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Witch-hunt / Witch Burning
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You have more about HERE? Be cause this draw is asome


And this loli



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Venessa Enoteca from Black Clover


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There was another one, where they tortured and hung the witch from that author. Does anyone have that?


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Man… Do you understand the amount of gratitude I have for you right now? Extreme thank you.


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Anyone got a source on this one?


This is weirdly sexy! I'm not a fan of fire and burning stuff, yet this is artistic and wonderful. What the fuck am I feeling right now?



welcome to the club. fire isn't always destructive, it can be erotic too.


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Jeanne d'Arc


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Merlin,an immortal witch from seven deadly sins in witch trial.Executed by eternal fire,the biggest question is how long will she struggle and suffer the pain before the fire consumed her body if her "infinitive magical power" can be exhausted and her body is not invulnerable.IF she can be hurt,she will be killed mercilessly by fire in that condition.And it will be really her nightmare to see herslef slowly burnt into bones and ashes.


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Lady Death burned at the stake (and somewhat rescued)


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Code Geass Joan of Arc


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Seven Deadly Sins-Merlin captured and executed.Painfully screaming and struggling in deadly fire comsuming her flesh with no hope of rescue,she was burnt alive slowly to bones and ashes.


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Medieval Style Artwork


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Burn at the stake scene from Boccaces Decamerone


Name please


[CYCLET] Fukushuu no Necromancer ~Nozomuno wa Shi no Itami~


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OH wow that's pretty, You have the name?



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Knights Chapter 18


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German Comicbook about medieval witch hunts


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Why burn witches naked? Because they won't freeze!


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Queen of Vampires


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Old Comic


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Some French Comic about burning witches … or heretics … not sure


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Jeanne T'Art


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Damsel at the Stake

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