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Let's get this going again.
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Here is the full manga. She has a last orgasm before this.







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Sorry, here it is


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I have a higher quality video version of the gif, it's size is around 70mb.

Here's the link:!nDRW0SxI!H4OYKESstRgVB0ELIB53Xy-PQ2anJgFNA8kFXVRKQpM


Who is this artist?



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that's way better, thank you!
pixiv's animation system is trash, they should just support webm uploads and be done with it. wonder why they insist on keeping their own thing, they must realize that it is crap


from the filename you can track down the source to:
Artist is うこんこうこん

i don't know japanese but the story seems to be a naked girl wanders around and finds a place with a sex doll. then boys show up and she hides from them by placing herself inside the sex doll. then the boys decides to mutilate the sex doll for some reason and she manages to keep silent


Bump for this wonderful fetish. Please, don't let this die


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Who makes this stuff?!



Nice edit, bro
Can we have more?

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