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There used to be a thread for this on the old site, unfortunately I only have the one image. Lightbulbs inside vaginas, shattered, stomped, punched, kicked, on, ect. Sorry I don't have more images, I didn't think to save any before the site dissapeared



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Looks like I can't dump more because "flood detected", I have bunch more pics to post for later when I can.

For any sources, use IQDB and/or SauceNAO.


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Just let me dump my pics, stupid board


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That's all I have for now, wish there was more.

Here's a small bonus:


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I'm old OP, nothing exceptional to add to what was already reposted, and sadly nothing new.


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I forgot, this one might be new.


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It has become way to obnoxious to post anything over here, i forfeit.

Denkyuu Ijime from AwA if you want the rest.

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