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Being as someone who's somewhat a fan of Vs battles and the such, and given that Mr. Anon's Waifu Wars was such a fantastic idea, I've decided to grab it myself and create... uh... FUCK! (Them Up).

Ayyyy, that's clever.

While I can't promise consistency and I can't promise promptness, I'd like to finally try my hand at writing some sexualized murder, and I'd like at least a few people to see it!

This'll work on approximately the same rules as the original Waifu Wars. I'll take votes on the combatants of a fight, who wins, and by what means, and then I'll write it to you freaks' specifications.

I should probably note that, unlike the original, I've seen fit to give the fighters clothes and such, at least at the start of the fight. Gets rid of the need to bullshit your way into two cute naked ladies beatin' up on each other.

And in case it particularly bothers you, I should also note I may fudge the results of a vote to my own opinions. Sorry.

Without further ado, allow me to indroduce the competitors in the first battle!

In the White corner, we have Asajj Ventress, who is looking quite perpetually angsty today!

And in the Black corner, allow me to present Samus Aran, who is getting REALLY annoyed by all the people masturbating to her online! Don't worry, Samus, if you live, they'll probably be masturbating to the other girl!

Enter your votes, and I should get to writing as soon as a consensus is reached. In the meantime, feel free to suggest future combatants/matchups. Love you guys! Keep being horrible people for me, OK?
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I have no idea what you're talking about. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Is this still a thing? I was kinda excited. It would be a shame if it just died


I vote for Samus to win, even though in a battle, I think Ventress would be more likely to. Sure the armor might hold up to a couple glancing blows, like that of Darth Vader, but a well trained Sith, who deflects laser blasts all the time won't be too out of her element vs. a power beam.

Maybe the Morph Ball Bombs and Power Bombs will have an effect, but I wouldn't count on it with force lightning and force push to keep Samus from getting close as a morph ball, and punishing her if she does. Missiles might be less useful.

I just like Samus as a character better than Ventress, so, call it personal bias.




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I'm a guy with a fondness for VS debating shows like Death Battle or super power beat down and after watching the most recent episode of death battle where (spoiler warning) a rather lovely Renamon met a gruesome yet sexy fate I thought hey why not mix my love of VS debuting with my death fetish. The result was Waifu Wars. The rules are simple enough. Two fictional female characters will be put in a fight to the death with no armor or clothes and you get to decide who dies. If you like the idea let me know and if this concept gets enough positive reception I'll reveal the first fighters and begin working on the fight.
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Awesome finale!


“Dr. Robert, Dr. Robert”

A young scientist exclaimed as he ran into the lab. It was a dark room filled with computers and workers with a giant window showing off the empty, white testing room

“What is it son”

Dr. Robert, an older man with grey hair, a larger grey mustache, and brown eyes covered by glasses, wearing a lab coat, and white pants asked as he turned to the younger man.

“Is this test really necessary, I mean what does this have to do with science”

The younger man asked. Dr. Robert frowned.

“What are talking about?!? A ghoul Vs Diclonius? Do you know how badass that would be? Science demands it”

The good doctor exclaimed. The scientist adjusted his glasses.

“No, no sir. I agree that this complete pointless, dangerous, and frankly inhuman test that waist extremely valuable resources is complete necessary.”

He said.

“but why do they have to be naked”

The scientists asked. Dr. Robert burst into laughter.

“Why do they have to be naked he asks! Of course they have to be naked are you stupid”

He said starting to walk back to his chair

“Why the gotta be naked huh. Stupid kid”

He mumbled.


A door opened in the testing room and a naked, purple haired Asian emerged.

“I-is this where you wanted me to go”

She asked as she nervously observed her surroundings. The light almost shined off her pail skin, her small yet perky boobs so shiny you could almost see your reflection. Her slender figure shivered as if she was terrified and her brown eyes on the verge of tears. Her legs and arms where thin, and her tiny ass firm. Her vagina covered by a bush of black hair revealing her natural hair color.

Another door opened and a machine rolled out with a young girl with a helmet on chained to it. Her figure was slim, yet her breast big. On them where two big pink nipples. Her stomach was flat, and her shaved vagina as pink as her nipples. Suddenly random parts of the machine where torn apart by some unseen force, till the women was freed. She walked forward, Her bare feet sticking to the cold hard floor slightly and her thick ass jiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I wasn't very found of how Rize Vs Lucy turned out so I wrote a shorter but in my opinion better version. So here's Rize Vs Lucy remastered. Can you call it remastered if it wasn't any good in the first place? Rize Vs Lucy mastered I guess




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Hi guys. My first /lit/ project around here, I hope you like it.

Although it's designed to be read as one block, if you're feeling horny I suggest ignoring chapters 1-3. Foreplay starts at Chapter 4, fucking starts at 5 and things turn kinky at 6 & 7 with 8 being all about Snuff. I had a blast writing this, I hope you enjoy it.

Part 1: Courage

Slow Burn, F/F, Consensual, Strangulation, Peeing, Lots of Sex.

Chapter 1: Terror

I stood in the cold changing room, alone and paralyzed by fear and doubt. I'd come here hoping to break through the shyness and lack of confidence that had plagued me all my life, but as the heavy door shut behind me I felt an overpowering sense of dread and weakness. The cold concrete room seemed to spin around me as my heat beat frantically, my hands tingling with the onset of a crippling panic attack.

I slumped against the cold concrete wall, my head spinning as the world seemed to recede around me. My blood pressure crashed and I struggled to stay conscious, my eyes rolling in their sockets and my limbs thrashing. All sense of time and place vanished as I fought just to stay alive.

An hour, or maybe a few seconds later my pulse began to slow and I began to regain full consciousness. I found myself laying curled on the floor, facing the two doors. One leading in, and one leading out.

I knew I didn't have a choice. Fear of my attacks had come to dominate and destroy my life; I'd shunned other people for fear of humiliation, had never held a job, had never ever been kissed. I'd shut myself away in the only place I felt safe, and now I knew I couldn't live like that anymore. Walking away wasn't an option. And yet to continue on meant facing everything I was afraid of.

I picked myself up and leaned on a wash basin, my whole body shaking. I raised my head and looked into the mirror. Large, pale grey eyes gazed back, framed by messy pale blond hair. At school I'd often been called pretty, even beautiful. But to me I just looked scared.

I looked down at my body, feeling a cold twist in my gut. Even in self-imposed exile I'd tried to take care of myself, working out helped me manage my anxiety and gave me something to feel proud of. My body was slender, my pale breasts firm and my thighs supple.

Chapter 2: Intimacy

I took a deep, ragged breath and swallowed, caPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I agree with TheMadRaven about the frequent use of same phrases, but I think this is the pretty normal thing to do if you want to focus on that and create a certain mood.

I cant say anything bad about this, but it is an excellent example of female porn since you focus on the idea of being helpless.
This is not entirely my taste as I prefer action stories but it may be useful to take some phrases if I will do some RP later.


Thanks for the feedback, and I agree about repeat phrases. I also think it could've been better edited, I'm annoyed by a couple of missing words. I didn't actually have time to proof read this, let alone do any proper editing.

Anything I do in future will be shorter, and that should improve the editing. It's worth noting how distracted I was feeling by the last couple of chapters.

If there is something I hate, it's that ending. It's dreadful, and being the intended focal point of the story it's weakness drags everything else down. I think I may write the ending first next time, as I've learned that immersing myself in such an erotic fantasy for such a long time is torture. I was genuinely struggling to concentrate towards the end.


Fuck anyone who complains about editing. That was fucking hot. The chapter breakdown just made it more exciting.




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(Cons, snuff, ff)

“I can't believe you let me talk you into this! This is going to be so much fun!”

Mia glanced nervously at Trish as her friend and roommate bubbled away energetically behind her in line. She was the classic blond stereotype: leggy, body toned from constant work, and huge tits that apparently used the blood supply that would otherwise be meant for her head. Far too popular with the boys for Mia's taste (envy) and needing constant help to pass her classes in underwater basket-weaving, or some such, the two had nevertheless struck up an unlikely friendship. Mia claimed that doing otherwise would take far more energy than just submitting to the inevitable, but secretly she enjoyed the hijinks Trish got them into, things Mia could never have thought up herself.

Mia was a stereotype too, she knew it, and she hated it. The bookish asian girl, pursuing a degree in applied mathematics. Small in size and height as well. Shy. Glasses. Overlooked. If she hadn't lucked out with her roommate, Mia knew her life would consist of haunting the library and computer labs between classes, and very little else. For some reason however Trish was always going on about how cute Mia was, which was what had led them into this mess. Mia was tired of cute. Puppies were cute. She wanted something else.

After one cute too many, Mia finally cornered her roommate and demanded something else, something not-cute. Trish, of course, went berserk. Both their closets were inspected and rejected, prompting a impromptu shopping trip that left Mia dazed. A passing comment that black fit her personality had resulted in a pair of sore nipples as Trish pinched till Mia took it back, but it did seem to set the theme. Things were applied to her hair that she didn't know existed. Previously unmolested hair follicles lost their innocence, to the sound of much cussing. Makeup was committed. Looking into a mirror afterwards though, Mia saw hot.

The end result had been sexy goth. Laced knee boots that added 4 inches to her previously short stature before trailing off into dark stockings that ended exactly at the level her skirt started, ensuring that a ring of pale flesh would be flashed with every movement she made. A black corset put on over a matching dress somehow managed to support and reveal her chest in a way that made her breasts seem bigger than they ever had before. Possibly by squeezing her lungs into thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Wish we had more stories with a decapitated body having one last post-mortem orgasm. Those are so hot :)








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So This can also be found here: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/thevisitorblack/28475/School-Fundraising-Auction

Ms. Masterson (http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/MsMasterson/profile) and I worked together on this as a bit of a collaboration. I came up with the idea, brainstormed with her, she wrote the initial parts with me editing and polishing it up. She ended up writing most of it (and I did a Mass Effect story at the same time which she came up with the concept for and polished), and I think it came out really well.

I've actually finished a sequel to it and realized that she hadn't posted this anywhere. And since she told me I could post it up if I wanted to, here it is. If people like it I'll post my (smaller) sequel.


Sam paced, back and forth, back and forth. It didn't help the butterflies, but at least it kept her from focusing too much on what was going to happen.

She could hear as a meaty thunk echoed from beyond the curtain, another cheer rising from beyond as yet another of her classmates was snuffed for the benefit of the school, and she was next on the auction block.

'Oh god, I hope I manage not to cum until they spit me!'

"Aaaand, our next lot is a perky young woman from our school's volleyball team, let's hear it for Samantha!"

That was her cue. Sam gulped and struggled with her butterflies one last time, plastering a perky smile on her face as she stepped out in front of the crowd.

The room beyond was strange to her eyes. It was normally used as the highschool's gym and stage, with chairs being brought in when there was a play, or an assembly. Now, instead of the neat rows of chairs she was used to, or the extended rows of bleachers, several round tables had been brought in, and at least a hundred people must have been sitting around them in total. She knew from her mom that tickets to the auction were fairly cheap at 20 bucks a person, so the people gathered in front of the stage were mostly teachers, parents, a few friends, and, of course, some of her fellow schoolgirls. Cleis High School had an extensive sports program, as befitted an all-girls high school. Have toPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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GLORIOUS work TVB. your stories are alaways the best, and all the hotter when the meatcunts are not just willing but eager to have the worst things done to them.

and little maggie... simply the best. would love to see a followup showing tiff getting her just deserts though.


Yeah, even in the stories set in Dolcett worlds, girls just deciding "I'm gonna be snuffed today!" or "Eh, why not?" bother me a bit.

Well, Tiffany's school is much more ambitious in their fund raising efforts, and as a result, much better funded.

Sure. I'll do that now.

I blame Ms. Masterson. It was a very fun collaboration and she brought a level of fun to it I didn't fully prepare for. Honestly Most of the credit is due to her.

Sure. I'll do that now.

Mabbie's exploits are planned, yeah. But that's going to be written in teh same style as a collaboration between Ms. Masterson and I. This is more something I wrote off the cuff and then waited a week to look over and polish the ending.

Well, that will be coming, but not this time. This time... Tiffany has a Snack.


Tiffany has a Snack

Tiffany smiled, thoroughly satisfied as the last waves of her climax overtook her. It had been a full week since she'd eaten Sam at the auction and given what she'd promised her mom in return for the loan to buy Sam that night, Tiffany figured it was time to start getting her affairs in order; which brought her to this afternoon.

The brown-skinned girl looked town between her legs at the mousy light-skinned brunette resting between them. Penny's lips were wet with the aftermath of Tiffany's arousal, her nectar splattered across her lightly-freckled face like honey on a bear's muzzle. Penny had been a wonderful sub; diligent, and delightful, she even helped Tiffany out with her homework! But... Tiffany didn't need a sub anymore, and since her mother was putting her on the menu by year's end she didn't exactly need help on her homework either.

Penny's eyes glistened expectantly as she looked up at her mistress. Tiffany had told her that today was going to be special when she invited the shy white girl over to her house earlier that day, and so far every time Tiffany had promised her sub something special she'd delivered. Dildo play, bondage, wax Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


a beautifull followup.

the wastefullness of throwing her out is actualy kindof a super fetish of mine... espeicaly how willing and eager she was to be trash when her "usefullness" was carved out and eaten.

purpose fufilled, the rest of her, including her life, is garbage. super sexy. cant wait to read more of whatever you put out next, your writing is the best TVB




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Contact my Facebook for pictures of real dead girls.



Contact my Facebook for pictures of real dead girls.



Contact my Facebook for pictures of real dead girls.



Contact my Facebook for pictures of real dead girls.



Contact my Facebook for pictures of real dead girls.

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