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These used to be everywhere a few years ago and I'm looking to take a trip down memory lane. Maybe spark up some new content.


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Jissou Restaurant: Traditional Jissou Flavor
Jissou New Year's Feast 2019

[Clockwise from upper left]

Sweet pot giant maggot-chan, who as yet does not understand the situation she is in (boiled lightly to order).
"Maggot-chan goes thumpity-thump refu!"

Loving sisters, easily eaten uncooked.
"I'm scared refu…"
"I'm sure we'll be rescued techi"

Watching over the children, the dressed eyeballs of a caring mother.

Shitty jissou whelps, baked to a golden brown.
"Yum yum techi."
"Have you fallen in love with me techu-un?"

Sweet candied maggot preemies, served raw.
"Repii!" "Repii"


Oho! Where'd you find this gem?


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'Today [July 7] is the Tanabata festival! Tell me your wish, and on behalf of Vega and Altair I will grant it.'
Device: Jissou Lingual [Translator]
"I want a new house where my children can live in safety desu!"
"It's a human techi…"
"Mama, is it OK techi?"
"Refu refu!"

'And what do the children wish for?'
"It would be nice to have a feast for once techi!"
"Is this a nice Mr. Man techi?"

'OK then, and the maggot…'
'I see.'

'Well then… On the whole, your wishes have come true!'
"Awesome feast techi! It's steak techi!"
"Is this our new home techi…? But where did Mama and maggot-chan go techi?"
Tanzaku: Divine Retribution!!
'Ain't I a nice guy!'

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