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Can I have some photos where their organs are out like this?


There are multiple threads on this topic already. Check the catalogue before making a redundant thread.



I couldn't find any threads with this topic. If you have a specific example, then please share. Otherwise I think this is a valid thread.


Hello, there's actually a thread called "Anatomy/Organs" which has a lot of content just like that.


That thread focuses a lot on X-ray and anatomy. I think poster of this thread wants more gore than X-ray. In the description of the Anatomy/Organs thread, it even states, that there preferably shouldn't be much gore.


OP is a combined image of two girls who are different but similar
Internal organs are a bonus
there's a thread called "Body Parts Sewn Together"


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Oddly specific, but okay then, keep it going.


Bodies sewn together isn't the purpose of this thread. Exposed organs are. The picture is just an example.

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