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I'm just going to dump all my stories as quickly as possible. Life changes are under way, and I don't anticipate I'll post for a while. All of these stories are fictional/fantasy. Any resemblance to any persons, real or fictional, are coincidental. I do not condone any harm to anybody. If you plan on hurting yourself or others, please do not, and seek help. I enjoy feedback, so if you enjoyed the story, please leave a comment below!


Chapter 1: Raj

Raj Patel stared at the television in disbelief.

"Breaking news," the anchorwoman spoke with a somber tone, "Actress Katherine Robertson, has gone missing for the past three days."

A picture displayed itself on the screen. Katherine. Robertson. Unreal, Raj thought to himself. She was probably the most famous twelve year old girl on the planet. Missing? Couldn't be. She's probably hidin out at her friends' place. Or maybe she ran away. But that can't be, Raj thought. She's too famous to do even THAT. Everywhere she'd go someone would recognize her. A clip played on the television. It was a scene of Kat (her friends called her Kat for short) in her latest movie, Nigel Cutter and the Disappearing Hounds. Raj remembered watching that movie. He had read all the books in the series. There were five of them so far. He loved them all. He even had a replica hat that the kids in the movies wore that he had ordered online. And he was hopelessly obsessed with her.
He was her biggest fan. Except he wasn't the only one.

Raj actually went to the same school as her: Haley-Cromwell Preparatory School for the Arts and Sciences. It was a fancy school, of course, and it was for grades 1 through 12. It was a private school, and very well-funded. Raj was keenly aware of it. His parents paid an arm and leg just to get him enrolled in it. He was the only child, and they were both lawyers, so they could afford it. But he remembered applying. There was interview after interview. And his parents stressed out over it for years and years, doing whatever they could to get Raj in. He remembered the day
he was accepted. His parents were so proud. Raj wondered if Kat ever had to apply, or if she even had to interview.

He never interacted with Kat anyways, even though they were in the same grade. For one, they mostly had different schedules. He had one class with her, actually, but she was protected by layers of fawning studentPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Chapter 5: Kat

Kat could remember every detail. She remembered reading the comments on the Twitter screen while she was stripping. 'This is so terrible...' some of them read. 'Please somebody stop this...' or 'I can't watch anymore.' And then there were the comments from the anonymous screen. 'So hawt...' or 'holy fuck i can't believe i'm watching this!' or 'make that bitch suffer, I want to see her
cry!' It was unbelievable. She knew how to handle hate mail and messages. She dealt with that all the time from her accounts. But there she was, exposed. And to read some of those comments. It was surreal. She was naked to the whole world. She had to show everyone her privates and spread them open. She had to penetrate herself with her finger and lick them. And she peed herself in the middle of it all. How utterly humiliating. It crushed her soul.

And these past few days have been hell as well. Locked in a cage no bigger than one reserved for a dog. Having to pee and poop in bucket. Eating dog food from a bowl with her face because every time she used her hands the man in the hood would shock her with a cattle prod. And yesterday she was hosed down with cold water because she was starting to smell really bad. But today was different. She was dragged out of her cage and pierced.

She looked down at her body. Earlier the man in the hood had pierced her. It was horrible. She already had a huge fear of needles, but to be pierced where she had been, she nearly fainted from the panic it induced. There were three rings total. Two through her nipples and another one in her clitoris. It was painful, but it was over quickly. What made her more scared, though, was that attached to these rings were wires that all connected to a battery in the shape of a collar around her neck. And then
the took her to another room. Full of cameras. But that wasn't what had her scared, nearly ready to pee herself again. It was what was in the center of the room.

Suddenly, the computerized voice spoke. It broke her from her train of thought.

"It's been trained to rape little girls," the voice droned monotonously from above.

Kat stared at the drooling beast for a good long minute. She had been captive for days now. She had been made to do all sorts of degrading stuff, but she hadn't been penetrated. Until now. She wasn't too innocent. She knew what the dog was there foPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 6

It was amazing to me that she had even survived the ordeal. I was impressed. That her intestines didn't rupture from the rape was extraordinary in and of itself. But I was more impressed how compliant she had been throughout the rape.

I had honestly not known what was going to happen, but it turned out beautifully. I had initially thought a German Shepherd was going to be enough, but when I first bought one, I knew that it had to be bigger. So I got a Great Dane instead. Those dogs were huge. I hired prostitutes to give it head and have it get used to becoming erect from human oral stimulation. And then I molded a lifesize doll in the proportions of a twelve year old for the beast to hump. But the dolls were made of a thick rubber, and were not only much heavier than Kat, but they also stuck to the floor more, and so the dog typically had to wait for his knot to decrease in size before he could move away. But what happened was amazing.
Watching her getting dragged around the room by her ass was so satisfying. I was surprised she didn't prolapse her intestines, but maybe that was the benefit of being so young. All her flesh were still so firm and tight. For now.

She only required one ten second episode of current through her nipples and clit to keep her face looking forward and her eyes open. Either she was a very tough girl or those electrodes were more painful that I imagined. I did turn down the voltage a little so that it would induce fewer and less extensive muscle contractions. I didn't want her seizing on the floor again. I had tried them once on my fingers for half a second on a low setting, and those things were painful. Boy did they sting! Maybe it was because I was using a moderate intensity on her? Or maybe it was because they were on her most sensitive parts combined with the fact that it had penetrated her skin. There was much less electrical resistance
underneath the skin in the tissue. I didn't know for sure, and I wasn't particularly interested in trying those parameters out on myself. It was the girl who had to suffer after all. And she was going to suffer more. For the next session, I was going to turn the current up to its highest intensity, but not to the point that would cause any significant rise in temperature too quickly. I was going to start with an initial punishment of twenty seconds. The maximum punishment would be eighty seconds, but that waPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 7: Raj

Raj didn't watch the other videos.

Just out of morbid curiosity he started the first few minutes of the second video as it was streaming live, but as soon as he figured out what was going to happened, he turned his computer off and sobbed. He couldn't bear to watch.

He had heard later that his worst fears were confirmed. Kat was indeed filmed being raped by a giant dog. Most had feared she had died. No way a twelve year old girl could survive an ordeal like that.

He had actually hoped that she had died. She had suffered enough at the hands of this monster. If she died then she would at least be at peace.

But then a week later another link appeared. And he clicked on it
again. He had of course been stalking her Twitter page religiously. Hoping for some good news. Maybe this next video was one of her being released.

But it wasn't. It was Kat again, in the same torture outfit she was in before, except this time all done up, in heels and with cat ears on her head. It was disgusting. But Raj couldn't turn the live video off this time either. Until he saw the dildos, one of which was a toilet brush. He couldn't bear to watch what she had to go through. And once again he turned his computer off and sobbed. And prayed. He prayed that it was going to end. He felt like he was being tortured too. But he knew that was a silly thought. Shame on me, he thought. For thinking that I am suffering. Kat is suffering. Kat is the one who needs help. And so he cried some more. And prayed.

He desperately wanted help. So he turned on the TV. Maybe watching others talk about would help him feel better. Maybe give him some release. An outlet. He turned on CNN. No, he hated the news these days. He settled on a sitcom instead. He watched for a couple of hours, but he certainly did not feel any better. There was a vigil in Kat's neighborhood tonight. A candlelight vigil. Maybe he was going to go. Actually, yes, he was going go. He didn't live too far away from Kat. He knew his parents would disapprove of him leaving so late at night. So he snuck out. His bedroom was on the first floor, so he could easily leave. He had never snuck out before. But Kat needed him. He needed to feel like he was doing something. He grabbed his hoodie and a couple of candles plus some matchsticks and started walking.

She lived maybe foPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Fucking awesome. Mad respect to you.

It was magical, the writing, the setting, the atmosphere... Just incredible. Keep it up


This was amazing, great writing, amazing skills, juicy and lovely humiliation and torture! Great job, absolutely classy! I was hoping Kat would preish at the end or at least would be less intact... but still cool! Plan to write more?




Johann Strauss was born to a prostitute, who lived in one of the many whorehouses in the city of Concor, capital of the Kingdom of Concorro. As a child, he grew up with dreams of living a successful life, taking care of his mother, and maybe even raising his own family in a small house outside the city. He knew it would be difficult, but he wanted to try regardless if only to prove his pessimistic mother wrong.

As he grew up, he began to learn. He learned how to earn money through street games and scams and theft. He scavenged through the garbage and brought home books and scrolls to teach himself how to read and write. He learned how to act and speak in a way that made others pity him enough to give him spare change.

He made acquaintances (no friends for there was no friendship to be found in the streets), made enemies (desperation was motive enough to drive anyone to do something stupid), found love (it wasn’t a crush god fucking damn it!), and a hundred and one other things besides.

He also learned that innocence was a fool’s word. And that he was better off without it.


When he was twelve years old, Johann Strauss took his first life.

He had been part of a gang at the time, a polite term for a group of street urchin. The motley ensemble was led by a particular piece of work, with the inability to accept failure and a sword sharp enough that no-one dared cross or defy his commands. Under his leadership, the ‘gang’ had made a plan to rob the Adventurer’s Guild, seizing the monthly gold earnings just as it was to be transported in the late hours of the night and making off with it before any of the Adventurers could rally and put up a fight.

Turns out several dozen underfed, under equipped street urchins were nowhere near enough to take on a dozen men and women armed with monster-slaying weapons and had decades of battle experience.

Johann saw his ‘gang’ members slaughtered to the last, the pleading cries of the dying silenced with firm stomps to their head. He only had a dagger to him name at the time, an old thing that was more rust than actual steel. He abandoned his post as a ‘distraction’ ran for one of the carriages transporting the gold, stuffed his pockets with as much as they could carry, and fled.

Or, at least, tried to. Someone grabbed his arm.

“Where do you think you’re—“

The voice sounded familiar, but Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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After cleaning up the rest of the bodies, securing Cynthia with makeshift bindings and a gag made from the clothes of the deceased, and manhandling the young girl into his wagon, Johann reported back to Cleaner HQ and told his boss what happened. The older woman asked him to show her the girl and Johann complied, pulling her out of the wagon for inspection. The older woman walked around her and nodded to Johann.

“She’s healthy and remarkably free of diseases.” She looked him over. “I take it she tried to rob you?”

“Tried.” Johann stressed, nudging the young girl with his foot and making her squirm. “And failed.”

“Not bad for your first day here.” The older woman tossed him a small bag of coins. “I’m Amanda. I’ll be your boss from here on out. Come back here every other day to work and we’ll keep paying you good money.”

“I will ma’am. Thank you.” Johann glanced at Cynthia. “But what about her?”

“You told her yourself; you’re her owner now. She’s your responsibility.” Amanda smiled. “She’ll have to be registered and branded though. Luckily, this sort of thing happens frequently enough that we have the papers necessary for slave registration. Follow me and we’ll get you and her sorted out.”

Cynthia struggled in her bindings, screaming into her gag. Johann cast a look in her direction and grabbed her head, forcing her to look at him.

“Ma’am,” her said to Amanda, eyes not turning away from Cynthia’s. “Does the slave registration office have a means to keep rowdy slaves quiet?”

“They cut off their tongues most of the time.” The older woman answers, approval in her voice. “But I hear they have a promotion of silencing runes. They’re branded on the tongue and inflict pain if the slave speaks out of turn.”

Cynthia quiets down and Johann lets her slump dejectedly on the floor.


The trip to the slave registration office takes no longer than an hour. The paperwork is done quickly and slave mark is branded onto Cynthia’s left shoulder despite her muffled protests. To celebrate Johann’s first slave, the office gives him a set of metal collars for free. Supposedly, these collars would shift in to accommodate its wearer; smaller if it was a child and larger if it was an adolescent or adult. They would also discipline the slave should they fall out of line with an application of electricity.

Johann dangled the key in front oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


this is good


Excellent! Looking forward to continuation the story!


Very sweet and lovely story. Thank you!




I'm sitting and waiting for her to make a loud noise, I look at her slender body, spidery limbs lazily bound to the chair at the wrists and ankles, her head drooping aimlessly about, too heavy for her to carry so that all she can do is sway back and forth, dragging along her golden waterfall of sweat frizzed hair.

I wait for her to make a loud noise, but it doesn't come. When I first put the tape over her mouth, she had so much screaming she tried to let out. I thought her parents might've been able to hear it up stairs if they weren't already well on their way up to heaven. She would stomp and tense, and her chair shuffled along randomly on the floor, I had to hold it down to keep her from kicking herself over. She had so much energy then, that was about 16 minutes ago. But now I wait for her to make the same noise, and I don't think she can.

When she looks up to me, it's only for a moment before she gets too tired holding up her head and her neck cranes back down, dropping it. When she looks up at me, her eyes just flit across mine and lose focus, finding nothing of interest in the ceiling and slowly rolling up into her head before she lets it drop again. When she looks up at me, I get a little rush of pleasure, waiting for that big sound, the anticipation grows higher as I realize it won't come. I look at her face, soaking hair matted to her forehead. The red color slowly running from her cheeks. The tape from the beginning of our play date pushed over her mouth. It's become a little loose, and when she breathes in the loose flap is sucked up to block her nose. She's starting to shake, she looks cold, I go to her.

She's nearly glistening under the warm cellar light, the smokey dust of the unused basement flirts with her form like the aura of a dream. She tries to look up at me and doesn't make it all the way, her head drops back down before she can raise up to met even my chest, so she just shivers. When I'm this close, I can hear her wheezing against the wrinkled grey tape as she tries to breathe in. I can see her back heave and drop randomly. I help her, I take my hands to her cheeks and lift her face gently. Now she can make eye contact with me.

Dialated eyes focus on random parts of my face, they don't look like they're taking in any more than a blur. They're blue, they're bigger than ever, and more beautiful than ever as well. I can see them focus and null out and repeat and repeat, I see her eyebrows wriPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I love this so much. Slow suffocation stories are my favorite, and you rarely see them here.


Thank you, comments make it worth it


Disclaimer: This is more for sharing an idea than a full story for now. Feel free to spin this further as you please. Main focus is "her" experience and fascination with her own guts coming out.

Lisa sat down, after she had recovered from the first shock of falling from her bike and hurting her belly on the sharp corners of some farming equipment that had been left on the field road. Now she looked at the red, bubble like thing that bulged out of her belly. She was only wearing shorts and a bikini top, so her belly had been free. Oddly enough It barely bled and looked almost pinkish, so she wondered what it was. At first she thought it was a piece of plastic. It shifted slightly as she pushed against her belly skin next to it. The sight was mesmerizing as it bulged a tiny bit further out as her skin shifted. Almost like some kind of balloon. Curiously she touched the pinkish bulge. It was sticky, and she felt a numb poke somewhere inside her belly. She pressed on the other side and saw it slide out a tiny bit further. Oddly curious she squeezed her belly muscles and put a bit of pressure in her belly. Not much, after all the wound was painful. With the added pressure it bulged further, sliding ever so slowly, until suddenly, with a relief of tension and a jiggely jerk, the bubble popped free and somewhat unraveled. Gasping, she gaped at what was now clearly a loop of her entrails, coming out of the hole in her belly - coiled once on itself around her bellybutton, and then went back inside of her. It even moved slightly on its own, like a worm. It was mesmerizing. Gross and fascinating at the same time. She should have been panicing or afraid, but all she felt was curiousity and fascination and maybe a bit of arousal. Hesitantly she touched the loop with a finger, felt the loop of digestive-tract-muscle clench and propel its contents through itself as if it was an animal on its own. Playfully she squeezed it with two fingers, halting the progress of whatever she had eaten for breakfast that was in process of being digested...

Lisa hesitated for a bit, playing with the part that was supposed to be inside herself, but it did not particularly hurt. Not more than doing nothing. Feeling increasingly aroused she decided to be a bit bolder and gently tugged on it. It was the weirdest feeling in her belly, like someone was sucking on her insides. Slowly but without much resistance, more of her colon came out. In school she had leaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Pls continue, its great.

Where can I read about your another stories?


Inkbunny and FA.


This is a very fun idea! I like to imagine she escapes from Charly (after some fun) with most of her insides still intact, if not inside. From there you can do a lot with a girl who's been disemboweled but is still alive and trying to hide it. Like work/school, trying to act casual around friends.

"Why are you still wearing your shirt, Lisa? It's so warm!"

"Oh, I know, haha, I'm just a little shy today I guess..." as she subtly tucks in some hanging entrails, shifting uncomfortably on her seat...


Thats definitely a fun possibility. I was musing with the idea that she might spot the farmer (Charly's owner) come on the horizon. She wants to hide her mishap from him because its so embarassing, but her bowels are too messed up to just stuff them back in, so she quickly feeds them to the dog and urges him to finnish up before his owner is there.
There's a few ways this can be taken, I was hoping someone would just pick up the story and continue it however they like it - for a bit. Obviously killing her would be unfun because then the story ends. But other than that theres many many options.



I'm certainly not ruling out doing something with the set up. As you say, lot's of ways it could go...


Well this has been years coming, but here’s my part 2 in the Red Series. Haven’t really proof-read or edited it, but if someone wants to make corrections or edit it I won’t mind. Anyway here you go:

Red The Myth Hunter:

Chapter One: reflections of the past

The silk sheets felt incredible against Red's naked body.  She lifted her hands over her head and stretched as she yawned deeply. If there was one thing she had learned after years of traveling, it was to always spend the necessary money for the best room at an Inn.  She rose slowly to a seated position at the edge of the bed and then stood up.  Her knees popped, her back cracked and she let out a little sigh. Placing her hands on her hips she rolled her shoulders backwards and tilted her head from side to side. More pops, more cracks.  She walked over to the long, finely-crafted mirror that stood against the wall to one side of her bed.  Red always felt a mixture of pride and disgust whenever she took the time to glance at her reflection.

It had been 10 years since her battle with the wolves that had killed both her family and later her adopted father, but the years had done nothing to lessen her natural beauty.  Her long and wavy red hair framed a face that was nothing short of gorgeous. Piercing green eyes were set like jewels above a small but perfect nose and luscious full-lips, freckles dotted her cheeks and nose, giving the impression that she was younger than her 28 years.

Gazing downward she inhaled deeply as she took in the sight of her battle-scarred body.  Following her neckline down her eyes came to rest on her one naked breast.  Perfectly tear-drop shaped with a tiny pink nipple, her single breast was about as perfect as a breast could be, however it's image was ruined by the deep white scare where its partner should have been. Only a little of her flesh remained beneath the old wound, almost giving the impression that she still possessed both, one just far smaller than the other. With the clever use of a couple handkerchiefs tucked into her undergarments she was confident that no one she met on the street ever knew of her disfigurement.

Her eyes drifted further down her body, lingering briefly on the scars that crisscrossed her hips and belly.  She shuddered as memories of the long crawl through the forest swept through her mind; horrific images of her own guts dragging behind her as she prayed for salvation caused her to shPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I've never seen the part 1 to this story, is it uploaded somewhere?


Its so good to finally have the sequel to one of my GOAT stories on Gurochan.



Here is a re post of it. Hopefully Grimm doesn't mind.

"Red vs. The Pack" by Grimm

Red entered the woodland clearing silently, careful not to disturb even the smallest twig. An average wolf could be roused from sleep with even the slightest noise, and the pack she was hunting possessed a better sense of both hearing and smell than the average wolf. After all, these weren't common canines, they were werewolves.

As she carefully pushed past a low tree-branch, the hood of her long red cloak dropped back to reveal a gorgeous eighteen year old face framed by wavy red hair. Her nose was small, her lips full and pink, and her eyes an emerald green, the very picture of young beauty. Slowly her hand dropped to her hips, pulling back her cloak and revealing the silver handle of a long dagger, one of
two twin blades she wore about her waist. Beneath the thick leather belt holding her daggers, Red wore skin-tight leather pants which hugged every glorious curve of her perfectly rounded backside. On top she wore a white-cotton blouse that struggled to contain her more than ample breasts, milky white and perfect, just like the rest of her.

Still moving cautiously, Red made her way towards the opposite end of the
clearing, where large flat rocks and boulders leaned against each other forming shelter against the elements. Red's face took on a determined look as she continued her slow journey towards the rocks.

For three long months she had been searching for the pack that had killed her adopted father, a woodsman who
had raised her after her mother, father and grandmother were murdered and eaten by a particularly powerful werewolf. The woodsman had taught her how to care for herself in the wild, as well as the secret to killing these creatures: silver. Unfortunately for him, he had been caught while sleeping under his favorite tree while out scavenging. Red had found what was left of his body the next day, and that gore-soaked memory haunted her still. Since that day, it had become her mission to find his killers
and make them pay.

Red caught sight of her first victim, a girl who most likely was only a few years older than herself, sleeping completely nude under the shadow of a large boulder. Red drew her first dagger and moved quietly up the the sleeping teen. The girl was gorgeous, long blonde hair fell in loose curlsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Cool stories. I don't know about others, but personally I really like that you include a "good" and "bad" ending, as I equally enjoy gore and violence directed at males and females, and it's really rare to see it in these kind of stories especially directed at monstrous males since they usually totally overpower their victims. Fun fact: apparently one of the old myths out there said that a werewolf could be destroyed just by severing its dick.


Any updates to this at all Grimm?


Not mine, just a repost of a missing thread

[Loke] The Hanging of a Sinner [2016]

”Come on, it’s time to go” the woman dressed in long black robes said to me. I was standing in the hallway of the most prestigious Christian private school for girls in the country, naked and with my hands bound behind my back. It was just before lunchtime and the hall should have been bustling with activity at this time, but today every student at the school had gathered in the courtyard for today’s very special event; my execution. I had committed one of the worst sins a girl at my age could commit, at least in the eyes of this extremely conservative school. I’d had sex before marriage, which was punishable by death. Of course I’d heard of many girls that had done it anyway, the only difference between them and me was that I was stupid enough to get caught. For me, it meant that at the age of fourteen, my life would shortly come to an end.

All the students stood along the walls of the main courtyard looking at the gallows that had been set up in the middle of it. It was late September and the autumn had made its appearance with a chilling wind and a light drizzle falling from the sky. As the cold rain hit my bare skin the nipples of my pert breasts stood at attention. Being naked in front of everybody made the situation worse and I felt myself blushing heavily. Even though I was freezing my face was bright red and I kept my gaze planted in the ground as I made my way to the centre of the courtyard. I didn’t see them, but I could feel everybody’s eyes staring at me, judging me as the sinner they thought I was.

The scene was eerily silent as I arrived beside the noose that would soon end my life. The headmaster was standing there too, and after giving a short speech about the sins I had committed he signalled for the hanging to begin. The same woman who had escorted me from the hallway placed a small stool below the noose and I stepped up on it. The headmaster then placed the noose around my neck, adjusted it and fastened it to the frame of the gallows, so that the rope would catch me when they removed the stool. The woman said a short prayer, and after a collective amen from the audience she kicked the stool from under my feet.

I fell only a couple of inches before the rope caught my neck and forced my throat shut, and by instinct I gasped for air as hard as I could. I managed to suck in a tiny amount of air but as my wiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


It was just too good to last. Polaris is no more.


If anyone has a collection of stories from the site, this would be the best place to dump them.

For those who don't know, Polaris was a master of the dark and twisted. Many of his stories, and the stories that he hosted, featured dark and brutal scenes of torture, often on children, sometimes even infants. He also had a penchant for scat, WS, abortion, incest, rape, and pretty much everything else you could think of.

Also ITT, discuss Polaris and his stories, and the stories he hosted. Truly a unique man with a unique talent.

Feel free to move this to /dis/ if it fits better there.
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Does anyone know where to fin a sister betrayed and a family united part 2 is


These are great stories, does anyone know where to find other stories similar to Taz style?



If someone is wondering WHY. At current, the page is blank it doesnt exist anymore.

HOWEVER, the version from 2016 at least as of June when it originally was altered had a message on it.

>The Dark Realm is no more.

First of all, I would like to apologize very deeply to everyone, especially my guest authors, for the abruptness of this news.

>I have made the personal decision to move on from this area of my life. There were a number of factors. A waning communication (and in one case, strife) with close associates. A struggle with both the motivation and energy to write. However, the ultimate reason would be that the time has simply come to do so. I do not know of many writers of internet erotica who have kept at it for a near-twenty years, and from my own view, I have overstayed my welcome in doing so.


>I would like to give a parting thanks to every author, both on the Realm and off, whose works brought me enjoyment over the years. You know who you are, because I would have sent you numerous emails telling you so! As I have mentioned once before, I want to give a particular thanks to Taz, who was always willing to provide enthusiasm and assistance to my efforts, and The Goddess of Death who was a great and invaluable online friend in so many instances outside of just erotic stories.


>In closing, I would like to say that this hobby only ever was about pushing the boundaries of my overactive imagination, and I want to thank every reader who both understood and respected this. Imagination and fiction are wonderful things, and I look forward to finally exploring other aspects within them, rather than being tied to just one.









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hat jemand hier auch Stories in deutscher Sprache?
Does anybody have stories in German language?
Tittortures, debreast, nipple torture, cock-torture......


Leider gibt es da kaum was in deutsch und noch weniger mit guro Thema
Unfortunately there aren’t much in German and even less about guro


Es war die dritte Stunde Nachmittagsunterricht. Geschichte. Der Lehrer schwafelte etwas von Studentenbewegung und Bismark.
Nina gähnte, dann drehte sie sich um zu ihrer Freundin Susanne und ihrem Freund Özdan "Heute ist ja wieder echt öde. Habt ihr nachher noch was vor?"
Susanne zuckte mit den Schultern und schaute zu Özdan rüber. Özdan war in sein Smartphone vertieft.

Nina wurde ungeduldig. "Komm schon, ich hab kein Bock wieder den ganzen Abend am Dönerstand rumzuhängen bis der Club aufmacht."

Özdan schaute vom Smartphone hoch. "Wart ihr schonmal auf ner Snuff Party? N' Kumpel von mir hat das gerade auf Facebook gepostet."

Nina schaute sich den Post an und wurde rot. Susanne schielte über Özdan's Schulter und bisss sich auf die Lippen.

Özdan grinste. "Also seit ihr dabei? Meine Schwester und der Afghane aus der neunten sind auch da. Das müsst ihr mal sehn was der mit ihr macht. Echt krass."

Die Stundo zog sich hin, aber wenigstens war Nina nicht mehr langweilig. Sie malte sich aus was auf der Snuffparty alles abging. Ob die wohl Kettensägen hatten?

Die Party war in einem Hinterhof im Industriegebiet in einer verfallenen Lagerhalle deren Dach so aussah als ob es beim nächsten Sturm runterkrachen würde. Anscheinend waren die Hells Angels dabei, der Hof stand voller Motorräder, Harleys und andere fette Maschinen. Dumpfer Dubstep klang aus der Halle, und ein paar Biker-girls hatten Cocktails und winkten den Schülerinnen zu.

"Eure erste Snuff Party, was? Ist am Geilsten so. Wen man auf zu vielen war, traut man sich nicht mehr. Wir sind neidisch auf euch Girls." Die Biker girls kicherten.

Susanne hielt sich eng an Özdan. Einige der Biker machten ihr etwas Angst. Er bemerkte es und drückte sie ein bisschen. "Hey, keine Sorge Schatz, wenn dich einer snufft bin ich das."

Sie schenkte ihm einen verlibeten Blick und gab ihm einen Kuss. Als er seine Hand über ihren Rücken wandern lies drückte sie sich an ihn und stöhnte leise auf, als sie seine kräftige Hand an ihrem Nacken spürte. Er war so stark, könnte ihr so einfach das Genick brechen...

Nina pochte das Blut ins Gesicht, als sie die Stangen und Spiesse sah. Stangen wie in einem Strip-club, aber mit einer Spitze oben, wo man sich draufsetzen konnte, und dann dran runtergleiten bis... Sie fühlte wie ihre Brüste steif wurden als sie daran dachte. Dann sah sie die Schwerter. Und da auf dem Tisch, nePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Sehr anregend und heiss. Danke dafür und gerne mehr. Besonders gefallen hat mir wie willig die Opfer waren und heiss darauf gesnufft zu werden.

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