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Artist Carl seems to be working on his works now but I can't find his recent guro works. Did he stop making guro picture? Or is he posting his work somewhere else?


Not sure those are by Carl. It's not up to Carl's technical skill and many of the drawings on the hentai foundry page seem to be based on images Carl has drawn before.


File: 1555482394305.png (248.53 KB, 1200x810, unusual.png)

new Carl pics still pop up at Dolcettish com every once in a while


Not to be a dick and all, but I find it astonishing how many people can't seem to recognize stylistic elements unique to certain artists. I mean, one look at the males with their large chins and their grins and the small, skinny girls with looong legs and short bob cuts should tell you that this is definitely Carl's art. Yeah, they're way more stylized, but the line quality and rendering is the exact same. Hell, even some of the poses are similar to ones used in Carl's guro art.


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That's some CSI level shit right there. You've got a good eye.


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