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Okay, so because of Character limits and Flood protections I can't post this story all on one go even though it's finished. I'll try and get it up as soon as I can, but my suspicion is that someone needs to reply between each of my posts so I don't trigger flooding.


Mary Jane's Girlskin Lingerie Photoshoot
Tags: Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson, Ava Ayala (White Tiger), Exhibitionism, F/F, Snuff, Consensual, Romantic, Objectification, Girl leather, Fingering, Oral, Fondling, Inter-racial, Girl turned into Lingerie

Mary Jane Watson was more than a little nervous as she got ready for her time before the camera. She'd been a successful model for years now, and she'd managed to avoid anything like this in her time in the industry. It wasn't just the nudity, though she'd avoided that too of course, it was this whole trend of girl-leather clothes! Of course, what had once been a fringe fad was now much more mainstream and Mary Jane could no longer afford to avoid it, at least, not if she wanted to keep working in the fashion industry. Jobs had been drying up recently and her agent had mentioned that this could put her back on the map with a fresh new daring image. Even without that though, the company had asked for her specifically and the pay was more than generous. An offer like this usually led to even more offers in the future, especially with a growing brand like Girlskin. Refusing an offer like this was never really in the cards.

Mary Jane glanced around the room to find her co-star for this shoot, Ava Ayala. Ava was stunning, a statuesque Latina beauty with a body so gorgeous that even MJ felt a little inadequate next to her. She wondered why Ava took this job. MJ was thinking about her future career, but that couldn't possibly be the case for Ava, not with what the shoot required of her.

Was the thought of what was going to happen to her enticement enough?

MJ didn't know, and honestly she was sort of afraid to ask.

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Hello all. I've been a lurker here for at least a decade. Anyways I found this story. It's really good but just to short and really not flushed out as I like. So I flushed it out. Like I said it's really not mine I just rewrote it


(loli, shota, hanging, cons)

"Please, can I hang you ?", said 12 year old Johnny to his best friend.

Jenny, being 12 herself, looked at him with wide eyes. "You mean like, all the way?"

"Well yes, I was told girls die very nicely when hanged." He said.

"And I was told boys go even better." Said Jenny with a grin. "I hear they squirt and then they go limp. Tell you what: Why don't we flip a coin?"

"Winner hangs loser all the way?" Johnny smiled.

"Yes! God this is so exciting !" said Jenny.
"You're on!"

Jenny and Johnny were friends for a long time. From time to time they used to play all kinds of games with each other. They were on a bed, wearing casual clothes, doing nothing more than talking. When Johnny popped up that question from nowhere. They both knew they liked the idea of hanging, and they even did some roleplaying that involved air walking with each other, but they made sure nothing went wrong. This time it will be the other way around. Jenny was a tall redhead with nice curves just starting to develop. Her budding tits were just about the size of small oranges and she had nice puffy nipples. The kind that would turn rock hard nicely when hanged. Johnny didn't have to be ashamed either. Tall, a bit tanner, nice slim yet not skinny body, and had an average cock for a boy his age. Both just had the beginings of hair on their sexes. Jenny was already familiar with his cock. If he hanged there would be two limp things dangling, Jenny thought.

"Wow, I can't believe we're doing this. My heart is about to pop out of my chest." Said Jenny while she took a coin from her purse. "But you have to promise me, whatever happens, that we do it, even if it's my head in the noose, and of course ...", and now she had an even bigger grin, "if it's yours."

"Sure, let's get on with it." Said Johnny. "If it is me that has to hang you won't have any problems. I've always wanted to go like this. You'll be doing me a favor. And I wouldn't miss the opportunity to hang you. One thing we leave to the loser - he or she can choose the location and method, but the rePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Glad to hear that you do well.
Take your time and do what you think is right.

In last years I reread your stories a dozens of times.
Still remember first reading of "Ol' McJohnny had a Farm".



still cringy apologies.

eat shit and die


Glad to see you're well, writing bug or not.

you first


Glad you are ok


in the tradition of this thread and this site, bumping in celebration of gurochan coming back! lol

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Feel free to post your own ultra-short stories here, as long as they are around 100 words. :) Or request a story or two: I'm into non-con, snuff, something involving school girls or the military.


The mayor’s eldest daughter Catherine screamed in utmost despair as the Japanese officer opened up her stomach with a swift slice downwards from his sword, warm intestines and visceral organs poured out in a steaming pile on the ground in front of her. He then reached into her hollow cavity and sliced out the poor girl’s uterus with near surgical precision.

If she managed to stay alive enough, she would have gotten a good taste of her own sex organ and semen of her rapists as the content of her violated womb was forcefully emptied into her gaping mouth.
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It was always fun to watch a lady "ride the lightening."

Strapped down in a chair, two metal dildos fucking her ass and pussy, with clips on her nipples and clit. Watching the voltage run through her, making her bounce up and down as the metal toys fucked her. they would never do it quickly, always drawing out her death, forcing her to have painful Cummings before they take it out.

Bring popcorn. They do this every weekend, and it takes an hour for a girl to die.


"Harder!" she commanded.

I pushed it deeper.

"Hardeer!!!" she urged.

I had to use my full weight to stick it any further.

She cried, then whimpered, then asked… "harder…."

I took a step back then kicked the pole into her.

"Haaaaaarrghhbl…." she cried, as the thing went out her mouth.

It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen, the girl, completely helpless, impaled on the pole, flaying her arms rocking and trying to grab the metal.
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"Harder!" she commanded.

I pushed it deeper.

"Hardeer!!!" she urged.

I had to use my full weight to stick it any further.

She cried, then whimpered, then asked… "harder…."

I took a step back then kicked the pole into her.

"Haaaaaarrghhbl…." she cried, as the thing went out her mouth.

It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen, the girl, completely helpless, impaled on the pole, flaying her arms rocking and trying to grab the metal.
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File: 1547401236622.png (9.81 KB, 320x240, test.png)

"Harder!" she commanded.

I pushed it deeper.

"Hardeer!!!" she urged.

I had to use my full weight to stick it any further.

She cried, then whimpered, then asked… "harder…."

I took a step back then kicked the pole into her.

"Haaaaaarrghhbl…." she cried, as the thing went out her mouth.

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=Slicing fetish=
Did you ever use an egg slicer? Those with thin wires.
Imagine I'm the egg, and those wires are a monofiliament grid.

It doesn't really hurt. If you slice me slowly, you see my boobs squeezed a bit before the wires sink into me. Feels really satisfying! They suddenly go in, like 'slurp'. Butt cheeks, too! Just slice me all the way!
The cuts are so thin, they heal up in minutes.
But until then, you can pull them wide open and look inside me. Feels so weird!
Just please don't turn the artificial gravity back on, that'd get messy!


"So, uh..."

He had that shifty, sort of bored look that Valerie Blackford hated, the kind of look she saw more of since she opened Gemini, her tiny little brothel, wedged beneath two noodle shops.

"What do the girls look like?"

She looked at him, expression neutral despite the pang of dislike in her chest. Stupid question. Must be a new customer, just wandering in off the street. "They look like me," she said, matter-of-fact, gesturing at herself, up and down. “That’s sort of the whole thing.”

He stared, expression blank as a wiped drive.

"They're me. They're modeled off of me.”

More staring from his wet little eyes.

"Look, I'm just going to show you." She stood, lead him back, opened the door to five identical and equally nude clones of herself, supine and hooked up to diagnostics. They could be sleeping.

His eyes traveled slowly over the doubles, then back over her clothed body. He smiled, more interested now that he saw her naked.

She didn’t blame him. She looked good laid out like that.

"They any fun in the sack?"

More stupid questions.

"They don't move. They can’t. Look at this place. You think I can afford to give them all personalities? You just fuck them like that. Twenty five for an hour. Fifty if you want me to watch."

He scoffed. "Twenty five to fuck a dead clone? I can do that for free."

She rolled her eyes, walked over to the nearest spare, spread her copy's cunt wide with two fingers for him. It gleamed wet in the soft light. "Not dead. On standby. Wet and warm." She slid a finger inside her double's pussy, with an audible squelch, watched it go in easy, felt her cunt clench. "They'll even cum for you, if you care about that. I have them do kegels and everything.”

She sucked herself off her fingers, knowing the reaction it’d get, a little smirk quirking her lips as she watched his cock tent in his loose pants.

He was thinking now, eyes darting between her and...her.

"Fifty, then. You sit on the table and watch."

“Payment up front,” she said as she hopped up, legs not quite reaching the ground.

He wasn’t gentle. He fucked her spare like he hated it, choking it, slapping its face and tiny tits hard enough to make her wince, sitting on the table next to him. She heard him grunting, heard his hips slapping against cloned flesh. ItPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


That was pretty neat.
You know, there is also a Fatalpulse manga on the Victim Girls series with the same concept:

(replace xx with tt)


Long-time lurker here to share my work. Enjoy.

Last Breath

(asphyxiation, necro, snuff, rape)

"Help!" Lisa yelled, but there was no one to help in the alleyway.

"Help!" Lisa shouted, trying at the locked doors, hoping one of them would open with her salvation.

"HELP!" Lisa screamed, her pitched voice driving the blood to Samson's cock.

Samson grasped her by the neck and flung her to the ground. The gasp she gave, striking the ground, put him on the edge.

Her breath came hard, frantic. Her fingers scrambled against the concrete, desperately trying to pull her away.

Samson found her ankle and put his boot over it, pressed down with all his weight and she screamed. The loveliest sort of scream. Pain mixed with fear. Lisa looked back at him for only a moment, her eyes wide and white. She screamed and she screamed. She was past the point of asking for help. She screamed because it was the only thing she had left.

Samson ground his foot deeper, pushed against the ankle until it had no room to wriggle. Her screams rose with the tension, until with a snap they went silent.

She stopped and stared, her voice leaving her as she struggled to comprehend the mangled shape of her foot.

Her mouth opened, she gulped in the air, but before she could scream again, Samson took her by the throat.

He pressed down on her, straddling her chest. One hand firmly wrapped around her neck, the other reaching for his zipper. His cock burst out of his pants, fully erect, as eager as a wolf with its meat.

Her eyes bulged at the sight of it and she squirmed under his grasp. His grip on her throat was tight, but her hands were free to swing. They came at him, slapped against his shoulder, clawed at his face. But she was only a girl, her arms so short, so frail and thin. Samson with his free hand tore at her blouse to let her breasts fall free and his cock landed between them. He could feel the beat of her heart there. The rapid rising and falling of her chest as she fought for breath worked to massage his dick.

Samson gave a groan and he tightened his grip on her neck. Her eyes popped out, her mouth parted open, tongue spilling out from her lips. Her hands rose again to push at him, to claw at him, but what little strength she had, had already evaporated.

Samson grew as she shrunk. He began to thrust with hisPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


**Chapter 1 – A Good Day**

Until two hours ago, Dr. Aster Good had never left Fortress before, and she isn’t sure it was a good idea.

She leans forward towards the window. The ground outside is lined with what looks like long stands of twitching muscle tissue. This is what got caught in the tracks. The Armoured Penetrator II, although capable of reaching deeper into infected territories, is not meant to go to the heart of them. That it got as far as it has is a combination of good luck and careful driving.

Hoping to break free, she revs the engine one more time. The vehicle whines at her then lurches forward about an inch before snapping back. A flashing light alerts her it’s about to overheat again.

*I’m not too far. I should be able to make it*

Aster crawls into the small compartment at the back of the vehicles, where she finds a bag, a small black book, an injection gun and a shotgun. She holsters the injection gun to her side. She places the notebook in her bag, among lots of fruits wrapped in plastic and protein bars.

Her actions are fast, although not yet panicked.

*They’ll converge soon—*

A dull thud from the front. Aster snaps around to see it; a pawn, pink and fleshy with a calcified lump for a hand which it uses to tap the front. *Don’t tap on the glass, it disturbs the fish.* Aster smiles at it and taps back. “Hey there,” she says. “I guess there will be more of you soon. That wouldn’t be great. I’m going to hop out the top and blow your head off then run to Caesar and hope for the best.”

The pawn tilts its head and they watch each other for a moment. Then it starts banging on the window. Small cracks form.

Aster nods to herself, grabbing the shotgun and getting onto the step below the access hatch. *This is mad. I’m actually going to seduce a king. If it goes wrong, he kills me. If it goes right, he fucks me, which might kill me.* Dozens of ways for her plan to go wrong come to mind. She ignores those thoughts. Most of them are out of her control.

She throws open the hatch, is surprised to see the pawn’s face less than a metre of her own, so she screams, fires, and falls back down the hatch.

“Fuck, that’s loud.”

The the back of the pawn’s headless body slides down the front window of the Penetrator. *It doesn’t have an asshole, huh?*

She slings the bag over her back, hops out the hatch and Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


# A hot Day

It all started with taking a bath together.

They had spent the day exploring the area, a rather hot, sunny day for that matter. She had been wearing a white t-shirt loosely covering her ample breasts and a skirt. Soon enough her t-shirt had been sticking to her skin, leaving not much to his imagination.

Ten they found the pot. A big iron pot set on stones, a fire place underneath.

"There is water in it", she said. "Come on, let's cool off!". So in they jumped. Her thin t-shirt became almost transparent. He had been walking with some boner all day, now his erection grew rock hard.

"Do I turn you on?" she teased.

"Yes" he said.

"How so?" Her eyes sparkling.

"Your tits", he said, "your big tits. Can't think of much else all day" he continued.

"So what are you thinking when you are thinking of my tits" she asked, while stroking her breasts, wetting her t-shirt.

"I am thinking of your tits being big and white, swinging freely in the sun, with some blue veins in your skin."

"How about you?" he then asked. "Does this turn you on?"

She continued stroking her breasts. Her nipples had grown hard in the cool water and she gently squeezed them.

"You staring at my tits all day turned me on" she said. "It made me all wet. I was thinking of taking off my t-shirt, letting you look at my naked breasts all day".

"Well, you might have helped yourself to some sunburn then" he offered.

She blushed, her neck and face turning red.

"What?" he inquired.

"I might have liked some sunburn" she said.

"You mean" - he hesitated - "you would have liked your tits sunburnt?"

She nodded.

"You would have liked your big white tits all getting red by sunburn?"

She nodded, cupping her breasts in her hands. "Yes", then, with a small voice: "does that turn you on?"

Again he hesitated. "Yes". He took a breath. "Yes. The idea of your big white tits getting all red does turn me on. The idea of you sitting in the sun to help yourself to some sunburn does turn me on. Especially .."


"Especially you staying in the sun even when these big white tits of yours are already red and hurting does turn me on" he continued.

"I would have liked that." She paused, looking at him. "I would have liked to stay in the sun till mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Ok. Yes. This... this is very good.

I think I needs make me a backyard contraption like the one used here.

Have you written other tales Nathan? Are they posted in places you could share links to?


So I've had this idea for a series of stories I wanted to write and never knew where I could post it, so I thought I would freewrite ideas and see if it was something you guys would be interested in. Forgive my typos, I'm on mobile and never got good at texting.

So the basic idea is that there's a society where there are, for whatever reason, two kinds of people- what we would think of as normal guys, and then a class of guys who are considered not exactly sub-human, but aren't allowed to really have jobs or own property anything. They just exist as playthings for the upper-class, and because they can't live alone, it's common for them to want to be taken in by someone. Maybe before that they're raised in schools or group homes or something, and once you take one in you have to tattoo it or something so people know it's spoken for and not free use.

Because the thing is, they're not like slaves- not like normal human people. There's something about them, maybe they were created this way through genetic engineering or something, but they're all hypersexual, and all want all the attention they can get- even if it's pain or death- I feel like they were created to fulfil some kind of desire or something but now their existence is considered self-explanatory and common. The ones that don't get sold are probably rented out on a, "You break it, you buy it." Policy.

They would probably not be allowed outsidethe house- or the law would be that one in public is free game. Maybe there would be a law about not causing permanent damage, but they could be fucked/raped/hurt. And because they want the attention it wouldn't really be considered a big deal.

Also itd have some of my specific fetishes that I don't know if anyone else would like- corsets and high heeled shoes- maybe those boots that you can't really get out of by yourself, cock cages, cbt, cross-dressing, power imbalances, edging, denial, bondage, etc.

Maybe they don't live as long either, or you're supposed to kill them after a certain age, so it looks like they're always young and sexy.

I can come up with morestuff, I just didn't know if it's something anyone would be interested in reading. Let me know, and also help me think of something to call the classes. I feel like a society like that would at least have a name for the lower class.
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Hey, if anyone is following this thread for story, I'm going to be posting it here instead, because this thread is tagged: https://www.gurochan.cx/lit/res/15190.html#15219

I hope you like it!


Ok, sorry for this misunderstanding. I thought you don't mind talking about that but I was wrong.
Of course, you did not convince me to believe in your philosophy and this can't happen because we have different value systems but I will not talk about that anymore and not mention anything of this topic in your other thread. Thanks for your information. It was useful to me


God, I wish I had the money, time, and energy required to have a philosophy. I barely had the resources to obtain mastery.


hey @op youre really cool



Thanks? I don't really know how to respond to such a simple, bold declaration, but thanks, man.

Let me know if you like my story? I guess?


She didn't know how she got so turned around so quickly. The young girl had been on her way home from her grandmother's after breakfast, using a little dirt road she had traveled dozens of times before when she felt nature calling her. With a large breakfast weighing on her young belly she quickly decided to head into the woods to relieve herself, but barely ten feet off the little dirt path when she lost sight of the road. Concerned she may lose her way she turned back around, hoping to have the road at least in sight as she did her business. Though somehow she had made a mistake and ended up turning the wrong way, only walking deeper into the woods. Now lost and struggling to find her way back her urges were the last thing on on her mind.

Fear began to mount as she drifted further into the woods, taking a cautious few steps before looking around, changing direction and walking once more. Everywhere she looked seemed the same, more dirt and more trees. The dull throbbing of her bladder peaked once more to a sharp pain, she hissed and gripped at her groin, bunching up her light blue dress as she looked around frantically from side to side, hoping to see something familiar or even the road. Her all too full bladder nagging against her fears of truly being lost in the woods. Distressed and fighting with the strong urge to pee she picked a direction and took off in it, dashing through the trees, hoping to find a road, any road, as she ran. Her long jet black hair billowed behind her as she ran, spilling over her shoulders and well past her young bum like a waterfall of black ink.

Without any warning, something caught her foot and yanked it forward, with a shocked yelp she was swept off of her feet and slammed onto her back, knocking the wind out of her, as well as loosening her already struggling bladder. A gush of urine erupted from her young slit, quickly soaking through the thin fabric of her panties and down between her legs, dripping onto he dress and the ground below. Yet before she could catch her breath she began to be pulled along the dirt, dragging her light blue dress through the dirt and urine soaked mud and soon up into the ther air! The young girl finally caught her breath with a ragged coughing gasp as she was hoisted up into the air, dangling by her feet.

She was nearly four feet off the ground, too far to reach the dirt with her arms, yet her extravagantly long hair managed to close thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The scent of her urine only grew stronger as she dangled there, upside down, her entire upper body drenched in her own piss. As it cooled and evaporated the salty ammonia smell flooded her senses, making her skin feel gritty and gross while offending her nose with her own scent. She looked up at her legs, catching a glimpse of her once white panties as she gazed upward, nearly every inch of the cotton fabric was now stained yellow, the fabric hugging her girlhood closely. She tried to wriggle her legs, hoping she could loosen the rope wrapped around her legs, but to no avail, she was bound by her own weight and there was little that could be done to free her short of cutting the rope. Unfortunately the girl had no too with which to do so on her and could only wriggle meekly against her binding.

Her insides bubbled and gurgled, her body now digesting the meal that she shared with her grandparents, yet dangling upside down with a full stomach cause quite a bit of discomfort. The added pressure making digestion difficult and giveing the young girl a tummy ache. She groaned, the aching in her gut adding to her many burdens. Worse than the aching in her legs, belly and stomach was a pain in her rear. She had been fighting with another urge for the past fifteen minutes, her bowels beginning to shift and squirm as the young girls body continued with its efforts to digest, despite her. She gulped, feeling a familiar sensation beginning to rise in her tummy.

Another cramp, her body’s way of demanding that she obey her urges, starting merely as a dull throb and growing into a sharp pain that gripped her whole abdomen. She let out a sharp whine, if she had been on her feet she would have doubled over in pain. Still she fought against it, hoping she could outlast the cramp and manage to get down before she ended up losing control of her bowels. Yet the cramp grew in intensity, causing her groan loudly as a shock of pain sparked all down along her intestines. As if the waste they contained had suddenly decided to ram the inner wall of her little sphincter. It pushed out, nearly too weak to withstand to pressure it contained, but Noxi responded by clenched her hole tightly, and clamping her cheeks together.

“Stop...STOP!” She whined to herself, hoping the cramp would simply pass yet it didn’t want to let up. Noxi gritted her teeth, summoning up all the strength she had left to resist, but despite it all a small fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


It was a frigid day and for some unholy reason Victoria's school hadn't decided to close. It was likely because the storm had gotten unexpectedly worse than the weatherman projected but Vicky was sure it was actually part of some plot to ruin her life. The young red headed girl trudged through the snow, up to her knees or higher on her way home. What was normally a 10 minute walk, had already taken her 20 minutes and she was only half way there.

Lucky for her, her parents had at least given her plenty of warm clothes to wear. She was bundled up tightly with sweatpants over her jeans a thick coat and scarf over her face, the only exposed skin was a small portion of her face around her vivid green eyes. Unfortunately for her her daily practice of waiting until she got home to use the bathroom was currently making this difficult journey all the more troublesome. The toilets at school were disgusting and she would never use them, preferring to rush straight to the bathroom when she got home for an urgent pee and poo.

The young girl hadn't even considered how difficult it might be to get home today. It wasn't a thought in her mind until now, where she realized those urgent needs of hers were reaching their limits. She stopped dead in her tracks, knee deep in snow as a cramp ripped through her body. A sharp pang in her bladder begging her to open up. She groaned, looking down at the snow that was making this journey impossible. She wasn't a dumb girl, she knew already that she wasn't going to make it home, she cursed herself for not realizing it earlier.

With no choice but to endure a desperate, failing struggle she sighed and with shockingly little hesitation she began to pee herself. Urine trickled out slowly at first, soaking her panties, the warm sensation was yet more intense in the hard cold. Spreading a pleasant heat around her young girlhood before spilling down her thighs. With the blizzard as bad as it was, no one seemed to be paying any attention to her so the shock and embarrassment that typically came from such a thing just wasn't there. All Victoria felt was relief and a pleasant warm spilling down her legs.

She sighed, quivering in the snow, her piss hardly soaking through her multiple layers of clothes as it leaked all the way down into her sock. Her toes curled as it spilled into her boots, she could feel them filling up with her urine, soaking her socks and warming her Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Victoria's short journey the rest of the way home was made all the more difficult by the added heft of stool sitting in her panties. The bulge of filth mad every movement in the snow even more awkward, aswell a gross. She attempted to move slowly and carefully, in an effort to keep the filth from spreading too much, hoping to make cleaning it up a little easier, but the snowy streets and wind would not abide her wishes and the exaggerated movements needed just to make her way down the block caused shit to smear all over her pale young ass, soiling her panties further and spreading all up and down her crack.

By the time she made it to the door her poop had cooled, leaving her with a disgusting cold paste smeared all over her bum. She groaned in disgust, she knew there was an utter disaster to clean up and the messier it was the harder it would be to keep her parents from finding out. What's worse, her mom's car was in the driveway, making it all the more unlikely that she would pull this off without getting a beating. She sighed and did the only thing she could, grab the knob and step into the house with her fingers crossed. Her sopping wet boot squished and squelched as she stepped inside, cold piss sloshing around inside. Victoria cringed, the sound and the sensation was disgusting and not helpful to her attempt at sneaking in.

"Vicky!? Baby take off your boots, I don't want you tracking snow in the house" Her mother called from somewhere in the house. Victoria's heart stopped for a moment, her pants were visiable soaked from thr crotch down and the huge brown bulge made her accident very obvious...if the foul stench of shit didn't already give her away. Victoria gulped, if her mother came by to greet her she was in for a world of trouble. Luckily for her, Victoria's mother seemed occupied in the kitchen. Victoria thought for a moment and came up with inly thing that made any sense

"S-sorry mom, I need to use the bathroom!" She shouted, lying before quickly rushing into the house, taking a right and heading down the hall to the last door. She didn't try to use caution, at this point her panties and pants were already ruined with her filth, her only hope for avoiding a mean spanking was to get to the bathroom as quickly as possible. So she ran, allowing her shit to smush and squish within her panties, crawling into every crack and crevice of her pale little ass. She leapt into the bathroom and slammedPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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