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So it seems I can still post in the old thread, but it won't bump it, so here's a new one then.


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Just kids playing in the snow. Not much of a guro picture, but can count as freezing, I guess. As long as you can pretend I succeeded in making it look like snow…


File: 1554120141597.jpg (394.88 KB, 707x1000, Mana Summer Dress text.jpg)

And this one isn't guro at all, and even the dress was already like this, what I did was changed the face of an embarrassed original girl to a more carefree Kirishima Mana.


File: 1554120681527.jpg (318.74 KB, 707x1000, Mana Summer Dress.jpg)

And here's a textless version.
I was actually considering different variations of text, trying to comprise it out of ideas like "What do you mean it's too open? Of course it is, it's a sundress!" "The whole point of a sundress is to let in fresh air on a hot day like this", "Everyone's staring? That means I look cute in it!" and "It's so hot today I was considering going with just a parasole, but I wanted to look cute for our date, so I've went out of my way to find a dress fitting the weather. I hope you appreciate my effort". I was arranging sentences like these back and forth trying to compile something decent, but in the end decided that it's best to keep it simple, just like with that dress itself, so I ended up with the text above.


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And maybe a couple of biggest of the oldest edits to give the thread a nicer start…


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*biggest of older edits, not the oldest ones


File: 1554121216905.jpg (525.96 KB, 1024x636, dump text.jpg)


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Let's see if animation works…


File: 1554121449017.jpg (1.06 MB, 800x1200, Rin reading a bok at a dam….jpg)


File: 1554121482555.jpg (1.67 MB, 1800x1200, Rin reading a bok at a dam….jpg)


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Oh, and I thing I haven't posted this one here before, only on reddit while gurohan was down? So technically a new one (not very gory though, but count it as freezing).


File: 1554121651223.jpg (1.2 MB, 1840x2452, swimming under full moon.jpg)

Version with text so that it actually implies freezing


File: 1557087910404.gif (6.67 MB, 1500x1500, 2662351 - AlukardtD Avatar….gif)

I tried altering a 10 frame animation. By duplicating a few frames and repeating most I was able to create this.It turned out better than I thought it would, but I doubt most animations would be suited to these kinds of changes.


You are on to something good here with animations! I loved this one, try making more like it!


I'm looking for more animations that might work. They can't be overly complex or 3d because that makes it too hard to edit. The art style also needs wider eyes so there's room to edit expressions a bit and I can just resize the existing eyes instead of trying to draw new ones. It also helps if the stuff moving in the animation is moving separately and not connected. I was lucky with Katara since her whole body was moving, but just happened to be moving in a way that was useful.

For example, this:

but not this:


Try animations from swf games like say meet and fuck the iron giant! It's not anime but i can't be picky.I hope you can find more girls/women doing sexy things or having sex, you can make very hot things with alteration in these cases.But first the avatar bitch needs to get shot! ;) I can search for pics that can be altered! Looking forward to see more from you!




I'm not a big fan of Danny Phantom or that art style, but the other set looks extremely promising. I looked into that artist's other works and found some other sets that might also be ripe for alteration. Their body positions and movements are easy to imagine dead or living and some of the expressions already look usable.

My only concern is that some have floating dialog that might be annoying or in the way. Might be cool to edit it to English and add some story, but I always hesitate to add context or background to the death because not everyone's fetishes are the same.

This set has enough content I might be able to make multiple related animations. Rework the story.

I think this one would be the easiest. She's laying down and has both a facial expression and a body movement I could use as a reaction to being shot. They happen in different frames, but I think there is enough static, un-moving material around the neck that I can separate the head and body movements.

In any case, I think I have a wealth of stuff to look at and I hope I can make something decent with these.


"But first the avatar bitch needs to get shot!"

I found out that Ty Lee gif is has a lot more frames and is part of a game that has other scenes.

There's so much I want to do with it now, but I need to find the frames and gifs separately or find a way to extract them from the game. Exhentai doesn't quite have them all.


File: 1557197834707.gif (491.72 KB, 1000x720, x-ty_drilling_test_optimiz….gif)

I found a source for the rest of the frames and can start stringing together the kind of animation I want. Here's a test run to show it should work. Actually making the edits will probably take a while.


Definately the avatar bitch need to get it first! ;) I'm not a fan of danny either I just observed the movements are fit for alteration.I'm starting to think this alteration may be the hottest thing yet! I'm really curios how they will turn out and will try to look for more sets/artists for you!


I found new sources and animations for you! :)
A sniper could give Ash a real surprise here!

What's next?

And last but not least it would be great if you can do something with ABUBU's art!

Cheers and looking forward to see more alterations from you!


And what about these? The first game basicaly give you an option to snuff the mom with radiation, and im sure you can think of many other scenarios! ;)

A sniper could easy end their playtime in the garden! ;)


I love to see people surprise shot by a sniper during sex or other hot stuff!


I'm having a really hard time finding decent blood splatter and gun animations to splice in. Seems like the gun looks dumb or the channels/colors aren't right so I can't get transparent layers around the gun. There's also a lot of animated guns that just rotate like a game pickup…which is useless.

I was hoping to find a decent revolver so I could have Ty Lee play some Russian roulette, but no luck so far. Might have to scrap that idea and just use a regular gun and only animate the trigger pull once.


File: 1557278713174.gif (529.59 KB, 1000x720, x-ty_drilling_test_optimiz….gif)

Nevermind! I finally found a decent revolver. On to blood effects!


File: 1557281495654.gif (502.64 KB, 1000x720, x-ty_drilling_test_optimiz….gif)

Found a decent blood effect. Now I need to work with the tools I have to polish it, add before and after stuff, make it a full gif. Not sure how long the rest will take.


The whole affair is looking very promising!


Take your time m8, it's worth it! ;)


File: 1557369549516.gif (337.01 KB, 1000x720, x-ty_drillingIntro.gif)

I found the time to get the intro done. I think Ty Lee likes the game we're going to be playing.

I plan on 3 more loops, the death, and maybe a short after bit. I'll keep posting progress if I hit a presentable milestone.


I was hoping for a surprise kill, it would have been much hotter, but this is also good. What a slut! I bet she doesn't expect to be shot for real! ;)


Last orgasm for the horny slut!


Looks like she thinks it's just a sex game, but will be her last!


File: 1557451597718.gif (757.17 KB, 1000x720, x-ty_drilling.gif)

It looks like she's survived the first round. It's only to be expected right? She only has a 1/6 chance of dying.


Slut vs russian roulette, my favorite game! ;)


File: 1557540050762.gif (1.1 MB, 1000x720, x-ty_drilling.gif)

If we go again, that's what a 2/6 chance? Or maybe it's more like 1/5? Ah I don't remember how it works and the chances are still pretty low. Let's go again.


She just wants dick but will receive a bonus bullet to the head as well! ;)


Normaly is ass after pussy, but with such a slut who cares!


File: 1557736982159.jpg (421.16 KB, 850x850, compromise.jpg)


File: 1557747570431.jpg (145.39 KB, 800x600, comfy.jpg)




File: 1558060722398.gif (1.86 MB, 1000x720, x-ty_drilling.gif)

You know, you can't really alter the stats for multiple attempts. That's a logical fallacy! No matter how many times you pull the trigger there's still a 1/6 chance. Let's go one more time!


Slut down! Maximum score! ;)


Anyone think they can do something with this? Maybe make it into a spit and have it come out her chest with her heart on it


File: 1558980521803.gif (3.49 MB, 1000x1000, TwilightFuta.gif)

I found a nice gif that was very simple. No backgrounds, one character, all the movements already looked good for "getting shot". Just copy pasted like 50 cross-hairs or bullet wounds into the various frames, added the blood spray animation and then edited the last frame.

Unfortunately, I had to remove a lot of frames and compress it to get it to post. I'll try to find a way to post the better version later.


Post it on Dropbox and post link. Also no female version? Only futa?


I might use Mega, but yeah I'll upload it later. Not other versions, the original artist only did futa.


Good alteration but yuck! furryXfuta, not my style!


U are talented but pls do female next time I saw pleny of sexy gifs that can be worked on this thread!


Lol. Sorry about that. I knew most wouldn't like it, but the Tylee gif was so time consuming I jumped on this one cause it was so easy. I'll find one of the suggestions to modify next.



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File: 1562735782327.jpg (512.45 KB, 1000x1275, playing with pussy.jpg)


Thank you.

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