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Thread for gore in Japanese comics.
Post source if you know it, don't clog up the thread with endless source requests unless you've actually made an effort to look and still can't find it.

Source for first pic is Terra Formars.


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Pumpkin Night.


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Full Metal Panic: Sigma


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Btw, >>67935 is from Shinibitogatari (シニビトガタリ).

Sadly no RAW is available yet (eventhough the manga is released a few months ago)


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Kyochuu Rettou


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Corpse Party: Blood Drive


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Kyochuu Rettou


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where's this one from?


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No idea, sorry.


Shibuya Kingyo

chapter 13




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whats the name of this Manga.. cant seem to find it.


Jinrouki Winvurga.
Image seems to be from one of the most recent chapters of Champion RED.


what is the name of this manga?

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