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This is an excerpt from a much longer story titled "Most Secret Society".


Things were going as badly as Lindy had feared. A new barn had gone up in just a few weeks, and Derrick Crane had stocked it with horde of pretty little girls, which the equestricunts learned had been abducted from a weekend wilderness camp. They had been taken in the middle of the night, their guides and chaperones fast asleep thanks to a sedative in their bedtime hot chocolate.

The children attended a group of affiliated church-sponsored private girls’ schools, all of them from grades two to six, ages seven to eleven. Now they had all been removed from society, to serve what for them was a new society. They were all in the same situation as the large barn full of equestricunts. Derrick Crane had crossed yet another line. Where would he stop?

The children had been harnessed into groups of five, and each group pulled a cart driven by an adult equestricunt. The intent was to teach them discipline, teamwork of the most rudimentary manner under the lash of buggy whips, and to exhaust them. This also afforded the equestricunts to experience the use of the whip from the other end. Lindy loved it. They had set out at noon, and the children were forced to keep moving on a rugged trail until 10 in the evening.

They received a quick meal, and then were bundled off to their stalls and taught how to make a bed of straw. The children were reluctant and cranky, and the equestricunts were empowered to use a cane to control them. All of them at last settled after a sound spanking on their bare bottoms.

Finally the equestricunts were permitted to go to their own stalls to bed down, and they were as exhausted as were the little girls, but much happier. After a day less strenuous and stressful than most, the equestricunts, commonly known as pony girls, settled into the comfort of piled straw in their stalls, and within minutes had all drifted off to sleep.

It was summer, and even at night the temperature was moderate, so that the nude women were able to sleep comfortably. Lindy’s mind struggled to focus as she was abruptly awakened in the middle of the night and hurried out of her stable to an awaiting limousine. The butler didn’t even give her a chance to use the washroom to freshen up.

She sat alone, naked in the back ofPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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If anyone's interested in reading the entire story, Most Secret Society is posted in the Extreme Stories section of ravishu.com, which is a free site.


Love it Regis and I`d love to read more about the little fucktoys!


Thanks, E-Sarah,

Lami Pi Productions is also posted in the Extreme Stories section of ravishu.com, which is a free site.




are there more hangings in the full story or are these the only ones?


I'm sorry for delaying so much with Death Arts Competition, but a free artist basically do what they want hahaha. This one at least does not have a hard story line. Chapter 2 is already done, i'll release it in a few days, one week at most.
DeviantArt: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/CuteAndHurting/21296/Sanae-and-Life-Statues/54744/Chapter-1/Valentines-Day-Cookies-and-Tea
HentaiFoundry: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/CuteAndHurting/21296/Sanae-and-Life-Statues/54744/Chapter-1/Valentines-Day-Cookies-and-Tea

Stories about experiences of Sanae and her friend and mentor Daichi: hunting girls, violating them, turning them to stone, to life statues. Chapters are not time-linear.
...a life statue’s posture and experience is supposed to represent an eternal state, one lyric, or one word, or one verse with a meaning.

Sanae and the Life Statues

Chapter 1 - Valentine’s Day Cookies and Tea

It was evening before Valentine's Day. The plain cute long-haired 9th grader Yuki had anxiously been preparing the kitchen. Bowls, mixers, Flour, sugar... Pepper? Anything that might be used to make the Valentine's Day Cookies for a boy you like. There was only one thing she didn't have were cookie cutters, but Sanae promised to bring them. ‘What if she forgets them?’ was the thought that made Sanae depressed, but didn't make her stop. ‘I must prepare everything’ she thought as she repeatedly kept on checking and moving the cookie equipment, ingredients and just cleaning the kitchen. In other words, making the environment as suitable for cooking as it could be.

When she heard the door bell, it made her happy, though she was worried it might be somebody else but Sanae, which would mean she’d have to wait again. She yelled:
“Just a second!” as she was wiping the glass table dry to make it look clear. And then she set up the cloth on it and unlocked the door.
On the door was Sanae, the naturally straight long haired beauty of her age, carrying a full linen bag. They both had black hair, which was one of the things connecting them emotPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Logical mistake:

"except in their basement"
should be
"except in Sanae's room"


Hey !

I don't know if you plan to write any more of these, but I'd absolutely love to read more about interesting ways to make statues with beautifull young girls. Some of the poses displayed I would love to read about. And I'm sure some you didn't even mention.

At any rate, Bump I guess ? :-)



Thanks a lot! Sorry it took me a while to respond. I might come back to Sanae in a while, though I'm currently thinking abut other petrification stories I could write. It's just that I don't write often.


Loved the story.




DeviantArt: http://cuteandhurting.deviantart.com/gallery/51431411/Death-Arts-Competition-First-Blood
HentaiFoundry: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/CuteAndHurting/18287/Death-Arts-Competition-First-Blood


A while ago I released a few chapters of Death Arts Competition and one spinoff. It was supposed to be a dumb plot-less fetish story describing the most interesting moments in the competition. But now I decided that I’ll try to do something little more valuable, with some plot and main characters. Naturally, this can turn out to be crap comparing to “proper” literature, but I don’t aim to be a writer so I don’t really care. Just enjoy as you can.

There might be some copy/pasting from previous version.

Year is 2050. World evolved to be a much crueler place and there are more wars waging. So people are supposed to be as prepared as possible. As a result of that, old-fashioned natural selection is partially back. The purpose of nowadays schools is to teach people how to fight and to improve their stomach for violence.

In Japan that had taken a very specific turn. High schools divide in 2 categories:
1. Military schools. Students are taught how to fight, but many die in simulations.
2. Performers’ schools. Graduates should be able to perform or be victims of cruel and violent activities. This helps strengthen general population’s stomach for violence.

Green Valley Academy is a performers’ high school. Subjects are generally oriented, but biology is extended in ways of torture and vivisection of live students. System in general is little violent, for example there is a club specializing in cooking human women (that old spinoff).

Entertainment had gone so mad that some people themselves wanted to be tortured or killed for the media, or for their own new sick fetish. However, some parts of human nature cannot be removed.

Every year multiple classes of every single performers' school are joined in Death Arts Competition, where they practice violent entertainment. Most of the people don’t like participating because they could die at any time, but that's how they earn a place of a respectable memPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Guess who's back.

Chapter 8


When Momo came back, she felt a little nervous, but at times happy. She’d normally openly complain about her friends stealing her vibro tampons, but that time she was just despairful because of that. She didn’t leave her room, and in the evening she released a complaint:

“This is not my skin…”

Even though it looked as if Momo had never been flayed alive, or even better than before, she felt frustrated. Probably because she wasn’t really under anesthesia while they were renewing her skin. At times however, she would gaze happily upon her recovered skin, but then she’d get tense again. Nori suggested it’s because she’s suddenly without pain meds and sedatives, making her psychologically tense.

Anyway, that day she didn’t volunteer for anything, didn’t even take a glimpse of the poor special performance victim being on wooden horse for 24 hours.

But she was completely fine the next day. Better than other days. Woke up at 7AM, left the bathroom at 8AM. It would be wonderful time for a lovely conversation, but then the speaker in the room, which they didn’t even know of, sounded with a strict female voice:

“Wake up, everyone, wake up! I want you in 15 minutes in the kitchen, don’t be late!”

Naturally, everybody listened. Just who would slack off in such a dangerous environment? They assembled in the canteen, where they noticed many cups of tea. Then a 40-yo female figure appeared and said in a strict, sergeant-like voice:

“Students! I will be replacing your beloved Yamada today. You will refer to me as teacher. Do you understand?!”

Some people said “Yes, teacher,” but most of them were silent.

“Such low discipline is shame even for a lambs’ school. OK, as you wish. Here on the tables you have tea. It is delicious. You are to drink it quickly. Then you will go to your rooms and take a shit. You will not eat anything else if you want to live. Do you understand?”

“Yes, teacher.” Everybody responded.

“Better. You will drink one row at the time, one tea cup per person. After the row is complete, the rest will wait 15 minutes. Those who drank the tea will go to their rooms and in 5 minutes get a raging diarrhea. When it stops, you have 5 more minutes to wipe and wash your asses, and get on the field, section 4. If you’ll have dirty asses, you’ll lose half your points. Now go!”

Girls who were closest to the tables tooPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 9

Lumber Hunt

So there have been more days, more performances, more special performances… Nobody died though. For today the class had 2 classes, math and physics. Before they did though, they had to get up at 6am. Once again they had an announcement through the newly discovered speakers, only that it was Yamada talking this time.

“Today you will have a unique type of performance, as you will be the executors. Two girls will hunt down one of the students without making commotion, bringing them to the stage 3. Afterwards, the victim will be hung upside down and the same 2 people will saw the victim in half. The further they get, the more points they will score. But you must not make commotion in public! The way you achieve the hunt is up to you. Good luck!”

At 10am the 2 classes were over and the girls stayed in the classroom. They were trying to figure out if they should do it, who would do it, who would be the victim, and most of all, how to keep them from making a fuss? It wouldn’t be a problem if one of the weaker girls wandered around the halls alone, so they could disable her and duct tape her mouth. But they aren’t stupid to wander around alone. Hunting somebody down without making a fuss – isn’t that kind of impossible?

Our girls knew they should do it for points, but none of them, except Nori, was killer type. But it’s good for them they stayed together, as they were safe like this.

“Ayumi,” Nori noticed, “you… Haven’t been active lately. You don’t seem the type, but if I figure something out, we can turn somebody in and I would spare you most of the dirty work.”
“I’ll do it.” Stated Ayumi.
“So you’re up for it. Good.”
“No. I’ll participate in cutting. I have to. I don’t want to die.”
Rest of her friends felt her there. The more death they saw, especially since having that snake in their guts, the more they were becoming concentrated on doing stuff for points.
“I have never seen this much death.” She continued. “I don’t like this. I don’t want this as my future. I don’t want to be… tortured. And killed, but tortured, that’s what I fear actually. I will not be in bottom half of the group. I want to do it.”

“Good!” Nori answered, although she was actually thinking ‘Great!’ Nori liked executions, and she would be glad to do one with her after-competition promised friend with benefits, Ayumi.

However, what caught everyone’s eyes was a quite gentle long-haired brPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 10

Dramatic Chapter

That day a challenge was for one person only. When they heard what it would have been be, nobody volunteered, so someone had to be picked. What a coincidence, it was Aoi!

Assistants tied her up, naked, and put her in a large glass cauldron. Or actually, it wasn’t glass. Or was it? Anyway, it had properties of bronze, only it was fully transparent just like glass. Then room temperature water was poured into it, covering frightened Aoi until her neck. A device then started blowing cool air at her head. Aoi was cold, but she would not stay cold for long. The butane fire was lit below the cauldron, and water started heating up.

Aoi’s challenge was not to make a sound. Water was estimated to start truly boiling after 15 minutes. If Aoi would make it, she would get points, and probably a large amount of them. But if she would fail, and make a sound, she would be left to boil to death!

And there she was, tensely sensing the water temperature going up. She did her best not to show her fear, although things didn’t move according to her expectations. The bottom of the cauldron got hot sooner than the rest of it, so Aoi’s butt and feet burned only a few minutes into the heating. Her face was really tense, but everything became much harder when the water started feeling hot. At first she felt painful pinching, and as minutes and minutes went by, her skin was burning like hell. The air that blew cool air to her head prevented her from passing out.

However, as 10 minutes had passed and Yamada had to leave the scene to talk to somebody, 2 of the students decided to be a little naughty. A surveillance circuit had been fixed that day and they heard cameras were out. They’d rip out some paper from their notebooks, put some dirt from the ground in it, scramble it into a ball and throw at Aoi. The first ball missed Aoi, who had her eyelids squeezed to cope with the burning more easily, and if the 2nd ball didn’t come straight after, Aoi’s friends would stop them. Unfortunately, the ball hit Aoi who then reflectively released an “Ah!”

Yamada heard that, and Aoi looked around in confusion, surprise and pain. Then Yamada-san mentioned:
“You can scream all you want now.” And continued the conversation.
Aoi didn’t start screaming immediately as her friends took her side:
“But she was hit by a student!”
“Doesn’t matter.” He responded.

Shocked, and with water producing its gPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thread almost archived haha. I was in a hurry, I hope it turned out well.

Chapter 11

Brazen Cat

The competition was nearing the end. But that day nobody feared the special performance. A father of a classmate made an invention, and he was going to demonstrate the prototype on his own daughter!

Until then Rika had been honestly doing her best to win, hoping everything would go according to Nori’s plan. Some of it sounded somewhat unrealistic, such as Nori’s statement that she would persuade a person into the exchange with Rika in case they refused. Otherwise Rika would need to punish a poor innocent girl not to break the rules.

As our remaining girls were hanging out in their rooms for a while, Momo had been wanting to ask Rika something. When Rika asked Momo what had been bothering her, Momo replied:
“Yamada-sensei… I heard he’s in trouble.” She said.
“I heard so too. So? I mean, what does it have to do with us?” Rika asked.
“I… It’s a word he’s in trouble for receiving a blowjob from one of us. It’s… They say it was you. Is that true?”
“Yeah. Yesterday I sucked him off in the hallway. Some people saw that.” She comedically smiled. “He was so fucking horny, he couldn’t resist. At all. He had been looking at people and at the camera. He couldn’t even say something like ‘We should stop’.”
Momo waited for Rika to finish, and then she continued.
“I did not expect that from you.”
“What? You thought I was a lesbo?”
“Well… Kinda. I never asked, so I knew you might not be…”
“I was gay for Izumi. I was so fucking gay for Izumi, ready to give everyone and everything up. And then I’m forced to suck that geezer’s cock and she dies.”

Momo had been re-thinking every sentence she was going to say, not to say something wrong.
“So… You told me before you’d never give a blowjob. I’m just worried… Why are you doing it? Are you punishing yourself?”
“I love cock!” Said Rika. “It feels good in my mouth and smells amazing! I hated that geezer! But damn me, damn my motherfucking nature, I loved it! I hated him but I loved his cock! He didn’t even have to bend to rub it on my belly, I felt so horny and submissive, and it felt fucking amazing! I’m not normal! I’m crazy! I fucking hate myself!” Then she continued in a normal and calm tone. “Before, it’s not that I would never blow anyone. If Izumi was a boy, and still of the same cute princes temperament, I would blow Izumi. Hell, I didn’t want Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




This one's a work in progress but I thought I'd Post Part 1 since it's fairly self contained.

Ruki at the Snuff Club

(Digimon, peril, exhib, posing, public, gun, eventual snuff)

"And where we have the main hall Miss Rumiko, as mentioned in our contract, what you are to see and hear today is the strictest of privacy, and highly illegal, so any info leaked would heavily incriminate you as well. We'l set you up as we go, but if you'd just sign this paper work" Ruki looked on fascinated at the club surrounding her as their guide talked. It was incredible, at first glance the club looked like a regular old style gentlemen's smoking club, wooden walls, heads mounted on teh walls, and men smoking in plush chairs. But after a second Ruki noticed the rest of the picture, the heads on the wall weren't form animals, they were from women, and aside from men conversing and smoking there were naked women all around, some in elaborate contraptions that Ruki couldn't exactly figure out the purpose of.

"Wait, you said Illegal? And those heads on the wall there..." Ruki trailed off.

The guide looked up surprised, "You mean your mother didn't tell you? This is a snuff club, it's a place for men, and a few women, to enjoy killing other women." He paused. "You're here as your mother's 'Master' today, since she wasn't allowed to use the premises without one and for some reason she didn't agree to be under the general care of the club."

Ruki's mouth gaped open. "Wait, you mean this is really a palce where they kill people?" slowly Ruki looked around realizing the purpose of some of the devices, at least one or two, she could see a woman strapped against the wall her breasts painted like a dart board, and another woman with her breasts hovering over what Ruki now realized was a portable grill. There was even a guillotine, though it wasn't currently being used. and those were only the devices Ruki could Identify.

The Guide nodded. "Well yes, but, really we only guarantee one snuff per month, and any other instances of it happening are quite rare, as you can imagine, since aside from the lottery each month we require that the women volunteer. We don't get many volunteers, so the amount of women snuffed here is actually quite low." The guide looked over at Ruki's mom, Rumiko. She was clearly nervous, and the expression on her face was closer Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I can't wait to read it. Your stuff is always such high quality.


Yeah. this was fun to do due to that aspect, and the fact that it was much more peril-centric than snuff-centric. Actually, I have three different consensual stories on high priority currently. Hotaru, Korra, and Mimi (from Digimon)
It's a plan. And a vague one at that. It might take a long time till I get aroudn to it.


Like most of the Visitor's stuff, this is posted on Hentaifoundy. It won't be lost if it falls off the board.

Given that the Visitor has a megathread, this could also be reposted there, if they feel like it.


That thread is only for completed works.
Thanks for reminding me about this. I'll probably work on it some more after I finish my current project.




It's long overdue, but my newest story is finally finished. Real life has gotten in the way lately, I've moved to a new place and not had much time left to write. I'm still writing, so more stories are on the way but I won't make any promises about when they'll be finished. But at least you can enjoy this one!

(I didn't put tags in the subject line because I think it will spoil the story, but I think the average GuroChan reader will know what they're getting into.)

The last day of my life had come. At the age of thirteen I was standing on a stage in the middle of town with the guillotine in front of me and my hands tied behind my back. The new government was tyrannical and purely evil, and my father had been one of its most outspoken critics for quite a while. That was until a month before that day, when armed police stormed our house in the middle of the night and took the whole family away. We were separated and I hadn’t seen any of them since. I assumed they were all dead, as I would soon be. After a short ‘trial’ I’d been sentenced to death, but they didn’t know I still had one trick up my sleeve.

Apart from me there were two people on the stage, the judge who had sentenced me and the executioner who would carry out the sentence. The judge spoke for what seemed like an eternity, rambling on about opposing the state and ruining the country. The people in the crowd that had gathered around the stage seemed pretty bored, after all they had come to watch an execution, not a speech. The executioner stood beside me, watching my every move as if he thought I was going to escape. He was tall and muscular, and I was terrified of him. Whatever I did, I didn’t want to be in harms way of that man. The judge was less terrifying, but he was really old and had a cynical, evil look in his eyes that could send chills down anyone’s spine. Just as the people in the audience looked like they might fall asleep any second the judge finished his speech and turned around to look at me.

“So, young woman, do you have any last words?” He said.

“Yes, I do. According to the execution code, paragraph twenty-one, a young girl should not be executed if she is unmarried and still a virgin. I ask you to respect this code, and pardon me.”

The crowd laughed, thinking I had made it all up and was trying to escape my certain death. I kept my face stern, hoping that the judge would at least look it up before dismissing myPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I love it! Very well written<3


Is it possible you could do one where the innocent young girl gets executed via cunt shot? Either while still virgin and desperately wanting not to be, or after her belly swells from being forcefully impregnated by the soldiers 8-9 months ago?


so many good stories about to be lost


Bump for more! Your style is very cute! <3




Honor Among Thieves

Part One – A Thief’s End

(Non Con, Stabbing Gutting)

Hidden in the back of an alley behind a stack of crate sat Petra, her thin frame pressed against the wall, chest heaving as she panted for air. Her body was cloaked in sweat, a testament of the eight miles she had just ran though the city, taking every detour, secret passage or dark alley, she knew just to be safe. Then again considering who she had just crossed she felt even that might not be enough.
Reaching down the front of her shirt she caught hold of a string that was looped around her neck. Pulling it out she gazed at the small golden object hanging, light glinting off of it which each turn it made.

The thief lords signet ring… To be honest it didn’t really look that impressive…

you would think someone called the thief lord would be able to afford more than just a simple gold ring.

There were the rumors of course… Curses, magical abilities, protection from the gods… The silly rumors the lower classes would make up just because they didn’t understand something.

Ridiculous… she thought to herself.

Although, Petra had understood the reason behind the rumors, she too used to be a useless beggar from the slums, unable to even care for herself without the charity of others. That was at least until she stole for the first time… The feeling, the thrill and excitement, was intoxicating. Honing her craft from a young age she soon rose from the pathetic beginnings of a street urchin to a renowned thief.
By the time Petra had reached the ripe age of nineteen she had already proven there was nothing she couldn’t steal, even the Royal Vault was child’s play to her. She was starting to get bored when a mysterious young woman had approached her with an offer that she couldn’t refuse…

“Heh” she said to herself. “Thief lord my ass”

Stuffing the ring back into her shirt, she sighed. Covered in dirt and sweat from the run she was craving the feeling of hot water on her skin. After this job, she deserved it and so much more letting her mind wonder she began to imagine everything she could spend her soon to be earned money on.

A shower first for sure… Then food and wine until I burst. She chuckled.

“I guess it’s about that time…” She mumbled to herself rising to her feet.

A mountain of gold… She smPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Glad to see you back...so there's going to be a next part? Awesome! I had thought the series over since, well, the main character died lol


Yup ^-^ I was originally going to have a part four to finish all the loose ends but life got in the way and I only ever half finished it. Fast forward almost a year later this point and I stumbled onto the HAT (Honor among thieves) folder on my desktop while bored and ended up re doing the entire first chapter. I can't way to finish the next two based off previous feed back and release part four to finally give closure. I also have another project I'm working on that I hope goes aswell as this one does.


how about one where a girl gets stripped, chained up, and fed to dogs? Everything is better with pussy eating.


how about one where a girl gets stripped, chained up, and fed to dogs? Everything is better with pussy eating.




Hoping that this is the right place to post this, legit cannot think of anywhere else.

Farming humans is an art and a science. Converting an independent human into a baby-making machine is a long and drawn out process. This is a summary of how it works, from start to finish. Today, we follow Zoe, a 19 year old who has been acquired for processing.

Women converted into breeding machines are referred to as units. Zoe, once in the custody of the farm, is referred to as Unit 29. 29 is Chinese in ethnicity, only about four foot ten inches and one hundred ten pounds. Her breasts are roughly 250cc and her buttocks are medium to large size. She has an average amount of body fat mostly concentrated in the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks.

Once 29 arrives, she is immediately stripped to her underwear. She is escorted to the operating theater to prepare her body for permanent breeding. After being restrained with leather belts, several key procedures are made. First, both her breasts are injected with Ipolactide, a drug manufactured by the farm to keep lactation constant for the next forty-odd years. An early side effect will be increased sexual and physical stimulation. Immediately, her pupils dilate and she begins to breathe heavily. It will only last thirty or forty minutes. Then, her chest and torso are opened up. She is awake, but the Ipolactide combined with other local anesthetics make her virtually oblivious to the surgery. First, her fallopian tubes are reinforced with a very thin nanocarbon lining to keep them from damage in the breeding process. Then, her liver is removed. This is primary to make room for an electronic hormonal regulator, but also to make 29 dependent on the farm. Without a liver, she will not survive on her own for twenty four hours. Once these processes are complete, she is given a brief shower and led to where she will spend the rest of her fertile life.

29 will be stored and operated in breeding pad 29. This is a small, closet sized inlet with a plastic chair in the center and electronic equipment mounted on all the walls. These machines all have an assortment of wires, tubes, pads, and plugs hanging out of them. A heart rate monitor, a medication administrator, an ultrasound, a dialysis machine, a nutrition regulator, and more. They will be 29’s life source. The seat is capable of mechanically swiveling into a bed during birth and is Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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more! I love this. We need to fund this!


I wonder what percentage of units are volunteers. Anyone think 29 is one? She didn't struggle much.


idk, i don't think anyone would sign up for that job.


Oh, I'm sure this is an ethical factory that only processes volunteers :D after all, the human units will be fed and taken care of for the rest of their natural life, and the profit is enough to even pay them. There isn't a shortage of desperate people, after all :D


* where "natural" means "until maintenance costs of an aging body outweigh profit and they are euthanized", of course. But still! :D


Solely for Her Comfort


He's a Shoe-in

A girl decides that her new shoes need to be lined with something special: her boyfriend's cock!

F/m, Soft Amputation, Penectomy, Castration, CBT, Objectification, Foot Fetish, Consensual, Reluctant


 "Oh, my feet are soo sore." Tiffany complained, to no one in particular, as she slipped her new shoes off.

 Steve, her boyfriend, glanced up at her, from his place kneeling down before the couch, as she made her way from the entrance way of their apartment over too him. He noted, as he set aside the broom and dustpan he had been using to clean underneath the piece of comfortable furniture, that she winced slightly with every step she took.

 "Those are your new shoes, aren't they?" Steve observed, raising his eyebrows as she tossed her footwear aside, then flopped down in front of him on the sofa. "Are they not fitting right?"

 "They fit fine." Tiffany replied, grimacing as she put one of her slim ankles across the opposite knee, then began rubbing and kneading the flesh of her exposed sole. "They're just really uncomfortable, for some reason. It's like there's no padding inside of them at all."

 "Hmm.." Steve mused, as he slipped his hands down the smooth skin of her calf, caressing her lower leg fondly, before he took the foot she was working on into his own lap. "Maybe you need inserts?"

 "Ohhh.." Tiffany moaned, as Steve began pressing his strong thumbs into the sore flesh of the bottom of her foot. "..I don't think there'd be.. ahh.. room. Like I said before, they do fit.. but only barely, I'll admit."

 "Can't you take them back, and get a slightly larger pair?"

 "No. This was the only size they had, unfortunately." Tiffany replied, pouting a little, before she arched her back and pressed her foot more firmly into her boyfriend's firm massage. "Ooh, just like that..!"

 "Well, maybe you should give up on them, then." Steve suggested, as he worked his thumbs around the ball of her foot, before moving lower to her arch. "There's not much point in wearing them if they're so uncomfortable."

 "I couldn't do that!" Tiffany replied, sounding slightly scandalized beneath her ongoing groans of pleasure as Steve dug his thumbs deep into her aching flesh. "No way!"

 "Why not?"

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Your best since Pool Party, IMO. Looking forward to the different uses for penis (hopefully lots of food recipes!) that this opens up. Like your vacuum story, I'm interested to see you come up with various ways to recycle the cock once it's been removed.



I'm glad you liked it. I wasn't sure anyone would, since it was a bit of an odd idea. I just loved the pure objectification of it, though, so I had to write it out.


I got to say, the detail and inventiveness of the unusual situations in your stories are some of the best parts, definitely hope to see whatever else you might do!


The doctor handed me his bill and told me the surgery was even more expensive. I can never pay off this debt! It doesn't matter though, I'm dead in 2 weeks. The banks won't give me a loan, so what am I to do?

I don't pay that doctor shit, I buy fucktons of drugs- some I've never even done before! Designer drugs and the ever-known shrooms and devil's lettuce. First thing's first, smoke some crack and crack a rack at a fashion show!

Wait that's not fair, those models never did a thing to me- besides, they got no racks to speak of, they're only kids! I start smashing the T.V.
Disgusting perverts that want to keep watching Toddlers and Tiaras call the cops, but they don't know I'm a disgusting pervert that wants to FUCK THE POLICE!

I run out the diner and right towards the cop car that slows down for just a second and then accelerates full speed towards me. I run on my tip toes and jump hatchet first into the windshield.

Drive around to the park and get out of my car. I slam the door shut behind me and turn around. A fucking cop car is RIGHT THERE! I just go to town on the piggy's car. He's not around anywhere- oh there he is, that's right I tossed him hanging outside the passenger window.

REEE WUUUU REEE WUUUU oh shit there's more of them and I don't have a gun!
Fuck it I'm already wearing his vest under my shirt, I don't remember putting it on but I know it was while I was driving. I don't like to steal but I may as well take his pistol.

I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screeching so I run and hop over a fence as I hear tires screechinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Hey guys, been lurking for a while, loving your work, and thought I'd share an idea I had based on an RP I did once. Hope you enjoy, let me know.

The Ancient Hunger

Robyn's Hike

There's something special about a sunrise when all you can smell is the Pine around you and the the sound of birdsong, and Robyn did not intend to let the opportunity to see it pass her by. The other girls had decided to sleep in, probably hungover from the cheap rum Lucy had convinced her mother to buy, but they were in the park for only ten days, and each of them was to precious to waste with sleep.

to be fair, they probably would have slowed her down. While they all took care of themselves, Robyn had been a scout in her childhood and early teens, and the hike was almost second nature. The five other girls probably would have been happy further down the ridge, but Robyn wanted a view. The last two years of school lay before them, so the trip was a kind of final dose of madness before real life and hard study hit, so getting out, being free, and just being themselves far away from civilization without worrying about study, boys, makeup or parents was exciting.

The climb was difficult, but not dangerous, and Robyn made her way up with little difficulty. She was tougher than most people thought, and while she had her mother's feminine facial features, they were tempered but her father's strength, not bulky, but sharp and precise. Her long dark hair tied back, no makeup around her large green eyes, she looked a bit like the tomboy she claimed to be, if her shorts and tight singlet hadn't displayed her slim yet well curved body. She was 16, almost a grown woman, but had often been mistaken for 20.

She hefted herself up the final climb, and turned to watch the sun, golden and beautiful raise over the forest. In the dawn light there was nothing but trees and mountains to the horizon, and Robyn smiled and took it all in, raising her arms and feeling the new warmth of a reborn sun. One could really feel at peace with nature here. It was almost spiritual, though some small part of her mind couldn't help but think the girls should all make their way up and get a photo of their backs topless, flashing the open forest. it was an hour and a half to climb up here from their camp, so it's not like anyone wo-...

"it's a beautiful sight, isn't it?"

Snatched suddPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The violation of Alyce James

Alyce bit her lip and squeezed her legs tight as the last ebbs of her orgasm overtook her, smiling at the cheekiness of the whole situation. The feel of nature always brang out her wild side, and if she knew her body as well as she thought, the week before her period always made her horny as fuck.

She let out a little giggle, the only sound she permitted herself in her little masturbatory adventures, licking her fingers before getting up to join the others. Unzipping her tent, she came out into silenc. Robyn had left earlier for her morning hike, and she couldn't hear a peep from the other tents, making note she'd been able to secretly make herself cum 5 times since they'd arrived, including once in the car on the way.

Shorter than the other girls, Alyce more than made up for it with her spirit. Her boobs weren't the biggest, her stomach not the flattest, or her legs the sexiest, but her beautiful round face and big smile were warm and welcoming, and even though she was chubby, she carried it well and knew what worked. Quick as she was to an innuendo or flirt, she was still a virgin, unwilling to admit to her close friends she liked the attention more than the follow through.

Getting some fruit from the supplies, she could feel that insatiable urge building between her legs. On a primal level, her body yearned for cock. It would soon have more than it can handle...


Conscious came back to Robyn again in a tight, darkness, before she felt another crushing squeeze, followed by light and a crashing pain. Coughing and sputtering, she looked up to see her beastial captor, still at his giant size, before a horrid realisation hit her.

She spent a minute puking, before asking between coughs

"You bring me back to shit me out?"

The beast turned to regard her silently, before staring off into the distance again. Robyn fumed.

"Sick fuck... Get a thrill it of having me in your ass?"

"You think you're some cheap diversion? No, no, you are chosen. If I wanted a 'thrill'..."

He trailed off, absently grabbing Robyn and holding her up. A few hundred metres away she could see her camp. Alyce's red hair between the tents, eating a Kate breakfast. A sick dark feeling enveloped Robyn's stomach.

"You want me to bring her... To you... Not to eat..."

The beast snuffed the air.

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The sound of her name snapper her out of the shirt fantasy playing in her head, and she turned to see Robyn jogging up to the camp, dirty and stressed.

"Shit, Robyn, you okay?"

"It's Cat," Robyn replied, looking flustered "she hurt her ankle and I need help getting her back to camp"

"Fuck, lead the way," Alyce set her breakfast down, and made her way

They were a few hundred metres from camp when Robyn slowed, looking down, muttering something.

"What's that Robyn? Is she close?"

"I said I'm sorry"

Alyce barely had a moment to ask why before the ground erupted around her. Something burst up, sharing her shirt round frame, her legs dangling, pinching her sides

"Yesss, perfect" she heard in her mind, squealing in fear as claws shredded at her outfit. She'd forgone panties in her skirt, and felt the cold air on her cunt before a foreign and horrid sensation.

Looking down, she saw a branch sized and coloured cock swelling from the beast's crotch, easily 2 feet long and as think as her arm, pressing against her.

She squealed again as the beasteal dick pushed into her, hard and rough, stretching her in ways she didn't imagine possible. As it pressed deeper, the flaws in her sides grew tighter in excitement, and she heard the breath behind her quicken.

Pain ruled her, her legs slick, as she couldn't tell if she was bleeding, or the gargantuan cock had ruined her ability to not piss herself. Yet somehow a presence in her brain was forcing her to feel pleasure. With each thrust, her insides were turn and ruined, yet she wanted more, and could feel herself drawing close to orgasm.

Panting in agony and ecstasy, she began to buck wildly, lost in the feeling. She was sure she could feel her bowels tearing but she was so close and...

Suddenly the pinch exploded, immediately losing the closeness of her impending orgasm, as she was suddenly dropped, face first to the ground.

She desperately wanted to run, but couldn't gather the energy. All she could do was turn over and....

She gasped, as above her, the beast, finally seen face on, continued to fuck her seperated lower half. Her own body ended by the navel, the beast having gotten carried away and squeezing too hard. It continued to fuck her twitching legs, it's cock poking out the top of her mulched innards, fucking them do hard they torPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


This is awesome! I'm looking forward to reading more. Don't stop here!


Yeah this is really great. Not sure how many ladies are left, but keep it up lol


I should finish this soon...

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