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Too much disparity among it all here. Teenagers don’t get enough love as victims among the snuff community~ but I’d love to see more!
This place is for any kind of snuff or torture featuring any character under the age of 18, male or female.
Cooking vore, beheadings, execution, hanging, share it all :)
Furry stuff is permitted (as far as I’m concerned, I’m a furry) but keep it to a minimum here.


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All of this art has been by Malakoda on Aryion, so far


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Have some furry necro with my own character(s)


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You get bonus otter points (not a valid currency) if the art has a foot focus :D


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Heres a sadly unfinished one


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Do you have a FA or Inkbunny op? Would love to see more of this stuff <3


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I do have both, but none of this art is mine ^^” just some great stuff I enjoy.
Have some tortured angel feet!


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Here’s some art from my account though, that I had commissioned


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One of my favorites, RIP James M Hardiman


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