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Thread for gore in Japanese comics.
Post source if you know it, don't clog up the thread with endless source requests unless you've actually made an effort to look and still can't find it.

Source for first pic is Terra Formars.
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Damn. It must be 50.Cal anti material sniper rifle got her good.


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>>76225 What is that from? Please tell me there's more to that scene.



Looks like Goblin Slayer. And yes, there are plenty of those.


[Kitsune Tennouji] Eden's Bowy Vol.13


I can't find it. Other manga sites only has Vol.08


I have two questions.
Does anyone remember a Japanese site where some dude posted gore manga pictures in various sizes? The site was had a black background and he would post single pages of gore manga on it.
My second queestion is: does anyone remember the name of the manga where a group tries to escape prison or something? One of the girls got stabbed in the neck/chest through some bars. She was wearing a bandanna.



Thank you but unfortunately thats not it. I kinda looked more like an oldschool imageboard or something. I can't explain it. Also it doesn't seem to have any information on the manga I'm looking for either.


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Yes, it looked EXACTLY like that. Black background with the white line separators. It still isn't the same site but thank you again. Looking through the 2d links doesn't bring up any manga but there's still pictures of other stuff.


I actually think I found it. Same blogsite too.
Thanks for your help! I think the manga is in here somewhere too.


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From Private Punishment Game.



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source please ? i tried google it but fail


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Fukushuu o Koinegau Saikyou Yuusha wa, Yami no Chikara de Senmetsu Musou Suru


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source ?


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is this from devilman?


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vinland saga


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Hagure Idol Jigokuhen


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Please tell me the source



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Penalty School


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Source: Freezing


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can I have the sauce?






Shame there's no sauce on the comic though.


It seems to be released next week, so no one knows now


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