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“Its coming out!” Tay squealed in distress, gripping her mother's hand as the pair waited in a disastrously long line for the porta potties. It was Tay's 9th birthday and the little caramel skinned girl had been treated to a lovely day at the local theme park, chowing down on hot dogs, fried oreos, cotton candy all on top of her huge birthday breakfast. Tay’s mother didn't see a problem with letting Tay eat to her heart's content on her birthday, the young girl had a huge appetite which but good parenting and a solid metabolism kept her thin, so going a little wild on her birthday didn't seem like such a bad idea….at least it wasn't until nature called and girl found and her mother found themselves stuck in a long line for handful of porta potties available at the park.

“Its okay, just hold it a little longer, we are almost there” Tay’s mother lied to her, hoping it would help her daughter bring her urge under control.

“I can't Ma! I…can't!” She whined, her hands reaching behind her to grip her aching rear. He stood awkwardly, legs tightly together with her bum clamped as tightly as she could. The 9 year old wore a pair of denim overalls with only white t shirt underneath, on her feet a simple pair of black and white converse sneakers. Tay groaned and squirmed, making a scene that was noticed by some of the others on the line. Yet, none were kind enough to offer the struggling girl their own spot in line. The line moved finally, yet not by much allowing Tay’s mother to take two steps, Tay on the other hand had been unable to move at first but with a tug of her hand she stumbled forward.

“Mooom...Nggghh” She groaned, feeling her sphincter bulge out against her will. Her cramped tummy pushing hard to void her over filled bowels. She loosed a crackling fart, her little hole opening up to loose the unmistakable sound of hot air slipping past a soft turd. In front of the two, a little boy and her mother waited, the mother seemed disinterested but the boy snickered at the older girls plight. She tightened up her body as much as she could but she could feel her sphincter beginning to fail. It was opening up little by little, the only thing stopping the flood of filth was her effort and will.

Tay's mother realized she wasn't going to be able to hold it much longer, and with the way the line was moving they were not likely to make it to the porta potties anywhere within ten minutes. So she chose to do the onlPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


so disgusting. love it. u should take commision


Heh, I doubt theres much demand for tailor made filthy stories =p


Not the other guy, but I'd sure as hell pay. Just share your email or whatever and I'll go for it




Definitely well made.


The Challenge

m/f, snuff, drowning, necrophilia

As a gentle ocean breeze blew past him, Jad paused to inhale deeply. The air was warm, salty and slightly fragrant with the spice of some plant that grew on the island. It was a good day to be alive.

Of course, brushes with death always made you appreciate life more, he reflected. Only a few hours ago he and his fellow crew members had been locked in deadly combat with a Rolan merchant vessel. For merchants, they had been surprisingly ferocious once boarded and a good number of his comrades had died at their hands. He was lucky to have made it out with only a light slash across his upper arm. He rolled his shoulder, flexing the muscle beneath the bandage. Already healing up nicely, thanks to the poultice their ship’s doctor had applied.

They weren’t pirates. Although, admittedly, their lives were very similar to that of pirates. They were privateers--mercenaries of sorts, hired by the Davit crown. They sailed the open seas, terrorizing the ships of any nations that Davit was at war with. Which, at the moment, included the Rolans.

The risks were high but the rewards were great. The merchant vessel, the Seaspray, had been on a return voyage, loaded down with all manner of valuables. Jad’s personal share of the booty was sure to buy him plenty of nice things, once they made port at a major city. His ship, the Wave’s Malice, was currently anchored in the bay of a small, uninhabited island that had become a sort of headquarters for their operations.

A tug at the rope in his hand reminded him of another, much more exciting, prize from the raid. Most of the fighting men on the the Seaspray had been slain during the battle. Those who were not were summarily executed after their capture. Wave’s Malice had no room for prisoners. The few women aboard, only four in total, had been turned over to Jad and his friend Seth. It had cost them a fair portion of their share of the loot, but these women were going to do things that money couldn’t buy.

The women had been disarmed, of course, and posed little threat. Nevertheless, they had been bound, their their wrists tied together with rope. They also each had a length of rope tied around one ankle, with an iron weight attached at the other end. The weights were iron cubes with a thick ring on one side, which served as a handle and a tying Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"I do have a question for you all though. Is there another place you go to for these kinds of dark erotic stories? I will continue to post my work on Gurochan but the website has been down a lot recently and I was hoping to discover another platform that might be more stable. I know that you can post written works on DeviantArt but does anyone actually go there for the literature?"

There's a Reddit for TwistedFiction, and BDSM Library has a snuff tag


Drowning and Necro 2 of my favorite fetishes combined



are you still writing stuff like this? I hope so




Are you still writing here or anywhere else?


As the subject line says, anyone can recommend any such stories on this site. I heard of a story named Julie's day out by blood lust but can't find it sadly. Anyways would greatly appreciate any recomendations.
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Mindtrap - Perspective (Part 3)

I looked at the light glinting off the sharp metal.

The pin between my fingers was as long as a sewing needle, but capped with a small coloured ball. In front of me was a bathroom mirror, my nude form reflected in its depths, my perky breasts covered with goosebumps and capped with hard nipples. I placed the end of the pin against a nondescript part of the outer curve of my right tit and pushed, gasping as I painfully, gradually pressed it into the meat of my soft pale orb. All that was visible now was the bright plastic ball, but I could feel the entire length of the shaft inside my breast. The feeling was amazing, and I gasped with pleasure as my free hand caressed my sex.

I had a pile of pins, and continued to push them into myself one by one, wincing and moaning as I felt my breasts pierced by the tiny steel spears. They were beginning to look like pincushions with over 30 pins penetrating them in various places. Panting, I sucked some of my own juices off my fingers, before grabbing one of my as yet untouched nipples and stretching it out. My heart was thudding in my chest as I skewered the nipple sideways with a pin, then let out a small sob as I did it again at ninety degrees to the first. I picked up another pin, and focusing my attention on my right nipple, this time I put the pin right at the tip of my teat, before pushing it into the nipple towards my chest. I felt it stab through my sensitive bud, plunging at least an inch into the flesh.

I looked at myself in the mirror. My breasts were covered in points of colour, every one of them a beacon of exquisite pain. Stepping back to admire the view, I sat down on the edge of the bathtub. Stroking my pussy, I saw that there were yet more pins, and I knew what I wanted to do with them. I shifted my position and spread my legs wide. Pulling on one of my labia, I thrust a pin through without hesitation, then twisted it and pushed it back through the same lip like a tailor pinning a piece of cloth, the point of the pin bursting out the side with a tiny drop of blood. I repeated this a number of times, also pushing some straight down, deep into my swollen outer labia. Finally I picked up a pin with a pink plastic ball on the end. Perfect. Taking my clitoris between my fingers, I held it steady as I placed the pin against the end of my nub of sensitive flesh. I took a deep breath, then pushed, impaling my clit on the little skewer.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



I lay back, covered in sweat, and took a piece of sushi, popping it in my mouth. We were approaching the end of the flight, and I had allowed Paige to bring our dinner right in the middle of our lovemaking, much to Bianca's complete embarrassment. She had left it on the table by the bed and walked out as though we had been merely been chatting about fashion, instead of me trying to see how far inside Bianca I could reach with my tongue. I didn't think it had been possible for Bianca to turn any redder.

I finished chewing and looked at her. I had covered her naked body in sushi and was using her as a platter for our meal, with instructions to lie there and not move. I took another piece and dipped it into the soy sauce pooling in her belly button, before holding it to her mouth. She took the offering and chewed it happily. "You know, we still don't know much about each other. Our most intimate fetishes, sure, but I'm still wondering what you were doing hitchhiking along the coast." A look of sadness crossed her face and I stroked her hair. "Sorry, if you don't want to tell me you don't have to..."

"No, no. I want to, it just involves some unpleasant memories." I took another piece from between her breasts and popped it in my mouth. "I went to high school with this girl, Cristiana. We were never really friends. She was popular and gorgeous, and I was kind of a geek. She seemed to enjoy making my days miserable."

I finished chewing and swallowed. "I dislike her already."

"I always used to admire the girls I went to school with. I admired their figures and their faces, in the changing rooms I would try to sneak glances at their breasts or pussies. I told myself I was just trying to compare them to mine but the truth was that every time I saw them, I got excited. I would think about them in bed at night while I explored myself. I finally came to admit I was very attracted to girls."

I took a piece of tempura and held her pussy open. Bianca gasped as I pushed it into her, coating it in her own natural sauce. "Mmm, what's not to like?"

Bianca moaned. "That's going to make it very difficult to tell you my story. Do you want to have sex instead? I can finish telling your later."

"Uh-uh. Story." I grinned at her sheepishly at I wolfed down the tasty tempura. "Sex later."

She smiled. "Cristiana started to get wise to my preferences. I think she must have noticPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Holding some garments I had selected, I ducked through the curtain into the small room. Bianca was standing on a platform, looking at herself in the mirror while a shop assistant crouched at her feet, measuring the hem of the black evening dress she was wearing. I put down the items I was carrying and stepped up behind her, admiring her petite from. "Lovely." I purred. Standing on my tiptoes I rested my chin on her shoulder and ran my hands over her hips, feeling the lovely smooth fabric that covered them. I pinched the silk, pulling on the slightly loose material. "It needs to be taken in here."

"Yes, ma'am." The shop assistant stood when I spoke, taking my place behind Bianca and wrapping the measuring tape around her shapely waist. She took note of the measurement and turned to me. "I'll make some arrangements with the tailor and ring up your other purchases, Miss Love."

"Have them delivered to my hotel as soon as they're ready." She nodded in acknowledgement and I thanked her as she left the two of us to continue changing.

Bianca looked at me, blushing. "Any tighter and my panty line will show."

I laughed. "You're not meant to wear any in this dress." I reached inside the long slit up one leg hooked my fingers inside the black lacy thing she had being trying on, expertly tugging it down until gravity caught it and deposited it around her ankles. "This is how you'll be dressed when you're attending formal occasions with me, kitten. There's some lovely art galleries I'd relish taking you to. It'll be so much fun knowing that underneath your dress you'll be going commando, completely exposed and unprotected from my inquisitive fingers when people aren't looking."

Bianca's face gained a measure of colour as she stood in front of the mirror. "Kitten?" She smiled at my use of the pet name.

I reached up to her zip, slowly pulling it down, exposing her back. She had to hold her hands to her chest to stop the dress from falling. "That's right, you remind me of one because you always look so happy lapping up my cream." I gently took her hands, pulling them from her chest, and the gown slid to the ground in a puddle at her feet.

She blushed some more as I gazed at her breasts. They looked asymmetrical, her missing nipple standing out in its absence. "Meow?" She grinned sheepishly, embarrassed that she had made the cute sound.

I chuckled and walked to the cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



I stood up, letting out a yelp as Bianca slapped my behind. "Well done." She went to a cupboard and took out a narrow tray, bringing it over to the chair and placing it on the table beside us. It was full of long steel skewers of varying lengths and thicknesses. I just looked at her, waiting for her to explain. She stepped behind Cristiana and reached around my friend's body, fondling her breasts. "I want you to help me fill these fat tits with those things."

Cristi was getting furious now. "This screwed up sex game of yours has gone on long enough! Do you think I'm going to beg for mercy or something? I don't know how you managed to talk Nicci into performing that... depraved act on me, but you don't really expect me to believe you're going to hurt me, do you?" She sneered at Bianca. "You're not that bold."

Bianca was visibly upset. I could see Cristiana's influence over her still had an effect, but then she took a deep breath, and when she opened her eyes again I could see the determination in them. "Nicola, show Cristiana what we did you you."

I was embarrassed at having to show Cristiana the extent of my mutilation, but I did as Bianca asked, wincing as I hooked my hand under my knee and lifted my leg to the arm of the chair. Cristiana just stared in horror at the carnage that had previously been my vagina. "Jesus. What happened?"

Bianca held up the bowl with my amputated body parts in it for Cristiana to see. "Just a little amateur surgery with a scalpel. Am I bold now, Cristiana?"

Cristi's atmosphere of being in control crumbled as she realised what she was looking at, what I had endured. She tried to look away, but kept glancing back as though she couldn't believe what she saw. "God, no," She whispered. "I'm so sorry for all the bullying, Bianca, please! The photos weren't my idea! Nicola, you're my friend, don't do this... mmph!" With a thoughtful look on her face, Bianca stuffed a red ball gag into her mouth, strapping it behind her head, and part of me was relieved. I already felt guilty from going down on her, and that was a pleasant experience compared to what Bianca just told me to do. Hearing Cristi beg for mercy was making me feel worse.

I grabbed some skewers from the table and stood in front of her. This was it. I was about to torture a girl I considered my friend, to increase our odds of living through this. I had to get on Bianca's good side. I was surPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



My incredible meal finished, I slid off the stool, pushing it backwards as I stood. Returning to Cristiana I pulled the tape off her mouth. "Nothing in there? I guess you must have eaten my clitoris then. How was it?"

She made a disgusted look, staring at the two red holes on my chest in horror. "What the fuck have you done, Nicola? Oh my god, I can't believe you cut off your own breasts and ATE them!"

"Yeah, it's odd. It makes no sense, but it made me feel so good." I thought for a second and turned to Bianca. "Does this mean I'm a cannibal, or does it have to be another person's meat for it to count?" Bianca just shrugged.

I dismissed the question and turned back to my friend. "Nicola, please..."

I reached for the red ball gag and stuffed it back in despite Cristi's protests. I preferred the look of it to that of the tape. "I'm sorry Cristi. I hate hearing you beg. I don't think you'll appreciate being debreasted as much as I did, but that's where this is going, I realise that now. Just relax, and let it happen." I pointed to one of the cupboards. "Bianca, there's some nylon rope in there. Grab it for me would you?" Bianca seemed surprised, but she didn't argue. As she headed over to where I pointed, I wondered how I knew it was there. I shook my head, clearing the confusing thought and instead focused on the task at hand.

Causing Cristiana to wince, I started to extract the skewers from her boobs one by one. Each skewer left a tiny puncture wound behind which leaked a small amount of blood, but they were otherwise undamaged. Bianca returned and handed me the thin rope, and I started to wrap it around the hysterical Cristiana's breasts, eliciting a few squeals as I tied it off. The twin orbs bulged with the strain, turning a slightly reddish colour. I made a knot between her tits and pulling up one of the stools, I climbed onto it and looped the other end of the rope over the pulley that I had hung from earlier this evening. I fastened it to the mechanism and stepping down, I went to the switch Bianca had used and pressed it.

Cristiana yelped as her tits were pulled forward. "Bianca, just let her out of the chair, would you? But hold her arms." Bianca did as I asked and I kept holding the switch. Cristiana stumbled out of the chair as the rope pulled her forward, until she was standing right underneath the pulley. I grabbed some leather cuffs and approached the two girPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


This is my first story here, so I'm not even entirely sure I'm doing this right! But here goes nothing :) I've been lurking at Gurochan for five years, might as well give it a go at writing something! Thank you in advance for reading!



All Carla could do was scream and run. Though, running seemed futile, as the giantess was so massive that Carla could run as fast and as hard as she could, and still not be safe from the giantess’s reach. Yet, she tried anyway. The young woman ran down the city streets, abandoning her heeled shoes behind her. Her feet and heart both pounded as she raced as fast as she possibly could, fleeing the scene, attempting to get as far away as she could. Weren’t giants just fairy tales? Didn’t they only exist in stories made up long ago? Obviously, they weren’t. Wherever she had come from, however she had ended up here, there was now a giant woman terrorizing the city. The giantess towered over almost all of the buildings, eye-level with even the highest of sky scrapers. She was as naked as the day she was born—had she been born?—and tromped through the city streets with clumsy ease.

Carla didn’t know where the giantess had come from, but she knew why she was here: she was hungry. Carla had been heading to her car after work when she heard the screaming, the thumping, the dull thunderous pounding of the giantess’s footsteps. Then Carla saw her, looming over the buildings. She watched in both horror and awe as the giantess lifted a man into the air, thumb and index finger squeezing him at the waist. He was struggling, frantically attempting to free himself, even though the fall would kill him should the giant woman drop him. The giantess inspected him, holding him up in the air to get a good look. She then smiled, looking pleased with herself. She tilted her head back, lifted the man up over her head, opened her mouth, and dropped him in. And that’s when Carla had started running.

The petite woman dodged into an alleyway, hoping the narrow confines of the building walls would prevent the giantess from being able to grab her. The human woman stopped for a moment, grabbing onto a dumpster and bending at the knees, attempting to catch her breath. On the streets, everyone was screaming and running, vehicles were frantically going this way and that. From the shadows of the alley, Carla watched the massive woman move. The giantess had pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


All the kids, all the kids these days All the kids, all the kids these days Do you really wanna be that way? Do you really wanna be that way? Let me say, let me say, let me say Let me say, let me say, let me say Does it really have to be that way? Does it really have to be that way? And, did you know you could make me scream? And, did you know you could make me scream? Like the kids in the neighborhood Like the kids in the neighborhood Tell me what to say, tell me what to say Tell me what to say, tell me what to say Did you do your best today? Did you do your best today? All the girls, all the girls these days All the girls, all the girls these days Did you do your best today? Did you do your best today? All the boys, all the boys these days All the boys, all the boys these days Look away, look away, look away Look away, look away, look away Champagne, cocaine, champagne, cocaine, champagne, cocaine, champagne. You better just manage your weight. You better just manage your weight. Let me say, let me say, let me say Let me say, let me say, let me say You could do your best today You could do your best today

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