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Hi guys. I've heard than Aya lost her Patreon channel, and she dont wanna restore the channel itself or works that was on it. Can you help me with finding her premium stuff? Yeah, I've seen the previous topic a.k.a. "Aya's works", and there is a lot of stuff but generly this topic is a shit from some shitty guy, whom was very rube in his speech. So… I need a helping hand. Or hands. =)
P.S: I'll upload all stuff, that I found.


File: 1559118300349.jpg (247.54 KB, 1280x1138, story_9.jpg)


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That's all for today. I'll see you tomorrow, folks. =)


More pls!



Support him on pixiv fanbox and you'll see everything


Why not steal his pics and see them here for free? Art should be free!



While I agree with that, it's his/her major source of income, this doesn't just come out of nowhere, they spent 2 months minimum on this whole set.
So I strongly encourage you to support them.

Kill myself for simply stating how to obtain Ayaswan's art, okay then..
If you want it that much, just pay $10 to see the past 4 months of their works, I understand not everyone can afford it, but that does not mean it's right to share their work freely.


Maybe you should get a job, then you wouldn't have to pathetically e-beg for this stuff.


Maybe one person buys it and shares it freely?


Exactly, that's like an hour or two of work, unless you're in some third world country.
2 hours of your time to see 4 months of time from ayaswan?
And yet people still complain


That's still not good, tbh.

>>69808 No. Art should not be free. Why would it? There people put time and effort into their work. That would be like saying video games should be free.


Ikr, games like fortnite shouldnt be free


If microtransactions didn't exists then no way would it have been free.
It's the same with art, they give a few images for free then the rest you pay through "microtransactions" what's your point?


Totaly agreed with that, this guy is like a cockroach, just won't stop trolling this thread! Btw, more pics, pls! ;)


Gj m8!


The internet is for the free exchange of ideas



All art should be free on the internet


If art should be free you are saying you have a claim or better yet, a right, over someone else's work.
If we apply it to every aspect of productive work, you have a right to take everything without paying, including food, resources etc.
In short, you are wrong.


You're so wrong it hurts my brain. Get a job.


You don't truly believe that do you?


We've already had this debate a thousand times here. The point isn't who's right and who's wrong anymore. Whichever side you're on, just accept that you're not gonna change anyone's mind arguing on the Internet - least of all arguing on this side of the Internet.
Those that want these works (or any other artist's works) for free are most likely going to end up getting them. It may take a while, but it's the nature of the web we live on.
Those that feel that artists deserve to be paid for their work, continue to support them. It's not like you can go on a crusade and take the art down once it's gotten out into the wild (particularly considering that many sites that host these collections simply don't care).
None of you will be changing anyone's mind. None of you will be recruiting from the opposite camp. So can we please stop having this discussion every couple of months? Or at least keep it in /dis.


Arguing about a guy making a TON of niche material for us at a pretty reasonable price, who still uploads about 20%+ of his content to his free pixiv and does livestreams of his art sessions of even premium material…

While artists like Sakimichan make half a million dollars a month for the most pandering mainstream garbage in existence. Lol


Exactly! That was the main reason the internet was created!


And not just for art, for the free flow and information and ideas exchange, now some people are trying to transform it into a giant money milking machine! Fortunately, we have pirates! ;)


Except this is his/her job, if it's free, how would they survive…?


And clearly you aren't loaded as you're begging for free stuff, you can surely relate that money allows you to live yes?

I'm not well off either, but I'm not an asshole that wants to deter their income.

Moreover, if everything gets shared freely, that'll just discourage them to draw lol. Why would you even want that?


File: 1559301965596.jpg (11.73 KB, 168x210, 22089927_2054336011462512_….jpg)


JESUS.FUCKING.CHRIST. The problem with these kinds of people is that they only think of getting the image ASAP, while disregarding the VAST AMOUNTS OF TIME put into one art. If you want free art, make one yourselves. We artists need to live to, y'know? Now go fuck yourselves.


Created for the free flow like a highway was created for the free flow of cars. Just because the highway is free it doesn’t mean the cars are free…

That’s the problem today with these socialist, libertarian fuckwits that want absolutely everything for free while contributing absolutely nothing.

Give me, give me, give me. Fuck you.


OP, don't let these faggots discourage you, they are trying to justify their pocket earnings and to become elitists.It's not about having or not having money to pay, allthou this is a separate issue.It's about freedom.Sure you can buy art sometime if you feel like it as you can buy a hooker if you feel an urgent need, but it's allways nicer to charm a girl into your bed and to get free art.As is their right to ask money for their art, it is our right to pirate it and give it/enjoy it for free.It's not about spending or not spending money it's about freedom.Like when you screw someone's wife or pet his little daughter, with all the dangers involved, it's much nicer! The internet is a manifestation of freedom and I can't believe that even here there are some individuals that are trying to restrain it, shame on you!


I'm gonna tell y'all right now that pirating is all well and good to stick it to huge monolithic corporations, but you're kidding yourselves if you think you're anything but a shitbag for posting paid guro art for free.

Think about it. You're abusing the very few talented people that are into the same sicko stuff we are. You really want to screw with them, drive them away?

I love the artists who give things away. That's why I write guro stories for free. But you gotta respect those trying to make a living doing what they do. I pay for commissions; you should too.


Lol you dont understand do you?
The more people pirate, the LESS motivated the artists would make art.
And good quality Guro works such as Ayaswan is already so limited that I can count in one hand.
You want them do disappear?
Think about it for even a minute, please.
And as said before, she shares plenty of art for your fapping purposes, if you still still can't get enough, just show your appreciation of the countless images that their poured they blood and soul into and support them for only $10.
It pains me to see how UNGRATEFUL people are, they feed you food and yet you want to steal from them.

I understand your shitty logic, that it's your choice if you want to kill yourself and no one should judge.
Except, people can, because it's objectively retarded.
So is pirating works, you gain that short term pleasure, I'm talking about 10 minutes of fap. In exchange for what? The artist giving up drawing because dickheads like you guys don't appreciate their art and spread them like STDs


For as long as history has existed painting and art has ALWAYS costed money always. Mono lisa etc. Time=equals money and its extremely disturbing to see this level of greed coming to this site. Its even more disturbing to find it constantly directed towards ayaswan despite it being clearly a paid for content. Getting a rookie artist for a single drawing costs over 80 dollars per drawing some times and more so if its for a game or book If not more. Honestly them splitting up the cost like this for a mere 10 dollars is more then a good deal for us and you really should just be happy with it.


I don't really care who is right or wrong here….The spice(the pics) must flow!


Very good point, I hope these fuckheads understand, but of course they won't..


Wasnt the pro paywall vs pro freedom debate moved to dis yet?


Drill this to your heads, you pieces of shits. We are certainly not being elitists, we are concerned on the artist. Artists have a family to feed,house to pay for, electricity, water, and other things to pay for…you of all people should understand this.

We are not pro anything. We prefer to support the artist in anyway. You can by just giving simple likes or hearts… Anything to make the artist do something special for their fans. But most likely no one will listen or even feel bad for what they are doing because they just only want the good stuff…


Go die of cancer.


This is a good thread.


"I have no counterpoint because it was a losing argument to begin with yet I try to justify with my twisted logic, so in the end, the only thing I can contribute and say is wish ill upon the opposition, by the means of "go die of cancer"."


You guys honestly think ayaswan wants to keep her art paywalled???
She is a human being like us that needs to live, come the fuck on, use your head.
Look at the quality, she even says she spends more than half a day for MONTHS working on longer length stories, you expect to get all that work for free?
No one wants to sacrifice MONTHS of their time to work on shit for free when they can get a job that pays and sustains their life.

Not everyone doesn't have a life like you beggars that leech off your family in the basement, we have expenses.


It's not even pro freedom, it's morally wrong. By their logic, they would be pro genocide too, it's their freedom to massacre whoever they want.
We're talking about the artists well being, freely distributing their hard work without their permission is jeopardizing their situation.
And logically speaking, no one that likes their art would even fathom to do so.
Why? Simple, the more you distribute, the less they will feel to keep drawing.
Honestly these people who beg for art are shooting themselves in the foot, it's a contradiction lol. You like their art yet you don't want them to keep making art, fucking retarded right?
But all they can think about is the present, no foresight whatsoever


OP, please upload more, I want to see these faggots squirming :)


If OP had more he wouldn't be asking for help.


Don't forget that free arts is perfectly charity of artists


I'm more mad at you guys's attitude than him uploading lol, fucking degenerate way of thinking


And there's… NOTHING you can do about it, apart from sitting alone in front of a screen while clenching your jaw :)


You see, I like ayaswans art, and in order to see more of her works, I'm trying to explain why what you guys want is counteracting. But you don't seem to understand


Should I make a guideline to simply this for you?
Do you like her art? If yes, good, either like her works or just sit idly and wait for free content.
Do you want her to keep making art? If yes, stop fucking begging for people to pirate.
Do you want to see less of her art, or none altogether in the future? If yes, go on, beg and pirate.


The issue here is that none of you jackasses are doing any "exchanging" of ideas beyond hounding decent artists with a flood of requests, or berating them for having the goddamn temerity to try to gain some monetary compensation for the years of practice needed to output skilled art.


I am pro genocide



I have no investment in this since I’m not interested in this work but if an artist is continuing to draw and needs support I think supporting them is best. However if they’ve seem to have given up then I’d rather not have content and artwork just disappear forever.


True and ayaswan deserves to be salvaged and archived for all to enjoy!




Except ayaswan is still active.
You say true to the point above but not any of the more valid ones presented to you lol.


We'll salvage her now to plan ahead and be prepared for when she stops being active! ;)


"I'll start killing people to prepare when the world crumbles inevitably due to overpopulation!"
Stop it please.


File: 1559432594282.jpg (124.87 KB, 1000x745, ayaswan_033.jpg)


File: 1559432874318.jpg (171.94 KB, 900x614, ayaswan_034.jpg)



File: 1559433213084.jpg (207.27 KB, 1280x843, ayaswan_064.jpg)


File: 1559433337082.jpg (322.91 KB, 1280x1175, ayaswan_066.jpg)


File: 1559433449854.jpg (264.11 KB, 919x804, ayaswan_135.jpg)



File: 1559433525419.jpg (143.4 KB, 1024x665, ayaswan_136.jpg)


File: 1559433582151.jpg (456.37 KB, 1280x905, ayaswan_xwomen_001.jpg)



File: 1559433641349.jpg (400.33 KB, 1280x889, ayaswan_xwomen_002.jpg)



File: 1559433883258.jpg (222.44 KB, 1280x802, ayaswan_xwomen_003.jpg)


File: 1559433904595.jpg (238.39 KB, 1280x851, ayaswan_xwomen_004.jpg)


File: 1559433918402.jpg (425.12 KB, 1280x830, ayaswan_xwomen_005.jpg)


File: 1559433931743.jpg (403.92 KB, 904x1280, ayaswan_xwomen_006.jpg)


File: 1559433943099.jpg (540.14 KB, 1158x1280, ayaswan_xwomen_007.jpg)


File: 1559433962212.jpg (183.96 KB, 1280x670, ayaswan_xwomen_008.jpg)


File: 1559434128089.jpg (191.78 KB, 795x810, ayaswan_028.jpg)


Overpopulation killings started! :)


This thread is likely to get deleted soon if it isn't reigned in. Please refrain from posting content which authors specifically do not want posted here. It's a basic courtesy, and preservation of content is as simple as you compensating the artist according to their terms and then downloading and saving an archive for yourself, like a proper adult human being.


Does that entail you offing yourself :)


This could have deleted this thread ages ago, they don't care to treat your mental disease.
I love to see you faggots squirm! ;)


Didn't realize Gurochan was full of communists ;)


speaking of sharing artworks:

Anyone have stuff from 15-20 years ago?

The ancient ilpollaio had a lot of content.

Lot of artist has good ancient artwork (Kathyrne, Zern) that has disappeared.


Gr8 stuff m8! More pls!


This guy's just trolling, leave him be, at least trolls aren't too often here.


This is something that should have been done long ago.From what I rembember there were tons of good artists in the old internet.The first worth mentioning is Alberich with his perfect guro-vore comics. In the hentai section we have: AHdualism, Ikanuta, Makoto and Awawa.
In the western guro section were: Ricky, nDolfline, Frol, Robs and there were of course many others but I can't remember all right now.Perhaps there should be a separate thread for salvaged art?


I liked that, trolls are a rare species now! Anyways, i'm just here 2 fap!


We were allways here, lurking in the shadows! ;)


;);););) :)))


More pls!


Simple concept.
Pirating his content means you get to see it.
I, on the other hand, get to repeatedly request feet and League of Legends content in his fanbox and get the exact content I want. :^)


File: 1560675606909.jpg (4.35 MB, 4700x2883, 0224.jpg)


I'd love 2 see Mercy giving head also! ;)



this is a fucking masterpiece


More pls!


More Ayaswan, more fresh meat from behind the paywall pls!




Fuck this guy im ahri user and who the ayaswan?


Heard Ayaswan has just married and will have a baby soon.
So very likely she won't be posting as often as before.



I've heard from a trusted source that Ayaswan is actually Boogie2988.






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