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Witch-hunt / Witch Burning
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This needs more.


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This needs more.


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I have a few more but don't we need a new thread?



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Why isn't there more of this?






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Witchhunt-Megurine Luka


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Celine Jules was accused ofwitchcraft and executed


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a real witch must be burnt alive


what is this from


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User is GalaxyExpress (id=4014220) from Pixiv. Does a lot of good 3D guro comics.


finally some harry potter witches being burned.


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Sona crucified and executed by fire


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Cooking someone doesn't belong here, you're looking for the cannibalism thread.


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it's really just *that* difficult to put 3dcg on the board that's literally named for it, huh? get better soon.


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You have more about HERE? Be cause this draw is asome


And this loli


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