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School Festival

Chapter One, Intro and Swim Club (Cons/Semi Cons, Watersports, Drowning)

Each year the local high school runs a festival and each year many beautiful and sexy young women meet their end promoting their various clubs and classes. Of course not only do students participate in these events, many attendees either volunteer or are volunteered to join in the festivities.

This year I approached the gate to see a trio of sexy young girls in revealing attire handing out pamphlets to those walking in. One girl, wearing a short tartan skirt, thigh high stockings, a bikini top and a tie (in what appears to be a parody of the schoolgirl uniforms of old), noticed me walking up and handed me a pamphlet.

"Have you been to one of our festivals in the past?" she asks me.

"Yes, I've been to the last three I think, one of the things I look forward to most each year"

"Well welcome back, I'm sure you remember but that pamphlet has a schedule of all the timed events, and a map with all the other events and booths on the back." "If you have something specific you want to do, make sure you plan around it, some of these lines can get a little long to hop in right when the schedule lists"

"Thanks" I said, eying her cleavage as it shifts beneath her top "I'll keep that in mind"

Seeing where I was looking she shifted forward slightly to provide a better view "Also our main event, where we auction off the ten girls with the most attendee votes, starts at 9:00, if you want the chance to do anything you want with these, make sure to vote for me. My name is Corine. And welcome again to our annual festival"

"I'll also keep that in mind" I said, before nodding to her and walking through the gate.

As I wandered the grounds without a set goal I admired the scenery around me. Hundreds of girls wearing various degrees of revealing outfits, some much more daring than what Corine wore at the gate. Many of them were students of the school but there were also plenty of adult women about, some of them teachers, but most were just attendees visiting from around the city and neighboring towns. I could also see several gaggles of girls from the local middle schools wandering about, and the occasional girl of any age being led around by a leash around her neck. Girls young and old wore clothes spanning the whole range, from what would be considered normal in the old world, to being entirely naked. OfPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Chapter Four, Rekindling Darkness (Cons, Incest)

Not wanting to be late I headed toward the school's auditorium, ignoring the myriad distractions that lined the path along the way.

Set up next to the amphitheater door was a small folding table, behind which stood two girls wearing black hooded cloaks. The hoods were pulled up, leaving their faces hidden. They wore no other clothing, an alluring line of exposed pale skin visible where the cloak parted in front. The cloaks shifted, opening further whenever the girls handed brochures from the table to visiting guests, affording enticing glimpses of their exposed breasts.

"Are you here to see the performance?" One of the girls asked me as I reached the table.

"Yeah." I nodded.

"Great!, It'll start in just a few minutes, please take this and find a seat." she said, handing me a brochure.

Taking the brochure, I nodded to her before heading into the amphitheater. The floor was on a decline, providing all the seats with a vantage looking down at the stage. It seemed that most of the good seats had already been taken, if I didn't want to sit way at the back I didn't have too many choices. I saw a decent seat next to a trio of giggling middle-school girls, they were cute, but girl's that age can often get pretty annoying. Betting on them having a tolerable level of decorum I took the seat next to them. After a brief glance from the girls they returned to their huddle, giggling quietly. Off to a good start, I thought, opening the brochure to kill some time.

 Welcome to our clubs production of Rekindling Darkness, an original short play written by two of our students, Jeremy and Jenny Richards. Jeremy is in his last year, he has been the president of the drama club for two years and has both led the production of, and starred in, several successful productions. He plans to continue to act after graduating and has already landed a supporting role in a professional production running this fall. His younger sister Jenny, a second year, has been in the club since she came to this school. She has given several excellent performances, and was given the opportunity to co-write her brother's last performance before graduating. The siblings also play the two lead characters, Jenny had said that she really want to give it her all, to make her last performance with her brother her best.

As I finished reading the bluPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Great concepts, fresh & engaging writing. Hope you'll continue.


Great concepts, fresh & engaging writing. Hope you'll continue.


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Alright, I'm trying this again. Maybe I'll be able to get myself to write before the thread falls off the list this time.

(Sorry about that.)


“Top or Bottom?” The registration Officer asked unnecessarily, holding out one hand for my identification while he continued typing with the other, a rather impressive feat I had to admit, if only to myself as I passed him my ID card.

“Top.” I replied simply, looking up at the interior of my new High School. It seemed fairly standard, bland walls, bland ceiling, and a janitor just finishing his waxing of the bland floor. I turned for a moment as I heard the doors open behind me, the first of the other students beginning to trickle in. I had arrived early to complete my registration, a responsible person might have done so earlier but well, that would be a responsible person not me.

I noticed a severe lack of clothing among the students who entered, indicating that almost all of these were Bottoms as only Tops were allowed to wear more than a modicum of clothing so that class could be easily identified by sight. Civilised society had learned long ago that humanity was generally divided into Tops and Bottoms, those who had the potential ability and mindset to do great things as well as a much more assertive personality. These were of course the Tops. Then there were the Bottoms, those people who had either little ability, intelligence, personality or drive.

Over the years scientists and various types of psychologists have learned different methods to amplify one's Top or Bottom type of personality, making the segregation that much easier. One took a test when they were young, between five and ten years old depending on where they live, and it was determined which they would grow up to be. There were of course occasional people who registered as neither, but they were shipped off to small colonies at the edge of civilisation to live in the stagnating culture brought on by such people.

I was hardly surprised by the amount of Bottoms here, they were much more plentiful than Tops and tended too procreate a lot more due to a lack of responsibility and increased libido brought on by the chemicals put in their food. Of course two Bottoms would occasionally have a Top for a child, but that was rare and the child was usually moved to another family due to the fact that the power imbalance brought by law could be prove unhealthy for the child, as their parents and Bottom fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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So, computer broke about a week after I mentioned writing for this again. Lost everything except what's written here.

As I'm certain many can imagine this is very demoralizing and has put me off this story yet again.

I have another story possibility in mind that I'm actually excited about, but don't want to leave this one where it is for another while if that will annoy the people who enjoy this story.

Essentially I'm asking whether people want me to write for this sooner or start on a story I'm excited about(And will post on GuroChan) to gain some distance before coming back to it.


I'd love to see your new story, but I'm anticipating a scene with Beatrice so much that I simply must demand another chapter~!


Bump to not lose :D


Just making sure not to lose my stories due to that dgerqwad.


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My very first story! I hope it's good ^^



The short plump girl turned her head, smiling at her new friend bouncing up and down with excitement.

"Aria! What is it?"

"The exhibition! They've posted the sign-up list on the board! Come on!"

Nanette let her friend pull her by the wrist towards the school news board.

She'd only recently transitioned into this private girls-only boarding school after her aunt finally won custody of her from the state after both her parents had their parenting rights taken away. She frankly didn't care who was going to 'officially' take care of her, having spent her entire life in one establishment or another; this particular school had a reputation for being weird, though, and she was looking forward to finding out what would happen.

"What exhibition?", she whispered in her friend's ear as they entered the massive crowd in the corridor where the board was. Clearly Aria wasn't the only one excited for the upcoming event.

"Oh, you don't know?", - giddiness in the girl's voice suggested she was more than happy to tell her new friend ALL ABOUT this. - "It's a twice-yearly event! There's an exhibition of torture devices and execution methods from around the world. They have a huge pool, and they randomly select several every time! They post the list on the board, and students sign up for auditions! The torture devices are real, too, and used for real, and execution methods are usualy not!"

"Usually?..." - Nanette's voice jumped up and down, reflecting her surprise at the information. That people would volunteer to have torture devices demonstrated on them was weird enough... although she was admittedly curious to participate herself.

But - would they actually for real kill their students? The school DID have a weird reputation - Nanette's aunt needed quite a bit of convincing to let the girl choose it for herself...

"Well, yeah! They randomly, again, choose one exhibit every half-year to be real. Students who audition for that one are warned, and then forbidden to tell anyone! If someone tells, they do a complete shuffle of all the roles and choose another exhibit to be real that time!"

"Shuffle all the roles?..."

"Well, yeah! I mean, they have someone else to warn their exhibit is going to be lethal, and they can agree or refuse all over again, and they can't let it slip what it's going to be, so they have to changPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Bump in hope of seeing more of this someday.


Thanks for bumping or I would have missed this entirely.
I've been a fan of the original art series for a long time, and I'm actually kinda surprised I haven't seen a written adaptation like this before.
Very good stuff so far, and I'm looking forward to the possible continuation too!
Hm, as for execution ideas... how about some animal slaughter style ones like gutting/evisceration or a bolt stunner? Maybe being hung upside down and having the throat slit? I also support some previous suggestions like hanging and seppuku.






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Anyone has the full version of this story saved? I managed to find a copy of it on wattpad(for some reason), but it was incomplete and seemed to have really poor english.
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Did you seriously bump a two year old thread? This Story won't get updated anymore just let it die


How were you able to even bump a two-year old thread?




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The girl opened the door to the basement and peered in. She reached to her side and flicked on the lights, illuminating the room. The room was cold, and the bare cement walls were a spotless dull gray. The room was almost clinical with no decorations or improvements, just emotionless gray cement. It was identical to the pictures the man had shown her.

The only furniture in the room was a line of chairs down the left wall and a sink against the back wall. There was also a small drain a few feet in front of the sink. Next to the sink and in the middle of the right wall were two large, expensive-looking cameras with microphones mounted on top. There was also a camera hanging down from the ceiling.

Of course, there was one more piece of furniture, if you could call it that. A large guillotine sat in the center of the room, strikingly out of place in the otherwise un-noteworthy room. The lunette faced the back of the room, placed just above the drain in the floor, and the blade rested against it, missing a rope to hold it up. A thick layer of dust covered the guillotine, but otherwise it was in perfect condition, just as the man had said.

At the imposing sight of the guillotine, the girl's legs went weak and she felt herself getting wet. She took a deep breath and stepped into the room, closing the door behind her. She was carrying a large bag, filled to the brim, which she set on one of the chairs. She opened the zipper and fished around for a minute before finding what she wanted.

She pulled out two vibrating dildos and a pack of batteries. The girl quickly put the batteries in the dildos and switched them on. After making sure they worked, she turned the off and placed them on the guillotine. Then she moved in front of the camera.

She faced the camera and began to slowly strip, putting on a show. She was short, with a petite body and small tits. Her hair was a light brown and came down to her shoulders. As she pulled off her shirt, showing her tits to the camera, she smiled. She knew the man was watching right now, somewhere else in the house. After removing everything but her panties, she stopped and kneeled in front of the camera.

The girl grabbed the dildos, one in each hand, and began to lick them. She alternated between the two, and while she licked one dildo, she seductively rubbed the other on her nipples or crotch. Soon they were covered in her saliva, and she moved on to sucking them. She started withPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Majestic stories. You wonderfully catch the moment of no return. I love to imagine I'm in their shoes. Please write more.


superb stories. thanks


More, please!


Bump with hope for more.


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I'm going to post what I've written so far here, so it's all in one thread rather than spread out. And any additional work will be posted here as well!
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I agree, I want to see more cons stuff. Perhaps even between pairings, one member of the couple willingly giving their life for the other's pleasure. :)


I kinda want to see Lucina kill Robin from that chapter going with the theme that she married him/her earlier and just rides the body in grief


You would think that would be a big deal but i think I have sen maybe on fic where she kills him then they just move on




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A Thousand Worlds of Despair: Crimson Comfort

(gg, oral, rimming, mercy killing)

Rika Furude sat on the floor of the house that she shared with Satoko Houjou, her fellow resident’s blond haired head resting on Rika’s lap. Satoko was dressed in her green pyjama top and pants, while Rika was dressed in her pink nightdress. It was a few days after the deaths of their fellow club members and Rika had spent the intervening time desperately trying to comfort Satoko. But as was usual in this infinite cycle of sorrow, her efforts were in completely in vain. Satoko’s broken sobs were only quietened when the girl was so exhausted that she had no choice but to slip into broken sleep.

For her part, Rika had shed no tears for her friends. She was far too used to their deaths to feel anything but exhaustion anymore, but seeing Satoko so hurt always managed to stab her in the last remaining part of her soul that could still feel. At least Satoko’s wouldn’t be in pain for much longer...

Today was the end stage of this scenario, the night of their deaths. Countless times Rika had tried to at least save Satoko in this scenario, but her efforts were always in vain. Whoever was so determined to kill Rika did not let Satoko escape. Of course, that was only the few times that she could convince Satoko to make a run for it. Usually Satoko would refuse to flee, sanding with Rika in solidarity, facing certain death with a bravery she did not feel.

Any world where Keiichi fell prey to the Syndrome’s final stage was a futile world, where no other actions could possibly bring any change to her cursed existence, Rika’s irrational clinging to a cursed life only causing her and her friends agony after agony. With a sigh she looked at the tear streaked sleeping face of her friend, again doubting the course of action that she had decided on after receiving news of the others’ deaths.

Hanyuu’s voice was silent, Rika having drunk enough to cause the spirit linked to her soul to pass out. It had been necessary as Hanyuu would surely object incessantly to her plan. What she planned to do was monstrous, but it was hardly worse than doing nothing and letting Satoko suffer further. If she could not save her friend, she could at least try to minimize her pain. Trying to act resolutely, she leaned down with her blue haired head and started to lick the other girl’s face, tasting the salty tear tracks with her pink tongue.

The sensation woke Satoko, wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Why not share the ideas with us? We might be able to help you fill in some missing details.

Not making any guarantees, but it's possible...



Thanks for the offer.

So how could Rika convince her friends to kill themselves when she knows that they are doomed, taking into account that they are the types to never give up?



Hmm... that is a tricky one...




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This is going to be a loong story I've written together with Blau Sturm. The idea originated from him, but we figured the whole story out together after I watched Nanoha. There are at least two more parts coming. Any feedback or comments are appreciated :)

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha SnufferS

Episode One

It wasn’t that unusual for the mages gathered in the room to meet together – they all worked in the same unit, after all. Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa-Harlaown were bundled against each other on a couch, the pair radiating love onto all the others in the room as they cuddled. Signum and Shamal were both sitting on a opposite ends of a couch, with space left in between them. Subaru Nakajima and Teana Lanster were holding hands as the two younger girls sat on a pair of chairs extremely close to each other. Most of the mages in the room were wearing their official Riot Force 6 uniform – a brown jacket over a white shirt, a brown skirt and thighs of various length. Nanoha was wearing her Air Force instructor uniform instead – her jacket was white, her skirt blue, and a black belt was holding it together at her waist. All of them were now tightly watching the screens in the room, which were showing their commander, Hayate Yagami. The officially dressed woman was now standing on a platform raised in some conference room she rented just for this event.

Hayate watched the clock in the main conference room. As soon as it hit the full hour, she activated her microphone and began speaking:

“Hello everybody! My name is Yagami Hayate, the chief of the 6th Mobile Division of the Administrative Bureau.” She stopped for a moment to let the applause die out. “Today I’m here to announce a change in the Bureau’s policy. More details will be available afterwards, but the main idea was to reduce the amount of mages in active duty.” The gathered people started talking now, so Hayate spoke louder: “And to show my full compliance and support of the policy, I decided to start it off with a few executions of some of my unit’s mages!” Hayate enthusiastically finished speaking, and let the commotion in the room sort itself out as she headed backstage.

She was a bit disappointed by the reaction to her words. Fate and Nanoha continued their cuddling on their sofa while Signum stayed motionless on her couch. Shamal seemed a bit concerned, but only Subaru and Teana looked rPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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We'll do our best to have that happen. :)


Here's the final part to this story. Hoping it turned okay ^^

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha SnufferS

Episode Three (2)

Hayate made sure to get the same conference room she did last time - this time with a lot more preparations, setting it up just the way they wanted it for the event. This time, the mood backstage was quite different from what it was the last time Riot Force 6 gathered here. After all, the mages already knew they were not going to leave this gathering alive.

Subaru Nakajima was talking to her sister Ginga, both sisters wearing the standard uniform. Subaru was trying to change Ginga’s mind for the final time before it was too late. “Gin-nee, it’s only my time to die today, not yours. You were not with us on that day, so why do you insist on dying as well?”
Ginga sighed. “I… I don’t want to live without you, little sister,” she replied, trying to find a way to properly convey what she was trying to say. “I… I…” At that point, she decided that since words wouldn’t come, she’d use actions—and pulled her sister in for a fierce, passionate kiss. Subaru shifted initially, surprised by her sister’s sudden incestuous act, but since they were about to die, she decided she was okay with that. She kissed her sister back and they stayed locked together for some time.
When they finally parted from the kiss, Ginga looked deeply into her sister’s green eyes. “I… I guess I first realized how I felt soon after you hooked up with Teana-san,” she said, “but I was okay with letting you go, as you seemed happy with her… Then, after she died, I thought I’d give you time to grieve… but we’re out of time, now.” Subaru felt tears appearing in her eyes as she thought of her dead love. She was so moved she just buried her face against Ginga’s chest, sobbing as her head pressed against Ginga’s bust. Ginga held on to Subaru, hugging her tightly as her eyes darted towards the screen.

Nanoha simply sat on the couch she shared with Hayate, waiting for her loved one to appear on the screen. She was excited when they were planning this day with Hayate, yet now she felt a bit empty. Since Hayate wasn’t coming, Nanoha looked over at the Nakajima sisters, cheering up a bit as she saw their love sipping all over the room. She lifted the hem of her blue skirt as she pulled her legs onto the couch, settling into a more comfortable position, also correcting the white shirt of her uniform as she did.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


That was a beautiful chapter. Particularly happy for Ginga, who had imo a death to die for. ;)




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So a while back I traded with Aoi Hikari for a story based off my Idea of Hogwarts having it's own girlmeat catalogue. That story can be found here: >>7556. Proofreading and editing Aoi's story inspired me to write my own version. Some if the initial catalogue spreads are the same (though usually heavily edited) from Aoi's story. These are taken with permission based off my initial descriptions for the trade, but the story itself is vastly different though based off of a similar concept.

Hermoine Browses for Girlmeat (Harry Potter, F/F, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Cons, Snuff, Exhib, Cannibalism, F/Self)


Hermione shifted on the seat in the common room. It almost felt like there was something lumpy beneath her.

Reaching down beneath the cushion, Hermione felt around until her fingers scraped a book. No, not a book... A magazine! Curiously, Hermione pulled it out.

“What is this? A girly magazine?” Hermione asked aloud as the picture of a nude 5th year girl she didn't know strutted and posed across the front cover. “No, wait, that's not it...” She continued, looking at the title of the book. “'Hogwarts Meatgirl Catalogue'? What the..?”

Now that Hermione took a closer look, the girl photographed on the cover was in the Hogwarts Kitchen, surrounded by cooking supplies.
“That's...” Feeling nervous and guilty, but even more curious, Hermione opened the magazine, flipping to a random page. Surprisingly, the girl inside the magazine wasn't nude, though she was posing very provocatively next to a campfire. Hermione flipped to the next page, and then the next. On each full page spread there was a moving picture of a girl on one page and some text on the other with the girl’s name and price and presumably the reasons they wanted to sell themselves for meat.

“The wizarding world... eats girls? This can't be real... Who even put this together?” Hermoine muttered to herself as she flipped through. Despite the eroticism of the nudity on display, each of the girls on the pictures was clearly trying to sell herself as food first, and sexual object second; with each and every girl posing at a kitchen or a dining room and with objects like knifes and cauldrons.

“This has to be a joke...” Hermione muttered to herself, as she flipped through it. Suddenly, she stopped, staring.

The picture in front of her occupied both pagesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You're a bit late for that! I finished part 2, but part 3 is also in that thread. It starts here: >>11033


Holy crap!! Great writing!


Thanks! Glad you liked it.




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"Hey," he said, lifting himself up to a nearly seated position, his cock still inside of her, "can we try something new?"

"Sure, I'm always up for that."

"I want to see what you look like inside while I'm fucking you."

"You mean, like with a camera?"

"No, I mean I want to cut your belly open and see your vagina while I'm inside it."

"I guess we could do that. Won't it make a mess?"

"It can't be so much worse than regular sex, at worst I'll need a new mattress. Besides, I can get the knife nice and hot to keep you from bleeding too much."

"Well, okay, just as long as you don't mess up anything inside of me."

"Of course not," he said as he pulled out and practically skipped out of the room to fetch a knife.

He returned a few minutes later with a sharp paring knife in his hand, its blade glowing a soft orange having been heated in a stove flame.

"Lets hurry up before it cools off. Get ontop of me, cowgirl style."

He rolled into the bed, and she knelt down over his crotch, dragging her pussy up his rock-hard shaft, then sitting down, feeling the tip between her lower lips.

He wasted no time, jabbing the knife into her navel, causing her to gasp, biting her lip. Then he pulled down, cutting deep all the way down, splitting her pubis mons, and coming right up to her vulva. It hurt so much and felt so good at the same time. Blood beaded and dripped ever so slowly from the cauterized sides of the gash, but the flow was far from enough to be dangerous. Even now it was starting to clot.

"How's it feel?"

"Crazy," she said, "I've never felt anything like it. … I think I like it."

"Great! This is so hot!" he replied, reaching his hands into the gash. He pulled the walls of her lower abdomen apart, opening it up to make everything visible inside. The sensation was like stretching, but more. She was very wet now.

Through the gash - really a hole now, her innards were clearly visible, nested in yellow fat and red-grey muscle, her intestines still held up behind a translucent membrane, and her uterus and ovaries front-and-center.

"Can I get your bladder out? It's kind of in the way."

"Do you have to?"

"Pretty much, your vagina is kind of back behind it."


He thrust his hand in, gripping the organ, and squeezed it in a death grip. She imPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Wow, this story never fails to turn me on. It's nice and quick.


oh my god this story is wonderful


I like this kind of content, but it is disappointing that story itself is practically same length as the list of tags and dialogue has not much related to what is happening.
I like casual guro but this was a bit too casual and felt not as if she does not even care about being gutted but that she is willing to do anything just to avoid conversation.
there should be more discussions and more detailed descriptions of what is going on.




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