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Thread for gore in Japanese comics.
Post source if you know it, don't clog up the thread with endless source requests unless you've actually made an effort to look and still can't find it.

Source for first pic is Terra Formars.
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source ?


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is this from devilman?


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vinland saga


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Hagure Idol Jigokuhen


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File: 1572074355314.jpg (391.27 KB, 760x959, 切断.jpg)



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Please tell me the source



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Penalty School


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Source: Freezing


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can I have the sauce?






Shame there's no sauce on the comic though.


It seems to be released next week, so no one knows now


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genocide online


Does anyone know the source if this one plz!!!!!!!



Thank you so much!




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A Japan comic's Chinese Edition, I don't have its en or ja edition, cas I download this manga in a china website.


btw, the pic above's source is
this manga has 59 pages, 2-53 is main content.
gallery url is


File: 1584988072461.jpg (1.5 MB, 1375x1978, Screenshot (496).jpg)

JOTEI GAME - Chapter 2


File: 1585175236065.jpg (1.8 MB, 1597x1949, Screenshot (497).jpg)

Reapers Dice Game - Chapter 13

Real Account chapter 36…
Real account chapter 46…
Killing Stalking (manhua) chapter 1…
chapter 19
Final chapter of above has some nice gore too
So does "Tohyou game" and "Dorei Yuugi"



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The aftermath. You can see the outline of her nipple in the lower panel.


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source please


Look up the pixiv filename.


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Sorry that should be Ch005


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