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This story is fucking silly, but I guess it's inspired by Susan, as far as light-hearted gore goes. Anyway, first time writer, and all that. Here you go.

Car Fight

(m/f, loli, vivisection)

The two siblings had spent hours in the backseat by this time, and as anyone with experience would expect, they both grew fidgety as their boredom skyrocketed. Alyssa had resolved to behave this time, sitting quietly in her seat for the first several hours of the trip, confident that if - or realistically, when - a fight broke out, she would be free of blame. By the time the first blows were struck, however, she was leaning to her side in what could be interpreted as an encroachment of territory, which was exactly the justification given for the light kicks she was now receiving from her left.
"I'm just resting, geez!" she said, righting herself. The difficulty of maintaining vertical posture was nevertheless taking its toll, and in her annoyance, she reciprocated a few playful kicks.
"Hey!" shouted Alex. Their parents winced, recognizing that the tension had reached its breaking point, meaning the end of peace and quiet, probably for good. Soon enough, the children were pressed against their respective doors, kicking each other relentlessly until everything below their shorts was bruised and scratched.
Alex, having had enough, grabbed his sister's leg in mid-kick and twisted it hard. Alyssa cried out in pain as she felt something tear. The smirk on her brother's face left her more furious than ever. The violence was clearly escalating - why not take it a step further?
Alyssa took a hold of her brother's arm and bit down blindly and with intense force. Their parents rolled their eyes as Alex screamed, until her teeth met, with his little and ring fingers still in her mouth. She spat them all out at him, then stuck out her tongue.
Enraged, Alex grabbed her hair with his left hand and hooked her collar with his remaining fingers, tearing the shirt open and exposing her bare torso. Having just hit puberty, breasts were only hinted at; she had never needed a bra, but now she wished she was wearing one. In the meantime, her chest was prominent enough that Alex, having obtained some scissors from his box of school supplies, managed to skewer the nearest breast with the scissorhead, eliciting quite a scream from its owner.
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There's little reason for them to do that on their own. It's awkward for both Alyssas, and it makes their fuckup very obvious to everybody. And if it's somehow enforced, it'll limit their future options. One of the cool things about this universe is that there's never any long-term consequences, it all returns to 100% healthy Alex and Alyssa only for them to do something else.


There's little reason for them to do that on their own. It's awkward for both Alyssas, and it makes their fuckup very obvious to everybody. And if it's somehow enforced, it'll limit their future options. One of the cool things about this universe is that there's never any long-term consequences, it all returns to 100% healthy Alex and Alyssa only for them to do something else.




Please don't bump year old threads, there won't be an update and even if there was a new thread is fine.


Son of a bitch, it's been almost a year since the last update?


CBT Shorts, Number 2

Four short stories: Fae, A Little Extra Spending Money (Part One), Pool Party (Alternate Ending), A Little Extra Spending Money (Part Two), and a bonus epilogue for Pool Party.

All these stories share a general theme of male genital objectification and abuse, penectomy and castrations, cannibalism, and dominant females casually indifferent to the suffering and pain their male peers experience on their behalf.

1 - Fae

 "Thanks for agreeing to this."

 The girl kneeling before you smiles brightly, as she strokes one soft hand up and down the shaft of your erect cock, while rolling and fondling your relaxed balls gently with her other. Her large, gorgeous green eyes regard you steadily, twinkling happily as she contemplates you and your manhood, and what you've just agreed to allow her to do to it. Her pink tongue pokes out and wets her full, luscious lips in apparent anticipation.

 You're both completely nude, and comfortably so, as it's about noon on a lovely, warm spring day. The combination of the large, grassy, and peaceful meadow, surrounded on all sides by tall, vibrant oaks and aromatic incense cedars, along with the girl's eyes, her sunlight-through-pouring-honey colored hair, her pale, flawless skin, and her slim, almost elfin build, nearly lets you believe that you've somehow stepped through a portal from your normal, humdrum universe into a fantasy world. One with mighty kingdoms and monstrous creatures, foul orcs who want to capture and eat you, and fair elves who want to sing, dance, and make make merry with you.

 Although, in this particular case, the orcs aren't the ones who are eyeing you hungrily...

 "Hardly any boys will let me do this." the girl continues. "Which is such a shame, because it always tastes so, so good."

 "You.. You've done this before?" you ask her, as a fluttering butterfly of trepidation wings its way around in your stomach.

 "A few times.. Not nearly often enough, though." she answers, with a mischievous grin and a sly little wink up at you. "Now, let's see how you taste.."

 With that, she envelopes the head of your cock with her soft, moist, and oh-so-eager mouth. Her tongue dances and flickers around your sensitive tip as she sucks gently on your flesh, the sensations exquisitely pleasurable, making your hips buck slightly and your legs trembPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Wow! You turned my suggestion for Pool Party into far more than I'd hoped. Thanks!



Htabdoolb, would love to see some holiday-themed penectomy stories. Hope the season has inspired you!


Wow!!! It was wonderful!!! You must to continue....


"Penis roasting on an open fire.
Cute girls tearing off your balls."



Candy canes, cock and ball ornaments, baking some cock cookies for Santa, etc. would have been great!


Sounding, cum eating, watersports, and overall grossness.
This is my first time writing any kind of erotica, so... enjoy? I tried not to give descriptions of the characters, so you can fill it in on your own with whatever you like.

One evening I had a craving for something salty, so I went out and bought myself a burger and fries. Coming back to my dorm, I greeted my roommate, who was busy watching cartoons, sat down and unpacked my meal on my desk. However, I was dejected to find that the cashier had forgotten to give me my complimentary sauce. I turned to my roommate and asked if he had any sauce in his mini-fridge, but he simply shook his head. Turning back to my food, I took a bite out of a fry to see if it was fine on its own. Sadly, this was not the case. I considered going back to the restaurant or to a convenience store to pick up some sauce, until I had an even better idea.

“Hey Alex,” I said to my roommate, “I was thinking. I really need something to go with my fries and on my burger, but I don’t have any sauce.”

“Okay. Why don’t you just go to the store?” he responded, as he took off his earbuds and turned to face me.

“Yeah, but I don’t want to spend too much money. The good news is that I know a way to get some sauce without buying it. You know what I’m getting at?” I said as I moved my gaze down from his eyes.

“What? Oh, sure. Go ahead.” He scooted his chair away from his desk and unzipped his pants. I grabbed a paper cup from my cabinet and walked over to his side of the room. As I knelt down between him and his desk, he put his earbuds back on and resumed his show. I fished in his underwear and pulled out his pierced, semi-flaccid cock, then placed the paper cup on the ground beside me. After resettling myself to get more comfortable on the linoleum floor, I grabbed his dick and began to lick it. I could taste pee on his piercing, and precum in his slit. I had to reposition myself again, as my dick was pushing at the seams of my sweatpants.

Placing it in my mouth, I started bobbing my head in and out quickly, licking his stiffening cock with increasing urgency, as I suddenly realized that my food would get cold soon. As his cock reached the back of my throat, I looked up at him and saw that he was laughing at his show. I had forgotten to ask him to warn me before he came, as I wanted to get all of it in the cup. Like my father alwaysPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Tags: Trap, Gay, Guro (Obviously).

((Okay I've played the game quite a bit and I love it so this is using characters from the game if you don't know a character Google them. I'm writing a story and a character will die in it. Then I'll write an alternate ending where a different character dies. Once all characters have died (Ones that I want to kill.) I'll start a new story with alternate endings. Characters can be voted on to be in the next story by any reader. Now the way it will usually go down is they have sex then die and get their body raped. It'll always be part 3 Jason so he won't have a cock resembling beef jerky. Most of these are written after I've died in the game so I'm sorry in advance for typos. Enjoy.))

Story 1, Ending 1: Tiffany Cox.

Camp Crystal Lake. Or Camp Blood if you listen to those old folks. I sat in the passenger seat as me and Brandon Wilson drove there, Buggsy was his nickname but he never told me why. We met a year ago when I was still officially a boy.

1 year ago.

I had just finished football practice when Buggzy approached me in the locker room angrily "Bu--" he cut me off with a push against the locker causing me to cry out a little.

"You didn't follow the gameplan!" He yelled loudly as spittle spattered my face.

"B...But I was having fun..." I weakly respond as He raised his hand as if to hit me and I whimpered again. 

"Why do you do that!? You act like a fucking girl!" Before I could speak he just pushed me over and left.

Feeling rather hurt I regained myself and headed to the shower.

I was showering in the locker room shower when a hand grabbed my neck and I heard Brandon's voice.

"You act like one so now I'll treat you like one."

He bent me against the shower wall. I had always wondered how big his black cock was and I found out as he slid deep into my tight boy pussy and I moaned, he grabbed my hips and started pounding away.

After awhile he groans and dumps a nice thick load of cum in my ass as I moan "I love you...."


After that day a year ago he's been fucking me constantly. We graduated today and Crystal Lake was where the celebration was going down. 

"What if they recognize me?"

I ask and he waves his hand dismissively. "They won't Kyle..."

I groan "Tiffany remember?" 

He chuckles "Got me there."
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Very good, waiting for the next story


That's mildly disappointing, but I understand. I was just hoping to find someone better than me to write out the fantasy. The pain and humiliation of her being caught rubbing her cunt, or taking a piss, only to find a knife between her labia... And then to lose her precious tits too.. *blissful shudder*


Lovely, thank you!


Hey I got the flu. This may stall the next story I'm very sorry. It will come just give me time :)


No worries, just relax and get well soon


Please read the first one before this one. It won't make sense otherwise.

As demand for farmed children increased, sourcing semen became difficult and expensive. After public criticism of the government selling semen to private human farms, we had essentially no legal way to obtain sperm. As our supply department dipped into the grey market, we began to look for an alternative solution. The senior board eventually elected to begin farming men for semen. The research and development team got to work.

The main issue was that semen naturally takes time to be produced and to mature. It takes seven days for a human male to be at capacity, and it can take longer for the semen to be mature enough to store. The solution was pharmaceutically administered follicle stimulating hormone to catalyze sperm production, as well as physical stimulation of the reproductive system.

All female breeding units were designated as “A” (A1, A29, etc). We acquired Eric, herein BP (B prototype), for the first trial of the new sperm harvesting program. BP is a tall and slim white man. He is well toned but is not especially bulky. His genitals are very healthy. His penis is six inches long and average in girth, and his testacles are slightly large for a man of his build. He is an excellent candidate, but given that he is the first attempt at installing a male into the farm, he may not survive.

Preparing BP for installation will be similar to how women are prepared. First, he is stripped completely naked and taken to the operating theater, where he is tied down like any other unit. First, his genitals are precisely measured. His scrotum is then injected with Serum 226, an experimental drug to increase sperm production. His muscles begin to spasm. Fortunately, he is secured well enough that by the time he stops spazzing, he is still secured. The spasm is noted as a side effect. He is administered a general anesthetic and open surgery begins. His liver is removed to implant the hormone regulator, but his kidneys are also removed. This is to ensure that they will not be ruptured in the process of his installation and service. They will not be needed anyway, as the farming pad will be able to perform the duties of his urinary system. He is sealed again and moved from a lying down position to a seated position. His head is shaved bald and neurosurgery is performed to chemically enhancPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Its good, but you it would be easier to find them both if you just made this post in the same thread as your first one.


Yeah, that would have made sense. Sorry.


From my stories in "Bad Magic: Petrification, Transformation, Immortality", some are a part of the same system. And this Nina thing has basically turned into a series. So I decided to make a story group for it, and post all I've got (because I just made a new chapter).



Vacuum Fairy

Vaky is a fairy. She likes to clean people’s homes when they aren’t at home. Many homes have lately been cleaned mysteriously, nobody knowing there’s a good fairy with good intentions doing that to them. Even witches and wizards didn’t know that little Vaky existed!

Vaky would always carry her little vacuum cleaner with her.


“Nina!” Yelled Ana with tears in her eyes. Ana was a 12 year old Bosnian blondie from Sarajevo. She was running away from someone.
“Ana!” Said Nina. Nina was a chin-length brunette and Ana’s classmate.
“Nina, please help me!”
“What’s wrong?! You’re scaring me!”
“Cops are after me…”
“Please, just listen! They caught me trying to smoke. They took a picture of me. They want to take me to my parents!”
“It’s just that? Jesus… You scared me so much…”
“My parents are going to take my new cellphone away from me! Please, Nina, help me! They are looking for me!”
“And what can I do?”

“You…” Ana calmed down and kept her voice quiet. “You do magic… right?”
“Uhh… Be quiet…”
“Please, do something… Turn me into a frog or something…”
“I don’t think you’d like that.”
“I will do anything, just please! They don’t know my name, all I need to do is hide for a day!”

Nina was in a secret family of wizards. Only her best friend Ana knew the secret. Naturally to a magician, when Ana offered to be transformed, Nina could barely resist. Although she knew it could be a bad idea.

Nobody was around, so Nina started chanting. Ana stood still, listening to Nina speaking all those words in a mysterious language, waving her hanPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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May I please request one for a girl who faces eternal nasuea. Like all of her is just woozy and violatedbandnshrivels like shit'smeared roaches are oozing over her.

Annd what of mental sorrows. Embarrassment. Guilt. Disgust.

II love your setting so much!


Tnx for the idead! I'll keep the nausea in mind.

Embarrassment and guilt kinda don't make sense in the context where just being sealed away without torture is too damn frustrating. But disgust sounds good!


That was me. Gurochan kinda doesn't work best at the time.


Can I request one in which a girl who has just been spanking in a mortifying position is turned into a nauseated statue? Perhaps just after she has shat herself?
A final turd solidified with her, almost dropped out but not quite unattached, stuck at the end of a funhouse where she can see them all coming before they laugh at such a silly statue.


Not really my style lol. tnx tho


This is my first attempt, so I'm not sure about the quality.

Hinata inn Slave Dorms Chapter 1.

Kaolla hopped along the pavement on her single bare foot. It was awkward and tiring but she didn't really have a choice. She felt every single bystander's eyes on her, even with her head held down in shame. The young Indian girl's body was bare, she was wearing only a heavy gold bangle on her ankle and a steel slave collar on her neck. Her right arm was amputated a bit below her shoulder, ending in a wrinkled short stump. Her left arm ended a few inches below her elbow with a similarly scarred round stump, she had her elbow slightly bent forward as she hopped. The leg she had lost, the left one, was amputated mid-thigh, the stitch marks from the amputation run across both the stump's tip and the inner side of her residual leg. Her left eye was missing leaving her with an empty eye socket, she couldn't close it since the eyelids were also removed. Who could blame anyone for staring at her? She could hear most of them whisper and some not even bothering to hide what a huge spectacle she was.

''Whoah, look at that slave girl!''

''Three stumps? What'd she do?''

''She's still good for a footjob though.''

''Is she also missing an eye? Damn.''

Of course she expected those kind of reactions, but actually hearing them out made her want to die out of humiliation on the spot. But she had to keep hopping around town for at least twenty more minutes, if she wanted to keep her remaining limb and one good eye.

Though she was used to going barefoot before her amputations, the sole of her foot wasn't that used to the rough surface of the pavement. But that was just a minor physical discomfort, with each hop her poorly healed stumps bounced and jiggled, earning her sharp jolts of pain. A stream of tears runs down Kaolla's right cheek as she chokes back a sob.

'I have to continue. I have to. I don't want to lose my only limb, I don't, I don't. '

Some agonizing and humiliating minutes later, Kaolla was done with her forced self exposure and arrived at the steps of the Hinata inn. One by one, she slowly started hopping up the steps with uncertain and wobbly movements, made worse by her current fatigue and anxiety. As she's nearing the last step, she loses her balance and falls face first on the cobblestones. Momentarily forgetting that she Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Intriguing start! I'm interested to see what rules the girls live by that earned these punishments. The forced exhibitionism was icing on the amputee cake.


Ooh, now this was exciting! Very interested to seem what’s in store here!


I have been looking for a story that used to be on here. It was called "The Message" it was about a girl that was kidnapped by the mafia as a message to her dad. Anyone have it?


You should post this in the looking for stories thread

 No.2295[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Quite a few years ago, I wrote a little novel for the Dolcett Girls Forum. I never really published it, mainly because I thought I'd polish it up and sell it. But, life changed and that really isn't an option anymore. Amazon and Smashwords won't accept snuff and I'm thinking a book with throwing someone in a grinder and live spitting might not be an option for anything besides print.

I haven't really looked at this for years, so I'm going to go over it as I post.

This has a lot of scenes: cannibalism (given the Dolcett title), lesbians, lots of blood, castration, hanging, spitting, rape, true love, and general fucked-over sexiness that I like writing.

Please, comment and enjoy.
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Wow!!!!! Absolutely EPIC!!!


Wow. Huh. I find it hilariously ironic, even though there's no real irony, that everything I enjoy seems to be before my time. I'm always late to the proverbial party. I wish very much that I had known about this site when you were posting this old novel, and now I'm going to have to take up the search to see if you still have an online presence.

As for my thoughts on the peice itself, it's wonderful. Just wonderful. It felt so real, and even though lesbian porn itself doesn't perk my interest at all, the perfection of the romance drew me in.
I think what hooked me at the start was how bizarre and real it felt. Hailing from the Midwest myself, your very short descriptions of the area felt nostalgic. Our roads really are terrible around here. After that... I just couldn't stop reading.

In the end, I just want to thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of fiction. I'm sorry I wasn't around years ago, but I hope I can show support now.


He posts his stories at https://tsade.com/ now.

Replace the xx with tt, as usual.


Ok....... I am seriously shaken. I have to take a minute to gather my thoughts. Plot and description wise, this was fucking intense and I loved every second of it. This wasn't my usual reading fare and it's hard to keep my attention on something that I'm not usually into. Serious fucking props to you t'Sade, I loved this!! If talk more but right now I'm speechless and it's 4 am. Cheers~~

If you're considering reading this, it's a major time dedication but well worth it in the end.


I know the feeling. I don't always get on gurochan these days, mainly because it was going down so frequently and I was blocked up by some commissions I'm finishing (I'm not going to do commissions for a while after I get through my queue so I can focus on patreon/getting a steady chapter pipeline for my site/here). My website (above) is probably the best to follow me mainly because I can schedule posts (which I can't do here).

I'm really glad you liked it. Thank you.

Thank you!

Staying up late one of the greatest compliments I can have. Thank you!


It was late at night when little Lizzy began to stirr in her bed, roused from her dreams by a familiar pang in her bladder. She groaned and shifted in her bed, partially awake and aware of her growing need to pee, but not quite ready to get out of bed. For a moment, she considered just letting it loose right then and there, the bathroom was cold and she was sleepy...but at 9 years old her parents made it very clear to her that she was getting way to old to still be wetting the bed...no matter how much she swore it was an 'accident'.

Finally Lizzy gave in to her better judgement and pulled away the sheets, sitting upright and sleepily rubbing her eyes. She wore a light green pair of cotton Pajamas as well as green and white striped socks on her little feet, the soles greyed from a days worth of playing. She sat there for a moment, not quite free of sleeps grasp, yet another pang in her bladder made certain to remind her of ever more urgent need for a toilet. The 9 year old swung her legs over the bed and scootched to the edge, droopping down to the floor before walking to her door.

With a twist of the knob she pulled her door open...and was greeted by a wretchedly dark and forboding hallway. The typically familiar Hallway out of her room seemed to have been swallowed up by the night. She swore it was darker than she had ever seen it. A sharp chill went down her spine causing the little girl to quiver as her heart was gripped with a sudden fear. A small tinkle of pee loosed into her panties, soaking the fabric with a tiny fear squirt.

Lizzy quickly slammed her door shut, her heart pounding as her young mind filled with all the possible terrors that lurked in that inperceptable void that was once her hallway. Her little cooch was already wet and warm with fresh urine, yet she was far from what she would consider peeing herself, still her pladder was now throbbing and the odd pangs were becoming more frequent
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pls write more poo and farts :3


do write more :3


do write more :3


Might do a new one later today. Though I am curious, I wonder if any of you would like a shota based story. My next story isn't one, but I may do one pretty soon after.


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