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Part I: Planning for Pleasure

Amanda and her mother were discussing her options

"Mom, I think I really want to find a vivisectionist. From everything I've read, there's just no substitute for the sensual experience they provide. They bring you to twice the ecstasy, and they make great meat."

"Well, I guess we could afford it. We'll have to make some appointments and interview a few. Are you sure you don't want me to butcher you myself? I once helped Molly butcher her friend, and it was pretty good. We butchered her for parts, and had a good steak cookout," replied Amanda's mom Francine, who was sitting at the table, looking up from the paper.

"I'm sure you'd do a good job. But how did she feel during butchering? I'm really looking for the whole package; pleasure from all directions. I just know vivisection will make me happy. I think about it all the time now," explained Amanda. Amanda was standing at the counter in the kitchen, looking at some ads in the phone book.

"I remember there being some pain. When we gutted and killed her we did it just like a pig," responded Francine. "I don't think she got as much pleasure out of it as a vivisectionist would give her."

"If you could afford it, I'd really like one mom. I really would want the pleasure to last and to feel an actual gutting, but not the pain. I feel like one pleasure goes with another, and I want combine the sensation of emptiness with freedom and pleasure. And I want someone to take charge and make all this happen," said Amanda looking up.

Amanda had grown into quite a good looking girl. She stood about 5'5" tall and had yellow blonde hair that reached to her shoulders. She weighed 105 pounds, with slim arms, legs, and waist. A well-rounded pair of 36-C breasts made her look slightly top-heavy over her small derrière. Her face had classic good-looking models' features, with a small mouth framed by voluptuous lips, high cheekbones, and a well defined pointed chin. She made heads turn when she walked down the street, and the highschool boys all took notice when they saw her among the cheerleaders.

Francine had had Amanda when young, and had bonded to her when Amanda's father divorced her. Francine was 38, 20 years older than Amanda, and still had a good figure. She was 5'4, weighing 120 lbs with a 38-C bust, shapely legs, and a slightly thickened waist. She had a good looking face, and dark hair bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Part V: Good-bye Lin

Melanie looked over toward Amanda and Francine, and spoke, "Amanda, you might want to go over by the evisceration harness. I think Dr. Kutz is ready to dispatch Lin now." Then Melanie turned and followed Niki into the house.

Amanda, her mom, and bunch of the guests drifted over toward the hors d'oeuvres table. Melanie had taken the bowl of dip out of Lin's belly, and Lin was lying propped up on the bowl. A large man had just finished fucking her, and now a middle-aged woman wearing a one-piece striped swimsuit was sucking on Lin's clitoris. Lin was lying back with her eyes shut enjoying the attention. Her belly gaped open, the inside red and looking like raw meat.

Dr. Kutz came over. "Time to finish cleaning her up. Lin, your' set to be the first course and we need to get you ready," he said. He walked over by the evisceration harness and made some adjustments.

The middle-aged woman pulled up and away from Lin's groin, and Amanda and Maureen pulled-up on either side of Lin.

"How about a good cleaning before Dr. Kutz does you?" asked Maureen looking over into Lin's face.

"Oh yes, that would be great," said Lin with half opened eyes. She had been orgasmic for almost a full hour.

Maureen handed Amanda a long straw, and taking one herself bent over Lin's belly. She placed the straw in a pool of seaman that had accumulated in Lin's abdominal cavity and began to drink. Amanda followed suit, the two girls standing naked and slurping sperm out of Lin's belly.

Dr. Kutz returned from setting the harness up, and looked at the scene. "Good job. I'm going to take Lin and prepare her now. Amanda, do you want to do some cutting?"

Amanda pulled out her straw, and looked up excitedly, "Oh yes, you bet. What do I get to cut?"

Dr. Kutz walked over and picked-up Lin in his arms, and picked her up from the bowl she was in.

"I was going to have you sever her main artery. She's going to bleed out through her belly and that way we don't have to sever her neck. We'll drain Lin for a little bit while waiting for Niki to get back," he said.

Dr. Kutz carried Lin over to where the evisceration harness was hanging from an overhead tree. Next to the harness was a small tray table with some implements and a double-ended dildo, and a large flat roasting pan on the grass. Dr. Kutz put Lin down, and she stood unsteadily,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


The war against the angels is over and Misato has to think about what to do with the EVA pilots.
Thank you thevisitorblack for the translation.
German version below!

Asuka, on a spit!

"What did you just say?" Asuka leaned over the table and yelled at Misato. Her face was already as red as her hair. Shinji moved his chair aside so he wasn't hit by spit and scraps of food that flew from Asuka's mouth across the table.

As always, Misato sat cross-legged at the table and looked with serenity in Asuka's direction.

"You heard me, Asuka!" she replied. “Now that the angels are no longer threatening our world, we no longer need EVA pilots! And the EVA units as well as their pilots have been classified as a threat to world peace! That's why I signed you, Rei, and Mari up to be butchered tomorrow!"

Shinji could see Asuka's hands clenching around the tabletop.

"We saved the world and now you're going to slaughter us? That's not fair!"

Misato opened another can of beer and drank it in one long swig. "Then you should look into your contract, every EVA pilot is NERV property, and we can decide how to dispose of them when they are no longer needed!"

Asuka sat back in her seat, glaring at Misato angrily. "When I signed that contract, I was four years old! How was I supposed to realize that the contract said that?"

Misato reached for another can of beer and set it on the table in front of her. "That doesn't really matter anymore, Asuka! You will be at the butcher tomorrow morning at 8:00!"

Asuka jumped up again and hit the table with her hands. "And what about Shinji? He's getting special treatment, isn't he?"

Misato set the can down and turned to Shinji. "Ritsuko asked if she could have Shinji for some of her experiments!"

Misato took Shinji in a headlock and hugged him. "Na Shinji, are you looking forward to helping Ritsuko?"

" Mmmmm !" Asuka could only hear a murmur from Shinji's head trapped under Misato's arm.

"See that Asuka, Shinji doesn't have a problem with it!"

Asuka rolled her eyes and got up from the table. "And what if I don't want to be slaughtered?" She was now standing in front of Misato, her arms crossed.

"Air!" With a loud gasp Shinji freed himself from Misato's grasp and gasped eagerly for air.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Asuka, am Spieß!
German version

"Du hast was?"

Asuka beugte sich über den Tisch und schrie Misato an.

Ihr Gesicht war schon genauso rot wie ihre Haare, Shinji rückte mit dem Stuhl etwas zur Seite damit er nicht von Spucke und Essensresten getroffen wurde die aus Asukas Mund über den Tisch flogen.

Misato saß wie immer im Schneidersitz am Tisch und schaute mit Gelassenheit in Asukas Richtung.

"Du hast mich schon verstanden, Asuka!"

"Jetzt wo die Engel unsere Welt nicht mehr bedrohen, brauchen wir keine EVA-Piloten mehr!"

"Und die EVA-Einheiten sowie ihrer Piloten sind als Bedrohung für den Weltfrieden eingestuft wurden!"

"Deshalb habe ich Dich, Rei und Marie für Morgen bei einem Schlachter angemeldet!"

Shinji konnte sehen wie Asukas Hände sich um die Tischplatte verkrampften.

"Wir haben die Welt gerettet und jetzt sollen wir Geschlachtet werden?"

"Das ist nicht fair!"

Misato öffnete eine weitere Dose Bier und trank sie in einen Zug aus.

"Dann solltest du mal in deinen Vertrag schauen, da steht das die Piloten NERV gehören und wir entscheiden können was mit dem Piloten geschieht wenn er nicht mehr gebraucht wird!"

Asuka hatte sich wieder auf ihren Platz gesetzt und funkelte Misato wütend an.

"Als Ich den Vertrag unterschrieben habe war ich vier Jahre alt!"

"Wie sollte ich damals überhaupt auf so etwas achten?"

Misato griff nach einer weiteren Dose Bier und stellte sie vor sich auf den Tisch.

"Das ist jetzt egal, Asuka!"

"Ihr werdet morgen früh um 8:00 Uhr beim Schlachter sein!"

Asuka sprang erneut auf und schlug mit den Händen auf den Tisch.

"Und was ist mit Shinji?"

"Der bekommt mal wieder eine Extrabehandlung, oder?"

Misato setzte die Dose ab und drehte sich zu Shinji um.

"Ritsuko hat gefragt ob sie Shinji für ein paar ihrer Experimente haben kann!"

Misato nahm Shinji in den Schwitzkasten und drückte ihn an sich.

"Na Shinji, freust du dich schon darauf Ritsuko helfen zu können?"

" Mmmmm !"

Asuka konnte nur ein Gemurmel hören das von Shinjis Kopf kam der unter Misatos Arm eingeklemmt war.

"Siehst du Asuka, Shinji hat damit auch kein Problem!"

Asuka verdrehte die Augen und stand vom Tisch auf.

"Und was ist wenn ich nicPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Nice, thanks for posting it!
Ah, I with there was more Rei in it though. Or, ideally, the whole story focusing on her in the first place... oh well.
Anyway, one thought occurred to me while reading: when Asuka wakes up and wonders where is Shinji, wouldn't it be nice if it wasn't Misato who decided he gets butchered too, but Shinji himself? Like after having sex with Asuka he sympathizes with her and thinks it would be a nice thing to do to get butchered too because it will make Asuka feel better. And because it's just bothering him to get special treatment, like he kinda feels guilty about it. And speaking of Shinji, you say they chopped his dick off and discarded the body, but wouldn't he still be alive? Maybe bleeding out slowly. So if they don't need the rest of his body, maybe he's just sitting there watching the girls get butchered while he bleeds out. That would be a nice detail.


Of course it would have been possible, but I did not think about that, Alls I wrote the story.
Although I find Rei very cute, she is too quiet to work on All's main character.
Well, that's my opinion.
Thank you for reading!


amazing story! I love it <3


This is what you get when it's almost midnight and i'm high on painkillers cause my fucking leg won't stop pounding out agony. it talks about snuff and such I'll probably forget that I wrote this.

Are you tired of having to go out and hunt down a woman to kill? Are you also tired of having to clean up after that kill? Were you unsatisfied with HOW you killed your girl, and wished you could do it all over again?

Well, now is your chance! Introducing today's product:


That's right! the Immortal snuff girl!

You can drown her, choke her, you can hammer nails into her head! She will die just like any other girl!

But what sets this little Lady apart from all the other women you had killed?

She doesn't stay dead!

Our scientists has genetically created the means for our snuff girl to come back to life after a 13 hour period, as long as you saved SOME brain matter!

Yes! You can cut off her arm, cook it, and eat it, and she will grow that arm back!

YES! You can smash her head in, she'll just grow a new one!

AND YES! You can roast her alive, but you better keep at least keep her head out of the fire, or she won't grow back!

Watch! We tied this snuff girl to four trucks! Watch as she is torn apart. Hear her scream! watch as her limbs come off with almost ease, and she is dragged down the street, the flesh on her back painting the road!

Now! watch this fast video footage of her limbs growing back! NO scars! No physical problems! Yes, she is in incredible agony, and she had screamed her throat raw, but all of that will pass! she is soon ready for you to kill or maim all over again!

And if you get bored?! Boys! Hold her down! I'm going to chop off her head! see how clean it comes off? now! you see this bone sticking out at the bottom of her neck? Just pull that out, and watch her life fade from her eyes right before YOUR eyes! And I assure you, it isn't a painless death, you can see on her face her final agony!

Now, you're wondering, what are the models?

We have stocks of ages 12 to 17! Barely developed bodies, to fully developed. We have blonds, redheads, Brunettes and all the colors in between! You want them with all four limbs? You got it! You want them with NO arms and legs? You got that too!Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
31 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


OK, I think I can try Lunamaria Hawke. I CAN TRY. Sorry if this is low quality, been getting hit with writer's block again and i'm TRYING to force myself through it.

Altering one's body was quite easy. If you work at the Snuff Girl company, of course.

People wanted boys to look like girls, girls to look a bit like boys, to shape their bodies how they wanted it.

A customer requested that their snuff girl look like Lunamaria Hawke from Gundam SEED.

The lab boys and girls had to print out a lot of pictures, and study the young woman from several angles. The hair was going to be a bit of a challenge, anime hair is just plain ridiculous, however, it wouldn't be difficult to shape the body.

They chose a young woman about 14, going on 15, with blond hair that would be easy to dye. Once given the injections, The lab boys and girls set to work.

First, they shrunk her chest a bit. The lab boys strapped the young woman down, and skinned her, using a cream that kept her from healing right up right away. It felt like someone dumped lemon and fire ants into an open wound. Her shrieks were so loud, they caused their ears to bleed. Thank god for gags.

They carved her breast, taking it down layer by layer, shaping it to look like the young Anime character. They adjusted the nipple and fat to make her breasts more perky, and made sure that the nipples were extra sensitive to the touch.

Shaping her body was the easy part. She had a bit of a waist on her, so it was fairly simple to just...slowly carve her like a turkey. Once the skin healed, and before her body could heal itself completely, they wrapped her chest and body up in the chemical wrap to keep her from healing back to it's original shape.

They made sure she was nice and paralyzed as they shaped her legs. It was a bit of an effort to do it, and not cause her to have a limp for the rest of her life. Same with her arms, carve them, shape them wrap them up.

One of the lab girls saw how upset she was, so they grabbed a vibrating dildo and stuck it in her. The young woman's body shuddered and had spasms as her body cramped from the pain and pleasure.

Her hair...was a bit of a problem. They couldn't really change someone's hair permanently. Dying it wouldn't work, because it would just fade.

So, one of the lab boys shaved her completely bald. Making it as smooth as marble. One oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thanks. :)

That works fairly well. :)




Bump to save from faggot spammer


Dear Unknown,

after conversion will my SnuffGirl age?

i ask because my daughter has just turned 9 and her father has started looking at her in that special way. Now this in and of itself is not a problem as i love watching him rape and torture our girls. but after losing 4 already i am worried none of them will last long enough to give me a grandchild. so i am thinking of having Mellanie put through your process. then no matter what her father does to her she will last. i ask about the aging as my brother (her father) has always preferred them younger (he started raping me when i was 8 <3. if she stays the same age my last 2 daughters might last long enough for him to knock them up and give me the grandchildren i want so much.

Thank you in advance


I've been writing debreasting stories for years now but, being an omnivorous pervert, I've also been writing the occasional story featuring guys getting stuff done to them. From guttings to de-dickings and more. But, I haven't posted them much.

So, here we go with one. This story is cock-vore erotica and features a few dudes having some fun with their dicks. It's inspired by the original Boobfish story, so give that a read too if you like this. (www DOT literotica DOT com/s/the-boobfish)

Jordan moaned excitedly as he dropped anchor near the famous Boobfish Reef - home to school after school of the famous fish. It was a popular hangout and drinking spot for the local studs looking to dip their dicks in a boobfish for the incredibly erotic experience of having the fish's muscular stomachs milk the cum from their cocks as they tried to digest them.

A nearby dock had three guys lounging on it, two with their big spent cocks hanging out of their swim trunks, slathered in a healing salve that helped them recover from the boobfish digestion. Popular with horny guys, the salve let them dip their cocks into boobfish even longer, withstanding the digestive acids for two or even three cums without losing their precious members. Jordan grinned as he spotted a fourth guy in the water by the dock, eyes shut and hanging on with one hand as he writhed gently - cock no doubt enveloped in a hungry boobfish.

His own hefty member stirring at the thought of a boobfish swallowing it down, Jordan stood up and stretched his lean muscular body as he got ready to go for a swim. Two of the guys on the dock waved at him and he waved back, smiling as he heard an orgasmic moan from the fourth. Peeling off his shorts, Jordan grinned as the guys on the dock stared at his impressive 12" cock.

"That's one hell of a piece of boobfish meat!" Called one of the guys with a glistening cock.

"Thanks! Yours looks juicy too - gonna let them take another go at it?" Jordan called back.

"Oh yeah, Mike and me are double-dipping." He called back, giving his cock a stroke.

"Maybe even triple, if Jessie's cock feels tough enough." The other guy called back.

Smiling, Jordan slathered a handful of salve on his cock. He worked it into his member, pumping it to a full erection before tucking the small tub of salve away. Looking into the water he spotted a school ofPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


That was a fun, playful story. It was also nice and hot. Thank you!


That has got to have been the hottest thing I have ever read. Thank you so much for posting this succulent story.


Alice could feel her heart thump erratically in her chest, as she ran barefoot across the dimly lit grass field. Her long blonde hair flowed behind her along with bits of tattered clothing. She could feel the cold fall air brush across her exposed petite body, soothing her scrapes and bruises. Another howl pierced the night air.
Alice felt as though her heart would burst from her chest. She quickly glanced over her shoulder, scanning the field for any signs of pursuer. The full moon cast a dim and eerie light across the grove. She could hear rustles of movement in the trees around her. It was as if shadows itself were out to get her.
More howls reverberated across the night sky. She knew she was surrounded. She stopped in the middle of the field, looking frantically around her. “Go away!” She screamed. She could feel her pulse around her ears. Thump… Thump… “Leave me alone”!
She shuddered as she felt the goose bumps pass across her naked body, her nipples hardened in the cold night air. That was when she heard it, a growl just a few feet behind her. She turned just in time to catch the sight of the beast as it plowed into her right side. A sharp burning sensation erupted in her left breast, as she felt the creatures claw tear into her flesh.
She screamed as she felt blood pool around her chest. The beast tore into her shoulder and began dragging her across the grass. She nearly passed out from the pain as twigs, rock, and other debris scraped across her bare back.
With a loud roar the beast tossed her into the air. She felt her breath escape her body as she landed on her back with a loud thump. “Please someone help me!” She cried.
She lifted her head off the grass and stared at the large beast in front of her. She felt a shiver glide down her spine, as the beast looked at her with a different kind of hunger; a more primal one. “No!” she cried, as she instinctually shoved her hands between her legs.
The beast rushed forward battering her arms out of the way. She whimpered as it began to sniff her most private area. She could feel the werewolf’s cold nose through her lingerie, as it pressed its muzzle against her outer lips. She began to struggle, when more creatures appeared pinning her down. The first one, which appeared to also be the alpha, pulled off silk red panties.
She felt even moPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Oh. My. God. This was amazing!

I love this so much! Please please please more!


Resurrecting fics that fell off due to spammers.


Loving this! More please!


Emily looked around to make sure nobody had followed her, before quietly slipping into the back alley. The bell for recess had only just rung, so she had a full 30 minutes before she had to go back to class.

This had become a daily ritual for her in the past two weeks. The first time, she had slipped back here only because he had to pee. That was when she first met him. It was a stray rottweiler. He didn't seem much older than a puppy. He had snuck up on her while she was relieving herself.

From the moment she felt his tongue enter inside her, she knew she'd eventually get a dog of her own when she was older. In the mean time, she had come here every day just to meet him, and every day they went through the same routine. She'd bring her left over lunch food, and feed it to him from between her legs.

Recently she had gotten even more daring, and let him mount her a few times. She felt herself become wet, just from thinking about wrapping her legs around his waste as he pushed himself deep insider her. She quickly slipped her hands underneath her skirt, and removed her panties before they had been completely soaked through.

She waited two minutes for her friend to meet her at the usual time, however the dog that showed up was completely different from the one who was usually there. He was much bigger. His fur was black, and matted, and he was a bit skinny like he hadn't eaten in a while.

"Come here boy!" She called out as he slowly walked towards her to investigate. She reached into her shirt pocket and pulled out a tater-tot. "You want one?" She asked, as she held her hand out.

She immediately had to yank her hand back as he tried to snatch it. "Bad boy!" she scolded. "You have to wait for the best part."

She smiled at him, as she slipped the tater tot into the pink slit between her legs. "Now you can have it." She said before lifting her skirt and placed it over his head. She leaned against the brick wall behind her as she felt his cold nose press against her most sensitive area.

She let out a slight moan as his hot breath filled her insides. Cautiously he began to lick at the crumbs around her outer lips. She felt her heart thump in heavily in her chest as adrenaline started to course through her body.

His tongue slithered in and out of her, pushing the tater tot deeper and deeper into her womb. His licks began to hasten as he desperately tried to get at the tasty morsel that was just out oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Hey i liked it! Can you make one about a girl fucking a dog and other dogs jump on them? Maybe they can eat a little brother masturbating to the scene! Or a mom and son! Keep up the good work!


One thing I wish I thought of when I had written this story, is that when getting dragged she logically would have wrapped her legs around his head and held on to reduce pain/pressure.



Also, I had the above image in mind when I wrote the story. Too bad the actual manga scene didn't go the same way as the cover. =/


Resurrecting fics that fell off due to spammers.


Yup, could alway use more of this around here!

 No.5404[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

It's been a while since my last /lit/ thread was gone, so I think that maybe it's time to finally revive it. Like, maybe new people appeared here after all that time who might find my sotires to their enjoyment, or maybe some of the old folk want to reread some of my stories and never saved them to their hard drive (I know I always do that: don't save the story I like and then curse myself for it when the thread is gone).

And since this thread is aimed at new people too, I'll start with an introduction.
So, I'm Aoi Hikari from Russia. I write stories, photoshop pictures (see the Alteration thread on /g/) and sometimes translate them (see the Translations thread on /g/). My favorite charachters are Ayanami Rei from Evangelion, Kinomoto Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, so you'll find them more often in my works then other charachters from other fandoms. My favorite kind of guro is consensual and even casual, so this is what you can expect from my works.
I tend to come up with a lot of ideas but never turn them into actual stories. I often discuss them in this thread. Firstly, in hope that will help me shape it better in my mind and eventually actually write it (it rarely happens, but not entirely hopeless). Secondly, in hope that someone else might be inspired by those ideas and write something on one of them it or not necessarily eactly on one of them, but just write something good (it happened at least once!) For that note that you can freely use any of my ideas (and even complete stories) as inspiration or direct base for your stories (would be great if you credit me). That's one of the reason they are here for. thridly, I just enjoy discussing the story ideas, and I hope people who discuss them with me enjoy it too. Fourthly, I post the ideas, most of which will never turn into actual stories, for the sake of them not being in vain. At least people can read and enjoy them as ideas, which I hope is better then never seeing them at all.

Now, a little insight in my Russian works. In case you can read Russian, you can just read them here: ficbook.net/authors/969568
I just want to say that in addition to what I post here, there's also that profile of mine on ficbook (a Russian fanfiction site). There are Russian versions of some of the guro stories I post here (as of now there is nothing guro-related that is posted on ficbook, but not on gurochan) and some original Russian non-guro hentai stories in various states of completion (as of nowPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
97 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Аккаунт удалён по требованию роскомнадзора :-(
Впрочем, как руки дойдут, перезалью всё на Archive of Our Own, там на любых языках можно работы публиковать.


Какие они нехорошие (⌣_⌣”)
Не знал про этот сайт...


Я имел в виду фикбук если что. А на AOO я все проверяю.


Another 100 words story that ended up a bit longer than 100 words. 321 to be exact.


The twins were sitting cross-legged on the bed against each other. Their naked bodies were pierced with many straight pins and more were in a box beside them ready to use. Len took one and reached for Rin’s sex and she helpfully spread her lower lips to reveal her clitoris. It was already pierced with two pins criss-cross, so Len inserted the new one depthwise until only its head was sticking out. Rin braced herself and took it all without a wink.
“Okay, my turn now,” she beamed, as soon as Len let go of the pin.
She took another one from the box and examined Len’s body. There was already a number of pins in his dick and nipples, as well as under fingernails and toenails, but he was able to withstand all of it so far. Poking his eye would probably do the trick, but the point was to pain him, not to actually injure him. So what kind of pain was the most unbearable?
“Open your mouth”, Rin said with a sly grin and Len did just that.
Rin pointed her pin between two of Len’s lower teeth and drove it into his gum. She was sure to go slowly and move it around to make it hurt as much as she could. It didn’t take long until Len produced a painful groan.
“Aha!” Rin triumphed. “You’ve lost! Now you do our homework for today.”
“Fine…” Len sighed and obediently moved to the desk.
He wasn’t allowed to pull the pins out of his body until he finished the homework. Rin was, but didn’t pull hers out anyway. Instead she grabbed some more pins from the box and directed them to her own mouth. She knew next time Len would go straight for her teeth, so she might as well use the time freed by making him do her homework to get used to this new kind of pain.


Thank you for story! I liked moment when Rin don't pull her pins out in the end.


Paige Wilkinson had come to the agency after her diagnosis. She had an inoperable tumor that would start affecting her quality of life within a few months. A devout atheist she had no qualms about suicide. She had heard of an underground euthanasia program somewhere in Colorado a few months ago and after a few dead ends she had found herself meeting in a shady office in a mostly abandoned strip mall.

“So Ms. Wilkinson, tell me what you want from this experience”
A man in a lab coat and a ski mask sat across from her behind a stainless steel desk.

“Well I’ve given it a lot of thought...” she trailed off.
“I’ve never told anyone any of this but I think now is the time. Ever since I was a little girl I found myself getting turned on by violence on tv, or even playing doctor with my friends in grade school. I came to love being the victim. I loved writing in agony and the thought of dying a slow painful death gave me shivers. Over time I honed my fetish and I know what I want. I need to be stabbed. I know how I want to die, and it’s going to be messy.”

“We can provide any kind of death you’d wish, quick and painless, erotic, slow, whatever you’d like miss. Just sign this renewed will securing your assets for our organization and we can get started. Please fill out this paperwork and describe what service you’d like.”

A small time went by after she filled everything out. When the agent returned he asked her to follow him down the hall.

“So is there another room for this or?...”

“Yes ma’am. We have three current rooms, a surgical themed room, a dungeon, or a bedroom. We also offer assistants who are good with different methods of torture, humane death or sexual desires.”

“I’ll take the bedroom, and id like someone who knows how to keep me alive, the sex is secondary.” said Paige.

She sat her purse down on a side chair and looked around after the first agent left. She was about 5’3” and about 110 pounds. Her arms and legs were very slender with a small pudge around her midriff and a nice full ass. She pulled her sweater off over her large C cup breasts and had a seat on the bed. She was wearing a small polka dotted skirt and a green shirt. Her panties were starting to get a little moist as she thought about what was to come.

A light knock came at the door and a petite and sporty brunette came through the door. She was about 5’6” with a slim build. ShPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Cool story. I liked that cons nodeathword thing.


Author's note Marvel owns all the characters
For those who care timeline placement is in between Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron

Natasha Romanoff was walking through the halls of the newly-christened Avengers Tower in search of a room she knew was somewhere on one of Tony Stark's properties.

The`Island of Misfit Inventions' Tony had called it. Full of devices created not for any specific purpose but just to see if he could. Natasha had found out about it when she was spying on Tony for S.H.I.E.L.D. and one particular device had found it's way into her dreams and long cold showers.

'Auxiliary storage 3' the sign next to the door had said but Natasha knew better.

"The invention you are looking for is in the back Miss Romanoff. "Jarvis said from the small pad attached to her belt as she walked into the messy room.

Inventions and gadgets of all sorts sat on tables and shelves, a pen that would change the color of its ink on voice command, a holographic mirror and other assorted Hi-Tech but ultimately trivial devices lined the room but Natasha steadfastly walked to the end of the room.

It was small only about the size of a backpack but completely made out of metal Natasha knew its small size was deceiving as many of Tony's inventions could unfurl into greater sizes and complexities

The H.F.R. 9000 was designed for one purpose, to cook people.

Of course Tony was not without his compassion and dark sense of fun.
The device would only activate after the young woman had achieved orgasm and even then it would activate on a random percentile and that's what intrigued Natasha so.

The risk

She cleared a space in the workshop/storeroom and took and Arc Reactor she had 'borrowed' from Tony's main workshop and attached it to a special fitting in the device.

"Okay Jarvis connect to it." She said holding up the pad. She knew Tony had not finished designing a true interface for the H.F.R. 9000

The box unfurled into a dozen mechanical tendrils that looked towards Nat expectedly.

"Once the device is active I will no longer be able to shut it down." Jarvis clipped

A shiver of excitement ran down Nat's spine, that's what excited her most

"Okay Jarvis let's start off easy and set it for one orgasm, and set the termination chance at 5 billion to 1." She smiled confident but still enjoying thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


This is my first venture in writing porn. Criticism is more than welcome.

Chapter one: the introduction.

"I herby declare you to be wed"

That's the last thing Brelyna heard as a free mind.
For, in the kiss, Arch mage Lani cast subtly cast a spell, and used her fangs to inject a few drops of blood into her tongue. Instanly, she went from lusting, to worshipping. From person to thrall. From bride to pet.

They left quickly. Taking congratulations from the jarl on the way out, and made a beeline for their new house. Brelyna's crotch was staimed before the door was closed. While pulling at eachother's clothes, they both cast spells of fire, ice, and electricity. Fire to light the candles and haerth, the others, to tease eachother.
"Did you notice something during the wedding?"
"No, love."
"Can I tell you something?
"Anything, my beloved."
"I own you."
"Y-yes, my love."
"Don't call me "love"! I am better than you. We are not equals. I married you to avoid suspicion. I am only equal to the one you will call "Lady Serana". In public you will call me "Love". When no-one who is not me or Serana can hear you, you adress me as "Mistress Lani". I am now your god, and your queen. If I order you to take your own life you will do so. Instanly. Be a loyal thrall, and I will reward you. Undertood, Elf?"

"Yes, Mistress. But who is "Lady Serana"?"

"Me" she called, from the corner. Only when she opened her glowing eyes was she visible in the dark corner.

"Yol" whisperered Mistress Lani. As candles and torches lit, revealing the nude, pale figure of a young woman.

Lani's clothes suddenly dissappeared. Indicating that they were in fact, illusions.

"Now, undress." said Serana. You will never wear clothes, ever again. If we go outside, we will cast an illusion spell on you. You'll look clothed, but not feel it.

"Marcurio!" cried Lani. Before an equally nude, castrated Imperial man came running into the room.

"Yes, Mistress?"

"This is Brelyna. Your new colleague." said Lani

"She was even more eager to fall for the trap than you." interjected Serana.

The now nude Brelyna stood, dripping. Awaiting orders from her new gods, eying the Imperial's member.

"Brelyna." said Lani in a stern voice. "Do you see that beige plank you're standing on?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"CaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter two: the journey.

Serana barged in, and cast a spell at Brelyna.

"Let's go." she said, as her toy clambered down from the table.

"Yes, Mistress." she stuttered, as spectral replica of her former clothes manifested around her.
She was still very naked, and felt like it, too. But she didn't look it.

As she stumbled outside, she remembered her orders. Outside, she is married to Arch-Mage Lani. Not her pet.

"Beloved, get into the carriage. We must go on a trip."

"Yes, my love. But where are we going?"


They boarded the carriage, and Serana enthralled the driver.

"To Winterhold" she said. As the carriage departed Riften.

Once safely away from Riften, Lani cast a spell, and a canvas appeared over the bed of the carriage. Or, looked to appear. As they still felt just as nude and chilly.

"Brelyna. You've earned a week in the block."

"Yes, Mistress Lani. But why? I only wish not to dissapoint you again."

"Two weeks. You are not allowed to ever ask questions.
Once we arrive in Winterhold, I will find a spot for your punishment." said Serana.

"The roof. The Arch-Mage's quarters has plenty of soul gem pylons. I'll use those to cast the spells for the two weeks. Four black souls should suffice to power it for such a period of time. I know there's three there. But where do we get a fourth?"

Serana simply nods towards the driver of the cart.

A few hours later she ordered him to stop with a simple tap on the shoulder.

"I don't have time to make this pleasurable for you." as Lani sank her teeth into his neck, and Serana hers into his leg.

Within a minute of beginning, the spell was cast, and his head spiked through.

"Brelyna. Eat him." said Lani as she grabbed Serana by the hand and ran off toward the sea of ghosts. And she did just that. Hours passed, as she ate his muscles, raw. Leaving only a skeleton with intact guts.

She then simply waited, in the cart.

Another hour later, Serana and Lani emerged. Covered in snow. They didn't seem to notice.

"Take the reins, Thrall." Serana said, coldly. As the group rode the last miles into the small town.

"Brelyna! Oh, you look wonderful. I'm so happy for you and the Arch-Mage."

Quietly she replied "th-thanks, Ondmund. It's been wonderful.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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