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Seems like the old zombie thread died. Time for a new one.
Post the walking dead, male or female.


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That poor girl, she looks like she was quite cute in life in her serafuku. I wish there was some way to help her out….


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Artist name?


大沢うーりょ on pixiv


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I think Necromorphs count as zombies.


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These are really great? Who’s the artist?

Dead Space Guro is stuff I’ve never seen.




Nice thanks


Artist? I swear I've seen stuff by this person before but never got the name.


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A very fresh zombie.


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Ugh… Zombies eating tits is so easy to find, but pussy eating, despite being the most obvious and meme-worthy things ever; is so goddamn rare.


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Well , I'm the one who sent request to the og artist Na_Arva and draw that clean zombie girl :)
And there's the newest version , Artist think the floor on the bottom right corner isn't right being there , so he drew two version of this picture.
If you want to know more about this zombie girl , check out Light novel <Zombie Master>.


I made that request because I want to make the og writer know there's someone out there still care about this novel.
And can make him come back and finish the novel


*and made him draw


Her name is Takahashi Yumi by the way


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source please thank you


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Zombie girls eating or biting dicks is my favorite


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haha excellent -being fucked to death by a pack of dead dogs!! Any more? Source?


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gotta get Rachel here


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Lets resurrect this thread from the dead.

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