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Hi guys. I've heard than Aya lost her Patreon channel, and she dont wanna restore the channel itself or works that was on it. Can you help me with finding her premium stuff? Yeah, I've seen the previous topic a.k.a. "Aya's works", and there is a lot of stuff but generly this topic is a shit from some shitty guy, whom was very rube in his speech. So… I need a helping hand. Or hands. =)
P.S: I'll upload all stuff, that I found.
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Should I make a guideline to simply this for you?
Do you like her art? If yes, good, either like her works or just sit idly and wait for free content.
Do you want her to keep making art? If yes, stop fucking begging for people to pirate.
Do you want to see less of her art, or none altogether in the future? If yes, go on, beg and pirate.


The issue here is that none of you jackasses are doing any "exchanging" of ideas beyond hounding decent artists with a flood of requests, or berating them for having the goddamn temerity to try to gain some monetary compensation for the years of practice needed to output skilled art.


I am pro genocide



I have no investment in this since I’m not interested in this work but if an artist is continuing to draw and needs support I think supporting them is best. However if they’ve seem to have given up then I’d rather not have content and artwork just disappear forever.


True and ayaswan deserves to be salvaged and archived for all to enjoy!




Except ayaswan is still active.
You say true to the point above but not any of the more valid ones presented to you lol.


We'll salvage her now to plan ahead and be prepared for when she stops being active! ;)


"I'll start killing people to prepare when the world crumbles inevitably due to overpopulation!"
Stop it please.


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Overpopulation killings started! :)


This thread is likely to get deleted soon if it isn't reigned in. Please refrain from posting content which authors specifically do not want posted here. It's a basic courtesy, and preservation of content is as simple as you compensating the artist according to their terms and then downloading and saving an archive for yourself, like a proper adult human being.


Does that entail you offing yourself :)


This could have deleted this thread ages ago, they don't care to treat your mental disease.
I love to see you faggots squirm! ;)


Didn't realize Gurochan was full of communists ;)


speaking of sharing artworks:

Anyone have stuff from 15-20 years ago?

The ancient ilpollaio had a lot of content.

Lot of artist has good ancient artwork (Kathyrne, Zern) that has disappeared.


Gr8 stuff m8! More pls!


This guy's just trolling, leave him be, at least trolls aren't too often here.


This is something that should have been done long ago.From what I rembember there were tons of good artists in the old internet.The first worth mentioning is Alberich with his perfect guro-vore comics. In the hentai section we have: AHdualism, Ikanuta, Makoto and Awawa.
In the western guro section were: Ricky, nDolfline, Frol, Robs and there were of course many others but I can't remember all right now.Perhaps there should be a separate thread for salvaged art?


I liked that, trolls are a rare species now! Anyways, i'm just here 2 fap!


We were allways here, lurking in the shadows! ;)


;);););) :)))


More pls!


Simple concept.
Pirating his content means you get to see it.
I, on the other hand, get to repeatedly request feet and League of Legends content in his fanbox and get the exact content I want. :^)


File: 1560675606909.jpg (4.35 MB, 4700x2883, 0224.jpg)


I'd love 2 see Mercy giving head also! ;)



this is a fucking masterpiece


More pls!


More Ayaswan, more fresh meat from behind the paywall pls!

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