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It's definitely a turn on having language added to a debreasting render. Thank you.
Write to me if you wish.


Yes, I understand how you feel. I just like to read the character's traumatic thoughts while I enjoy the art. And I wanted to add a little context because the pixiv gallery I got this from does not include any. Anyway, to each his own.


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Don't post CG on /g/.



Shame that her tit immediately regenerates after being chewed off. Would love to see more heavy breast destruction in manga.


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Not enough of this art exists. If you don't want this thread getting knocked fairly soon, you won't be a forum nazi about it.


Gurochan is incredibly slow and has a very small userbase. There are still threads from 2014 around. I wouldn't worry about this thread being bumped off any time soon.


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泥っせる on pixiv.
Once again, post CG on /3d/ where it belongs, not here.


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oh my god that's a terrorist from css.


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きんしゃち on Skeb.



Is there a way to see the images that are private on that site?


It has no way. However the poster may be published on another site such as pixiv.


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anyone know the artist?




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source plz




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