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Anyone know the artist


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source please? google doesn't handle B&W comics well.



Source? #74999


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That's not really how bullets work… but I dig the gif, very hot - not Carolina Reaper hot, but a decent 500K SHU




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Can anybody help me find source of this manga ?


filename (pixiv ID)


thank you but it seems there is no post on this pixiv account? Do you happen to see this anywhere else ?


Ive found the image, no problem !


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This is an old one from an artist that I forgot the name of. Anyway, I added comic bubbles to it. I think I'm going to do the same for others in my collection.


Oh and by the way, I have no idea what the name of that character is. I just picked Yumi because it sounds cute. Feel free to correct me.


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Hello, I sporadically make edits on /art, you can find this whole set and my other "works" here:


your captions contribute nothing to the picture and it was fine as it is IMO


It's definitely a turn on having language added to a debreasting render. Thank you.
Write to me if you wish.


Yes, I understand how you feel. I just like to read the character's traumatic thoughts while I enjoy the art. And I wanted to add a little context because the pixiv gallery I got this from does not include any. Anyway, to each his own.


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