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She didn't know how she got so turned around so quickly. The young girl had been on her way home from her grandmother's after breakfast, using a little dirt road she had traveled dozens of times before when she felt nature calling her. With a large breakfast weighing on her young belly she quickly decided to head into the woods to relieve herself, but barely ten feet off the little dirt path when she lost sight of the road. Concerned she may lose her way she turned back around, hoping to have the road at least in sight as she did her business. Though somehow she had made a mistake and ended up turning the wrong way, only walking deeper into the woods. Now lost and struggling to find her way back her urges were the last thing on on her mind.

Fear began to mount as she drifted further into the woods, taking a cautious few steps before looking around, changing direction and walking once more. Everywhere she looked seemed the same, more dirt and more trees. The dull throbbing of her bladder peaked once more to a sharp pain, she hissed and gripped at her groin, bunching up her light blue dress as she looked around frantically from side to side, hoping to see something familiar or even the road. Her all too full bladder nagging against her fears of truly being lost in the woods. Distressed and fighting with the strong urge to pee she picked a direction and took off in it, dashing through the trees, hoping to find a road, any road, as she ran. Her long jet black hair billowed behind her as she ran, spilling over her shoulders and well past her young bum like a waterfall of black ink.

Without any warning, something caught her foot and yanked it forward, with a shocked yelp she was swept off of her feet and slammed onto her back, knocking the wind out of her, as well as loosening her already struggling bladder. A gush of urine erupted from her young slit, quickly soaking through the thin fabric of her panties and down between her legs, dripping onto he dress and the ground below. Yet before she could catch her breath she began to be pulled along the dirt, dragging her light blue dress through the dirt and urine soaked mud and soon up into the ther air! The young girl finally caught her breath with a ragged coughing gasp as she was hoisted up into the air, dangling by her feet.

She was nearly four feet off the ground, too far to reach the dirt with her arms, yet her extravagantly long hair managed to close thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Loved it!


I love it so much! My god I want that dress to just fall off of her and so many people to see her, maybe a fuckimg class or something, with shit all over her, from her dress and her hips and swaying! Mmm.

Jesus, and her name is so sweet!


Pls write more


Haha, didn't expect people to enjoy her name of all things. Might do another story soon! I just realized I forgot to add 'tags' (scat, pee and whatnot) whoops!


cant wait to see more stories from you :]


"Die, scum!"

I cursed as the column exploded behind me with my opponent's invective, her snake sword showering me with rubble as it cleaved through the ancient stone. I was rapidly running out of places to hide as I scurried away like a rat to another pillar, the brief reprieve doing little to quell my rising panic as my opponent's sword retracted as she advanced.

A moment of distraction crossed my mind as my opponent's strides caused her sizable breasts to jiggle, the largest pair of tits I had ever seen straining against their owner's skimpy outfit. The stories were true! Ivy Valentine was truly as impressive as the tavern tales made her out to be - cold, haughty beauty radiating from her, and an outfit to match - one that was half aristocrat and half dominatrix. That outfit left little of her voluptuous body to the imagination. If I had more time, I would definitely be admiring those perfectly shaped tits or that oh-so-round ass with the thin strip of fabric wedged between the cheeks and practically into her barely concealed pussy. Her high heels clicked on the floor as she strode towards me, and I stole a glance at her tits through some of the cracks in the stone.

The reason for my interest in her tits, besides the obvious, was that she was playing with them with one hand as she pursued me casually. Originally she had an armored gauntlet on one arm, but she had quickly abandoned that after it was obvious I was no match. Now the domina was stalking me, nipples standing out starkly underneath her outfit, her voice thick with lust and arrogance as she pawed at her own tits. Clearly, the dominatrix outfit wasn't just an act, and she was very clearly getting off on the possibility of butchering me. The whiplike Valentine, which she wielded with a flourish, added to the effect.

"Must you run?" she called out in her haughty English accent. "It makes it that much harder to see you squirm!"

I took mental note of my situation. All I had was my bow and two daggers for weapons. Normally, I would take my chances against a sword wielder in a battle, but the enclosed space of the ancient cathedral coupled with the unique nature of Ivy's weapon meant I couldn't get aim and get a shot off before being skewered. The daggers weren't much use either - even if I could get close to her, her retracted sword would make quick work of me before I could close the last bit of distance.

A moment of self-pity filledPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This is really nice, extra hot material right here.
Thank you so much!


Not sure I know how to continue the original story, guess I'll just this as a dumping ground for other Soul Calibur related stories. This one involves Taki and a hungry animal.


Taki frowned as she knelt beneath a tree, lips pursed in thought as she picked up scraps of purple fabric off the swampy earth. She had tracked Ivy to this jungle, revenge on the kunoichi's mind. Taki's last encounter with her rival had left the busty ninja bound, ravished, and left for dead on the dusty floor of an abandoned temple, her face covered with Ivy's pussy juice. Luckily for Taki, Ivy hadn't been as precise with her ropework after grinding herself to multiple climaxes with the aid of Taki's beautiful features, and the kunoichi had managed to undo the bonds and escape, vowing to fuck Ivy into submission with her own blade.

But it seemed like someone, or something, had beaten Taki to Ivy. The first sign of this Taki had seen was Ivy's sword Valentine spread haphazardly over the ground, partially extended as if dropped in a struggle. But with what that struggle was, Taki did not know. The prints of Ivy's high-heeled boots had led smoothly to this spot beneath the tree where Valentine lay discarded. Here, those strides had turned into short choppy prints as ostensibly Ivy's legs had been scrabbling for purchase, and then a deeply disturbed muddy spot with deep furrows cut into the ground. Taki assumed there had been a battle on the ground here, but there were no signs of footsteps leading away from the tree. All she could find was the scraps of what appeared to be Ivy's outfit - it was as if the dominatrix had simply disappeared after her defeat.

Taki straightened, her breasts bouncing gently from the motion. Her skimpy bodysuit clung to them like a second skin, the outline of the kunoichi's stiff nipples clearly visible protruding through the thin fabric. Taki had to admit she was somewhat turned on at discovering her rival's demise. She would have to give herself some attention later, perhaps while theorizing just how Ivy had suffered while being brought low.

This thought was interrupted as something black, heavy, and scaly dropped out of the tree and landed atop the voluptuous ninja. Taki staggered, both from the weight of the creature on her slim shoulders and the impact of the blow to her skull. The busty ninja's head swam as she whipped her hair around, trying to shake off the beast as her tabi slid around in thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Awesome work with the new Taki story. I for one would love to see the Alexandra sisters meet their end in your original story!


Wanted to write a story about Taki being beaten into submission:


Taki knew she had underestimated her opponent when in one fluid motion he dodged her kick and moved to counterattack. The busty kunoichi had assumed the powerfully built man that had leered at and accosted her in the alley was a common strongarm bandit (and a stupid one at that, to attempt to rob someone clearly dressed for battle). So she had planned to beat him sense into him, vaulting from her standing position to a high kick aimed at the head the man was clearly not thinking with.

"Maybe he can enjoy the view," Taki thought to herself, as a tinge of excitement from battle pulsed through her pussy, the petals clearly visible against the thin fabric of her tight red bodysuit.

But to Taki's surprise, the brigand dodged underneath the female ninja's shapely thigh, throwing out his own leg in a sweep. Taki clumsily stumbled over the attack, not quite cleanly avoiding it in her shock that a street thug had almost gotten the upper hand on her. She just had to reset and scope out her opponent, she thought to herself - he moved with unexpected agility for a man of his size, and she didn't want to find out how much power he could put out.

The kunoichi had underestimated him again though. Skilled in street brawling, the rogue's sweep had a been a feint. He exploded out of his low stance with an uppercut. This time, Taki, off-balance and positioned awkwardly against the alley wall, couldn't dodge at all. The sexy ninja shrieked as the man's fist connected with her lovely right tit, the force of the blow causing the skimpy fabric covering it to tear as Taki's large breasts bounced wildly. A thrill of masochistic arousal ran through Taki as she looked down to see her right breast exposed, nipple hardening with delight even as the sensitive flesh around it bruised. Her other breast, though still covered for now, was also clearly enjoying the punishment - the stiff peak of her other nipple easily visible through the kunoichi's bodysuit.

Her head swimming with pain and unwilling arousal, Taki whimpered weakly as she tried to move away from the wall. Her breasts always had been her weak point, and she could feel her opponent's gaze drawn to them. She had to put some distance between her opponent and his targets so she could bring her blades to bear.

But it was too late - like a heavyweight boxer, the bandit had already gotten Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Awesome set! Really love the extreme depictions and of course the conquests of these girls. Mas por favor.


Quick and short story I just wrote, to be continiued. Feel free to add your suggestions for what's going to happen next.

Johanna sat in class, doing her schoolwork quietly when the school nurse entered the classroom.

“Johanna, can you come with me please?” she said, half whispering, as to not disturb the other students.

The young girl glanced at her teacher, which approved of her absence with a single nod before returning his gaze to the stack of papers on his desk. Johanna knew what was happening; she had just celebrated her thirteenth birthday which meant she was eligible for the Student Financing Program. Known simply as “the Program” between students, it was the main source of income for the school. Students aged thirteen and over were put up on the school website, where wealthy individuals could purchase their meat for a hefty price. They could bid on either certain cuts or the whole girl, and if the bid was high enough the school would accept and begin processing immediately. Meat from young girls was highly sought after but very scarce, and so the cost was very high. The school did not have to sell many girls at all to raise enough money, and in return the students paid only a symbolical admission fee. The girls were grouped in sixteen batches, each batch available for bidding one week each semester. Johanna was available for the first time that very week.

When Johanna walked out of the classroom that day she didn’t know what parts of her were going to be missing when she returned, or if she would return at all. Still she did not hesitate, eager to fulfill her duty to the prestigious school she had been accepted to. She was a very pretty girl, with long brown hair, usually worn in a braid, bright green eyes, lush smooth lips and perky, budding breasts. She wore her uniform, with a green jacket, matching skirt, black shoes and a white shirt with a red tie.

The girl and the nurse walked in silence through the hallways before reaching the processing room, located in the cellar. The processer on duty was already there, a muscular guy in his thirties with a moderate tan and a surprisingly friendly face.

“Hi Johanna,” he said. “A local business owner, Mr Hansen, placed a bid on you today, and the school has approved. He only wants your breasts, so you can relax a bit. You’ll walk out of here alive today, and many girls are not that lucky. Shall we get to it then?” he asked. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Great story ! I hope you'll write another part ! :)


Perhaps she can get her pussy taken from her too?


My first thought is that Johanna confesses to a male friend how being butchered made her feel, and how it was her attraction to being meat that scared her. Said friend reassures that her feelings are normal and demonstrates it, by ordering Johanna to strip. Johanna does so reluctantly but is talked into it by shear horniness. sex scene where Johanna rollplays as meat. Boy orders her meat while his dick is inside her. The order is for Johanna taken alive. Boy wants to be butcher when he grows up, and partially butchered girl is relatively cheap.


Very well done! Can we have more please?


***The following is a story of fiction. The author does not condone
violence towards anybody***

Brother Felipe -

I'm just an old man now. Do you remember, Brother? We met only a year ago. I could not speak, but you stayed with me that evening, and what a delightful conversation we had with a stack of papers and a single ink pen. Let's keep that to ourselves. The Church would throw a fit if they knew we wasted precious ink and pulp to have but a fleeting conversation. I cherish it, though. And I am writing to you now, because I know I can trust you.

I feel I must tell you what terrible things I have witnessed and write them down, lest they had never happened. Nobody speaks of it, what they had witnessed that day. The regional Church of Santiago Marin had gone too far, of course. They were just whispers then. But we were all afraid. Who could say anything about the Church after what they had just seen? Back then, the Church of Santiago Marin was powerful and influential. We
had to protect ourselves. We had to keep our children safe. We were scared. Who could blame us? But then again, our silence is what damned us, and our silence is what will continue to damn us if nobody remembers what happened. And we won't remember, which is why I write this letter to you now, my dear friend. Many of these words will be painful to write, but I must.

It began nearly a decade ago in the town of Santiago Marin, my place of birth actually. I don't remember if I had told you that. I was a vocal opponent of the regional church there. Mind you, this was during the start of this new movement sweeping the country. The Inquisition, I believe some are calling it now. Things have started to slow a bit since then, but remember ten years ago when friends and family were whisked away left and right? That's when this story begins. I am not going to tell you about what happened to me. My story is unremarkable. Like so many others I was
unjustly imprisoned. I was tortured. I was locked up like an animal. But I was spared the worst of the cruelty. And I was eventually freed. They should have killed me. Now I am rotting in my old bones, with memories too painful to bear.

I was not a Pagan. Like you, I used to preach to those who hungered for the Word of Christ. I believe in Christ, our Lord, our Saviour, our Merciful Healer. But I saw it, like many others, that the ChurPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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And when the guards came again that last day, we thought surely this was it. Surely this was close to the end of this insanity.

For those who were left to die and rot away in those cells, they will never know what happened next. But I was one of the unlucky ones, for when they dragged out Elena from the cell, who was now nearly lifeless, they also dragged me out. The little one they lifted up from the Cradle where she had been all night, and threw her limp body over the shoulder of one of the burlier guards. And up we went, out of the shadowy dungeon.

But where were we going? What day of the year was it even? In the dungeon, time was endless. Nobody knew when it was day or when it was night. How long was a week? A month? How long was a year? It was all relative. I had felt like I had spent an eternity in that hole, but in reality I was only there for five years. And then it hit me. Of course. Today was execution day. Once a month the Church of Santiago Marin set up festivities for the town to witness. Once a month it was execution day for the Pagans and heretics who opposed the Church. It was mandatory for the townsfolk to attend.

I remember the details very clearly. I could barely walk, I was so
weak, but I managed. They dragged me with a rope attached to my wrists. Elena was dragged on the floor by her arms, belly down. It was then that I could see the iron bars, now burnt into her flesh, a small portion of each rod, jutting obscenely out from between her legs. Alisa, on top of one of the guard's shoulder, was now freshly bleeding, the tears in her womb and elsewhere, agitated once more, now staining the backside of the guard's shirt. It was a grotesque sight.

I remember that many of us had our tongues removed that day. Maybe they didn't want us to say anything about what had happened down in the depths of that Hell. That's when they took mine. They grabbed my tongue with a pair of tongs and another with a small sickle and cut it out. They worked quickly, so in all honestly, my friend, it was painful and bloody, and every bit as terrible as you would imagine, but not anything compared to what I imagine these poor girls had experienced. Remember, this is their
story, not mine. And to prevent me from bleeding to death, they cauterized my wound with a hot iron. They did this to each of us, except the girls. I imagine they wanted them to squeal in front of everyboPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I welcome feedback. Please comment. If you like this style, of course, there's more where this came from.

As always, stay safe, be smart, and if you plan on hurting yourself or others, please don't, and seek help.



I'm at a loss for words. This is the real world.

Not only is it brilliant, hopeful, cynical, unbelievable, believable, and so incredibly bitter sweet...
your author note at the end is honor.


While it did little to arouse me, this is probably the most well written thing I've seen on a fetish site.

The girls are just a little younger than I like, and I'm not into debreasting, but you've definitely got a talent for this.


This is the best story I've ever seen on GuroChan, and I've been here a long while! I´m at a loss of words, the quality of this work is way above what one can expect of this site. I usually come here to "do my business", but this one I just read straight through. Well done, CB!


Dr Ritsuko Akagi sips her tea and looks over the operation notes held conveniently in her clipboard. It is a break for her, not her subject, who may have water right now and nothing else. INTERFACE HEADSETS, still top of the list. Why did she expect otherwise. She taps the tip of a biro near the edge of the name, then scrawls a character. It is not a normal meaning, but she uses it to signify whenever she has a misgiving about the results based on this subject and she wishes to write a paper on it later. The doctor audibly scoffs. Can they really expect a working model gained from this subject will be useful on a person? She dents the paper with a firm tap of the biro three times. I. Think. Not. they signify.

She sets the clipboard aside and stands. The subject is a few passes away from her work desk, sitting in a chair of a mock cockpit. It is nothing like the final product will look like, but its look is no matter. On a rollable desk are the control handles, and a projector shines a fuzzy light in standby mode on the far wall. Around the chair, stand sensor arrays on three-legged bases. The girl, at least that is what shape it is in, holds a small paper cup of water, which Ritsuko pinches by the rim and pulls away. The small hands lower to her lap. "That is enough break, Ayanami. We are proceeding with the interface headsets. In this test, you will complete tasks as assigned to the best of your ability."

Rei does not answer. Ritsuko drops the cup in a bin on her way around to her control console. "Ayanami, answer me when I speak to you and give you an order."


"Better," the doctor says coldly. She boots the test programme, then sets the arrays to calibration. The main test protocols in the system, on the other hand, will take time to initialize. The simulator arrays, sensors, diagnostic suits, and so on were all built by the NERV counterparts in the United States. Powerful and sensitive equipment they are, the design architecture lacks elegance. Thus, they are all slow to work together. She does not have time to overhaul the whole system and fix the problem, but Ritsuko often muses that the American penchant for clumsiness has delayed the project by at least four months. It is just as well that she is alone with the subject; Ristuko feels she lacks the patience for having other humans in her lab today.

While the equipment prepares itself, Ritsuko brings the pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Totally missed this story due to gurochan being down.
While I'm always happy to see more Evangelion stories, particularly ones involving Ayanami Rei, unfortunately, can't say I enjoyed this one, just not my cup of tea.
But maybe someone will, so I think it deserves a bump so others who might have missed it like I did can see it being here.
It can also use some editing though.


It is nice enough of you to leave a message. I'll try another one sometime and give it some more proofreading. maybe that will be better.


I've been writing breast-destruction guro stories for ages now but have recently been trying my hand at some evisceration action too.

...which is something that can be found in a fair number of my stories, but this is the first to really focus on it.



Sarah's eyes bugged as she stepped through the door and into a party that was absolutely packed with toned, and nearly-naked, beauties.

Not just toned, her brain added as she ogled, these babes are fucking ripped!

Sarah blushed as a busty blonde beauty with a smoking six-pack caught her staring and grinned at her.

"Sorry... I totally didn't mean t-*Glomph!*" Sarah's embarrassed apology was cut short as the fit beauty locked lips with her.

"Oh please, stare away." The blonde beauty purred as she guided one of Sarah's hands towards her toned abs.

"Oh wow..." Sarah breathed, voice trailing off as she caressed the fit blonde's rock-hard abs.

"Mmm... I love when a babe puts her hands on my bod." The blonde purred, wriggling her hips and licking her lips as she stretched her toned form and let Sarah explore it.

"And what a bod!" Sarah exclaimed, feeling a warm rush at having the toned blonde's hard body pulled tight against her own fit form.

"Mmm... I'd love to have you enjoy it." The toned blonde replied, biting her lip as Sara groped her.

Not believing her luck as she pulled the fit blonde close, Sara locked lips with the beauty and was amazed at the girl's hungry ferocity.

Sarah moaned with pleasure as she groped and squeezed the hardbodied blonde - from her ripe breasts to her sculpted six-pack and the lengths of her toned thighs.

Before Sarah knew it, she was on top of the blonde on a couch and grinding against her - both of them writhing passionately as they kissed and groped each other.

"Grrr... Girl you're delicious. I want to bury something in you!" Sarah growled, thinking back to the strap-on she had, tragically, left at home.

"Oh yes - do it!" The hardbodied blonde urged, eyes alight with hungry need as she stretched her toned body out long & lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


You stories are excellent regardless of the forum. Looking forward for the rest since, as you know, fans can be so demanding...


Good story.


Autumn wept as she was lead into the room. A cold steel scaffold was erected in the back against the wall, it’s joints configurable so the bound victim could be moved and positioned in any number of ways. A video camera sat on a tripod pointed directly at it, it’s display open and a single red light blinking.

“Oh god, please” Autumn meekly teased out. Tears were streaming down her gentle cheeks from eyes concealed by lengthy bangs. “Please just kill me and get this over with.” she pleaded, but she knew in her heart it would be to no avail. She and the other girls were forced to watch the execution preceding their own, so she knew what horrors awaited her. Just yesterday, she had been taken to this exact room to find one of the other girls from her group strapped to this very scaffold. Over the course of several hours she watched in complete horror as the executioner slit open the poor girl’s abdomen and dumped her guts out between her legs. The screaming and crying and begging of the girl was now stamped on her brain. She cried all night and didn’t sleep for even a moment, her mind in shock from seeing such a tortured and drawn out death. They came for her the next morning.

The moment she saw which room they were taking her to Autumn began to cry and beg. She knew what was in store for her and she couldn’t even begin to imagine what the experience was going to be like. All she knew was that she had to stop it somehow, there was no way that was going to happen to her. But she couldn’t see a way to get out of it. She was handcuffed and deep within a facility she couldn’t even begin to guess the location of. She had no tools or resources, only the cuffs around her wrists and ankles and what little clothing they had been issued, which mainly consisted of a skin tight short sleeve crop top several sizes too small and similar tight shorts. The clothing had hardly been appropriate for the cold nights on the concrete floor of the girl’s cell and they had resorted to huddling together in as they slept for warmth.

As they began to unlock her cuffs, she briefly started thinking about running for the door, but the guards were careful and kept a tight grip on her, making sure to bind her feet to the scaffold before undoing her hands. The scaffold was arranged so that she was standing up with her feet spaced about a foot and a half apart and her arms strapped down by her sides. There were two handles just below the bindPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This is awesome. I’d like to know a little more about what Autumn looks like, though.


I can do you one better, here's a portrait I just whipped up of her. I'll be posting pics in the artwork thread here to go with the story as it continues:



Autumn came to in a haze. Her vision, a blur, returned in throbbing waves, Her head felt like hell. In a convulsive fit she rolled over and tried to throw up but nothing came out. She rolled back over and started to recollect herself. She was in a concrete room. A concrete room.

Oh fuck. Her memory started to return at a rapid rate. The cells. The other girls. The torture.

Her eyes went wide and she instantly clutched at her stomach, attempting to restore her eviscerated entrails back to their proper location. But they weren’t there. Her stomach was intact, exactly as she remembered it and without even the evidence of a scar.

What the hell? Had she dreamed it all? How could anything that felt so real have been a dream? Her memory had returned to her and she could recall what felt like every single moment of her ordeal. The cutting, the screaming, the blood and guts. The exact feeling of the blade cutting her belly, the sight of the man cutting her digestive organs out and laying them, arranged in pans, before her very eyes. Rubbing her intestines in her face and mocking her. Fucking her in the ass and making her watch as cum splattered and covered the internal walls of her empty abdominal cavity. And the pain. A pain she could never, ever forget.

Holy shit.

But what had happened? She looked around and saw she was in a cell still. So at least that much had been real. She also wasn’t alone. Four other girls sat in the cell, huddled together in one corner but not speaking. Three of them were staring straight at her, a silent creepy burning stare.

Autumn stared back with her emerald eyes for a few minutes, not knowing what to do or say, and then just rolled over again and closed her eyes. Waves of exhaustion coaxed her quickly back into a slumber. Hopefully her dreams would be better this time.

She awoke to the sound of the cell door opening.

“Anne, come.” were the only words spoken. Autumn rolled off her back and opened her eyes, catching the sight of one of the other girls standing up and walking silently toward the man at the door. Leisurely even. There was no denying it, Autumn thought, she was beautiful. Long brown hair and perfect features; a porcelain face. But her beautiful face betrayed no emotion whatsoever. Creepy. Looking back at the other girls huddled in the corner of the cell, she recognized the same expressPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


DAY 27

Autumn was just sitting huddled in the corner, trying to keep herself warm and staring at the ceiling like she always does, when the door to her cell opened with a loud clink and two of the more familiar drones, James and Adam, entered dragging Emily. They dumped her on the floor and left quickly without even so much as looking at Autumn.

After a few minutes, Autumn stood up and dragged Emily to the corner and then held her closely, providing warmth and waiting for her to awaken. Emily… wasn’t taking any of this very well and would often suffer from nearly continuous panic attacks, especially after awakening from a procedure.

They had grown to be close friends over the last few weeks. In fact, they were basically the only people in their world for the last few weeks. The drones had moved Autumn into her own cell after the week one and had left her completely alone for several days before Emily had been brought in. She was a Day 1 when they had thrown her into the cell with Autumn. The first Day 1 Autumn had encountered at that point. Since then, nobody else had shared a cell with her. Like all the girls, she was gorgeous in her own right, a petit redhead, like Autumn, with a surprisingly perky chest for her age.

Emily would often cry, often think about home, her family, her boyfriend. She was kind and gentle. She was only 18, practically a child still, who had loved life and didn’t understand what was happening to her or why she was here. Autumn had tried to explain what little she knew but Emily just couldn’t quite accept any of it. Even Autumn had trouble accepting any of it. She had yet to ever see the Master, and there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to anything. The explanations she had encountered thus far came from the other girls she had been celled with for the first week before they threw her in here. For all Autumn knew, the Master might not even be real. Maybe this was actually just hell and she was already dead.

Emily started to wake up, and Autumn clinched her close.

“What. Oh. Oh god.” Emily murmured. “Oh god.” She started to cry and held onto Autumn like her life depended on it. Maybe it did.

Autumn cried with her for a while, and eventually said “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

“I just… I just want to go home. I just want to go home! Why am I here? The things… the things they did to me.” Emily was baPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


DAY 53

Another day.

Autumn had barely spoken with anyone since Emily was slaughtered. They actually had stopped doing the procedure on her entirely for a whole week immediately after her death, leaving Autumn to just lay on the cold floor of her empty cell staring blankly at the wall when she wasn’t sobbing uncontrollably. She didn’t eat, she didn’t speak; she was alone with nothing but the ghost of Emily’s memory to keep her company.

Even now, weeks later, she didn’t eat. Not that it mattered. Every time she went into the machine she was restored, so what is the point of eating? She wasn’t alone anymore though. After a week of nothing but her grieving uncontrollably by herself, they finally moved her to another cell. This one had 3 other girls in it.

By nature of proximity, Autumn had learned a good bit about them, overhearing their own conversations and observing their behaviors, though she almost never spoke to any of them. In different circumstances the other girls might have found Autumn to be creepy, but she was hardly the weirdest thing in their world now. They were mostly just happy to have an extra body to curl up to when shivering in the cold nights.

All three of them were newer than Autumn, all three still reeling at their ordeals and trying to understand the pain being inflicted on them day after day. They would talk about it, they would cry about it, they would comfort each other, and they would speculate on what this place was and why they were there. Autumn usually said nothing and sat alone in the corner, listening but not participating. They reminded her too much of Emily. What’s the point in making friends when they will just be taken from you?

Her dreams had become pure nightmares. The blood and agony incarnate in her sleep, endless suffering, and people dying. She dreamt of Emily’s death many times, reliving the moment in vivid detail. The shocked look on her face as she stared at her own beating heart in her last few moments. The thing that haunted her the most though was her very last look at Autumn, their eyes locking momentarily just as she expired. She had hardly even noticed it in the moment, but her brain had recorded it for her and taunted her with it in her dreams.

And sometimes the pain became rage. This was a side of herself Autumn had never experienced before. She had never been an angry person. Even while being tortured half toPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


So, not my first story and not something I started last night. Been picking at this for at least two years now and figure that its as good as its gonna get without outside input. I am gonna be posting this elsewhere (4uckedinthehead on hentaifoundry and AO3.) I will tag as thoroughly as I can think to because theres gonna be a broad spectrum of fucked up in this story. That being said, I probably wont think of everything, so be forwarned. In general, the main themes are cannibalism, slavery, mindfuckery, torture, transformation and non/semicon.

Last thing, I have about another 50k words written, in about 20 chapters in varying stages of completion and polish. If anyone would like to speed up the otherwise glacial rate I will post, hmu 4uckedinthehead@gmail.com


The devils speak to me, though these worms. Sssomething makess them... good conduits for the spirits that pray to me.

Now I have a fine subject. He comes to and glances around, tries to move and realizes his predicament.
He had visions of this, and even now, in the midst of his intense whirling fear, he senses his own disturbed hope that he might enjoy it.
But his fear commands his voice, and a gag smothers it.

His limbs and face are all to be morphed. And so very pained...

My scalpel starts slow... running down his inner thigh, before I scoop some fat and sew in an ice cube. Not just any ice, but some freeze-dried gas-turned-solid super ice. It won't be lethal or put him into cardiac arrest, but it'll hurt, a lot.

Not as bad as the fire I run down the other leg's thigh. Just a run of the mill lighter. On a restrained man.

No need to tend to these wounds, I stroll to glass boxes of maggots. In what order was it? They go in last, I remember that. Their home must be prepped. And he must taste himself.

I skin a piece of his arm, starting with only a small nick over his wrist, then 2 long shallow lines... I pull slowly. His muffled scream is long. I open the top of the glass box and scoop away half a handful, plopping it in his fresh wounds. Then I sew it shut with leather. Once he gets over it, or even if he doesn't, he'll at least look cool and know it.

I have a long surgery ahead of me...


I loved reading that i cant wait to read more


Commission from a buddy of mine. If you want to commission anything from her, send an email: girlwhowritesstuff@gmail.com

Alyssa was, in simple terms, nothing short of eye candy-- and she knew it. Walking into the doors of Oceanside’s All Girls Preparatory Academy, she walked with a bounce in her step, and her boobs.

During school hours it was open warfare of the sexual appeal type. Her uniform, a white collared shirt with the school’s emblem on the left breast, was left unbuttoned and exposing cleavage, and her blue and black plaid skirt was just passing in terms of dress code. One could usually find her staring off absentmindedly in class, twirling a lock of her blonde hair around her finger and smirking to herself.

In fact, this type of arrogant and conceited behavior was one of the many things that caused an upstart in Sara’s hatred for her-- the final nail in the coffin was when her boyfriend confessed to cheating with the Oceanside Princess herself. Sara bitterly wondered if the same situation would have happened had she dressed less modestly, showed some more cleavage, and dyed her neatly styled black hair and side bangs platinum blonde. But even still, Sara could have moved on with her life and turned the other way, if not for what happened next.

At one point, not long after her boyfriend had split with her, in a fit of uncharacteristic rage (much different from her usual shy and calm demeanor) she approached Alyssa after class. It was just the two of them there. A few back and forth remarks to the blonde and Sara felt as if she was coming out on top in the word war.

"Hopefully this bitch’ll go and shoot her brains out if I say the right things," Sara recalled thinking to herself at that moment. But whether it was from the adrenaline of the situation, or the rice and beans she had eaten for lunch, her stomach began to bubble.

It was nothing major, at least not at first, but as the gurgling became audible and the feeling of discomfort grew, Sara felt herself standing more and more upright as she clenched her ass.

“Without those tits, you wouldn’t be a-anything,” Sara had said, her intestines uncomfortably lurching. Alyssa, who was standing beside a desk with a darkening expression, seemed to have had enough, and in an instant she had swiftly reached out to push the other. Off guard and startled, Sara had released all the built up gases from the day in a series of soft bursts as soon as her Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


Love it


needs more farts :3




do write more!!!


loved it

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