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For those of you haven't heard yet, sadpanda is down!


If you can somehow save your favorites there, DO SO NOW!

We still have a couple of months for e-Hentai site goes down itself, but this might be it boys! This is the end of that Utopia.


Most of the new galleries in "snuff"-tag was made from Pixiv galleries anyway.


oh no, a place I never went to because you have to install some stupid browser extension just to access it is dying for some reason. woo. I wonder if it was due to poor traffic?

Does this mean it's open season to crosspost previously DNP stuff from there to the countless other open-access imageboards covering the same subject matter now?


You didn't have to install a browser plugin to access it. You just had to have an account older then a week.



2019 is a horrible year.first is kyotoAni second is sadpanda T_T


Just start saving some favs on e-hentai. I'd start with your absolute favorites first, and then go from oldest to newest since the newer the gallery, the better chance the original uploader still has the files themselves.


I've only been able to access sadbanda in the past, but if e hentai goes down, then it may be the begining of the end for the internet as we know it.Zippyshare was the first bad sign.I'm downloading everything.I hope they will make server copies like they did with nyaa so we can host it again elsewere!


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Eh, arguably guro fans adjusted to this better than most because guro art has a habit of disappearing fast from the internet anyway, usually done by the artists themselves. I've lost so many good pictures in early 2000's that nowadays I save pretty much everything that appeals me.


Luckly we stil have and I doubt it will go down very soon!


Never could access it. Now I won't have to. Another one bites the dust?


And how was one to get an account when all you could reach was the sadpanda page without account or plugin?


So the implication is it's been forced to shutdown by something other than finances or changing hands to new admins who have fucked it over, which seem to have been the usual ways of things (Piratebay and Silkroad notwithstanding) with similar recent shutdowns?


Create an account on e-hentai. This wan't exactly hard to find out tbh.


Guro still allowed on the main galleries. All the EU cares about is banning drawings of petite women exercising their right to bodily autonomy.
Slaughter of women is still fine.


Wow you couldn't even do that? How is life knowing you're this much of a failure?


It was a claim by the author of the site, although the law was not actually changed at all and he already confessed to being tired of maintaining it.


Lol you're retarded if you think they don't source from exhentai


No1 cares about GAYPANDA we have plenty of guro and lolis on the net, fags!


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The main loss from sadpanda are the artist archives from old deleted pixiv accounts. There are quite a few archive galleries from old guro artists who have since deleted all their works from pixiv etc. Since e-hentai also plans on closing down within 6 months or so then all those galleries will be lost as no other sites host that art.


even if you do not go to that site, the rest of the internet is sourcing lolis from there most of the time because people frequently upload it there first.
it will do the biggest damage to translations because it was the only place where individual translators can upload their work


e-hentai is not closing. It should stay alive indefinitely in the zombie state. admin is just not going to do any interface updates anymore because he has health problems.
He is now looking for someone to inherit that website. or at least some way to preserve all its content.

So it is not all lost yet. Old content should resurface someday. just stay on the look not to miss another opportunity to get it.


It's not shutting down in 6 months? That's good news.
Can't translators just upload to e-hentai now?
Tbh I don't know what constitutes something being exclusive to SadPanda instead of Ex, why did they have that system in the first place?
I've noticed some works from certain artists are missing on the e-hentai site. But the missing work that is Sadpanda exclusive isn't loli or guro, which got me wondering what differentiates them from being panda exclusive.


Yeah, there's a ton of random artists and works missing on E-Hentai that were on EX, even if they weren't guro or loli or anything like that. Just regular vanilla stuff.

I don't really understand why, though.


There are no guarantees that it will not shut down, anything can happen, but those 6 months is more like a promise that it will stay alive at least until 2020 as a minimum .

ex, in essence, was the special site for all contributors. it is where you can access all library of all content without any adds while ehentai was more like a softcore porn site which exists to make money from advertising by displaying a fraction of all available content.
if gallery contains at least *one* loli picture it will not be shown on ehentai now I suspect that bestiality and other controversial content also will be treated same way depending on the changes in that law.
the reason why they had this system was to make money, because good advertisers refuse to put adds on the site which contain even fictional child porn. And in fact not even hinting any kind of affiliation with such site is allowed. This is why it was kept kind of a secret.

Uploading to ehentai is possible but you can't be sure if your work will not be removed because someone will decide to tag it as loli.
also if you already know that it is heavy loli, you can upload it to your recycle bin with the same result.
Without any place to host your work translation becomes pretty meaningless as well.
some artists also use ex as a primary host for their work.

The current situation is actually not something new, it already happened when sadpanda did not exist.
at that time admin decided to remove all loli content from ehentai to please advertisers and it was a fuss similar to what is happening now. so at that time, ex was created with exclusive access for select people and probably as a source for other websites.


That must have been a change, then, because all I was ever able to get to was the sad panda, no option to make an account or anything. When I asked around how to get access, you had to install a thing in your browser (scriptmonkey for firefox or something?), maybe then you had to also make an account afterwards, IDK. I just remember thinking Fuck That Noise, because it was like the one site on the interpr0ns that demanded such a thing even to just reach the homepage. (Even though FurAffinity and Pixiv and a few others also need you to make an account and login to see the 18+ content, you can at least get to their homepages and their clean stuff, find out what the site's about, see the name of it, actually read info in the FAQs - or even just censor blocks over the explicit stuff - that tell you an account is needed…)

If you can now go to it and just freely register an account and easily login to get past the roadblock page, well, news to me. Given that I'd already asked and been told there was a potential security compromising electronic foxtrot that you had to perform to gain access, I'd shuttled the entire site into my mental "can't be fucked with that" folder and not bothered asking a second time, and certainly never been told it was now easier. On the increasingly rare occasions I got redirected to an ExH page (and so got SP'd), I just sighed a slightly irritated sigh and closed the tab or hit Back and looked for an alternative link, rather than exploring any further - because, well, what would have been the point?


Also, can we still make accounts at this present time and explore what's there, maybe finding and saving novel stuff, or has the entire admin side been given the kibosh? Because if that's all that's required, and you can get to the account registration page without any special drama, I guess I might as well.


Not everyone has psychic powers like you mutant freaks.


Getting past the sadpanda was not some special power, it was just a bit of extra effort on the part of the user. Then again, judging by certain posters here, that might be asking too much for some folks.


Well I understand that, I do recall that there was a bunch of stuff about plugins and magic incantations and stuff when I looked into it. But you didn't actually need to know all that guff at all. Just register an account on e-hentai (not ex) and wait a week.


Actually I still never even found out what was the right way to get into exhentai, because it probably changed many times.

But as much as I know you had to register on the forums not on ehentai main site and kinda make some regular visits there regularly.
being registered on the main site will not give you any access anywhere.
technically it was required that in some way you set proper cookies, so using plugin was one of the ways to do that


File: 1564427095094.png (1.14 MB, 1000x1000, aa.png)

Guys, let's be serios about this, Sadpanda was the main source for everything we like on the net.Even if you could't access it most of the hentai you've seen came from the Panda.So here is my contribution in this time of crisis:
A backupsite:
A contributions site with 60% of the collections uploaded so far:

Get your scoop now! And don't forget to upload!!!!


It's good the shit finally blew up so we can access the content thru backup sites.Take that GayPanda elitists!


I can't tell if you're trolling or just genuinely retarded.


M8 you are insulting a site that provided your fapping material for allmost 10 years!


Never could access it, but now that the GAYPANDA reign is over, we can all bask in it's treasures!


thanks for the list. no previews so it's basically a guess what you'll get if you try to dl anyting?


I wonder why some people can't access Sadpanda.
All you have to do is register in E-Hentai, delete the EX-H cookies in browser, and voila. If anything Sadpanda is very convenient for me since local ISP didn't blocked it for some reason, unlike E-H and virtually all other hentai download site so i don't need ISP just to check the update.


Many people including myself are working hard to restore SadPanda.For now just face the fact that what you have is better than nothing!
Yes it was that easy, it was a measure to protect the content.However it doesn't matter now since a big chunk of art may be lost forever!


Un.. seriously? ppl the site isn't blow up for real it just need some new guy to pass on the fire.
The data are all intact..


He mean you must work your ass, download and upload everything on the new sites because the old one is on a bomb countdown, is as good as dead.No one will take the site, it's closing down because the new legislation, it's all on that poster you didn't bother to read!


It's back




congratulations, but we must have a plan b for moments of crisis like this


Well my plan hasn't changed. I download everything I like. And some of it, I re-upload here.


Special effort that didn't really seem worth it given the potential security issues, browser incompatibility and so-on, when there's plenty enough material out there (reposted from the site or otherwise) that's much more easily accessed. Either simple account registration that accepts a throwaway email and grants immediate access… or just put the URL in your address bar.

Step one of creating a successful and popular user interface: don't make your user "work".

In which case it would have been nice if someone had ever said that when I asked / looked it up, before this actual thread came along. Like I said, not fucking psychic. Can only go by what other people make public knowledge or reply in response to questioning. Also the difference between E-hentai and Ex-hentai isn't super obvious when they're mentioned in separate posts (possibly days or weeks apart) and personally I thought they were the same thing just being abbreviated differently depending on who was talking.

And, well, there it is. Sounds a bit like getting your registration accepted at Eunuch Archive or whatever when all you want to do is browse the stories rather than become some integral part of the Cutting Bits Off Yourself community. Sooner or later it becomes just too much of a bother for a bit of fapping material.

You're doing God's work there. Just, given all of the above, please make it easier to access, or at least put the information about how to gain access on the landing page / behind a very obvious FAQ link or whatever.

Well, good on it, but it's not one I ever managed to directly access, so my supply was provided more by people leeching material off it then reposting more publicly. Seems the middleman could have been cut out fairly seamlessly. Like, if nothing else, Pixiv exists, and the wide and varied chanspace.

Again, be nice if that had been explained at any previous juncture, but still I rather like having the session continuity cookies for my other websites (not sure if Google lets you delete them on a site by site basis, and for all its faults, Chrome is still the one that by far works best on my old laptop… so I'm not going back to the dark days of the early noughties and swapping between multiple browsers depending on what site I'm browsing).

Also if I'm browsing Incognito (putting a clause in your will for a trusted friend to delete your browser history is a dead meme), doesn't that keep cookies for each tab secret from all the others and nuke them when you close said tab? So either that means it should work without any further effort, or it won't work at all?

Funny how few other sites seemed to think it necessary to do the same though? Like how we had to register an account and jump through hoops deleting cookies or whatever to get on here…

Isn't that the general sentiment for all of the internet though? See something you like … save it. Storage is ludicrously cheap these days, to the point that it's not even worth calculating how much it costs you to save an individual picture album, and encrypted folders / archives are a magic vitamin for protecting against anyone borrowing your machine accidentally running across your twisted fetishes. And the history of the last 25 years shows that basically no website is immortal or immune against all manner of different things that could take it down instantly and permanently… and the smaller or more fringe a site, the more likely it is to die. The only way to maintain data continuity is, like with torrents, for it to become distributed around the individual machines of interested users, and reuploaded to new hubs when old ones die.

GC itself is a huge example of this… how many times has it died and been resurrected, and repopulated from our various hard drives?


I think you got it all wrong, because sadpanda is not a normal porn site to give you fapping materials it is more like a place for those who contribute content and participate in the community. It has no adds so it gives no income to the owner

Officially it does not even exist and has no affiliation with ehentai. it is sort of the fight club with the main rule that "you do not talk about fight club" nobody even mentions it name anywhere on ehentai or its forums.

regardless of that, you still can access it if you want. you are not limited in any way, and if you decide that you do not want to bother that is your personal issue

the main importance of that site is not that you cant access some fapping material but that it hosts big community of people who publish and translate hentai content
it is practically equivalent of pixiv for many artists and translators.

Gurochan is also similar thing as it is not so much about content but about the place where you can publish that content and get it noticed by the people who are also interested in it.


I'm going to be honest, the amount of effort you put in this particular reply could have gotten you into exhentai/SadPanda numerous times over.

As others have said, it really isn't hard if you just google around.
To put it in perspective, I've accessed SadPanda when I was in grade 9/10, so it really isn't hard.

Anyway, how you access SadPanda is just register on ehentai forums, wait 24 hours, clear your cookies, done.
The waiting aside, it takes 5 minutes tops.

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