.

"They must be volunteers," said Moa, "except that poor boy over there." She pointed at a boy at the rightmost end of the wall. He looked terrified, and it was obvious he had been crying. Maja felt bad for the boy and went to talk to him.

"Hi," she said and the boy looked up at her, "what's your name?"

"EriPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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salvation bump because people are fuckers


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Urbosa's Lament (part 1)
tags: non-con, tentacle/F, amputation, crushing, all-the-way-through

Lady Urbosa, the Chief of the Gerudo and the Gerudo Champion of Hyrule, stood in front of the Control Terminal at the top of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. The woman’s heart grew with excitement. Earlier that day, it finally happened: Calamity Ganon had returned. The massive, swirling tempest of dark energy had encompassed Hyrule castle - but Urbosa was just over herself thinking they were about to face him. The moment it happened, she and her fellow Champions made way towards their respective Divine Beasts - they would be the ones leading the fight against him while Link would move in against Ganon from the ground and just finish off whatever would remain after their attack. To make sure that’s how it would go, she was checking if everything was working properly with her Divine Beast. She was still a bit hesitant to trust the piece of ancient technology, but had to admit that piloting the giant machine was a pretty incredible feeling. To have it answer to her every whim, and to have such power at her disposal… Even if the woman was perfectly satisfied with her own strength - there wasn’t anyone who could match it in all of Hyrule - Urbosa still had to admit it felt really good.

However, on this day the Divine Beast seemed less willing to listen to her orders. Urbosa dismissed it as her just not being too focused on controlling it on that day, the excitement getting to her. If she gave it more thought, she might have prevented what was about to happen… For she already knew it was the day of Ganon’s return. Having been defeated by the Divine Beasts the last time, this time the evil spirit wanted to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. A vestige of his power has appeared within one of Vah Naboris’s rotating cylinders, hidden away from Urbosa’s sight - pouring it’s corruption and dark magic directly into its mechanisms. The unresponsiveness were the first signs that the corruption was reaching levels that were dangerous - but as no action was taken to stop it, it was able to continue.

The Gerudo lady only realized something was wrong as a powerful jerk shook the entire Divine Beast, one strong enough to make even her stumble for a while. The control terminal in front of her started pulsating a dark, maleficent red as black goo suddenly started to pour out of it. Tidbits of darPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Consensual Genocide Run: An Undertale Story

This work consists of five chapters.
Ch. 1 - The Ruins of Toriel
Ch. 2 - Undyne Dying
Ch. 3 - Snuffing Muffet
Ch. 4 - Breaking Alphys's Toy
Ch. 5 - Chara, the First Slut

Chapter 1 - The Ruins of Toriel

(exposition, cons, de-breasting, meat grinder, furry)

Amongst the flowers, you wake.

Around you, golden blooms stretch up towards the crack of light from whence you fell, their soft stalks forming the cushion that had spared you. The light, sweet scent of them surrounds you, and you sit up slowly, petals tumbling from your hair as you look about. The little cavern you are in has little of interest, save the patch of flowers, but a tunnel hewn into the rock leads off, promising a potential escape.

Not remembering why or how you had fallen, you spend a moment seated in that circle of life, fingers curled in the grass and stems while you try to adjust to these strange new surroundings. Eventually, you decide you won't figure out anything by just staying in one place, and stand to explore the passageway.

Promisingly, the entrance into the next cavern is shaped into an ornate archway, the dark stone carved into columns topped by a sigil you don't recognize. Inside, you find another flower, all alone in another beam of light.

Interested by this oddity, you crouch down to inspect it more closely. Stroking the petals, you realize that the florets in the center form a distinct visage, the fuzzy flesh of the inner flower bulb looking like a faintly smirking face. Just as you move to touch it, aiming to discern whether it is real or a product of head trauma, it opens its eyes, and speaks.

"Howdy! I'm FLOWEY. FLOWEY the FLOWER!" It grins amiably up at you, stalk wriggling. Nonplussed, you stare back at it, unsure how to respond to the talking flora.

Unperturbed, it continues cheerfully. "You don't know this, but you and me are a lot alike! Hee hee hee..." Suddenly, the shape of Flowey's face changes, becoming a grotesque grin with wide, hollow eyes. "We both take pleasure in hurting, and twisting people to our will... Don't ask how I know." In a blink, its turns back into the cheerful, cute little expression you first saw.

"Anyway, I have something very special for you! I've been working Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Bounced on my boys dick to this for hours the only thing is this furry shit is gay and I suck cocks and why do you make this fake stories while you can do this by going the could people who’s vaccines cause hallucinations of this really so just join them, I mean you would have to deal with ted the zodiac killer and Turing frogs gay but they use the same chemicals to make people furries so yea and big money please don’t sue me


Cloud I meant not could




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So I've been developing a Dolcett themed universe for a bit more than a decade now on and off. I recently sat down and got a bit more organized and got to some actual writing rather than just collecting notes. This is a hastily written first draft of chapter one of a long saga. It will follow multiple over arching story lines and characters. Though chapter one is very tame the story will be very brutal and gory. The basic premise is post apocalyptic. There's a wasteland filled with poor and sick and even a few people with various mutations. There is also a Utopian police state city covered in a dome that was initially designed to protect against radiation but as that's mostly a non-issue anymore it serves to keep out the wastelanders. A Dolcett style city (which will be renamed) on the outskirts of the wasteland secretly grows powerful and easily takes over the various wasteland factions, unifying the wasteland under their control and stripping all adult women of all rights. The two primary story arcs are mutants vs the dome (which fears them and wants to destroy them) and Dolcett vs various resistance pockets.

Here's chapter 1 (italic formatting didn't carry over. Edited and formatted versions can be found at dolcettish and dolcett girls forum)

Nancy Roe Chapter 1. (dehumanization, nc fingering)

Nancy Roe knew she’d probably be raped on this business trip but that was okay, right?

She was an attractive woman even for one in her mid 50s. She frequently told clients she was 41 and none would doubt her in the least. She was a good business woman as well. Very good. Never had to suck her bosses dick for a promotion. Not that she’d never had office sex with the occasional subordinate, she had needs the same as anyone else. But she was driven by two things: More power, more money, and if this meeting went as expected her company would reduce operating costs substantially with a much cheaper type of cattle.

Nancy was a very confident woman but was on edge today as she drove to her destination in her company car. She’d heard… rumors… about the place she was headed. A place well outside the safety of the dome, in the far reaches of the wastelands. She wasn’t sure she believed the rumors until her boss explained to her the type of identification photo she’d have to carry with her. Anything for the good of the company she had to remind herself.

She hated the wasteland and her citizens. It was repPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1547092691497.jpg (128.69 KB, 1440x928, guy in german shirt.jpg)


A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of dipping my dick in some sweet femboy boypussy.

Now then, I'm not a homo, I am attracted exclusively to girls, but if a dude grows his hair long and wears obviously androgynous clothes I can't help but think that he actually wants to be one. Therefore I believe it is my right, a right of every self respecting man to make them feel like one by the means of plunging our throbbing cocks dozen inches deep into their clean-shaven boyholes, teaching them a lesson in masculinity they will never forget~

Tbh I consider myself quite an athletic, handsome man in my mid 20's. I used to be a wimp, but ever since I've started hitting the gym twice to thrice a week several months ago I got significant gains. It did a whole lot for my self-confidence, whence once I've been what you might consider a beta male, nowadays I am nothing less than a chad, a dominant alpha who takes what he wants and doesn't ask for anyone's permission.

That's why I can't stand looking at the guys who can't assert themselves properly, like this little fag I've met outside train station that day….

Frankly speaking normally I don't pay attention to people that pass by me, most people are simply too ugly or average looking to warrant any significant reaction from me. I have my bros at the gym, my gf whom I love and I'd never cheat on her, my beloved god-fearing family and other people close to me that I care for and could literally die for. Everyone else is just an extra…

But this homoboi here was different. The moment I saw him sitting on that bench, a sheepish smile painted on his frog-like face,I felt something move in my guts, some deep rooted feeling of disgust and spite resurfaced from within me, screaming to be quenched and satisfied right there, right now…

Curly, well maintained shoulder length hair, so contrasting with his receded hairline. Puffy, child-like cheeks and large mouth with obvious hint of lipstick amateurishly smeared on it. Skin-tight blue ripped jeans that accented his wide, girl like hips, and pink t-shirt that was obviously not cut for hit board shoulders and narrow waistline. Was it one of these so called trannies, or just a raving homo? I had to learn I had to know. I felt like I -need- to push his boundaries, see how he reacts when I pinch the correct buttons…

The beast within me has awakened, and it was time to begin the hunt…
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I plan on making a new Waifu Wasted thread so that I can repost all of the short stories with edited grammar, and formatting so that they better fit Gurochan, and plan to do the same with the first season of Waifu Wars. Hopfully I'll be able to delete the old threads as to avoid clutter. But now, a very short story about a very minor character

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