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Hey, you all might recognise me as the writter for Waifu Wars. Well I'm gonna have to go on a short hiatus for the rest of November due to a personal project not related to the site. But I decided hey this would be the perfect time to start another seriues idea I had. It's kinda like the DBX to Waifu Wars. Instead of a long drawn out fight some sexy fictional ladies just get killed. Feel free to suggest victims!
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Faye Fading

“Ahh this is the life”

Faye moaned, as she stretched in her bubble bath. Her thin figure was submerged in the bubble water just deep enough, that water splashed against her vagina, without covering it. Her purple hair was wrapped in a towel and her perky C cup breast stuck out of the bath, her smooth stomach was just above the water, and her legs and arms hanging out of the tub. Her smooth feet smelt heavily of the expensive perform, as she could now afford to spray it all over her body due to the job she just pulled off. The biggest job of her life, rigging a card game against some chump from some group called the The Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. And now she was enjoying her first night of the good life. Fancy party, an expansive dinner, and now, a bubble bath in the nicest room of the most expensive hotel on mars. Suddenly the door was kicked open, and three men carrying rifles charged in.

“You fucked with the wrong man”

The leader of the men shouted with a strong accent as they all aimed at the bathing women. She knew she had to defuse the situation as fast as possible. She stood from her bath, stretching with an erotic moan, making sure each man caught a glimpse of her goods.

“There has to be another way we can work this out”

She said softly, as she flashed the men an affectionate smile. She started to step out of the bath, but the men pulled their triggers. Bullets tore through Faye's stomach, knocking her back into the tub with a splash. Blood leaked from her mouth, along with her expensive red lipstick.

“Do you really think that would work slut? Where with Red Dragon, we can afford the most expensive whores in the galaxy, we don't need you”

The man said with a laugh, as he and his goans left. The light began to fade from Faye’s eyes, as pain flooded her slender body. She never imagined death could be this painful. She imagined she would like this, she imagined she'd be in her late 90s and beyond rich, and that it would happen peacefully in her sleep. She was so close to getting what she wanted to, the good life. She coughed up blood as her body convulsed, her toes curled and uncurled as her feet kicked around aimlessly, still carrying the sweet smell of the life she so desired. Her twitching body splashed water on the floor and caused her breast to bounce. NoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




Elastagirl Electrocuted

Helen Parr woke up in chains. She was chained to the wall, her arms and legs slightly stretched. She was in what looked like a basement, and it was only when the cold air hit her that she realized the she was completely naked. Her large breast hung firm in the air do to her rubber like body, her smooth stomach was slightly stretched do to her chains, and her large bubble ass jiggled as she stirred. She curled her toes, as her brown eyes scanned her surroundings, everything seeming blurry. Suddenly her eyes fell upon someone sitting in a wooden chair in front of her. A woman, short, skinny, and in a skintight black jumpsuit. She had small breast, but her outfit managed to emphasise them. Her face was covered by a novel blue bunny mask, but long dark red hair was visible.


Helen started to say, but the women quickly stood, and walked over to her.

“Good morning Elastigirl”

She said, her voice sounding young. Helen noticed what seemed to be a two buttoned remote in the woman's hand.

“What do you want with me”

The Super asked. She couldn't tell for sure, but it sounded as if the women giggled.

“You see Mrs. Incredible, I have a strong disliking for you superhumans, but also a deep fascination with them. For example”

She said pressing the first button. Suddenly what looked like a taser emerged from the front of the remote. Elastigirl eyed it nervously.

“Do you just stretch, or is it more accurate to say your body is made up of a rubber or elastic substance”

The woman asked before shoving the taser up Helens loose, and stretchy vagina. She let loose a slight moan of pleasure. The girl giggled.

“Like that huh?”

She asked before pressing the first button again. Elastigirl's entire body stiffened up as electricity coursed through her body. Her toes and fingers twitched randomly as rolled her wrist, and ankles. Her stretchy nips stiffened up, and drops of milk leaked from them. As soon as the electricity stopped, her entire body relaxed, and she began to breath heavily.

“Fascinating, so your body just stretches. Well then you won't survive another shock like that”

The girl said as Elastigirl glared at her.

“You better hope I don't get free from here”

She growled. The womenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


A late celebration of Incredibles 2


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Anna hovered over her seemingly lifeless wife, her long dark brown hair hanging down and into her wife's face.

"I love you, Aurora." She whispered as she leaned down to deliver a soft and gentle kiss to her wife's blue lips, which did not return the affection.

Aurora's long strawberry blonde hair laid spread out over the bed, except her bangs that were a mess across her face, which Anna gently moved aside.

Anna proceeded to kiss Aurora's neck, biting and nibbling as she went, slowly making her way down Aurora's chest. As she twisted Aurora's nipples, she could feel they were rock solid and knew her wife was incredibly horny. She moved on
and continued to go down Aurora's body, giving affection every second.

Finally, she arrived down where Aurora was wet and yearning for her. Anna massaged Aurora's clit, then gave it a quick peck, and started to finger her precious, lifeless-like wife.

Aurora didn't pull or invite Anna inside of her in the slightest. She just laid there, unmoving.

After awhile, Aurora couldn't hold it back any longer and let out an adorable and quiet moan, biting her lips and feeling embarassed.

Anna came back up, and gave her wife a passionate kiss. As they parted their lips and she smiled and said, "I love how excited and turned on you get when you play dead. It's so adrorable." She then wiped the blue away from Aurora's lips, which was just eye shadow that they had put on to make her look a little more cold and lifeless.

Aurora gave Anna another kiss, as her green eyes meet Anna's grey-ish blue eyes, both staring in awe and both sleepy and in pure ecstascy. The two of them cuddled together as they slowly started to fall asleep.

Anna whisperied right before they passed out, "I don't want you to ever actually die though... You make an adorable corpse, but I'd be heartbroken if you ever died... as much as I know you love it. Don't ever die for real, okay?"

Aurora responded with a kiss and said, "Never. I love you too much to die. You know that." Aurora gave Anna another kiss, and they both passed out in each other's arms, both happier than ever.

Anna woke up and hopped in the shower, then started to get dressed for work. She put on black tights, an adorable pastel purple dress that just went just barely below her hips, and then put on matching pastel purple rubber boots. She wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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great story


bumping this


I love it when the feet writhe during drowning




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“C’mon, you little slut!” Thessali blurted out angrily as she and her friend dragged the little five foot elf that had been tainted by the void along. A length of nylon rope hung slung over her shoulders. “Let’s go for a walk in the woods, ok bitch?” she snorted in a huff.

Galilada whimpered anxiously, a cloth bandana covering her mouth plus her own pair of panties preventing coherent speech. Her wrists were bound behind her back, preventing her from putting up much of a struggle. Her coal black hair waved at her shoulders as she was dragged along in her white blouse and mageweave skirt, her knee-high black boots leaving little drag marks along the trail. The wooden cart she had been held hostage in during the ride out sure seemed like a lot better proposition than the one she was now facing!

“Are you sure about this, Danellia?” Thessali’s partner in crime Iliaravi asked as she warily looked all around. Three miles up an old service route towards the Dawnstar spire in the ghostlands and then another mile and a half walk had not been a part of her plans for an enjoyable friday evening. Besides, wasn’t this the place where that recent rangers had gone missing with a larger than normal troll activity.

“This is PERFECT!” the raven haired elf blurted out.

“But what about the forest trolls?”

“Don’t you get it, Iliaravi?” Thessali chuckled evilly. “They will get the blame for what we’re going to do to this little piece of shit!” Then she grabbed Galilada’s chin and gave it a good shake, laughing as she added, “Ain’t that right, sweetie?”

Galilada cried out again as she tried to resist them. But Thessali was 5’ 6”; Iliaravi at least a couple inches taller. They outweighed her and she was in no position to make an escape.

“This place gives me the creeps!, I know stories of ghosts out here at well” Iliaravi declared, nervously looking around as they continued to drag their helpless captive along.

“Would you knock it off?” Thessali responded in exasperation. “Besides, we didn’t run across a single living or dead thing coming out here! There’s nobody around for miles but the three of us!” Then she gave out a nasty cackle as she hefted the rope slung over her shoulder while giving Galilada’s chin another shake.

“But soon there’ll only be the two of us; right, you cock-sucking slut?? I’ll teach you to go sucking my husband’s cock!”

Galilada tried to protest throPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>14542The Forest Strangler
Posted on August 27, 2014 by riwa
Note: this is a story I submitted for a contest at Dark Fetish Network back in early-August.

“C’mon, you little slut!” Marcella blurted out angrily as she and her friend dragged the little five foot Asian along. A length of nylon rope hung slung over her shoulders. “Let’s go for a walk in the woods, ok bitch?” she snorted in a huff.

Emma whimpered anxiously, the duct tape covering her mouth preventing coherent speech. Her wrists were bound behind her back, preventing her from putting up much of a struggle. Her coal black hair waved at her shoulders as she was dragged along in her hippie blouse and denim skirt, her knee-high black boots leaving little drag marks along the trail. The Ford Explorer she had been held hostage in during the drive out sure seemed like a lot better proposition than the one she was now facing!

“Are you sure about this, Marcie?” Marcella’s Dominican partner in crime Jocinda asked as she warily looked all around. Three miles up a rutted jeep path deep in the forest and then another mile and a half walk had not been a part of her plans for an enjoyable Friday evening. Besides, wasn’t this the place where that Forest Strangler had killed a couple of girls and dumped their bodies?

“This is PERFECT!” the raven haired Latina blurted out.

“But what about the Forest Strangler?”

“Don’t you get it, Josie?” Marcella chuckled evilly. “He’ll get the blame for what we’re going to do to this little piece of shit!” Then she grabbed Emma’s chin and gave it a good shake, laughing as she added, “Ain’t that right, sweetie?”

Emma cried out again as she tried to resist them. But Marcella was 5’ 6”; Jocinda at least a couple inches taller. They outweighed her and she was in no position to make an escape.

“This place gives me the creeps!” Jocinda declared, nervously looking around as they continued to drag their helpless captive along.

“Would you knock it off?” Marcella responded in exasperation. “Besides, we didn’t run across a single vehicle coming out here! There’s nobody around for miles but the three of us!” Then she gave out a nasty cackle as she hefted the rope slung over her shoulder while giving Emma’s chin another shake.

“But soon there’ll only be the two of us; right, you cock-sucking slut?? I’ll teach you to go sucking my boyfriend’s cock!”

Emma triPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Oops didnt know was stolen, saw on hentai foundry


I like the Warcraft version more, who cares it was stolen and i think it's time we see more stories from warcraft, it's brutal world where anything can happen and many npc die a sexy death, sometimes showing panties butts, legs tits and so on, it's an endless source of inspiration for guro stories!


You should always provide a source if you can... Saying who cares if it's stolen is one of the most disrespectful thing you can to an author...


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Tell me your thoughts, it'll definitely effect weather I make more.

White clouds, the ever blue sky, the rainbow patterns of bright sunlight piercing gemstone walls. In this ascended place not one soul follies into accidental sin and so much the same, none go without rest, food, and jubilee. Their ages reach upwards of the billions but not a human face goes beyond 25. Glass armor and gold swords like children prepped for play, every human knows this place so well.


On cherished wings, in hallowed halls, in the shadow of every pillar and at the peak of every night, there in every bit of darkness sleeps a single untouched vermin. Gathering strength, crawling up the opalescent pillars and sinking into every stagnant crystal blue puddle in the street, there is a disease. Making it's way ever faster towards the heart of the highest city.

The rot...

"Please! Help me!"

Candy like blue hair and matching sapphire eyes glare sadly at two demons half her size but carrying many times her weight in muscle. One holds a club, the other a knife, kobolds by the looks of them. Leathery red skin and thick, snaking tails.

"Please! If you come near me, god will--"

"God will what?!"

They were surrounded by pests, small slinking creatures with sharp teeth. Dark red with bright neon green polka dots. Leeches. They bit into the walls and pillars of the dark, hidden alley. Everywhere they bit was covered in glimmering, opalescent gem stone... And every time they bit, the stone calcified and rusted and turned dull, and then shriveled up slowly into a hardened, organic shape, so that the walls where the leeches had been which were once flat stone walls were transformed into rocky masses of random interconnected organs. In some places on these disturbing forms, more leeches could be seen spawning.

The angel didn't care about this, and was more focused on the two kobolds infront of her. She held a small silver knife, and the tiny cuirass that covered only her upper chest did nothing for her mid section which was covered only by a flowing blue sundress. She was too afraid to cry just yet, and she looked back and forth between the two lizards with her sword held out towards them, switching targets over and over with a little huff of breath each time she changed her mind.

It made sense, her indecisiveness, angels weren't used to fighting. And her fear mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Having deep background descriptions and imagery is good, especially when you plan to write more of it. This is a nice read, but, come on, there's gotta be more than just kobolds there, right?


There are many more demons both conventional and not. Next time I think I want to use succubus.


Can I get more detail on that necro


I’ll bump this, to save it. I’m so sorry I couldn’t save others.


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Nobles and Clones

A World of Decadence and Snuff

(snuff, casual, young, more to come)

The story will be written from the perspective of both Clones and Nobles. I don’t do scat or brainplay or babies, but feedback is GREATLY appreciated and I can probably work most requests into future chapters. I write when I get the time and when the muse strikes, but I plan to keep it going for a while. I have no interest in men, straight sex, or male victims, so if I include a male character, they will be in passing, or a platonic friend in almost all cases. The first entry will establish the world and goes into a lot more exposition. Future posts won’t be quite as long.

If being the Noble girl is an idea that appeals to you, PLEASE ask for my yahoo/skype. I really love the thought of playing the Clone. The first victim is very much modeled on myself. <3


It was the year 3000. Mankind had brought itself to the edge of extinction some centuries earlier, by way of nuclear war. In the wake of the devastation, most of the surviving population was left unable to produce offspring, with only a few hundred bloodlines left able to procreate. These families had inherited all of the wealth of planet Earth, and when the war had ended, they had made changes. Society was divided into two groups, aristocrats, those of the stable bloodlines, and slaves, those grown in cloning facilities to cater to the every whim and want of the nobles. Cloning had been perfected in the wake of the wars, it was cheap and easy, and with the cheapness of cloning came the cheapness of cloned life. Clones were grown of past celebrities or designed from scratch, on the whim of the creator. The nobles grew hundreds or thousands of slaves for each of them, then had to deal with overpopulation. The result was that clones were killed as a regular part of life.

Schools were established for the Clones, and those who proved themselves more intelligent could rise through the ranks and hold respectable positions, although they would always be subservient to even the lowest noble, but they comprised less than five percent at high school graduation. College graduates were perhaps ten percent of these. The staggering numbers of clones meant that every day at school, any infraction, any failing, would be answered with immediate termination, with their meat being used to feed the rest of the world. And that Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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To those of you who left positive or constructive comments, THANK YOU!! They are greatly appreciated and will be taken into account moving forward (yes, I am trying to motivate to write more)

To those of you who can read a story that ran a full 6 pages, with world building, relationships and emotions, and come away with 'boo! diapers, boo!!' kindly bug right off *big friendly smile*. I find them a little bit cute, only for certain types of death, quite aside from the practical use. They are not part of every section I plan to write, but I WILL include them as I please.

To the friend who pointed out the second spit, whoops! one of those was meant to be a noose.

To the friend who had the mosh pit idea....I am not really a fan of guts or significant gore....but the birthday premise and a fairly similar tone to what you suggested is actually one of the things i have half written :)

I hope to have the next bit written and up by the end of the week. love you all! *blows little kisses* <3




this is fun! is the author still writing?




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Alright. Here's the first part of the next Snuff-O-Gram story. As usual no knowledge of Doctor Who is needed to enjoy this story, but if you want to you can look up the actresses who play the parts (Karen Gillan, Pearl Mackie, and Stephanie Hyam) and imagine them acting out the story.

Amy Pond: Alien Space Slave Snuff-O-Gram
Tags: Doctor Who, F/F, Oral, F/F/F, Fingering, Willing, Dominant and Submissive, Roleplay, Dissection, "Xenophilia", Cannibalism, Prostitution, Snuff

Amy Pond always wanted to be snuffed, so when she reports as a Sexy Green-Skinned Alien Snuff-O-Gram to Heather's dorm room for her girlfriend Bill's birthday, she gets exactly what she asked for.


Amy Pond approached what was definitely a college dorm somewhat nervously. She was drawing heads in a way she never had before in her life and underneath the imitation Princess Leia slave Bikini she was wearing, she was absolutely soaking wet from that fact.

Today was her first time being ordered from her company's “special service” catalogue. If all went well, it would also be her last.

Amy shivered as a stiff breeze blew up the amalgam of cloth and metal she was wearing that passed for clothing, brushing past her exposed and inflamed nethers, as well as in between the mostly metal and enamel bra and her puffy currently darker green nipples.

That was the hardest part of this order of course. Not what was waiting in store for her, she hadn't done that yet but she was definitely looking forward to that part. No, the hardest part was soaking for all of last night in a tub full of green food coloring. It probably wouldn't be good for her long term health, but she wasn't exactly worried about that anymore. More importantly, it would be fine in the short term, even edible! And it would stay on until the end of her work today, at the very least.

Now the only part of her not dyed some shade of green was her lustrous red hair, so it made sense that she was drawing gazes, both male and female, as she walked across the university campus as a green-skinned redhead in a metal slave bikini. She was certainly eye catching.

It took Amy almost 10 minutes to find the dorm she was looking for, the dorm whose resident had payed the frankly sort of exorbitant price to order her from the “special service” catalogue her Kiss-O-Gram agency put out. She had to check her instructions again just to mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I love snuff-o-gram style stories. This one was fantastic, thank you!


Thanks. I think I figured out a major stumbling block on this (what to do next), so you might see more soon.


Huh. Gurochan's safe again? I guess I should post progress:

Bill's hand was completely soaking wet with Amy's arousal when she finally pulled it free. “Heather, can you get me a washcloth from the loo?” Bill requested. “There's no way I can hold the scalpel with my fingers this slippery,” Bill added in explanation.

“No problem,” Heather grinned, walking the couple of meters needed to retrieve the miniature towel and handing it to her girl. “We wouldn't want you to slip and cut something you shouldn't after all,” Heather joked.

Bill wiped her hands mostly clean of Amy's arousal, leaving them the soft and damp but ready for the next step.

“Actually, what was the next step?” Bill wondered aloud as she picked the scalpel back up.

Heather was about to speak up when she caught a glimpse of Amy's hazel eyes widening. She leaned back, tangling her fingers through her neatly trimmed pubic bush and letting the green-skinned snuff toy talk instead of interrupting, eager to see what the 'alien' girl would suggest.

Amy blushed lightly at the question, her cunt still aching pleasantly from the abuse that Bill had put it through. The next step? That would have to be... “Well, this is a dissection?” Amy asked, more to remind herself of the facts at hand than for any confirmation. “So, unless you want to just carve out my twat and start dinner?” Amy added with a shiver. “Then the next step would be slicing me open to see what's inside, right?” Amy asked, a quiver of fear underpinning the almost lustful hope present in her words.

Bill blinked. That would be the next step wouldn't it? Bill half swallowed as she stared at Amy's bared green pubic mound. Everything up till now, the fisting, unhooding her clit, it had all been survivable. This next step could be too, whether for a human girl or an alien chick, but... with Heather and maybe even Amy herself egging her on? It probably wouldn't be. She wanted to do it. After getting to fist her, Bill's slit was dripping wet with arousal at just the thought of doing more! But, something held her back; some hesitance or moral qualm that she wasn't even sure was right...

"And you're okay with this?" She asked the green-skinned girl before her. "Being dissected, I mean? Having me cut you up?"

"You mean, am I okay with reducing me to nothing more than memories, trophies, and souveniers? With you dissecting me? With you offing me for yourPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Also, always nice to read more of your stories !


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"No one can hide from my sight..." Widowmaker breathily moaned to herself as she gazed through the scope, eyeing her target. The Talon assassin was perched on a balcony high up a skyscraper, long-rifle mounted on a tripod and aimed at the plaza below. The right moment hadn't yet come to pull the trigger, perhaps because Widowmaker's long slender fingers weren't even on the trigger. Rather, the digits responsible for ending the lives of so many were busy pleasuring their mistress - one hand groping her pert breasts, the other working her slippery slot. The only sound on the balcony was Widowmaker's coos of pleasure, the thrill of the impending kill pulsing through her as she played with herself on all fours, shapely round ass raised in the air while swaying to and fro.

The assassin's normally haughty, emotionless face flushed as she felt her climax coming - a climax that once subsided, would mean the end of her target. This was the only time she could feel emotion - from the thrill of being an apex predator claiming its prey. Her fingers furiously worked her oozing cunny as the pleasure intensified.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!"

Widowmaker's head snapped around as a shout from behind her interrupted her ministrations. Her elegant face twisted into a scowl. A fat security guard stood there, no doubt some useless desk jockey hired by the building she had broken into. He held a flashlight in his hand, the beam falling square on Widowmaker's lovely ass.

The assassin snarled and cursed in French, furious at being interrupted from her impending orgasm by this worthless waste of meat. She briefly considered finishing up before finishing him, but decided to instead zip up her bodysuit and dispose of the intruder, not wanting him to glimpse any more of her lithe body than he had already seen.

That brief moment of hesitation cost her. She had intended to jump up and bury a Venom mine in the man's face, but as Widowmaker leapt into the air the security guard had already launched into a lumbering desperation charge to tackle her. The result was the guard's meaty shoulder lowering straight into Widowmaker's gut as she was airborne. Her grunt of surprise was quickly interrupted by a shriek of pain, as the momentum carried the pair straight into the balcony railing - Widowmaker taking the brunt of the impact. Her slender form was wracked with pained wheezing as the air was knocked out of her, her Venom Mine Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Fucking amazing


This was great!




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(A thread of stories that take place in the savage land of Vaniria. If there is interest in this story, I’ll post more. Feedback also appreciated.)

Ambush at Icefall Pass

(gory combat, blood, piss)

The shieldmaiden glimpsed her opponent through the snow drifts.

The warrior, clad in mail and fur, stood amidst the bodies of her fallen comrades. Underneath the half-helm, baleful blue eyes glowered at Enyara from across the field. “You will pay for the blood you’ve spilled!”

Enyara exhaled from exhaustion. “I’ve killed five of you already. Let’s call it a day.”

“No,” said the warrior. She drew two hand axes from her belt and brandished the broad shafts in her grip. “Blood pays for blood. Prepare to die.”

“So much for diplomacy.” Enyara brushed an orange curl from in front of her eyes and squared up to face her opponent. Her blade was slick with blood and her shield battered, to say nothing of her body. A red cut glistened wetly on her left arm and she felt the bruises on her other arm and chest whenever she moved.

She glanced around at the battlefield. Slaughter was a word too inadequate to describe what had taken place. There was not an empty patch of snow anywhere to be found. Bodies, battered weapons and broken shields lay scattered about across the icy plain, juxtaposed or heaped together in haphazard piles. Neither side had come away the victor. Towards the end, she had begun to slay whoever had come at her, unable to tell the difference between friend or foe.

Her last opponent stalked through the snow. The mail hauberk she wore was splattered with blood and the axes she hefted dripped with gore. She moved, like a predator, and Enyara was the prey.

The redhead raised her shield and pressed forward. She kept a close eye on her enemy over the rim of her shield and pivoted her body to meet the warrior. The woman moved with a swiftness that dismayed her, darting and ducking from her swings. Enyara thrusted her blade forward and the enemy caught it on the edge of her axeheads. Her sword was wrenched from her, her shield pulled down by the twin axes and a sharp kick planted her on her ass. The impact knocked the wind out of her and she fell on her back to stare up at the white sky.

Her strength failed her. Her muscles refused to budge. She could only watch as the rival warrior loomed over her, a phantom of death, covering her wiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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A lovely plot with wonderful details. I like the different methods for killing but also how the personalities of the two warriors comes out.


Eagerly waiting for the next addition


Border Crossing

They awoke at first light and began their journey to the west.

Under a pink and blue dawn, the expanse of southern Scotia opened up before them. They passed through windswept valleys, across stretches of snowy plain and narrow mountain passes. Near the border to Celania, the land grew more temperate, the soil more fertile and they passed villages where peasants toiled in fields overgrown with amber waves of grain. These lands were the breadbasket of the wintry north, coveted by raiders from the south. Centuries of skirmishes with foreign invaders had honed the clans near the border into fierce defenders of their homes but Enyara feared what might befall them should the rumored invasion come to fruition.

At noon, the two travelers found shelter in a clearing among tall, brooding pines.

Enyara studied her companion as she nibbled on a grilled rabbit haunch. The archer sorted her arrows, fingers dancing deftly over the shafts. Her lips were pursed in concentration, a faraway glint in her eyes.

"You know," the redhead began. "We've spent all this time together but it feels like I barely know you."

A faint smile crossed Anya's mouth. "You never asked me about myself."

"True." She bit into a chunk of the rabbit and swallowed. "We haven't had many quiet moments."

Anya stared intently at the tips of her arrowheads, scraping flecks of dried blood off the iron with her nail. "You're either fighting or sleeping. Not much chance to talk to you."

"So let's make up for lost time. Why were you fighting for that clan? Needed the coin?"

The archer nodded. "I figured I'd make some before I headed south. That was until I met you, anyway."

Enyara grinned, lips glistening with grease. "I'm glad you did. I'd have an axe in my head otherwise. Were you planning to see Celania?"

The corner of Anya's mouth twitched and there was a flicker of some emotion in her eyes, gone as soon as it appeared. "I've spent too much time here," she said, simply.

Enyara sensed a story in what she hadn't said but did not pry. "Well, my clan was absorbed into a larger one. I refused to kneel so you could say I'm a shieldmaiden in exile."

"Why not join Queen Skalla?" asked Anya. "I hear she has need of skilled warriors."

She shook her head, her red curls rustling with the motion. "Skalla of the White Horse? She's onPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


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Thread for me to post any one-off stories I write.


Ultimate Exhibitionism (Solo, Masturbation, Snuff)

The woman shivered as she walked along the path, partially from the cold night air on her bare skin and partially from exhilaration at what she was doing. The only clothing she wore was a pair of tall red pumps, her lips and fingernails painted to match. She would have been tall even without the heels and she stood straight as she walked through the night, her long blond hair done up in a neat bun. Her nipples were hard atop her full breasts and there was a shimmering wetness visible on her thigh, below neatly trimmed pubic hair.

The woman suddenly ducked off the path, hearing the approaching sounds of footsteps. As she concealed herself in the shadow of a tree, her hand slowly began to crawl down to her crotch as she watched a couple walk by. The couple had linked arms and were chatting casually, both dressed appropriately for the chill weather. As their voiced faded into the distance the woman tore her hand away from her lower lips, steeling herself and once more stepping back out onto the path.

Things continued in this manner, the woman walking in the quiet night, occasionally hiding while someone passes, getting more and more worked up as she fingered herself surreptitiously behind bushes or trees. The woman had her feet planted wide her back pressed against a tree, two fingers pumping in and out of her pussy, when the sound of a snapping twig brought her back to reality. She quickly realized she had become a little too engrossed and she started hurriedly looking about for the two men in suits she had been hiding from this time. She quickly found them, only a few paces away, their mouths agape as they watched the woman pleasure herself.

The woman quickly withdrew her hand, letting out a small moan as her fingers rubbed her lips on the way out, breaking into as fast a run as she could manage with the heels. She ran, occasionally passing more people wearing equally shocked faces, the night air burning in her lungs, her bouncing tits and feet hurting as she forced her body to move. After a minute she began to hear the distant sound of approaching sirens. She swerved off the path, heading deeper into the wooded park.

The woman leaned against a tree, taking a brief respite, trying to calm her erratic breathing. She was more aroused then she could remember ever having been before, and as she rested she couldn't help her hand snaking its way baPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


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I'm absolutely uncertain how this hasn't been made yet. But I'm writing this as a sort of break from trying to come up with stuff for Tor, or Bottom. It's actually been really relaxing.

Anyway, this is a story based on the first Dark Souls game, I would have made one for Demon Souls first but I was never able to get my hands on any sort of Play Station. This wouldn't have been posted here at all as I feel it's in need of some heavy editing, but I decided to do so anyway as the game's remake is cominf out soon.

Needless to say, there WILL be spoilers and opinion based lore translations either based on my own interpretation or made for the purpose of writing this character. Please let me know what you think and drop any suggestions you have as a comment, as with most writers I love to know what the people who read what I've written thing of it.


Escaping the Asylum. (Gore, death, no sex, zombie)

I remember the first time I died. The moment was hardly special, some Cleric Lord had been coming too quickly down the street as I turned the corner, I don’t even think he stopped. I remember staring up at the sky and wondering how I had ended up on the ground, trying to sit up only to realise the arm I was trying to push myself up with was no longer there. I cannot remember turning my head, but I remember seeing my arm laying on the street along with the lower half of my body. It was surreal then, I don’t think that I formed a single coherent thought that entire time my consciousness was fading, though I do remember the pain flaring back to the surface near the end, pushing through the shock my mind and body been forced into.

I don’t remember waking up after that, though I feel it must have been days later given the state of my body. They probably killed me again as soon as they noticed the Darksign emblazoned in me, packed me in a cart with the rest of the undead and carted me away to the asylum like I’ve seen done hundreds of times before. For some reason i never thought it would be me in that cart, in hind sight I doubt many do.

But now here I am, a rotted husk left to continue rotting in this cell. I spent some time exploring it when I was first left here. I don’t know if I was trying to find a way out or something to eat aside from these undead rats or anything really. But I did find this sword, broken and rusted as it is, barely more than a handle now, but it feels comforting in mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Apologies, I meant to mention this in the intro. But please do let me know if you think of changes/additions that you think would make this better and why.


The latest chapter was really good, I love the concept and the teasing in between lets me enjoy the story as well. Please more!


The latest chapter was really good, I love the concept and the teasing in between lets me enjoy the story as well. Please more!


Just making sure not to lose my stories due to that dgerqwad.


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