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A Beastmaster tale by Riraito
Commissioned by RedStar101


She was brought into the world by two loving parents: Alar, and Ked-rak. The two of them named their blonde bundle of joy Darla after Ked-Rak’s mother. They raised her lovingly as any farmers would their eldest daughter.

The midwives declared that she was healthy and free of defects, Alar couldn’t have hoped for anything more than to hold that beautiful baby girl in her arms. Ked-rak was proud of his wife, and while he had hoped for a son to help till the fields, he would love his daughter just the same.

Years passed and Darla grew, first into a curious toddler, then into a proper young girl of the age of 4 cycles. Her cheeks were a rosy red, and her smile could light up any farmer’s worst day. The blonde mop of loosely pigtailed hair looked like an angel’s halo in the summer light, and was the colour of fresh straw from threshing.
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A round puckered opening formed in the centre of its chest as if by dark magic. It was just millimetres away from her face. Thick white-yellow goop sprayed out onto her blonde hair and flowed down to her shouldes and flat chested kiddie body. It burned like it was boiling water, and smelled like rotten eggs.

Darla screamed “Noooooooo!!!” Even as it began to dissolve her face into an ugly pulpy red mess. It was a pain she’d only ever felt once before when she touched Alar’s cooking pot while it was still cooking. Now her skin was disintegrating and running down her front. On the outside of the wings, her outline could be seen dancing in the throes of death, her backside spasming in pain as she was digested alive. Her screaming was silenced with the great snapping sound of bone breaking as the Winged Devourer bent her arms backwards to fit better inside it. Slime started to spurt from under the leather wing cocoon in great globs.
“Aaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” she spasmed and kicked, dancing in her bondage like a little whore in bed. Her eyeballs popped in their sockets and her organs liquified in their human container. Soon her entire chest deliquesced and collapsed into her ribcage, falling down the empty cavity into her unripe womb. Darla’s feet swung from side to side, toes twitching in a convulsive motion, kicking a puddle of slippery slime on the floor, as they were smoothly drawn into the cocoon; more meat to feed the ravenous beast.
“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggghhhhh!” she moaned insensately, her entire upper body reduced to a gorey skeleton filled with half-melted guts. Unable to control herself, she pissed herself as the goop worked its way into her crotch folds. It melted her from her pussy all the way down to her toes and slurped up her juices into its chest hole and left a lifeless kiddie skeleton in Darla’s place. Then it opened its wings wide, revealing Darla’s corpse, which immediately broke apart into pieces on the slime soaked ground. Darla’s small, empty skull bounced and rolled a little, coming to rest at Dar’s sandaled feet.
The Winged Devourer roared with its mouthless face and turned its attention to its next meal.

Dar, shocked by the display of brutish barbarism, lowered his sword slightly. It was an unforgivable display to be forced to watch. He looked at his black Lion companion for agreement, and raised his weapon over his head. Tonight he would have vengeance for the death of lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Wow, thanks for putting it out.


No problems - you asked - I delivered. I hope you enjoyed reading it.


File: 1546625375181.jpg (58.88 KB, 1037x1489, 1222894702734a.jpg)


I have been writing more recently, and I wanted to make one thread for all of my stuff. I like affectionate and well endowed executioners, I like pullups, I like gentle flirting and snuggles, and mostly semi-con situations. So my stuff will have these things a good bit of the time.. Not always. I made a new thread because the Nobles stuff wasn't getting the creative juices flowing but I did have ideas. This will be assorted stuff, there will be some Nobles and Clones, but there will also be other setups, and one-shots. if you don't like one, you might like the next. If you like it, definitely let me know! :) the first couple posts will be my stuff from other threads.
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LOL Love it.


Thanks! :)


Please ma'm can I have some…


This is set in a kingdom with near modern technology, but still clinging to old school aesthetic. Tbh, a friend called another friend King Tittyfucker during a game (don’t ask) and I just rolled with it ;) hope you enjoy!

The Invention

The king was victorious. The war had been long and terrible, but the rebels had been defeated and peace had been restored to the land. But a return to the way things had been was not enough after so much suffering, the king had broken the terms on which the rebels had thrown down their weapons. Every single rebel was arrested and locked in dungeons across the realm to await royal retribution. The king would brook no dissent, women might have the right to wear a top one day, might even be considered proper humans with OTHER rights, but it would NOT be during the reign of King Tittyfucker, and if he had to execute every one of the 10,000 females who had revolted and protested to make that point, so be it. He had made a royal proclamation, the crown needed a new device to kill these traitors. It had to be public, it had to be painful and humiliating, and the one who brought it to him had to supply their own test subject, but the inventor who brought him the device he ended up choosing would be a wealthy man, and the torturers and executioners of the kingdom could see the rest, so there were more chances for sudden wealth.

The inventors came from far and wide, even from other kingdoms. King Tittyfucker watched them demonstrate a huge array of brilliant/terrifying devices on pigs, watermelons, dummies, anything they could get their hands on. The royal dungeon master took a liking to a few, the king had his right hand get contact information for a few who stood out a bit above the rest, but there were none who really grabbed his attention, none that were ‘this is the one!!’ That is, not until Harold and Melinda.

It was the end of a long day, the king had seen probably 20 inventions (none of them especially exciting) and had to deal with endless matters of state. Ending the rebellion had been expensive, keeping the rebels locked up cost more money, and his finane minister was worried, they needed to kill the prisoners, release them, or just stop feeding them, but they needed to do it quickly, and they needed to raise taxes or there would be more trouble. King Tittyfucker was hesitant, raising taxes right after taking a good percentage of the women in the kingdom and indirectPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I wonder how Jade of Jackie Chan Adventures noose dance would be


Marinette on the Menu
Tags: Miraculous Ladybug, Reluctant consent, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Girlmeat menu, persuasion, cooking, cannibalism, snuff.
All characters in this story are 18 or older.

Author's note: So, I wanted to write a story more about a girl deciding to become meat instead of the actual process of being cooked. If you Don't Know Miraculous Ladybug, it's a very fun series, but all you really need to know for this story is that there was an incident in a competition prior to this story where Marinette taunted a girl in her class and pissed her off enough to sabotage her great uncle's "Celestial Soup" and ruin him in a competition. The great uncle went sort of mad and tried to turn the classmate into "Brat Soup" (yes there's a semi-cannibalistic moment in the series, go watch it yourself if you wanna see it). Shortly thereafter Marinette fixed the madness, and got the judges to reconsider her great uncle's unsabotaged soup, and the great uncle renamed the soup from Celestial Soup to Marinette Soup in her honor. That's all you need to know. It's all in the episode "Kung Food"

Okay, so this story got stuck in my head. Some of you may have seen another version called "Marinette Soup" which ended basically at this point and only dealt with Marinette's uncle wanting to make a real batch of Marinette Soup and which ends basically as soon as Marinette agrees. This isn't that version. This story is going to run from the start set out here all the way to the end of the meal, and Marinette's getting turned into a whole dinner full of dishes. I hope you enjoy it.

Story Start

“Marinette you remember how your great uncle Wang Chen renamed his Celestial Soup 'Marinette Soup' after that whole incident at the hotel?” Marinette's mother, Sabine Cheng, asked.

“Yeah?” Marinette agreed not sure where her mom was going with this.
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Juleka couldn't quite suppress the nervous feeling of anticipation in her stomach as she rang the doorbell to Marinette's house. Well, to the patisserie downstairs. The sign in the window declared it was closed, which made sense, considering what would be happening that night.

She hadn't heard from Marinette since they said goodbye at school yesterday. But… that made sense considering the kind of party she'd invited them to. It was… weird, knowing that Marinette was gone. That she'd let herself be used as the main ingredient for the meal they were about to eat. Juleka wasn't sure how to feel about it.

She missed her friend, certainly, but… a part of her, a large part if she was being honest with herself, was… happy.

And it wasn't just that Marinette was giving her the chance to eat a dinner prepared by the greatest chef in the world, although that was certainly part of it. No, Juleka knew in her heart that while she would have been happy to have been invited by Marinette to any dinner cooked by her great uncle, she wouldn't have been nearly as happy as she was now if it weren't for the [i]type[/i] of dinner that she and Rose were attending. The fact that it as a girlmeat dinner; that Marinette was the main ingredient? Those were [i]important[/i]! Juleka wasn't just excited for dinner, she was excited to be eating another girl! And the fact that that girl was her friend Marinette? Sweet, cute, lovely and occasionally dorky Marinette? Well, Juleka would be lying if she told anyone that that wasn't a big part of the excitement she was feeling as she rang the doorbell to her former friend's family home.

Juleka didn't really know how to feel about that realization, but the fact that Marinette was doing all of this willingly did a lot to sooth most of the guilt she felt. Not all of it; but more than enough for her to say she was looking forward to eating dinner tonight.

Juleka looked at her friend Rose and wondered if she was feeling the same way. She knew that Rose liked boys, but did she like girls too? Was she feeling the same tingling between her thighs that Juleka was at the almost sexual nature of what was about to happen? Or was this just another meal for her? Albeit one with an incredibly rare and fancy kind of menu?

Juleka couldn't tell for sure; and the emo girl didn't want to ruin their friendship by asking. Not that it would… probably at least? But… JulekPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


simply glorious work

its a shame that the formatting bugged out in the final chapter, but it did not make it unreadable.

again, TVB you write the best little cooking stories. so damn good with the willing snuff and canibalism in casual worlds. delectible


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was really fun to write!


I enjoyed it, but a bit more of the cooking detail would have been wonderful. Keep up the good work!


When I wrote this particular story, the goal was to minimize the actual cooking detail as much as possible and focus on what happened before and the aftermath. I have a lot of other stories with lots of cooking detail. I wanted to try something different, and I think it came out nicely.


The Hangman's Apprentice

"Accused Rebecca Healy; you have been found guilty of the crime of theft of property over the value of 15 shillings. The sentence of this court is that you shall be returned to the place whence you came, and at noon of the following day, to be led barefoot to the customary place of execution and there you shall be hanged by the neck until your body be dead. Rebecca Healy; may the Lord have mercy on your immortal soul."

The twenty year old woman stared at the judge in shock, her blue eyes became as wide as could be expected to after hearing such a dreadful sentence. Then it hit her. The daughter of one of the more prominent merchants in the town realized that there would be no mercy for her and any hope of her family being forced to pay a fine or even being transported to one of the colonies to start a new life had just been extinguished. Upon realizing that this was indeed the last day for her to be alive for its entirety the girl let out a loud ear-piercing scream which quickly transitioned into a long wail. Two bailiffs, wanting to spare the sizable crowd which had assembled itself in the courtroom to hear the fate of arguably one the most beautiful daughters of the town, more of this heart-rending spectacle, grabbed the terrified girl, who was now on her knees sobbing piteously, begging the judge to reconsider the horrible sentence, by her shackled arms.

As the bailiffs were dragging the sobbing and begging Rebecca out of the courtroom back to the gaol to live out the rest of her short life. Elric, the apprentice of the local hangman too was worrying about his future. His master had left the town a week ago to look after his mother who had fallen ill. Although he had often assisted his employer with the executions, helping him to pull the condemned up by their necks, putting their bodies into coffins and selling their clothes (since the hangman was an honest man he always received a small commission), he was never at the center of the spectacle. As such small mistakes he made did little to influence the town’s opinion on his proficiency as a hangman and as such, the likeliness of him becoming the new town hangman when his employer would become too old for the job. When Elric heard the death sentence being passed upon the girl he knew that this time it would be his task to perform the execution in its entirety.

Since the execution was set for the next day, he had little time to make all the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


The year was 2072. Many things changed since the great collapse half a century ago, food, water and warmth became more prized while human life became considerably cheaper. To the first generation born after the end of civilization concepts such as the Internet or smart-phones were just tales told to them by their parents who had lived in a world where doing to bed with a grumbling, empty stomach was considered an unusual occurrence reserved only for the poorest. As time went on and memory of the old order began to fade these old tales were replaced by new and more relevant ones of nature and its horrors. As centralized governments slowly crumbled away, local communities became powerful once more, providing the unfortunate souls born into this world with a modicum of security and stability. Another concept which enjoyed a significant renaissance was that of religion and not the “forgive thine enemies” and “turn the other cheeks” type of quasi-benign belief systems which dominated the old world. The world had changed, so did it’s gods. The new deities, while retaining their old names demanded vastly different expressions of devotion from their followers; take the story of Abraham and Isaac as an example, in the old days it was a mostly harmless tale often told to children to teach them that, while we may not understand how, God will always lead us on the right path. The moral of this very same tale today has become quite different. In a world where the last contraceptive had been manufactured roughly fifty years ago, the circumstance of having to choose between the life of a child and the starvation of one’s entire family was not an alien concept to most people.
Yara was awoken by the cold. This was far from an unusual occurrence during this time of the year, no one could afford to have a fire burning during the night. Apart from the cold winds and a near constant runny nose there were some benefits to this time of the year; snow had not yet fallen and the supplies Yara's father and her had gathered were satisfactory and they were certain they would have no problem surviving the winter on what they had and should their situation get dire, the option of hunting, while risky and uncertain, was preferable to starving.
Yara and her father were forced to settle on the outskirts of this small community five years ago after Yara’s mother and younger brother had both succumbed to dysentery. After the then seventeen year old girl and her father had to watch Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


This story is a collaborative effort between PogueMahone and myself. If you like it, you might enjoy some of our other work, which can be found here:


You'll probably need to adjust your filters (in the top left corner) to make sure you can see all the stories.

There are more chapters to come. Enjoy!


written by JestInPieces and PogueMahone

Chapter 1: Once shy, twice bitten

“Ow, my head.”

Clara blinked against the bright sunlight. She raised her right hand to block out the sun and opened her eyes. Right in the middle of her bare forearm was a blood-stained bite mark. For a moment, she struggled to remember how it had gotten there, her memory a swirl of confusing images. Then everything suddenly popped into focus. She had been walking across campus with her best friend Janet when a man had come running up to them. His skin had been grey and he was slobbering and growling, like a wild animal. Or a zombie.

But that couldn’t be. Zombies weren’t real.

There’d been a stab of pain, then a loud bang, like a gun going off. Then darkness. Her eyes flew open. Where was Janet? She looked to her left, but instead of the girl she was looking for she saw the man that had attacked her, lying face down on the ground with his head in a pool of blood. There was a gaping hole in the back of his head, revealing a mass of pink and red. She quickly turned away, choking back the bile she felt rising in her throat. She looked to her right, and her relief was almost palpable when she saw the body of her brunette friend lying next to her in the grass. She quickly crawled over to her and patted her cheek.

“Janet? Janet, are you okay?”

“Unnnnhhhhh,” Janet groaned. “Five more minutes.”

Janet was not allowed to doze, being forcefully shaken awake.

“Jeez, what… actually, why am I asleep outside? With you? Oh my god, it’s summer camp all over again. Please tell me we have clothes this time–”

“Janet, this is serious!”

Clara showed off the clearly dead man, which Janet took slightly Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Bump to save from faggot spammer


Checking in for the season: this story is still my nut fuel. I do hope y'all are still working on stories, either on HF or somewhere else (do tell if you do lol)


We are; in fact, we are currently working on the next chapter to this story. However, PogueMahone is on vacation at the moment and I will be too in a few weeks, so unfortunately I expect the next installment won't be finished until late November or early December.


Apparently chapter 5 was released during gurochan's downtime, so here it is for the sake of continuity. For those who follow us on hentai-foundry and have already read it, the new chapter 6 is down below.

Chapter 5: Mall to themselves

The two girls walked through the city streets hand in hand, occasionally commenting on a zombie they passed. When they were within a couple of blocks, Clara looked up at the sky.

“Looks like it’s around noon,” she said. “Seems like a waste to spend the rest of the day sitting in the apartment. Is there anything you’d like to do before we head back?”

“Hm, good question. It’s not like we can go catch a movie or anything anymore. I don’t know, I guess we could go window shopping?”

“Ooh, good, idea. If I’m not mistaken, I think there’s a mall around here somewhere. Let’s see, I think it was…”

She turned around a few times, trying to orient herself.

“…that way,” said Clara, pointing ahead of her.
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Chapter 6: Having a ball

Clara and Janet walked past a series of deserted store fronts before climbing another broken escalator. The scenery was much the same as on the lower two levels: broken glass, smashed furniture and the odd mauled body as far as the eye could see. While Clara looked around, scanning the signs for anything interesting, Janet walked over to a fallen bookcase that had been pushed through the window of a bookstore. Careful not to step on any of the scattered shards of glass, she picked up one of the books. The book was called ‘No pun intended – Volume tree’, and the cover featured a squid saying ‘Are you squidding me right now’ and a seal saying ‘That’s the sealiest thing I’ve ever heard!’

“Hey, look what I found,” said Janet.

Clara walked over to her and read the cover.

“Seriously?” she said, arching an eyebrow. “Oh well, I guess a little entertainment as we walk around this place can’t hurt. Alright, hit me.”

Janet turned to a random page as they continued on.

“What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?”

“Umm… a sea monster of some kind?”
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Basically just editing, and posting all the old Waifu Wars stuff here
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The next death battle looks pretty cool, two hot babes fighting to the death. One way another, we get to see a cutie die. If only there was a Vs Debating series that incorporated elements of snuff into the fights, and oh how amazing it would be if this imaginary series would announce its season 3 premiere fight on March 4th. Such a shame that this doesn't exist


Ravens death would be fun


Clair stormed into her room after her first defeat in years.

“That idiot!”

She exclaimed angrily. Her Dragonair slithered out from under her bed.

“She had to have cheated! There's no way she could have beaten me other wise”

The gym leader grumbled undoing her cape, and tossing it aside, before pulling out her hair tie, her hair failing free. She pulled of her gloves, dropping them on the bed. She yanked off her boots, before slipping her socks off her sweaty feet revealing her painted dark yellow toenails that matched her fingernails. The pokemon let out the closest thing to a sigh it could. He was sick of hearing his masters complaints everyday.

“I'm the strongest there is, so she had to have cheated”

She said. She pulled her shoulders through her straps, letting her one piece shirt, pants hybrid fall to her feet, her sweat covered slim yet muscular body covered only by her blue sports bra, and matching panties. She undid her bra strap letting the garment fall to the ground, her perky breast falling free. She finally wiggled out of her panties, and stepped out of her pile of clothes, now completely nude. The dragon type had it, this was it.

“I mean”
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A little celebration of pokemon sword and shield


Raven woke up kneeling on the floor, her wrist in chains. And of course, she was complete naked. She snarled as her eyes fixed on the short redhead in the dress, and the tall noirette in the lab coat.


she growled.


Alice agreed happily. Lauren adjusted her glasses evilly.

“Miss. Roth. You’re tonight's biggest loser”

She said coldly, her expressionless face obscured by the harsh UV lights, and her dark emotionless eyes covered by the glare in her glasses. In the light, Ravens pale naked body was so bright it almost hurtt. Even with an expression of hate, her face was almost as beautiful as her tiny, yet firm breast.

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Repost because accidentally posted before proofread - finishing last time.
Also class size would be large, but there are solutions. Maybe they consolidate classes through the year as they lower in size, or maybe there is a waiting list to get into school. There are explanations.

Each week, the lowest performing female student in the class was to be snuffed. To encourage the male students to work almost as hard, the best performing students always got to 'participate' in the event.

This explains why Mindy was nervous when she sat down in her desk for the final period of the day. She knew that she was near the bottom of the list right now. Her and her best friend Shannah had far too often cut class and wasted time trying to get the attention of the few boys in the class.

She sat down, worried. She looked around the room and didn't see Shannah anywhere. It should be easy, given that she was the only black girl in the class, and had a head long frizzy hair (though she usually kept it tied back pretty tightly). There were still 5 minutes before the bell.

At that moment the teacher cleared his voice and addressed the class,

"As you guys know, it's that time of the week again! I know you're all excited to find out who this week's lucky students are!"

Some of the boys were grinning at this point, a few were crossing their fingers hoping that they would make the cut. Cassie glanced her way and gave her a wicked smile.

"But this week we have an interesting situation. It seems that both Shannah and Mindy are tied for the lowest marks in the class! So depending on whether or not Shannah is on time or not, we won't know who didn't make the cut for a couple more minutes."

Shannah sighed. She knew it was close, just not that close. Either way today was going to suck.


Oh shit! The bell rang. That meant she was spared today, but, well. Too bad for Shannah she guessed, she knew what position they were in.

It was another 5 minutes before Shannah came through the door. the teacher simply told her she was late, and that would be another demerit on her record. Shannah sighed and sat down beside Mindy.

"So who's getting it today?" she whispered.

"It's you dumbass, what were you doing anyways? The only reason it's you and not me was because you were late today"

"Ha, it was going to happen sometime. As if either of us were going to make it through Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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bump in the hope of this thread coming back to life with the new site!


Hot story, especially liked the first 2 parts


Bump on the off chance of more?


I have the greatest job in the world. I know a lot of people say that, but really, it has to be me.

Just take this morning. First thing, I have two dozen little six- and seven-year-old girls to handle, standing there whispering and giggling with the usual mixture of nerves and eagerness. I pull the first two honeys out of line, and walk them over to where the action takes place. I start by getting one of them situated with the padded velvet rope around her neck, all nice and comfy, with just the slightest bit of pull when she’s flat-footed on the stage. I get the other one to stand on her mark and rock up on the balls of her feet, while I extend the spit from its port. I spread her cheeks, and her little bud is glistening from the attentions of the prep crew and her friends, but I give it a swipe with the flat of my tongue, the way I always do. Must be ten times a day, four days a week, over the past decade I’ve done that, and it never gets old, nor does the delicious shiver she gives, which brings the other girls out in sympathy the way it always does.

Once the tip is properly centered, she rocks back down, and I raise it some more, so that it’s nicely seated inside her rectum. The pleasant, familiar intrusion makes her grin. When both girls let me know they’re ready, I hit the control, and the noose pulls up just far enough that the hanging girl can merely brush the floor with her pretty little tippietoes, while the spit starts its inexorable advance into her friend’s insides. The girl in the noose can be left to dance, but the one on the spit needs my hands-on attention to make sure that it goes through right, and comes out her mouth. The squirming of her soft, smooth flesh is amazing against my bare skin, as it is every single time.

I can see that the boys and men in the viewing galleries are already starting to stroke and fondle themselves and each other. And I get to do this eleven more times!

This is a full day, so after an excellent lunch, I make my way to the guillotine to meet a gaggle of thirteen- and fourteen-year olds. The first time I ever killed a girl, I was their age, on a school work-experience, and I knew right away that this was what I wanted to do with my life. They’re giggling and gossipping about all the things important to girls that age, and making a very blatant show for the galleries and each other, strutting about the stage, bending over and spreading, licking and fingering puckers, kissPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I had fun with this! Personally I prefer struggles and such, but the air dancing girl and the deep kiss of the head were really fun parts of this for me.
Plus just generally thinking of a world with more or less glorified snuff


Fantastic Story. Thank you so much for writing it. I loved it.


this is so cute!


This really should be continued


I know this is unlikely to be continued, but it's adorable. Bump for those who have never seen it


The Last Field Trip

Chapter One, Intro and First Exhibit (Non-Con, Watersports, Young)

I was laying in my bed on a Saturday morning when I was roused from my sleep by the sound of my phone ringing. Grunting, I held up one arm to shield my unadjusted eyes from the sun's ray's bleeding through my blinds while my other arm reached for my phone, to determine the identity of whoever it is that has deigned to interrupt my rest. It was Nick, My own Brother, Nick, who had committed this grievous sin of waking at this ungodly hour of 11:42.

“What do you want Nick?” I grumbled upon answering the phone.

“Oops, did I wake you? Must have figured the time zone wrong, thought it was almost noon for you.” He replied, sounding to me more that a little sarcastic.

“Shut up,” I said. “Now you gonna get to the point or should I just hang up?”

“Alright alright” He said. “You know how I was asking you for advice on engagement rings a couple weeks back?”

“Yeah...” I replied cautiously.

“Well last week I proposed to Stacy, and she said yes.”

“Oh my God! Congratulations!”

“Yeah, thanks, anyway, she's been jumping right into brainstorming wedding plans, and she had an idea that I liked.”

“Well? Out with it already.”

“We were thinking that you and her sister would make a good centerpiece for the recital dinner, and were wondering if you were down for that.”

Feeling myself quickly become aroused at the thought I said “Ohh, that does sound hot, but I dunno, any thoughts on how you'd cook us?”

“Nothing's set in stone yet, but one idea we had was to spit roast you both on the same spit, facing each other with your mouths pressed together. Kind of a parody of the whole 'Together til death do you part' thing.”

“Oh man” I said, my free hand having wandered south and was now rubbing my pussy over my panties. “That sounds really hot, you've convinced me, I'll do it.”

“Great! I'll tell Stacy. Thanks for doing this she'll love it.”

“Glad I can be of help to you both on your special day, congratulations again.”

“Thanks, well I should get back to it, you should probably get out of bed and enjoy your Saturday, you're not gonna get too many more of those,” He joked.

“Idiot,” I said halfheartedly, before ending the call.

Putting my phone down I looked at my reflection in the full length mirror mounted on the wall across from my bed. My long broPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I can't wait for the next part!


=Chapter 4, Putting Down Lassie (Cons, Shooting)=

Lassie stood there, her face flushed and her bruised breasts swaying as she wavered, her eyes flitting to and away from meeting mine, as she gathered her courage to speak. After a moment she stilled, having presumably found her words, and she looked up at me.

"I've been a bad dog, trying to run away and betraying my master. I think you should put me down like the bitch that I am, I think you should 'Old Yeller' me, take me out back and put a bullet in brain. I guess I could see you thinking I just want to get done in quick and painlessly, but I really think this is all that I deserve." she said, gaze unwavering from mine, her voice nervous, but emphatic.

In my mind's eye I saw Lassie looking up at me with a smile on her face as I pressed a pistol to her forehead and I felt a spike of arousal well in my abdomen. I liked her idea very much indeed, treating her as the "bitch she is" right up until the very end.

"I think I can work with that." I told Lassie, smiling at her and affectionately ruffling her hair.

With a few words to rouse my class I began to lead my merry band in the direction I believed the firing range to be. I opted to leave my blazer where it lay, proudly marching forward in just my blood-soaked lingerie.

Walking along I spotted a sign on the wall proclaiming "Prohibitively loud exhibits can be found outside.". Near was a glass door that led to an outdoor pavilion. A map next to the door confirmed that the firing range was one such exhibit. After holding the door open and ushering my class through, I resumed my quest for the firing range. The outside portion of the Hall of Executions was laid out much the same as the inside part, exhibits lining each side of a long path. Following this we quickly found the firing range, a long open stretch of dirt with a large mound at the far end of it. There were a few benches where one could shoot from a seated position. There was a door leading back into a room inside with a sign over it labeling it "Armory". The was a sign posted near the door and as soon as I had my class settled I began to read aloud from it.

Executions via firearms were one of the most common methods of executions for hundreds of years after their proliferation. Executions in this style were common for use on civilian condemned, but were even more prolific for military executions. Most executiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Bump,this is great!


oh nice

please let there be a volunteer, and not one who thinks she'll just die more painlessly this way


Hi. GuroChan is back (hooray!) and I’ll celebrate with a story that I plan on turning into a series. I was writing under the name Loke on the old chan, I wrote a few stories that are still on here I think.

The concept is simple; Jim operates a Snuff Truck, a mobile processing centre in an alternative reality of some sort where overpopulation is the biggest issue around and people usually die consensually or semi-consensually. The truck is kind of like a mobile home, driver seat and mini-office in the front, execution room in the back.

This is the first story. Feel free to suggest characters, scenarios and alternative execution methods. I have som rules though, to make sure writing is fun for me too. They are quite simple: No scat (mild peeing is totally ok though”, no toddlers, no male on male, no real people and no characters from anime or TV etc. The more information the better. Don’t hesitate to suggest things though, the worst that could happen is that I just don’t use it. Also, constructive feedback in general is greatly appreciated.

PS: My favourite subjects are tween and teen girls, 12-15.


Chapter 1 (f-solo, M-solo, f-snuff)

Jim looked at the black and white clock on the wall of his truck. Eager to get home he hoped no more visitors would come, but his hope shattered immediately when he heard knocking on the door. He opened, and greeted the two people standing outside. He recognized one of them, a stunning blonde English teacher named Amanda, coming to his truck for the third time that day. She was there to escort the one of them that wouldn’t leave that truck alive.

“Hi there!” Amanda said. “I’ve got one more for you today, this little rascal just got caught cheating on her exam. Enjoy!” she said with a wink as she turned around and walked back to the school.”
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Hope you continue writing chapters! If you are still looking for suggestions how about one where a pair of girls come to the truck looking to be processed as fathers day gifts?



Totally agree!! Loved this little story, even though I had to pretend the girl was older. 8th grade is way too young for me. but casual and consensual and pleasurable snuff all the way!


What about 2 sadistic girls that bet each other that can survive getting shot with more bullets than the other. They take turns shooting themselves, trying to aim for non-vital spots (maybe the rules are it has to be somewhere in the torso though)


What about 2 sadistic girls that bet each other that can survive getting shot with more bullets than the other. They take turns shooting themselves, trying to aim for non-vital spots (maybe the rules are it has to be somewhere in the torso though)


Bump, I love this, hope for more!!

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