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These used to be everywhere a few years ago and I'm looking to take a trip down memory lane. Maybe spark up some new content.


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Jissou Restaurant: Traditional Jissou Flavor
Jissou New Year's Feast 2019

[Clockwise from upper left]

Sweet pot giant maggot-chan, who as yet does not understand the situation she is in (boiled lightly to order).
"Maggot-chan goes thumpity-thump refu!"

Loving sisters, easily eaten uncooked.
"I'm scared refu…"
"I'm sure we'll be rescued techi"

Watching over the children, the dressed eyeballs of a caring mother.

Shitty jissou whelps, baked to a golden brown.
"Yum yum techi."
"Have you fallen in love with me techu-un?"

Sweet candied maggot preemies, served raw.
"Repii!" "Repii"


Oho! Where'd you find this gem?


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'Today [July 7] is the Tanabata festival! Tell me your wish, and on behalf of Vega and Altair I will grant it.'
Device: Jissou Lingual [Translator]
"I want a new house where my children can live in safety desu!"
"It's a human techi…"
"Mama, is it OK techi?"
"Refu refu!"

'And what do the children wish for?'
"It would be nice to have a feast for once techi!"
"Is this a nice Mr. Man techi?"

'OK then, and the maggot…'
'I see.'

'Well then… On the whole, your wishes have come true!'
"Awesome feast techi! It's steak techi!"
"Is this our new home techi…? But where did Mama and maggot-chan go techi?"
Tanzaku: Divine Retribution!!
'Ain't I a nice guy!'


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Jiso House: Reasonably priced jissou edibles for you.

We are proud of this dish, plump maggots baked in our secret sauce.

The perfect maggot for summer!

Jiso house's MAGGOT BOWL (soul gems included): 390 Yen.

"It's the peace of mind of locally sourced product desu! Maggot-chan is the most delicious desu!"

"We're eager to do our duty for Mr. Man refu!"



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"With this, I make mischief techi!"
"Candy candy!"
"Once in awhile the shit human is useful techi!"
"Everyone is happy desu…"
"Some for maggot-chan too techi"


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Garbage Disposal. A Story

The jissou of the house is cheekily bringing more whelps into the world. Naturally,I do not feel like taking care of that many shit bugs.
"I'm so happy desu! You can't help but adore these children desu!"

Just looking at these chibis irks me. Let's dispose of this garbage quickly.
"You've taken off their clothes, are you washing them desu?"

Yeah, I'm gonna wash them.
'I'm washing off their souls!'

'Now that techi-techi noise is completely gone! And with that, dinner is served.'
"It's horrible desu. It's so horrible desuu"


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'By the way, it's poison for the bad children'


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Now It's Time To Go To Sleep

This thumb jissou is so cute.
'There we go, such a good girl.'
"I love Mama techuu… We'll be together forever techii…"

'But it has gotten late, so now it's time for beddy-bye.'
"Okay techu! I'm going to bed now techi!"

'Come now, lie down…'
"Tomorrow I will play more with Mama techu"


Now It's Time To Go To (Your Eternal) Sleep


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I've had children too techi!
I'm so happy techi!

I don't like this techi!
It hurts techi!
And my children are dead techi!


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Some Christmas Presents Have Arrived

Card: Merry Christmas Desu!
Keep/Don't Keep

"Aren't you going to keep cute little me techi?"
"Depuppu… Now i'll have my heart's desire of being take care of as a pet desu!"

Mr. Man crosses out his options and writes 'Cook them'.

"This isn't Christmas desu!"


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Merry Kusomushimas!
[Kusomushi = Shit bug]

It's Christmas Eve. For some reason, my pet jissou looks different from the way she usually does. She's always been a revolting shit bug, but today she's even worse.

Look there, her shoes (stockings?) are hanging on the wall… Or should I say she's taped them up there.

I get it. I don't know where she heard about it, but she thinks this is the way to get Santa to give her whatever she wants. What a thoroughly shameless shit bug.

The next day: Of course, the world is not so sweet.

The jissou was in full pout on account of her [lack of any] present. Truly a brazen shit bug.
"They lied desu! There is no Santa desu!"

So then the shit bug got tangled up in my feet. What's this shit saying?
"Hey human, look at this desu!"

"Hey human, we eat cake today. That's this day. Understand desu?"
You bastard…

"Depupupu… Humans are so easy desuu. He's so drunk on my cuteness, he just has to do anything I say desuu!"
Now my patience has reached its limit!

"What are doing taking me outside desu? Perhaps you're taking cute me out somewhere desu?"
Listen up you shit bug.

Let's give this shit bug a final moment worthy of a shit bug!
"Master-sama, don't hurt me desu… Please help desu…"



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This is awesome. I love Adventure Time.



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Living out on my own all alone for the first time, I wanted to raise a kojissou as a pet. I already found the perfect ecosystem for a jissouseki ahead of time

Intermidediate pet kojissou: 3,000 Yen

"Techi techi tetchii!"
(Mr. Man, raise me techi, raise me techi!)
"Tetchi techi tetchu-un!"
(I've studied a lot techi! I can do my laundry and wash up all by myself tetchu-un!)

I don't understand what she's saying, but she's energetic and the price is reasonable, so I'm going to go with her.


File: 1578514813142.jpg (235.97 KB, 640x480, 1566143094943.jpg)

Hmm… That's strange. She was so energetic, but as soon as I started raising her she went quiet.

(The food is cruddy techi… I want to take a bath techi… It stinks of poop techi… There isn't even a bath techi…)

(This isn't at all like what I studied for techi… This is not what being a pet jissou is techii…)

I wonder if she will settle in better if I make her environment more like what it is in the wild.




It stinks of poop techi… There isn't even a BED techi…



Second Correction:

The food is cruddy techi… The bath water is cold techi…


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Oh hai desu!


I've been raising a thumb jissou ever since her birth. I've spoiled her all week, but only so she can be abused. That's the reason I've been raising her with feigned tenderness.
"Warm techu!"
"Sweet and tasty techu!"
"More pitty-patties techu!"

'Jissou-chan, come here. I've got something nice for you.'
I've pampered her from the start, so she runs up to me without any wariness.
"What is it techi? Are you giving me food techu?"

Now the fun is about to begin.
'That's right, that's a good girl, let me give you something good…'
"What's the matter techu? Give me the food quick techu!"

'There! That's a nice poke in the face, yeah?'
"Te, Techu???"

Hehehe, the look of unbelief on her ugly face.
'What's the matter, was that the first poke in the face you've had since you were born? Quite an experience, wasn't it?'
"My cheek hurts techi, really hurts techu…"

It seems like she's in a lot of pain. Anyway, it felt good to listen to the jissou whelp crying for a while.
'Oh no, you're leaking shit. That calls for some punishment.'
"My cheek hurts techi!"

I bought her for this day, so I'm going to slap this jissou to the fullest extent.
'Hey! Where do you think you're shitting? Are you some kind of a SHIT BUG? For a pet jissou you're a lot like a stray jissou, I think I'll make a good one of you yet! Take that and that and that and that!'
"Stop techi! It hurts techi! What did I do techi!"

Let's try a pressing in a cigarette,
And make a jissou ashtray of her! I've put up with her for a week, I can't help abusing her with this cigarette.
"Hot… hot techi! I'm going to die techii!"
'What's the matter? Is this the first taste of abuse you've had in your life? I'll take out your soul gem tomorrow, then we'll try some more interesting abuse tomorrow. But please keep crying. It sounds nice.'



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Part 2:
Now, today's the day… Hey! Stop crying you shit bug.
"Cheeks hurt techi… No more hurties techu…"

Hmmph. Shameless. Leaking shit.

Here. This is your home from today on.
"Tee! This is terrible techu!"

'Starting today I won't be feeding you. Your only food will be your own feces.'
"Let me out techi! I'm hungry techu!"

The Next Day

'Good morning, shit bug!'

'You've got no clothes to be leaking your shit on.'
"No, no clothed techi!"

'These things? They're completely covered in shit, you can't wear these anymore.'
"Give me back my precious clothes techi! You stupid human!"

'The filth is disinfected!'
"Wha, what are you doing techi!"

'Such a lowly creature as you mustn't be so brazen as show fits of anger.'
"I'm more than angry techi! I'm going to beat you for this techu! I'm cute, ruining my clothes is a serious crime techu, stupid human!"

'I'll teach you what happens when you go against a human.'
"Stop techu! What are you doing to my precious hair techu!"

'Ah! Such dirty hair, I'll pull it out!'
"What techu!"

'There! The ugly, bald, naked thumb jissou is complete!'
"Stop… stop already techi! My life is completely ruined techi…"

It's going to be awhile before the abuse can continue. I'm sorry. By "The Guy Who Drew This".

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