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Aug 24 02:16 Kidnapped [non-con, tentacle, snuff] ppolin
Aug 24 01:16 The Death Factory (Tags inside) Squunch
Aug 24 01:08 Thumbtacks (stumpless quad amp, peril, non-con, torture, victim pov) Anonymous
Aug 24 01:04 Reputation [cons, crushing] ppolin
Aug 23 23:47 Writing prompts/requests thread for everyone. Find or post ideas/suggestions/requests for /lit/
Aug 23 23:06 The Virgin Whore Edward Hyde
Aug 23 22:54 A Very Special Event Loke
Aug 23 22:26 High School Drama [hard vore, snuff, gore, rape] ppolin
Aug 23 22:09 Interactive Shota story (Many kinks!) Pottyboi
Aug 23 21:51 Straight Shota Guro Anonymous
Aug 23 21:22 Megan and Melody's Beach Banquet Edward Hyde
Aug 23 18:58 The Foot Cleaning Challenge (non-guro, male, feet, humiliation) J
Aug 23 18:33 The Many Deaths of Julie (non-con, snuff, gutting, gun/knife play, hard vore, rape, and more) bloodlust
Aug 23 18:24 To Be Punished (F/f, stumpless quad amp, breathplay, neurological, nonfatal, victim pov) Anonymous
Aug 22 13:26 Ultra Short Stories Mk2 - 100 words Blackraven2
Aug 22 13:07 OfixN Original Short Stories (non-cons, stab, shot, strangle, rape) OfixN
Aug 22 07:31 How to Format Stories for Easy Reading Andlex
Aug 22 06:49 ==Long Drop Futanari (snuff, noncon, futa)== Anonymous
Aug 21 16:19 Three Kairi’s burger special masterchaos
Aug 21 16:19 Looking for stories thread Aoi Hikari
Aug 21 15:01 Bon Appetit (cooking, cannibalism) The Demon of the Banquet
Aug 21 13:32 The Bridesmaid [F, rape, gore, non-cons] ppolin
Aug 21 04:20 Grim Erotica Andrew Dax Fields
Aug 20 22:16 Sidney's (Cann, loli, cons, snuff) Edward Hyde
Aug 20 09:21 An old combat story I never got round to post/finish (Combat. Bladed. Debreasting? Gutting? ) Anonymous
Aug 19 22:09 An Incredible Lesson (f/f/f, cons, vivisection, lethal, nonlethal?, incest) JestInPieces & PogueMahone
Aug 18 19:59 Quest Complete! Collect Feral Neko Tails (20/20) [combat gore, necro] Anonymous
Aug 18 16:01 The Story of Jenna (Feet, Torture, Cannibalism)
Aug 18 09:02 Meatgirl's adventures. Onix
Aug 18 05:01 Random Necro Stories RPNecro
Aug 17 01:30 Alien Abduction Mary
Aug 16 18:17 Yoko's Pain in the Neck M
Aug 16 14:39 Megumin and Tina: an explosive Allianz. masterchaos
Aug 16 12:54 Beyond Sidney's (Loli/teen, snuff, cons, cann) Edward Hyde
Aug 16 06:35 Secret Desire Series Mr. Friendly
Aug 15 19:52 Belly focused stories. Bellystabber
Aug 14 15:18 M's Patreon Stories M
Aug 13 13:07 Miscellaneous short(ish) stories: The Second [various tags, but expect lots of asphyxia and f/f] Eterya
Aug 13 06:21 ICE Raid - Official Report d udet
Aug 13 04:39 Death Addict (9:45 AM) [snuff, semi-cons] suggestions welcome! ppolin
Aug 13 02:21 The drill (Loli, Shota, Scat, Pee, No gore) Pottyboi
Aug 12 20:23 Kate’s casting call. (Belly stabbing, gutting, cons/noncon) Bellystabber
Aug 12 18:49 Easter Snuff-Bunny Edward Hyde
Aug 12 02:50 CosplayBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead (snuff, zombies) Deathstalker
Aug 09 20:51 Assorted Works of Ellen Ellen
Aug 09 19:26 Tales from the Canterlot Mortuary (Post-mortem Necro, Morgue, Sometimes Furry, MLP) Mort Momento
Aug 09 19:06 Vacation in hell (FMg/F+, rape, torture, snuff, nc, feet, zoo, scat, pee, cannibalism, gore) SickoChick
Aug 09 09:48 A Witch Less in the World (snuff, shooting, non-cons, harassment) OfixN
Aug 08 20:17 Sarahs Epic Life Greg thomas.
Aug 05 02:32 Happy birthday, the girl that lives in the basement
Aug 04 21:35 Yoga Class Slaughter NoPantsRelationship
Aug 04 20:52 Fire Emblem Heroines: The Guro Edition M
Aug 04 20:17 Short Capital Punishment Stories
Aug 04 17:27 2 random stories i did as gifts for friends.[furry,human,necro,teen,school and more] Gora.
Aug 04 16:23 The day it happen. Hellborn
Aug 04 06:28 Sacrificing Sophie (Snuff, loli, crush, ritual, con, cann) Edward Hyde
Aug 03 11:10 Girl-Meat Expo 2080 - an anthology (loli/teen/young, cons, snuff, cann) Edward Hyde
Aug 03 01:47 Club Meat Grinder (loli/shota, /fur/, snuff, mutilation, consensual, futa/herm) NoPantsRelationship
Aug 02 05:40 Kim's Last Night (snuff, stabbing, non-cons) OfixN
Aug 01 14:54 Interruption of studies (snuff, stabbing, non-cons) OfixN
Aug 01 09:47 Basement (kidnap, drugged, mutilating, debreasting, cutting, uterus, torture) Kami-sama
Aug 01 05:56 chef mikey idea Anonymous
Aug 01 00:14 Penguin Fucker (shota, degeneracy) Anonymous
Jul 31 21:57 Persona 4: Heartbeat(en), Heartbreak M
Jul 29 17:18 Tit Butchery nonimus
Jul 29 16:23 BabeHunt VIII Squunch
Jul 28 20:12 Nui's Gonna Kill-ect Them All! M
Jul 28 13:32 Chaos Is A Ladder [Game Of Thrones – Joffrey / Ros] (non-con, human pincushion, torture, victim POV) Robin of Langley
Jul 27 13:36 The Lesson Cuntbasher
Jul 26 13:34 Mary-Jane: Snuff Double (Complete, Spider-man, Spitting, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Cannibalism) TheVisitorBlack
Jul 26 04:10 Abby's Sister Anonymous
Jul 24 21:15 Children Murdered (Short Stories) Andrew Dax Fields
Jul 24 14:44 Farmex™ Reduction. Anonymous
Jul 23 20:53 School Selection blue.beard
Jul 23 20:32 The Last Field Trip (Tags by chapter, but expect Cons, Non-Cons, Loli, Watersports) AbbottWarr
Jul 22 13:32 Crucifixion and Stoning of a queen Anonymous
Jul 22 13:11 Aoi Hikari's thread Aoi Hikari
Jul 22 07:40 A Heist Gone Wrong (Persona 5, Snuff, M/F, non-con) M
Jul 22 05:47 Young Ladies and Death Stephen Al Portman
Jul 21 06:54 porn-bro
Jul 21 06:29 The Die Hard Fan porn-bro
Jul 20 19:00 Elincia's Failed Gambit M
Jul 20 10:34 /s food fantasy v
Jul 18 21:28 For the Good of Humanity: Jennifer Symbri
Jul 18 10:18 Space Bimbos (Ff/mm, Space Babes, Oral, Castration, Objectification, Silly) htabdoolb
Jul 18 03:55 SCP-NC-1 T.O.B.
Jul 15 15:49 Tortured Tits by stop352 Anonimus
Jul 15 10:56 FbB - De-Dicker 01 (Futa, cons, de-dicking) FrictionByBill
Jul 14 16:20 Halloween Anthology (Loli, Shota, Scat, Noncon and Vomit) Pottyboi
Jul 09 19:56 Belly button death club (non-cons gutting; stabbing ecc) Anonymous
Jul 08 18:24 Looking for a story from a female writer (F/F, cann) Anonymous
Jul 07 02:58 First Time [m/f preteens] Ava Gray
Jul 04 20:59 Chloé's Graduation Party (Miraculous Ladybug, Noncon, Cannibalism, Snuff, Public, Bondage) TheVisitorBlack
Jul 04 05:24 Open For Commissions WrightRightWrite
Jul 01 17:24 My madman prayers Anonymous
Jul 01 00:19 CBT Shorts 5 (Ff/m, CBT, Castration, Penectomy, Cannibalism, Casual, Partial Vore) htabdoolb
Jun 29 22:19 Terminal Fuck Anonymous
Jun 29 12:07 Terra and Raven on the cookout and new laws Razin
Jun 29 06:50 The Girl and the Basement (Torture, snuff, rape, gun play, loli, cannibalism) Maddy
Jun 29 06:26 AbbottWarr's Single-Chapter Story Thread AbbottWarr
Jun 26 03:36 Loli scat/execution Anonymous
Jun 26 03:21 Release (M+/F, con, anal, snuff, guillotine, edging) Anonymous
Jun 25 11:07 Royal Guard (Fpov, non-con, impalement, execution, rape) MissDarkness
Jun 25 00:38 Bubbles (short, drowning) Anonymous
Jun 24 21:17 Jissouseki Abuse Archive REd
Jun 24 05:10 Trivia (Roleplay, webcam, anal, abuse, hanging) Satoumi
Jun 21 16:11 Does anybody... Anonimus
Jun 21 10:30 Upside down (Loli, Wetting, Soiling) Pottyboi
Jun 20 14:02 Jim's Snuff Truck (Tags in each chapter) Sunny
Jun 20 08:47 Buzzard's Fire Emblem Fics Buzzard
Jun 19 07:11 A name not spoken in vain [slow, cons, nonfatal, A2A] (Appeals to Aoi) Mephistopheles
Jun 16 20:34 Quiet Confidence (f/f, cons, vivisection, lethal JestInPieces & PogueMahone
Jun 16 17:15 Sarah and Liz's feast (FF/F Vore/NC/Cannibalism/) Sarah
Jun 15 11:31 Toys 47
Jun 14 16:10 Nico Nico Energy (torture machinery, lifetime torment, Love Live, no sex) CuteAndHurting
Jun 14 12:50 the hanging of the Criminal Boy darius
Jun 12 23:07 Leaked ending of Game of Thrones (rushed pacing, underwhelming disappointment) Anonymous
Jun 10 14:27 German stories? Anonimus
Jun 09 00:44 Bocchis Quest für die wahre Freundschaft masterchaos
Jun 04 09:24 Choose-Your-Own-Adventure: No Running in the Pool Area Scarlet
Jun 03 04:41 To Die For Honor I.M.P.A.Q.T.
Jun 02 15:35 Top, or Bottom? (Various tags to be added later. Dub-con, pain, F/f, free use, suff) M.A.D.
Jun 02 10:22 Street Fighter: Sakura’s Cherry Blossoms (f/f, scat, lesbian sex, consensual, romantic) ScatQueenGaming
Jun 02 01:10 Amy The Pussy Killer (F/F, g, non-cons, blood, medical) BBraker
May 31 04:29 Three Little Bitches Beheaded Azalel
May 28 18:14 Steven and Amethyst: The Love That Transcends The Doors Of Inanity Anonymous
May 25 22:31 Orcess tribe (futa, canni, moster girls, amputee, executions) BlackHeart
May 23 03:31 Dipper and Mabel: The Virginal Birth Anonymous
May 22 17:30 Preschool BBQ Anonymous
May 22 06:11 Happy Cows Mary
May 21 01:23 Execution of two royal daughters Anonymous
May 20 21:23 Orcess tribe (Dolcett, snuff, executions, amputee) BlackHeart
May 20 03:00 Ryona Rumble Vice Dark Lord
May 19 04:41 Viande de Femme (Miraculous Ladybug, Cannibalism, Complete) TheVisitorBlack
May 18 06:06 Titgames Anonimus
May 15 07:30 Car Fight (m/f, loli, vivisection)
May 14 01:18 Applicant for Death - Juan Gotoh tribute (consensual, snuff, videotaping) Hanneko
May 11 16:04 Your Sister's Vigil (Necrophilia, funeral, incest) Mort Momento
May 09 19:01 Incest x Snuff Anonymous
May 09 11:02 Star Wars - Genital Destruction Fel Intent
May 08 00:00 The Free Use Thread bando
May 07 20:59 Deadly Erotica by RJN Randall J. Nelson
May 06 02:36 Pris, Another Girl Apart (Trans-F/F, cons, non-fatal, various others) Pris
May 03 08:30 Looking for story Anonymous
May 03 05:25 Mind Glare CunningTanuki
May 03 00:12 Birthday Request (F/m, CBT, Castration, Penectomy, Cannibalism) htabdoolb
May 02 23:41 Chinese Take-Out Anonymous
May 01 04:16 Dark Monster Town (Dolcett, torture, snuff, sex, monsters and humans, mixed) Dark Monster Town
Apr 27 18:15 Zhang Xiaofeng Series (dolcett, pixiv, translation, plotbeforesmut, slowburn) mieev
Apr 25 10:39 Assorted Short-ish Stories Owl
Apr 17 05:06 Epidemic Stories (scat, vomit) (from old GC) Flens Verpa
Apr 14 06:17 Power Snack (FF/m, CBT, Castration, Penectomy, Cannibalism, Non-Consensual, Superhero) htabdoolb
Apr 14 06:13 CBT Shorts 4 (F/m, CBT, Castration, Penectomy, Cannibalism) htabdoolb
Apr 13 21:17 Waifu Wasted Vice Dark Lord
Apr 10 06:58 ZomBFFs (f/f, cons, dismemberment, brains, prolapse, nonlethal) JestInPieces & PogueMahone
Apr 10 06:27 War! Stories of Conflict (Combat, snuff, female, male)
Apr 09 06:25 A classmate's murder Gutsucker
Apr 08 01:22 Fixing a wild dog AlexIt
Apr 08 00:44 Interview with the Cannibal (gore, dolcett) Flens Verpa
Apr 07 20:14 Astro
Apr 07 20:11 Looking for story Astro
Apr 06 13:26 The Dear Master
Apr 04 05:45 Snuff Olympics - Spears for all the ladies Anonymous
Apr 02 04:19 God Bless the Queen porn-bro
Apr 01 05:09 The day she was cut in half Blackraven2
Mar 31 15:14 Valentine's Danger Chatin
Mar 27 01:42 Tyrone's Misc. Flash Fictions Tyrone
Mar 27 00:38 He Came With Wind (Horror, Mistery) Arles-Luna
Mar 26 01:27 Waifu Wars Pussy Pain Vice Dark Lord
Mar 24 13:28 Her Liquid Arms (An autopsy report of a fictional anorexic woman) HLA
Mar 21 18:13 Post Mortem Incest (m/f-f, Incest, Necro, Shooting, Piss, Shit.) Randall J. Nelson
Mar 20 18:09 I dont want to die (interactive, loli, bunny girl) Anonymous
Mar 20 16:54 Cordy Loses Her Head by The Vivisectionist
Mar 19 18:08 For the Good of Humanity Series Symbri
Mar 14 01:05 The Steamer Girls of the Orphanage (Pissing, Shitting, Canibalism, cooking, steaming, snuff) Riraito
Mar 12 20:29 The tortured feet of Tina (Mf, foot, torture, nc, rape, snuff, foot cannibalism) Noemandy
Mar 10 14:55 Assassin Chronicles (tags inside) Bloody_Fox
Mar 10 04:19 Darla vs the Winged Devourers (loli, vore, snuff, rape, digestion, fantasy, slice of life) Riraito
Mar 07 22:58 Marinette on the Menu (Miraculous Ladybug, Tags inside) TheVisitorBlack
Mar 07 11:51 Hanging stories Anonymous
Mar 03 19:16 School Policy (decap, semi-con, teen) (Reposted)
Mar 03 19:08 The Best Job (F/f, F/F, snuff, cons) gromyko
Feb 28 11:49 For Honor Guro (Snuff, Necro, Piss, Mild Lactation) Honorless
Feb 27 10:46 Wendy, Fingure Licking Good Vice Dark Lord
Feb 27 02:47 cannibal_land
Feb 25 11:14 Shroom(noncons, bondage, roofie, rape, cfnm, Mm, penectomy, torture, ) Anonymous
Feb 24 21:28 Waifu Wars Vice Dark Lord
Feb 21 08:10 Scream at the Void (F/F, sci-fi, shooting, piss) faiyum
Feb 19 11:11 Stretch Goals (f/f, con, stretching, gaping, prolapse, contortion) JestInPieces & PogueMahone
Feb 17 11:13 GuroVR: Noob Encounters a Lesser Succubus faiyum
Feb 13 13:06 The Foot Collector (part one) Looper
Feb 13 07:05 Trophy Girlfriend Iwritesickstories
Feb 10 23:07 Tanks, Cars, and Sexy Girls DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Feb 09 10:06 Blackwood Stories?
Feb 08 14:20 Springs of Pleasure (cons, F/F, cann, amputation, debreasting, decunting, crushing, boiling) M
Feb 08 03:22 Obedience Training by Darinost Anonymous
Feb 06 18:50 Workout Equipment Anonymous
Feb 04 23:26 Lost and Found (M/f, semi-cons, anal, throating, first, rape, bagging, snuff) Eficient
Jan 31 11:55 Curse of the Tomb Raider (f/f, cons, dismemberment, vivisection, necrophilia, respawning) JestInPieces & PogueMahone
Jan 29 18:26 Vore Beach Bidding Party (Cons, vore, mft/mft) FrictionByBill
Jan 29 06:36 Bandit Splashed (female, noncon, military) Anonymous
Jan 28 21:58 Like it Honey? (insanity, rape, self-mutilation) crest87
Jan 27 14:12 Sailor Snuff Show SailorSnuffScout
Jan 23 04:20 Breaking Eevee's Mind (Pokemon, Furry, Snuff, Mind Breaking, M/F, and more.) Raines Barrenya
Jan 21 00:42 Uravity's Last Fight (F/F, Bloodplay, Shapeshifting, Snuff) TheVisitorBlack
Jan 20 10:44 The Cellar [MMg, rape, torture, extreme] Jess
Jan 19 18:15 A lesson learned (F/m, rape, sex, penectomy) Headless_Boy
Jan 17 22:36 Short(er) Stories (loli, incest, semi-consensual, snuff, necrophilia, possibly more) Rosie
Jan 17 18:54 Susan: a Girl Apart (f/f, cons, dismemberment, vivisection, non-lethal JestInPieces
Jan 17 08:36 The psychologist (torture, cons, snuff(?))
Jan 16 23:40 Succulent Sirens (MLP, F/F, Cons, Non-con, Roasting, Butchering, Canni, Snuff) TheVisitorBlack
Jan 16 04:43 Cynophobia (Dog girl, Dog/f, MMF/f, reluctant, non-consensual, pet play, minor scat and urine) Htabdoolb
Jan 16 02:49 What happened to Outdoor Cinema?
Jan 14 20:05 Waifu Wars Blood and Boobs Vice Dark Lord
Jan 14 05:19 Mira Dentro CB
Jan 11 19:09 Cruelty-free meat (consensual, anal, ws, cannibalism, snuff) Piss bucket
Jan 11 00:23 The Champions' Elegy M
Jan 10 19:42 Consensual Genocide Run - Undertale (cons, gutting, choking, meat grinder, de-limb, crushing) Modus Malleus
Jan 10 15:12 Ashlands Universe teaser
Jan 10 03:58 I made a fanfic based on random twitter post Magical Tomato
Jan 09 04:05 Waifu Wasted Vice Dark Lord
Jan 08 00:39 Land of the rising sun, (f-self, m/f, f/f, gore, consensual)
Jan 06 18:14 Choke Therapy (hanging, semi-con) and other asphyx stories ∀x ∃y / y=porn(x)
Jan 06 03:15 Junior Gladiators (f, m, nc, snuff, shota) Anonymous
Jan 05 02:41 Vice Dark Lord
Jan 04 17:52 Assorted works of Ellen Ellen
Jan 02 19:25 Harry Potter stories
Dec 30 03:48 Unpleasant Diversion (M+F+ nc tort sn alien cons rom viol) tSade
Dec 25 18:50 Mary-Jane's Girlskin Lingerie Photoshoot TheVisitorBlack
Dec 25 05:54 The Farm Eficient
Dec 22 23:08 Pets (Human Pets/CBT/cock-cages/cock & ball torture/snuff/brainwashing/and many more) KittyBoy
Dec 22 10:19 Anonymous
Dec 22 04:39 voluntary Castrationa And Cuckold Impregnation Ducetur Manibus
Dec 21 06:10 Deadly Fics (tags differ for each story) Lord Weiss
Dec 19 06:40 The Impalement of Sophitia Alexandra (Rape, breast amputation, FGM)
Dec 19 04:34 Killing Young Girls Randall John Nelson
Dec 17 21:27 porn-bro
Dec 17 17:13 Octopath Murderer (Tags inside) M
Dec 16 05:57 Not A Date Night Narra Avlan
Dec 16 03:22 Summermount (m/f, f/f, storyline, gore, murder, some cons, mostly noncons) Andlex
Dec 15 03:00 Surprise Demise [F, Snuff] PPOLIN
Dec 11 10:46 Naruto the Cannibal (can slav tort mindfuck transfo noncon) 4uckedinthehead
Dec 10 09:23 Recycling Rita
Dec 07 10:14 The Killer Librarian of Parkview (/g/, shota, nc) Anonymous
Dec 06 18:32 Tales from Omani Mei Nadezhda
Dec 03 18:26 Willow at the Girlmeat Palace (Story, Buffy, F/F, Cannibalism, Snuff, Complete) TheVisitorBlack
Dec 03 18:25 Mary Jane's Girlskin Lingerie Photoshoot TheVisitorBlack
Dec 03 05:06 Heads (loli, shota, hanging, cons) Lord of Pancakes
Oct 27 23:33 Ultra-Short Stories (100 words or less) TDO
Oct 26 12:11 Always Keep a Backup [M/F] pharos
Oct 23 01:58 Deepthroat Death Deviant DeeDeaDev
Oct 20 19:39 The Horde (large insertion, non-human, consensual)
Oct 18 19:55 A hot Day (M/F, cons, snuff, cooking, cannibalism) Nathan
Oct 02 04:57 Been Thinking of This For a While But Not Sure If This Is The Place To Post It
Sep 30 16:40 The Blizzard (Loli, Soiling, Pee) Pottyboi
Sep 30 16:32 The bus ride (Loli, Pooping, Vomiting) Pottyboi
Sep 29 07:09 Miscellaneous short(ish) stories (various tags, but expect lots of hanging and f/f) Eterya
Sep 29 05:15 The Miraculous Mutilation Machine (mutilation, body modification, animal abuse, amputee, nonlethal) Pung
Sep 27 16:56 Unfortunate Campers (M/F, m/F, snuff, hanging, shooting, piss, necro) Randall J. Nelson
Sep 27 14:58 My plays (Fatalities, humiliation, pain, varied) the Pervert
Sep 27 14:12 Rainy Day Fun (Ff/m, soft amputation, crush, penectomy, castration) Htabdoolb
Sep 26 20:54 The Demon Hunters (Prolapse, Womb Abuse, Footplay, etc.) Mister Eskuir
Sep 25 11:50 Hermione goes for seconds on Girlmeat (F/F, M/F, Deep Frying, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, D/s, willing) TheVisitorBlack
Sep 24 16:40 Deconstructing Amy (cannibalism, semi-cons, meat girls, snuff, vore, dismemberment)
Sep 24 03:20 Diapered executions hulang
Sep 23 14:14 Freedom to Snuff (loli, free-use, cons, school, piss, snuff) SexistAliien
Sep 23 11:34 Asphyxia executions with loss of bladder & bowel control hulang
Sep 23 06:17 The Burning House (F/baby, torture, rape, vore, snuff, fire)
Sep 23 04:03 A Recipe for Pasta Sauce (FF/m, CBT, Cannibalism, Castration, Penectomy, Cooking Prep) Htabdoolb
Sep 23 03:27 A classmate's murder Gutsucker
Sep 22 04:18 New Story Request Thread
Sep 21 22:22 Lost in the Basement - A brutal fictional tale
Sep 20 15:18 47's thread 47
Sep 20 00:45 Kate’s crossbow (f/ suicide, blood, gutting) Bellystabber
Sep 19 19:34 Necro-Pedo Boy Hands (snuff, pedo, hand fetish boy)
Sep 19 12:11 Vivisection Class by The Vivisectionist
Sep 18 14:27 Necro-Pedo Feet, a vignette (Mgg, necro,snuff, pedo, foot fetish) Looper
Sep 18 05:31 Mall Chop. (Inc,non-con, snuff) Gundamshinobi
Sep 18 03:18 Jaime's Block Randall J. Nelson
Sep 17 18:30 Rikki-tikki-tavi vore
Sep 17 11:19 Vivisection Begins at Home by The Vivisectionist
Sep 17 10:41 Asuka, on a spit! English / German BoeserWolf
Sep 17 04:31 A New and Fun Product! Unknown
Sep 16 06:20 FbB - Boobfish 2 (Cock Vore, /m, Digestion, Cons) FrictionByBill
Sep 15 12:40 Werewolves hard vore
Sep 15 12:39 Stray Dogs Hard Vore
Sep 15 06:03 Paige’s euthanasia (snuff, belly, gutting) Bellystabber
Sep 15 04:11 Black Widow vrs the Human Female Roaster 9000 Gundamshinobi
Sep 14 03:49 The painful pleasures of Skyrim
Sep 13 18:37 Terrorisim In 3D 4k ULTRA HD Drigg
Sep 13 11:12 A Breathtaking Meal Part 1 Kitty Cunt
Sep 12 10:17 Bacchanal (Gore, Snuff, Consensual, Sibling Incest, M/F/F, Sci-fi-ish.)
Aug 26 05:14 Bryan Fury Snuffs Ayane Rex Canyon
Aug 20 11:48 The BBQ trip (MMMMM/FFF, cons, prep, cooking, roasting, hardvore, amputation, snuff, ..., ... Blackraven2
Aug 10 22:21 Mortal Soul (Mortal Kombat/Soul Calibur; M/F, snuff)
Aug 10 05:38 Setsuka Disarmed (Soul Calibur; M/F, snuff)
Aug 10 05:36 Waifu Wasted
Aug 10 05:35 Anna and Aurora's Tragic Love Story (Drowning, Murder, Morgue, f/f) Emily Grave
Aug 10 05:34 A bit too Deep[Warcraft; F/F/F/M; hanging, non-con] Kyndia
Aug 10 05:34 Choking an angel (M/F, choking, Snuff, implied necro) . . .
Aug 10 05:33 Nobles and Clones, a World of Decadence and Snuff (snuff, casual, young, more to come) Ellen
Aug 10 05:33 Amy Pond: Alien Space Slave Snuff-O-Gram TheVisitorBlack
Aug 10 05:32 Overwatch: Snuffed Sniper (M/F, snuff, masochism)
Aug 10 05:32 Vaniria: Land of the Amazons bando
Aug 10 05:31 Pyhrea of Thorolund M.A.D.
Aug 10 05:31 School Festival (Cons/Semicons, Watersports, Drowning, hopefully more to come) AbbotTar
Aug 10 05:30 School Exhibition (cons, torture, eventual snuff to come, lesbians) Lil
Aug 10 05:30 Victimology 101
Aug 10 05:29 The Guillotine
Aug 10 05:29 A Thousand Worlds of Despair: Crimson Comfort (A Higurashi no naku koro ni story) Shadowstrider
Aug 10 05:28 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha SnufferS (F/F, con, snuff, beheading, hanging, impaling, cutting) M
Aug 10 05:28 Hermione browses for girlmeat (F/F, Canni, Snuff, Hermione, Luna, Harry Potter, Cons) TheVisitorBlack
Aug 10 05:27 Experimenting in Bed (cons, sex, gutting, organ play, snuff, beheading) Anon1442
Aug 10 05:27 Well since Waifu Wars was cool... RED Means Dead
Aug 10 05:26 Waifu wars
Aug 10 05:26 Rebirth(F/F, Lesbian Sex, Consens, Asphyxia, Death & Revival) Annika
Aug 10 05:25 Fountains (con, snuff, ff) Dracon
Aug 10 05:25 School Fundraising Auction (Schoolgirl, Spitting, Canni, Snuff, F/F, Teen) TheVisitorBlack
Jul 26 20:32 The Birthday girl (One shot, Scat only) Raypottyboi
Jul 26 03:28 The Challenge (m/f, snuff, drowning, necrophilia ) VV
Jul 26 00:56 Lesbian serial rapists/killer stories? DianeVH
Jul 24 18:33 Watching the Giantess (scat/panty poop/vore/piss/snuff) EdenV
Jul 24 17:35 bell slays me told
Jul 23 16:50 Black Kat [Mg, Tort, Loli/teen, abduction, bestiality, insertion, electro] CB
Jul 21 19:06 №3642
Jul 21 11:02 Monsters in Men (necro) Anon Y'mous
Jul 20 00:23 She won't make noise (loli, Mf, whatever else) . . .
Jul 19 23:43 Evisceration (f/self , dog/f, ... ) Blackraven2
Jul 17 09:25 Red: the Myth Hunter Grimm
Jul 14 17:28 Hanging of a Sinner (Loke)
Jul 09 04:32 Goodbye, old friend. (Dark Realm of Polaris, an ASSTR subsite, is down)
Jun 25 00:17 German language
Jun 21 20:35 Necrophilia (necro, breaking in, kidnapping, killing, oral) NN
Jun 20 16:48 Hitman: Absolution Ryona (snuff, scat, necro, rape) John Doe
Jun 19 07:37 Loan Shark Darkly
Jun 19 02:12 The chronicles of a self made Queen (FFF, transformation, gore, cannibalism, and more) Falquian
Jun 18 15:57 The Errand Girl [Mg, Mf, pedo, snuff, tort, viol, abduct, anal, bdsm, rape, sad, fist, piercing] CB
Jun 17 02:38 Zookeepers 2 (Soft and Hard Vore, Nipple Torture, Butchering, Consensual, Casual) Htabdoolb
Jun 15 22:21 John Drake's School for Educational Rehabilitation [MFggg, tort, school, discipline, electro] CB
Jun 12 16:16 Spanking Booth (loli, con, non-lethal) The Traveler
Jun 11 06:18 Frat Snuff Party, M+g(12), MF, torture, debreasting, womb removal, incest, snuff Ducetur Manibus
Jun 10 17:32 Upside down Pottyboi
Jun 10 14:47 Soul Hunter (Soul Calibur, M/F, Snuff, Rape, others)
Jun 10 12:16 The Program [f(13), debreasting, cann, mast] Loke
Jun 08 14:42 The Church of Santiago Marin [Snuff, Tort, Loli, Teen, MMMgg, Historical] CB
Jun 07 15:36 The Instrument of Intrumentality (Evangelion, discection, dehumanization) The Key to Guf
Jun 07 08:32 FbB - Evisceration Party 01 (Cons, evisceration, F/fff) FrictionByBill
Jun 03 20:06 Autumn (Non-Con, Torture, Execution/Snuff, Gutting)
Jun 03 10:54 Naruto the Cannibal (can slav tort mindfuck transfo noncon) 4uckedinthehead
Jun 03 00:34 Operation: Create Wyrm Exodia Satanic Scientist
Jun 02 22:28 School Girls (Non-Con, Head Explosion, Decap, Scat, Farting) eg2g
Jun 01 22:36 Testing Lung Capacity - 3 Lethal Asphyxiation Competitions Regis
Jun 01 20:07 Sanae and the Life Statues (petrification, turning to stone, progressive cruelty) CuteAndHurting
Jun 01 20:07 Death Arts Competition - First Blood CuteAndHurting
Jun 01 20:06 Ruki at the Snuff Club (Digimon, peril, exhib, posing, public, gun, eventual snuff) TheVisitorBlack
Jun 01 20:05 My Execution Loke
Jun 01 20:04 Honor Among Thieves (Remastered) (Tags inside) TastyMonk
May 31 11:43 The Human Farm
May 31 03:09 Solely for Her Comfort (F/m, Soft Amputation, Penectomy, Castration, CBT) Htabdoolb
May 27 15:06 The Ancient Hunger (Hard vore, Semi-con, gore, messy, monster, m-f, more tags to come) Bugo
May 27 03:55 CBT Shorts 2 (CBT, F/m, Castration, Penectomy, Cannibalism, Casual) Htabdoolb
May 26 13:24 I forgot the sauce (M/M, no sex, sounding, gross)
May 26 05:34 Friday the 13th Guro Stories (Tags every story.) Pocket Knife
May 25 18:32 The Human Farm 2
May 24 23:15 Magical Nina and Friends (kawaii, petrification, eternal imprisonment, eternal torment) CuteAndHurting
May 24 04:39 Hinata inn Slave Dorms (amputee, humiliation, abuse, slaves, feet) Duster
May 24 01:00 Looking for story
May 21 16:58 Dolcett Girls (ff cann magic sn nc tort viol) tSade
May 21 12:34 The dark (Loli wetting/soiling, short story) Pottyboi
May 21 10:59 Soul Calibur: Temple of the Dark Gods by Grimm DarkKuroi
May 20 19:36 Feet Cannibalism BruhFeet
May 19 23:22 Cracking Open a Cold One with the Boys Overlord
May 19 20:22 Buzzsaws (f/f, decap, amputee, sisters, rape, snuff, fisting) porn-bro
May 19 20:21 The Blizzard (Wetting and soiling) Pottyboi
May 19 02:54 Today’s the Day (M/M Dolcett style setting, incest, cann, etc) WeirdWorld
May 18 13:45 Wood World Problems (petrification, eternal suffering, no sexual content) CuteAndHurting
May 16 03:26 New Version and clean up. "Birthday gift" Girl in half
May 15 21:36 My awful schoolwide horror at 15 Pathetic Tortured Boy
May 15 05:28 requested on 4chan (M/F, amputee, quadriplegic, incest, coercion/rape) Everyone's Anonymous
May 15 03:11 The mobs chef ,cannibalism, nepi, incest, cuck
May 15 02:09 My birthday gift Girl in half
May 12 13:59 The VisitorBlack's Competed Story Thread TheVisitorBlack
Apr 24 06:28 Quest Complete! Kill Amazons (20/20)
Apr 15 01:49 Initiation (Consensual, underage, snuff, cannibalism, body-mod, incest, omnisexuality) Darkly
Apr 08 07:50 Stretch Goals (Imposible Contortion, Huge Insertions, non-lethal, solo f, f/f, non-guro at first) Poguemahone
Apr 08 03:49 First Date (Non-con, Rape, Gutting, Pursuit)
Apr 07 08:31 Pep (M/f, Foodplay, Cannibalism, Objectification, Casual, Coercion, Consensual, Addiction) Htabdoolb
Apr 06 17:21 The Joining (Piss, Scat, Body merging/conjoinment, M/F)
Apr 06 04:56 Killing Children Randall John Nelson
Apr 06 02:48 Pussy Shooter's ((AKA Slit Slicer)) stories. Mostly cunt destruction. Pussy Shooter/ Slit Slicer
Apr 06 00:16 Interview with Justin Beiber Overlord
Apr 05 22:57 Baby Crush - reposted with tags! (baby snuff, abortion, underage, Hard Crush, Jay Deviant
Apr 05 17:00 Ladies and Death. Randall John Nelson
Apr 03 22:25 Raider Blues (brief torture, shooting, stabbing)
Apr 02 05:29 Properly Tenderized Meat (FF/m, CBT, Penectomy, Castration, Cannibalism, Casual) Htabdoolb
Mar 31 01:15 Breast Milk Masochism (lactation, huge tits, bdsm, masochism, breast abuse, titfuck, cons) Modus Malleus
Mar 29 20:08 I'm the victim (torture, ws, scat, snuff, cons/noncons, M/F) Atari
Mar 27 06:32 Sanctify the Dark (Loli, snuff, murder, scat, etc.) Absol
Mar 23 20:15 Orcs Execute a Poor Little Elf Girl! (public hanging, loli elf, special surprise execution method) Bright
Mar 21 05:20 Harvy's Candies (Loli, molestation, death, M/f) guiltstar
Mar 20 19:45 20 Bucks is 20 Bucks (m/f, cons, cunt removal) Anon1442
Mar 19 15:56 Quadruple Amputation
Mar 18 21:23 Quadruple Amputation
Mar 18 20:09 Stocking up for Winter (M/f/g, F/f/g, non con, kidnapped, tort, canibal) E-Sarah
Mar 18 08:50 Statue and Hell Department (petrification, eternal torment, sex, yuri...) CuteAndHurting
Mar 18 04:54 STEVEN ATE 'NAN (week of torture, escalating can) Perv
Mar 18 02:57 Hannah goes to the Zoo (Frog/woman vore, Consensual, mild Digestion, mild Asphyxiation) Htabdoolb
Mar 18 02:57 Zookeepers (Snake/woman vore, Frog/woman vore, Consensual, Casual) Htabdoolb
Mar 17 12:17 Miqo'te Massacre Pt 2 - (Genital Mutilation, Snuff, Guro, Cannibalism, F/FFFFFF 15/13/13/16/14/15) PusKiller
Mar 15 00:07 Fucking your Soup: When you trawl up a Mermaid (M/F, fisting, guro, snuff/drowning(?), cannibalism)
Mar 14 23:37 Chained to Concrete (peril, bondage, impending drowning)
Mar 14 19:24 NEW YORK PARTY GIRL - Good girl in a bottomless spiral Regis
Mar 13 20:45 LAIR (Dragons, Storyline, Various cruelties, Mind break) guiltstar
Mar 13 19:46 Miqo'te Massacre Pt 1 - (Genital Mutilation, Snuff, Guro, Cannibalism, M/FFff 16/13/10/7) PusKiller
Mar 13 04:36 Damsel Demise Randall J. Nelson
Mar 12 03:20 A Girl And Her Bones ( non-lethal, body-mod, skeleton, les ) th4ts5tupid
Mar 10 05:18 It's a dangerous world. Eva La Fey
Mar 10 01:42 Eternal Life = Eternal Pain = Eternal Pleasure (cons, hanging, snuff, cannibalism, amputation) Timbre
Mar 10 01:36 The Shortcut (combat, snuff, humans vs. dragon) Hanneko
Mar 09 10:24 The Hangman (MMM+/f, non-cons, M/f, cons, first, rape, gangbang, throating, noose, snuff) Eficient
Mar 08 14:18 "Letters Home" (mf, ff, cons, snuff) gromyko
Mar 08 00:13 Garrus' Big Score (Mass Effect, Decunting, Public, Wager, Snuff, M/F, Cannibalism, Complete) TheVisitorBlack
Mar 07 17:53 repost: a dangerous world Eva La Fey
Mar 06 22:21 loli torturing man (loli, young girl, f/m, femdom, organs, torture) gurokitty
Mar 06 22:17 Male Torture (torture, f/m, femdom, organs, blood, revenge) gurokitty
Mar 06 14:29 Kimmy (Amputee, breeding) Pung
Mar 05 16:16 The 5M Challenge Overlord
Mar 01 10:34 The Hitchhiker (F/m, CBT, Penectomy, Castration, Cannibalism, Reluctant) Htabdoolb
Feb 27 21:03 Bomb Girl Infestation DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Feb 26 05:45 Hot Date Night (MF/f, kidnapping, rape, snuff) FuckedUp_Flyboy
Feb 26 00:44 Blind Bandit (Toph, snuff, crushing)
Feb 24 19:06 Michelle, the forced girl Typewriter
Feb 24 14:56 Weekend Getaway (tags: f/f, M/f, semi-cons, lesbian, toys, throating, anal, noose, beheading, snuff) Eficient
Feb 23 18:32 A Nightfury Snuffing the Lesser Races (/fur/, fantasy, cons, popping, bisexual) Modus Malleus
Feb 23 18:17 Cassie gets spanked in the cage.(Femdom) ThePervert
Feb 23 02:49 Limbless Lissandra (LoL, quad amputee)
Feb 11 15:28 Milky Pop's last show. (Snuff, rape, watersport, necro)
Feb 11 14:00 extreme titgames
Feb 07 14:52 Kids Murder Club (hanging, kids/f, snuff) kira
Feb 06 10:14 Now a French Version of GIRL HUNT at the bottom of the thread Regis
Feb 06 09:38 Ebony and Emiko(chan): Rod Cooking (cannibalism, cooking, gore, gutting)
Feb 03 20:17 Slave Trade Part 1 (amputation, decapitation, brain, rape, slave) porn-bro
Feb 03 17:29 The Last Ride of the Dragonbride - (cons, fantasy, bestiality, impalement, size difference) Modus Malleus
Feb 03 17:29 A cute Fish and the sea Restaurant. (mermaid, loli , cannibalism) masterchaos
Feb 03 15:25 Slut-er House (gore, consensual snuff, necrophilia, horror)
Jan 29 09:34 Wendy roasting (gravity falls) cons, live pan roast, debreasting, decunting, cannibalism, huge tits. Jim Sugomi
Jan 26 18:53 Amy Pond: Sexy Schoolgirl Snuff-o-Gram (Complete, Dr. Who, Prostitution, Dissection, Fisting, Snuff) TheVisitorBlack
Jan 26 17:35 Melissa Coss - A Lesbian Serial Killer Randall J. Nelson
Jan 23 07:48 The Vacuum Incident (FF/m, Penectomy, Castration, Non-Consensual, Trashification) htabdoolb
Jan 21 21:24 New York Party Girl - 9 girls creatively bound for slaughter as pigs Regis
Jan 20 01:46 Home alone (Shota, Vomit, Scat, Short story, NO Macaulay Culkin) Pottyboi
Jan 19 19:18 Dolcett Incest and Snuff Ducetur Manibus
Jan 19 15:49 Failure To Success (Drowning, CPR, Pseudo-Necrophilia, M/F) Sayo-Nara Guy
Jan 18 22:00 Dethl's Writing (Primarily Scat) Dethl
Jan 18 05:39 Buzzsaws part 2 (f/f, split in half, rape, snuff) porn-bro
Jan 17 07:21 Going Through a Rough Patch (non-lethal, gore, solo f, virtual reality kind of? More tags as needed) Poguemahone
Jan 15 17:21 Aphrodite /consentual/ /impale/ /android sex/ /nipple penetration/ Razer Beast
Jan 10 19:20 Shantae, cooking, cannibalism (kinda), gore, stitches, foodplay, food scat The Demon of the Banquet
Jan 10 16:24 Tali Offers Her Body (Mass Effect, F/M, Exhib, Cannibalism, Snuff) TheVisitorBlack
Jan 09 20:32 The Most Marvelous Time Of The Year (F/F/F, amputee, D/s, X-Men) Asmora
Jan 06 09:57 Nora (semi-con, f(13), butchering) Loke
Jan 03 02:39 Girl Hunt and Erotic Dinner (Loli, extended kill, debauched entertainment, snuff) Regis
Jan 02 20:56 Peephole (m/f, hanging, footplay, necrophilia, frottage) VV
Dec 22 18:18 Pokemon Ash& Delia(his mom) request
Dec 22 07:19 The class trip (Loli, Scat, vomit) Pottyboi
Dec 19 12:25 (real version) The mobs new chef (cannibalism, extreme incest, cuckolding,torture,snuff,bdsm, WS
Dec 19 01:46 Five Gold Coins (m/f, non-con, snuff, necrophilia) VV
Dec 18 01:13 The Need (Cannibalism, Torture, Amputation) HungryMan
Dec 17 22:26 Genocide High (m/m, some m/f maybe, non-con, cannibalism, snuff, probably a lot more) wuffy
Dec 17 19:42 The things you can do with the dead Techie Marvin
Dec 16 20:04 Dante story - Deer Hunting - 2 15 yo girls in deep, deep trouble, hunted by archers Regis
Dec 15 10:29 Posion Ivy Eficient
Dec 13 21:08 To Create A Christian Hell (Criminal Scientists) DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Dec 09 14:28 Star Wars Stories (Snuff, Necro, Piss, Sexism) Guilty+Pleasure
Dec 09 08:00 Happy Birthday (m/f, consensual, suicide, necrophilia, gore) VV
Dec 07 20:45 Some naughty warhammer fanfic DisgustingPervert(ButImBeautiful!)
Dec 04 17:46 The Body Maker TheMadRaven
Dec 04 11:20 Next Eficient
Dec 03 02:08 Repairs (Vaporization, casual, cons)
Dec 01 15:38 Mule (Drugs, Snuff, Disembowelment, F/f)
Nov 30 20:22 Whipping Our Mommy! DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Nov 29 20:04 The Discreet Brothel: a tale of dismemberment and cannibalism FlirtyDirty
Nov 29 03:10 Roasted Asari Tits (F/Self, non-fatal, debreasting, Mass effect) TheVisitorBlack
Nov 28 17:12 Cutter Narra Avlan
Nov 27 18:39 CBT Shorts 1 (CBT, Penectomy, Castration, Cannibalism, Casual) Htabdoolb
Nov 26 11:36 Cyber Six /g/ /consentual/ /gangbang/ /fisting/ /asphyxiation/ /stabbing/ /simulated snuff/ Razer Beast
Nov 26 08:01 Final Fantasy Snuff Story DarkKuroi
Nov 25 22:23 Adele's Ascension to Hell - Top saleswoman becomes top entertainment killer
Nov 23 22:13 Three Distinct Points of View of the Short Life of a Birch (loli, best, whip, gore, snuff) Regis
Nov 23 16:14 A Different Kind of Stuffing (hp, torture, cum inflation, snuff)
Nov 22 00:30 The Story of Meg (Feet, Torture, Cannibalism)
Nov 20 16:07 Misha the Traitor (M/M, violence, sexual torture) Zach Whitaker
Nov 19 19:44 Her Flesh (M/g rape tort snuff cannibalism)
Nov 19 11:41 My real life story (from an alternative universe) M/m/F/f/TS, fist, scat, piss, inc, Satanic, snuff
Nov 18 01:54 M's Shorter Stories M
Nov 14 06:47 wo new anime stories of mine. (debreasting, cannibalism, pussy peril, pain) masterchaos
Nov 12 23:10 Church of the Fallen Angel Regis
Nov 12 21:22 Chihiro Fujisaki's Peaceful Despair [DanganRonpa] (snuff, m/m, con, suicide, necrophilia)
Nov 12 18:27 The New Nursery (preg, cons, snuff, MF + g-unborn) d udet
Nov 12 16:39 Rebels must die! xnetghost
Nov 12 12:30 The Hive: A Duke Nukem Horror Story Eddyboy
Nov 10 21:38 Pussy eating
Nov 10 21:19 Worms (FF/m, CBT, Crushing, Castration, Penectomy) Htabdoolb
Nov 10 00:13 The Deep End (Drowning) chem-1
Nov 09 23:04 Dovakiin Simple Meal (Skyrim Fox girl, f, cannibalism cooking, willing) Gitami
Nov 04 02:58 The Scream HungryMan
Nov 02 18:18 A slayer (torture, anal rape, vaginal rape w/metal, inventive execution). DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Oct 31 18:59 The Fool's Baron /consentual/ /asphyxiation/ /snuff/ Razer Beast
Oct 30 09:03 The Cull /g/ /fur/ /snuff/ /consentual/ /impale/ Razer Beast
Oct 29 14:50 Puppy Mill 2: From the Shadows (ungodly number of tags) tSade
Oct 27 09:40 Marine Sluts Boot Camp military, Mf, ir, preg Ducetur Manibus
Oct 25 02:28 another drunk mortified torture story DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Oct 24 06:09 Dana Gets Imprenated mf, young, preg Ducetur Manibus
Oct 22 18:51 Superhero Rivalry (/g/, light-hearted, mild violence, large breasts, debreasting) BBraker
Oct 21 01:55 Peculiar Picqueristic Perversions (Touhou, F/F, Cons, D/s, Blood/Knifeplay, Non-Lethal)
Oct 20 09:04 A Nony Mouse Annals A Nony Mouse
Oct 19 13:52 Korra For Breakfast (F/F, Cooking, Non-Fatal, Romantic, Complete) TheVisitorBlack
Oct 17 20:27 The War (Advanced-modern Tech, various but realistic torture, various stories) DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Oct 16 02:15 Space Goo (fixed&extended) (/f/, M/F, slime girl, slime penis, penectomy) BBraker
Oct 15 05:24 Dick Girl Incest, Impregnation and Snuff, Herm, inc, preg, snuff, implied can Ducetur Manibus
Oct 13 00:50 secret syndicate suffering DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Oct 12 17:11 Virgin (Straight, Penectomy)
Oct 09 03:02 Liv's Gutting Experience Anon1442
Oct 05 01:02 A Close Shave (decap, m/f, skullfuck) griff
Sep 25 02:11 Today on Perry Singer (various snuff scenes) tSade
Sep 24 20:53 Milked and Harvested (FF/m, Penis Milking, Cum Drinking, Castration/Penectomy, Cannibalism, Casual) Htabdoolb
Sep 21 07:09 The Director (M/f, torture) John Doe
Sep 20 09:05 No-One (Game of thrones) Netty
Sep 18 22:34 342 (/f/, threesome, conjoined twins, microphone, audience, kissing, tickle, first time)
Sep 17 09:59 The Boy Who Lied Thrice (FF/m, CBT, Objectification, Penectomy, Castration, Cannibalism, Casual) htabdoolb
Sep 16 00:14 Ticket to Ride (snuff, necro, gore) Omegaxypher
Sep 12 13:31 Someone somewhere must know something. curious
Sep 11 22:10 My Stories (Tags Inside) Randall J. Nelson
Sep 10 17:25 Nurse's last day
Sep 10 07:22 Lost Johny Guro Story (Blowjob death) Johny Guro
Sep 01 07:43 Therapy (incest: mother-son, rape, lactation, snuff, m/F)
Aug 27 22:04 Sarah Carlson Sarah Carlson
Aug 27 08:34 The Empire Strikes Back (penectomy, gay)
Aug 25 08:11 Erotic electric chair stories hulang
Aug 25 02:55 Groupie (M/f, rape, oral, snuff) Eficient
Aug 20 17:48 Eating monsterwomen- cannibalism, cooking B. Z. T
Aug 19 03:36 Semi-short Stories (101-300 Words) Karl Luck
Aug 16 00:06 What I Saw at the End DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Aug 15 21:57 Aiko's Short Story Collection PsychoAiko
Aug 13 23:03 Holiday in the Mountains (Mg, pedo, tort, implied snuff, foot fetish) looper
Aug 08 20:44 How would you all feel about having an actress read gore stories for you? SexyBlimp
Aug 08 20:36 Ellen and Nixon rp stories Ellen
Aug 07 07:32 Daughter removal
Aug 03 22:17 The Hunt (F/f, snuff, necro, gutting, con/dub-con, gutting) M.A.D.
Aug 02 14:43 Eraserhead vs The Temptress (Boku no Hero Academia, noncon, snuff, stabbing, piss) HeroFucker
Aug 01 06:44 Star Wars: The End of the Skywalker Line (castration, violence)
Jul 31 22:56 Endeavor vs The Temptress (Boku no Hero Academia, Endeavor, snuff, noncon, stabbing, necro) HeroFucker
Jul 31 13:08 LIFE & DEATH IN THE D-RING (everything but fur and Sci-Fi) Regis
Jul 31 04:52 examples (Fire Emblem, Scarlet, Snuff, non-con, hanging, asphyxiation) Buzzard
Jul 31 04:48 ungrateful brat (Fire Emblem, Delthea, asphyxiation, strangulation, necro, incest, snuff, piss) Buzzard
Jul 30 15:25 "Damn it, why do they always take the hot ones?" (a Duke Nukem babe slaughterfest) 47
Jul 27 23:14 Chick breast nuggets (wendy, self debreasting, public, canni, consent) Jim Sugomi
Jul 26 22:25 The Interview: Unofficial Continuation (f/f, non-lethal, flaying, prolapse, fisting, legging) JestInPieces
Jul 24 08:58 "I don't want to be a fox." (Loli, Furry, Snuff, Oral, Suicide, Necro) Guiltstar
Jul 19 19:40 Gekkoukan High School Reunion (F/F, M/F, con, snuff, hanging, Persona 3) M
Jul 18 20:04 crossing paths (Fire Emblem, Ursula, non-con, asphyxiation, dismemberment, snuff) Buzzard
Jul 18 20:02 attempts at parley (Maribelle, Fire Emblem, snuff, non-con, m/f, necro) Buzzard
Jul 18 20:01 silent treatment (Clair, Fire Emblem, strangulation, non-con, snuff, Necro)
Jul 17 08:55 The Lilac Alley (Assorted Stories. Tags inside) Lilac Alley
Jul 16 04:00 Rural Law (snuff, loli, casual) Karmandel
Jul 15 20:17 Angelina and Marcus
Jul 12 02:15 Kate's Early Development (pre-teen, teen, castration, spaying, snuff) Regis
Jul 11 22:53 looking for story
Jul 09 20:28 Ritual Dessicration (Loli, torture, rape, cannibalism, oral, anal, snuff) Ellie
Jul 08 14:49 Sex On The Beach [Bi] [Straight] [Testicles] [TG] [vaginoplasty]
Jul 08 14:43 The Poker Club
Jul 08 14:35 Castrating Uncle Jim
Jul 08 13:56 LACIE'S GIFT (excerpt from Lami Pi Productions) teen, loli, sad, snuff Regis
Jul 06 13:49 The second to last floor (F/f, confinement, uriposia, abuse, snuff) 8950 author
Jul 06 10:34 RWBY Scat And Gore Stories WarBlade
Jul 02 14:34 Dragon Dinner Date (trans m/m, dragons, cons, regen, love n kisses) Rabiah
Jul 01 16:35 Becky's Private Grad Party (teen, loli, masturbation, snuff) Regis
Jun 29 14:00 THIRD GRADE KICK FIGHTERS - title says it all - loli violence Regis
Jun 26 23:22 All the way through (teen M/F, breat mutilation, piercing, impalement, some blood, consensual) Blackraven2
Jun 26 10:10 Ambitions Cut Short (Fire Emblem, Charlotte, non-con, ryona, snuff)
Jun 25 21:48 Terminal Fist Butt-Fuck - Excerpt from Lami Pi Productions Regis
Jun 24 20:34 Testicle Pregnancy: A Miracle of Modern Medicine (FF/m, CBT, castration, penectomy, Mpreg) htabdoolb
Jun 21 18:49 The Flower Garden (beheading, m/f, m/m, young, cons, non-cons) Headless_Boy
Jun 17 09:31 RAHUL AND SAPNA (Tags: m/F, bdsm, inc, sad, scat, snuff, tort, ws, cons, rom, humil) Linard
Jun 15 19:38 The snuff movie enterainment park (cons, snuff)
Jun 15 17:06 Her Liquid Arms {A fictional autopsy report of an anorexic girl} {repost with fixed DioRama
Jun 14 14:01 Love and lion (hard vore) Trimoi
Jun 12 18:05 From the Killer or Victim prompt in Roleplay DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jun 10 16:47 Paar, Tittentorture, Klittorture... German
Jun 08 16:24 If I Was a Dictator... DoctorRobot1
Jun 08 01:29 Young Sex, Incest, And Impregnation Ducetur Manibus
Jun 07 06:17 Turning to Stone, Random Petrification Stories CuteAndHurting
Jun 06 23:51 I'm commissioning a loli/guro comic. Want to write it? TC
Jun 05 04:47 Looking for a story
Jun 04 16:43 A slayer (torture, anal rape, vaginal rape w/metal, inventive execution). DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jun 04 07:33 Beach Attack (bursting, belly inflation, anal, rape, monster/alien) bellydistension
Jun 02 23:56 The Suicide Hotline ((Snuff, exibitionism, blood, genital mutilation, debreasting, suicide, etc)) Pussy Shooter
Jun 02 20:45 How Many Apples 2: AJ's Revenge Poguemahone
May 28 08:33 Queen's Blade: Executions
May 25 14:52 Randall J. Nelson's Graveyard Randall J. Nelson
May 25 13:15 和式さん: I am Washiki-san mississippiman
May 09 20:47 Deepest darkest Africa (Cannibalism)
May 09 11:10 Forbidden fruits (cannibalism)
May 09 05:53 Robin in Bitch Prison by Dante - loli, rape, murder, death fight Regis
May 08 02:16 terrible story DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
May 02 21:59 A Night at the Amagi Inn (F/M, gore, death, cons, noncon, Persona 4) M
May 02 12:35 Repost - Spin the Bottle (nc, rape, torture, group beating, snuff) by request Regis
Apr 28 20:08 CREATING DAMASCUS STEEL (impalement) Regis
Apr 23 16:09 The True Story of Aiko's Childhood and How I Became a Guro Author PsychoAiko
Apr 13 17:53 Interplanetary Log: BX93c2 Bright
Apr 13 15:37 April pays her debts Dokariss
Apr 12 22:27 LAAP Park short story (teens, racy park, lethal rides, snuff) Regis
Apr 11 07:39 Cardiophile musings (Heart fetish-always f/f) Onouwu
Apr 10 23:11 Sirens' Last Song (MLP:EG, Non-con, Rape, Snuff, Torture) Frogace55
Apr 09 14:58 Snuff Story Prompts Karl Luck
Apr 05 16:46 3 girls shot in the pussy (a shooting spree, drowning, pregnant, piss, showering)
Apr 04 02:42 Praying at the Church of the Lord of Doom Obedient Doll
Apr 03 08:35 First person snuff story Waysider
Apr 01 22:42 Fun with a Fairy (mf, size difference, large insertion, semi-con, gore, non-fatal) Poguemahone
Apr 01 05:10 Melissa Want To Move Up In The World (M/f, sex, snuff, some gore) 47
Mar 29 16:32 Inheritance (tags inside) Eficient
Mar 24 15:26 Here's a story I wrote, read it or don't, I don't give a fuck. ZimbleKimble
Mar 24 00:09 The 1st Branding Punishment Ceremony upon Leah Sarahbalte
Mar 21 22:38 From the dungeon of Karl Luck. (Various tags, but expect a lot of shooting.) Karl Luck
Mar 12 02:07 The emperors acquires new ordinance (female consensual snuff) 47
Mar 10 18:37 Mimi & Felicity (cons, gore, werewolf, knotting, regen, f/f + dickgirls)
Mar 10 09:26 Conversion (cyborg, medical) FafnirMech
Mar 09 21:47 Amputee fetish
Mar 07 02:02 NEWER GREATLY EXPANDED Lami Pi Productions (LOLI, loli scat, loli fights, M/M, anal, snuff) Regis
Mar 06 09:37 Heart Hunting (f/f cardiophilia) Onouwu
Mar 06 05:57 [consensual] [FF/mm] [genital cannibalism] [milking] [Nullification] [Penectomy] [Straight]
Mar 01 23:59 Milkmaids (FF/mm, Penis Milking, Cum Drinking, Castration/Penectomy, Cannibal, NonConsensual, Casual Htabdoolb
Mar 01 17:39 Avatar: End of Korra (gore, death, large insertion, rape) Waysider
Feb 28 11:48 Creating Heavens and Hells
Feb 27 11:13 The Dissection of Starlight Glimmer (MLP) The Bizarre One
Feb 27 10:45 The Dogscape (Gore, Death, Body Horror, Freakshow)
Feb 25 04:29 Liselle offers Aria her life (Mass Effect, Aria T'Loak, Liselle, Tevos, Snuff, Amputation, Body Mod) TheVisitorBlack
Feb 21 16:11 Scrotum Torture
Feb 21 04:49 The Bizarre One's Brainstorms The Bizarre One
Feb 21 04:23 Dragon Dinner Date (trans m/m, dragons, cons, regen, love n kisses) Rabiah
Feb 21 00:32 Lilly, the cutest doll! (dollification, soft) masterchaos
Feb 20 22:22 Looking for a story...
Feb 19 10:48 destroyed daughters
Feb 16 18:32 Only True Lord of the Sith (tort, asphyx, abortion, mast, mc, humil) Shadowstrider
Feb 15 01:33 Missing series with a rich woman, sisters, ans gurl who gets clit removed Vanthel
Feb 15 01:29 Searching Story from Old Gurochan (debreasting, cons) Nightfall
Feb 14 02:23 Cruel and Unusal Deaths (snuff, murder, torture, variety) Aki
Feb 13 19:40 is anyone interested by rich dominating poor stories
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So I posted a request on 4chan, asking for requests for erotic writing prompts and places to post said writing. I got "a quadruple amputee being fucked," posted on gurochan. so here I am to post it. Hope I made it to your liking, whomever requested it.



My life used to be such a dream. I was truly blessed. At least, I thought it was. Maybe things had only seemed to be wonderful so that it would hurt all the more when the universe took it away. I was pretty, I was popular, I had a wonderful boyfriend. I was a cheerleader, and he was... well, he was in the marching band, actually, but he was seriously hot. I was going to marry him as soon as we graduated high school and we were both 18 and going to college together... He hadn't proposed yet, but I had a little promise ring on my finger that meant we would be together forever.

That all changed the night of junior prom. He came to pick me up in his car, an old Volvo he'd got from his dad. Nothing fancy, sure, but I didn't care. My parents took pictures of us before we left, Tommy with his short dark hair swept back with gel, looking handsome in his rented tux. I had my long blonde hair done in curls, and had a beautiful robins egg blue strapless gown on. It was a little risky going strapless, for sure, but it fit tight enough around my breasts that I didn't think I'd pop out.

It had promised to be a wonderful night. A magical night. We were going to dance, we were going to party, and, thought Tommy didn't know it, but we were going to lose our virginity. That was the plan, at least. I was going to whisper something to him, maybe on the dance floor, maybe on the way home. Something sexy, and naughty. Something that would make his blood boil, and... I never did figure out what I was going to say.

On the way to prom, a big rig ran a red light. I just remember listening to the radio, then... it all happened so fast. There was a loud crash, and pain, and then nothing. I woke up in the hospital, my body hurt all over, my arms and legs felt like they were on fire, but I couldn't move them. I screamed for help, and a nurse arrived, then a doctor, then the sedative, and I was out.

When I woke up again, I learned what had happened. Slowly, not all at once, they broke the news. I'd been in a coma for a month. The truck driver had had an aneurysm, died before he ever hit our car. Tommy had died on impact. Me... the crash took off Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Yeah, this is an OP that delivers.

Seriously, this was fantastic! It had just the right balance of sadism to keep things fresh without going totally overboard with it. The setting up the idyllic life before taking it all away is my favorite trope in stories like this and you did a wonderful job at that, making the ending that much more tragic.

Good job, you got talent for amputee erotic fiction!


Can we get a continuation on this one? It's very well done.


Reposting this story because I am going to expand the universe a bit.

Part one "one of the boys"

Frank Sardone was a all American success story. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in NJ he had self made himself into a successful business man. He studied haute cuisine in Paris on a full ride scholarship, and now owned a large restaurant that had become a institution over the past 20 years. He drove a big Cadillac escalade, and had a huge house. He had a beautiful family with 7 kids, and a gorgeous wife, who kept her figure even after being pregnant for almost a decade straight. They were expecting their 8th in about 2-3 weeks now. His wife was very pregnant, but this was routine for her.

Frank only really had one problem, and that was himself, and his bad habits. In his old neighborhood almost all his friends went into a life of crime, those that weren’t dead or in jail, had risen to chief mobsters. He still hung out with them all the time. Most nights he would go down to Sal’s Gentle Men’s club, after closing the shop. It was a one stop shop for any depravity you had.

Out front they had a strip club, staffed with mostly 16-17 year old run away girls. For $200 you could fuck them, and for a few more bucks you could do whatever else you wanted to them. In the back there was a huge private area, much bigger then the front strip club. You needed to get past a row of goons to get in, but once inside you were in another country. Basically anything went back here, they had a full Casino, huge lounge area for sports betting, drugs were openly consumed, and traded in huge quantities.

Over the years Frank had become a fixture over here. Getting in real tight with the made guys. Sometimes blurring the line between a mobster, and the civilian he was. He got real close to the owner Sal, and would spend time in the most private rooms in the far back. Here is where the high stakes poker games took place, and buy in started at $500. Fortunes could be won, or lost in a evening.

This is also where the guys discussed their plans, openly admitted who whacked who, and sometimes got even with each other. Sal had a favorite tactic to get people to pay him his money, he wouldn’t threaten the guy, he would just go right to threatening the guys wife. and kids. For the most part this worked, the guy would do anything to get the money. Still since Sal owned almost all betting, probably once a week a guy wouldPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Part four "Dr feel good"

Frank, and his wife waited in the Dr’s office waiting room, with a few of the kids. Frank listlessly paged through out of date sports illustrated magazines. Finally the hot little Indian secretary called his name.

Frank landed on the Dr’s table with a thud. He looked like absolute shit. Unshaven, and sleep deprived. He had to position himself just right to avoid being sore.

His wife and the three kids sat quietly in the corner, the kids entranced by their iPads, and newborn peacefully sleeping.

Dr carter, New Jerseys best urologist 4 years in a row walked into the room. He took note, of the handsome, but disheveled man sitting on the Dr’s table. He seemed to recognize him from TV or, a billboard, something but couldn’t place him.

“What can I help you with today”? Asked the Dr.

“I need some dick help Doc” Said Frank matter of factly. “I need to get some viagra, cialis or something to help me cum more volume , and get hard more often.” Frank stood up, and dropped trough, his long cock still impressive when it was soft. “I’m also going to need some ointment” Said frank. The Dr approached, and with a gloved hand inspected the long cock closely. Taking note of the children in the corner, and his wife nodding back at him. Franks cock looked sore, it black and blue, with chaffe marks up, and down it. The Dr. peeled back his foreskin, to find a deposit of dried cum, and a still leaking pee slit. The Dr. adjusted his glasses, and trying to be inconspicuous simultaneously gave frank a few pumps, admiring his girth.

“Mr Sardone, it seems that your Penis has been getting plenty of use, I am sorry but I can not ethically prescribe you any medication, to encourage sex. Your lab results came back, and your blood pressure is high, and you are becoming anemic. Is there something you would like to talk about, perhaps I can help you find a support group? Why do you need these pills”?

Frank rolled his eyes and said “Look I spend most evenings these days with my cock up the ass of a various young children at work, and then I get home, and I have a row of 8 kids, plus a whore of a wife who will not rest until they have milked me absolutely dry”…

He let the statement linger in the air. The Dr was trying his best to look incensed, at what was just said, but was betrayed by his foggy glasses, and flushed expression.

He looked over at the wife, and Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


My name is Mai and am kinda of shy,

my sister like to talk about how she masturbet every night and that i should try it,  well not my thing yet,

But my first time i did, let me tell you.

It was the morning of my birthday and i went out to this new shop, some antic shop, i saw this knife, with two blades one gold and on silver, i ask the seller way and he told me that, i should buy it and find out my self, i laught and went for the door, he call me and told me to come to the counter, and that it was my birthday, shock that he knows that so i went to him and ask him how he knows that, he told me the knife tld him and it wants you, he said in a deep voice, "go home and cut one of your body parts and you will see, each side is different".

i went home, ran to my room and lock the door, i wanted to see so, i layed my hand and cut my finger with the gold side, no pain no blood, i can see the cut the bone but no pain, i couldent move my finger but when a move my hand closer it reattached it self. i was not dreaming, so i tried with the silver blade, some story but i could move my finger, i dont know what went in my head thet moment but i layed on my back and lossing my belt moving my finger like a litle worm up my jeans, sliding inside, my finger was juste inch from my clito, and then i jsut went in moving my finger around insie deep in deeper, the orgasm was like nothing i experience, i wanted to move my finger out but couldent find the wat out i was still shy to touch it with my are hands but had to, i reach down, started to search with my feel hand with all its finger in my crotch, the feeling was crazy,   my finger find its way out, i freed my hand holding my finger, i remember my sister saying that your own taste is the best, i so but my finger in my mouth and sucked it dry, the rest of the story later.


An interesting idea. This could be a lot of fun. You should clean up this story and keep working.



Especially because their user name is 'girl in half'. Really want to see more of this.


So, I'm going to post up some of the stuff I've completed. Most of this is on my ASSTR account or on Hentaifoundry, but It seems like there's some demand for it here as well.

Yumi's Explosive Climax
Tags: F-solo, explosives, school, exhibitionism

School had ended when Yumi finally returned to her school, fireworks in one hand, a video camera in the other, lighter tucked into the pocket of her ripped denim shorts. She crept through the hallways till she arrived outside of her homeroom, it was after classes had ended for the day, but there were still a few teachers and students cleaning up after school. Yumi looked around, she had been thinking about doing this ever since she had seen the “Ruined Girls” website, the thought just wouldn't go away. So, once Yumi reached the hallway she set up the video camera on the other side of the hall, far enough away from her that it shouldn't be touched by what was about to happen. It was an afterthought, there to catch the end result of what she was about to do, but if she didn't get caught she wanted to have what she was about to do on camera. Yumi started unbuckling her shorts. She was well aware that she might be caught. The thought of someone she knew, maybe a teacher, or another student, someone she saw each and every day walking down the hallway and seeing her half naked, maybe a student, just finished with the cleaning exiting a classroom, or looking out one of the class windows into the hallway, the thought excited her like nothing else. In fact she was counting on the idea of being caught, she swore to herself that once she lit the fuse on the fireworks she wouldn't put them out herself unless someone else did it for her. The thought of being caught excited her almost as much as the possible result of her excursion.

Yumi fished the lighter out of her pocket and set it down quietly, it wouldn't do to be caught before she even started after all. She unbuttoned the buttons of her fly revealing a tantalizing glimpse of shaved skin to the camera, and then she slowly slid her shorts down her legs, revealing her lack of panties inch by inch to the audience she hoped would watch the video after she was done. Yumi's lower lips were red and puffy, a side effect of the rough denim rubbing against them with nothing in between. Her lower lips left a small trail of moisture between them and the crotch of her pants, revealing just how aroused the stimulation Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Glad you liked them.

As far as working together, I do trades with other writers and artists (mostly writers), and I comission other writers. But I don't take requests. That sort of thing gets really toxic pretty quickly, and while I am super motivated while trading, nothing about a request motivates me to write, unless it's a story that I really would like to write on my own had I thought of it.

I have done a lot of collaboration work with other writers, especially Wolfmeal and Ms. Masterson. Usually I leave them to post that stuff though. If you want to talk, email me.


Do you take commissions?


No. Never. They don't motivate me since I don't need the money. I tried once or twice. I never finished them.


Willow at the Girlmeat Palace: Version 1

Willow Rosenberg had worked at the Girlmeat Palace for about a week now and every night she'd gone home since she'd applied she'd brought herself to a bed rattling climax. Goddess! The whole idea of the place was sexy! Openly selling girlmeat! Girls willingly volunteering to have their sex cut out and fed to customers! Watching the patrons bite into their fresh cooked pussy burgers! Willow had enough schlicking material for the rest of her life!

Although, with just how turned on she was, Willow wasn't sure just how long the rest of her life would last before she ended up volunteering to go on the menu herself...

Willow was a waitress, she wasn't on the menu automatically like the girls who signed up as larder meat were, though of course the company didn't mind if she volunteered.

Tonight, business was pretty frantic. A pussy burger was $20 a piece, making it by far the most expensive item on the menu, but tonight was Friday and so they'd managed a pretty brisk trade. She'd watched 5 different larder girls go under the knife since her shift started, not to mention a regular customer who had decided to get her own pussy harvested for her friend to eat. Willow had even gotten to deliver a pussy burger to a distinguished looking businessman herself! It was Annette's, a pretty french girl that had applied for a job in the larder yesterday and who Willow had gotten to harvest herself. The customer had wanted her ground, like an old fashioned beef burger, so Willow had had the pleasure of spreading Annette's pretty thighs and lifting her up onto the grinding cone and holding her steady as the vaguely juicer shaped device ground away at Annette's sex, bringing the french girl to a screaming final orgasm.

Willow had then brought the decunted Annette into the back and hung her up by her wrists to watch the monitors showing the restaurant dining area like she was supposed to before going back and scooping out the ruins of Annette's freshly ground cunt and fashioning them into a patty for the chef to fry up on the griddle.

Goddess, the feel of another girl's ruined twat squishing in her hands like that was so incredibly arousing! Knowing that Annette gave this up so that someone else could eat it was just so... Unnngh! It was all Willow could do to keep from frigging herself right there on the spot!

Of course, that was just the highlight of her night sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Willow at the Girlmeat Palace: Version 1

Willow Rosenberg had worked at the Girlmeat Palace for about a week now and every night she'd gone home since she'd applied she'd brought herself to a bed rattling climax. Goddess! The whole idea of the place was sexy! Openly selling girlmeat! Girls willingly volunteering to have their sex cut out and fed to customers! Watching the patrons bite into their fresh cooked pussy burgers! Willow had enough schlicking material for the rest of her life!

Although, with just how turned on she was, Willow wasn't sure just how long the rest of her life would last before she ended up volunteering to go on the menu herself...

Willow was a waitress, she wasn't on the menu automatically like the girls who signed up as larder meat were, though of course the company didn't mind if she volunteered.

Tonight, business was pretty frantic. A pussy burger was $20 a piece, making it by far the most expensive item on the menu, but tonight was Friday and so they'd managed a pretty brisk trade. She'd watched 5 different larder girls go under the knife since her shift started, not to mention a regular customer who had decided to get her own pussy harvested for her friend to eat. Willow had even gotten to deliver a pussy burger to a distinguished looking businessman herself! It was Annette's, a pretty french girl that had applied for a job in the larder yesterday and who Willow had gotten to harvest herself. The customer had wanted her ground, like an old fashioned beef burger, so Willow had had the pleasure of spreading Annette's pretty thighs and lifting her up onto the grinding cone and holding her steady as the vaguely juicer shaped device ground away at Annette's sex, bringing the french girl to a screaming final orgasm.

Willow had then brought the decunted Annette into the back and hung her up by her wrists to watch the monitors showing the restaurant dining area like she was supposed to before going back and scooping out the ruins of Annette's freshly ground cunt and fashioning them into a patty for the chef to fry up on the griddle.

Goddess, the feel of another girl's ruined twat squishing in her hands like that was so incredibly arousing! Knowing that Annette gave this up so that someone else could eat it was just so... Unnngh! It was all Willow could do to keep from frigging herself right there on the spot!

Of course, that was just the highlight of her night sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


This was inspired by one of the Role-Playing threads and meant to be a reply there except :words: happened so it ended up here.

I was on patrol near my village, slightly tense because several of my sisters had gone missing over the previous three days, when I saw what looked like a young adventurer girl kneeling beside a tree, picking some herbs. "Hey, little girl, you shouldn't be out in the Amazon Forest. I'm pretty sure there's someone out here killing off my sisters, and I don't expect he'll spare you just because you're a townie."
The girl stood from where she was kneeling and turned around to face me with a sigh that was slightly deeper than I expected. Now I could see the masculine cast to their face, even though they were small and fairly scrawny-looking, and realized... "I am a guy, you know... ugh, anyway, I've been fighting Amazons, so maybe it's me that you're looking for?"
I licked my lips in anticipation, drawing my spear and shield. "Excellent! I'm looking forward to both avenging my sisters and taking a cute boy like you home as a prize! My name is Helena, warleader of the ███ Amazons, and I challenge you to a duel!"
The boy sighed again and rubbed his cute face before drawing a black longsword, holding it out before him pointed at my chest. "... If you insist. My name is ███, and I will win in the name of ████, goddess of war!"

Hearing that made things a little more difficult, since her followers often had supernatural powers as well, but it also made things more exciting. I leapt at him with my spear, aiming to judge his skill with a lightning-fast first strike that wouldn't be lethal even if he failed to avoid it, and wasn't surprised when he managed to parry it with his longsword and hack at my upper body with almost the same motion. I caught his blade on my shield and pushed forward mightily, throwing him off balance and following up with a kick to the torso that sent him sprawling to the ground prone with a grunt, but before I could continue with my spear, he had already leapt to his feet.

"Ahh... I wasn't expecting to be caught off guard like that. Helena, you said your name was? I guess I have to take this a bit seriously, then."
"Heh, I guess I won't hold back, then. I was hoping to keep you, but if that doesn't work out, maybe I'll just take you right here."
"Ugh, amazons. Well, you are pretty hot for one of them, even if muscles aren't really my thing."
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


This is *extremely* good. You should do more in a similar style.



All her life Lindsey had been fascinated by her mother’s breasts. Specifically her nipples. Specifically the fact that she only had one, what remained of the areola of her left breast crowned by an old, jagged scar where the pink nub should have been.

It wasn’t until she was eleven that Lindsey had asked her mother about it. They had been taking their dog Lancer on a walk through a local park. It was a hot July day so mother and daughter had forgone clothing except for footwear, her mother had a pair of sandals and Lindsey wore pink flip-flops. They where hardly the only ones, almost everyone else in the park was completely nude except for the occasional hat, some people even going barefoot.

As they walked along Lindsey noticed a boy and girl, they looked to be high school age, fucking beneath a tree. As she watched her hand almost absentmindedly drifted to her still mostly per-pubescent pussy, her fingers lightly stroking her outer folds. Mother and daughter stopped to let Lancer investigate a bed of flowers next to the walkway and Lindsey looked up at her mom to see that she too had taken note of the free show occurring a few yards away, licking her lips as she watched the young couple fuck. Unlike her daughter she didn’t actually touch herself, but she did press and rub her thighs together as she stood watching.

However Lindsey maintained her attention on her mom, her eyes, as often happened when her mother was topless, going back to study her scared breast. It was far from the most extreme disfigurement she had ever seen, a boy at her elementary school one year older then her had let his father cut off, cook, and eat his penis as a birthday present. Lindsey had heard that he wanted to be castrated too now, apparently without a dick he was having a hard time satisfying the new desires that came with the onset of puberty and would just as soon be rid of them. She had seen him naked a few times on hot, clothe-less days, she’d found the sight of the short stub that was all that was left of his manhood strangely erotic, and especially liked the way it left his balls better exposed without a penis dangling down in front of them.

Margret watched the two teens fuck for a few more moments before glancing at her daughter. She smiled when she saw that the young girl was once again gazing at her nipple-less breast. She reached up and cupped her tit, her thumb rubbing its ruined summit. Lindsey’s eyes widened, and she looPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Really could do with some more of this! Great stuff, super hot setting!




This is a lovely, well-written piece. Thank you! It is yummy.


This is a great story, I like it.




Hi, I'm Poguemahone

So this is actually an idea from my pal JestInPieces that he's kindly allowed me to use, cause I loved the sound of it. There's no actual guro to start with, but I've got some typical Poguemahone shit planned from maybe about chapter 3-4 onwards, promise. I'm not physically capable of writing a story without using the word "brain" at some point. Got to build up to it though!


There’s a flicker of light as the webcam is turned on. It’s a small room with pink walls, lit by a hanging overhead light. A bookcase filled with a mixture of textbooks and airport novels is on the right. Miscellaneous items are visible on the shelves-a hairbrush, loose coins and some sort of comic book action figure, posing heroically for the camera. Across from it lies a small bed, covered in white sheets, hastily tidied. The door out is directly across from wherever the webcam has been set up.

A teenage head pops into view. She had fiery red hair that seems wild and artless in a way that you only get with lots of care. Two emerald green eyes stare into the camera. Then the girl smiles.

“Aaaand we’re on!” she says, giggling. “Hey guys, Melissa here! It’s happening! Wooo!” Her eyes can be seen darting to her right, as if reading something just off camera, before she starts to speak again. “Wow, there’s a lot of you guys on chat, huh? Ok, I’m gonna do a quick recap in case anyone comes in who doesn’t know the deal, and to give people time to log in before we start. That cool, everyone? Yeah? Ok!” She claps her hands and rubs them together before starting her introductory remarks.

“Ok, so for those of you who don’t know, my names Melissa, I’m a sophomore student here at the University of Illinois, I’m studying history-total history nerd. Total comic nerd. Like, for real, don’t get me started. Uh, anyway…” Melissa shakes her head and laughs briefly, in such a way that her fiery hair briefly goes over her eyes before she brushes it out of the way. “I kinda have a bunch of student debts to pay off, same as most of us, right? So I thought I’d so the usual camgirl shit, get some dolla-dollas that way. But I thought I’d do it with a slight, shall we say, twist.”

As she speaks, Melissa turns her left arm around and, suddenly, it seems to twist itself into a painful, unnatural position, as though it were suddenly dislocated. She stands up and turns around, before lePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Love your stories. Can't wait for an update to this one.


Love the story! After reading the Demon Hunters story and another extreme fisting story here some time ago I have been looking for more of the same stuff.

Ah, that's one of my favorites.

If you haven't already, check out Ahemaru. Draws really wack stuff kinda related. Love the rare ovary play. Not a fan about the birthing though.
Maybe you can find some inspiration if you wanna go even deeper.


What other fisting story have you read besides Demon Hunters?


What other fisting story have you read besides Demon Hunters?


I think it was 'Extreme Holiday Sluts".

Poguemahone: Sorry for talking about other stories in your thread. There are too few stories like this so I felt it was relevant.
Looking forward to the next chapter!


It was a chilly Michigan evening but not too bad. Ella was walking home from a party at a friends house. She had been introduced to a really cute friend of a friend named Alex who ended up asking for her number. So exciting! She had been given a heads up he would be there so she was dressed for the occasion: a lovely black patterned strapless corset, revealing her shoulders which she always liked, and a mid length lovely burgundy skirt. A bit on the skimpy side but still tasteful. Unfortunately, she wished she had brought a jacket as she was now starting to shiver a bit in the crisp night air.

She turned the corner leading to her neighborhood when a car turns out of seemingly nowhere it high speed and comes screeching to a halt next to Ella. She is a bit shaken at first but calms down a bit when she sees Alex get out of the car.

“Hey Ella, thought I’d come and offer you a ride home!” He closed the car door and walked toward her. Her heart fluttered a bit, he was as cute in the moonlight as he was back at the party, if not more so. However, something didn’t feel right. The way he was smirking at her, the look in his eyes, it seemed… attractive and… dangerous.

Then Ella noticed a glint in Alex’s right hand. He was holding a knife. Fuck, how had she not noticed that before now?

Her eye’s instinctually widened and her heart rate increased. Alex noticed easily, as she was now staring directly at the hunting knife, which wasn’t really hidden to begin with.

“Heh, you just now noticed babe?” he says to Ella in a mocking voice.

Ella is speechless, fear beginning to creep into her mind. “I… I uh, I really should get home… it’s very cold out here.” she stuttered as she starts to back away. Alex lets her back off a few feet and she turns and starts walking very quickly down the sidewalk, shivering in the cold air. Then she hears him start to run toward her. Her mind enters panic mode immediately and she instinctually shouts “No please just leave me alone!” as she starts sprinting down the sidewalk.

She looks over her shoulder and sees he is gaining on her. Fuck. Half her brain is telling her to start screaming for help, but she can’t seem to find her voice anymore. In a random moment of desperation, she suddenly veers hard right into the woods. She barrels through a bunch of bushes and starts running like her life depended on it, fueled by the adrenaline pumping through Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I loved it. More please!


This was great!


This is a long one. I think the slow build up helps the story, but if you grow impatient with it, or simply don't have a lot of time, feel free to skip to part ten.


1 - Push

"Elizabeth, would you stay after class please?"

Titters and a couple of giggling laughs from several of the students filing out of his classroom followed this announcement, but Mr. Riggs ignored them. Elizabeth, however, blushed and ducked her head, hiding her face behind her long hair.

"Y-yes, Mr. Riggs." she answered, a bit timidly.

Mr. Riggs intimidated Elizabeth a little bit, but then, so did almost everyone. She waited until the last of her classmates had left the room, then approached Mr. Riggs' desk.

Mr. Riggs was erasing the whiteboard, his long arms sweeping away the arcane, to Elizabeth, formulas and drawings of chemical bonds that had dominated that day's lesson. He finished, then turned around to look at her with a little disappointed frown creasing his forehead. Elizabeth gulped, her eyes flickering down from his for a moment, then she looked back up at him hesitantly.

She did have to look up, too. Although Mr. Riggs was quite thin, with a bald, shaved head, a large, hawkish nose, and prominent adam's apple, he was saved from being scrawny by the fact that he was several inches over six feet in height. He was at least a foot taller than she was. Several of the boys in her class were as tall or nearly as tall as Mr. Riggs, and probably much broader, but the fact that he was a mature adult, her teacher, seemed to make him much more intimidating than her peers.

"Elizabeth." Mr. Riggs said, looking down at her, "You're falling behind. Quite far behind. You're in danger of failing this class, in fact."

Elizabeth inhaled sharply at his statement. She had known that she wasn't doing well, but to be in danger of failing completely?

"But, Mr. Riggs, I read all the chapters in the text book you assign, and I try to do my homework." She replied, hurriedly. "I'm really trying, but none of it makes any sense."

"You're really reading everything I assign?" Mr. Riggs asked, quirking one eyebrow up interrogatively.

"Er, well, most of them." Elizabeth hedged, looking a little sheepish. "I try to read them all, but sometimes Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I applaud your patience in writing filler.

Also, methamphetamine??? I'm curious. Or was it coke?



I know virtually nothing about drugs, so I just sort of globbed most of the stereotypical effects and side effects associated with drug use into one little white powder.

Whatever it is makes one feel amazing, it amps metabolism(or at least it feels like it does), reduces appetite, makes its users more likely to focus on one specific task to the exclusion of everything else, and is ridiculously addictive.


Yup, meth it is. It was marketed as Pervitin




Very nice. I enjoyed this one a great deal.


Hi all, I published this story on Literotica a couple days ago but I figured the Scat crowd here would like it as well

Prologue: Jake

The prologue introduces one of our main characters, and how he got to where he is in the beginning of chapter 1. If you're just here for the juicy parts you might want to skip this bit.

Jake enjoyed his life on Earth. Well, at least for the most part. Nothing less was expected of him. He lived in the utopia created by the United Federation of Planets, after all. Jake got a lot of free time which he spent hiking and playing adventure games in his town's holosuite. His desk job cataloging alien cultures was perfectly serviceable too. But he wasn't quite satisfied. Jake preferred to be in a monogamous relationship with a woman, and he tried it a few times but it never quite worked out for him.

You see, Earth had evolved to a point where people were basically free to have whatever type of relationship they wanted and do whatever they want, but even so, a couple of things where so out-there, that it was nearly impossible to bring up in a relationship without destroying it. Jake had one of those things. He'd discovered during puberty that the only way he could truly enjoy sex was if piss and poop got involved. He wasn't ashamed of this, but this kink was just completely unacceptable in the clean and pure society of the Federation. He even went to talk about it with a Federation counselor. She just suggested he'd forget about the fetish and go and enjoy his life without ever indulging. But this part of his sexuality was just so important to him that he found he couldn't have a satisfying relationship without it.

One day, close to his 25th birthday, he suddenly got an idea. He looked around to see if he was alone in his working room, activated his console and put in a query: "Computer, list all known sapient species that involve their own bodily waste in their courting rituals."

After some processing time, the computer showed a list of about a dozen species. Looking through it, most of them weren't very compatible. A species breathing sulfide gas and peeing concentrated sulfuric acid? No thanks. A species whose body structure was made of some sort of stretchable diamond? Sounds rough. He found one single species that was described as mostly humanoid. Not too much was known about them, but their atmosphere and food requirements were almoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Chapter 2: The next step

Contains scat, M/F.

The next day started like normal. The only unusual thing was that Liana put a lot of Brzbo beans on her breakfast plate. Jake had learned Brzbo beans are a popular Kbraxi food but they usually take it as a small side dish, not as a main breakfast like Liana was doing.

"What are you doing?" asked Jake, looking at the beans.

"You'll see... don't worry about it" replied Liana. She also wouldn't say anything about what the 'next step' of their sex would entail.

During work that day she stayed very professional, she didn't even lean in to give Jake a kiss and at one point she even went to the toilet - something that had become very unusual for either of them lately. Jake started wondering if he had done something wrong, but Liana told him everything was fine, she was just saving her energy for tonight.

After work, Liana took Jake straight to her quarters, and told him to undress. She took off her own clothes as well.

"I think I'm ready," Liana said, "I've been preparing for this all day. Sit down." She pointed at the bed, and Jake sat down on the edge of it. Liana sat down on his lap, with her back towards his face. Jake wasn't sure what was going on, he expected Liana would piss on him like she'd done so often.

Liana said: "This will be a bit unusual for you and I'm honestly not sure how you'll react. It's best if you just relax and let it happen. You don't need to do anything." Liana started pissing at that time, making his dick get hard like always, and pushing up against her vulva, so her piss started flowing around his member.

Jake saw the spots on Liana's back getting moist, as the stream of piss slowed down and the last of it spread into the mattress they were sitting on.

"Okay... here goes..." Liana said. She bent forward a little bit, she started grunting, and a moment later Jake started feeling... something different on his dick. Then the smell hit him.

Jake started saying: "Are you sh-", but then, suddenly, Liana's first turd came out entirely, quickly followed by a huge sudden load of very soft shit.

A lot of thoughts crossed Jake's mind at that point. His mind had been so occupied with the life full of piss sex he'd been leading for the last few months, that he had almost forgotten that the main reason he got away from Earth was that he wanted to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 3: Jake's training

Contains scat, shit eating, M/F

There was one thing Jake had some trouble with at first. Liana wanted him to lick her until she came, and drink her piss like he used to. But when her cunt was covered in brown, stinky shit, that can become quite the challenge. Not wanting to disappoint her, Jake tried it anyway, and at first it caused him to retch after every lick. But just like her piss, there was something with Liana's shit that made Jake hornier after each little taste, until he just didn't care anymore and kept licking Liana until no trace of shit remained on her cunt.

And that's when he felt ready to ask her something that had been on his mind for a while. After another session of hot dirty sex, Jake looked at her and asked: "Liana, dear, you once told me that I could prove my love for you by drinking your piss. I'd like to prove it better this time. Can I eat your shit?"

Liana looked back and said: "I thought you'd never ask. Of course, dirty boy. But there's one catch. You have to eat what you're given. No stopping halfway."

Jake readily agreed to those terms.

Liana told him she had to go out to a shack near the mountain caves to prepare for something, and she'd be back in two days to feed him her shit.

It was difficult being without her for two days, and Jake was relieved when he saw her walking into the village on the evening of the second day. As she stepped inside of their now shared quarters, Jake immediately hugged her.

"I've been holding my shit for the last two days," she whispered into his ear, "and I didn't eat any laxative beans either. You better be ready for what I have for you!"

Jake was more than ready for her shit and lied down. Liana got into position with her asshole over his face so that the shit would land directly into his mouth, and made sure that he had a direct view of the source of her lovely shit.

Liana started out with a big fart. The smelly gas caused Jake to nearly faint, but he knew he had to be alert for what was coming next.

Jake saw Liana's asshole open up slowly... open up a bit more... and then close again. A second later it opened again, and he saw something brown in there. It stayed like that for a moment, and then, with a massive grunt, Liana started pushing out her log. It was much harder than her regular soft loads. Jake instinctively opePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 4: The Decision

Contains a bit of scat, M/F

Liana had brought Jake to a quiet place near the mountains, out of town. She had said that explaining the Joining to an alien was not easy, and she wanted to be in a place away from the others for that.

"Have you heard of anglerfish?" Liana asked, after they found a place to sit down.


"I have studied the data files you brought, there is a species called anglerfish on your home world."

Jake thought for a second and said: "Ah yes, I think I learned about them in a biology lesson years ago."

"Your data files describe the 'unusual' way anglerfish reproduce," Liana continued, saying 'unusual' in a way as if she disagreed with it. "Anglerfish males are much smaller than females, they actually attach to females like parasites and then they can reproduce. Anglerfish are an interesting species, because the Kbraxi reproduce in a somewhat similar way."

This wasn't anything like Jake had expected. He replied: "Wait, but don't parasitic anglerfish males dissolve until nothing but their sperm-producing organs remain? So they basically become brain-dead?"

Liana said: "Don't worry, love! I said 'somewhat similar'. Kbraxi aren't your brainless anglerfish. If we Join, we will become one physical body. But your consciousness will certainly live on - just much closer to me than you could possibly imagine, even knowing what you know now."

Jake looked doubtful. He wanted to stay with her for the rest of his life - but losing his body? Was that worth it? And how did he know Liana was telling the truth about him living on. He looked at her and said: "... I need some time to think about this."

Liana nodded. "I understand. It's okay."

Jake got up and started walking. He had a difficult decision to make. How could he know what the right choice was? At least he now understood why Liana didn't want to tell him about Joining before. To a Federation citizen, it would sound horrible to lose your freedom like that. He wasn't ready to hear about it. But now... he'd been away from the Federation for so long. And he loved Liana more than anyone he'd met before. He did want to stay with her... and if Joining was the only way to make that happen, maybe he had to do it. Besides, there must be a reason she trained him to eat her shit. Hi figured that whatever would happen during thiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 5: The Joining

Contains Piss, Scat, Shit eating, Body merging/absorption, M/F

When Jake woke up, everything was different. The first thing he noticed was that he couldn't move his arms and legs much. In fact, his legs were connected to the back of Liana's legs down their full length. And his arms and hands were connected to Liana's sides, where he had been holding her. Jake couldn't really see this himself, but the skin between them was completely continuous and smooth, you wouldn't be able to see where one body ended and the other started.

When Jake opened his eyes, all he could see in front of him was skin. He could see bits of the room they were in to either side of him, but that was about it. He also noticed was that his mouth was feeling strange. The weird thing was that it was somehow connected to Liana's back. Jake tried to feel around with his tongue, but as far as he could tell there was no opening, his mouth was completely sealed to her skin, forcing him to breathe though his nose. In fact, his chest and stomach were also connected to Liana's back, while his dick was still sitting in her vagina. Jake couldn't move far enough to do anything about it.

Jake's attempts to move around woke up Liana, who said "Hi love, you ok?"

Jake actually still felt very relaxed, whether that was from the hormones in Liana's fluid or from the fact that he knew what he was getting himself into, he was mostly fine with the situation. But with his mouth stuck to Liana's back, he had no good way to talk, and instead said "Mmmmm" in a confirmatory voice.

His stomach didn't hurt anymore, but he suddenly did feel his bladder was very full. He couldn't get his dick out of Liana and he had no way to communicate his predicament so he tried to held it for a little while but he knew it couldn't last for long. At some point he just let go inside her, which made Liana perk up and go "Ooooooh", sounding like she was enjoying it. "Don't worry, dear, just let go... it's all fine." Before long the piss started forcing its way back out of her, down his dick and onto Jake's balls, after which it flowed into the bed Jake now realized they were lying on.

After he was done, Liana said: "Mmm, that made me realize I have to go as well." Jake heard a hissing sound as Liana started pissing but strangely enough didn't feel the wetness anywhere. Next, Liana started grunting "Ohhhhh... Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Liana loved the person she had become.

The part of her that used to be unjoined Liana finally understood the struggles Jake went through in his youth. She finally was able to remember.

The part of her that used to be Jake finally understood the full Kbraxi culture, why poop is so important to them, and what Joining truly means.

Liana knew that in retrospect, neither of her unjoined selves would've had any regrets. Well, maybe Jake would've considered it unfair that they kept Liana's name, but it was just Kbraxi custom to keep the female's name. In their fresh, newly Joined mind, both of them were equally represented in her fresh.

The one thing that surprised the new Liana the most was her feeling of completeness. She was so happy to be one, to be a whole being now. It was like Jake and Liana's individual love for each other had multiplied, and formed an incredible strong level of self-love.

Thinking about this, Liana suddenly found some pressure in her large intestine, followed by the very familiar taste of her own shit. A couple seconds later, she enjoyed the nice full feeling of her male digestive sac. Liana knew that she'd never get tired of this particular sensation. She noticed herself getting horny, let her dick out into her cunt and started fucking herself the way only a Joined Kbraxi can.

Later, while Liana walked out of the Joining Center as a new woman, she was pondering what to do next. Most newly Joined people went on a long vacation to have the time to get used to their new mind. With the full knowledge and memories of both the Kbraxi and the Federation combined, Liana decided to go on a tour through Federation space.

She was thinking of becoming the first Kbraxi ambassador to Earth. Jake had suspected that there were many more humans hiding their sexual interest in poop and she really wanted to help them meet the Kbraxi. She would have to deal with a somewhat difficult explanation to the Federation officials about where Jake had 'gone', but with her inside knowledge of the Federation - and more importantly, with both his memories and his personality now part of her, she was certain she would work something out.

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