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Nyx had always been a loner. All through his middle school and up to almost his senior year, he rarely talked to anyone, even his teachers. Nyx knew why he was a loner, for he was lusting after something society would label as a taboo: to make passionate, lusty love to a deceased body. He cared not for the gender they were in life, he realized that even though society would reject him, the corpses would not. So, gay or straight, he would accept either.

He had his sights set on a beautiful young lady named Quintessa. She was truly the epitome of dark, gothic beauty. He never cared for those rich, preppy or stuck up girls, no. The dark lifestyle was sexy and fascinating.

But, Quintessa was perfect, with her long, dark hair; her silver-gray eyes full of life; small, but curvy build; and tan skin. He could hardly wait to finally experience the true meaning of his lust.

And now, two weeks from graduation, he had set his plan in motion. All he needed was to execute it. He had his knife to slit her throat, he would not make her suffer, no. He wanted her pure, he would have strangled her but found, to his amusement really, he always had a bit of a bloodlust, but for her, he will hold back. He will not mutilate her if he can help it. He hoped for little or no struggle this night.

He entered her house without much struggle, taking care to not make much noise. He wasn't sure which room was hers, he'd have to be extremely careful, and once he reached it, he would have to crawl out a window, as going back the way he came was too risky.

It didn't take long to find her, as there were only 3 rooms in the house, one being a bathroom. He snuck carefully around her bed, positioning himself behind her, and, with one swift but careful movement, made a small incision in her neck. Her jugular would cause too much blood, and too much of a mess. He then tied a small cloth around her mouth and nose, leaving about a 1/4 of an inch of space between the cloth and her face. Quickly but quietly, he heaved her soon-to-be lifeless body over his shoulder, searching for a window.

Suddenly, he felt a small kick, hitting his leg. Another one. Another one. His victim was struggling. She knew. He would have to hurry.
He felt among the dark walls, searching for a window, and finally finding one. He carefully lifted it, knowing the slightest squeak might shatter his plans. Her body was heavier then he thought, but it didn't mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Quite nice story, though very short one.

A bit disappointed how little you described the act of necrophilia, but I guess the post-mortem scene wasn't the main theme in your story? Also, I'm having hard time picturing the killing scene: how did the victim not struggle more?


Yeah, to be honest I'm a little disappointed with how little description there is in the story. I wrote it way back in the late 2000s, when I was just experimenting (or trying to) with writing smut, so this is a very beginner type of story.

I tried to convey that the victim was kicking and struggling, while dying of her throat wound, but it didn't seem to come across as well.

I thank you kindly for your constructive comments and criticisms. Thank you.


Yeah to me it seemed like the victim lay silent (as in sleep?) as the killer cuts her neck and prepares to carry her away.

But I like the theme a lot and overall enjoyed the story, despite the little flaws. Would definitely enjoy reading more from you.


This is my original work and also my first submission here, critics and comments are always appreciated.
P.S: I'm not a native English speaker, apologies for typo or shit grammar.

Hitman: The Saints' End
Part 1

Agent 47 was laying low in some piece of shit motel when The Saints are ordered to kill him.
Little did they know, the legendary hitman had already prepared for their arrival, because earlier he had hacked into their communications line and gather all the required information to set up traps for nine trained assassins.

The first victim that falls into the hands of the hitman is Jennifer Anne Paxton, he knows it because 47 had already read all of The Saints member's data, she has blond hair and blue eyes with a scar near her right lips that turns out to be a glasgow smile, but despite the scar, she looks beautiful and hot wearing those skimpy nun uniforms.

She was standing in front of 47's ruined hotel room to check if the hitman was still breathing after the explosion from strategically planned assault using an RPG, and while she was checking under the debris, 47 surprise her with an attack from behind, holding the nun using chokehold, but the nun isn't going down without a fight.

She was an expert in close quarter combat, having participated in numerous illegal kickboxing match where she always ended as the victor, she throws well placed punches on 47's chest and stomach and even kicks him to the ground, but 47 being the legendary hitman that he is doesn't waste time to plan a counter, when Paxton throws a right hook, 47 grab her arm and pull her to the ground, don't want to take any chances, he breaks her arm and take the other arm just to break it also.

She doesn't scream loudly because the moment she open her mouth, 47 gags her with his tie that he was wearing, and he was wondering what it feels like to have sex, of course he knows how to have sex, but being a hitman doesn't really do you any good in the sex life department, and in front of her lies a beautiful girl that won't do any harm while 47 fucks her.

So he grab his Silverballers pistol and shot both her kneecaps so she couldn't run, she was crying at this point, muffled screams and begging that wouldn't do her any good, and I think she knows that, but maybe she is just clinging to hope that 47 will just let her go.

She is mistaken.

Because the next thing she knows is 47 yankiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


David watched with terror as the loan shark stood over him. He and his wife Lara were bound and gagged inside what looked like some kind of abandoned warehouse surrounded by several very unfriendly looking men.

“You own me twenty thousand dollars David,” the loan shark growled at him. “I’m growing impatient.”

David tried to respond through his gag, but the only thing that came out was a series of faint moans.

The loan shark nodded at one of his men who went over to Lara. At this both she and David let out a series of panicked moans through their gags, growing even more frantic as the man produced a knife. Grabbing Lara’s blouse he used the knife to help rip it open, then cut the strip of fabric connecting the cups of her bra, exposing her perky, ample breasts.

The loan shark gazed at his wife appreciatively for several moments before returning his attention to David.

“Your wife has lovely tits David,” he said dispassionately. “It’s a shame really.”

The loan shark turned and went over to Lara. David watched as he reached into a bucket on a stool next to the chair his wife was tied too and picked up what looked like a piece of ice. Then cupping her left breast with his free hand he rubbed the ice over her nipple, causing the rosy nub to harden from the cold. Throwing the peace of ice away the thumb of his other hand stroked the crown of her breast, rubbing her chilled, slightly damp flesh.

Still grouping his wife’s breast the loan shark looked back at David before reaching into his coat pocket with his other hand and taking out a bright, silvery object. Holding it up for him to see David realized after a few seconds that it was a cigar cutter. He stared at it for several long moments as he tried to figure out what it could be for before his heart froze with horror as it suddenly hit him.

Lara could see the cigar cutter as well, and it was fairly obvious the exact moment she realized its intended purpose as well from the way she suddenly started thrashing around against her bonds with a loud, muffled cry through her gag.

Given how tightly she was tied down she wasn’t able to move much though, and after holding up the cigar cutter up for another moment for them to see the loan shark turned back to Lara. Husband and wife both stared in terror as the loan shark positioned the cigar cutter atop her pale breast with her nipple inside it. He pressed the cigar cutter aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Great story Darkly, I would love to hear some more about our Loan Shark and how he deals with other customers wives who are late with their payments!


Definitely interested to see where this goes.


I'm here again with a new story fresh from the bowels of hell itself. Jokes apart, this is something that I have had in the back of my mind for a long time after my last story of a female abducted and transformed by an alien. In some way this is a conceptual retelling: same basic premise but from another starting point and direction.

Be warned, this first post is only a prologue of sorts, and contains next to no smut, but in posting it I intend to commit myself to see the story finished at some point. Additional tags will be posted per chapter.


=The chronicles of a self made Queen=


The echo of the explosions and gunfire reverberates all the way down from the upper tunnels of the nest to the inner sanctum where my daughters are busy disentangling me from the walls in a desperate gamble to secure me before the military arrives.

My poor children. I can feel in the back of my mind whenever one of my offspring dies in their valiant effort to buy me just one more minute to escape to safety. Their natural weapons, their steely nails, their sharpened fangs, their toxic spit, amount to nothing before the bullets, machetes, flamethrowers and grenades of the army.

It really was a shame. Our little colony had just been just a few months away of acquiring some of that very equipment for ourselves. Until now we had relied on discretion and subterfuge to survive but, no matter how carefully we had tread, we have been discovered in the end. At this point my mind is more occupied with the mental reports of the advance of the enemy and the frantic efforts of my caretakers but, if I survive the night, getting that knowledge will be given maximum priority.

In the meantime, what I really want is to hate them, those ugly, stinking, military men. I really do. However, in my heart of hearts I perfectly understand them, their terror and disgust against me and my daughters. If they ever see me, and right now it is a fifty fifty chance, they will probably turn tail and nuke the whole place just to be sure. Hell, just three years ago I would have probably done the same if I had seen myself as I am now, even accounting for how messed my head had been then. In the end, I have always known this was a possible outcome of the path I had chosen when I had opened that package from Tanya, so I have little regret from that front. I have lived long enough to see my deepest, darkest fantasy come true, something not many people can brag about.

As my daughters carefully sever some of my many wombs from the floor to free me, I also admit that Tanya and me were probably the only two people on earth that insane to have fantasized with this. If my escape plan fails and I finally feel the hot lead on my flesh, I wonder what I will tell saint Peter at the doors, assuming I’m not headed downstairs, of course. The first thing that comes to my mind is that it was all the fault of my first boyfriend.

David was his name. I had known him since kindergartePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Oh my, very promising start. My inner yuri fan is already excited to meet this Tanya woman.


Spoiler Alert: Does not involve ACTUAL Cosplayers. The title is a means of having an all-inclusive mutliverse of characters to choose from. Some of you may remember my VGBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead series. This is the reboot of that. If you'd like to help choose who shows up in it and get other bonus goodies, feel free to check out my Patreon page: patreon.com/DeathstalkerLives. Beyond that, enjoy the mayhem!

CosplayBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead

By Deathstalker

Chapter One: Hermoine Granger

The sprawling city had been a bustling hive of vibrant life once upon a time. That all ended with a single snap of the Omni’s fingers. Over eight million people died in an instant. In another instant, a vast majority of them came back, possessed by an ancient evil. All memories of their former lives vanished, replaced by the primal urges to feed and mate. The Omni looked upon the newly formed Necropolis and smiled, knowing it would make a perfect arena for countless playthings to amuse him. As the hordes of living dead shuffled their way through the city’s streets, eagerly seeking out anything they might be able to fuck or feed on, the Omni turned its attention away from its playground and focused on the limitless choice of potential toys to be broken and devoured for its amusement.

The sheer number of options would have left a lesser being reeling with nausea, but the Omni craved the freedom of ultimate power. It had long ago learned to let its mind wander aimlessly, operating largely on whims and instincts instead of conscious choice. The Omni’s choice may not have been truly random, but it might as well have been. A swirling mass of a million different forms formed within its consciousness, gradually filtering down to a single entity. She was young, but possessed an impressive intelligence. The magical blood flowing through her veins gave her strength enough to not be utterly helpless against the Legions of the Undead. The Omni learned every detail of Hermoine Granger’s life in a single instant. And in another instant, it plucked the young woman out of her reality and dumped her into the Necropolis.


Hermoine’s brow furrowed as she looked out onto the hellish landscape before her. Her gut stirred with unease both from the sudden teleportation and the distinct stench of rotten meat. Her thouPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
76 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Chapter Fifty-Two: Satsuki Kiryuin

The Child was a daunting adversary, dwarfing Satsuki with its lumbering size. The nightmarish amalgamation of flesh was horrifying, but the creature’s intelligence and dark purpose were worse. Satsuki had no intention of sacrificing herself, but she knew the beast needed to die. She intended to make sure it was reduced to several gory chunks. Finding her way out of the collapsed Bunker wouldn’t be easy, but she’d have a good deal more motivation for the task knowing that the Child was gone. The two circled one another, trading quick dashes and strikes within the cramped confines of the sealed off room.

Satsuki was confident she had enough strength to match the Child, but her real edge in the fight came from her smaller size. The creature was quick, quicker than it had any right to be, but it wasn’t fast enough to keep up with her. She ducked and dodged the Child’s swipes, striking back with her sword to open up several deep gouges through the creature’s flesh. One swipe managed to cleave one of the Child’s breasts open, spilling out yellow chunks of fat as she recoiled and let out a high-pitched shriek. With the hint of a smirk crossing her face, Satsuki pressed her assault.

The Child twisted to the aside, avoiding Satsuki’s blade as it angled for her belly. The young woman followed through with her strike, adjusting her aim and bringing the weapon upwards. The sharpened steel connected with one of the Child’s spider-like limbs, cracking through the tough exoskeleton and severing the appendage completely. The Child squealed, jerking away as green blood spurted from the stump left behind. She recoiled, backing into a corner of the room. Satsuki mistakenly took the retreat as a sign that she was making some real progress in the fight. She advanced, determined to hack the monster apart one piece at a time if necessary.

The Child waited for Satsuki to draw close before springing into a sudden counter-attack. Knocking her sword to the side with the back of one hand – ignoring the cut she earned in the process – the creature dropped low and spun. Her tail whipped around, smacking against the side of Satsuki’s calf. The young woman let out a startled yell, her body flipping sideways before smacking to the floor. She managed to keep hold of her sword – something she was very thankful for – but laid out as she was, she knew she needed to get back on her feet fast iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter Fifty-Three: Lilith

With shear numbers and the panicked desire to go on living on their side, the majority of the survivors managed to fight their way through the group of undead gathered at the front hatch. With the Bunker collapsed behind them, they had no choice but to keep pressing forward. They managed to secure a beachhead, but even that was a far cry from making it free of the onslaught bearing down on them. There’d not been time to put together any kind of cohesive plan of action beyond ‘Try to Live’. It was an easy enough strategy to comprehend, but much more difficult to achieve.

Azula pushed her way to the front of the group. She’d been left in charge of the survivors, but more than that, her fire bending abilities made her one of the heaviest hitters they had left. She could still feel the fatigue from her fight with Daenerys, but she pushed through it. Her missing finger ached each time she conjured up a fresh eruption of flames, beating and burning back the Legions as they tried to close in and crush the survivors. Gunfire thudded in her ears as the gun-totting survivors lent their support, taking out the waves of zombies shuffling towards them.

Lilith triggered her ability to Phasewalk within the clustered group of survivors. Concealed within the group, the Legions were unable to see her vanish and remained unaware as her invisible form strode out amongst them. Her powers afforded her the freedom to survey the field of battle without fear of being suddenly killed. She moved fast, knowing she would only have a limited amount of time before her cloak failed her, and found that while the battle was far from finished, they had managed to thin the horde out fairly significantly. Spotting the weakest point of their frontline, Lilith hurried for it. The plan rolling around in her head was insane. She just hoped it was insane enough to succeed.

Darting into the loose line of creatures, Lilith gathered up her remaining energy. Her Phasewalk ended as she became the epicenter of a violent explosion of glowing blue energy. The force of the blast tore the creatures closest to her to pieces while flinging others into the air. A few collided with one another hard enough to shatter bones. One or two managed to get tossed far enough to slam into the sides of buildings, dropping to the ground as shattered lumps of dead flesh. And in the wake of it all, Lilith stared proudly at the holePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


And with this, we're up to date.

Chapter Fifty-Four: Katniss Everdeen

The zombified visage of Psylocke looked out on her out-of-control forces and snarled. The psychic disconnection from the Child had hurt her probably more than the others, due to her more direct link and her mutant powers, but she’d not gone insane like the rest of the creatures. The lack of cohesion couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Legions. Psylocke’s attempt to corral the escaping survivors and crush them into a gory paste went wildly wrong. A few of the living wound up getting caught in the chaotic fray, but it was far from the slaughter Psylocke had desired.

Psylocke’s psychic abilities and the Cockworm’s presence within her allowed her to focus some of the rampaging undead. But she wasn’t nearly strong enough to control all of them at once. She strained to lock in on them individually, directing their mayhem where she couldn’t outright control it. But the efforts weren’t enough to stop the fleeing survivors from getting away. Taliyah had pulled up chunks of the asphalt to create a shielding wall for the others as they rushed out into the Necropolis while a few others helped to keep her safe as the bulk of the survivors hurried past.

Katniss Everdeen stood several feet from Taliyah, bow shifting from side to side as she took down approaching threats with efficient speed. The time she’d spent in the Bunker crafting arrows gave her a fair bit of them to expel, but she knew it wouldn’t be long before she’d have to shoulder her bow and switch to the handgun strapped to her side. She ignored the creatures that had turned on each other, letting them kill one another off, but there were still some that seemed intent on hunting down the survivors. Those she took out, thinning out their numbers as swiftly as she could to give the others a better chance at escape.

With her focus on killing, Katniss moved without fully checking her surroundings. She relied on her peripheral vision to keep her flank cleared of threats, turning to deal with them as needed. She didn’t notice the partially devoured corpse of Jubilee until her foot came down on the dead woman’s chest, crunching through her heavily chewed ribcage. Broken shards of bone dug into Katniss’s calf, becoming an organic foot-trap for her. Her balance shifted, leg held in place by the corpse. The aim of her shot was thrown off enough to make what would have bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I want a DC girl win so Go Harley!


Sorry! Wrong thread


I'm just going to dump all my stories as quickly as possible. Life changes are under way, and I don't anticipate I'll post for a while. All of these stories are fictional/fantasy. Any resemblance to any persons, real or fictional, are coincidental. I do not condone any harm to anybody. If you plan on hurting yourself or others, please do not, and seek help. I enjoy feedback, so if you enjoyed the story, please leave a comment below!


Part 1

I could not believe my eyes.

I thought back to how long I had been assigned this gig for the military. Two months I had been here, working 12 hour shifts at a time, and I was beginning to burn out. Maybe it was from the boredom. But it was the same old shit. Again and again. Prisoner after prisoner. Men, really. Almost all of them. Occasionally I'd have my fun with a women, but they tended to be older. I had interrogated dozens of them. And yes, I had the green light to use the most gruesome of methods. It was war, after all. And we were in the middle of a city on ledge. The enemy had at times threatened control of the city, and sometime we did. But it was a tenuous situation. And so I had to do my job. Which was to extract information from people, really at all costs. Many of these people were later executed. So really the whole art of torturing without making a mark was lost in our job these days. If I had to remove an eyeball, so be it. If I had to break every bone in a body, I did it. I got good at my job, but I was getting tired.

And then I looked at my sheet that day, of who I was assigned to now. I had been assigned a prisoner, and I could hardly believe my eyes.

Name: Sandra. Gender: Female. Age: 11.

Instantly, I was hooked. I read her file briefly. She was suspected of being a messenger and a spy for the enemy. And she reported to some fairly important officers within the enemy ranks. Those who had captured her were certain that she knew where nearly all of the sniper nests were at within the eastern bloc of the city. It was of great importance to our commanders that we limit the sniper presence in the city. It wasn't just to kills that they made that worried our central command. It was the psychological terror of being killed at any moment. That nobody was safe. And they targeted officers. High level commanders. So we knew they had spies. And apparently, this little girl was one of them. She would idePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Part 2


Today was certainly not a ho hum sort of day.

I looked at the little girl strapped to the table. Helpless. Naked. Vulberable. And then I looked at my bandaged finger. I bet my finger felt a little bit like her at this time.

I had thought she had given up. I had truly thought I had broken her, at least a little bit. But if I had, she clearly had second thoughts. And they were in the form of a renewed fight. Tied up. Bound. And fighting. Amazing.

I walked over to the head of the cold steel frame she was strapped to. I'll admit. I was a little afraid. This little creature had caused me significant harm, and I'll admit, I kind of respected that. I'm surprised I was able to get her to let go of her bite. I got lucky, for sure.

I stared at her face. Her breathing had slowed. She seemed to be at greater peace with her situation. I wonder if she had felt slightly less powerless. Though all of her limbs were stretched outwards, and though she was naked, she could still hurt her enemy. If I were her, I'd be feeling pretty darn confident. Like I said, I was impressed.

I caught her glance at me. I could detect some fear in her eyes, which caused her to look away after a brief second, but I could also detect some defiance as well, which is why she was able to look at me for as long as she did.

I was going to punish her for this. But not now. I don't know why. I just didn't think it was going to take us anywhere.

"I'm not going to punish you for what you did," I said, "At least not now. What you did was wrong, and certainly you are going to receive a punishment for it, but what I need from you right now is information," I said.

"You're still going to have to eat shit. There's no way around that. That's what you chose, and that's what you're going to get."

I grabbed the dildo originally intended to go into her pussy and I showed it to Sandra.

"This, is going up your ass."

I know what you're thinking. I'm supposed to extract information from her. Shouldn't I be asking her where all the snipers are located at and what her role is on the enemy? Shouldn't I be taking names now? And only if she refuses giving me the information should I then torture her?

Well. Yes.

But in my experience, it didn't usually take too much to get a person to crack.

I didn't want to make it too easy for mysePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Part 3

I walked into the office that morning and read my brief.

Great job on identifying her as the bomber, my PDA read. Unforunately, the intel she provided was false. No snipers were located at the locations she described, and most of the names were falsified. Most. Of course. I could tell.

They did manage to rope in a few minor players. Civilians who were either spying for the enemy or secretly assisting the enemy soldiers. A few of them were pretty young actually. Sandra was more useful that I had thought. There was one other girl in the lot. Not quite as young as Sandra, but definitely pretty. She might come useful in a little bit.

So then I merrily made my way back to her cell, where she had been standing on one leg through the night. I looked at the leg holding her up, her thigh was covered with feces, forming a small pile just next to her foot. A puddle of urine had gathered next to her foot as well. I suspected that she was somewhat incontinent, as all of the ass fucking and violent dilation had probably rendered her anla sphincters non-functioning, so I did not entirely blame her for shitting herself. Her anal sphincter would take days to weeks to recover, at least.

Well. At least I had an idea of what her breakfast was going to be.

I scooped up all of her excrement and urine and collected it in a bucket. I then opened up a large can of wet dog food and dropped it in the bucket as well. And I had a surprise as well. I've been collecting the semen from some of the male guards regularly now. Many of them enjoy the idea of some of the female prisoners being forced to eat their cum, so a few of them regularly provide me with frozen cupfuls of jizz they've gathered over a period of weeks. Yeah, there are plenty of sick disgusting bastards that work here. We are an interrogation facility, after all.

I had told them to freeze it each time, so they wouldn't spoil. And so I've defrosted a cup of one of their semen, and dumped that in her bucket as well. I put on a pair of gloves, and mixed it thoroughly with my hands. The result: a putrid, disgusting, mush of brown human excrement, semen, urine, and actually highly nutritious but tasteless dog food that she was going to have to finish. Today. All of it. Or at least try. And I needed to get her to try.

It was safe to eat. But I imaging it had to taste awful. The shit in it was probably bitter and rotten tasting. The cumPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


You had this written up and you were just sitting on it? What the hell, man?

On behalf of myself and the lurkers, we wish you well through and after these life changes. It's been a pleasure having you with us, so don't hesitate to ask us for a letter of recommendation.


Zookeepers 2: Eclectic Voraloo

The continuing tales of the girls who work at the zoo. A zoo that has decided to feed its female employees to its animals (why? 'cause it's cheaper, silly). A sequel to both Zookeepers and Hanna Goes to the Zoo (both of which were based, in part, on the vore comic "A Tight Fit", aka Jimmy the Giant Frog, by PD), but it can also probably work as a stand alone story. Read them all in any order you wish, though the build up of tension and stakes might be more effective if you read them in the order they were written in (Hanna -> Zoo -> Zoo2).

Content Tags: F/f oral and masturbation, Animal/female Vore (Soft and Hard), Partial Vore, Nipple Torture, Digestion, Beheading, Butchering, Orgasm Denial, Objectification, Casual Attitude, Consensual, Reluctant

Parts 1, 2, and 3 are soft and juicy, but parts 4, 5 and 6 get progressively more hard and crunchy. Part 7 is a fluffy little breather, and part 8 returns to soft vore once again. If you're only interested in soft vore, you can probably skip directly from 3 to 8 without problems, I think, though you'll be missing out on a lot of fun stuff if you do.

1 - Alicia's Turn (Sunday)

 The world may have changed over the past few years, with everyone's ideas about norms and taboos shifting slowly and subtly enough that most hadn't even noticed it happening, but apparently not everyone had gotten the memo just yet, so to speak. Not everyone was quite on the same page about a girl's role, in this new, hungry world.

 Jasmin reflected on this, in an uncharacteristic moment of introspection, as she watched Alicia fret and pace. The girl, her coworker and fellow zookeeper, was obviously nervous about what the next few minutes held in store for her. Although, Jasmin mused, she probably had a good reason to be so apprehensive, if one looked at what was about to happen to her from an objective point of view.

 What was about to happen to her was currently resting in his large metal transport cage, just outside of the zoo's amphitheater, waiting patiently for his next meal. It was a little after two o'clock on Sunday afternoon, and Jimmy, the zoo's genetically engineered giant frog, was due for his weekly feeding. His weekly live feeding, which would take place in front of an audience of eager zoo patrons, no less. And Alicia, who was slated to be the "feed" part of the approaching live feeding, seemed lesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Very well done. Love to see people winding up back in the food chain, for the good of the animals, of course haha. (Realistic) animal vore and dehumanization/objectification has always been an underappreciated but great combo. How better to be reduced to meat than by an animal that only thinks of people as a meal?

ps. I'd never want to be the person who tries to tell a writer how to write, but idea pitch: Boy Who Lied Thrice (school authority figures, objectification and punishment) meets Zookeepers: Part 4 (non-fatal pieces vore). Field trip where all the obnoxious students are "volunteered" to help feed the smaller animals. Just sayin, lots of potential ;)

Again, great stuff! Looking forward to your next works.



Well, I've gotta leave something for further sequels, after all, ha ha. I am glad that you enjoyed it.


That's not a bad idea.. I'm not saying that I'm definitely going to do anything with it, but I'll keep it in mind during future writings.. If an opportunity comes up, perhaps I'll use it.


Not my cup of tea but love your other work. Mostly enjoy your penectomy/cannibalism stories. Excited for your upcoming stories!

Also if I may offer a suggestion, I think it would be interesting to see some penises recycled/repurposed (utensils, toys, decorations, etc?)...Would have been great to see as an alternate ending to Vacuum Incident, but loved the simple trashification also. Solely For Her Comfort was along these lines and was great!

Also the flattened penis in Lied Thrice caught me off guard with how great it was! Perhaps some rolling pin play in the future?

Just suggestions, keep doing your own thing because you put out great work!


With all the horrible/fun things you've done to penises with Q-knives, I eagerly await to see what you'll do to pussies. Awesome work!


Always great to see your work, this is definitely a different turn, though not unwelcome I suppose. I hope you have more penis related stuff in the works too!


I'm just going to dump all my stories as quickly as possible. Life changes are under way, and I don't anticipate I'll post for a while. All of these stories are fictional/fantasy. Any resemblance to any persons, real or fictional, are coincidental. I do not condone any harm to anybody. If you plan on hurting yourself or others, please do not, and seek help. I enjoy feedback, so if you enjoyed the story, please leave a comment below!


-- The one and only chapter, Chapter 1 --

Today was my first day at John Drake's School for Educational Rehabilitation.

I'll be honest with you. I was pretty damn desperate. Times were tough in the New Confederate States of America. And my parents paid a fortune for me to go to college. Unfortunately I couldn't really get a job anywhere else. I didn't make the best grades. I didn't have a great degree. I tried. But everybody said I needed to get some experience first. Some real-world training. So it was either get a job at the corner coffee shop or apply for this program called "Teach for the Confederacy."

Ever since we won the civil war, we've really been the last bastion for slavery. Wad a few revolts since then. The Great Revolt of 1903, led by the plucky Ted McKnowlty. I'll clue you in on a secret. He wasn't Irish. The Great Rebellion of 1951. Each led to hundreds of thousands of lives lost. End slavery, the people cried! And some certainly tried. They were, how do you put it, mildly successful. Our government was filled with beauracracy and corruption. Half truths, and half measures. We did something in the middle. We didn't end slavery as a society. We desegregated it. Right around the time the our neighbors to the North was celebrating their Civil Rights Movement, we celerated our universal Civil Unrights Movement.

But I didn't complain. How could I? You see, the government had spies everywhere. Any sign of dissention and you would whisked away, never to be seen again. Run away to the North? Good luck with that. If you were caught, your balls would be on display at the border, along with the thousands of other severed genitals that the government harvested and skewered for display on border fences.

So yeah. Here I was. First day of my job. Assigned here. I gotta admit, though, I was assigned to the all-girls' division. In some ways, I was bummed out I needed to work, especially for the government. But in other ways, I gotta admiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Spanking Booth

(Inspired by the Kissing Booth movie on Netflix)

Sally wakes up, starts getting ready for school and her uniform gets ruined by her dad's breakfast. OMG she needs to find her backup. But she can't find it.

"Dad, where's my second uniform?"

"At the laundry."

She don't have a third option, needs to find another option. She looks in her closet and the only thing she sees is the one she wore at first grade.

"Oh, c'mon! I'm on 6th grade now!"

She has to wear it, looks for some underwear now. Nothing. What's happening? It's all dirty. This can't be happening to her. Doesn't matter, she only got 4 minutes to get into the school bus. Tight white shirt, small skirt, and no underwear. Great!

She's a small blonde 11 years and blue eyes, going to Beverly Hills Elementary in a 6 yrs old outfit.

Once she gets at school, her butt and pussy are showing off as she walks. One guy comes around and spanks her. "Hey!" The guy runs away.

Her best friend, Amy, comes to her.

"We need to present our idea for the school fair in a few minutes!"

"What? We don't have anything!"

"I know but principal says we have to do it now or forget about everything."

Damn, could this be worse?

The principal asks her about her idea, but also about her very short skirt. She comes up with an idea.

"We are doing a spanking booth."

"So, it's that why you are wearing such a small skirt?"

"Yes. You see? Many parents are now deprived from spanking their own kids. But what if we give them the chance to span another girls, not theirs? For a small price. I'm sure even teachers would pay to be able to spank some of the students. This would raise a lot of money."

"Will you be one of the girls to be spanked?"

"No, it will be voluntaries from 6th grade. The most popular and pretty girls from the grade."

"And will the parents be allowed to spank their own kids?"

"No, anyone can only spank girls who are not theirs. We'll ask them for pictures of their parents to verify before the spanking."

"Ok, I'm looking forward to see that. Approved."

The day of the fair, she and her best friend have managed to convince 12 of the most popular girls to volunteer for the booth. First goes mexican Maria.

"10 bucks for a minute, coPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Frat Snuff Party
M+g(12), MF, torture, debreasting, womb removal, incest, snuff

Clara pulled up at the frat house and turned to her daughter. "You sure you want to do this?"
"Yes, mom I'm old enough to make my own decisions now."
Sara was 12 and starting to look more like a woman than a little girl. Perky B cups, spreading hips, long legs and a skinny waist on the 4'11" girl. Dressed in a short tank top that threatened to show off some underboob if she moved too quickly, and cut off jeans that barely covered anything, she looked like a tease. She, however loved sex and most men who were bold enough didn't get a tease, they got to fuck the little tart. Her mom had gotten her condoms, but she loved the feel of bare cock inside her, and loved when men came deep in her pussy.
The frat house they had pulled up to was gearing up for Friday night and Sara was eager to get passed around and fucked all night long.
Clara on the other hand, had had enough of her daughter risking pregancy, she didn't mind her being a slut, but didn't want any little babies running around.
She headed back home, knowing that she wouldn't see Sara again.
Sara headed into the party smiling at the approving looks she got. When she got to the door a young college student opened it for her. She smiled provocatively at him ad stepped inside. She was immediately grabbed by two other students and brought dowstairs to the basement. She reveled at the manhandling, she loved being 'forced' and did not resist much. They roughly removed her clothes and laid her on a table and strapped her down; this was kinky, but she did not mind. When she felt the first cock at her drooling pussy she was almost panting with excitement. As the upperclassman pushed himself into her tight young pussy, she mewled and whimpered with pleasure.
Overcum with the eroticness of fucking a 12 year old, he soon came, and was replaced by another. She came hard feeling his cum deep in her slutty little pussy.
Grabbing a beer he moved around to the head of the table. He bagan to fondle her little titties, and leaned down to suck on one.
She loved having her tits sucked, and moaned into it.
Her pleasure was cut short when he visciously bit down on her nipple, provoking a scream from the girl. Her cunt clamped down on the man inside her causing him to spray his cum deep in the little slut.
As the older boy pulled away from her tit, she lookePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


We need more incest/snuff stories! Great writting btW


Great little story.


fantastic work

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