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It always bugs me how little art and hentai there is of full execution sequences. From the point where the victim is put on trial to where they are tortured and raped in the dungeon, to then when they are lead out in a walk of shame to the execution site and then executed. Not enough of that.

I personally would prefer executions such as crucifixion though this hentai here doesn't have nails and instead uses cuffs which bore me. I also prefer executions where the victim is suspended for hours or days before they succumb to death. I just find it annoying when the execution itself involves rape.


Why does this need to be its own thread? Shouldn't you post this in the execution thread?



Because single images bore me and I would like people to contribute to finding more of such content.


…Yeah, that's not how this works. If you don't have at least 5 or so pictures yourself to start a thread, go to /req/ with it.


Since when was that a rule? 5 pics? Thats totally arbitrary.

This aint a req thread. The OP supplied some content and now we have a thread to contribute to, one that I personally would like to see more of.


I think this thread is good.


I feel like this is kind of a pointless thread. If it exists it would have already been posted in another thread. There are no full comics of this that magically exist out there. It's basically just your delusional fantasies hoping that someone will magically have a comic that completely fits your specific fetish.

If you want something as specific as this then commission an artist who will do a sequential comic that fits your fantasy scenario.


Yeah I got no money for that


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Anyways I also got this from another thread. Source is Majo ni Ataeru Tettsui  -  Iron hammer against the witch but I can never find more than 2 chapters of the manga and this panel wasnt from those two chapters.


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