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Applicant for Death by Juan Gotoh was the first guro manga i've read and since then I am a big fan of Incest and Death theme.Sadly, for a long time, the trend had died, but now it seems to have resurfaced so I created this thread for any works that mix Incest with Death, cons or non-cons!


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Hey what's the name of this artist, I've tried searching myself but I always deadend at reposts


NHComms, though iirc the artist did not want her work to be shared publicly


Think there's also a thread on the darkspot with their art. Its the couples step by step guide to hanging


More naughty siblings need punishment!


I just found my favorite kink! More plz!


Thank you for answering my question, it's a shame I have some of their works I had stumbled across saved up, and I was hoping to find more for sale or otherwise but it doesn't look like that will happen




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Got2love those incestuos meats!;) I just wish WM will do more of this kind!


Same here, I love the IncestXDeath mix, but the pics are a bit tricky to find!

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