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Feel free to express your hatred for this annoying brat.


Another thread destined to sink towards the bottom of the catalogue because no one has enough images of this one extremely specific topic.


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Id like him to be anally fucked and strangled to death. A shota fuck toy


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Anyone have a good pic of Chris Thorndyke for the Finish Him (Trap/Femboi edition) in RP?


A good Chris guro is in progress.


How would his noose dance be?


I just added him as a target in the RP thread "Finish Him Trap/Femboy edition"



It seems you were right


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I crave the blood of Chris Thorndyke!




Hed be a cuter corpse then living boi


Wow,the hotest take from 2006



Some takes never go bad


Fuck, this thread keeps getting burried!


Please read>>73834


How would his noose dance be?


If you still whine about Jar Jar Binks, Chris Chan or Anita Sarkeesian in 2019,that just mean you have too much free time in your hands



Or you want to see a character rarely killed in arts and stuff killed?

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