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This story was originally written by Ravishment University poster Badsammie, who is quite frankly a master of her craft. I am posting it here to help rebuild /lit/ after the fuckening.


I don’t know why he lets me have this journal. I think its to tease me, to taunt me, that someone will one day know my pain. I always wasn’t like this, broken, beaten, wishing for death or just an end. I used to be human once. I used forks, spoons, even knives. Now, I eat cum, piss, shit, and dog food. I used to have pens, pencils, computers to record my thoughts. Now, I have a soft piece of charcoal.

When he took me, I was 13. I was young, cute, long blond hair. Smooth pale skin. Just starting to grow a chest, to flower, to become a woman. Now, I’m older. I don’t know how much older. Years but how many? I doubt I’m cute anymore, he reminds me daily I’m an ugly piece of shit and I know it’s true. He’s destroyed my body, my mind. My body is covered in cuts, bruises, scars. No longer pale, but shades of black, blue, red, and jagged. My chest is full now, but my hair is all gone. He says only women have hair, not cunts.

I used to have pretty handwriting. He even shows me sometimes, my early journal pages. Even with the charcoal my writing was smooth, with beautiful loops and hearts for dotted eyes. Now, it looks like a small child’s writings, as my hands shake so bad. He’s hit my head so many times I can’t focus anymore and my hands never respond. Even sitting still I tremble. He says they’re tremors and he says it’s because I’m a broken dumb fuck they shake like that. He’s right. He’s right about everything.

His friends came by today. It must be poker night. They have the table in the basement. I take care of them, chained under the table. There is just enough slack in my chain for me reach them and just stick my head out. I take turns, sucking their cocks. They love me enough to cum down my throat, allowing me food. As they drink, they share as well, pissing down my throat. I’m so lucky to have them. They smoke their cigars and ask me to hold out my mouth, tapping their ashes on my tongue. Eventually one of them finishes smoking and he grabs my tit, putting it out on me. I scream as he burns me, but then he gives me more food to eat. It’s hard to chew the butt of the cigar but I do. I never throw up food anymore. Another man puts it out on my shoulder. I cry and thank him. He gives me food too. I feel sick as I chew aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I think it would be a good idea to post all my stories in one thread, so it doesn't clutter /lit/ and also it is easier for people to read them. Perhaps some people enjoy them xD

Melissa Want To Move Up In The World (M/f, sex, snuff, some gore)


There's a brief pause.

*knock* *knock*

"Come in, please!" a man smoking a cigar and browsing through some expenditure reports says in a bored tone.

A pretty and young woman comes in. She's wearing the Snuff Club's uniform designed for the so called Satisfaction Bunny–high heels, a pair of reddish stockings that stop just under her lower thighs. No panties. Her role as a sex doll at the club is to provide the guests with as much pleasure as possible during the snuff show that goes on the stage, so her beautiful and succulent pussy has to be on display. She also has a reddish bra, but the fabric is very thin and molds beautifully around her tear-shaped natural breasts, which are probably D cups. There’s little else that could be considered clothing on her. There’s also a small heart tattoo on one of her butt cheeks. It usually grabs the attention of some customers.

“Hello” she says a bit shy at first;

“Well…Hello. I’m pretty busy now, so state the purpose for this visit.” Replies the club manager.

“My name is Melissa. I’ve worked here for a few months now. The pay is really nice and I’m grateful for that… but I want to move up! I want to serve the club’s more select clientele. All my collegues say I’m doing pretty good and I should move up. There’s been no –“

“Fine. No need to over explain yourself Melissa.” The manager cuts in, seizing her up. She’s a fiery latina with chestnut velvety hair that floats like a curtain around the back of her head, accompanying her hazelnut eyes. She’s clearly aroused judging by her protruding nipples and prominent outer labias.

“Come now…I won’t deny you the change to try and move up the ranks. You seem like an ambitious young woman. I’ll give you a test. You have 10 minutes to make me cum…starting: NOW!” the manager says, as he rises from his chair.

Melissa is clearly surprised, but she obliges right away. She begins her routine by locking eye contact with Carl, the manager. She bites her lips in the most provocative manner that she can, then runs her hands from her mouth to her breasts, which she squeezes while twirling and arching her back. Her body flows like a sine wave, her handPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Absolutely not. I despise loli stuff in general. I'm not attracted to under aged victims.


I'm kinda disappointed how this story turned out (I feel like my themes are getting bland), but maybe someone will enjoy it. Also, am I doing spacing right?

The Greatest Gift

(WoW Universe, whorehouse massacre)

“Two lives, one key... Do not fail me, Nazgoth.” Razuvious barked at the towering orc.

A sudden burst of crimson red sprayed on Nazgoth. It was the blood of a petty night elf that dared to challenge him. His head flew free, as he received the gift that was once bestowed upon Nazgoth. DEATH.

“As expected, my chosen knight has triumphed! You are ready, Nazgoth. Report down to Death's Breach and join the others.”

The big orc sheathed his sword and did as instructed, treading on the bone floor with might, apocalypse in front of him and death behind. As soon as he landed at Death’s Breach, Nazgoth went to battle. He didn’t need another briefing or some order to know what he had to do: SLAUGHTER HUMANS.
He went straight into the fray, surrounded by a swarm of unholy bugs and with his sword cutting through living flesh with the ease of squashing plants. A scarlet crusader charged at him on horseback, weapon at her side. The unholy swarm of insects stung her eyes and she toppled down.

“Hah. Good try.” Shouted Nazgoth as he plunged his sword into the back of the fallen crusader, severing her spine.

“You’ll have to do better than that.” He said, leaving her to suffer and crawl until she would be eaten by some passing ghoul.
It mattered not what creature came before him – woman, man, child – Nazgoth cut them down swiftly, but not mercifully. On his way to New Avalon, he only left carnage behind: villagers clutching at their intestines as they were bisected, women with their eyes gouged out and their tits mauled, men with only stubs for hands, soldiers without heads and villagers without limbs.

“I WILL TEAR THE FLESH OFF OF YOU!” Nazgoth shouted as he kicked open some building’s door.

To his right was a well-dressed woman. Clad in full nobleman attire, her bosom full and her skin slightly wrinkled. She was probably the madam in charge of the establishment and Nazgoth’s next victim. She was frozen by fear as she stared at the hulking orc that had just shattered the locked door with ease.

“What is this place?” Nazgoth asked menacingly.

The woman didn’t respond. She was still paralyzed by fear.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




Bump to save from faggot spammer


This is a rewrite of Prove Yourself Ruthless, which I didn't finish because I wasn't in my area of comfort or interest writing a wasteland adventure follow up with Enokate.

"Khans Shenanigans: ‘Prove yourself ruthless!'"

(Fallout Universe, f+, noncon, snuff, torture, breast skinning, decap)

There is a menacing silence in the room. Garl is staring at me, seizing me up. His bodyguards aren't even flinching their eyes, they have their weapons drawn out at me. He has strong metal plated leather armor and some pants with kneecap protection. I probably couldn't kill him and make an escape, even if I wanted to. Not in this situation.

"So...You come here. Into our den... You kill 3 people single handedly and with no firearms." he pauses and signals his man to retract their weapons.

"WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT?" he shouts menacingly.

"To kick some serious ass." I say half shitting my pants, half bluffing courageous.

"We're the Great Khans, we're not just some gang. We bow to no one and raid all the nearby settlements. We RAPE, we KILL, we PILLAGE. THE WASTELAND IS OUR BITCH." he yells, almost foaming at the mouth.

I watch him, holding my ground and not uttering a single word. Eventually he falls back onto his throne. I notice his leather shoulder pads have...nipples. They look like they are made from the breasts of some unfortunate cunt. Neat.

"So... you wish to join us..."

"Yes." I reply shortly and confidently.

"You've proven yourself skilled in combat. You took out 3 of my men...not the best that I've had, but certainly capable warriors. I must fill that gap with someone who is just as capable. Are you ready to kill anyone whom I command you to? Are you that ruthless?"

"I wouldn't be here if I weren't." I reply, with a bit of defiance.

"Hehe, good. Guess we'll have to see..." he chuckles then stands up from his throne, motioning me to follow him.

The... 'base' these Khans are using seems to be an old store from the prewar times. The concrete walls have seen some damage due to the age, but they're holding on quite alright. Garl takes me through a corridor and as we move I can't keep my eyes off the tit shoulder pads. I want a pair of those too. We finally arrive at a locked door.

"This is the Fun Room. In here we keep our sex slaves. Well, it isn't that much fun anymore... We've had Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Kate was an avid bow hunter. She had learned from her father as a young girl and grew to really enjoy the hunt. Kate was raised Christian in a strict household. Her sister was a beautiful girl and they had always been strangely close. She had improper thoughts about her younger sister for as long as she could remember. They were only two years apart. They had discovered their own bodies together and in their teenage years even masturbated together. As time went on her attraction and guilt grew together.

She was a beautiful woman. She was short and stocky with milky white skin and long flowing black hair that ended around the small of her back. Her bellybutton was low on her body between the start of her wide hip bones. She had fended off advances from men for the past 25 years and her family was starting to get impatient with her. Her future was starting to look very grim from her point of view.

She fantasized about killing her self in all kinds of ways. Strangulation seemed appealing but after looking up what auto erotic asphyxiation victims look like post mortem she started leaning towards more violent impulses. She grew to enjoy the idea of her beautiful white body covered in blood. She started thinking about shooting or stabbing her self while masturbating. She would take a knife and poke at herself as she masturbated.

On a hunt one day she hit a deer a little low in the stomach. It took her forever to track it and when she found it, it was suffering and bleeding everywhere. It took a very long time to expire. She eventually finished it off with another arrow to the heart. She had a thought. Maybe if her death was slow and terrible enough, god would forgive her for taking her own life. She was constantly masturbating and was hopelessly in love with her sister.

Her sister was engaged now and planning her wedding. It was coming up in 6 months. She knew she would be gone forever. Her depression grew and grew. Her vibrator and her weapons were being used non stop. She didn’t smoke or drink much. Her only vice and release was her own body. She focused more and more on her belly area. She loved pushing scissors into her deep belly button until blood ran down in a small trickle. It drove her wild.

She wanted to die. She needed the ultimate release and she was sure she knew how to get there. She searched the internet for ways to keep herself alive a long time. She studied arrow velocities and Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


His killer first noticed him at the corner store...he was really pretty, as boys can be at eleven...but as the boy fumbled for exact change at the counter...the man standing behind him was getting an erection as all the man noticed was the eleven year old's beautiful boyish..almost feminine hands...The man knew the boy was going to die right then...and he was already imagining how slowly he was going to kill and fuck him...sucking on those long fingers...biting into the soft meat of his knuckles....The man was flushed with desire...his murder boner must be noticeable, he thought


did you forget to finish this before you posted it?


Mr. Sharpe listened for the bell to start class. The Sophomore class was filled with 10 girls and two
boys, and they were all talking to friends and milling around the class, slowly meandering to their seats
before the bell rang. The classroom looked like most high school biology class rooms, with a long
laboratory table in the front of the classroom for the teacher to demonstrate on, with a sink in one end
of the counter. Under the table was cabinetry like a kitchen. This table was slightly different in that it
had a raised rim around the edge of the counter, and some unusual equipment mounted on the ceiling.
The ceiling had some high-intensity lights aimed at the counter, and a chain hoist sliding on an overhead

The bell sounded, and Mr. Sharpe stood at the front and waited for the class to quiet down.

"I have an important announcement. As you know, this class is for vivisection. We've spent most of the
semester studying the anatomy and physiology that we will use in our actual vivisection case. Well,
tomorrow we will actually get to our lab case. I am happy to announce that our subject has been
selected." He paused for a little dramatic effect as all eyes of the class were upon him, and there was a
hush on the students. They all knew it had to be one of the girls; each hoped she was the soon-to-be
center of attention.

"The subject will be Cheryl." A 15-year old girl sitting near the back with dirty shoulder-length
blonde hair clasped her hands to her mouth and looked wide-eyed at her brunette friend. Cheryl was a
cute athletic type, standing 5'4" and weighing 98 pounds. Here tits were B-cup sized, and here ass was
well defined by her narrow waist and long legs.

"I can't believe it's me," she said to her friend Kelly. "It's really me! And I'm going to be lying up there
in front of the class tomorrow while you pull me apart!"

"Yes," whispered Kelly, "I can't wait to feel your organs in my hand as I poke and prod you.
This will be fun! And I think I'll be sure to make it tantalizing for you!"

Mr. Sharpe continued: "I think I speak for the whole class when I say you're a fine subject, and we're
all going to enjoy tomorrow. Especially you Cheryl. Now there's some preliminaries that you need to
take care of with the school nurse. Please go there now, and we'll see you toPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Carol took the catheter tube and uncoiled it. She hung the collection bag on a hook on the side
of the lab table, and moved to a position looking up between Cheryl's spread legs. Carol reached up
and spread Cheryl's lips and stuck the finger of the other hand into Cheryl's vagina. She began feeling
along the top of Cheryl's vagina near the entrance.

"Could you rotate your hips back so I can see better?" asked Carol. Cheryl shifted her ass and
spread her legs more.

"How's that?" asked Cheryl.

"I think I'm in," said Carol as she found the urethra hole and began pushing the catheter tub in.
"I've pushed it in a little and got some resistance," Carol continued.

"Good. You should be right at the urinary sphincter," replied Mr. Sharpe. "That's right where we
want the catheter. OK, Cheryl, could you please try to pee. This will relax your urinary sphincter.
Class, please look at the bladder as it empties."

Cheryl began peeing, and urine started flowing through the catheter into the collection bag. The
students watched as Cheryl’s bladder shrank and emptied.

"OK, now notice that the bladder nerves are not visible from here. They approach from below,
and we'll have to be careful removing the bladder not to sever any nerves in Cheryl’s vulva doing it. So
we're going to leave the bladder for later. I'm going to remove the small intestine now. "

Mr. Sharpe a handful of small plastic clips that looked like hair berets from the cart, and turned
back to Cheryl’s open belly. He began to pull at the loops of exposed intestine near the top of Cheryl's
ribs. He pulled the intestine out slightly, and placed two clips on the intestine where the stomach
connected. He then cut between the clips, and the clips kept the intestine and stomach from leaking its
contents. He then moved to the end of the intestine that entered the colon and performed the same
procedure. Next he began pulling the intestine out from the stomach end, and placing it into one of the
large pans on the lab bench. As he pulled the intestine out of Cheryl's belly, he placed plastic clips on
the several arteries and veins supplying the intestine. Then he cut the blood vessels and ligaments
holding the intestine to Cheryl, and placed the entire length of intestine in the pan.

Mr. Sharpe continued lecturing while Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thank you very much for posting these stories. I immediatly remember this story - it was reposted on dgf in 2008 (it was corrected in terms of age).

Now I found another stories on DGF in CCF part of site (Thread "Dolcett public library: Vivisectionist (story thread)" by MariusVI):
"School Lunch"
"Real Cheese"
"Hanging Together in South Pacific"


Can you link the thread or specify what you mean by the ccf part? I too am on dgf but cannot find what you are talking about


You can find it here if you have access (sort by thread name or author):


Necro-Pedo Feet, a vignette (Mgg, necro,snuff, pedo, foot fetish) by Basher (aka Looper) from asstr archives

(note: it goes without saying the author does not condone or endorse any of the contents of this story. It is a fantasy and nothing more)

Late morning. I yawned and stretched out on the mattress and lit a cigarette. Above me, in the middle of the room the naked eight-year old girl's body hung suspended from a chord at the neck. Her face was purple and fixed in a bloated, contorted look which was rather vulgar. Still, her body was beautiful. Porcelain- white and of lovely, skinny proportions: flat, white chest with all her ribs exposed, a slight pot-belly with the smooth, puffy opening of her little cunt beneath.

As she slowly, stiffly revolved I could see her meaty, pink bottom, which looked surprisingly ripe, given her pre-teen hips. Her skinny legs tapered down to her pretty little feet. Taking a wooden stool, I could sit beneath her and caress her soft, curvy soles and flex her cute little toes as I sucked and licked them. I ran my tongue over her smooth heels and rubbery, slightly wrinkled soles. Then as I hardened I locked her arches around my cock and by grabbing her ankles I made her floppy dead feet stimulate me until I came over them. I wiped my muck off and delicately painted her baby girl toenails in glittery pink varnish.

"Hope you hang around a while longer, baby," I smiled as I blew on her toes. "Meanwhile I'm going to play with your little friend."

The other girl I had abducted last night was still hogtied in the cellar. She had worn herself out struggling and had obviously tumbled into a fitful slumber from which I now roused her.

"Good morning little chicken," I grinned, licking my lips. The little girl moaned through her gag, and looked around confused. She began to wriggle again. Nothing sexier than watching her struggle.

My cock was already beginning to harden again, "Your little friend and I were playing some fun games together last night- sorry if I neglected you. Mmmm... now you have my full attention."

I squatted down next to her, "My aren't you a yummy little poppet." She was still dressed in her little t-shirt and shorts and plimsolls. I took her shoes and socks off...

It all began when I was a little boy. There was an accident at the end of our street. Mister Pearson at number thirtPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Send me free porn site






Cordy was enjoying her day. She was enrolled as a college student, and she was spending a sunny spring afternoon studying at home. When the doorbell rang, she wondered who that could be. She opened the door, and it was her uncle Jake at the front door. He worked for Hills Meats, a quality girl meat dealer, and had his prominently painted "Hills Meats" truck parked in front. His job was "harvesting" women who had been selected to be butchered by the nation-wide female meat lottery.

"Oh, hi Uncle Jake," said Cordy. "This is a surprise."

Cordy was dressed in a crop tank top and short flower print miniskirt. As she glanced at the truck she knew was full of female corpses on their way to Hill's slaughterhouse, her nipples hardened visibly. She hadn't worn a bra today. Her hard nipples looked like two small, hard rubber erasers on the front of her massive, soft breasts.

"Hi, Cordy. Sorry this isn't a social call," he said looking down at her nipples protruding out through her thin top. "Your number came up on the computer, so I'm here to collect your body," he said almost apologetically, with a cheerful smile and soft voice.

"Oh shit," said Cordy. "I guess my luck's run out." She swallowed hard. "What do I have to do?" she asked, focusing on helping her uncle.

"Not much. Just strip and pick how you want to be 'whacked'," he answered.

"You mean I get a choice?" asked Cordy, with a puzzled and slightly happy look. She felt comforted that she had some choice in the matter after Jake had dropped the bombshell that soon she would be meat stacked for sale in Hill's store.

"How many choices do I have?" Cordy asked, with a finger to her mouth showing she was deep in thought.

Jake answered "Three. I can hang you, cut off your head, or shove a high voltage cattle prod up your ass."

Cordy couldn't decide between hanging or having her "bonnet popped." "Wow, tough decision. Any suggestions?"

Jake shot a glance at Cordy's luscious tits, and responded "Well, I brought all three, but I'd recommend the ax."

Cordy quickly took off her top, letting her pendulous breasts swing free and wobble on her thin chest. She kicked off her white sandals, and then unfastened her miniskirt. She was pulling her thong bikini down when Jake showed her the implements of her impending death. In his right hand he held a rope noose, a razor-sharp ax, and long, thick cattle prod witPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I think it is some form of rewrite^^
Good classic.


Still should still credit the original story inspiration.
It's just good manners even if the original is semi well-known.


Still should still credit the original story inspiration.
It's just good manners even if the original is semi well-known.


Maybe Vivisectionist credit original story back in 200x when it was posted. Maybe credit part was lost when reposting.

In DGF thread after title it is written: "Based on Dolcett's picture story "Head or Tails"


Fair point


Mall Chop

Chloe Martin liked to believe she was a good girl. 18 years old in fresh out of high school not a day of detention in her life. Copper hair worn in a bob. Just your typical good girl.

So why was she facing the Mall guillotine?

Let's go back 20 minutes, to when Chloe and her brother Simon first entered the mall that day day. She saw her brother take off into the crowd the moment they got through the door.

She turned to her friend Vanessa and said "Well he'll be 40 minutes and we can't go back home until he's done trying to pick up chicks."

Vanessa tucked a strand of black hair behind her ear and said "It's nice of you to give you a little brother a ride even when he's a little shit."

"If I waited for him to behave I never give him a ride." Chloe grumbled.

The pair walked around the Mall after returning a dress that didn't quite fit Vanessa. The two wandered into a shop that sold small scented candles

Chloe turned her nose up at a specific candle and spoke to Vanessa "Who would ever want to smell like a barbecue?" Vanessa could only shrug her shoulders.

The slightly balding man behind the counter puffed his cheeks and rumbled "Some people like barbecues.Some people met family at barbecues, some people lost family at barbecues. Some want to remember them." he angrily glared.

Chloe never one for a confrontation tried to stammer out an apology but could not take the man's furious gaze.

Vanessa seeing her friends trouble simply grabbed her hand and walked her to the exit accidentally bumping into the man on the way out.

"Sorry." she quietly let out and the two tried to make good their escape.

Suddenly the man shouted "Hey are you trying to rob me!"

The pair turned quickly shaking their heads and wondering what he was talking about as a crowd started to look on

The man stalked forward and shoved his hand into Chloe's purse and pulled out a bottle scented candle. "You didn't buy that!"

Chloe looked shocked because she did not buy that nor did she steal that but before she could say anything a Mall Cop that had been been hanging around nearby to between them and inquired "Carl this this girl tried to steal from you?"

Carl simply nodded his head in the mall cop turned to Chloe and said "Missy this here Mall has a no-tolerance policy towards shoplifting. Let'sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Very hot, although the grammar was all over the place, I'm guessing English isn't your first language?


Honestly when I wrote, edited and posted this I had been awake for more than 30 hours straight and may have been little loopy.

Plus it's the second story I wrote in over 20 years. The first being the Black Widow one I posted earlier than this and wrote in the same sleep-deprived haze.




Jaime's Block

It was almost Midnight, yet most of the residents of Marlow were not at home sleeping. Thousands of people were gathered outside the Marlow County Termination Center. The owner of the establishment, Ken Norris, was, among other things, an avid enthusiast for science and engineering. Every year he commissioned a new, deadly, execution device to be designed and constructed by the high school engineering teams. The newest machine was, like many of those standing in the field behind the Termination Center, designed to be quick, but inflict excruciating pain on the victim. Ken Norris believed that easy death was not enough to deter crime.

Jaime's Block, as it was named – after the leader of the engineering team that designed it – was designed to crush a convict's head to a pulp. It had three large cubes of solid concrete were suspended between an arch over a concert bench. The victim's heads were secured by harnesses on the side of the bench. As if that was not enough, each block had two sharp, thin, needles protruding right above where the victim's eyes would be; holes were drilled into the bench below to keep the nails from being crushed. Convicts were to be strapped in facing up.

Ken's new machine was not the only reason for such a large crowd, however; it's first day of service was also the first mass execution of minors in the town's history. Nobody felt bad for them, and, in fact, most of the people in the crowd were eager to watch them die. Four days prior, they attempted to rob a restaurant; the leader of the operation – a sixteen-year-old kid named Ash Richardson – pulled a gun and killed the owner and his six-year-old daughter, and put the man's wife in a coma. Ash was himself killed in a shootout with police, and his coconspirators were arrested. They were sentenced to death the next day.

The six girls who were to be first in trying out Jaime's Block were stripped naked, then escorted one-by-one to their doom.

The first was Melody Swanson; Ash's girlfriend and second in command of their group. She was thirteen, a little curvy at the hips, with full, melon-sized, breasts, and shoulder-length red hair. Even though she was about to die, Melody walked with the head up and fire in her emerald green eyes. There was nothing to regret, Melody thought, and she rather enjoyed the attention. She kept a smile even as they laid her on the ground and strapped her head to the bench.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Rikki-tikki-tavi vore

(Contains scat, urine, and, later, sex)

Part 1: Mouse Munchies

Rikki-tikki-tavi, a young mongoose, had been hearing complaints from several bird and frog friends of his. Several mice had been harassing their kids, throwing stones and berries at them. Finally, Rikki-tikki had had enough. As they came near, to harass once more, he called to them "Leave now or you'll regret it!" "We're here to have a little fun." said a mouse. "Game's over." said the mongoose. The mouse threw a berry at him, which splattered on his fur. "Get out of the way punk!" said the mouse. "Now you go too far!" said Rikki-tikki. He chased them and pinned them all down, burying them somewhat in dirt so they couldn't escape. He grabbed the first mouse, the one who had been the leader. "I'm going to teach you a little lesson." said the mongoose. "Don't kill us." said the mice. "I'm not going to kill you." said the mongoose. The mice sighed in relief. "I'm going to swallow you whole." The mice shook in fright. "I think I'll eat big mouth here first." He grabbed the ringleader, a rather fat and plump mouse. The mouse struggled, but the mongoose held on firmly. He opened his mouth. His breath washed over the mouse, making him gag. “Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!” said the mongoose, starting to drool. “Don’t!” begged the mouse. Drool fell from the mouth of the mongoose and landed on the mouse, splattering him with saliva. “You look delicious!” said the mongoose, continuing to drool. DRIP! Drool fell from Rikki’s opened mouth. SPLASH! It hit the mouse! “Help!” said the mouse. DRIP! SPLASH! DRIP! SPLASH! DRIP! SPLASH! DRIP! SPLASH! DRIP! SPLASH! DRIP! SPLASH! DRIP! SPLASH! The mongoose kept on drooling. “Stop it!” said the mouse. “This yummy mousey is going to make my belly happy!” said Rikki. DRIP! SPLASH! DRIP! SPLASH! DRIP! SPLASH! He kept on drooling. “I don’t want to go there!” the mouse begged. “Yes, you’ll be enjoying the nice plump yummy mousy!” said the mongoose, continuing to drool. “Who are you talking to?” asked the mouse. “My belly.” said the mongoose, continuing to drool. DRIP! SPLASH! DRIP! SPLASH! DRIP! SPLASH! DRIP! SPLASH!

Rikki went and dropped the mouse into a barrel of honey. The mouse went under but came back up. After he got really coated in honey, Rikki-tikki went and dropped him into cinnamon. Later, he got the mouse out. He then dropped him into sugar. He also later got the mouse out.

“EcccccPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Part 2: Tailorbird Trip

It had been some weeks since the incident with the mice. Rikki-tikki, however, had another problem as of late. A big cobra had been seen nearby. One day, the snake came into the garden. Rikki-tikki was talking to his friend Darzee the tailorbird and his wife. The snake struck its tail at the two birds, knocking them over and hurting their wings. They wouldn't be able to fly off. They were also winded.

Rikki-tikki acted on instinct, fighting the snake. During the fight, however, the snake came dangerously close to the two injured birds. He acted on instinct, without thinking that much, as he had only a split second to react, and swallowed the two birds, taking them out of reach of the snake.

This kept them safe, for now. In the meantime, he was going on the offensive. After a tiring fight, he managed to kill the snake. He then ate it, feeling quite hungry.

He was about to go off for a nap, for he was quite tired, when he heard an angry voice from his stomach. "Hey, Rikki, forgetting something?!" "Oops." said Rikki-tikki-tavi. It seems that I can't cough you up, at least not without losing my meal. I'm really tired right now. I don't have much energy to make you be coughed up. I need a nap."

"What about us?" said Darzee's wife. "Hmmmm." said Rikki-tikki. "I think the best thing would be to let nature take its course and have you come out the other end." said Rikki. The two birds groaned. "I think the snake should act as a shield, making it get digested. You guys might just lose a few feathers and stuff. Anyway, it worked with those mice a few weeks back. Perhaps you could stay on the sides of the stomach and move around. You don't have to rub it. I didn't tell the mice that, though." he said. "The air in here is hardly breathable!" said Darzee. "Well, I'll breathe a lot more then." he said. "Also, I'll eat some dates. They help move things along, if you know what I mean. Now, I really need a nap." said the mongoose. He went to sleep, after eating some dates.

Inside his stomach, the snake was broken down. True to his word, the snake took the brunt of the acid, and they moved so they didn't get hit that much. However, they did get a bit burned and lost a few hours. Over time, the snake was broken down, and they lost a few more feathers. Around evening, Rikki woke up and ate more dates. These dates had an effect on him, for he went to a bush in the nearby jungle and Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Part 3: Crow Crunch

A few weeks after the incident involving Darzee and his wife, some pesky crows were stealing food from birds and bothering hatchlings. After a few weeks of this, Rikki-tikki-tavi decided to teach them a lesson just like he had done with the mice.

When three crows came, once more to be a pain, he caught them and pinned them down. "Don't kill us." said the crows. "I won't kill you." said Rikki-tikki-tavi. The crows sighed in relief. "I'll just swallow you whole." He buried the crows partially in dirt to prevent their escape. He then got a jar of honey, opened it, and dipped one of the crows in honey. After licking the crow for some time, he then put the crow in his mouth.

The crow struggled. However, the mongoose closed his first row of teeth, trapping the crow. The crow struggled, though the mongoose was prevailing and moving the crow further and further back. Once he'd gotten the crow far in, he closed his teeth and brought as much of his tongue out of them as he could The crow struggled on the edge of the tongue.

Rikki-tikki went to a nearby stream and drank, tilting his head back and making a wet gulp. GULLLLLLLLLLLLLP! The crow lost his balance and slid down the throat. The other two watched the bulge move downward and disappear into his ribcage. His belly rumbled. His stomach expanded to make room for his big meal. Rikki licked his lips and patted his stomach.

The crow was hit by the water, losing his grip. He was moving downward, the pink muscles moving him along. There was a loud gulping sound all around him. “Ahhhhhhhh!” he yelled. He yelled as he fell through a hole and into the mongoose's stomach. It was pitch dark in here. There wasn’t a lot of room to move around in here. He heard a rumbling sound around him. He pushed at the walls, trying to get out. However, the walls were too strong. ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRP! Rikki let out a loud belch, shaking the crow.

"Let me out." said the crow, again pushing on the stomach wall. "I suggest you rub my belly instead of attacking it." said the mongoose, dipping a second crow in honey and starting to lick her. "Why should I do that?" said the crow angrily. "Because, soon, stomach acid will come in and it will digest you. It will break you down into pieces. If that's what you want, keep doing what you're doing. If, however, you would prefer to not be broken down, I suggest you rub my belly. It will get you to move and will getPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Part 4: Mouse Munchies 2

Rita was being bothered by mice one day. She had been dreaming of Rikki-tikki and hoping they’d find a way to make love again soon. The mice threw berries at her and such. “Stupid mongoose!” they said. They’d hoped to get away before she awoke fully, but she was faster than they thought. She pinned them all down and buried them partly in dirt. “Rikki-tikki taught me how to deal with you guys.” she said. “Don’t kill us!” they said. “I won’t kill you.” she said. “I’ll just swallow you whole. Or as many as I can. I have something in mind for the rest of you that I can’t fit inside my belly. I suggest you that get eaten rub it from the inside so you don’t get digested.” she said.

She put the first mouse into her mouth. She sloshed him around a bit. He struggled. GULP! She downed him. He struggled, moving down her throat. She felt him enter her stomach. BRRRRRRBB! She belched . The mouse coughed. He started to rub her belly.

She downed many more mice. About ten remained. Her belly was full. Many mice had tried to gang up on her.

“What are you going to do with us?” said the remaining mice. “Since my lover Rikki-tikki isn’t here, and I can’t make love with him, I’ll be using you. You can take the place of his dick.” She grabbed a mouse. She squeaked in protest, but Rita ignored her. She put her into her vagina. She pushed her around, then, after a while, pulled her out. She then reinserted the mouse, pushed her around, then later pulled her out.

After the first mouse finally got so sore she said she’d rather be eaten then continue to be used as a sex toy, Rita cast her aside, meaning to take the mouse up on that later once she’d passed some of the mice through her digestive tract. “How are we going to get out?” said the mice. “You’ll come out with the food waste. Out my anus. When I defecate, you’ll go into a hole. But I have something to wash you off.” she said. The mice were unhappy about where they were going to exit her but were happy that they would at least be washed off. “I nice torrent of urine from my bladder should do the trick.” she laughed. The mice became more unhappy!

The mice in her belly had had some of their fur burnt off. Rita, however, was unbothered by this. She grabbed a mouse, and used him for a sex toy. She continued with this all day, using mice until they said they’d rather be eaten than continue.

After a night’s Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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