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So essentially a second part of arts, movies, manga, anime, video games, and comics of corpse and corpses floating in the deep space, zero gravity, or destroyed starships ( I can only find one on deviant art. Feel free to share any once you find more online.


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Volume 5, Issue 8 of Guardians of the Galaxy, where the Nova Corps were mind controlled and deactivated their suits in vacuums of space.


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Adding more hull breach victims to Star Grave.
Interestingly, the other choice would have been fan service laden, assuming if one can stomach Buckley art and the fact that the all-female sexy race happened to be ambitious on galaxy conquest.


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Technically they're not dead, but they do give off vibes of being dead in space.


There are alot of scene like these in gundam


Can you post some of them, please?
I don't know the specifics.


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Also as title suggested, Hull Breach.
Strange that I am the only one supplying space guro on this board.


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Managed to dig up from an old post.
Erika Yugo from Gundam Narrative.
Close up but she seems to be floating in space while dead.


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Well, in addendum, I found one from Gundam Thunderbolt Bandit Flower.
Hull breach crews, pilots, and zero gravity macabre in space.


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Not sure if it counts but it involved space girl nearly perishing.

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