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Merry Christmas to everyone!

Here are a nice and really touching Christmas Story from the talented artist Torn-S. He drawned it as the Christmas of 2018. And now one year later i am publish it here.
To see the current Christmas Story (and many more nice stories) check my PixivFanbox.



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Coal for the naughties!


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Santa's work is hard. There are lot of naughty girls in this town.


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Some Puppet Master reference. :)


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These pages dedicated to you AyaSwan!


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These pages dedicated to you AyaSwan!


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I really loved this scene in my old story so i remaked it. :)


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I really liked this scene in my old comic so i remaked it. :)


File: 1577274910174.jpg (435.52 KB, 1315x1860, 17.jpg)

Same for here too. That electrocution scene is one of the hottest story what i imagined. :)


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And now Torn-S can drawned it as i imagined it.


File: 1577274989312.jpg (512.99 KB, 1315x1860, 19.jpg)

With really nice. :)


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And of course realistic. :)


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I found this scene really hot. I always liked as female bodies hanging on hooks.


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Now it's time the wrap out the present.


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And celebrate the christmas.


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It was hard work for Santa but it's worth it!
The Christmas is saved!


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I hope you guys liked it!


It’s great. Thank you for sharing.




I like this style. Was it inspired by some slasher film? Can you recommend any?


Not him but the original Black Christmas (1974) is kino.


Thanks, just added it to watchlist. It's very interesting to know which slasher movies gurochan users like the most


>I like this style. Was it inspired by some slasher film? Can you recommend any?

Well the idea is comes from the Black Christmas movies (original 1974, average remake 2009, shitty remake 2019)altough there are no similar deaths in these movies.

The Rocker girl's death is come from a idea from the Puppet Master serie.
The blondie and the electrocution death is a remake of my old story. (The night Before Halloween.)


So cool!


Missed opportunity to have one of the girls get drilled in the vagina. =(

Aside from that, I loved it!


Can you do a zombie one in the future? Not enough zombie pussy eating images, despite being super obvious.



Hello darktales, is there any Necophilia-centric story in your patreon as of now (like your older trial of courage, gosh i loved that work?


His vanished ladies has a bit of necro so far.


Well,if you dont even lock your car door at night,you have no room to complain


lol I'm pretty sure they teleported.


File: 1577438098029.jpg (93.19 KB, 1280x683, Necro.jpg)


Yes. In the Vansihed Ladies series the necro parts started just now.

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