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So, as far as I know, there is not actually a thread dedicated to "good" guro. Now yes, good is a subjective term, but browsing through this chan's numerous threads, you'll come across multiple people posting poorly drawn guro, or pieces with absolutely no merit as "art". So this is a thread dedicated to well made art, by decent artists. There is no specific category, if the guro is good, post away. Please, please don't post art that looks like it was drawn by a 12yo. Bonus points if the art has some surreal stuff happening in it, I really like stuff like that.


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surreal stuff


File: 1584687693085.jpg (127.49 KB, 576x806, 133321266483.jpg)


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pixel art


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okina flying factory


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hell season


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it's awwwright


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more uziga waita


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Most of the guro arts posted in the new version of gurochan can be considered as good. Since those come from established guro artists.

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