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Applicant for Death by Juan Gotoh was the first guro manga i've read and since then I am a big fan of Incest and Death theme.Sadly, for a long time, the trend had died, but now it seems to have resurfaced so I created this thread for any works that mix Incest with Death, cons or non-cons!


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Hey what's the name of this artist, I've tried searching myself but I always deadend at reposts


NHComms, though iirc the artist did not want her work to be shared publicly


Think there's also a thread on the darkspot with their art. Its the couples step by step guide to hanging


More naughty siblings need punishment!


I just found my favorite kink! More plz!


Thank you for answering my question, it's a shame I have some of their works I had stumbled across saved up, and I was hoping to find more for sale or otherwise but it doesn't look like that will happen




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Got2love those incestuos meats!;) I just wish WM will do more of this kind!


Same here, I love the IncestXDeath mix, but the pics are a bit tricky to find!


Here is a nice and fresh incestXsnuff manga:


Nice! Any more like that?




Awesome little guro niche! I've allways imagined there will be more art of this kind.Any pics or even stories will be greatly apreciated!


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He used to have a Tumblr account, then Tumblr got woke and banned porn. Haven't been able to find his stuff since. He has an account on sexyamazons or something like that, but stopped updating it a long time ago.


I find this is a very hot thread!


Do you have more like this? I love to see family members executed, preferably incestuos ones!


Sauce? Are they mom and son?


Nice! More!




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They are daughter and son, and she is perhaps the mother


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Wonderfull, she is indeed the mother but this is as far as my machine translation went.It would be greatly appreciated to have more of this artist, btw who is he? I find the theme of executed families very hot!


I like to see them fuck around a bit first or prepare to fuck and then surprised and snuffed!


I'd like 2 see that 2! ;)



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Great! More like this if possible!




Any more like this?


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Haha! Really hillarious, too bad this incest-snuff is very rare because it's really hot!


Does Delly have a pixiv account right now? It has been gone a while ago


Yes! He just made a new one a few days ago after the crazy nazis at pixiv banned him.The world is going crazy!
Here it is!


Ah Delly! That guy knows how to snuff a mom! :) Does anyone have his older sets with mom son and bully? I had them but lost them when my harddrive broke.Also, didn't he used to have a thread here at gurochan?


I know why Pixiv banned them, after taking a look at the gallery. It is not because of violence or incest, trust me. It is not censoring genitals. The japanese take it serious, because it is illegal, if someone report for it. You're either need to censored or prepared to get deleted. I got warned once, so now I'm censoring every genitals. You can provide link to outside, but not showing them on Pixiv. Other than that, they don't really enforce much.


Hehe I can live with that, the japanese transformed all my inner fantasies into art so we can forgive that censoring.Actually I think that is one of the reasons they progressed or a consequence of it! Long live Japan!


This stuff is great! More incest and snuff plz!




I would love 2 see more like this 4 Xmas!




Jesus I love this shit.

What is wrong with me.

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