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i want to start medieval guro, about christian persecution/ women prisoner being tribute to sultan when captured of a holy city and the women inhabitants being ravished and persecuted by the sultan army, if allowed with religion symbol in it


This is a great idea. But remember, finding per se symbolism in a render is not always easy. Many tortures in real history and fiction featured torturers who did not wear any clothing or symbology of holy orders. The torturer was often some creep who was paid or got off on it. I hope others would contribute to this thread where religion could be placed in the thought of the render.

Hypatia comes to mind, in that her murder was by religious nut jobs, and was totally guro in nature. Fucking HOT.

I hope you have success with this.



my point is the christian being presecuted by the sultan barbaric army, comes in my mind the pre dominant aggressor of the east sultan and the barbaric emerges their army in far east, with their skillfull and strength and experienced many battles they conquered many civilized white christian cities and empire, many christian empire with white inhabitant were shocked and fall one by one by the strength of the barbaric army. hundred thousand were taken into slavery or being slaughtered. many christendom propose an offering to the sultan and barbaric tribe with gold, white women for sex slave for years to avoid the savagery of the sultans army, but not last long, the barbaric sultan army was not satisfy and intend to conquest far more and to conquest the weakened christendom which is full of gold and white flesh women to satisfy their lust. the barbaric sultan tribe emerging over years and the christendom threatened. land by land where conquered by the barbaric sultan army, many christian empire and its inhabitant were slaughtered and massacred. was once the glorius christian empire with many land but now surrounded by the barbaric army left only its capital city. as the white men knight has been slaughtered over years defending the region and has been wipe out from many region.
the capital city are now filled with only with helpless christian civilian mostly children, women, nuns,and innocent priestess. as the barbaric and the sultans army began their final blow to the last christian capital. the christian inhabitant start to made peace to their god, knowing that they will be slaughtered or being butchered the next day. most of the women hid themselves in churches once the barbaric army breached the last wall. when they took the citadel formally ended the last christian empire. all day long barbaric sultan army slaughtered and gangraped all the white inhabitant. all the young women are dishonored, gangraped, sold at auction and many of the white women have their clothes ripped off and were forced to dance naked in front of their own altar in churches and cathedral where they worshiped their god. only to entertain the sultans army. most of the women, nun, innocent priestess were taken as sex slave and sold at auction. many of them throw themselves into wells and suicide to avoid being gangraped by the barbaric army. but mostly they were ended as sex slave or being butchered and eaten by barbaric army which also known as cannibals
after 3 days of slaughter. not a single christian was left in former glorius christian city, all of them has been butchered/ taken as sex slave and distributed to the barbaric sultan region. the sultan loaded many of their ship with white christian women, nun, priestess and treasure. this is as punishment for refuse to join their religion.


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i assume as the priestess and the nun were slaughtered and butchered like this because of their religion in the render. isnt this fucking HOT??


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any source of this ???


yes very, if you have more like that it would be appreciated


sauce plz?

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