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Electro gore.
Any pictures of electrocutions with blood and/or burning.


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Well now what is this from?



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Artist's pixiv seems to be down, do you have a archive of their work?



i don't think it's all their work, and there might be more out there, but they do have an account on the sankaku complex. It is pokonyan.



Dude, got any source on this? It's incredible. Wish all the pics were of a high resolution. Looks like only a few are.


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I would also like to know where this is from. I can't find it anywhere


Hey all! These are from my DA page, they were done by TurtleChan. I need to ask him for all the large sized images again!


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Request for source, many thanks!



Super hot. Artist/more?



It's SpecularHaze on pixiv



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By Merunyaa on pixiv


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I liked this scene so much that i ordered a second version from Vasili.

And there are a third version of this too. You will be see it soon. :)



Awesome! Well be sure to let us know



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There is a translated version on the Sankaku Channel i think


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There should be more to this


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Youngsmile should do more stuff like this!



It's ok youngsmile you don't have to. Just an idea


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So, wait, is this just a general electro torture thread then?



Yup. Just anything electric




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Not too gorey, but still good electric ryona

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