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Thread for gore in Japanese comics.
Post source if you know it, don't clog up the thread with endless source requests unless you've actually made an effort to look and still can't find it.

Source for first pic is Terra Formars.
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[野口賢] 幕末人斬り伝 壬生の狼
From 週刊少年ジャンプ(Weekly Shonen Jump) 1991 No.36・37


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Does anybody know where these Hi-res pages comes from? I can only find the low-res version.



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Source, please?


Which Chapter of "Satsui" Doctor Ranmaru is this from?


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From Hikou Meikyuu Gakuen Dangerous. No translations yet though.


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He shatters her by kicking her after this. But there's really nothing to show.


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From isekai Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi. The attendant rapes the hero for her own gain.


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No idea why artist chose to design such a detailed character and then give her background mob features later.


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H-manga Shinsetsu Ryouki no Ori 2nd Chapter. Again no translations available.


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Kurozuka. Capable Bounty hunters who chew more than they can bite


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They appear in chapter 16-17


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White king's exclusively female palace guards. Chapters between 24-27


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This one actually appeared earlier on naked.

Manga is definitely worth a read for more gore but it's very confusing even with knowing the context of who minamoto no yoshitune is.



Yeah, personally I have the issue with the artwork direction. It's a mix between manga and western style with dirty crosshatching for shadow. It can be confusing to focus on in BW/Grayscale manga.


File: 1568299069898.jpg (641.33 KB, 952x1400, 15.jpg)

Shigirui somewhere between chapter 60-68 roughly.

Ninja bodyguards sparring with their lord. They dont actually get killed (yet), its more of a mindgame thing.


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File: 1568299152541.jpg (644.49 KB, 952x1400, 34.jpg)

Their job also includes sleeping with their lord I guess.


File: 1568299399963.jpg (776.32 KB, 950x1400, 24.jpg)

They show up again when they unintentionally insult their lord but with changed character designs.

Frankly I get annoyed when artists cant keep mob character continuity or give them no face since mob girls are my favourite genre.


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>Hikou Meikyuu Gakuen Dangerous

Fuck. That's so hot - when a woman tries to offer sex or seduce her way out of a tough situation but gets killed instead. Wish you would also post that shatter or give a link to the chapter so I can read it myself


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Dr. Stone.


File: 1568313305813.png (537.61 KB, 759x1080, 107.png)

I didnt post it cause this is it lol, its very disappointing.

But you can find the rest of the raw scans fairly easily if you google it. Seems to be a school battle royale with a lot of gore and death.


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Kuro No Utahime.


File: 1568316129322.png (4.78 MB, 1117x6490, Kuro no utahime2.png)

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