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Any picture of someone connected on something with wires and stuff?


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I can contribute...


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I kinda hate to be that person, but I was curious on the source of this image, if anyone knows it? Google reverse image search wasn't helpful in finding the source, just finding other forums it was posted on which also seem to ask for the source...



Pirate Bay had torrents of all of there comics which is where I got them




Thank you for the source. I'll try to read through it when I have more time. I was interested in it because by the little that I'd seen in the image it looked possibly Willing, and perhaps with some other elements than just torture or sensory deprivation, perhaps mind altering or something. But I guess not. Still, again, thank you for the source.


yeah there is nothing willing in fansadox comics at all. Especially this series. Its nothing but rape, torture and humiliation.


yeah there is nothing willing in fansadox comics at all. Especially this series. Its nothing but rape, torture and humiliation.


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PeachGarden has a few of these


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Something like this, please? Male cyborg сonnected to machines?


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Real good thread. I wish I could find a specific tag for this.


hmmm let's try that again.


Ah fuck it. It won't upload for some reason.


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A personal fav of mine.


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Hey guys can I ask you something? if I remember in the old gurochan back then there was a pic that a headless and limbless body was connected to a life support system if you know the source please sent the link so I can post it here in this thread thank you in advance


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More lethal machine traps please!


polite bump


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Psst! There's Already a Similar thread going about starting at >>8731



I mean THIS. >>>


Anyone knows the manga about a girl who wants to defeat a monster and to do so willingly gets operated by machine?



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